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Wednesday, May 16th

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Joining us on the to become guest on former Panthers wide receiver. Muhsin Mohammed and this and how are you buddy. Our. I don't shoot. I. And those two run. I'll write some music and comedy and joining us and it's I think I guess on follow on Twitter at moves Mohammad 87 and as he gets it with you right now but we just have a conversation on the other side of this break out about a story we read yesterday concerning underclassmen going pro in the NFL and those kind of a slow time in the NFL but. There was a story about how. Essentially a couple of years ago the NFL changed its its policy on how it degraded underclassmen going to the NFL. Essentially you either get a grade of first and second round. Or come back to school and what's happened is a lot of guys now are getting that come back to school grade. And not coming back to school they're going pro and and last year forty players underclassmen went undrafted what was your situation like when you're in college and you're deciding which it to go pro or not. And died maybe some experience you've heard of some other players along the way in and what went into their velocity the thought process. You know I'll say fortunate or unfortunate but I have short right. Came back from my senior year because you know we played we know. Really once beaten. You are democracy a couple of injuries and hours but then. You know much news here. Back and I'll start it was their output also you know. Now what was in the during our opposition either fortunate or unfortunate where you know operate my senior year. I graduated I got my degree and you know proud of that. And I came back had a great time McCullough my singing here and play for years. Outlook the was blocked at the worst judgment or whatever reason. But in the it isn't allowed they you know and I know that it is in that position where there hey. You know you know with the money whether it is. It will lead to make it I believe that the and you know. That was captain in the you know and don't want them to arrange you know if you win out opposite let Bob come back the school later and take advantage of an opportunity and yeah I mean the department that is that you do have responded on that there is little ones who have not. Let. You know good that they can have state going out there and make an app state and while relinquishing your old political practice. School today in an hour just talking about this like I said before we got to line and look. Some of these kids now as early as fifteen and sixteen years old are them through social media and the Internet are being sold. Their future superstars. And it's very hard for a teenager to hear that and to be able to process that and understand that the path that lies ahead for them so. When you start that early as a four or five star recruit. The odds are still against you yet you go through college and you may even have a great college career but three years and if your someone's telling you. You know from an NFL draft advisory board hey you know you might be a third to a fourth round pick body that's you to come to school but you've got family members agents whoever telling you. I'm and you can goalie you're Eurostar. Is going to be hard for kids today. To be able audit some. To not hear that that really exciting the good the good the positive side of that and the other to come back to school I imagine that. You've probably seen players who have dealt with that done throughout your career. Coming you know if you click on the live right now we're we're also beating and you know cute giving all. Notoriety it'll barely engaged. You know living under a microscope and the senate and novel that I'm like. Additional call local Olympic facility that would give a lot of national exposure you know you either deliberately. Made you saw not. You know if other stuff organized there's a lot of that the younger agent. And you're right in the percentage is not the 1% in have an opportunity to click the first level. Again in the culture is not just saw Ditka. Do you should legs and arms are canoe. Where. You know not a record well you're out there and I'll. You know after an opportunity to you don't make money. If these guys may. You know playing the sport at the envelope in other news. You know you can you can make it Kate Brant and you know it is as a child into it's grandchild and you know no doubt that that you make of him got. I'll answer questions specifically you know just that. You know the social media in than what they are the impression that they're putting on his cute they're in error as you mean there it is it is our own they're. Do you think it's incumbent upon college and old to eighty give it. Good information out these guys. Away from what you know grossed out you know with the run us from agents and all this comes off well given in terms. They indeed do you think it's about time that college loans. Our athletes our football wears a gold to the whole process of gore took home our. It didn't get enough to the draft if they don't turn agent with an opportunity to come back and play college football issue don't work out the way he thought it would. I'm like you that a eight. If that god is clear withdraw. And you don't get directed it you know. Is career virtually over for college you can't go back you know and and you know as we test the waters where if you haven't accepted competition and it happened. On. Hire an agent had been living relinquishing or eligibility outlook ability I think you really get their ordered their question. You know and a lot about the business model. All college football right now and of course all of the top loser. And network packet you know who have dollars and out these are you know struggling to get new. And make about one person is that this particular art looked at or about Utley on the topic that you talk about that we can do it. You know I've got the ball more junior and he kept the water we would do. Wouldn't that. It is in The Who go to prop up until the umpire. Doesn't address it doesn't. Spot in bill obstacles or or. With record. You know that that that outspent there should be biblical back I would say yeah. You about the guts of every chance of Oprah. Mousa Mohammed former Panthers wide receiver joining us on the job to come guests on Damione Lewis I'm just Purcell and and on the topic of the Panthers the big news this week in any coming down today the official announcement that. Dave tepper will in fact by the Panthers for 2.2 billion with a B keeps saying that billion with a BP dollars. The largest