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Tuesday, January 16th

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As we welcome in my tenure for the Bleacher Report five Super Bowl championships for Tom Brady and five playoff starts combined. For the likes of Blake portal ski skiing and nick fought just as we all envisioned as we get ready for this final four on championship weekend Mike are you doing man. I'm good grip trying to get that kind of work it but ethnic call eight image like four Oprah. Maybe you can help me what. I don't know it's just it's so interesting and I sort Bucky Brooks put this out there on Twitter my tenure where this again now from the Bleacher Report on Twitter at like ten year. A but you're saying this the other day of you know does this flip Ciena fell on its head a little bit this idea of quarterback chasing leisure roster building when you look at these teams and the patriots should be out liar obviously but when you look at Jacksonville in Philly. And in Minnesota in the way they've built their teams and what they don't ask their quarterbacks to do and because of that what their quarterbacks are able to do does it does it change the perception around the NFL or no. I think there're some general out of general backers do whether it's it's just what they didn't care what it is their owner. They used the quarter actually being a little bit and you know if he'll try to hear that your two or three pick your. Well early but at quarterback but we are are greedy are big men are are becoming. Jaeger. On top of course much welcome back are out when he it would do the spec dot they shot a lot that he's here. And they need more successful operation go out. And meet the quarterback and they can't nick the quarterback then they need to do and I didn't excuse me especially with the viking. Right now at the game that put together a tremendous he'd better. In particular are you receiving court date they work for part of their optical light now they have a good up and wanna the more out. So they can plug in quarterback. And it Clinton quarterback to be very that it is not new to that yet but it last year they figure out but whether it would in any reporter when he was younger buyer they got the buyout. That's the method that always there. That commitment picking at eleven went well with it to a bit in order that always been there and it's always a puppet for the right thing I think a lot of incorrect about that. Other teams that they they played like even it there while we're gonna keep turning turning turning up in prayer back quarterback. Villa and make you know what they are fortunate and nick you're a expect proper future quarterback. Mikey is case actually just really good and we do know he never got the opportunity. I wanted to try to. Cute cute in his car. There were more like an order coming up a whole story and when you when you watch for really like well now he's not that he is not a net you're not a terrible quarterback either. It is our quarterback I think it's going to be in the week earlier and is he more years. But yes he's got real limitations you can see when he struggled all outfield. Apparently up for grabs wallet goes on the spot our receivers and making big plays for him about that they out there. Of course you want your co pilot from not being someone would be talking about Drew Brees as well as an article in the early to talk about yours and what are they are by. It's another reminder that when you go out in the in free agency and you get what is truly about quarterback we cannot stand. Mike Collette and money over the aircraft like I don't know how many million but Mike went in another quarterback like that Jake outlook for fifteen million. Sometimes is very good at agility RI didn't from the work and development work and then go out for somebody who know better might appeal of the work. But that is not a couple. Spark permit and our country that they are where. We are we're talking in my tenure from the bleacher forties with us on the tech become just like you can follow him on Twitter is at Mike tenure and is as you look at these four teams. Mike can you and your estimation completely maybe quarterback. Skews this conversation probably definitely seize discovers a short one guy's won five championships. And Mike when his sixth in the next few weeks but in your mind US the best overall roster are just completely dumped on both sides of the ball who as the best roster left in this field before. I didn't have to go the vikings on that for all these are at a quarterback position they can absorb an injury and they're black or that it Richard reporter out there. It's strung out the bottom he'd bet. I think with the help of their off but the wind Eagles I think start the season without a barrel off of quiet may be better talk about roster but they walk got along the lack. I interpret the deeper the author of the spotlight now when he for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is very interesting question when you look at it that way it would seem that different strength that you would expect in the final what. But if you're looking all proper rock bank where art and he was we is this your and the Minnesota. Rabbi continues with us again from Bleacher Report he's with us right now. On the tech may come just slide and as you see Brady right now. Do you see a drop off at all when you watch him in the thing and did not say the system asks him to do certain things students succeed but do you see a drop off of him for maybe even five years ago Mike. It reminds me a little bit of uh oh what's wrong Arab rioters. Our stations that we would have every year is like it was only go to war over there are good you have like the one bad game were to pick in corrupt about Becky I mean you likely to be crevice. I threw an interception you know both Dick you're. That's kind of what we're seeing here where and there is a result what are you. Each game and of course he's greedy so we expect infallibility. Or is it reality that is being we will incur a couple of yeah there was a little bit of that. But what happens and we're paying attention to who were looking where at every other thing we yet we think we're spinning back a few incomplete step into an album that human being. I don't see any thing in probably game is going to impact the next two weeks he's playing an incredibly high level artistic art form that we're back among the final four right there. And the only chance you have. Try to pressure him with Eva want. Give him up is mark and they try to make some throws on the run run. Belcher it would