MMQB's Andrew Brandt: "When The Packers Have Rodgers, They're Never Out Of It"

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Thursday, December 14th

MMQB's Andrew Brandt joins Primetime to discuss Aaron Rodgers coming back to play this week in Carolina. 


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We go to the technique come dislodge Packers are dancers on Sunday and that line went all the way up to like six and a half and then now once that's done an oil back down to two or two and a half and that's the swing you get when some guy named Aaron Rodgers makes his return this week after eight games missed. And we welcome in the man that I addressed to Tim when he had some dude named Brett Favre already on the roster injure brand former Packers president would like talking this guy from the MM QB and Sports Illustrated Andretti do a man. I'm doing well but the beauty got those thinking about. Your stories just going in the wrong place side. I'm born and raised in Washington DC went to Stanford cross country went back to. Georgetown law school showed up for my first day of the law school in Georgetown. We're just glad your credit commission Ono no law school not here. On Capitol Hill and not such a great never okay. Lesson learned are trying to do you want it now that's funny is I remember I remember when I was going and lord doesn't get enough of these offers were buying my grades doing you know when you get the rain demo may only you would nobody probably does us any more in 2017 did you get the random male I'll pay this school. Come here we have this is what we just don't our NIC good stuff from I think what was Saint Louis University. But it was in it was in in Washington. Washington. First flush yes yes I have flipped it up near I don't know which goes to show you how much shown. They're they're they're marketing works fairly hard. Into Bristol this former Packers president you can read his work at the amend QB and it's it's wild intricacies beyond not afraid to admit there's some among Panthers animates season ticket holder and you know I was kind of hoping I expected Darren was gonna come back this week but I was kind of hoping as he won't put that also another week already had to carry yourself safe on more but I'm not afraid to admit I'm humble little nervous and I think that's kind of power of what Karen Rogers possesses and it's pretty it's a testament to what he's done in the league but that's that's a pretty elite group where he kind of strikes fear in. In the opponent just backed by coming back after a couple months away. Yes I think you know I've got to do full disclosure if you Trinidad and my introduction Tom extremely biased and you'll well. And visit with him earlier this year before the injury when I was out there for a few days and we stage friends I mean he came in as you said we have the most durable quarterback in the history of football yeah. But are borer guard draft board had one name up there with the first round grade when I got to us. Amazingly in the 240 forced sickened 2005. So even though the coaches are locality and open this year or next year you may never help but. Of course on the management side we sit what do we always say trust the board and we did it. And right away obviously Brad was our guy that you could see the arm strength mobility and the smarts off the charts intelligence. And just their way to carry himself that it magnetized players you can at a young age. And I think that's only improved and he's become this force where. I'm like Q I'd just say when they have hit they're never out of and then had a chance and if they do somehow sneak into the playoffs. You know he's the best quarterback in the playoffs. Inner city. So I just say there's a lot of excitement about him coming back there Kantor's can squashed all of that on Sunday about. Gee what do you remember about discounting process when you first found out about Aaron Rodgers and when when I don't know what's on the due diligence she did. And it's on during the season or is he did any of that would what what do you remember about that whole scouting process back at a time. Well I remember we were focusing on defense. We're looking at players like to markets where we might be available that would have been a great kick in but the Marcus Spears actually both those players what they're cap awards. And and all of you know that's the quarterback scouting was two guys. Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers who we expect to be gone in the first by picks in the draft. And nobody took care you remember it means that every team we looked at like they're gonna take it up there and attacked they're gonna take him and no one did. And then of course the rest is history but I. You know I just think it's got a guy like they can aid that's not a primary need of course. And T there's no way he'll be there. So that was kind of just got to. Did you ever have like NI com home it was somewhere in all doing all your due diligence in doing your homework in your brain when this by the way to Yemen QB former Packers president he's with the strain on the tech become dislodged did you ever remember like a conversation or situation where. It was it was just OK now this has got to happen if he were falling helix or even though you didn't expect it but man this guy. There's something different about him I'm on a high on this guy for this reason did you ever put on hold off a moment like that or no. I mean I think I'd disk went to Stanford has said he wanted to tell. I think there's a little bonding even though were big rival the right away because. You know I'm from the East Coast this go on time out there she's got this you've seen it he's got this kind of California cool. Nothing gets to a really nothing gets too often feel people you would still that old Brett Favre divorce thing. Because he was the young guy and no one knew him he can get a lot of focus but he handled that so well. Very young guy and the maturity beyond the years we just kind of saw that right away and then. You know the first couple years Brad. Would go to Mississippi. As is as per his custom. In January or whenever we lost and then wouldn't really come back except per day or two. Until July. So Erin ran routine for two years in those winner months. And we had you know Greg Jennings and Donald Driver and James Jones that are coming up to their office saying wow. I think this guy's special. I mean Brett this Brett breath it was the biggest thing and all that time that time but I. We knew I