NBC Sideline Reporter & Former 610 Personality Michelle Tafoya

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Tuesday, September 12th

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And we go to the technical I'm guess line you see here each and every Sunday night Sunday Night Football and on NBC and dust the great sideline reporter I think among the best in all sports and easier on NBC sports all the time and I I'm glad to welcome her and Michelle Tafoya witness and also as we celebrated a couple weeks ago 25 years of sports talk on this our radio signals 6:10 AM the former Mickey Connally right here. All you. Yes I can I do you know what this chair climate have been born five years battered terrifying. Bob and I'm so sorry I would do on you guys during that anniversary week I'd mention is calling him and of course I got distracted and out what happened but yeah anyway thinks. That's a very nice intro and congratulated him on the error what is she not did not only did they do. Now what is sunk in its craziness to think back there wasn't WS NC it was WAQs and you're on which Jerry now in court and people to this day still talk about are you guys is one of the most dynamic duo isn't in sports. Our Sports Radio in this town you laid the ground orgy guys are the first ones we I wouldn't be the undoing if it wasn't for you right now. Well you know what that's really nice leaders say we had a we had some good shot there and I did with that I go out with a WA US. Am I still keep in touch with a couple of people who were on the show and it's huge. It's how would send that would be great training ground for me and I think about it a lot I'd I'd go on with my business and think about you know how I. This started and it's always starts there. How many days the honest with you can -- be -- with a search center Michelle -- what is by the way NBC sports and the idea is Sunday Night Football to be honest with us how many times did you show -- to work everyday and think man I'm not sure from gonna get repaid or song gonna get told CI RS and the door or for even on the right now I have read those moments did you have exactly five years ago because there hadn't been a lot right had. Yeah you know what it what really. I wouldn't put it that way we'll tell you as a colleague the lowest thing I've ever but I knew that I want to get into this bit about what you do you. I'm not into that say pay me X number dollars because I need a living wage I just do what I have to do. But I would look like skirts land it is starlet. They were looked at the apartment waiting for me and they did not. And police say do you mind and a hotel a bit like. Don't know do we Louis Michel. Although we did she was on a great story to get a whole Lauren was doing get Michelle to swim back what does for those who were unaware returned 25 years. Old as a sports talk station two weeks ago and up back then we reveal WH US sixty and AM WH US a few years later we transition. Odd to WS NC and that we're gonna it was just gonna get us a different numbers we'll get her better landline but it was Michelle who jumped in with Jerry. On the force for sports talk station we talked to. Everybody a few weeks ago that it just kind of laid the ground work we had Steve's a benign and it just all sorts of great stories being told that if I mean you can't go anywhere anybody it's been in this town for 2030 plus years of remembers. Once for stock captain of Michelle to fully it was and Mickey calmly she wasn't going by Michelle obviously Michelle making you can carry their go with that she's a stage name just like Ryan Seacrest isn't really Ryan Seacrest well you don't say how. Now I don't says that happens sometimes but so Michel the foil is get back to a backdoor on the tactic I guess I'm just a great story saying awesome you hurt your Singler scored seven apartments but the apartment wasn't ready when you when you came here to start the job correct. Because part of my compensation is okay we're gonna get an apartment thanks. And so wasn't ready for bonds lied second into the hotel for the night at minus column. And I figured someone would just gonna bring up the company credit card and put it down forming in people around him. Now they kind of get the do you mind put this on your on credit card until we can were ambushed and confidence. And I thought okay it would have been it would always felt. You know this station that we really didn't really work everyone worked really really hard to get off the ground and obviously they'd. Yeah and it's he's so funny is I I I identify so much for those early days is and I'm still a young registered thirty Michelle which. Fresh out of college I did that same thing where we always were and I won't name memo worked at a better another station in town we did the same thing we were we're trying to go sports nobody else had done it since you guys Jackson and in how we feel I was I didn't know any better I was just happy to work in sports like identical in a locker room has a job anywhere and out of college I thought that was awesome and I was crashing when my parents here in town is admiral in Charlotte and I think I was making. I think I made like saw no. Those twelve to 151000 dollars a year their first heard the original ball for that but