NFL Insider Brian Baldinger: "When You Give Cam Speed Around Him, He Looks Like The MVP Of The League At Times"

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Tuesday, January 9th

NFL Insider Brian Baldinger joins Primetime to break down the Panthers-Saints game, and give his input on the Panthers open OC position.


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Art we're gonna go to the tech become guess and I'd been so excited to talk to his duties breakdowns on Twitter unreal I try to follow him is that multi NFL on the NFL network is boldly breakdowns on Twitter is breaking on the tape for the Panthers who did a good job defensively. Slowing down Alvin drew merry Mark Ingram really I would say better than any team in the NFL all year long and fortunately. Drew Brees is Drew Brees and they came up a little short on Sunday 3126 Serena talk about all this with him the great Brian ball zinger with us on the technique can't get slime ball they would Samantha you're doing. What score guys should be with you man you are. These guys are right. In rain poured on the miraculously on a snow. OK okay. Disaster is a great game plan a ball the right like we'll talk about the execution until the game plan was great for the theaters on both sides on Sunday. I thought took two I thought I'd have to that's like you just mentioned. Is that everybody has defended that. To read it much circuit running attack you know Ingram rich Romero all year. And you know that's but it just goes to show you that. There's some really good offense to syntax in yield exactly yard touchdown they did in Odessa big place. And you can't take everything away so he's save yourself forty or take away due to stop the running game and and then really who's going to be chip is to get really good beaches Michael Thomas along good teacher. Like I thought they get a good job of taking both temerity groove away spoke to the argument asking. You know unfortunately they got a lot of big plays against. When you looked at what happened with the Panthers when they got inside the red zone and that's clearly a game I mean Kalin plays got to make that catch what are phenomenal growth of Campbell it fortress in you walk away with three field goals he wins on a field goal from Graham you know from 25 yards out what what happened when the field got compressed like that would you see when he watched that tape out. Mean you just mentioned because he'll a couple of things they're gonna come away with points he can this chip shot field goals. Right there is no better than that you can't you know play to drop that ball I know they've gone to a lot of receivers this year but he's there are a big spot. And you've got to pet do you reform on you gotta make that catch it means almost catches for a full we get to the red zone. Everything's gonna happen quicker it's gonna happen faster there's going to be more sudden this you've got to have. You you got to be ready. In the UK it's gonna be quick your eyes going to be quicker everything's gonna happen quicker. The windows you just smaller and so. You can get contested ball you're gonna get you know things are gonna get on you fast it's Alec catchup all the open field so. You gotta have a higher sense of urgency is receiver quarterback route runner all those things you have to step it up toward the field. My big question and where to get to be open to quarters doesn't just a little bit but it just personnel standpoint we saw the British solar. Ball we sold the wide receiver position really not. In my time in this game if you're looking at the salt and what's the one piece that you would like to add to really help maximize what came into India. Look I mean I don't think he'll play great game America good player a great player Kim Jordan. And Kim Jordan loaned him in the run game maybe two minutes past game Eminem really have an answer for their majority was very disruptive. And I came down my putting on our own one guy. Well I take if you wanna run the ball you gotta be better up front like they all obviously the Minnesota Vikings can accountable to go and they ran the ball down the throats but they do it. In ways where you go if you wanna keep this running style you wanted. Still want to college option read option too which option do you still worked out mentality he wanted to be able to come and move people off the ball. I mean I think you know in part of what they're doing here initiative to coach uses. You know give this. Kid is a new idea about how to. You know run game here how to best utilize our quarterback artistic all those things are sort of in play right now. We think I don't think it's a gimmick style of office as cam is unique. But at the end of the day Georgia quarterback taken although hits. In the playoff game ticket he's going to be able to handle all that because they're better when he runs. But what's shelf life form gonna be what's it going to be like in big games if he keeps getting hit like. Out front all day here's what is on Twitter is at ball the F so nobody breaks down like this dude loves all the breakdowns on Twitter and he's what does right now from the NFL network. On the technique on guess I hear people say this all the time ball deals. Think players and plays right so what do you think of the players on offense for the Panthers as it stands right now the big changes right now what do you what do you think the office of personnel around it. Never got a secret Samuel Mitchell redshirt year so you know he's a unique player he's got great ability he's got fantastic speed you never saw. You know so I mean before you make any rash decisions and English if you were personal can be. I think Katherine gave you what he has he has beaten to be a high volume player he's not connote. Yes very little power tool. So he's back to run really between he can run between the tackles. Well you're not really gonna move to pout about a good third down or short yardage player. We've got to keep that in mind. It is valuable he usually used to put the ball resiliency. To play the other day on the Texas route. It took it to the house he can do those kind of things but it's your every down running back I don't think he has. I think he's especially player. You don't slide out of the backfield. To certain types screams and runs I think he could be affected that. So it was just distort your every down back right now I mean that's what you have to sort of make a decision he averaged 3.4 charge carries. We all know it I don't know what year resistant to your right now. You know is our position. That you feel like you're secure or you need up. Great. I would say upgrade what would you do I think he's got a great courageous and it seems. Somethings like in their bold red type that lack of its rule north south power running game is is evidence it's just it's it's nonexistent right now within this offense. Well I you know I I think that yeah you know you see what we can marry has given to New Orleans Saints this