NBA Commentator Mike Breen: "It Seems Like Basketball Is Fun Again For Dwight Howard" 

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Wednesday, December 6th

ESPN NBA Commentator Mike Breen joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets-Warriors matchup tonight, as well as other NBA storylines. 


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Welcome in my previous you know the call tonight and that's a heck of an indoctrination to be out to the head coaching world for a few weeks perhaps for for coach Silas tonight Mike. Yeah you know critically. He can handle it fields which are good always been around quote polite by the way would you would you please Steve Martin you need to. I'm proud of listening to great. They're great Steve Martin you know what IE as they as a kid you grow appeared Charlotte the Charlotte on hornets basketball and going to the old coliseum. And occasionally beating the knicks team that you know soil and called games for him as she is well Steve is a part of my childhood so when I get on the air every night and get to work with him on the same broadcast crew. It's one of those pinch me moment for young guy in the in the radio broadcasting world that I get the call Steve pardon dusty Marta broadcast partner for few hours a night. I wish I could tell he was part of my childhood but also wait to. F yeah ha ha ha I. But we're gonna have some fun tonight is this is you know this is I think in some conflicts and for Charlotte NBA fans because obviously Dell who's on the TV crew won't be Conan tonight as you guys are on the call. On ESPN might bring with us you know warriors and hornets he's the all time leading score here we saw Dell literally raise the absence at on the floor the old coliseum. And he goes on to Davidson after pulling at Charlotte Christian becomes addicting and electric star he was in school when I was in school app collection state so I got to see them plays ball. And I never thought even when he was lighting up teams for 4050 points in college basketball I never thought he could play in the NBA. And to see him become a two time MVP but he's gonna miss this game tonight he's played here seven times averages thirty points a game when he comes series at 4040 or more twice when he's come here what. You look the same time it kind of opens a crack may be good to steal one if you're the hornets tonight. I mean teams in the NBA have zero sympathy for particularly have injury problem is everybody goes through its you know you just stupid. You did you live for the fans have you know maybe this is there one game that they came he's just curry and it's disappointing but. It's a legitimate injury obviously as opposed to the rest. Scenarios through the last couple years. It was for Dell they can't even imagine you know prepare myself. Two should be able to. Nobody comes at all but obviously not playing today put. Leave the price cuts sitting here broadcasting that game when Newsom comes in and and not just to kind of player is that the kind of advantages. It's pretty be curtailed to. To watch this thoughtful and I'm not sure. What we're talking to Mike Brady is the other on a call tonight we got a hornets and warriors we've got the radio broadcast here on WFAN Jiaka pregame firing up at 730 and some awards went six in a row against the hornets and you know this this warriors team Mike I try to tell people all the time because I love the MBA so much for those that that watch this warriors team and all they see scoring at three point shooting and Theo they are loaded with stars the thing that gets law also often put a victim he went when you watch him what makes them special is the defense and it's how long and athletic and how they can switch everything I mean they've really. Individually as a franchise. Changed the landscape for the game and now everybody's trying to play catch up with the way they're building the rosters because of that. Did Chris Russo write about definitively how strong they are and you know they give up close up a lot of points because the patient is so high but. You look at the other defensive numbers the ones that matter they oppose that on a field goal percentage. The defensive ratings and they're viewed have been warned the court to us in those categories that each of the last several years it took. It puts so much effort into defensively and if accused obviously during my greens his versatility of the defender. If we do need to believe there's very few players who could duel thinks he can do with that of the report. Put the other guy that did it fit to be never gets the proper notice. And he should be an all NBA defender for those people defense team is quite content merely to direct. Deeply so many minutes he he averages over twenty game if you type percentages every night he's guarding the other team. That's going quarter. So when you have to I mean historically our stores defensively. You know and that you get into the team cups of it is it's really fun to watch. That's what makes him you know that they're so and so we should both that the courts you know for a parole traditionalists like me it's just it's great to see the kind of team basketball we play night in and night out. Mike you we will not see Steve Clifford tonight might bring into this is yet again at 8 o'clock tonight reported two warriors who got pregame starting at 730 and call an effigy at 8 o'clock is well this this hornets franchise in a staple for when he took over recent Elena beatle wanna get this team out of the first round of the playoffs. NBA basketball in this town. But they've never put together back to back winning season last year is a bit of a frustration and they're off to a and up and down start so far this year what what do you think of hornets basketball with what you've seen them become over the last few years because they're been some highs there have been some blows but in general what do you make of what they are right now. Well first off target and level product in my mind that I have a lot of people on issues that you know Steve what he's going through hopefully you. Would be OK if you're back as soon as possible. And use these so chipper are great coach. In terms of this especially with a communication with the players as players we we spoke with Kemba Walker was born at the practice. I mean he just. It is his devotion to his head coach. Is news off the charts and and it's because of these communications skills would work ethic acknowledged. So we're just nobody gets. You get twelve tuna gets back. But it's it's also a team Chris that they don't have a huge margin for error as some teams. Like the warriors. They can have stepped curry go down and they can still win night in a row of the revelation you're Kevin Durant went out for eighteen games and what would they they were like sixteen and two or should not capable tree. Put some teams have that luxury that the the hornets don't so when when the so this is the first twelve games and he's you know still not back to a 100% terms of rhythm. When Michael could do Christmas is games when you've got guys that. That a missing games. It it's hard for most teams to recover from that