Name That T-Bone Tune

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Friday, May 25th
Today on the Mac Attack, Mac, Hitman, and Preppy compete in a game show where they guess the Tune in T-Bone's Playlist. 

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And recently discovered dead T bones music collection on his phone might be the most diversity and interest being in the history of we celebrate their history when big game we like to call. Bones tool. If there's segment is a rousing success we would like to give credit to a Mac and bone. Fails like that 2001 Panthers it taught advanced fault here we go. Just got to Oregon hello John don't love it if he goes say don't do that again but it's all hit man's doing if you don't like it just me alone if you like those that are rolls into the American idols in the job I did like the way he said name might tune in on my own soon I don't want you near my ticket. Are here it is instead of the old school game that a lot of young folks have no idea was even a game show name that soon get mad and are going to be first contestants ever play named own student he has such a weird mix of music. On his phone that everybody here agreed it would be a funny bit on the radio somehow expose his own the music on its own everybody else. So here's the deal it's a sack it's a sad but it did to us all sad and eclectic playlist of songs out most of us are there there about. Get a heartbreak or overcoming hard right I guess that's a justified differ it was a Mike what is wrong with these guys really a theme with your music my. Individual buys her cry and this org the wireless everybody else feels your play at home and in the words of Steve a text are. Do you really wanna win this game and no bones music and that could be a good point I don't know I don't know the music you don't does. I hit man here's older say your name if you wanna guess as quickly as you think you have songs say your name Warren threw a bunch of his songs. And then we got to do some NBA which team at. He's got is has the biggest chance of losing the series the caps for the wars get into that next are bound go ahead. It's a twelve seconds of the songs are a little much here there. That's as you'll see an end of the season Angel. I. Man that was tough but I have no guess on that one it's some Christina Aguilera now I know I should know now is not. I start to get involved in this game is that this notice is code we belong together by Mariah Carey a Mariah is he got it he's got a maybe trust and played two pretty good understood. No I could have seen the files over here is that there are these your wheel house cheesy song is also a little they are excellent Susan do three way battle president and things. Got to go to see all the time that's what your and that dark moment success. Yeah that's actually not that's why it's always is every day for. I saw with coach K I don't hit what do yeah now. There was. A replay by. This is nickel back until don't click on the song and go visit there's a group countered just yet I know it's nickel back and albums on union name that tune unfortunately. Prepping Clorox. Hello to reach appropriate but our musical soul mates is huge and Adobe's got to just sit together and now. I get excited every day saw and that's what your target about oh that's when you're feeling done on tasks are I guess I don't think if you listen and you shouldn't feel good about who's going to be honest now we got we don't we go to some my work out songs here's one. Yes. Lincoln Park adjacent idiotic navy and name is Ali is a good jump get it. Encore right there by Jason Day and goes into related part of this team is on though they're ethnic. Man yes no I guess I gotta go all they was put. Odd number on caller gave took too long my creative elements and those real. And a song encore is a second place for a deceased if you also would say easily on it but he's sort of noncore of course it is easy to say sought weighed 182 we started to use that voice on an azalea park Elizabeth why these are Blake. But they sleazy little dogs arsenal. And smack OK are you get full credit for and unlikely to Bart Gordon JC and I didn't get the Linkin Park are the song was so like I always have forget what you have my toilet. We don't let us all elbows phone ladies and gentlemen let's free can celebrate this again what is. It would champion yes. Are never outlets defense that was a Super Bowl so naturally south axis forcing Maximus Lisa ailing I don't know I know. Sosa know there's. I definitely Gephardt I think there's other music sounds seriously that's a war gadget right there real diligent you need testosterone treatments in the I'm not a good thing I'm going overnight where you're out. What's the score about. Just 2102. Wanted NASA to do is go as expected. Go ahead because you bet you did before I was a sign under the name of the band but Catalina saga that. It's run around yes and I can't evidently a job or job numbers lead singer and yet here as but who's to say for. But I got to singer who will. I think it's a little Sadler hit mega. Backed off his game. Well it's 320 I think there's always a good saw debate on the physically sets up shop on. I've done that saw Reza gently on the air sometime I was jamming college does that get what's the right here. Oh right now. Earthly desires of Denver got a nice day. Let us why he somebody's right to vote there's always those Gasol. Mac is tuna. I don't want. Isn't it fun. John as Rod Stewart died but it has brought sliver what's the name of the song. Now Akerson UCL act Rod Stewart forever young yes. Agassi you know that ever happens so stolen from about you have an historic battle that's I go to the club wanna silly option is why isn't so much fun. Does does enjoy Jim and above we got we got was for more we got a turnaround or hurry up score update I regret from tilted and it's 222 right. Three he's got three yeah. And as a lead. Yes Tim McGraw. Live look like your Don yes yeah. It's a result of their voice and that's what I wanna try to do songs when I wanna write a bullet they drew mentioned. Barack Kerio. Magma has gotten a C 00%. Chance on this when this has yet to be that mandate webinar. Was so fresh is now a lot of credit for. Stayed flies by yum. So my god this is it's very I had an anti French is not gold states why are. Still far still go. Express some time are all ignorant. Got it is really unusual predators but now bill credits and did he got in its they've had still formally got anonymity because it's not always does not out stated why. Why that bodes really know we have to both nights are gonna. And Iran Iraq this royals on love and Passat yeah I put on your love meg advanced. Yes my voice command and none of the road this is. On the books you boys to men were. We did ask your story just in Minnesota. I actually am not only spoken a guy Antonia and musical soul mate so. It means generally continues acknowledge your so this is this person we got more to go supply more isn't really got it I don't and it's one Apple's mass. I notice. Punching him in America. Got to look at look at the I remember the song but it's I know you're still winning music baby within the I don't actually take a lot of ills are you are now we got winners music ready yeah. Ice when I shuffled in my mouth. All work out that this song. It doesn't always tell you Jack I just it's crazy regarding some great news for you it and have very similar tastes in music than Andre you know. We all just wanna be rock stars has only wanted to thank god.