also true it's out that it went a lot this super bought you to the bottom of this plot its distinct pattern of what the impact that the. Well Mike we've talked about it here a lot of people said this this year about this division that the NFC south is the best the best division top to bottom and all football yet. I none of those three teams that made the play also be in the heat in the conference championship game. On Sunday evening in your mind how good is this division of in what is the gap between one and four in the NFC south right now. I seen in this work he you know he's yeah yeah I get. It is incredibly strong how aware I don't like about it is that is got strong fundamentals in that they're used to have very you bet. After correctly on the you talk to speak he spent. Changing its purse personality this year and it got a lot of young buyers there and I've ever have a more battery. He's the guy all the guys they got another rock don't budget a budget quarterback art art opera that they've got a quarterback and they got the event for the nick got those attributes. So that gap among blue green is miniscule or are you I was trying to figure out who was bill and it parachute out the way you expect them. I don't put it in the bay Buccaneers that broke apart but not the urgent change they're committed Dirk out of I don't think was really adding a lot is it was a adding a lot that you. When you look at the personnel they have an opportunity to have to make a big leap that they make a big change is. Sort of genius went and it goes to a very eat we eat it worked out without a job Korea and a lot of app that's on e-book as well. That he probably the that they even know about and keep it is so we come up and I'm not are under I'm a lot are turning into open up black and blue division look more very strong buy out Albert you're the only minimal change. It's interesting is we've been trying to figure out what does Kantor team is a what they're gonna be and obviously they had a lot of tough decisions to make Mike but not my takeaways this team. A for the second straight here you go into the offseason they look a little old and slow it key positions. Arm but we said that about New Orleans for years now and they turn that thing on its head with a couple of the draft class is like I don't think the Panthers that far away. From from getting right back here the top of the NFC went with the right draft selections coming up. You can turn things around a big trip you can. Find a better used for Christian McCaffery I think in food and they got Smart about using a year goes on you can get that was an all about them but next year as well. And you know some of the not because we all we we look at it was getting older certainly are that you look at all in getting older there's so they are if so where are at level. And there's some younger now coming in right behind it. I'm curious what happens with this war theater chain right now what more earner. I don't see that the phenomenal but for that you are are a couple of really and yet we know our topic of the pre it was candidate right now are. Where I got into getting looks to an offense that. I was six that's poll 22 years ago or whatever but every now we've worked great arm but if Egypt out there. Get out wide receiver according to get into pieces and Eric and create a look at the equally evil or any part of the solution is very deep running back that. You do really quickly surround him with a lot of ballot. And make it so he's not doing it finds stopper not just in the chapter in the app real good arms stop. And that you know I'd eat that well we're yet to rule it out at another. What would your big concern Michael let's let's go there's like ten years list again from the Bleacher Report on Twitter at Mike tenure what was your biggest concern I've seen some people worry about those five and seven step drop swear that with a may be a shaky offensive line that did north tends to ask his quarterbacks wars of that or is it something else. It's another example of the fact he never had any kind of real. Any kind of optional link or are actually that you do little boat that mobility to do it has got guts stay. It's all about staying in the pocket and look at track record I don't know what you were being in a track record. Well we went door anyway that they in Minnesota and that but it opposite Eddie computers and they had all that era that. Well Phishing exploit bit wait the NFL in yards and points whitbeck great deeper on the spot and step down if there was only being back and and the it has put the other spot in the value of the yeah that the well Europe but in Berkeley. He's had very tiny pocket of the that. Everybody that our system that is because he had. People are all gamers with enough he's got a great quarterback Cam Newton but again that's not go wherever that not afraid that the that our quarterback. I don't keep it to your eating what you get the personality of the coaching staff about who could step. And not the personality of the opposite on the you ought. And that's scary are you let too often and that's where they get these we are mismatches and and keep them despite the despite its third in the there anyway. M plus Kim who likes to say hindsight 5050 K if you knew Todd Haley was gonna be on the market who would be a better fit Todd Haley or or Norv Turner for this office. I think about Todd Haley personality and waited for now to a national. And I'm out of here kind of treaty entrapment is a typical kind of work but yet you apple is out there from Seattle there's nobody knew where he added topical or political. Where there are that evidence that there's there's some other people out there in my they would sit back and that's art but the ballot but yet but I'm looking for somebody could get mixed. I absolutely can't does well with something more conventional it to the next level but first choice on the market would not be. Rim might enjoy conference championship weekend and the NFL the the legal office Jacksonville and silly right that's the Super Bowl they want you know that's the that's the one that's gonna deliver the monster ratings correct in the. I go over Minnesota with a vs 47 I believe in the open market. Every evil can't have a big market and are greeted the American like they've taken. Did they thought Matt economies that are about a year is it gonna go to court the fact that although you know that there's an area know a look forward. And it's going to be fun to be improving interest in the season to put off again Mike it's good to talk to thinks of the inside they should make a time. Pro.