are the people. But I think they're going to be five and made that once they get healthy there's such a good defensive team. They haven't shot the ball well obviously for a lot of guys the team this year but that usually comes around as well so. I don't between how well they're coached that depth that they. The defense of culture that they. I think they gonna be right back in the in the thick of things could be are they get Cleveland importance level fell but I think spirit there that just about every other team level of these. Mike we've had on the need Odyssey as you can do this long enough especially in New York wave we've with a mix of it if it's just that that fan base is as hungry for winner as any in the NBA but we've had fans. Feel really the first few weeks of this your first few months of the season really kind of sour on and on and on Clifford as a coach and think that this team needs to go and a new direction and and find a new head coach Tom thumb baffled by that we would you make of fans who feel that way. Quiet Mayfair they're AG said it perfectly they're just desperate they're hungry and spent some time share and find somebody that appoint a cigarette and often depends if the coach often it's the star player. That's okay that you should that they care but I couldn't disagree more if he's. The guy is he's just in the culture that he's established here is terrific. They haven't had the talent level to compete with the top teams of these. You know certainly take to get into the playoffs. But I really think the issue with the improvement of some of the other players. You know obviously Kemba Walker gets better and better every year with with the the attention of it Jeremy lamb but with some of the younger guys coming in hopefully believes local get back in the groove. This team is going to be really really good I think he's the absolute right back he's done such a terrific job with. Look what he had. But again that certain teams won't with the with the net bitumen from one of the most important players to his team of the originally he missed while doing so it's. You know you have to be a little patient no that's the word that really have them. It used very often or or certainly is an exercise the but sometimes you have to have a little patience during the course of philosophy. There might bring to this he has yet again according to warriors on ESPN tonight 8 o'clock we've got the call starting at 730 with pregame tonight in and out play by play 8 o'clock on the hornets radio networks of Dwight Howard are you amazed I I I heard Scott Brooks a couple weeks ago when he was here. Mike say he he's seeing that version of Dwight Howard that we all knew. And remember him for over over his career thus far he's back and the numbers will probably bear that out he's the only player you can muses on the broadcast tonight if you want I was looking this up last night he's the only player other than DeMarcus Cousins. Averaged fifteen points and twelve rebounds a game right now so he is playing some pretty vintage Dwight Howard basketball what what do you make of that and and how surprising is that to you. I wouldn't say it's surprising it's more it's just nice to see you again. You know since he left Orlando there's been nothing but draw just that's followed first with the lakers and Houston but this league is Smart enough to succeed in. From just the basketball standpoint that he had polio extra drama going around you know he was like the ability the bad guy for a couple of years he was self disgust. Now he's just playing again and this seems to be like the perfect spot obviously his relationship with the tea clipper group a long way back. But it doesn't seem to me like he's not worried about how many touches he gets. Or how many minutes to get future is what he's up there playing he's playing with. What kind of a joy again I know he's had a couple of incidents words got to find and hopefully that's powerful stuff. But he seems to be enjoying being out on the court and not so much worried about numbers are shot attempts to look like. You know he's had a very big impact that took place. It's funny you mention kemba two and they'll let you go in a moment might bring to a CEE I talked to Kevin yesterday. At a six chemical X seven years ago I told you you'd be one of the elite point guards in a perennial all star in the NBA would would you hopefully that. And he said would you believe me if I told you I did and I think I would have could see such a competitor but nobody else would have police at about Kemba Walker seven years W remember Mike even three years ago. He was one of the worst point shooting field goal percentage players at the position in the NBA. And now over the last few years she's been as good of a three point shooter is anybody in the NBA so what I would what do you make of of kemba Walker's rise in in the eastern comforts of a point guard this. If at all. Work I mean he has made himself into an all star player Odyssey of the great. College player but that doesn't always translate and he he would admit to the rude awakening that. You know he thought it was going to be due to be replacing just wasn't good enough. And the speed of the game really overcame him in the first couple years you know dispute with his strike putting the college pals and everybody. Philip. It was a big adjustment for the fact that he's only 61 it was sometimes hard from the get off the shot. Everybody went under the screen when they were defending him because he wasn't gonna hit the shot. But he just kept working and working and working if it's true testament to his character to work ethic. These searches. An enjoyable. Player watch now because he's not just playing for itself he really has taken up a leadership role this. Split first team. It's. In any young player. He's the BC took a great role model to there writers the guys that that. You know and go to war when he first got to the NBA but it didn't didn't say to me just get on how to go about it now finally it also. All right Mike well we gotta we have talked mix too real quick I know I know it's kind of gone down the last week or so five or six they've dropped but they've been one of the fund surprises so far and and Chris steps is is trying to get in his ankle right what he was a lizard he claimed he was a lizard which have never heard anybody call themselves that put a body heal quickly where we are with Chris steps right now. Well I think he's gonna play tonight they play it all the diplomats yup and you know it's similar. Two very. Hornets Chris taping with a mixed. One important thing this is not won a major player is out it's hard to win game up they don't have that margin a very either what he's been really exciting. Talk about a got to work this summer and accuse you get so much stronger so if he can stay healthy people employed seventy plus games I think they have a chance to. To be one of those teams with a shot of oil. Well Mike port were imported central that we hear a lot of bang calls for kemba on threes tonight so I have tough one of the call C you are a few hours here at the arena thanks for making time for us but as a group I thought it.