mean it just all the pieces lined up like we have our guy. And you know Carolinas got this feeling too there's no greater feeling of comfort as an NFL executives. And having the guy. They're good guy this year quarterback for the future you know who we is. And you never toward that position it's just an amazing feeling. And basically believe it kind of separated between those who have the guy and those who don't. Have you ever done this thing is there's surely this is happen maybe you would never admit this on the record but have you ever had a ceiling where you sought to draft a guy nearly bull or are they gonna regret that draft pick where you're so sailing that's not gonna end well but guard and what you wanna do with the pink shirt surely you've had that feeling a timer to deal named player. Again like to my expertise is not you know how world guy moves in space sure get off time I just that I've had that shielding. Went through the interview process. We look at it guys it's just steps of fraud that that is your time. Says all the right answers really has some issues off the field and they don't have to be like violence issues just issues with. Thinking is better than he is not gonna stay hungry and humble. Well it not success get through his head enough burnout and there and they won't have a strong career goes is the kind of things she say you know that guy you know we don't think that's gonna happen there. Retarded gingerbread former Packers president Diem and QB Sports Illustrated dot com and he's with this right now on the technique come get a slide in era and was speaking I think yesterday in the locker room about Thomas Davis and of course Thomas was that same 2005 draft class and I he was the guy that was fourteenth overall he was literally selected to be a Michael Vick stopper at the time and he said quite the career and it's it's actually getting better with age it seems like do you remember scouting Thomas Davis at that time I don't know if you thought he would have lasted do you guys would you remember TD and that in that draft process. They could do and I would put him in that category. I put him in that group that we thought would be did throw some mention the markets where now I'm sort of thinking about others like Thomas Davis. Likely Kansas City player he's still playing to Derrick Johnson yeah. And and we don't like David politics is erroneous PM we all those guys when they had a bear and and you know that's just one of those moments where the F so could be so different. You know what what we have done without successor to Brad like that he even when we had error and I'll share it. The question I got most often from Terence I was kind of like you're not gonna really hand this over took Rodgers Dario. Like you're gonna go get some veterans you're gonna go get Kerry Collins you're gonna go get. You know Trent Dilfer you're gonna get someone like that arch you. I'm like no. No this system this system next guy. And for people who you know who are used to a level of success. It's very harder. Because you don't expect success out of it of doesn't play its. Is if you were in charge of the Eagles right now and and I think this is probably more of a coaching or locker room saying maybe it's unspoken but how would you handle this week. Whisk whisk Carson winced obviously done for the year now this ACL he was really on the front runner to be an MVP and they're front runner be the number one seed in the NFC Nichols is really capable and they finish the game was and they won the game with him but how. How do you handle this week is it kind of feels like it's. This is the weak right if if you go lost everything goes out like gangbusters this week you kind of get over the hurdle and it's just. OK take a breath of a fresh air and you you just give continue on as crazy as that sounds right so how he handled this week with with what the Eagles are going through. Well potentially yes it is and we've just been talked about first backup quarterback and serve five years before Aaron Rodgers whose name was Doug Peterson he's. And I think the world they're not Doug gets done a great job I mean really coach of the year low of two. In Chile. And you know I think they've got tired of good way to start this where it witches or New York Giants Wear a mask. And we'll see where they go by gosh you know I had the feeling for eagle that I had when there're couple years and there we went to the championship game and it didn't work out cut of one period the other where. You look back and you say well out that was in the year I mean we had the team next year we have the team and it just didn't happen. And I worry about the Eagles because with Lance they have the team I mean that team can win at all. And they're still really good they're really good but you just wonder without once they can take all the white. Turn gingerbread DM and QBD athletic can swell and a former Packers president he wants he's with his right now. On the tactic comes just line so it is is we started to pivot towards the play offs. That this Kantor team it obviously they've made a change GM and Marty tourney record for training camp and we wondered what could have boy did Gelman well like you talked about with the giants is names kind of popped up here are final thought from you what we see if your knee if you're the giants know you got some some contract decisions with O'Dell whether to pay or not to say what you do with Eli and do you try to keep the same calls dirty or do you really start a new direction would you hire Dave Gelman to be the new GM for the giants or do you try to start fresh. It's a tough one because just my instincts. Are to start fresh because. Yeah I mean even if you lights days at some point difference as sister involvement built with a younger team. And I just think if someone grow with I don't think you look for someone. Not saying we gentleman has a short term but to see I think you look for some and it's going to be your future and really developed it. Hand in hand with the coach kind of maybe even young coach young GM. Just kind of building it altogether. That's what I would think that there are certain the browns went to Dorsey right away to another guy worked very day. I think the giants are gonna do the opposite and take their time and look under every rock for the best opportunities. I think that's what they should do you know there's no rush they should take their time. Dangerous always great to talk to thinks that he inside look at stories thanks for making time. Thank you.