New Charlotte 49ers Coach Ron Sanchez: "The vision of AD Mike Hill really made me want this job"

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Thursday, March 22nd

New Charlotte 49ers Coach Ron Sanchez discusses being the new coach of UNC Charlotte. 


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I don't know Charlotte fans saw. Our cost about as clearly told to abortion niner fans that are pumped about desire. Ron Sanchez associate head coach all of Virginia yeah right there on that stance. With Tony Bennett for all these years as head coach including not just Virginia have gone back to Washington State it's now his chance to run the show and it's right here in Charlotte with a forty niners and we welcome Ron Sanchez to Charlotte and done congratulations to coach on the on the your job how you doing. Yeah. I appreciate you coming on all right so this is one of these deals where you don't get to be honest here you know like. I I didn't I did not know much about chew it all of you know it's you being an assistant. I I figured whoever was on the staff there had been other stuff to how well coach you guys work. But man when I started hearing you start reading a little bit about you know these kind of coach is surveys inning start. See in the quotes from. And the stuff he was saying about you your reputation clearly among other coaches and people in basketball. Is established and they think you're going to do great things what flooding your mind do you think has has prepared you why are you ready for this moment. You know I've been involved in a long time and that I've taken the not yet released but he has become our. As sort of a gain from the moment they're. I began playing it and you know my my time under the coaches like. Not Tony his father Dick not compile what might beta at Indiana. You know with my fever experience they've not try to build some training camp told Garko area a couple of I don't have to of people. You know played in the America's cup so long of a guy. I've broadened my horizon at I Pritchard a way rock idol well we do. You know the Bennett family but in fact it's a fine way to grow. In other areas as well. Coach why the Charlotte jobs and he's had chances in the past you know and this was the time. The U says I'm making the jump you know Tony thank you so much that I got to do this on my own why Charlotte. They're Good Charlotte are all intrigue me. Of each other. Basics city. Stand there can get behind her and rally behind this team. But. The true factor at work that the president of Mike kill. Well and I sit down and and talked to him. You know aka actor here the passion that the boy. I can hear. You know. The vision that he had a very clear. And Tom are wanted to jump in particular are back in the parking lot closet this matter and and get this thing in and around at a bit amazing experience from deep personal. And not a fans are hoping you guys make great team there's no doubt about it or talk goes Ron Sanchez new hoops coach. At Charlotte you know Mike kilos on our afternoon show Chris programs on up primetime the other day and he was talking about you. And he talked about how he was clean up his office in Florida. Any sound kind of like eight some notes and it was notes that he made about you when he met you I think it at a convention some business function. And he kind of still larger name he was impressed by you and I kind of jogged his memory do you remember meeting him. You know back in the day condemn when you reflect back are you thinking yeah I was pretty darn impressive that day I can see why I can see why it was so Reggie remember that at all. I remember today a column in I was the competition it would become. They rehearsed. Kind of awkward of moments of genuine. And now I remember sitting there. And you know that you would not on track of people here right now I don't remember exactly background. Well Cole all of that but outbreak in orbit it regards start I get it we get. I'm and we just we have communique after that there was one time I was probably a five minute conversation I'll honor don't do well. That's to see us in the united to lessen everybody in life it's like you never know when you meet someone converse with an informal conversation. You never know you know what what square where complete you know he thought a lot of junior remembered you from that conversation. A bomb coach what do you think. About. Why Charlotte like what what's what what she can be the goals of Charlotte because. When I came here was 2004. And man I was coming entity you know it's Taylor and I saw their last tournament appearance in 05 they played NC state in the sand base was on its year I mean fans were going crazy. And to see over these thirteen years of missing the tournament. What do you know the way the fans have kind of just you know Allison they disappear but they're not as vocal and I was involved like. It's so much more fun when Sandra involved and when Charlotte not just Tobacco Road teams in Davis symbol when Charlotte. Is a sack during going to tournaments I mean there. Charlotte should be in the NCAA tournament I think how do you feel about what are reasonable goals for you to accomplish there. You