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Friday, May 25th

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The great Mike Green kind enough to make that not forced like I bet my friend it's good to talk to. It. Well mind to quote I do you watch that gave a little bit of humor you do your prep for for tonight's game what would you make of how uncomfortable Golden State look last night in game six. Five. Thought been in the last two games it is ambitious show Cuba the transformational between. The rockets won the last two games with their defense and a battle that many people with the Pope would be saying that. You look at the final score of the game neither team reaching a hundred. It's just been at the copper vital on open and and I agree with it which is said Golden State you know it just. There's such a free flowing offensive team. There's a tentative this storm right now hesitancy that. Which is I haven't seen him in the speed Guerrero and you have to give a lot of credit to go to the rockets because it's. Mike would it be fair to suggest that the warriors may not know how to react in situations like that simply because they haven't been in many situations like that because they're so talent. Because things may be came a little easier to homer over the course of the last couple years. We thought I. I don't dictate that the issue of close games obviously at some of the regular seasons that it stretches where they've been dubbed the debate at this year close games in the oil. And all these guys whether it's Thompson agree in her career to grant. People from the high pressure game. I don't really. An explanation port except that. Don't want it as sort from Golden State poll which year. Was that they've lost a little bit of that hunger. And I've I've always found that impressive that they kept the Hungary you know there will be a couple of chips and go to the final. They've lost a little bit of a ponder and the top hundred that is so evident with the rocket to chip in nature you know have so much success here. It was a little bit of under and the rockets across they they just seem to have more of that and and obviously air play elect Chris Paul. Oh who was you know such. But tenacious. Fighter I opened the floor but it is really made the difference in the close games for the rockets. That's the voice of Mike agrees to be on the call tonight of course game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals Celtics gonna try to close that will talk Eastern Conference finals. Coming up in a moment but you'll hear him at 830 tonight you'll see him at 830 tonight on outside Mark Jackson and Jeff King Gandhi and I used to that point Michael what I find interesting is there's no doubt you'd rather have. That the roster that Golden State as compared to Houston even even though they're down three to two. But to your point about. Not having that hunger necessarily this is the unintended consequence an analyst further on down it's notable but this is the unintended consequence. Correct of having so much talent there's a lot. To keep up with it to drive each other and to push each other and you don't just went because you have talent but I feel like what you're speaking about when. We see a team like Boston who was a true team maybe without a superstar. They are able to have that edge because they don't have the talent advantage too reliant his affair with Golden State. Well I I think it's small. Other team Michael stated this as any team that it can be on the structural the privacy. Of the art they have been very few teams. I get to the final year year year of the opposite field so which city exceptions. The body yet legal topics that the Celtics and lakers. Of the eighties as well but it's important get back here the reason. This again that you know you play and it got so much success used to willing to sacrifice cities to won't put the extra work and stay focused all season. Because those matches. In all the clips they can sail boat turned the switch on. So what you what you do appliances is from all app of the pulled the vote during the regular season. And I thought political think that's what the and again it's it's human nature it's it's hard to stay at that. That's focused and energized slow year to year you went separate but he chasing you which use the team that everybody wants to bring down. That you bring in Houston that. It was not only talented but other rosters like perfect in terms of offensive players have a bit of the defense players. That you that star quality but a hundred talked about in which is between the record. It's the architect of the finals I was accurate view. And I'm not trying to say it would dollar doesn't have a huge impact he does idol both ends of the floor put it to me win when he hears her fifth best player he is their fifth best player Mike. I understand missing and it's hurt. But that can't be the difference in the series can't we can't look back and say well. Eight he was out for the final two to three games that cost them if they've got so much talent to allow that to be the difference in the series I feel like. Like you know I think when when teams are so close. In terms of their ability. I think one or two players being out to players being in foul trouble really and sway of difference in the game. And as you guys they'll be the last three years in opposite this year as well fourth quarter big gains crunch time. If Gonzales on the floor all time. Because it is that. Leadership and he he adds to with a bolt into the floor at times. He's their smartest defender draped in the past of the property developers smartest defendants in many cases they're smartest the player terms of running via. In Indian we're supposed to be so. I do think that the big difference especially when you look at the fact that you know the last two games into the fourth quarter actionable and and without a duplicate accident. We're talking to Mike Green and BA on ESPN tonight at 830 we will see the tip off between. The captain the Celtics at the Q in Cleveland game six Celtics can close this thing out it. We should pass along ESPN now reporting as were live with Mike right now that. Chris Paul has been ruled out for game six that he is an industry trade he will not be able to play games six and it just it feels like we're heading towards a game seven right Mike I mean it you never