transaction in NFL history for a franchise. What are your thoughts about tapper and I guess first does start off by saying what do you remember about the Jerry Richardson era while you were a part of the franchise back in the day. And I'll never accept the at all are out there. Do we discern. What the actually got pat and about women. Passionate about. The best those players. You know up it would Google. He's a human is not perfect and I think everybody note but. Outlook data you know everything. Is just about everything good. In art. Had a relationship with with your reducer and there were all part of the reasons are and I think that most of the things we try to do for the city. Four in a though all rooted and in am pop the things that are an epic that would take away is forgotten that by quite a bit. He gambled quite a bit and and one a lot and and I think they're big city. This scene organizations. All of benefited from the vision of both injured Rick descent. And now with their outlook of the it and I think they're similar between the gambler. I think you've gotten gamble big it is one of the but but calculated and very Smart guy and and you went right up if you look where it will have on topic would be great if the detained. What are you saying that the players will miss most about having this rich and around the locker room. Now. Who we thought we had a a different apple relationship you know you Dick. You know he was a player for. You know people get their mr. Robertson played and a couple bogeys. And for the colts certainly played and in a titled angered. People who get their man that he understood. How players. Thought he understood it he knew what it. In what was important and down I think gotten this. You know have somebody like that who understood you Emmett and also go to I'll write an event this way. Into different or include more and don't put little plea. You know sort of back rules which allow. Do their job right. And be responsible for your job than LG Powell would prevent what America mr. Burton. You know Arctic and in his later years he he wasn't around that much was you know we've never much younger here were to separate out of the way. And have a Communist you know and talk between you and it is heaven now that that you were unable law group we will remember. That he started it is built science and in Carolina. Right and the duty since then did between eating in the call. This city. Has exploded with growth. Mousa Mohammed a former friend as wide receiver joining us on the technique Tom gas line and missing moving onto the field with the Panthers in a lot of changes in the receiving cores this offseason I'm bringing and Jerry is right obviously drafting DJ Moore in the first round what do you make up the Panthers receiving corps as it stands today yesterday that we had done. A conversation about just how the Panthers skill players stacked up in the rest of the NFC south and I'm actually surprised when we look took an overview look at that the Panthers had a pretty well how do you feel they're gonna go to the appear this season the receiver position. I think that is that quite well. You know it would be distributed. Food. It appears to be very well yeah. We're tackle. Do kind of put you in Amman over the mid and upper he's been talking about them. During the draft and he's you know they don't play. You know he's got one of the radar. The girl. Wasn't great football game. Are you wanna be and these are all clear on that football game. What you do in the interim and then you've got. You know mother god and god like that influences you know he's a big physical and as strong guy. Yeah at a guy like you know fruit raw and our. Current annual all of beat that combination and haven't got our. Who under the radar it was kidnapper loses. You know can stop a lot of thought later on in the season. He started it was basically. Step albeit with Cam Newton. Or got injured but you know you give me your bird back now. You really created a great companies in the SP. And I think we're. With what Cam Newton what you do along with more on her if you know a bit of a very deceptive. And and it and all that. You know riddles and sister in lieu of and but they do go out and get another tired and I'd really like the you know. An investment. In that position and you know I think that we have that down in. You know and down now running back right now you know even though. You know at their disposal program back in inclusion here. No no when you look at artists or camera spraying I think a lot of guys in the locker room in the thing. He's going to be a got to turn a fielded board that you get with. We Jonathan Stewart leaving but also. What do you feel like nor was going to bring different to dissolve Shuster and what is being in and board Chernoff toys does that leave you with Ian Tomasson within carefree and you know. Mean without. Fellows different doesn't work can do with this mix. Well outlook it is but look at main problem is that it kept you cannot figure that earned his. Is his way into anyone's conversation yeah and yet and been given that brought think he had to begin that role will reason. You know adopt the Stuart between deputy could create a board. Are you being Anderson and it is more than insurance plan but I think. You know kept the doubt shall be that way. So other nor honor. Alternative to bring some bit. Yeah I mean he's gotten very structured very disciplined. And very creative when it comes to taking advantage of what he's been doing. He coast of the some of great players you know we've played a game. Dormitory and then my core and you know who knows what on what. You know we've really been able to design. Laying if bandits of the personnel that we have. And I think in somebody's gonna hold you accountable to and and I'm not actually the camera. Both coach and and I think it'd be you know is that they have that apple close where. You know in good start this city in the world and in the game. You know beyond what you know is producing note that move running dollar and being really physical ticket oh. And can't don't want the longest career. As much as you can organization. In the lot and Matt bush. Normally do. Is to Rivet our cerebral gang up a bit more of a challenge and the way that he hasn't been challenger event. He is missing Mohamad former Pitt to star wide receiver joining us on the tenth to come guests on mr. reality come and we really appreciate the time and I'm sure he'll be on the crow soon enough. Our. I know down from what do you choose who have really afford to. Get the biggest winners and the first of being able. Took off. Not through with a right to Islam Louis. I.