NFL Draft Analyst Steve Muench: "A name to keep an eye on at pick 24 is LSU's DJ Chark"

Scouts Inc's Steve Muench joins the Mac Attack to discuss his feelings on next weeks NFL Draft. 


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Let's talk some draft a sub also these young players we can bring in here. Rather than an old over dale Dez Bryant. Steve Mench joins us ESPN. And scalp saying to talk some draft and again he'll be to keep god in our draft round table Thursday night 6:30 PM at. And deal worth neighborhood grill mention you don't and you ready. I'm doing good man don't get a look at sports do. Work with you on Thursday you've been great on these Monday morning's arm hanging out with us. And we'll see I can now I don't know you we ubiquitous for a while America gives it a point or I'm definitely asking duplicate questions do not hold those against our ride. But I'm trying to kind of you don't go whisk. Who is in the news and who's been you know working out here bomb out recently is forest Carolina Panthers and and and that sort of stuff. Mom and I what do you think when you look at its. Well shoot this question this way when you look at the panthers' roster. What do you think or the biggest bulls say two or three needs at this roster really has just plain old meat. You know I look at it he would tear up the line. I that a lot there going well I think they're upbringing that I got I doubt that they would back a little that unit last year ideally we got to play better guard I think that they need. I think what he presented at its ability much territory Mitt that'd be at the very thing they need. A number one you know they're not gonna get a dud number one bit that maybe they don't thicker here without what they believe they. Who is slow let's OK let's get into these positions and one by one who is the guy in the draft that could be a 24 that you look at and you honestly say. I think that guy has eight can be a number one receiver or there are few is there one only or or what do you think. If it'd just figure at 44 because they think that you know there's really cute guys they talk about oh in the first round right now. But Calvin really got out he gave more abort Maryland are I think that they'll probably all be gone at that point the next that it is better to me. Would be oh are you beat date chart and I do you think you work for profit because. We look at that beat out an agent and you look at what you did oh you were you given the opportunity what I mean by that. They're running have all that is not a you know being a great quarterback play there so. When he was given the opportunity play eighteen deeply in the need to keep an eye on there he did start that'll be used to lift the reached. You put it you're not going to get him I think there's other raw out. The media artist Pollack. Intact let's go to interior line those duties let's go to another need you mention I don't disagree with these needs although I think with the Panthers there a point where they got about four more is well you could throw in there. But yeah I agree. And I got to look at it for better or worse for. And now for better or worse what do you think about in serial line because I I I wouldn't notice that OK to go rightfully old. You know in the second round they got trade turn the third nor wells a guy that was an undrafted free agent. Is interior line a position that they should attack in the first round present position by nature that you weighed on a little bit. I think you can wait don't. Understand that point I do think one name to keep an eye on because I do think he's the bad guy in the draft. And if you can get up at twenty for the work that I think it came in you'll gain a out of Iowa. It's WQ but I don't because again I think he's appalled plug in play starter. Right away that it be you know potential pro bowler notably better or dark like art experts here and when the time of the decline over what Mac O wheel we. You know I don't look later on is probably get off the corporate from the bottom of very hot in the you can probably get into the background. You can play better I think more regard but he could be expected for the they're great Mitt out of Auburn. Is a guy you might be able to get a third round and then one of my. One of the gotten I think the real regrets going to Virginia Tech wide Heller who beat even look to the fourth round I think you'd be you'll. Or interest OK so maybe they go that route a little deeper into the the class is sent her guard we're talking with Steve Mench ESPN. Our scouts think he'll be at our draft party on Thursday tickets. Available get my perks that come to wanna hangs on the idiot Greta van as it always is. You mentioned safety. It's interesting because I've heard about a wide variety of ceilings a ballot first saw everybody concedes her when James dawn Maine to Fitzpatrick gone so then you start to get. Down there I think to Justin Reade territory he's in Charlotte today on on a visit. I think I like them a lot. But I've heard from people would have said no that's too high yield is a first rounder on him is any safety reed included worthy of a first round it's a me. I don't have a trained eye you do managed well when I watch him it feels like he's really personal complaint the run and play the past what do what do you think. That the Viet in that's what I really like about it that you are well I think he got a deal before there's an attack where. Have you written down wrapping up this technique technique issue you gotta clean