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Tuesday, March 13th

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Welcome back here to W happens in Charlotte I Ryan shell obviously a big day here for us here on here in Carolina and and across the entire world of the NFL. It's free agency starting in and the sort of and the panda really have been active that much which means are probably me looking for the drug looking towards the draft to a fill up these holes left in free agency. We're gonna go out to the technique Tom guests on and go to a guy that could be an option for for the Panthers in terms of linebacker depth we've we've got a key clear but you never know. Who might be an option for the fans is that when terms of best player available weren't going to detect and I'm guess I'm glad to. Michigan linebacker Mike McCray Mike how are you. Are you are. Torn apart so yeah pat how how has how has this process been for I know we're coming down the homestretch here. About a month and a half away from the F from the draft and how's how's this process been for so far. Under pressure and there is Groupon in. Before process stories across our families is what abuse figure oh man you look at this process on payroll in half although he. And then that's so I've been trying to do not structures. A lot interest about it because when they are no undue stress about it so come out every day you figured out they have ample poultry. In going back to and obviously build the sort of a last step for you are the previous step in this process was the com mine out inquiry happy with the way you performed the com mine is drinking he felt like you didn't do well. The Europe and not to do better when you've had your Friday and when he third. But you know I'll have the court should targeted. And everything in. Their position and replica of showcase I'm humbled miscue and everything sort of prior deputy rhetorical. Talking to Michigan linebacker Mike McCray here on the tech come guests on you can follow him on Twitter at big play McRae underscore nine. Mike you know I know that shoulder injury suffered a couple years ago along with some of their nagging injuries it's kind of been really the only rolling real big kind of knock on you. What have you done to to kind of tell teams that does this kind of injury concerns that people keep bringing opera not really an issue. Article appeared in this game it must have missed practice or you can go to entry in on the though that the entry government only has won two major surgeries. Honorable or Schroeder knows one of us actor has schooled in what was brought to your egos and ever since you know is pretty European. I totally. You know you have to protect your chosen. I am Google. Blake. Probably party's keynote at the very sort of semester point. Talking to Mike McCray here on the tactic come guest lineup Mike you know gone back to one record going back to Indianapolis out you know who you know in terms I mean obviously there's so many people there to some of the you know coaches you know GM is players all I kind of stuff. You know was there anybody there that you kind you kind of left they either favorable impression on it was if somebody were to CO star struck to to meet and talk with two. Who is that guy for you. Mopping up a little bit of pressure on their wander out to. It's over Obama background where it came from and who Guatemala. And honestly notional and workable we'll follow it I practice. So compressed so every coach where every coach Erica but that option. I would say there's a cargo boat is one exact person stressed that. A flight that our current. Or Bethel. Was there it was our players like you've gone up again sir guy you've you know kind of grown hopper kind of maybe seen you know that on another team that you that you got your that you were happy to see year or the year like well look at that guy over their like dessert guy like that. I don't really know everybody knows that I object simply. Streak who you know. Coca fixing you'd be bigger we are currently to do it sure there aren't talked with a more but it overall you know got. God. I references so that both arms. Mike McCurry here on W opens the Mike you know guided I think a lot of people a normal kind of football field B star struck me would be your coach your former college coach in Jim Harbaugh. What was it like playing for Africa tar ball. I would break her or. Be brought in the slew of great group of guys and a quote unquote you know he cared about the players. Was you know the posters are. EC BO the plane put them through their coach you know and it is a record great coaching great personal opportunity as Lou. I'm glad he came in Michigan you know retain the culture and or urged to. Spark excitement back machine and to be the biggest thing here future. With our Witten you know we've heard a lot of stories about Jim I actually covered his his brother in Baltimore kind of it was. It was a different dynamic covering John vs jamming you know we've we've seen that we've heard about the the recruiting stories Ehrlich he stayed over the that your your guys kickers house for recruiting visit what was the thought what was the funniest interaction. We're kind of the moment that the that kennel he from that you remember most about your your time without with coach Harbaugh. And practice or in practice what. One of the receivers. Didn't learn the route right. And but he he which creates. All of our. Receivers then. Which are essentially ran around and collateral pools the it is my honor I have what throughout or answering. And everybody I've. He wants this so everything you to a write in he couldn't even write it throughout. Because people disparaging in its registration. It yet ago. It's like the training room they're practicing his pension but there. Are part of their prayers. It's not like our I think it's right. Good stuff as the voice of Mike Cray here enough on WF and the injured thumb on Twitter at big play McRae underscore nine. How many pairs of khakis does he actually have Mike we've we've seen we've seen I've seen the drawer like how the actual pair of khakis does he actually have. Honestly our eyes are really don't know. What is crazy how many turkeys are you restrict news reporter earlier today. Great arm and Eric Umar. I