New Charlotte 49ers Athletic Director Mike Hill: "Charlotte is home for me"

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Friday, March 2nd

New Charlotte 49ers Athletic Director Mike Hill joined the Mac Attack to discuss all things regarding UNCC Athletics. 


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All right let's do this niner fans I know even waste this moment tears begin to hear from your new athletic director and you've been excited about this in Manny comes when a heck of a pedigree you're Thomas somebody has spent a quarter. Of a century 25 years with the Florida Gators looking to excess success that they have had over that time the great coaches they have had. The lessons that our next guest could have learned there are now he's ready put his own fingerprints on his own program. Mike hill new head new athletic director of the joins us here on the Mac attack welcome to Charlotte tell you don't like him. Mac good morning hey I don't grade out so fired up we cannot wait to get up there it works well on an exciting. Our I think there I think a lot of fans around here pumps are just you know just for you know you know kind of a new way of doing things in new energy being around. That US US ties here to the Carolinas right you grew up in its Clemson, South Carolina. And you went to UNC Chapel Hill is that's what is that a big part of the reason why you picked this spot is that she'll I know you have Stanley kind of thing here people you know. Tom what drew you to the Charlotte job 'cause I'm sure you could at some point you're gonna be in eight days why Charlotte. Well you know I can tell you for sure that personal lure of that area is absolutely a big factor from reach and our family you know popular sport for 25 years that you said aunt Eller credit morons that's quite all have a you know maybe in my heart in the gators have been so good to me but down in North Carolina Charlotte Church healers. A place that yeah absolutely that's what you said they absolutely right you know throughout the clout that. What the school you know in Chapel Hill and in a sellout and a Charlotte though suggest that my parents are from Charlotte originally Mike rep they're slip there. You know I remember vividly. Sitting in my grip they're slipping room. On commonwealth avenue in 1977. And having my heart broken when Marquette is out Butler beat the 49ers so. You know I want the first ever straw or game. Well to Carolina Panthers Spanish just. It's all I've got a call also opened Blowing Rock so it's just North Carolina assault for me is our party is and we just can't get up there. That's cool man that's cool you know annex interview with you we get a break down a Kansas man as a next interview me and you don't so resolve all the issues. Right here mean it could expect. What are our mail deeply into any doubt. The and I'm sure you know you love the man he's a class act up more talk it would Mike hill he's you know he EC's so happy to be a part of this community summary ties here. Let's start talking about some of the specific you know things you know the you're going to have to do that'd be you know. Battles you're gonna have to kind of win and I think. First single embryo does the football side of thinks because you come you bring this background was. You're around big time college football you know how it works and Indians announced cost of college football how program goes. What do you think we Charlotte like it would win Spain's got mad at this past year. About the season and wanted change in coach Lambert's ended up ultimately staying here like. What are you wanna tell the sands a reasonable expectation should be at this juncture for a program we think. Sure sure so you know I would say Depp first call no one's happy when I want all right including coach Lambert app staff yet so. No one puts more pressure on themselves and coach is still in so imagine how you feel the pain and multiplied that by about a 100000 and that's our coaches and players BO OK it is know what they're doing this is their actions so you know what we're looking for sure the staff look at force is some so some mock. You know proper at this seed and we wanna seeing. You know where the program that he had at all really excited and a coach wherever it is is excited had a chance to bit without. On campus when I was there briefly for mine on campus in her used in various super guy there's no question about they haven't yet a lot of friends in this business I know. Who think very highly accountable case so he's he's he's got a reputation that it's an excellent. However as you stated which your fans want to plant is not making you happy right so you know we we wanted to see where progress is made it all. And also a little perspective so you know coming from a program despite football 412 years. You know look at Charlie that you played football for five search and played FBS football for three years. You know expectations. You know have to be a little bit different I like it at what point someone earlier that. I'm back in you know giving your by your old. Trial heats of the car and what might happen so you've got your program describe your old school baby you know where imports but. But I promise you that the goal is to get it this successful point as quickly we can. We're not edit to be ordinary at any angle on it we're at it to be extraordinary everything we did. And a coach Weber and the staff is committed that we're going to be I didn't get behind him at all. Well that's still that's stayed in the fall in a look at our opener against ornament in the app comes that count when he sheet a stadium full during. No doubt no doubt about Osama Mike Teel brand new athletic director of Charlie came here from Florida 25 years and that's Florida athletic department. When I look at the basketball side I mean this can use does not mean I'm preaching to acquire Mike with you because you just mentioned. The experience that you remember 1977. Cornbread Maxwell the boys are in the final four. And I don't assume Melvin Watkins any short tenure in the Bobby Lou Sarah. And then to think about where this program has been since coach salutes. The and it's frustrating day you know they used to they used to be right they're darn near on par with the big ACC schools when it came to. Caller insane any interest on our station. And it's dropped so much. How can this basketball programs get going the way it was again because this clearly is you know the football you can debate what the expectations are basketball you have to admit they've been underachieving right. That is what without a doubt without a doubt it's not it's not where you are in I think everybody is part of the program would agree without right and so. You know that this program has an incredibly proud rich history. I in basketball and basketball is sort of the centerpiece. Buddy athletic program based on the history of Charlotte 49ers athletics and we've got to get this thing back to where all