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Wednesday, February 14th

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I don't know if I can do a better introduction. In somebody who pleaded in saying I saw mean owning some dude several weeks ago when she was filling on out filling in on first take. So she needs her own show and so there she is mean kind senior writer for ESPN and ESPN the magazine Nina thinks Jamaican time how you doing. I'm. I. Oh I'd I'd. Well. Those loans is slowly this is that I don't try to read in the next minute and have a foot what are you used to like children's books with a long for you and he's. You know you know you think you used for the company. Even into the flick and definitely let me talk here mean a talk. It's good to talk to you so here's the thing I I've read this like the other day and I thought this whole thing was so fascinating. Again it's it's idiocy and dot com Sunday swooned. We're people miss the point on NFL ratings and more than anything I read this whole thing may be my eight maybe my analysis is wrong after reading this is. I'll bet the ratings are down bomb but it's not actually a problem and the NFL more than anything doesn't have a popularity issue on its hands in my wrong in reading that and coming away with that that talking point or no. Add that it is. Okay they're back at it. Now what nunnery aren't really tired and you know Ana is now in what is happening backcourt and crap but it and that. When we didn't in numbers to come away with a couple of ones. You know I feel much bigger than everything else and that is different is. Because while it's in decline everything out I would suspect it's written it's incumbent Mike mark what are you eat. No. It's not yeah lead with a lot more stability there and had packed at the end of. Mina kimes is with the senior writer from ESPN ESPN magazine I I ask you this work. What would cause you wanna dive into this because obviously like you said this become a national talking points for. Well over a year now but what what what what made you say hey I wanna look at it from this angle get on the streets of Minneapolis and try to talk to people like this. Baiting because it. Degrade the site and it was because. You've been marketed by act figured that part and it's yet but we're gonna narc them. And that wanna. The numbers for the Geithner or that there are. We're not. Supported by the atoms or in keeping with the call. Don't they got what was going you know we look back I wanted to epic. That I'd I'd. Didn't the NFL is has done a great job mode of the past two years of of taken helmets off of guys and making them. You know selling individual stars as opposed to maybe franchises the thing that's that has something to do a defective a lot of born as. Yes sold on on franchises and cities as they are individual stars and may have some good viewership. I think they need to do anything and that means you wonder that they. I'm black but that. Unlike everything out everything up up up and I but the thing. Either apple and when he great art each note that they are the reason why we need an. Eye on what. Yeah and I'll buy. In a big part of their partners in the what they did it without me there are not impaired. Iraq is without being my. Talking Mina kimes from ESP NE as in a magazine. And that we tweeted out the link to view when Agassi got at W infancy but it it's an awesome piece it's up right now offense he's already done so they see and where were that's pretty impressive but that's that Tennessee education where people miss the point. On on NFL an NFL ratings so. He hears the other interesting piece that anything you touched on this because I've got people on our on our tax line we're listeners I can you know it is up in real time saying protest protests. And I I made this point and now I didn't have the data to back it up but I've wondered this for months now Mina about the other side because people would say. Hey I love America I don't like the your disrespecting my country but. There are people on the other side of the coin saying hey ice I love that people have voices and I I don't like figure stifling those voices in you did some digging finding out that. That some minority. Viewers in the NFL been turned off on the other side of things to whip with some of the ratings. More dramatically. You know I'm. Paramedics the black and sit by art. There are. One and it felt to be here about that a lot. Out but then that babies that. Wow so. You know it could be so. I applaud. It. Oh by the writer. But I got it going we know we want it. You know how you. But. So what six what what's going on here meeting could you talk to people around the NFL is there Amy the NFL it's always been so reactionary. And that's it's amazing that there's such a behemoth yet they always are so reactionary. Had a day had they are just what are they doing to try to make some habits are Cheney you know fall in line with some of the viewing habits of a fans right now. Well. I think that the order cutting back at Comerica. But that's the beauty what they're sick and there were a bit I think he is in Beijing. With the Internet not cracking down on people who quote highlights. I'm there or ways I know you're highlights on it I optimize make it good you know now. That is going in the new planet are you there OK and that. Well in this is what I find fascinating awful this in here locally media cons with this again from ESPN she's on Twitter at Mina kimes. I wonder. You know as the Panthers are up for sale right now. What is the profile. That the NFL's after with Witten with another guy joining a fraternity rightly what do if they want it to really push this thing out like you should be a little bit more progressive. Here's an opportunity to bring in another voice at the table that could come up with some fresh ideas but I don't know sir interstate and that we think there interstate in in the next owner. I think about it and but the anchor. It's young it's at the paper but. I don't know if that is buried in civility in on that. Right now that you're doing with. They go to the board on a lot of problems and I think and it minor effect it is. Meeting times witness from ESPN senior writer ESPN. ESPN the magazine. As well and and this is the other interest in peace mean as we as we look at where the NFL is. Right now we we talk about. Thursday night football all right and how it's bad football games are good it's watered down people watch it as much as they ever have before. And what fox is laid down for these for these TV rights. Speaks to just in general how valuable the NFL is correct still even at this time or say mean what's wrong with the NFL that somebody doled out. 600 million dollars on average per year. For our for network TV media the exclusive rights and every network was in their bidding including ESPN like. That is I don't know what else you could say about the popularity of the NFL and importing to that story over the last month. I'm adamant that number it would be at the present in the okay. Is being born or an app. Maybe it relevant is like where everything went by a lack the mine now while. Number. On this side of the people that are all over a hundred million people are important. Mean he. Oh. It was really what we school to in this piece is shoot you went to when you're in Minneapolis stretch some of these bars and your some of these stand events around the Super Bowl. And you're asking people why you're here and people were dissent well. Why not where is that I feel like because he's. I got beer I've got football again this is fun I'm going to be here this seems like the thing to deal. Yeah and I am. The average on a cart but it. Of the average there my equipment out there aren't now frankly like and I know that old big. It hard to compare anything. In the LA most economic or America by far. At a a lot and demand. And to me or does this seem so tell them senior references your pay your paycheck not necessarily what you do around there. I. Don't listen but that's not the most important course okay the most important question news. Why your article so long no optical and analog it was good article because it was it was a great it was a great are closed very there was it was different in the and I like there but it. That does serious question of the day is what time does tiger tee off tomorrow this I know no one around that character. Nobody cares about time tiger tees off rock nobody cares about nobody cares. You don't care mean. I. Know what's on that now. Like there and like only the did you sneak in a tiger question because you don't ever talk about time you washed away years. And we need to talk more about why are we fighting in front Mina. You started aren't being content. Senior writer ESPN ESP in the magazine. I mean you're everywhere and we love it thanks thanks to make in time force him busy so we appreciated. It.