NBA Insider Steve Kyler: "More options for trades will be open for the Hornets around the draft"

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Monday, February 12th

NBA Insider Steve Kyler joins the Mac Attack to discuss the Hornets struggles, plus the NBA Trade Deadline.


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All right so let's talk a little bit and see here it was a rough weekend for Sharlene Ferris an on the schedule it was not near he faced a lot of teams you saw on the road I. In a back to back. Then you have to come back overnight in the morning Saturday overnight Friday and Saturday morning video Sunday 1 o'clock tip against the raptors are on fire. But with that send they have to end up down 36 that are raptors just the latest episode of frustration. For hornet's nation let's talk to a man who knows the league he has covered it for a year Steve Tyler basketball insiders joins us here on the the Mac attack Steve always a pleasure man you don't want. Aren't all aren't. Hamas this hornets team let's start first okay let's start first with C. Steve Clifford stocks you know stands we're just kind of sense and this stands in everybody's blaming their own saying. I'd send a look at it blamed personnel decisions contract signed draft picks going awry. But there's a large group of sports fans that are starting now ought to look they just need someone new Steve do it to Terrance hill. But there's a lot of backlash now towards Steve Clifford. I just believe these Ford down on our list of things we should be mad about what do you think about that is it personnel how much blame should go to Clifford take. For what is you know a disappointing year. Well I think they're look when your when your old low act and I think we can safely say Thornton dropped below. It's now one thing we can vote and that many I Mercury YouTube. Well all the things that they eat all controller equipment properly load on the totem pole. However Pete Clifford is the easiest part to change. It pretty eerie get a new head coach and it's going to be it will make the June contract is gonna be. Easier to get in their new head coach. Then hope. Play your X flips switch. B it's easier to change the coach but we knew that he is the culmination of many things get like when your good. You know then you praise and coaches. You know the turn things around pretty quickly when in reality they are black yesterday with Cleveland Cavaliers sometimes we exchange enough. Coach all of a sudden looks like a genius so sometimes they eat eat a point that one thing a bit but I'm honored you're always a while. Now that's true anyway you know you out is in talk radio you know it's like we won a narrow down there did they get black in line and I are going armor if it's gray and it's new lot strike ends and we just try to figure out what Singh is most to blame okay would you put all things most of blame. Mom aren't we talking about okay changes to the roster 'cause. That was crazy man LeBron had to see his friend was turned us down they were ever great time in CL a goes long term it's certainly promising there. My whole thing with this roster as it appears really hard it. To break this thing apart with the contracts that this team has I mean it. When you couldn't be all season is it into anything other bring in turning Gomez and in the you know it's a trade deadline. How these deals like these deals really untraceable. Like when you talk about that soon emerge Dwight Howard or even an end KG a Marvin doors are markets for some of these dudes at they really try when he thing. Well I think the trade deadline show that it couldn't be worse than anybody expected in our talk a number teams. It felt like okay Nokia world complete poker the two weeks. Portray their mind once Monday Tuesday roll around ever going to come to their senses and there'll be a marketplace and it never materialized in anyway. You know our talk with people with the Memphis Grizzlies then you know they had to get into by all accounts without curry you can eat on an ending contract. They couldn't get anything more than a particular this. Which hasn't and so forty what you're gonna are you what you're gonna we're calm the move and hit the tomb handle it. You you've been talking about Kemba Walker are not in leaning back. And I think that most teams got to look at it I look the way it respect the work. They've got their war on Wednesday night. Put all their options on it says is Iranian and it excite you and your server down within narrow and I he'd been not. Found that there was no interest not legal interest. No interest in big change and heading to Cleveland cavalier not done everything they did. Took jobs in with a well opening Utah all you do it runs through the list of guys that they were the big moves and that Cleveland was the catalyst all the change of Tibet by. They were and they were and there was I guess some talks there between Cleveland. And does Charlotte before they went elsewhere IRC's college women's basketball insiders now Steve looks okay so let's talk about the chemists think. Lot of sands and there's there's a huge group of fans here they just think you can't trade Campbell he's the only thing more slots and not get done a 100%. It's just. Kemba can score for you now and they can lose a game to zero number not help and I'm angry like I'm not a slight it's sucks and I'm not enjoying the show because I'm just so angry about. Where we're starts right now right here in the can in no man's land any MBA. Do you think ultimately this all season it would be worse than being willing to say to get rid of the tune deal to throw kemba and or do you think they need to ride out these bad deals and has kemba gives kemba his deal. In a year and a half and then just build around him when they can get cap room what are what what's the way to play this. All the other stories you've got to get a sense of what is kemba you know is he going to be a match player or even have to commit. 150 million dollar and we can he get it done for what Kyle Lowry got out well which was hard trick now it seem like decrease the number. The fifty million in difference between the an object but it could capture. On December that it will can be expanded at what are they can have back complications. Once the season's over you become extension eligible. They can get into that we that they don't get the sense. It's a workable thing that your age it will have a conversation. They won't be everywhere are what Max beanie tactical loud and look what you're around the draft. Keep in my view real horror in the except in your locker change. You see and because it's circuitry repo Warren because another even have to cut some players it's our the trade. Big contract when teams don't have flexibility in that opened couple on the draft even more importantly. And start to go boy I love you know they do we keep yeah with a 22 hole. And then start to really kind of drilled them on that so a lot more options open up around the track and a more importantly a lot of options are gonna open up as each saw. Although the BA owner of teams with cap space you're gonna eat six or seven Phoenix Suns being born in Atlanta all being another that might be willing to take on one of those that we contracts. It has some of their cap space because that's what they've stopped it and gotten used that money so a lot options open in the summer. But I think that he'll lean Turkey don't understand what can walk Ortiz. Last thing for a lets you go Steve you're pretty locked in Little League you've kind of mentioned you know what you're hearing around leagues throughout this interview. From what folks say about Michael Jordan being the owner I can't help to seal like as much as is I love Michael Jordan is a player love having him as an owner he's done an amazing job from a business standpoint in this community. Season ticket sponsorship suites and all that stuff. It just feels like golf Diddy can't help themselves to get involved in the personnel and I don't know stats I deal on the do so stalked around the league about Michael Jordan and and and him getting involved in personnel decisions and stuff like dad is there a ceiling that Ohno he's. You know almost a way Jerry Jones got labeled there for awhile. No I mean there was poorly on him again it was because he was paint ball and a lot of that decision. You know once you bought in which show in the decisions so this went the other way. We started to talk about this team playoff team and and more importantly he start to spend money you don't want the new economic. Starting to kick in a little bit you what it's making financial decisions he was making basketball the citizen. But no I you know you're nearly as much MPH well because ironically when he about a payroll. The nor a hundred million dollars or you can and that's exactly where we're gonna be out. Next your order Warren. Ownership going to be involved in that ownership and all that all over here yet more you can travel with the team that you're but it. So general manager. It's not an or the very top especially cannot go and where you wanted to have. But he elderly get involved until we spoke to get a sense that things are going in the right direction. I would be more can turn it right now Michael from what he had because that would be a very they're unique thing when he got a team that doesn't he's had a really. Actually an interesting take interest in take no doubt about Steve dusty Taliban has slowly centers dot com where you don't Twitter Steve what's the Twitter handle. You can find out how we're and yes oh my bet it your quarter it's about. Very cool seat cholera NBA's great NBA follow you all and he will respond lot of responsible stance tasty thanks for coming on we appreciate it. And some might argue out.