NC Central Coach LeVelle Moton: "I'm not job hunting, but it's in my best interest to listen to other offers"

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Monday, March 12th

NC Central Coach LeVelle Moton joins the Mac Attack to discuss his team making the NCAA Tournament, plus much more. 


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How about coach mode Lavelle mode and gets it done second straight year. Winning to me acting going to the day it's a north Carolina central don't place adult play on Texas southern on Wednesday night. And the third time in five years we love coach mode one personality what do coach. And he joins us on the Mac tech coach congratulations on dance and again you do it. I love great and I really appreciate it thank you got. I will say this a coach you're a hell of a coach but one thing you gotta go over apparently is. When it instilled a triple zeroes it before your boys are run on the court like if that was like a one point game or something I don't I would not want to see your reaction at ten. Well I guess that's not. Yeah in the upper lip and about that and how we do not acted even motivates you right now. Give me 48 hours and there will be back OK what about the fact that they have they have be on the grant. I made it did he learned a harmless less than no foul mouth that knows nothing done here. Our. That was fun though is a natural home a cool moment but then we're kind of let's about the coaching job you did this year because you don't sit here in Charlotte and you know we're we're like scenes are cross sustain we wrapped up into the big programs. But some manned I'm telling you what you did this year. I think deserves some attention you guys come back off a championship here last year Richard you're starting five new players you'll find new starters. And I think you know I think there were some bombs along the road but mammoth time you go to conference or me hit stride. Knocked off number one. How proud are you of the job that you did a stance did in the whole seem did coming together as. This was an eighteen the people thought after losing so much was gonna be in this position. Right absolutely I think he had been element Haley involved you know we had a tip phenomenon here let me that we lost seven. About how. Play here. So when we return the quad no one expected move saying it felt Libyan we bailed. We would have multi inexperienced team in the country in terms of stop and on top of that a lot of people don't know there's. To a lot that we clear. What part of the year want to liberate the other two of the Chile so not got in there from freshman. And walk oh about my backcourt pressure to Pressman and walked on. You know you don't take it you're not early on because no one had that experience than they would to try to figure out that way. Not totally have a couple months is that they're the standard the there that would net them a little of the bop. You're never gonna side probably from our commitment and ultimate goal which is to win a championship and you know into the NCAA tournament and we had they got lumped a couple of ignition in it wasn't on the gold group. It would very uncomfortable let's and I turn. Skeptical about me what do we Dolan probably go under the right way. You know are we into determine you know they just Lipton and instructed it may have but that there are not totally just got to make every kind of street titan with a basketball. And they bought into it and we are. Yeah there's some that that's amazing amazing season you guys and all you're coming ID no doubt about the guys lost for years that makes it even more amazing. Lavelle mode is a head coach. Of on north Carolina central Danson for the second straight year a third time in five years. Coach another thing people are really think I'm kiss up to you today another thing I've got to give you credit fortuitous. OK see you go when you play this Hampton team. And they're the number one team in the conference. And what they like to do is fly up and down the floor right there thirtieth contempt well. You guys three hundred twenties in tempo. You were able to control the pace and really not let them play their game and I thought and obviously that's that's probably VT did he win run makes. I absolutely. And you know what it looked and a bit of depth there because we played. Copy that they have been up a couple of plays commander of the pinnacle of an under senate every game they shoot the ball without effective than they they take. Fifty to sixty greed is a normal night for 63 year. 56 point. But just try to consult simple what we've learned is that it is either low flow going down limited the speed of so we can get quality he possesses all. Well as of end of the floor and help but be. And continue. The typical of the school Pavel up every time down low and and that you know I beat Virginia that would it make you do. We just wanted to make sure we have got back at all apparently controlled temple and got a great shattered the bucket every time so. It worked and how fortunate. That we never came I don't. Kosher is the moment where I make you feel uncomfortable but I mean it is a complete complement. We've been through this before I think UN and us on the radio here in Charlotte the last time the niners edit coaching availability. I sat here and screened. Lost my voice than to write a Serb man you gotta talk to coach mode Judy rose got taught coach lone wolf. Now there's a new radian might kill I'd love to see in Italy can give you a shots. I mean do you start thinking more more you win more of these conference titles. I know you love central you're central guy. Do you start to think honestly about then is it dwindle they get that next chance when's the right time. I think it's human nature to do so in North America in and that's just the way you look at things. You know inability. A decent job at one corner position. They're the people that that the interstate India the cure or treat yourself and your family so different that. Everywhere we use a new level. The great thing because I have incredible that look a lot of social. Some nut job market and that makes everything more comfortable. Let I'll always that but I have the most tremendous respect for that saw that. What economic program go back the bar ticket. But because that moment. There and everywhere is in all of those guys. At the bottom of what he did it. Credited with the light Eddie Eddie Baptist they have a tremendous. Basketball program and I'll I'll always felt like it wanted to compete with the truck they. But the probably like that because of that tremendous location. You don't have to leave the state could go recruit. An Indian border right now outcome rather well so. But it if children that's what you learned as people and so you know whatever they wanna do I would always give everything to lose. Our way we would do well I hope they come calling but you got business before that you've got to win it. Against Texas southern before you then end up getting shot and taken all want the best teams in the country we hope you pull it off Wednesday. Best of luck we're always pull for in Charlotte you want people to know they've got to follow Lavelle mode on Twitter goes. It's not just how solid coach of NC central. You're in the lights here good life advice your humor you're doing great analysis like with coaches watch you know at the NBA playoff shared in the analysis. What's your what's your Twitter handle for everybody that is to find out. Uttered that available. LG BB be the most pioli and yeah not so perhaps over the that's got to be an even bigger you know basketball they opened up but my parents so. I've just got to have them on on. Our man once you're good on their suit may we appreciate your best of luck to you coach. Thank you got a pretty certain.