NDT Scouting's Kyle Crabbs: "I really like Josh Jackson's fit to Carolina at pick 24"

NDT Scouting's Kyle Crabbs joins the Mac Attack to discuss Thursday's NFL Draft. 

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Let's get some expertise Caltrans here around works on his trance. Com we had his partner in crime Joseph marina with us in studio the other day killing it on the radio. For men DT scanning. Let's talk to count crabs also cement easy scanning stand rag dot com as well get his thoughts on the draft for a Panthers perspective Kyle you made it's a two days away from the draft can you believe it. I think. People they'd drag prop bet that long about three days in a long while they're being begin here right now. You know kind of accommodation of bad bet it's been about ten months to work for outs or really that it is ready got a ball. It's an antidote speculation that don't. I don't wanna know what to Tampa roster this post draft I wanna know what holes we still well holes we cannot just dying to know this. As we get closer or close and we talk to you earlier in the draft process we get closer and closer and you start to hear more Intel about who might go where. What do you think it is what do you think it comes down 224 for the Panthers and and and who would you pick. Yet at Carolina. They need to address. There is really did glaring need book yet Gartner Judy good they've got right now so. There's a couple went ain't it's standout one of then jump in read from it -- that they see and the other one got Jack in the quarter from Iowa. Jack's in. Late or if you look at dollars and then. Boundary corner and be very coveted or is that they eat that's because. Read it not a quote unquote your seat he likening him to Patrick are there waiting so. Jack's and he's got a clear couple hurdle to get Carolina when he for those being. Well washing in their teen. Seattle pretty lenient and other one. Yet I'd seen in rebate at work seen didn't. He made a lot. It's the question if he's going to Peter I think reading that well didn't he went about it by both on the war. At Carolina I would you look in the pair got jacked them I would rat there really pitcher here cover recorder really sat down. Yeah it does seem like he was sent to what to cancer is doing that covers three a bunch what do you think it GI year Alexander do you feel like he's not a schemes it do you not like him as much as. As Jackson what what do you think about him. I. Hired I think I hear I quote if you're going to get universal scheme guy of any quarter yours. Jobs. Very specific in the cover three wrapped in Ghana in any thought it would be strange issue in. Guy air days. It people can tackle he's got great click include the ability he's got quick be the football there is not a bigot or. So the question of do you feel comfortable with the guide it's really only elected but he's still extremely well if the well it. What to almost any. Covered her spot Billy and indeed jobs why so if they at rated. Certainly not good at being the pampered if they chose to take Alexander Robert got Jack. Yeah OK okay we're talking with contracts and DT scouting or two days away from the drafts. Art to running back saying we've kind of kicked around you know Panthers need somebody and I don't think it's a full time back heading in somebody's split. The duty with McCaffery. You know maybe a thunder and lightning tied you know duo. Where do you think they should go and addressed a sign that person some people say they'll give me like Darius Dyson a first round. I'm sink and subsequent rounds in this draft you can find somebody like that what what do you think they should do with the running back spot. I'll I totally can't afford to go running back the first route back to back years it would beep. Were appropriation of picks in my opinion to go running backs ActiveX so. Like Dick choke that'd be bailed or for a second day you'll be a tremendous compliment. To what Christian McCaffrey can do. Now I I'll writer you know he's struggled with production last year. But she'll probably are being cut and get wrapped in apple. But garbage. Contact now is terrific and pat level ever actually go low. That kind of wait for Donna you're right that it like carry on our Alford and other means that. I has great balance he's not to explode it buddy and I oil and McCaffery and you know what warning about the mobile app later. And that Scot Adam from Notre Dame he rushed for over two out our last year but not. Who taught at red I quit now Mike what he would build very impressed. It is. It people and he has. What they've come out lateral mobility quite a bit to kind of take that shallow cut these into doping app so. Read it it's should be available at varying degree child eyebrow area are probably out pre. Dot at a oral and factory fourth round lower. I like so. Much more than the propagation of dairy actually don't expect he worked for Carolina four. Look at a guy Cowell Obama let's go to interior line the Panthers lost to injury and Orwell and then next season you know old