MMQB's Peter King: "It's Been A Weird Season For The Panthers"

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Thursday, December 7th

MMQB's Peter King joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers season, as well as Roger Goodell's new contract. 


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Peter King Sports Illustrated the MM QB dot com editor in chief over there and I he's joining us by the way courtesy of seeking agency keep dot com you can enter the promo code king you'll get twenty dollars off your first purchase. At CK but we start the most important thing here cheater because. Are your pro football hall same cohort daring Gant is claiming that he paid a Thanksgiving pie that is how old's. I ate all of the pumpkin pie at like Danny TN a was not refrigerated for any of that imperial would would. You know what you could either. You get a. He's ago Peter still appear and what how late they're gonna be delayed reaction yeah. If going to be collapse site you're going to be talking to me on the radio it's the details so let's make it special dinner listening to help disabled waited speculated that I have to ask. Certainly security side who have been this Kosuke recant their now that was one of our coast uses today announced. It's yeah well yeah I was going to say that you get. Really really kind of could even call it needed him this gimmickry shape of sports writer from you out there I. He gets a lot of wisdom of John Fox it you know every now and then when school you know I was like hey man I'm punts not a bad play tomorrow John Fox dialogue that. Goodness gracious and that is that it back up all our quote it you can buy Christmas I think it's wind that looked on sparks we master ride it is it's not. That's a million birds. Peter king's what is editor in chief at the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated is lower and go around the NFL and a lot of get into around the NFL. But we will start with this game Peter in -- this is not too. Over dramatized this game but I do think from a confidence standpoint alone for the Panthers odds from a win loss standpoint they could probably. You know they could take another and also the and then that the wildcard sinks really starts to get tenuous and a final three weeks but more than anything to me I think at a certain point this team needs to beat a team that he is is ahead of them in the standings in the NFC to maybe get some confidence donors they wanted to explore where they -- another have to go on the road is first for three straight games in the playoffs if they wanna be in the Super Bowl so this game feels big from that standpoint to me on Sunday. Yeah I think I think to a the next two games they'll play two games in eight days literal hell would tailor their season in my opinion. You know they're the real sneaky team. In the NFC right now because we all rode off Seattle. And all of a certain way to rent. Seattle how are you weakening what what does this mean you know what I mean how how what is happening. No Richard Sherman no clear favorable though Kim chancellor. Why do you still good our defense but I think you know I think that's that. That's a pretty it's a compelling question but. I mean when I look at Carolina right now I mean it's it's bad that it's just been a weird season. It is I don't know how well did describe it they looked really really good. At times. OK but then you say. How fifteen replicate conference records today. Important for in the NF it's good I mean. That's really get hurt him. Potentially and you know now both of these teams Minnesota and then you stick your Green Bay whatever Rogers. I mean okay could keep split that it make the play out yet. And probably splitting it would be would be a good result at the end of the day but. What what to me what I think it Carolina right now I think that last game with people. Well there Atlanta. It's the only and it. Already fallen out of ten and I mean we you'd figure that you know Atlanta with Bible taught that. And to within next three weeks claim New Orleans. I mean they're gonna have minimums six fought by the time that last game of the season comes around. Does that mean they're gonna be out of it by them I don't know what that's a very varied interests in the last game they have to play this good they really really tough. Flat monthly Caroline. It's well and domino Peter king's Witasick and courtesy is seeking to connect to the promo code king we'll get twenty dollars off your first purchase from CQ QC Ki dot com on that joke is people are asking this and if this is kind of a conundrum because. On the Panthers are going to watch just thirst nestled all the night they'll see you might get a stop incidents in saints and who we were sort of yeah yeah it'll. Ford and get it later this week the saints and you're back in it is a division winner perhaps if you run the table but I don't know how likely that is so would you rather eliminate a wildcard contender with the falcons lost tonight so it's I don't know which way to go on this night. If I were to ever if I were Carolina I absolutely be heard crusades. Saint serve better team and two lead. I think it is time here you want and not start knocking people out and outside I would definitely be recruited thank. There is confusing is the Panthers maybe this is still a team that beat New England earlier this year and makes me wonder as you look on the other side of the bracket in the AFC is there anyone other than the patriots. That you really look at and say yeah that's a Super Bowl thing. Maybe Pittsburgh maybe you sound very conditional about. Very well I'm acting work look at the Pittsburgh Steelers take. He you know I think they've got five games this year against man