NBC Sports' Tucker: "You Should Absolutely Be Concerned About Cam Newton"

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Friday, August 18th

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We get the answers in this guy Ross Tucker serious exempt. NFL radio you'll also hear money NBC sports seem on NBC sports network in dust all over the place Ross Tucker football podcast is so good. And you can always follow him on Twitter is that Ross Tucker NFL Ross good to talk demand should we be worried about camera now what do you think. Of course you should you're gonna camp. And aren't on multiple levels you know. It doesn't matter Corvette and have surgery to his throwing shoulder. Two people in Indianapolis or they're worried about in your luck and I would say you are more of a point. That's back there at one point they shut him down. That's not a good sign that they don't know what they say about well almost fired work you know he didn't suffer a setback or whatever. That's still cause for concern I don't know Ol or remember very many times. During my career where a guy who was involved in a rehab process. And they just kind of hit deposit Barton. In the middle of that that would be concerning to me now I don't think you'll probably be able to play every game but I don't know. About how bad that all that cute sure but you're talking about a guy. Who there really try and asked to do different things you Robert Miller told me. A few weeks ago let you know they really wanted to get the ball in his hands quicker they don't want them to run as much and so my question would be. Somebody directly invest in. I mean you know you're you're misty all the offseason and now we've mr. punching can't put your preceding games. And that so I don't read more protesters say you don't you go to all the whatever well that's what I'm amiss when you're try to digit dog new tricks. Are you just summed up what I served for the last three weeks I appreciate that if you valid territory okay it's no profits of one and we think Elijah a look at their fans. I think there's Kim starts so the defense and carried him as the defense could go to carry them through the first month of the season if they don't have the starting quarterback. I know I mean I can save. I think they've got a very good defense. I think. If you keep sending games they're at their first meeting. Between acute sense that student up to keep them in games. And it defense just good enough to carry them to the point where they can win those games without scoring a whole lot of points late. I think I like that they got McCaffery I like they got Samuel offense. I think that that gives them a shot to get it ought to came I guess I just. Does it up kind of leave the camps note they can and dunking and throwing the option route to McCaffrey had chickened out. Trying to fool you don't do that I won't believe he'll do that sort CI IC first to simulate him getting the ball. Out of his hands quickly amid incredibly. I think they're very good. I'm not sure they're dominant in mouse but specially rushing the passer. And a quarter from either say that the defense chief Jerry and a reduction you know we told you sensed I look deeply love out of staters everybody does. Oh we're talking about really dominated these terms. That can kill you achieve your way and you are not lawyers were very good points I would want even more. Our strong and a quarter than they currently have I know they got a pretty good it. Oh on the view life but they're not like. Dominant dominant. What is that they missing your mind in a lead edge rusher what's that missing piece. Yet they'll probably be the main during would be good structure also yelled what scroll still has left. I know Mario had a good year Woolsey what he hadn't and let's bring to the table. Their purses are total freak show it's unbelievable. We'll see how much you still brings. Our like this you'll well there does appear in your 20 hustler but you know what shortly noted that it got paid. A brutal all history. Oh. Didn't go to Lyman specifically do you try to tackle better get paid and they're not the same guy that I can remember. I think organs some of those guys legitimate for your time just falling asleep in a stubble you don't like come on board your neighbors everybody has heard a lot of money. Kind of hard but the first place. I act like I can redeploy and be like I don't need that under this disease due to admit I'm not. I'm not going to fly and also all that you can take you might need help so I guess sometimes. Our position. You need to dangle a carrot. And we didn't guy's huge contracts. So not so many guys eat carrots. Well here's what's interest in Ross Tucker what does she could follow Ross on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL NBC sports serious exempt. Of course the Ross Tucker football podcast. And I saw Dearborn and again last night I was so high on Derek Barnett in this drafting and I'm a layman in this thing but I do I just. I don't buy you were you I just love Jared Barnett and I know it's pre season to Ross but he I mean he's he's three sacks so far through two games. He just looks the part of the net chop these guiding coming around the edge is banned all that stuff. I know it's armchair quarterbacking and always played a regular season games but do you think McCaffrey was still the right pick for the Panthers and number rader should they have gone. With a guy like Barnett intuitive you know bolster the defense of wind like you're talking about. Well I love the cabaret is a player I think everybody does. And so I think that it is in large part going to be dependent. All of Mike Shula and candor getting McCaffrey took all. And how they use them. I want every step and vote eagle preceding game that lived here Pennsylvania. And he used the real deal man. It's funny because. There's not a great track record. Our bench ruptures. That run so forceps and you know overall force sevens slower and force seven sell or serve on the order where where Fraser but there run overlooked or seven that are really elite. I think this guy here I mean. They put Ochoa regardless of better draft appeared so well yesterday you goals came from Baltimore cheap compared to the Toronto star this. And that's absolutely. The proper comparison. Because he's got great forty time. But he has relentless mortar. Understands the game he's already incurred outta hand and movers and he's got plenty our speed. Tours POR 68 yard burst around the corner it's not just a three sacks semi. You've gone up archer pressures he's gonna relentless chase or other he's been jacking tackles and they dug up against the run. Do you distribute legitimately. Very impressive. We know too weak to the pre season I look for. Overall the results for efficiency. What do you look for when you watch preseason football games. You know I'm I'm I'm I'm personally really look at the young guys you know what I guess I feel like. What are your guys I heard you know