though they'll lose trying to Lille is finally here. I really think these senator guard combo type player a guy that can play either spot wherever you kind of feel like you need humor may be starting guards this year and slide to senator. When Khalili is I think that's very handy. Bombs. I looked at more than one around to around three like where you guys like Billy price and rag now out of Arkansas. Where do you expect them to go in and who is the player around described in a senator guard combo. Day two who's the best of that lot. Yeah I got a perfect for you about before we do we need the Arab rate you're dream here wreck well. Yeah I don't like oh well no it picks her really so there's so that he's hot name right now. Yeah red hot water in the ankle or watched there. I think the ravens are also quite candidate to go with a better hero and I'm in a they'd done so much regret but why he dished it pretty agent speak. I don't trademark that trait back in and look for I am able to do regret at wet and so. It would be a very odd and I think he's doing its final wrap. Up that wind it now I am here so. Watching in the wreck right now really strong well the first round picks when it all that you didn't you guys wanna watch it ought incorporate out. I'd love it did you might be a lot of or when your suspect it will take that the chargers. Got hurt beating it yeah I played at year. It left tackle at the pot. Think I went out till the audio was really structure and for the Cleveland brown. And he got in demeanor about him he's really good lateral situation he'll work work its hit the proper diet. Now defenders and created a gap. But he's got really filing compact and 22 he can't be sure on the porch. And and reset the line of scrimmage on the spot so all in orbit he's there for airline routes do. I don't think quite like yet and I think he he would be a terrific at that law. All right last question you mention can what we were talking earlier on the show about past weapons you know when when you kinda go get those weapons for KM. Two players and I like and I think a lot of Panthers fans you know kind of like Anthony Miller Mike to safety. They both seem like there and I think both in that second round arranged so the pants hers or not where do you feel like they go in and feel like those guys. I located at Miller it the top 25 clear on my personal wrapped work I would not meant to be predicted a down looking forward with the best players are. Miller check everything about our you'd put it right now I. Super developed which is route in and the deal would manipulate it and think create ball up. That you can break it roster space to really establish separate should. You don't deal wide receivers in the game right now they're all guys why are either they Leo don't feel at street but he does have that rare side. Create separation. Back in Antonio Brown. It went there and yet in Miller that Iowa receiver so I think he's it to rip a player of the question that medical with him. Its feet all there nobody there is seen that were seeing Carolina have a lot in round two in the U yes starter. In the second round so that the great thing as part is that he. He'd probably have been in L out of Carolina rain in the well you. In seem like. New Orleans. In the first round really it's sculpting the page I don't think I'd it will mark act and I don't think that track about the move I would be. Not be surprised at all. And decided they wanted to take my consecutive field I didn't know that what were sick and really finish off that altered trying to and that's batch of spotlight. Our tile the big Daschle's story today is the browns reportedly have interest in baker mayfield number one overall are you buying it. The browns a number wonder is this just typical draft week smoke stuff going on here. I beat each terrific move but I'm not by. I think any time that you get this late in the game. This stuff they get out it now reason. It's meant he'd yet to immediate and get the people ears in and start plane had seen that people dot org as eight terrific job. Keeping people guessing what direction they're gonna go out there and I. But you know I mean it was well. And we put in Arnold when. It's the wheel in round and round and at this juncture ultra. Thank and that's what you'd expect but I love the way you said. I think they are really good pick but I'm not buying into the ground that's it's almost like if the basket I don't write tech Kyle we don't buy it's gonna happen. Could text ads oil are tight and they're trying to date dejected as trading got to number wants to try to dip. That's not a detects your guest on this I guess you guys got to follow Kyle he is a down there rantisi scouting they get a great crew men com we love Joseph Marino's Charlotte dude like does we enemy studio Kyle. He did a great job on the Kyle is at NBC scouting LLC on Twitter. And reader stuff too with saying rag as wells thanks for coming on Kyle enjoyed a draft brother we appreciate all your help. Oh my let these guys they rat me on I really appreciate it.