teams. It would just like the game they played Monday night. They kick a field goal on the last play of the game can be. Yeah I guess they're five and seven tangled. And any and the angles are probably a little bit better than five and seven. But so what they're not a great team. And the Steelers have struggled repeatedly. We did Cincinnati's. Would be Indianapolis. Citizen of the world with the Packers ultimately. And Janet had and it's certainly it would maturity in. You know which is the most overrated team in professional sports. And an end which is saying something and really mean what I look at when I look at you know the Steelers. I think got a given day. They beat the patriots by ten points. Wholly cap on a given day they they play doubt that a level of their competition consistently almost every week. All right so I I saw this step Peter king's what is Conway editor in chief of vehement QB our Sports Illustrated as well and on Twitter at SI underscore Peter continues with us on the technique comes just fun as I saw this stat that. 200. Million dollars for Roger Goodell old already to this point in income earned his more than any player has ever earned during that same span in the NFL and I don't. I don't on these kind of get into a false equivalency splitting in general this new five year extension. Offshore for Roger Goodell makes a case for his salary if you if you're if you're someone to me saying hey I this is the right move why is it the right move and why is that salary justified for for a royal. Let's let's get let's first. Cut true. What I consider to be. It the first driver but he can only got five years 200 million at an early departure who. Well Roger Goodell ordered 200 million dollars in the next five years you're gonna have to get that three more jobs. He's not making 200 million dollars in their contract I can. I can virtually guaranteed if he's not. Mean I can't salary. From what I'm told and Albert Greer wrote there this morning in his column political it was a very Smart column by him. He wrote basically. Then it's more likely it's most likely it is salary annually. Is going to be somewhere around thirty million now most people are gonna say oh org guys. Let but I mean I think that narrative. He's gonna be make it forty million. I just it's wrong I guess I don't think he's going to be taken forty million now politically if everything is he hit. AP get them back with purity of the pop in and have yet because he's not going. Well they will certainly get right now he's absolutely not going to beat. Oh yeah could be I mean I'd do I. I look at this and I say they're concrete until I could dealt yet. Five years and whatever 27 to thirty million a year approximately and I think that's how the land that big line. And it is very hungry we want is is an EPA. They're going to be. Negotiated. Soon. And that PDA but eventually. Get a belt looked around at that who want to negotiate if he BA. And the guy who negotiated in 2011 again a lot of La. And NFL never missed the game and they figured out the guy can't have any negotiating team was further that there are. Go with the guy who'll. Under Tagliabue. When they never miss game. We'll get a lot of the heavy lifting Goodell now get Patrick another guy but yet and it almost universally. Did flight by a lot of the power player that yeah well right now. Jerry Jones Robert craft a lot of heat and they don't like the that's one of the reasons that you noted that this story Cairo today quoting Arthur Blank. Would say it was very clear is that Arthur Blank said he wanted to think that you older white. About these new contract is that there is being that they get private time. We director picked LA every league meeting in other words there's going to be an order to only needing and then an owner only. And we did Roger Goodell not wit get past not with Joseph Lockhart not where it all it is located just Goodell. And so I think that held view right now. That a lot of people admit we don't rock. Many people in the league office other than Roger Goodell. Don't trust it now but since there anyway I think that what they're really important part of it and I think one other thing it. The NFL does not have a deep bench period maybe it may be Roger Goodell has made himself. Impossible to king and the you know why. Doing so what's really heavy lifting himself and being so out front. But all of a guy you've been brought in in recent years you know why would he had been sent an all these guys. Yeah it how right they don't admit they can't jobs are they really. Significant. Are they out front. You know Indian and in the future we issued not in the weeks. So I think the NFL basically said hey. It tore it really got it working at it and it's dying. I've put an X bit. Goodell that big reason is that he's made himself. How writer for wrong virtually irreplaceable right now at least that this. Peter kings would Israel quickly on this is in just be really super short answer but to do you know if there is the reports that were out on. On them using back channels other owners of me namely Jerry Jones using back channels to reach out to a guy like. Adam silver are true that commission of the NBA is that true or no. I don't I payload. Yet he had intimate story we've been incredibly. And I truly correct. I don't have any information you saw on it other than what I read any espionage that. That didn't had a weaker than curry were fantastic in notre according body. Preferred mode and has been putting is so. I I I do not only include and what it. A dear Mike Teel my son was on the spot or nausea muscle mass I'm. And try to get it right. Equally as I did like. I go on the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy you know will McDonough