up there but. That's predictable stop he he's willing to come up and put it around so. You know purple guy that I it is strength is really in in congress and we have a bit of 34. I all of war right now what you think I guess you can say is somebody you don't they can upper rabbit and me. I think you've got that kind of doubt it because of that versatility and he's got a new book. And they're not a lot of the are they due to you know to vote that it was put to a better. Iraq War war is next quote about in this that they. He's RD group that. A sustained man that speed is their two on the art now a lot of fans say Ronnie Harrison out at. I'm gonna try to see mention if I have any ability you know who to evaluate players might pass shows me I don't. But I what do you think the running here's eggs I saw some things and I was like I was I would be scared off what do you think Harris. I you know right now we have wrecked out of read it that I would have read read lightly edit in you know he went to a priority to work in Iraq combat and it would supporting your rent or the green it would have been a terrible repaid but what a little bit the according because. To me his little bit more of that read eight he site where you a little bit better covered than you against the run though. I don't think you quite beat the heat players read adult in the in Panama. I feel like get a speed it read there's a difference Eric. When I was watching here so watch those two playoff games he's planning it's really good opponents. But it felt like a lot of July makes lunching with a shoulder to tackle I thought he missed a lot of tekelec kind of sloppy ball tackling thing but I'm far from it tackling and scouting expert match. No I I didn't think thing I like that anymore I think keyboard that. All the lines 38 he's not at regret were up against the raw and it's up to read it. Our wide receiver mom we've got eight a guy on the show our guy preppie who is one else. Many fans in this area that are stumping for Dez Bryant's of the Panthers even though reports say edit the Panthers aren't interest it. I think you do better by just getting a young a young receiver. On the in the draft what are you I mean. The Panthers need guys it's separate I feel like Dez Bryant hit just point. Is like ten is like Kelvin Benjamin and we wanted to go away from that sort of guide the post up big body doesn't get separation. I know it's not a draft question where do you stand on. The dilemma of okay the Kansas won that a receiver do they go draft or they bring in someone like this to me give me the fresh blood got a can grow a little bit. One of our about being a bit of luck with that Prada need to look at lord turner. It is in its history I think you'll like big receivers but I think you like. Big receivers that are trapped are you know what I know what are out there about the four but the exit out of Notre Dame or U here and they don't sort of what router I can't figure out why. What would you I wouldn't you think ground. The media's done. I mean I another guy you're talking about who's playing with a quarterback who you know the bottom of rat quarterback weigh in really haven't entered its production in the progress. Well when you look at the pool I think you get a chance to be number one or number two. And you're looking at that green and that be your credibility the rest of the Obama sort and it is great at certain ability. You know that if he if he got you're talking about that they kind of wanna get away yeah that's another smaller he repeated go with that to be that quick. In Baghdad becoming a pre app there. That body there I think that they they. And really stressed that you'll open up the middle open up the underneath the other guys out. What do debt saint brown combination of size and 448 speed like that's that's at least got to make you pay attention. Thumb whatsoever Steve got the draft party Thursday deal or neighborhood grill are you gonna stab at when they BS from the crowd out their forks. Outcry. Their support to President Bush put us think good luck with that I have to ask your question I'm mad at an R&R guy preppy here one of our producer Amanda preppy because he is all about Dez Bryant and kind of bothering me. Tom but so I wanna ask you this question also you'll help embarrass him. Trap we told us that Christian Kirk is very similar to a two on each say DeVon conscious city whatever gets the ball like DeVon functions I present means you don't think you were made a horrible comparison and you should be shamed for life what do you think about that analysis. Well wow you really put Villa but nobody. I'm not prepared that would be. People you know you get rid of people packed the ball out of what you know big wave like that but could beat Kuerten that underside. Pop pop beaver is gonna make it living over the that a lot of people play out but we're getting on board that if you if you guys economically for the out but. As he put it on nice laid a trap beyond my. I'm Mike millions he don't he lets you down very easy easy class acts. All right matched mentor next have you demeanor to people out of the draft party not our listeners but to each other crappy radio and he's off the draft and Obama when you have so coordinate nose on it you will not have to work with threats he will not be tossing him for a receiver analysis and Laurie all right. Our path to beat good men are more look at boards you'll see on Thursday thanks for coming on all these weeks do we really appreciate it I don't know probably.