you don't care right it's sports it's like out of me whenever I got to do on this is also that this is my job. Yeah well that's exactly what was coming I was willing to take in Iraq I mean I. I would living on the beach in terms of the beach California when I took this job and stay there were a lot of things. I mean you know I was like living the dream and quite a bit different light on it more and I knew it would require sacrifice they knew that so. Not only did you know I give them my little beats. Life. I gave up most of my social life because from me I'm due. I was going to be graded on how well prepared I wore than how well readers that a lot of and of course that was the case. And so I just I honestly I'd fit and you know get up. We get child support paid. Covered heavily USA today's sports page covered cover I mean I read every line. And I just made myself ready and every single day it was just guys you know rest and I watch everything I went every once again I would you know half. So all of that's got it but you know what that's the stuff that works. Are talking Michelle deford and done a WS and he lets -- was actually former WS Lindsay was WH US backed down -- sixty and AM 25 years ago I to the date a couple weeks ago and I don't forget of course an eye football this week we'll see an NFC championship game rematch falcons and Packers on Sunday Night Football and also see Mercedes and stadium on make it stayed regular season debut on NBC of course on the show will be on the sidelines for that went to only show you really wanted to be a a reporter could sure are so good that it can do gotta have that skill set in and that is that correct and that that mindset you have the did you ever know you know 1520 years ago a man and I do it this is what I really listen my passion I gotta make this happen here. You know I was in grad globally there when I just decided. Blood sport played two sides could not be doing something with it and it was. About that time that you just started seeing people like Robin Roberts finished Hannah Storm and people start working in the business side by you know what. I think I can do that I didn't know. How or why I felt that way that I just had this gut feel like I think I can do that I have now and how competitive it's not as easy as it looks as if it's. Some people do think we'll look at it very very simple job it is not I am here to tell you especially on this show and I've football. That's out of the required every ounce of preparation time that you have during your week we it is a very demanding group. And I did I think I just I knew I wanted to be a broadcaster I know one of the sports broadcaster. I was gonna just kind of see where the opportunities let me. Had they just continue to work it just came my you know like it's just it's just billowed kind of would be of them helped give me. Who's the coach in the NFL that you just see whether it's football or anything you dissing it you can't wait to get a few moments and just talked a longer you know you're gonna turn away learned something and just be just a great conversation is that coach for you right now. Well god there's so many I can tell you in the NBA it was always Gregg Popovich absolutely adore like that I'm working MBA from many years. In the NFL how soon there's so many to think to me that I didn't a lot of talk in the build ourselves and of course he's retired now but we. A great great guy. And a lot of vitamin Jason Garrett is just a really Smart world leaves. He's got a lot more thing about life in just about football so he's one that I look forward to. I reliably variants down here Donnie is one of the kind of approaches to me you know he's embarking a lot of players but he has been nothing but great for me and I love. I'm gonna have a tough time. Really quite a few so I don't wanna get in the amount that goes back to handfuls. Do you feel my game and he's worked at all levels do you feel like when she gets the pro level where you know some people think pop is a little prickly but it just in general there's more respect for what you guys are doing and doing the job and try to make sure that they're accommodating in your accommodating to them he showed that respect levels there at the pro level little bit more. Taft I think what happens is you are not reflected an individual I think that every single player that played out there and analyst and reporter have to develop his or her own relationship with everyone there dealing with and I had that player that coaches that PR people that corner that's general manager Dave everyone that you deal wit and you know you just try to comport yourself and make sure that you you are respectful for them. That when you take something off the record atop a record. And that years respectful of their time and take your whole life in the heel while prepared all of those things I mean it's just about being professional. I think over time once people actually get good value. I'd say they understand who you really are as a human being outside just doing your job and so I think. For me that's what I have always try to do it is. I would be really respectful be mindful of their time. Yeah Smart questions. And and just be ready again and again I think I just can't pay it enough it's his professional