he's going a blessing all these instant YouTube videos of different sports shows I think some us attacks. I want us to the giants obviously when when they made the sweeping changes earlier this week a lot of people who are Charlotte WD Gelman ninety got to sit candidates for the GM job you hear anything you must. And ears. Pollyanna I can't let. That go right for an hour earlier right now. You know the kind of the general manager for the New York giant is almost like they head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Either event three head coaches since 1969. It guy that creek general managers since 1979. So you know the giant. We want to get a guy who's going to be to general manager for a long time order term of those three guys. It's been eleven years. In the current term RO I've serie a let it beat him I should say ten plus years criteria re. And Angela I I think they implement the knock on him in this situation is going to be turned 67 and a few months. And that your does anybody see him doing this job for decades you know and TD maybe he will maybe can't. But I think that is a big issue if I'd gotten Mara. I don't wanna take it if I had been evident if they have particular Rivera made it your rear ore a year so that that would be my one thing about it meant by. And everything about it Gilman and the reason why I think he's a strong candidate is that Ernie accorsi loved they'd implement Ernie of course we have targeted search. And it giant on several occasions publicly and privately. Have and it is that there's a big if they have it there haven't three and a half we can't start over the holy. Because right now out in the public you've got Dave development you've got god or. Either you know formerly very very highly regarded. By winning teams. In the NFL so and if you get back right now. He it is so Gary what sort of understand it. I'm not saying you guys walk but I think. In my opinion when I first thing. A big ghetto men and getting a GM now. Before the end of the season here right thing I think wild card weekend. You've Director General manager they've John Merrick day settlement pie so in the car in New Jersey. An eight right to Providence on Saturday they need to be got me you know. And and Matt Patricia. And the patriots OK and then on that Saturday night they fly somewhere. And they interview to other people who are aren't buying we've seen. But are going to be strong candidates to be head coaches in the NFL that's just totally guessing on that but. To get a head start in negotiations. Rent and interviews weird prospective coaches. It very big part of if you would mainly general manager now. Peter admitted the opposite of the New York Giants at the Cleveland Browns face wash outside cede ground today they are going to be looking for somebody else to run football and my a wrong to have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy has bounces Diana higher Peyton Manning for that John. Sir I think he would love tiger Peyton Manning couldn't do but. You know there and I get a podcast with Manning. Maybe six weeks ago and if you listened to the podtech Uga if you're being impression. It Peyton Manning is not working in the NFL except maybe as a consultant. In 2018. Yes didn't sound like he was ready wasn't ready for the 24 sevenths grind. Well running detained although I do think it one day he'd like to run I think. And that's that's one part of it I think the other part right now is that. You know I I mean you know what Peyton Manning even if he was ready. Does he want to get swamped. Does he want to just be another guy couldn't find the quarterback or whatever well who picked the wrong quarterback because. Well I think if I pick in the first two rounds. And I am not saying that I truck got door anymore to treat men I I'm not sure I want it. By is that something that Peyton Manning wants to do right now to put all of the way. Well two decades of pork crap that's. On my shoulders. And have to say the teen talk. And again if people laugh at this or whatever but I mean really Peyton Manning lived Hinckley who lives in Denver right now. He's really enjoying it hit the law school later Kurt grave is white what then come out walk in the storage space honey or politically. And look I went to school in Ohio. I'd like Cleveland I'm not make it and I'm not think Cleveland is beyond pity universe. All right thing is that it doesn't have the best reputation. Among people who could have their choice award they would wanna live. For a long period of their lives so. I kind of doubt it parent but I don't know sure what. And I happen. That's Peter King editor in chief at the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated is well and with his courtesy of C geek you can enter promo code king twenty bucks off of the Euro is he lost he can you tell us every times he teacher go to. I love it and they've been great to be MM QB because partnerships. Into our world right now what our media world are absolutely vitally important and there. As important as taking ninety seconds that's what it takes me. Ninety seconds to buy a ticket to a play in New York to buy a ticket to a baseball game anything and then the ticket is our might fall. And it done you don't have to worry about it so I don't know Ito. Of use is about it like the best thing about feet he. Peter did you talk to you is always socially more time into Peter when I see it to Super Bowl eyes on me not just. And that brought you written it was that there you've got to refrigerate your part. Do not keep upon required apple pie out. Because it's just not going to be good career creator in. Nancy Peters knows everything you just Peter King good detective muscle and that is Peter King Sports Illustrated the MM QB.