don't know that's just it's it's just not a it's just not a delegates might have been when he didn't carry it in person at and so. Talking to Mike McCray you're on now on W opens a you know might not everyone knows this but you know your dad that he was the capital Ohio State. You've got to Michigan. Take me for had a that go down your household when you decide to go to Ann Arbor. First term actually in the English. Was OK we'll word documents. In particular group of army in order get recruitment in the arm come with them. The first night game isn't the pain and there's like it was a great game note about the last surgeon and the kind of popped as you would some income as it was live and I went back home when I was an issue that is ultimately. Withdrawn. A light. Just. On a visitor got some fears were. That there are better. He's kind of secrecy that are currently surprised. As all I'm never quite what to order. And with. Senator Clinton has committed. So adamant ago this year. You know involved supporters this is Saturday. And they also are pretty duty as a you know show people who it's fairly appeal without question the need your favorite is you're supporting the senate you know he really cared. Aren't we Wear our because he's been one page you want papers grew. I think a lot of that I think I legalize dad's would be it would be workers. I think one dad's B units are voters supported. Yeah absolutely house at like help lake during those games. Yeah what was the household like well you know was your mom likely won't what was it was of the divided household was government Connolly on your side with a on your dad's side out of that how that process could now. Other of them among of course you know its first summer that that is certainly a vote mr. so. Everybody. Is like our rich and I don't think invited to a record corporate memory chip for our state is my him. They do a couple could maybe. Everybody is our mission and so. He's got that you've got the numbers game underside. Yeah sure everybody. The pilot program. That good stuff that is what's Mike McCray earned a BF Lindsay in Charlotte. You know Mike to guide it we got recruited either Michigan as a guy that we now have here in Carolina and that's pretty Hoch who's now the Panthers. You know what you know what was you know how big was Brady in getting you to Ann Arbor and you know what you know tell us panther fans here what we're going to expect out of a guy like operating. Of course so to monitor recruiting process you can meet he made it sort of Mecca on you know back to morrow are reopen the school which he. They made it our Olympic every person in that's exactly what it's so I was and he scrutiny in quote from the they've made it. Particular moment at six certainly. In a quote so it was a great coaches were illegal he consult our players. You know he teach you outlets and on and off the news. A credit for it and has no. I work hard you know. He's declared that do mean convert in. Not so great over operations and the Colombian coach so as fans should be sent. Quote so congress. Michigan linebacker Mike McCray herewith all with us here on WF and the iron right so I'm Mike are you surprised he's not head coach like you know. You know obviously he got the interim job after Butch Jones got got let go in Tennessee and you know everyone thought ever won't we when we get when we heard the news here we were surprised about it are you surprised that he's not that he hasn't gotten head coaching job somewhere else. It's part of our properties. Offers well this whose vehicles that you know maybe. Is that one that he wants to be just an assistant coach in. Record say he's a great coach is there echoes so. Flight can I mean because one ticket to directions and different approaches in and you know there's enclosures are frequently. Has he reached out here in this process of all have you have you talked to your did you get to get to them like at the com minor I think it was last time we talked to him. Actually is a farmer the comma puzzles a lot of okay I'll let you know there are fired in the console you know. He you know you toad is probably in the whether he answered my career right no right and he's ever reform so. There was a connection between us you know. We are both console. Gave me to be a candidate but it doesn't offline game. Talking to Mike McCray here on now on W opens the I'm actually want so there's some other coaches that I know from my time there covering the ravens are covering the Maryland Terps and women play a little word association with you look at. Earth first when Greg Mattison. Current article broke in Oregon are currently using machine you know he's so that now. And he's been viewed as 100% support in the 05 year should do like Indian everything. It's he's still. Have a bank that is there. If you had if you had that if it if you had to think a one word to describe coach Mattison what would motivate. Put you on the spot here. Politico. It probably won't Wear it good for our cat a cat is. Okay Don Brown. Inherent. And and DJ Durkin. Extremely. But that is it that is accurate portrait. I loved her dirt he's such a good guy. And then four. Wrapping up here with you with Mike McCray your own W opens the and Mike last question for a year pass on Twitter. You just gotta Gates's was sick congratulations see you. Thank you appreciate appreciated and dominant on the put some spot here and that the FiOS is nonaligned so if you wanna give this answer you can go and give it. More important day for you coming up. The wedding day or draft that. If what goes on local transit because I commit verse here again very heavy have you picked the wedding date yet but it. Yes we when he went when is it. It is it about food the summer when he writes things OK okay you're good at him and I like it like you're gonna get settled in and get settled. You're you're doing a good job landings so it is certainly certainly good good job on your part. That is the voice of Mike McCray here on now on WFNC Michigan linebacker again you can bomb on Twitter at big play McRae underscore nine maybe he'll be here in Carolina learned from the likes Lou Heatley Thomas Davis and Jack Thompson. Mike certainly appreciate it good luck this'll process and now we will stand out right. Thank you that you ever.