Mike Williams On Midday

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Tuesday, July 17th

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Welcome back to mid day under the infancy powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard will Kennedy which you. And Clemson fans see that rag time. And name it they've been here that a lot lately. Because it's been a lot of touchdowns scored by. The orange over the last number of years in this gentlemen on our tech become guess line. Is heard that song many times Mike Williams do you hear that song in your sleep sometimes. Are. I mean it's only actually filmed it that the court than in open market. More than any candidate of color are on their well they always sought out in my case that's so it is well. Technically cheered because it signifies a lot of success and you've had a lot of great success with the Clemson Tigers. And now a member of the LA chargers in before we go any further I wanna make sure that folks know about your football camp my cup coming up. Down insane T talk a little bit about it and how did this all come about why you like doing this. Oh just some all of it or do. I mean Rondo when every day anymore who group and me in my hand and so we of it do we know it will make it out that'd be so we're because there. And actually we went what I can't let it sit in yet another bullet in the bank wanted to piece. Some like Emma I wouldn't give it some. Because what if it takes its. People into total wanted to put this thing if it it will and it is so well. Clemson wide receiver and now charger in the NFL Mike Williams is will this and might be it is not bad right being out there you've gone from San Diego now dropping down to LA. Lifestyle the weather and everything but talk about that move a little bit that's a pretty big shift for the for the franchise. Oh yeah I mean I'll look at oh well we barely coming. And the I mean all these. And religion or political move no big market so I mean a flight who worked out there were a little book is not as big and then only in order makes. Like I guess your quick sock covered your quarterback got their Philip Rivers are covered him in high school. And Athens Alabama long long time ago and I anyway did he stay you know your clubs a guy. We we've seen Philip Rivers around quite a bit through the years he's a competitor. And he likes to talk some trash is as bad as it looks on TV you're down there with a. Our idea here is being that he quote they or gluten. Only now and it pretty and maybe. And not a whole lot of technical and these days I mean Putin pulled into being in here a while. Mike Williams former Clemson standout and current LA were charger weather the sun the techno come guests lined. Talk about your first year in the league Mike you have a back injury how's that coming along in. What did talk about the learning process and how excited are you two to go. 100% in the training camp. They're being won't global great he's work. Look forward to our secret. Became a and being its name in there right now I want to be sent on to poor me and that he's a if you're seeking out there training camp emotional pull to senator patty. Oh little people don't have our best bank bank. Mike Green surprise at all. But what you saw from YouTube teammate former team made it close into Shawn Watson knows what he was able to do before his own injury or was that just what you expected from him all along. Are you we're. Around the world well you don't expect treatment and Japan are in the pool and I. But I agree that our audio and small and don't dispute any. But oh what was the biggest adjustment for you from obviously playing a Clemson. One of the higher profile programs you play in front of huge crowds each and every week. You know we always hear about the adjustment from better is some veterans when they talk about rookies in their rookie adjustment. Is that adjustment is big is it was a bigger than you anticipated. It could get it for me coming out here. Look Eric deters you know on this training camp and urge are being sort of figured this new and unique tool. Aren't they are or not they're on and and it probably does he not being able to deplete well I learned during the purity they thought they simply want to appear in complete. Well well you just know this. Aren't there is no spot more than we won't be able to sit. The veterans you know with the chargers that that you can listen to when you look up to that that are helping you along the way. Well Opel wolf apple is producing and their goal for all. Those you know and so yeah. And it brought me alone won't do. Along on the back into the equipment. And retro. Eight. Me Antonio yes Alabama and learn from six. On film independently slight lift between here it started this this. And to get more attention to this in the army that it will. Mike Williams with a summit to become a gas line. Of course and ACC media days get rolling here did tomorrow in Charlotte Mike and the Clemson tigers of course so overwhelming. Our favorites to again repeat that to give Alabama. All they can handle perhaps for national championship. When you first decided on claims in could Jew cents. What to coach still would it Samuel was or what did diva who zepa it was building down there in Clemson. All you saw me coach when a very Coke he's he screwed you though so it. Commoners corruption will be a decision that great and let you do that little what this somewhat ball pretty good that you don't want our. If you play really well but why I think political like that he had any. And I. Although obviously was a great decision. And again we wanna they'll let folks know about your football camp coming up. It's a free football clamped to a camp how many times can you. Go learn and be taught by a former all American now an NFL wide receiver. Takes place Saturday July 21 a lake Marion high school down insane teak. Specially if you're in upstate South Carolina be about an hour ten minute drive if you're in the Charlotte area just drive real fast be there. I in this in a couple of hours. Hey Mike we really appreciate your time and invest a lot didn't we we know what you can do and we're looking forward to your sophomore year here in the NFL keep a Dutch. I appreciate it picked up.