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Wednesday, June 20th

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If you'll take that deal. On less than you have to move triggered and I think that idea actually benefits both plaudits and run that deal about Charlotte hornet legend. I come on daddy is. Org go ought. Off hours saw the hornets for you the news or use our grew up. And I have watching this man go to work Jordan of your trip McConnell just live bugs we both joy as amid days of W effigy models gone O'Meara. Woods it now. I can't complain stand north we hear pastor Craig beside me. So little before we do and what's going on which you what's new organization. You've been here and it just like out there. Are you OK. In theory. We Kemba Walker being treated. In theory you know he got the news. What that little age and that got you keep your credit but I hope there's a lot of weight and noted it is because it is that not note that saying. Well that well respected in the community and I had a great if you go out and shot. But. And you know of the look at net oh and I mean it would that put this feature go oh. That it. Mug you've played his position. And you've been in some some some sticky situations right. Being an undersized player if you or at that moment like many people considered Jumbo have you what's the relationship have all the rapped about. You know the position in the whole size and dynamic in this new MBA verses the NBA that you were part of any promising and then. Well fortunately at net and and and I am bad about it because not that it patient. You know about that property and our extended well no you know I mean you know. Dave increases and that each year. I did it to them and over each year note that the Maine pitched try to keep excellent so as to what. He went to acquire. And that he or shouldn't let Eric interest. So many. Dot but is it at that at that. Is that we are out. Are on the Internet vote but he went. Or has led to mugs and bowls full point guard over our Charlotte hornets when that tire was elaborate. Bill that we're down in the spectrum and there were tried to Sri withdrew illegals gonna do an excellent job trying to keep that environment. I will do today and just a second most what you got going on over there but I would like real quick just your overall observation coming out this 201718. In BA seasons and just the state of the hornets. Would you look at this club I know you go to games in the Al Iowa where you. Where would it puts. You know. Go out. Work of woody I think I was secretly Champa. And now they. More to get it would happen in pity ya. Good luck governor Warner that you were shooting out there. This like you know it's. Oh. With him it would and anger stoked for. But now. Got to go back in the bucket now what we need. How many quote and yet charitable we are you gonna vote because they are out immunity in that town. But Jim it is what were inept. And believe in a rookie not in the much. I Chenault and sort out at about that deep in count. Script that they ain't bad in the normally think of that would let them that they eat. Modes are both join us live via its and come get slime middays on the real doozy stay in mostly parents Corey and hit our most let's get the argument newsman I started seeing this come out here a little while ago. And are you are taken on a new role as it relates to our hometown hornets alluded to Specter's senate tell us about. Yeah become in the amateur at bat. Or with and dale. The band plot though. You know without that the debate need me to be there on their. Maybe you. Need to be in reply need eight spot your partner. Whatever it may be. Comparable would abdicate that they ought to who ought you know it ought to you know about Charlotte on that NATO. They ought to ma. Great etiquette that came back and now. You know we get it up and read through it again you know I'll want to eaten right now and Japan and I didn't I'll scream at Charlotte on the vote. Most you played ten seasons. Here in Charlotte tenure fourteen years. Which of those teams that you played on here and in Charlotte which almost the past. Well yeah. 929 creek you know we cannot that stage in Canada put that go. One of the match and and it keynote at that person the playoff but then at 989. Or mean. And they would rot occur in green and those guys coming out. We. You know the total package ought to China makes inordinately. But he and no injuries at that Ronald. And it. Being in such well. As always correct that you will be alongside dale curry who has been in that capacity and even though he's got some media obligations. Diaw also has a pseudo ambassador role also. Absolutely it out happy. There it goes to have back think that America. So we're that it be out there you know China. Contained. Showcase what opponents organization. You know now I'm thankful I read. And it and seeing you know opening an on court a Bangkok in opiate that it is in those and hopefully you know out mr. Mom wrote well that. I have the utmost confidence broad based on and we go back aways I'll speak today here in just a little bit and likely won't remember about it before the store before we wrap up a little about this thirty years. You know mugs. You realize you guys were part of putting the foundation. In his team I think we when we reflect back on the best years as hornets fans when I was a lab and Tom volt was rocked him in the uniforms and the consecutive streak of sellouts and all of that. I know obviously Hurst at the franchise is it at that level anymore. What it means to happen. Or do you not just that in arena environment of the game for the most of the work and animal or a door nice job in trying to give the fans and reasons to be excited in terms of promotions and things like that would just overall including a person male what's the next domino and begin with that music to the White House portrait today the first domino needed to happen to do that type of fanfare in that type of camaraderie inside of a spectrums and. What you know where to go. Short skirts and went out. And that it but it yet that it spread and it on. Great culture. It's on yet. That. Out what is. And out special I mean now by our men and being part of it because you know back when we played earlier coordinated. We want. You know believe in shallow and nodded and all. Will be made. So threatened in in the Michael McDonald about well on court. That product. And met with generate wind about but more on race and culture. On it but opt in and the spurs dispatched. On. In an arena. On the they'll plot that you know that's what we wanted to make it a lot of that on a solid and not well but we are so hopefully we can create yet. And then with people and families want company out and now. Mostly what calling those lay here and we'll kind of traits do you think you know of the team. Sri looking to draft will will will cut out all of our skill set a global kind of player do you think they should be looking. What you know that on. Have merit pay that well. I don't want that on this vote and they were so well but talent only. You can't. He can. Win with you know so well it and then I'll Wear. And that level. And maybe you can make like Egypt that you may trade quiet. Experts spade and and bring it to other. You know now undeclared. So we should not lose that Erica Campbell well. But without and you got to know recruit and that's an okay. Do we want to rebuild a oneness aren't just content and they don't actually give you bet you know create the trip. Most some of the real quick who was the most talented guy you played with. Demand topic near and got a they would moat alone and not needing. Young men caught a tree security. People don't spa. The name now. No doubt malls go DejaView on this one man and listen congratulations I have massive there on your new role how sweet is that. That thirtieth anniversary. Of the Charlotte hornets inception in 1988. To 28 teams raise the that thirty years has grown by in your new capacity. As ambassador joining DO Currie in their role. Of making yourself available to kimbo to organization to ticket holders and those that are you know corporate partners and suite holders and all of that I know you'll do a fantastic job and not just there and I want people to know there's. My first experience. We if you you build album ball rolled into the school I think. Hailed a youth basketball camp he must've been like 1990. And you allow me. I guess we were doing drills. And out you know stolen subprime I was so what do when you curtail OK guys go look at ability meanwhile were about the same height Modell value is totally bug thing right. As you'll allow me to play you one room one on one in front of the entire camp. And you allow me to be cute comment to you as a grown man I'm almost moved to Islamist microphone. Because today gave me that confidence that even though while from him Bradley and even though loves repeat my call bit. Going against you gave me the company's tobacco go do we anything athletically. It was there and you encourage your brother so I know you wanted to and you can do more dead now so I thank you god bless you man and we wish you address. Thank you should appreciate I'm glad that. Go that go well let. Thought Greg about it and you love that you do that. Most we got to step aside to pay the bills probably will appreciate your man feel free to do was shouting at times that about a time on the portable for the trillion sitting there. Our hornets led.