year and they will division. You could say I mean it's great trap but if you said okay you take Lattimore to get away from that fourteen. What earlier to eight win team without those two guys and they struck gold in the drafting now where chick who's good like a lot of good text. I think you know they struck gold with Lattimore in with you know would concern now you let those two players to Carolina Panthers they probably run away with the division. So you know it it hinges on. It's it's being played by stars. And your star player at this stage got star power in those two players and that's the reason why they won the division just won a game. SP two bawdy write like that she's so jarring and it painters like speed on both sides of the ball I feel like and we we said this a year ago and I don't think it's much better right now. Well I mean I think you can say OK look we drafted you know Brad Berrian in worldly now is Worley in elite player. They seem to go after the other day they seem to get Ortiz. Species of Philadelphia tough kid and old. But you know Lattimore is an elite player he's been shut down player. In east hostage to throw against they were they couldn't get by on the other day at all they tried a couple of times there's nothing they could do with punches against them. The only soul. You know without position you want upgrade defensively. Or do you think pitched if you get yourself a league receiver. The way there are in this you know and Activision with Michael Thomas with Julio. We look to delete players of that division. You know do the Panthers need an elite player deposition army soldiers the big guy but he doesn't have. You need another type of speed that can just pick the top ball noted that this secretary of defense. All we talk a lot of players also about kind of from a schematic standpoint or not isn't it there's been let go Mike Shula norv Turner's before. There appears to be the next also deported for the Carolina Panthers if your hiring someone to. In here and war what consultant with America. Or in pieces and look and add some pieces what sort of philosophy. Do you bring into this situation in terms of challenging Kim knew. But also we're funding the skills that we know he excels that. I'll highlight more chartered out that there might be a challenge with him in you know we can now. My is the other room works its you know. I mean nor do they proving. Coordinator in this business I mean he goes out to. You know dipped deep ball in the game plan he knows how this team deep I mean you look at it with him and Philip Rivers and a lot of different destroyed mean you look at his ability to get guys open down the field off play action. He's a master at it and if you say OK what's scams bridge straight he's got a big arm. He can be a good deep ball thrower I think you give him good targets. I mean that might be a part of the game that really loosen up the run game. If they you know make the run game pay off with play action I mean that's that's your specialty writer I mean it might be a good fit. But noises he coaches hard now in. I don't have much since it came won't take too and I mean I think chemical travel but. If he said he coaches are what does that mean body was immune to. Certain may have good. They have to be met you know I mean if so the routes have to be eighteen yards back to sixteen yards of routes are aching back to sixteen. If the ball decent released right here who bought two released here. I mean there's just certain things that make that offense working in its position of a diamond cutter there isn't a lot of room. Or freelancing or there's no room for freelancing it's a specific. Routes throws. Coverages this is what we're going to have this sort of ball close to me all those things are pretty firm. In norv Turner's. You know his playbook which is where it should be. Prime boulders with us on on Twitter -- boldly and a cellular phone is the best Twitter follower around your football junkie and dice with the threat on the technique come guess like NFL network and just district can download the Panthers right now in the season when it was a god only gives you watch a lot of the interstate and you think so highly of what what Cam Newton does. Ali within the framework of the offense but in general you turn around interstate throughout the course of the year like. And I liked his student daily average fan would know we use the young man every time I see this guy he's put a good tape proves that guy a few hundreds of roster this year. Well trade term makes a difference I'm losing the army's just he's an outstanding supplier mean he's several on the ground he's got great balance. UC EO and all these new games returners you know really really good player for there when he was out I think appear to suffer. You know winning this time. Dick I think you look they need speed you saw what the mere Bert did in his short time that he was out to reduce speed and he attacked. And when he'll be missed I didn't you know junior and that offense right now and you know when you give Kim's speech. There's base when he looks like he can still be the MVP of the league he looks like he has all the conference world know it doesn't always happen. And there seems to be deal peaks and valleys to a right now but. Arctic debt when you give him you know pieces. People who collected demeanor births for every two years when he was out three may be different so that profits. Our body we're gonna let you go before we do that we've been playing this audio for about a month now because it's just fantastic and makes us laugh all the time here breakdowns on Twitter on real in the film room and so you broke down there's this place for the giants and the raiders a few weeks ago. And is it lose Shakespearean comedy man and so this audio I want people who just envision this at home you tweeted this out giant show an offense that has no design no execution if Hillary does and there's no place in the NFL this is Shakespearean comedy and tragedy has to act boldly breakdowns of Billy play this audio we know this is our favorite audio from Brian elder of the NFL network you regard. Chinese authors here there's going to be a roll right protection. Brett Nelson chat will look good don't really don't mess young bright yellow chalk or on Wednesday there there's double called a Mac. Out of here all right. Your role right protection envision you're one route is in tomorrow's game that's yet they got nothing to. No roll right particularly a Mac and your runner's route to Dumars can do what little you. Hours late to stop this stuff you put this on tape this and notes due to the giants. That's embarrassing just embarrass you guys aren't pals are. To me. Get a snowmobiles is another day Gelman there you go Brian ball there and it did release a coach and instead he's doing is on the something new at the same favorable. We still unclear a ball the NFL Brian you're the best lemon thanks for making time go talk soon guys stick.