nobody feels like game seven something we might see for both of these series. Do I think. I think in some ways. Houston this thinking was some. Game six is going to be really difficult to win let's make sure he's he's close to go on percent pertains and I think that's sport decision. Even Pete played it was an on the percent of the art from the way in the last one to do is to reactivated. War. You know stop the treatments where get better so I think it games so it. Which site. I would certainly he'll wait to watch that the case would be on it is you hate to see. This guy is works so hard and finally achieve it. Let's get to account for spinal may have missed interspersed Bible that a couple of hamstring in game six it's were being that's that's just individually it's crossing were probably like that. But this it needed to meet this is what I love this is the MBA corrected and James hard I thought had an awesome. Are awesome kind of quote last night after the game he got asked about his all for eleven shooting night from three's missed his last twenty. And he said who cares who cares because at this forty year ago he was posting incredible numbers and yet Houston wasn't winning the postseason so if you go by. It's winning this time a year and in the history. We'll forget the fine details all we were we tend to remember in the long run is did you get to the championship did you win the championship. And that's the stuff that looks forever it's like I you know this is the journey and that's what makes this thing so difficult to be crowded NBA champion. You're so right now. And the need to go back and look at the box scores. Michael Jordan had some really match. In big games Kobe Bryant some really typical games in in a game Larry Bird two. They all at this global times put it it's it'll be. You find a way to we'd find a way to to grind out a victory in and it pants and and what a title so. He's certainly not all out in an epic spot. Mike we had Cedric Maxwell on earlier in the show me and we just asked corporate flat out. Win Boston has those early struggles this year did you think there was any chance that they would be in this position in center now that he's like oh. It helped that the dam actually while I actually to trying to clean up health so that no corn bread at a bit argue is alarmed as everyone else that. We have this close to talking about the Celtics in the NBA finals are. I wouldn't sale laws Bobby I think it's a great great story and I think it's you know it's an improbable world. You know not only that they would think the way they were able to bounce back from losing their keep freeagent. And then it's it's all old school to a value find out more that you're best pleasures is done for the seat and it's it's deflating promotes teams. Salute you up too reliant become players and I think the surprises. That we can do oral. But to receive. Take the playoff pressure that was the question going in Abuja players are they gonna do with the play up pressure in this additional responsibility. Just never know how it simply is gonna react. In all three of them I'm talking about freedom and browns this year. Pictures you know. They've just embraced it and excelled at plate that the convicted the pregnancies and it's. You don't see that very often. It is and so much on the watch the opposite so well coached. But these young players. In the maturity of the because this is off the chart I don't know I've ever seen or are you young players. Oh with a much poise and maturity in big spots to states Tatum it's it's been really on the watch. Have you ever seen a team also I was remarking about this earlier bureaucracy that team advanced to this point one game away from making an NBA finals wind. Only one game on the road to this point yet they've only lost one game at all which speaks to watch the biter here but if you ever seen that because in my recent memory Mike I've never seen a team beyond the brink of an NBA finals appearance. Yet have just one road game that they've wanted to get to this point throughout the playoffs that seems odd to me. Well if you remember that the Celtics in 2000 debate with Garnett pierce and Rondo ray now what the title. First two rounds they wrote they went seven games in the first two series. They lost their first six road. And they've finished for the Pacific Korean. On the road in that opening tip that you brought so. Go to apple corps have been but it can be doesn't happen burial but and I think in recent years. Home court advantage hasn't been as a big factor. Put in this series that that's cool stories from orbit in the most predictable series of am not just the whole court advantages has produced victories. What became during the competitive in in many cases guilders in in the whole series. Game. There's been war lead change in the second half infighting. I don't know that that. Well and it does feel will let you go this Mike it does feel like because history says so. We'll see a game seven and LeBron will leave everything on the floor tonight to make that so especially out on its home floor. It for you to stay as a broadcaster but also as a fan. What's it like walking into an arena knowing everything that's at stake for a game like this and knowing I'm probably going to see a historic performance from one of the game's greatest players ever what's that feeling like for you tonight. Thought. I don't say this and take the slightly I think I'd like you guys but it is to be able watch this and and and sit courtside for these games. Taken as a responsibility and honor. But as Sam I weigh it up. On Google by preparation work so it was it was the ball was now wait to go to and epic about a it is. You know LeBron James and his future uncertain. Not only you know will end his run of dominance in the east. It could and it is time again here Cleveland. And because it is. It will change for the foreseeable future of the depending on where he decides to go soul I would say the stakes are certainly it's about. Well I can't wait to watch it all America's gonna be watched at 830 tonight obvious he would gain six cats in Celtics. And the Celtics gonna try to close it out if not have a game seven this weekend. In Boston at the TD garden and Mike Reid's gonna be on the call alongside Mark Jackson Jeff Van Gundy. Mike it is always a pleasure and that's the luck tonight at Agricole okay. I.