that's competing for conference championships. And being a factor in the close speed and not just you know happy to be audience say turn a relentless game we want we want all arena full you know I know. From from experience or haven't speak spoke to people who played in our building. There it is a tough place to play. And you know my wife our basketball coach here or not. Coats in in in conference USA at least air attack he told me flat out like he says the best job that we it's a really written it got a great environment great facility. So what we're gonna work our but stopped to get basketball we're used to being quickly. Hey Mike you know one of the things that some Ive noticed again be in here I mean were were almost fourteen years on the you you notice the again I kind of alluded to with basketball questioned. And it's kind of been like just the buzz of Charlotte athletics has severely decreased you know over the time that I have been here. And that out of course goes goes in hand with the performance of performs a basketball has dropped. But it's you know they've got to be a bigger factor in the sports landscape they've got to market better like. What are your thoughts in Gainsville you guys were small college stem manually only show you know around. But whiz is neither team you've got pros torture compete with yield a lot of fans it'll still love their ACC lonesome when their kids. How do you kind of aggressively market and get the word out so that Charlotte is a bigger sports factor. Well so that the first thing I was saying is look we have we have evidence we have real evidence. That trampled support Charlotte 49ers basketball and athletics always have to do is back. A few years ago to see where where the program wants was in terms of attendance right so. It's not that this is an impossible task in how we manufacturer can't exit to say it. A stance base that it's you know disappointed you know it it little doubt right now but it is Charlotte is such an incredible sports city. And so yeah you've got the pampered decouple Warner's got ACC elite if we ask our but it's a great sports city inner if we have success. On the court on the field I'm very confident we can get our fans the content I would tell you there. When he doesn't hear everything right so we have to do more than just say let's say for example car we will be very aggressive and engaging our fan base. On multiple levels that have to be the centerpiece of our strategy. So when a constant use social media and providing top that there are there to serve in Iraq with our brand. To get out there on the community I had to make people know it yet hey folks it's time to get out here support the 49ers because. You know we're back we're going to be back if not that they rely I would really really are. Two actor resurrected basketball program to to Wear long and excited to see where football and it being edit and all of our other sports you know I. I come from a place where you know we treat all of our sports with a great deal. Of pride in or into it it's a situation at Charlotte where you're we've got some work to reform roller really as well as well rocker wanna I look at it. I have great admiration for what the stock program has accomplished. You know I don't got our our our baseball team playing this weekend in coaching got. He had a coming into account just this weekend for a four game set. We're gonna support all Ortiz and about that earlier it's not about being ordinary you know it's about the extraordinary and we're gonna expect the best out of every one of our program. All right Mike hill slender Charlotte radio got one more serious question at least for you. And that is you come in here well. Replace Canadian juju heroes have been here for a long time you know all about. I'm sure her accomplishments but at the end of the tenure stands there were stand unrest. And you saw I mean they would voice their opinion games on campus had college game day Temi for the ACC game you see signs about Judy I mean it. I you know some people look at it and say man that's mean but I at least looked at instead just stand basis passionate and once. Wants to win. Did that it does that at all make you pause when you see a stand base like that that agitated towards your predecessor. Or do you look at debt as a positive man this just this crew is ready to win impassioned and how do you view some delights that. Well I don't wanna make two points here first of all. You know the reason that this job is so attractive to mean look attractive to a lot of really outstanding candidates who competed for the safety job is because of what's been built OK that didn't happen accidentally Gerson an incredible. Abilities in out of money that's been raised to be able built the facility than in there and to build a foundation this program. So you know Judy deserves a ton of credit for getting that done has used this as does the team they're a chance thirty university. But you know again inning had it all it comment about how would you know he'll on the court for fan and I get there so. I acts I told that care what you want to be the opposite of love. Is not hey it's apathy and the fact that there's no apathy and enter into hibernation is very evident though. I don't love the fact that there there's all the vitriol out there. Because I think it's unfortunate part because UD RR had a chance to meet she is it wonderful wonderful person. And she's done a lot for this program I think people need to take a step back. And salute her for the job they cheat yet but also understand in this day and were turning the page and look to get this thing right. And now we're gonna have fun doing it but I you know I I am happy if people care if people didn't care we have a lot bigger problem we have right now. No doubt about that that's a good sign that means if you do turn things around on the field you've got those folks that will appreciate it. I'm by the way OK so here it is last question non serious question one of the coaches you spent time with you you're 25 years in Florida. Was the head ball coach do you have you over your years mastered the head ball coach impression. It. Yeah yeah well Arctic yep yep yep have a great immaculate. What's going on their market which we now so yeah I think the Gator would not get its act yeah. That's the the dressing now is pretty good that was very good by the way you how many. Employees in the athletic department and Florida. Had that impression like they all had their own version that had to be something that happened to say when you go out have a few drinks on Friday night. We have. And our employees and I would have to say in oh about 300. That's that's. I love it man he's a unique club which you're analog and coaches you know what you're looking for. In the future when you do make tires umpire Mike hey welcome much Charlotte we appreciate you and I will be talking down the road thanks for coming on. Mac thanks so much support pockets in the future.