NBA TV's Sekou Smith discusses the Hornets season & other NBA story lines

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Friday, February 23rd

NBA TV's Sekou Smith discusses the Hornets season & other NBA story lines. 


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Right now let's talk a little NBA best balls focus on Horace take a look at what's going own the league down there in Dallas my lord that is aimed mask also court. And let's talk with say Christmas a long time voice on their NB ATV and he joins us here in Charlotte on the Mac attack so they could thanks for coming on how you doing. Are. You I'm doing all right until. Little hornets funk brown and Michael allied team and I'm just in a song feels like Groundhog Day like we're doing the same thing over and over again. You know remain. And get stock out of the play also. I get stuck almost NBA no man's land we don't draft high enough to get a big Stein blitz you know we're not up there into the playoffs. What do you think about how the Portis got to give out his spot they're jammed in with a lot of contracts and have them write opinions luxury tax. Jason sought to train Kemba Walker didn't pull the trigger on any thing what do you think is what's the way out for the hornets. This stuff under and I'm glad they did straight Campbell. What about paper what is in this league an academy. At a local media guy like that roster you gotta have a face it franchise type player in a guy you if you don't go around. It continue to improve with you know you gotta do it went. Packet similar it protects. You know of course assets whether to drop whether or you can go to big. What you gotta. You gotta take it apart in a lot away in order to build back up the fact that people prop that. You know it can be like people were the French are in it oh when you had to pay that well don't. You don't like to go back out of their level we're the only way. Typical of the do it through right because you simple but we go to Iraq. It's harder they work in get a guys a lot of art. They're just now work at it term though. You know the group dynamic in any help. You know put together our well being on the court that it starts with packet of data. In trying to get directly. Do you know who on this roster do you think other than trumped tremble other than cam mark. Is tradable Bud Selig because they were trying to test these guys who can try to get rid of very big Batum contract may be even Dwight contract although I think he's playing has bought off this year. Arm and even guys like him KG and Marvin like it just there appeals and there appears to be such low interest inch are any of these contracts tradable real. Wet that the thing that they're not critical but. There have been a lot of debate the situation. In order over what timber they were you know. You know attack so that they. I think they do have some value commonly. And I think even with his contract and how. Cool as you did he bring their deal he factory well we want it right now. Well yeah I don't well. And yet short amount probably are right critically. Well CPU do it be apart which were. You know my cookie Oakley is if you will. Develop more of the shooter and it could operate where they people have them greater value ready to haven't gotten there yet. As an opposite way net become the typical thing. Beatle what where interpreted deal. Net you don't have a word of both. Sit there corporate but I. In other types of Pete in any city. Because the point where you talk about packet number contract when you're a bit you know aren't well you know what to do that well just one. Absolutely say to Smith NB ATV as well as its its stuff man. As one of timber trade talks a means we were all we're all on different sides of me it's just it doesn't feel like any option to try to escape this NBA purgatory spot. Is a good option it just really doesn't. Let me ask you so let's let's take a look at the season still going on right now I don't wanna completely ignored that horns can win last night that they really needed against Brooklyn. On their side backs Phillies really hot down and they got Detroit in between them and silly for the eighth spot. I mean do you give the hornets any chance to make a play off Ron Arad they dug too big a hole. Yeah well if you can and they were the you know trouble Detroit and it really all bad. It's really motivated really to me at all the other side of you know their program where they try to dig out of although it may. Hit it out. You know that was that we'll see if it didn't play aggressive. When you know I've seen this trying to. Grind its way to approach it becomes. You know at the order it. Not struggled badly as they did earlier in the lead in you know at you know what a two and a half game that I read it and look at it. It was reported in their Coke or in particular that you run. Now in in you know excited about that may acquire admitted that at. In that you you know and what kind of adapt to take up about it so there you know they got a certain look in. You know to the future what are they about that matter what but they have been haven't. Quote is conservative. We're trying to check to play out but that may not beat. And that's what I'm Leon had a point and I like being in the sort of dance like there's some fans seem to do it very easily. Ability to guide likes root against my team you know remain a mother or dad likes and I wanna lose these games but I still like it took me in this spot. Words like I don't want to win you many it is because it also under a draft position goes down and I just some good players in this draft. I feel like long term they'd be better lose and it just doesn't seem like you know closer could be fighting for his job there's going to be a new GM brought him. Mom it doesn't seem like Michael's a guide it. You know with his competitiveness really enjoys tankan so unlike Mark Cuban and you'll get out a blow horn and tell announced anybody that he's tanking. They're not gonna say anything like you said but I also it doesn't seem like a type of organization that really. Wants to do that sort of thing. Not. Oh aren't there or you're lit by the people right now usually just fine say to you don't watch yourself. Out about execute it would. Competitor you want to scrap out that brought up to salute. You want their locker to change their way out by the artist. Understand that in order bridge. You know they are called out after you really by saying yes I. Do you know by the continued before and that's where. You look at you know what this summer and it looked like what created by the by record strap. Intriguing possibility. That are going to be at its suburbs are. The up part about the threat but if they're like the book that it started at market. You know Benin and group who they might want to. You gotta make the best choice and nobody's seen it better at lottery you're you're not make. Every day. They discredit to our you know little girl. When they are about certain yep so well about any hopes are that are out there. You know that it is so much. You know they can change the course of what you look at. All of that they who that it didn't read some good follow or there are stunning. About absolutely no way. And changes. The picture to drop out completely but a rocket warriors well they've you have to be ready. Count on a deal like that it yours if you're there order in the you have so huge at a moment's notice that require. A lot of planning you know part of crop that it be ready at that moment right. What do you think gloves you know under the rumors out there that. Mitch Kupchak could be to guide and ultimately comes here. Knows Michael obviously through their tar heel connections what do you think about mention it just seems to be. Mixed reviews you know seems like he definitely had some big time outs winning championships there in LA. But it seems like there were some moves it did not work out what do you think about Mitch as a new GM if that happens. Well look I think any and I went. In much if you did you look at it threatening. You know championships that start where except. Associated with this time with the lakers yet you get excited. I've should be indebted tenure there it went in and alive but they're and they couldn't seem to get it right. It is what leaves a mark respond people. But you don't this minutes. The amount of it to action analogy you have about the lead and I had a built in built or you know you know the ultimate success. You're talking about at in general manager whoever you bring him the he's got to come it would the first set about on that now that authority there on the pitch which. You know financially cap while I have that authority there in apple client I have a clear cut. Planet to what you want to do we get the threat that that met you know you don't look that you get out that we yet. Coming up next year Charlie. You don't want. A bad product on May slow you wanna have a team that people feel it. You want to be able to go go connection with the Arab of the bat well early or Charlie. Well kemba Internet out game and people really good about a franchise directs edit. But I mean you bring it to you and is gonna come bitter really Knoedler. All all fiction these bank in short order that they. You better off with a Jack who. Been around the league in and done what it's done at the polls might bring out but he now edit out that it that it. A quick you know a better job will quickly if somebody oh. And they'll be nice man wearing an impatient or get impatient say Cuba that would be nice to see up plays out. Safety Smith NB ATV thanks so much for join us again we'll talk to down the road we appreciate it. Oh yeah.