NFL Insider Jason Cole breaks down the Panthers off-season

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Tuesday, March 13th

NFL Insider Jason Cole breaks down the Panthers off-season. 


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Jason called Bleacher Report joins us now talk about what's been a busy morning -- I hope you you haven't just woken up because there's been a lot going on this morning's you probably know it's just aren't. I. Think it is early show. Of all the signing was gonna run through the mobile with a Panthers though Andrew nor well we knew he would leave and there he went off the Jacksonville he's now the highest paid guard. Per average on the each season at thirteen point three million dollars per season thirty million guaranteed. As a Jacksonville going all in on a Pro Bowl guard and Andrew nor lower your thoughts on that. Hard to expect a similar look pretty then clue. Great supporters and even back and won once every block and moved at sixteen but it don't view of they're not up especially at the intensity off on forty million dollars. That tells news that. You know. He's got to haven't proven whopper gonna go watch Mark Cuban leader does is clearly a lot what well and then look at an acute and got paid. So. Most of brought me at all. I expected to sign. I have a book our number one ROK. We're sort of it become a white offensive tackle. That was back in 20061. Term arms Steve Hutchinson result the market. And that would be to give her very oh what a virtual it was a pretty big fight between ownership. And our players over there what a boat and a and it's not because one particular person that the oil when it's because they position of not normally value that our. It straight a lot of my doubts that's the intricate part about our more what not that he refused the money it is work that. Put up with that position. It's like running Mexican buying guards he could firing back so you mentioned Watkins sixteen million year old former Clinton tiger go to Kansas City from the rams were you surprised it was Kansas City that did it because they already have so many weapons as alligator lacking in that department overall. Why would they go and so big guns Sammy Watkins in Kansas City. Welcome any real wide receive. That's that's more intimate and also alcohol swung military who's capable stretch real problem Glasser was and direct talks. Totally kill mostly people yet you work two straight line guy and we've been through either. Run through would be spent or watch a ball and you know. But she's not one who's been through on third down and play a Pittsburgh eight we need to die you know and a nine yard patter and we know that he's effective though they were hoping recruit college was that got the epochal. Or some of the government the power of laughter. They don't have that they music you know wolf the more consistent maps which what you can't make a movie every day merchants. And there also be export what was that about what went our. And on top of the fact that you know now to pick up ball and launched a clue on what collector of the world. There are gonna watch that so to feel even more now that you're putting into our weather watcher well let it come to build SP. I think they wanna have that copy and higher this year. Now proposal walked. And then Alan Robinson goes from Jacksonville to Chicago for less money than what Watkins gets in Kansas City similar situation you just outlined their Mitchell too risky second year quarterback. Gets his ace a number one receiver and Alan Robinson do you like that match up in Chicago. Or there what development and do what are the ten. Into who they're coming off of right heel injury someone you know go to Q and its first cargo of fourteen touchdown to go to court. Out of I've been OK and then you know the first Tuesday and then. He of the sort it was OK the first her grip that are okay and there are hurt or. What is now. But again he got paid to get there early to be out ability that shouldn't do you rate error especially those market. Abuja pop up much in the market. Quarterback art work. Yep quarterback. Case Keenan to Denver from Minnesota. Obviously he has a great. Partial season last year but mostly he's been a journeyman backup quarterback in this league was called upon because of injury Lester stepped up played great not take anything away from that candy. Sustained academia career guy it in Denver obviously it's a bit of an unknown is that the biggest rivalry thing about case Keenan in Denver. I think there. What people actually do it wrote in about Apollo to go truck Cooper but what if the program bill and keep people off about it scared champs with I have I think their. One communicate in the show. Over the news rooms. To that which is typically order that was and so boatmen's. Against better opponents were factually that would Aaron but those are affecting play with them but how a bit. But they're they're if it was we want. Our. And as we've Parker there's always going to be a couple of attention. America doesn't have this sort of don't know the group. So they're out of action that you look around you know. Out of action which actually a group. Probably would try to be there and trouble with a workable one. Aboard Super Bowl and the principal to cover the wire two years. Because of those screw up so those are perhaps spot him because you don't have run into support. But I think that it be cheaper alternative. To what currently lower cost. And whoever happens to the president. I mean you're gonna have political program in the words she broke well but it's able to do it don't it you know. And tempo but if your running game and our group in Norfolk. So Denver as you mentioned had been one of those thought to be in the contention for Kirk cousins obviously jets vikings have been mentioned to you get a feel for that one right now as far as is it is at the jets are reducing Kirk cousins lived up. I I think apparently one of the nutrient that people went in chapter a figure particularly good vocal about my view of a what it is a portrait of the first birdie or court if they do that. That in me have a hard time and turned back to our era in some respects Mayo heart capture turning it down. Because you're setting. Are serving both are forever burial to rush the book except Utah be part of it. You know quarterback help each other money by doing it increased while stars so Britain are two rock or 17 going to. Tell you what the leaderboard you know ball but there are 2829. Of the victims it took birdie at a lot of that is in Monte. In what chosen out of that port and so. Well you know what Plato and you know knowing come away with no way of knowing what you went through what two groups and what you upset about what to yours. You don't fund that's what that's between but the good carpet she wants to advocate once grew a lot of people watch Utah. But he's really really capable of not just about to happen. Jason this is Tebow and I'm actually a jets' chance of winning is not something that we out we do well. If cousins doesn't know the group's order but I look at Al mom I've five except the soul on time and during the Browning Nagle years. Sosa who. Who do you think Walter really be the jets quarterback nick sees. I'm overpaid but in the drought a couple of and so what we've got Bradford out there. That is news volatile part. They're New York could recruit what are the critical part. The charter actually works for oracle wants but belliard to generation of young Bridgewater don't know that we're working so. It broke the market groups so and so Josh McCown. It's video clip to stick with just didn't you know the floor for another year but you know back and you probably which are graphic. You know what what what count is perfect talent that he because he won't work with and the but he also opt to use. So diligent but it's what's he done. It to me I would keep it out and say okay. Josh our premier. Or Georgia or Brittany. Simple or Britain or the other guards. I want to what was that an account with what it would doubt about that he would he would be totally it's a good that we do you try try so hard to well. When it was better to be that. I think ultimately want to approach rootkit grow up. You know but right now articulate what he what are the rep two that. Our last one Doug Brown's Tyrod Taylor from buffalo and a quarterback obviously ajar to slander from Miami made for deals in two days that you like what you see in the Cleveland Browns and the new Jim Joey Dorsey John Dorsey there. There are merit it's what sent him a text swoop to a server was not so you may thirteenth. Yes bribery and outward took it. But they are. You know they're now probably where farmers for twenty and I took center on what a lot but when you put more than two years. While I respect all alone makes it of that's a bit improve our paper that become a 5% twenty. Which is also. More respectable. And if they get the recorder back in aren't good yet either of child care. You know without social orbit it would and it took on Berkeley. I've been debated each move were being reported Arctic. I think he brought in guys were good football star Taylor the football where an adequate but he did look. I've done wonders there were hopeful. Lower part of that took that. Where little bit football more to bring about peppered judgment shall respectful. And then use to you could give the quarterback institute of. Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report either follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole 62 it's been a fun busy morning great start to free agency wish to the next to begin until tomorrow what we know it has begun with the yellow legal tampering Jason thanks for joining us this morning appreciate it.