what they can do it. You know while maybe a little concerned about like the Eagles offensive line for example and the way they've played I don't. I put so much stock into it because you never know how much each team that game planning. Get a Packard recording its eagle which you know kind of residence doesn't know that Eagles were really ready for that so I don't care that much. Oh units. Or score. Hurting like debt. I look at young guys I don't look at Mac Collins as well where's. You know Barnett who we talked about. Shortly eagle I looked at even checking your guys like accidentally trigger I think they got a relatively young guy like Tom savage. I've primarily looking at first and second here guys tortured guys to do like people that do they look like. This visit Serbia but the thing for them and second your guys. How would lead to damage you know I don't know who it is they've experienced Jeff are you my rookie year I was just. You go smoothly in all and just trying to make the practice squad took some help. Thank goodness Morris shot I look at it and they guy on the rock threat in the present the second your. And displaying I don't know I don't like I can do that like and are you on the may have now there is totally different mind set I started. Every game my second year in the trees you that would like. Are you 180 from you know what are your two terms in my mind set and that's what I would look for. Totally second your guts. Ross Tucker with this right now Ross everybody. Feels like picks the box right now to be that team the kind of emerges and takes a big step Janus look really good last night but I still like we've been doing this with a box her. Better portion of a decade why why is going to be different this year if it actually happens while will be different with Tampa Bay this year. Well I do think that they have court and it took three for him and he's shown the progress that you Morrissey. From year one year true it looks like the running back dark every other you're important it is it's actor being. Quick genocide I don't know how that happens but. Jim looked awesome I thought last night I saw some concerns about you offer to line to be sure you destroy objection to adding him. Some like Kevin spent an educator Braden OJ out under is still like. Lulu who were penalized both consider running back the first three games without Doug Martin's. And then at the concern charming good ol' Roy and yet rusher we know what Robert air there's. They're expecting big big things from Noah Spence doubt would be good question marks may. You know and they're not gonna have a top ten O line but they kept your bottom spot. OR and drew are sure you know they mean no prospects to produce a media it will be real we don't. Look at the roster right now we really need to get it from spent. Unfortunately we've spent a good amount to racial talk on the block. About a boy portals and you do talk to other Smart on your show what the judge orders to return today you just going to Henne and and and you're really in your basic ten to season do sign choppers were they go. They're probably. Portals would be my guess because I don't know. Why do you wanna from practicing what are you wanna have much once you move more firm him. And there's the chair that you could somehow recuse. Achilles sure eight CL or something. And your on the hope for nineteen million dollars for next year can't pass a physical in March I'd just. I know that you do that not all pesetas. I think you do that that. He's geared geared to that throws the door I thought that the calculus more than one he thought. We knew which people are Al Roberts and advocate every senior receiver. Could help the malamute at one that was really bad around them was open in and for a kind of pull the string on it. Robert could of came back to all this stopped. And call it whatever total program or open sort of the completion. Don't want that our industry. You know that's still not sure what row. You know love to reporting what was he doing there and in the deep throat down his site that I wouldn't doubt or not bad. You know mode so we receivers or get that nor short burst and catch that long so I really don't act that I just think. Total last year. They have you know it that they are ready to move on permanent and maybe did that in training camp I don't know what I would tell you know. Didn't they are willing to venture. I put them on ice after the second preaching can gain. Did name H I can't picture. Mistakes now operating in a cornerback this off season and putting the secure our strong bet that to me. It will and any place to go to that convention or older tomorrow I don't the second preceding game. It is a horrific mistake that they geometric eruption and also can bring in some other option. Oh and Chad Henne who I think it's solid from my own doubts I think cal defying. The government doing anything they Celek or anywhere. Ross Tucker NBC sports serious examined also Ross Tucker. Football podcast on Twitter at Ross Tucker NFL we have high school football start up tonight actually started last night with a couple of games Ross but I know talked about this so we do a lot but a lot of it lot of parents like kids listening. I this this volcano what could you tell we got going on the ball can't. Yes do you look at it it's not even green I would say the people that love would the most likely despite the thirteen minute chips little guys still really little. I can pretty much geared you know. Jeff what I want these kind of look at it just was listening. Just walk through video just try and trust me it's even ten times better in person. It's all pitted dot com it's the same type a joke machine that you see just over Benjamin and Greg Olsen years. Except it's portable you can change the speed to launch angle to make a putt to make whatever. I'm not sure my port five year old daughters and the little depressed the button and have daddy try to catches that thing it's wicked awesome totally know. Whether true or not talking without the appreciative I assault replete. But you actually have it you know they're training camp and before they gain. MetLife stadium that's that they understand sensed. The toilet I told the hill good one located. In the in in the penalty mouse and then right after this 452 in line to obamacare and so there that they know about you that this thing exploded but I'm. About the authority and they'll. It's actually it's written on the side it's like scientifically proven actually put that on the yeah. Go get therapy helped get the help it's always fun. Until there what 78. B eight BUOK and I guarantee from eight cease fire 67. Took 151617. I think ten years of unbelievable used to generate you gotta get all fired up about it I have one. Roscoe to talk to men enjoy the weekend okay thanks for making time for us. Absolutely particularly good job and make sure you. Do during the vocal organized somewhere somehow. I'm going tomorrow calling you tomorrow solbes. Not.