NFL Insider Gregg Rosenthal: "This Panthers Team Is A Lot Better When Defenses Have To Respect Cam Running The Ball

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Friday, December 8th

NFL Insider Gregg Rosenthal joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers as well as the rest of the NFL.


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Rosenthal And on Twitter act Gregg Rosenthal NFL media and he's with this right now the tech become guess I love that three goal kind of expressing what just football fans were expressing last night manager Brees all. He had probably should've thrown that interception last night that that was that I mean he hasn't made currently throws like Denny has neat debate very very throws like that on the you're great but yet that that that hurt that was about placement for Drew Brees goes without saying at last depth. Yes you can now reprieve after the game it's not pay you don't create the campus that might very big game that it happened. I mean exit and pavlik hurt because. You don't count the rivalry would be nothing without our fanatic about it think that the right that they're probably at the bat and the equipment they had an unbelievable opportunity. On a night where they have I predicted it series. You really think if they fit basically buried. Their ticket rivaled it if they had walked back it that they edit. I think they would also want the canopy down I think that would put the and they're basically away for the year to it out now at our replied no but freak you break. I completely grab that Greg grows at balls with a set of felt like comment a film media he's with this right now the technique come gas line and you know it's funny Greg Kazaa I would say the same thing to open the show you don't like I go back two weeks three getting ready for week three and out I would say it all week that we put the saint froehlich who can't are virtually no. You know this is an opportunity for the Panthers to bury the saints he didn't you know the number steam so comeback from an 03 start to make the playoffs and not only that I think Q what does this Hewitt started a discussion about. You're the future of the saints with Sean Payton with Drew Brees as their presently constructed and instead. You don't give credit to the saints they want that game they got on a hot streak but it kind of feels like the roles to your point or flipped last night where. Carolina gets ready for Sunday with with a renewed spirit and now Atlanta. Is firmly back in the mix as well could think they get New Orleans again and what sixteen days they're gonna play the skies again. Yet that stopped it can be you know I've been you know about this appointee he. Throughout the heat it yet they beat by the puck directly in that they can. We did camp in I think they they can certainly use that they go until week sixteen being in New Orleans. With that division lead on the line. Cannot control. You know they're basically probably rock. Run through the city area and all that you know it that pocket it somehow. You know rocket people here that beat the saints and Panthers and and I haven't. They act doubt that they can go to New Orleans and went back APEC but that got back up the opportunity we XP that go back and hate that this is simply. Has happened docket. Feeling great and they're they're pretty healthy right now whereas the state that the paper. Gay in it it's really interesting dynamic. When you when you look at what happened with New Orleans last night you mentioned the injuries and commit errors the big one right because they're on the opening possession. Concussion does go back in the game between itself the last night sounds like he thinks. I he'll be back outfield soon that's not quite how it works so well Bellamy we'll see what happens is that a home. Putts you know to meet you saw last night amid a if you had seen it enough already saw last night why he has such an integral part of this offense and Orleans why he's kind of the difference maker for them. And you know I I go back and look it you go 36 pass attempts for drew breed or 35 pass attempts for Drew Brees and remarking about what to carries I think in the second half type that. What to be what you saw in the second half we saints football from the last 234 years and it's good enough to kind of hang around that a game. But that's not what's yep that game so far this year. Now I hit it it really hammered home that he would be up at the rookie of the year I think if there's billions not last week and it actually have to you know. That cute eight games in a row in the rampant in that opinion there at his feet he's active. Her hat on opposing the but it it is just. Hard to overstate. You know including great play just like with equally affidavit that they have a wiper that where they have. Apparently posted before the plane yet that the incredible. Tax against them and cheaply what with. Barack basically fit for what with a fake. It'd set that they sit at thick path up that he thought where he quake could beat those plates or if he left plate they're not the favorite quotes that. Stop being happy to attack. It appear that the cake that they have a much better defense than an incredible running it that different formula for that but I think you eat really over the lack three or four weeks there's. They're not at all we think he's throwing the ball all wrapped I don't like that if there's been very much much better keep what they get early league didn't run the ball reliant Ethan. Yeah and and I was looking up these numbers in this kind of an arbitrary market just got to get a good feel for what what six football looks like what they do that and over the last five years there correct I just was looking this up 32 and 42 when they went to breeze attempts 35 passes are more pictures that's not what it's football that's it never has been and that I mean it I don't care how good Drew Brees is that that's not gonna keep you around him and what it ought to games. You edit it buried in their defense in the secondary especially our child out of four and that that. So much better this year. Can't I do you think that was the big backer lap or Atlanta or you know atop the bat like a little bit there to keep what their superstars that was. Hewitt kitty a thorough and it that any decline in a couple of that the that the market but it added up or work but I think I'd think at forty to fifty snaps each game we're on the spotlight at the state but I think. Are you started different there he spent last night for the most part of net. They're do we put forward that they really played well against Carolina. Clark