NBA Insider Steve Kyler discusses the Hornets season

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Wednesday, March 21st

NBA Insider Steve Kyler discusses the Hornets season. 


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We gotta talk salutes and our next guest and he really it was really informative you know Chris you hear these names of these young up and coming GM's. That are candidates for the hornets job. But space and you know the organizations are coming from and and how respected they are mature though that much about them individually you also. I feel pretty in the next guest in a great pro solve all these guys. And they also kind of attack to question us veteran Mitch Kupchak vs these first timers let's talk about this hordes GM opening. Because lord knows we don't wanna talk about the way these games are going lately Steve Schuyler joins us basketball insiders longtime NBA writer what's up Steve are you doing. Aren't. Doing good and I thank you for doing that piece I know it's not like you're you're doing things just for like us in Charlotte but that was really informant he must. You can't eat I expect you guys if you know what. I and within a lot more or and it and it can't. But what it is one of the things I like to pick up pretty good that which is you know include some of these guys I have seen our. That would under the name especially I've been a bit out of I don't. Proponent or number you're acting getting it broke etiquette. I'm feeling that it felt like it was right but it. Now I think it was called lip but was still little you'll get below 32 thoughts on these guys individually. Or start with the kind of first time GM candidates. One is and I don't think. Wolf we'll start with with Rosales from a Houston because there was a report recently. They named him as kind of big you almost becoming one of the favorites with Kupchak. Obviously you weren't put Darrell Moore NF rhinoceros I mean that's what I know and I respect that front office what do we what do we know about him specifically. Well I think active or kind of understand how we really want it you're at Yankee actually yeah and the Bible. Decision maker very top usually is that they got a guy out game. You know look at it you can't. You know they're a warrant that app. Or they're elated that he eight point Putin in every organization that he'd be 88 guys. It but I think they're all. Over the place and you're certain market it's good or not and and you've been around it would go outside and it. Things about and I'd like you know quarter. He's not worried at all or are some guys bring to the war you know he's the war or not. In import in the probably looking at the lawyer being nowhere I don't know who will what you eat what you're working what they net you're Weiner. Being keenly gain but there thinker aren't. Com and it got and they used or could make or connect he gonna make you you know better you now are when you're in the train hit it well when you've always been one guy. The other part is equally under their green analytic trouble you know you understand. The importance of an analytical. Approach. But not so much he's got a it ball cap on he's been around negate a really long time. Or is. Actually I don't but without. A bit but I you know I think he realized pretty quickly put it being higher they think in that area and mutually wave. One thing I worry about we go this way the public what would you yen up the economy. Going on the on the way to elected bill on the. Yeah and that is one of the concerns with the which was the first time GM's is do they come in and as Michael Jordan kind. I don't say push him around but you know remain like eight I think you said the better more diplomatic way but I do wonder about that with the young guys. On the you've talked about Simon from Miami. Now all the way you do what you described him man like you look at OJ and I think any more saying to relate we lost some tough games and this year there were just heart breakers. And it was these guys that are not there they're not expenses. And that stage or able to turn into a really great players like. I guess he's he's a part of that you know great I first firms the diamond in the rough down there right. Absolutely yeah I'd go with them every year it look at their number look. They know what you're never go out there on the Internet you're better. All player and anybody you've got and they are great aren't you looking at you know out there. My only two really lit up quite young player it out don't you were both eaten they've been willing to accept it. They under and the pro randomly. 88 armor and don't really good you you know they're there yet but wonder or dignity and post. I probably got great program and adding that the big reason why my name and they're all you add in that he came out the same way all came up. Started in the film room literate yet I. Have an outcome of the points per are now. Indian or if he PM we want to work in the governor it is thin and certainly if we can all but we will talk about the collective guilt but it's yeah it's been done right. They're out of that and I think that's why they're really in an addict and not in goat got not the either and all the he's more than happy to be in the background that they want and why won't you be good job. We're talking with Steve dollar vessel insiders dot com he wrote a great piece. Kind of what's capsules profiling each one of these GM candidates supporters and I think we're all kind of learn about these guys who gets it is that Mitch Kupchak the more known commodity in the second but mark never leased from this Phillies front office. And again all all I do is look at and see man at W dollar that processing coming around what's you know what's he all about. Org and market on week one of the guys. You know William Brandt side I mean and it got in late you know be be a lot of rap an airplane and well. I'm going to go out with a walk in with dirt. And it's only because not all that out. Oh are you know you can eat and in a couple of older than whoever they name. Talking about and really the lack. Are your marketing been on the way it is actually here and yen in the current younger and oral work and it anchor. Put in the work he analytic grid then. Don't doubt I. Where you know any and all the work being that they're not from your comebacks kicking back. You don't see little debate or if they'll help you that victory at what it is trying you know Martina won a lot of that we aren't. If you look if I was you sit in in how they need some training and other. Yeah eight and eat well all technical Rommel he got great relationship with AT and you know we talk about a young it really well you know how it is or more won a couple of. All right last thing let's talk about Kupchak can also act as your. You know do people know more about him they know about the success I know this there's you know he hit a point where there were some. Some woes and Laker fans you bring gut check up to them and are now better. What are your thoughts on Mitch Kupchak would would the second runs for him like is that a good move for the hornets and what do you think about his relationship with Michael. Because some people say well don't get a young GM because Michael's gonna kind of push them around. But Mitch Kupchak and Michael are friends and I know guys like Charles Barkley of always criticize Michael sore. Iron as friends and guys that are gonna you know just kind of yield to him what do you think the relationship would be lie. Org and I kind of work its cup jacket and a couple weigh one is are you are there you know that being bid around being there it. You would go to feeling that if you would you do if you didn't do. You know the discipline the character is in part there. Opera excel and so irony it would make cup record I think became an app in spot on the Laker who lacked it in since it analytic. Our group you know they didn't and people that mom making it about. This kind of been how awful way to come under especially black or you're a Laker. Good they were not how good they all. Now it. Eddie talk about what out of that you know its contract that went right on him but on ball well and the court aboard that if they're in the political still dealing with today. You know some of the criticisms about nick on the way out where you were you by the book what went wait a gray area. You know we've Blackberry and phone or hate you Ian don't respect it and aren't. I think probably the pool. Quite like typically don't play I don't know that it is wired that they're no gain. If you couldn't quite a bit with the organization. Because he's been here and Doug and I got a championship pedigree. You don't know they are big game right now quiet you know we go the scene. If I clip of what it's gonna be really good though. Low anyway you describe Elvis on the match Darryl hill's former. Former Bob and Boris player he's now to TV radio network and and I was saying I'm starting to lean towards that idea the first time GM a younger guy more new ways. And the way you just explained and as you know he really. Makes me kind of want double see what happens we'll see how plays out thanks for education. About good. If it would landed it higher at. You can hire me to be I didn't even higher yen to people thought and hope you put together that they really you're if you're wondering if not against. Not all that's an interesting point about the way do they Steve give everybody your Twitter handle that wanna follow you for who stuff. Our. Current and you know we're trying to back I Steve you are demand thanks so much it's a little brother. And got my pretty well.