of the matter. We're talking to Michelle to four and a former WS frenzy legend six NAM WH US back in those days with. Courses here on Sunday Night Football this week it'll be Atlanta in Green Bay they connected deep down in Atlanta at Mercedes and stadium and it'll be on Sunday Night Football and value be able to watcher alongside Chris Collins worth and Al Michaels and here's the thing about Chris and this is dresses on the times. It is so many people pick favorites when it comes to you know broadcasters and and play by play guys in you know one guy hates Joe Buck and other dialogues among guy loves Al Michaels and Chris Collins worth another guy hates him. Problem what are what is it about those guys though do you think the way they call a game is is so impressive is everybody's got their own style and a boost what is about those two guys in your group. Well got a great voice number one in the way he talks announces its unique and it could hope it's a pleasure to listen until they're both big. And so TrueCrypt had that great keyboards look how that father and I'm on you know for a kid Kentucky. Am I the and then he she they are both. I'm kind of crew a walk exceptionally hard exceptionally I've never. Of all the Palestinian BA every other game that I've had I've never been asked to do as much as I am now and you don't always hit on Miami their games and maybe get I didn't come here. But believe me if I'd gotten that quote that is Pakistan and were ready for every scenario. Oh we all three of us we really like each other especially those two having to deal with each other in the boots and have a communication. Did you think I do respect I have this thing Chris is so good because. He can teach you something in very easy town begins explaining. You know. It's what he's doing it whether this is just like apple whatever he's trying to explain he can put it in terms. That everyone can understand and you know it's funny to me because everything else I've ever worked with people can't make up. I could accomplish he hates the Pittsburgh Steelers I just can't stand heat my team. I know he doesn't he made. Keen fan. Think the L or hate them that's good and because. Actually Chris I'll go negative on both sides and the yeah I think it is extraordinarily fair and and cleared he's going to take it from a player who comes just. Could actually got out of hand and he's really really good at it and again the preparation of X. No this is true is that it into that point it fits the ribbon to me that puts this all to tighten blow and ties altogether for your son and a football package as a guy who prides myself on a bumper music around here he bumper music for our Sunday Night Football easy desks and all sports I'll put it up against anything in sports broadcasting it is ridiculous how tight it is everywhere. If he is so good. You've got I think it was the New York Times actually get an article on him up a couple of years ago all we weren't relentless teasing him back. He is sensational here. Top forty works with a producer during the week and we're going to be in this city so what about this band because they originated there you know what. And then in this situation that does you know we leave on a made field call this could be cool yeah. Yeah it sounds good. All the way around just six you've heard broadcast them and I it's likely to be a part of it. Michelle what's the what's the some bullets you go what's that what's the thing in the bucket list what he's still got to do review Hewitt you checked everything off on the sports broadcasting careers and yes more stuff that your your Jason what is it. You know with a lot of things I'd like to do but I'll tell you what some I bucket list now has changed because I have two small kids and threw me. Being their mom is the most important thing that I can do will come and show. You know right now I'm just gonna keep doing that I'm I'm lucky I'm an avalanche on television you can ask for a whole lot more than that what I loved it. I was indeed I would venture I would bet that again I've always let that happen. The broad open to forming what ever appears like either say yes I'm gonna go that we're not gonna say what I am. And I had such a great group that I am working with good exactly who he called my extra time is devoted my kids I just that's the way to end period. Michelle to fully as NBC sports and you'll see your son and a football on a Sunday night obviously thirty kick off with how in now christened it the Atlanta angry may go on data from the new Mercedes-Benz stadium and WS and diligence even predated the W offense we're 6 and I am sorry for us and now you're that'll do the best you laid the ground work Michelle is truly a pleasure to talk to you this is the truth. I told my producer I said we gotta do this coming up in a few weeks because it was a big moment this is a big big occasion are in our station's history I see we gotta talk to Michelle may just end the conversation she's got to be the one we build up to and we did so it's good to. Except that I guess I blew it and I don't apologize but hey happy anniversary nonetheless the tickets. Great defense tactic that's. Yet thanks Michel Michael Shea Griffin says hi speaks to you okay successes out. I was elected to talk to Michel right.