Gregg Rosenthal slows again at a filled our comment if so medio so wool kind of spin towards Sunday now. Is it fair to say the vikings even if only marginally so we're better than the 10% in all three phases offense defense special teams is that a fair statement. He had a bear like Freddie you're back on a great idea that the special either but I think you're I think you're right like it if the site being. Beat up but what they are especially at the bet. Is fundamentally sound and a and it appears there's there are picked up it they bury it eat at duke but they rules. Via the despite heat that it really makes you work for it they'd be cute. They tackle well that it. A group that fits together now for three years you rarely speak at the duty like that the entire starting lineup that back the clap your almost all got. Top player Eric that Dick the kind of young that hit middle of their career players and they've really played well at the group the youth. Check out that they have to earn points bonds are not date. You can't keep keyed up I think it is the recipe for the if there's the witness debuted avoided the big mistake. But I think he has yet have thrown that if he'd get the pressure on a Hillsborough couple off the raft and into the net and it appears there's Iraq victory and something. What's what needs to change so this painter's team to be a team that is capable of if it came to playing three straight games on the road to the playoffs and it's a very realistic possibilities. It's still for this team but what what would needs to change his efforts some people say. Jim's got a BM DP camp again and I don't know I mean. We've seen the either extremely him this year I obviously want him to be more consistent put. Is is it that three yours is something else or multiple things that need to change for this team to be one that could. The comma Super Bowl contender by going on the road winning about two games of the playoffs. They act and if if you didn't want I think is that if the front they haven't been upbeat and be truly a week he'd truly baffled by the electorate that really get in those equally. The affidavit its defense played as a group and it's been able to take over the game. That combined with the running even out be by example what they happy I thought they were getting the running it going. It is to gain against the planet by champion I thought okay this preserve ninety feet. A little more back beat you out there he went let the F if they're. That got that you're right out wanted to is at fault at fort art but look like that he thought it would happen like that big a little bit around him craft as his brother. Typical actively really just not it can fit it Ronnie the popularly negative brought to many. To be times where a unique you want that to be infected by a record or is that back in an outlet that because you're not to block the Europe for the. What was your reaction to rule. Initially the browns removing Sasha brown after her what a year army which is crazy but so grounds but then. Hiring a guy that's pretty well respected. In John Dorsey Ralston of flips the other way to where people reacting yesterday. Why is John Dorsey taking the browns job so I mean clearly it seems to be an upgrade of personnel but the time thinks we're so what if that would when we make of what the browns did in the last 48 hours. Yeah that brown. They have to be the only team actually hear the fire at the end of the higher other the end it is the same thing out at a particular favorite but you'd have to work he had been there we've reported that the network is not what the Florida I've weak profit but they were Abbott Hewitt they're guy but channel thirty. You got that they're that the coach you to action what they're complete. In favor a bit. I don't endorse the and a lot of respect through around weeks for his ability if you picked. Players certainly been kicked out into the city into the parity what I think the delicate situation I think they have or Alan I'll bet you are ready and 56718. Doubt they're hitting it really entered achieved that here in our parsley they have an outflow load it in a positive cap groups though he he inherited. A pretty good situation to pick a lot of players that are freer or Ralph I think if they have a great pick the or purple room. Art what's what's the game Gillick you'll want to watch this week in Vienna so we get we gotta we've got about three or four good really good implications what's the want him I'm locking you out your blocked. I you to use your getting. You're getting blocked mall the other games you can only picked this on what's going Greg teach you what's the what you're talking with. I take it easy like immediately programs because if you could be argued that doesn't that's even if the NF ballots that one of the left coaching doubt they've ever seen that shot that they have certainly what about the Clady player only if cart to let. I cannot the I've just been wave that he would be granted there really are regular they're playing over there had been that the great opportunity for that the show us. Yet it Russell Wilson against the jags have been at defense and it was wounded but I get audience at first few weeks of riches wrote the Seahawks off fortieth there zombie Tito died they're just Gillick Russell Wilson rule the world people like gutting the ball. It till his arm falls off so I I think they find a way into the playoffs slick. Like I mean this guy's a legitimate VP candidate right like if he doesn't it's this Jack's defense of eroding gets another win. But I mean no threats to Carson lets her go off Freddie these other guys that like Russell Wilson a Selig isn't getting enough attention for what he's doing right now. I hear ya and I think if he can win this game Betty and I are happy that the author art event I think Tom Brady is clearly. We're at we've been left out I think that is one of that the if you walk lack of week after week you it'd hit a lot it. I think it's funny as well or better than ever but I think he's the court it. It this that over the court with isn't it well but but you're right it you can beat Philadelphia back to go back that week. And he played a ramp next week the heat got to have a chance. However want what you could do that that the other gimmick in it that way the vet port 25. We go out that he's that because if you've got the TP o'clock that that the it is that it would be up. The ramp eagle season. Eric Gregg Rosenthal and it felt like come around the NFL at a at a felt like common and the podcast as well Gregg always great to talk to enjoy the football this weekend. Now what the impact yet.