Name that Panthers Receiver

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Thursday, March 22nd

In this segment of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain does a Game show called "Name that Panthers Receiver"


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We know you watch some. A wide receivers in the Cam Newton our. What are you expert enough to remember the names of these tips danced around a place Charlotte's favorite new game show name that path. And there is where is she hurt her in an hour here's the queen city's most beloved game show host. That gave me. I heard senator. I thank you so much. Thank you so much rob Roddy. This is gonna be fun we saw this list sarge float around by the way I still maintain am OK with cams weapons this year are right some of these guys I'm not okay with these camps weapons I ask. But Obama a solid listen we were we had some way to do we do a bit and we thought of doing a game at two tests really to answer savvy folks out there. Do you remember these guys because it's a list of twenty something receivers and some of these dudes. Or about his notables what you had for lunch like seven years ago on this that I needed is. So he's huge you wanna forgets and you have forgotten but we're supposed to help Cam Newton throw the football win football games. But let's see if he can do it we're gonna just gotta keep this is a running thing we got people lined up the phone lines. You get a in the first person gets their shot. If you answer one question corrects you name that receiver correct. Then you'll get a second chance. The first one to name in the second question bone is going to be here you're in the red zone bad guy once in a reds owner red zone questions are going to be more difficult. First one that hits. Two questions in a row they're out here that you Jimmy Buffett Cyrix. They did some as a warmup to Jimmy Buffett tickets and Jon Bon Jovi tickets so this is big. All right big prize at stake. And a lot of I can't throw I'd if you actually know these do I look thorough and I can have green beans as well wow that's very good spirit I would start this off. And this. We'll see how quick discos you may we get a segment hopefully within the segment somebody can win this bearable out. By cold cold Europeans are saying right I'm assuming. I don't see how well you know cam Newton's receivers. Are right number war on a scale would number one this guy played in ten games last season. He's best remembered for his punt return touchdown against the jets who is named that receiver. Where are you Austin casino easy this is bone it's easy to get into the red zone now if you if you can. But being step up to the red zone question can you finish it off in the red zone. Namely to name the two receivers. The Panthers picked up from the chargers they came following a Ron Rivera Iran's first year here from San Diego. They were both for the chargers and they were both known for their difficult to pronounce names can you name those two receivers. It's here it is yeah and then yeah he. And the other guy had read. They were like seventeen. Not. Say. Mike Garrett as I. Oh this is this is the war as soon as I really don't tell did the little one ruined the game shelves this this is the worst thing I've urban car. This is the man we will play more his analyzed all I was freaking amazing dude that was amazing this is supposed to be its 45 minute game and that's how. Also by the way extended tomorrow. Was current. But can't there's man I love the way that we make it's been a ticket to print out there. Well there's really just screwed up to Shelby's Marty your vibrant and did a good John hold you win the bus tickets and be calm until we take you know what into her review. I just heard you know we should have given away one early concerts first and then when someone want we still had questions and I don't I have seventeen more questions iRows. Seventeen more class yet or that we don't need those doing so I just asked people anyways if they know these are little boy god we got to do something here five years is I don't want I don't wanna be here Roberta or David David I want to see if you won this game all right MSU question. I'll see if you got dissed who was the other app state quarterback Matt the most famous one but the other app state quarterback to played receiver for the Panthers. So you never young men are you make me feel better about my question stamina is not helping your at all and I appreciate the attempt to win. I too don't make him act maybe I just I don't. I don't know maybe we just ran in to some pants or super strain in the I didn't think anybody was gonna remembers your Tutu would like to do and they both. Do you think that there was any chance. I look this is that this is a brilliant brilliant idea energized Syracuse DJ here odd sort of check my questions CDs now only to some use out of Syracuse DJ who was cam Newton's former college teammate in Auburn. Who played two games of receiver for the Panthers in camps rookie season. Martin and. Didn't. Are you dig out and pound every these questions. Don't you lost you for making me feel better seemed well what happened is I came here I'm like a pitcher came to game we really good stuff and I gave up a leadoff homer and now on settling it. You gotta get nearly gagged me in the first inning down settling in and now I have good questions the problem is the games Regan over man here's our Twitter had a question for you back and ready for him for you do this question I told us they're gay man of some so annoyed with that. Someone said Nate it's unique name that dumb ass and of course the answer is Mac. Oh how much time did you spend working on his cross tie an hour an hour on these questions you see why that might have been a waste of our dot some dimension about Cole here and literally saw his information what year do you think Coles board and sound pretty young so at a pretty young junior in 2000. What do you think Mack. 959696. And younger than me Tony too he. Is older and tell dollars and questions. How all this little kid this little damp Doogie Howser trivia so those twelve and eleven right let me just contradictory question though I'm telling you right now these questions are hard I just ran and I shouldn't take it called first. John from Pickering I'm asking your question all right well. What else is trying to make us so feel better your brother so I'm trying to do a guy. Actually it is is sadly it is as a world I limit man my wife says same thing. Who was the wide receiver who was a teammate of Kansas Florida in camp shared Florida. That's been played with cam in 2012. Key play came up. Yeah. Totally out. Oh. What you try to get there. 2012 came second year. Oh it. She no police or John had to use these aren't usually that way and usually that way. No city. The red zone questions are good I just ran into one element hitter to start the inning you gave up return touchdown I just slowed him down now alike did lead off guy knocked down the bark but I didn't vote everybody down the rest of my red zone Klestil opening kickoff for that seven nothing. And clay question is all too easy well yeah it was a Caylee club that was the first round the first round is supposed to be easy. Then the second round stores and not get down on your Sany on ET start etc. so that's cold cold cold got you when it comes at a ground game show host of all time you can name law. Probably job. Everyone Bob eubanks this guy says Karr is he Harvey's get a game shows you were not good at this to says coal use Google to ruin your game. Are we pretty quick to Google but you're Tutu and waited and I don't like you gotta be pretty this guy says Max questions are now wasting away in a Margarita veils. That got shot at our. All man let's see here what else do you have a Mac Adobe doesn't he not come due was looking on his phone while you're asking the questions he's not Smart Google how does -- how do you Google would not come up does your TT was like you do donate equity is student do good DR Andre Presley effort to give you that answer Louis Murphy was like his associate people answer you know. That's good idea to Andre press Louisiana State quarterback played two games. So we tried that twice to take at stake QBs and make a wide receivers drug device. I asked my own question to detect slighted he wants what are. Was this the worst moment in our history in place. Okay and steam and it all worked instinct in all arms and hands are banana dolls and Adams are garbage cans the guy did he break the backboard on UNC easier to really serve it. But again high school player wrote the backboard on May assume I'm making fun of here really essentially got the bags were broken on our showed a demo he broke the backboard on me and I'm all cut up right now Mac at WS NZ dot com. I thought Jessica email addresses they can't agree indeed I promise you if you wanna jump it. I here's the deal would come back here a fresh start everybody was unregulated thousand dollars fresh start okay a through much she's up there are guys acted out of Clark we move on we still have bony. Charles Davis a great draft interview early in the show yes they don't want to get o'clock Thursday here at 830. And people seem to be confused don't with our opinion about their greedy here. People seem to think were bothered by air agreed to protests and we don't want them on the painters I we've got to be a clarification coming up here at some point. It is the Mac tech won a 2.5 WS Tanzi.