Mitch Hyatt On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey your life but lasted enough now that the ACC kicked off a test that ACC kicked off with the all the great things going on here. At Weston yesterday it was the coastal division today it's the Atlantic it. We are now speaking to a a representative of the team that's well what's gonna supposed to win the Atlantic Division but they're really good. It's time of the Clemson Tigers is doing it's your own radio wrote itself you do you. Yeah argue that you. Brittany the Clinton fans know about the that you showed up at an immediate impact on this team. How you grow as a person like this throughout this process with expectations for you not gotten. Yeah I mean let me first get there was there's one expectations you know like five star athlete just. On target the most. I'm like I think they. They kind of expect trees that and a big role especially with got to leave him so. You haven't filled that role than just on me that is the person just happy that got them to do that just it is you were to. Two you've community. Speaking of expectations right you had high expectations on yourself confident this team that's. Higher expectations did come again this year he closest established itself you know among the premier programs in the country that you. Your position now where you've been atop that hill got the target every single week how is it different maybe than what you have to. Com I mean Clemson. I mean comes and goes the only time to have that I was permitted but not much after that definite solution when tougher than normal home of the I think that through we we just regardless we care and in doing that we've we've clear best and you are veterans who return their current. Go talk to her coach that was when you're just a little while he's walking around radio row here right now. What what is what is he said to you. Don't know about this season about you know how you guys can you get right back to the top of that mountain have become best that we can have that with the message is right. Com I mean he says we were very better team rearm and may we need to answer the leadership there like called over other players just. Pope Paul had some of the young guys coming in who you could possibly have a have a role in this Olympic season. Angeles com it is your team expectations in the and keep cubic. Djokovic I put the tigers don't initially that become just like here are shoots it radio row here at ACC kicked off. Talking about the defense behind obvious look of I know you could this question all the time right you know your your vote from your office of lot of the country. And had not got believe it's important surgical it's maybe the best offensive line in the country what is that like on a daily basis they'll. A quarter practice I got to cut my teeth have got to get better against the best defense lot of cuts. Could that would be stressful. I mean when whenever I know after the practice the next day. And think in the back Miley currently in my mind right to be your focus and either. A year ago practice to distribute to you about all I discharges to the Soviet exposing their. Every every day so just to sort of compared. So what those guys decided to come back let's talk a lot of people do you expect that you have when you found out what to think those guys talk to you have a time maybe it's really accomplish with these guys don't. Yeah normally talk to them moment I mean I didn't make the decision first match so I'd like to say back to me the truth of how glad I own. They kind of had them a lot of things. And I think when. I think I I think who talked so much about it but by the constant kind of fielder come back it's in the back. Okay so we'll talk about the quarterback position not that you got lucky got a couple people got there and I don't like and is asking you about the quarterback position. And there's only so much you can tell us what it terms of the Kelli what he brings to this team and of course now by Trevor but it did everybody's talking about giving the differences in Wisconsin back there. I mean there at the Booth discrete great athletes reporters. We re onto this record that simply personalities cries from analysts from the Bryant. I mean to see who's gonna come out this this can't we just found just. Come come out just. Really just kill them the uniform can't. Got a kid like Trevor shows up looking like Tarzan longs for targeted as the given nickname that but it didn't want to I know along carrots and some technical issues we can. It looks like the Golden Retriever let's pick your spots of there were talkative inside your clips of tiger's doing this on radio row. What's been the best moment for you. You know at this point your career and I'm sure they'll look let's put the national championship site individually you know disorder you wrote moment you know what was in a moment that sticks out. I'd say. That's after the spring I found. There's a certain sense of dislike quietly and recognize who Psycho came amid the right decision. Which I think I did and and going through spring. Last spring just two is getting better that's really dislike it was a good moment for me just don't like I like I don't. Is this. You can that I can think it's like there's still that improvement it's like I have to make. So you talked about the decision to come back from what was the feedback you got scouts in the NFL and what ultimately made the decision. I mean I I heard I mean that they they can have with good. Your comments on your comments could lose his partner at home that I needed I need to prove in this kind of need to finish school uses a mix of those things literally. We want to ridiculous most Buchholz got Leo. Until it just the players on team. The people are clubs and that is at once it was awesome approaches to different atmosphere when you go. It whenever you leave then when you come do like actually get the pumps them. It's on it's that's awesome he. So you get the for what your digital future is not if it's win. You have a favorite team growing up obviously you're gonna live to a draft should visit. That was a who wants to overthrow them that this happened. It's a bit shy Julius here on radio row a couple of things Lutheran loose you know it is dirty bombs on the schedule you know to. You guys that team on schedule for a lot of people are looking at what platelets that it's her team on the schedule like that. You know I I think thing for me at least. For me I'd say. The Georgia Tech game and then also postponed game mr. George takings because as I am tired Conroy we're telefilm. So. So I think just it was toggle back home and always liked the beautifully different like people that I know a few dozen teachers. This thing and then caustic called classic and we have a group games is going to be coming Margaret let me just kinda. Redemption per pound bag in question. Those are estimated punch out or something I think that was the case of the bit shy Clemson Tigers to August here on radio relates to secure corporate stuff like we appreciate it thank you.