know the truth this is gonna harder and harder agreements in the year. 32 out and that. You know go to Lincoln you know picture changed degree what people are really good. All the time you know he's been in my opinion you know escort a panacea they were of great. Seat in this year whatever your name come up what helped put that in you or. And only feel. Political. Player because that might be there all have great experience you know there we are wonderful. Aren't so well and I appreciate term you know. There are you know at everybody want to be interpreted it to become harder and harder are being you know complete attract out of finished. You know what time at the fort. In fourth place BA if you feel we can get it. You know. It's is it becoming metallic debris right now if you ask me you know what like they there are don't think that we can accomplish our camp not keep you. Pacific the bridge I got up all its own well to state like I gotta keep you. Is not going to be O in order to win this renegade yeah you know Greg that that there are. You know that I would bet beat a lot of artillery I would becoming so I think what year. Well the to a got to focus on just playing the best quality basketball. You know from the moment there that we get on the floor try to improve every single bury it on and let go Spain take care of himself. Well I tell you gonna win this early gains but we're gonna win that. I'm just sitting here there and there are telling them that are untrue and really don't know that spoke on the audio play. Market. Ron Sanchez new niners coach was here for another minute or two. Coach OK so a lot of people wanna know hey what what style of play is coach gonna bring you Charlotte and you will it how much will resemble Virginia I mean I know this if you can play that defense. Anywhere near as well as you had those catch you and Tony and those cats playing in Charlottesville. It's going to be a nasty place to come altering imply I mean is it going to really on both sides of the ball are you going to do a lot of things that you were doing what's told viewers are going to be differences. And this is school basketball come from and I do believe how tired because that's what they want you know they would of want to something out there and you know I would not. I've been the partner they call. And I would be good going. You know what this service to a personal hired me almost got it this it. I have not I am not only you know I have so much respect for. In that code and even more so respect and a person. But you know I do intend to take the pain that I've heard from him. In overtime to eat tactic and a little bit it will try to trip to help we become better and try to implement then don't try it. Coach but this is the part where your there's a bar where I have to ask your question it's like I know coach stringent man and always cringe in. But it's been clear for you don't have that much time to think about it because you go from. The NCAA tournament the crazy laws here in Charlotte and then you know few days later use Charlotte 49 Ers head coach. Have you had any time and all you've been busy to think about the loss and when you look back exiled still simulate how that happened how to let that into the Virginia defense. What are your thoughts on how you NBC did that too because I watched all your games in the ACC didn't see anyone do that's. Kept you know. They can about it for us. In the completely not you but the time that I have been thinking about that. That guided their game this payment defeat him. How do not what people want to say it can are generally act well or. They did an expert at this you'll be it a nominal group welcome red light it you know achieved. Far beyond what we are expected. You know to beat what do you wanna be a few feet. When you have a bit and it Luther pre game could achieve it. You know eight peacekeepers are championships with which was soul heart picket. Well I'm disappointed that it ought to get in a tactic to wire part of what up. Coke can go get bigger is August our favorite team. Or congress I had a total war how that happened a simple let you'll feel better than it. No rival it was a really good coach I hear it and how much respect for him and hit it. I you know com. They create picnic there that we did not part when you're sixty seat if they find the last game of the first round what took patent didn't want to 00. Got to think big and they come at the we're able to be in that venue that there. You know history of both sides. Com generally just happy they're term so we have been you know. Merely an amazing year and it's like yeah ACC fans try to say something about you to take a shot at CNN everybody's reminded that you dominated every. Everybody else in the ACC so com hey thanks for coming on coach I'm very. You know I'm interested to see what you guys put together there or not. I'm excited to see you guys Clayson defense up there in Charlotte man I hope which is nasty just like Virginia thanks for coming on coach and best of luck to you. Are excited and they're total guy this at our Beck are pretty sure there. A friend of and they have better people all of them thank you so much thank you coach we appreciate.