Middays On WFNZ: Stan Norfleet Previews The College Football Season

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Wednesday, July 18th
Will Kennedy and Chuck Howard talk with ACC Network's Stan Norfleet to get his thoughts on Clemson, Miami, and the rest of the ACC.

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Please he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy can chalk power. New deal on the road in this case we've taken to a hotel and up towns around the west of a candidate chuck Howard. Stand ore played his with a SEC kick off the immediate days if you will I feel vastly under threat. Clearly this that you aren't your style and. Grow so I'll amend the conundrum right now because. Technically were at home book were not and on normal location is sort of like go home road games ought to know how to go to drill spiritual. Until I could you rattle even though we. I think aren't the same thing I you know it should I Wear slacks today when I originally got dressed and put my shorts on. And then I had kind of like a T shirt thing guys that Noah gonna be a little bit more. Respectable. So you should apple owns just put the different the gun clam diggers. Otherwise it where is not your son that some of the day's I sure you can hold up a few days young. You have mass still early but I stamp that's what else Clark awhile letter to the rap are solid I saw it earlier DeMar DeRozan dysentery. Both players say OK oh hell no I'm not people its movie. Lou well things are your spurs what are the rules and do for you. We have seen himself in the playoffs yet. This group. Toronto. LeBron is go home. And we talk about this all the time no matter who would you hold more this woman earlier because well why do teams over react. There's something to be seeing it for consistency. You think Syria and motto is regretting right after LeBron Jeff lest he doesn't modeling clay does that's more important why are you over Americans don't best lineups. Because you know we know the NBA's changed right it's now spread the floor shooters like somehow Gregg Popovich. The old man. Is assembly in 1976 all star roster of midrange contested jumpers shoot from the front of the way meant and I don't make sure we got some of them think through them and we were targets stand or footers with a book Kennedy chuck Howard Libya could see from ACC kick off at chuck. Stand that the question that's got top of mind at that we all know the answer to that question is. Is anybody got a chance. Have made obviously the tigers on paper stand as we all know it was talking about their defensive line at they're talking about the greatest defensive line never I would say. Pump the brakes but they are there big guts of challenge. But you know you've seen it I've seen it in maybe this is might as I mentioned earlier by South Carolina Gamecocks. Thought faithful this coming hour we've seen this before where there is so much hype. You know but you know I guess the hype is warranted but. There could be some speed bumps along the way I mentioned the game get a and M game earlier odd it's not a conference game so has nothing to do with the with the conference but. You know I guess we look at Miami and Florida State are the you know only two teams that probably legitimately have us a chance of slowed things down. Yup it's a one horse race over here in Atlanta coming it is it's Clinton and and it's everybody else. I'm not so high on the Willie Taggart movie doesn't mean I don't like the higher I just need to receive more. He's changing these charcoal Joseph how to wanna play your Florida State we know they got players. But they're down they don't have the experience the Florida State especially on defense knocked Tamika is a beast Duckworth Fredricka. It looks like black men is going to be the quarterback Gus despaired the office of my was in shambles for the last but six before delving Cooke bit their problems on the O line. Can tanker its energy. Motivate that butch to play a blow bigger it is you know hardest thing works guys. Clinton Florida State way. Week 9 October 27. The problem is is in the battle yet in those guys you rarely rarely now Pete got him a couple of years ago and they have found that. I just don't see how Clinton takes there I was also surprised knowing that's what all those guys came back to school to do. Well what about all the chatter in regard to the quarterback situation down there. There's no way he doesn't go Kelly Bryant to start obviously be foolish not to go to the burn these kids beat created controversy right that maybe you don't need to ensure our runaway. Now there again I'm down in Atlanta and Austin station until now on the game and we're having the same conversation with Georgia. For write them also and so here's where I think both coaches do build out Sabin and apple. Rude you can play four games and not lose your shirt right now so he can prove Rachel aren't out there are four solid days yet give a silly doesn't train is satisfied Russia and grace and have it ready and have member of the case Kelly Bryant's ankle flares over gamers something to also with him this is going to be a big translate into any particular pride you have golf defeats than each year but you locals don't do what they do. Clinton's goal this year sure beat all Peyton Manning. Give up. Give up on somebody 141720. Points and just unleash that he has lit the defense go Bhutto's. Yeah that let them take over the game so if you Clinton is clearly the top dog in this case and they're gonna run away with a potentially. We'll look at some of the other story lines that and we talk about Miami and you know Mark Richt there which team are we gonna see a real seed ten. First games of the wins they ran off we'll see what happens down the stretch. Is do you really back and then the other Florida T know Willie Taggart to get you guys tower today hit the ground running. Plus our governor spent about with a T and they don't know how vocal I've been especially about the the broke his vehicle were the big hits its own you know I'm always say today may anyway because this report anyway. Not Willie Taggart has shown he can do you win seven of private organ. You got athletes out there. He's yet to coach in a bowl game he always leaves to take the next job before he coaches in the bowl game so I haven't seen him when the lights are brightest that's important for me. I've even though you know everybody is writing Tallahassee and it'll be super bright Intel has not so that direct other Soviet. You're doing the appropriate. Focus group over here and Miami I am buying and have ball Mark Richt stuff from day one. That's just an excellent football coach now. Does your weapons now to get their facilities the other sounds like they indoor facilities will be ready to go by a fall camp Mark Richt started their campaign with a million dollars of his own money. He's got a quarterback. I don't think Corvette was that bail out the Al rajoub was solid. Pets liberal blogs and I disagree coach Rick benching him. In the Pitt game at the end of the year yet I didn't like that I thought that that disrupted the continuity that they have built their whole year. He's got some gas back on defense some locals three run back a bigger plan ago since they were true freshman at secondary squads also returns. The big guys guys and then recruiting class comes in Miami. They can be ready to go what I say before we thought Wisconsin original here. Boo last time I saw Miami. It out in the bowl game and here's some very looks so good. Yet leave you with a impressive was was one you don't you don't you don't want it retails in a role. And move to secure its that would definitely I mean it was I want a cult I don't wanna called a collapse but it was dang near close down the stretch and yeah. Who will Obama let them off the hook over here break murder stadium in this regard. That was an experience Clinton team that had been to the mound talked before and may you. What tiger environment they were about to go create. I've played in games where sometimes made you just go out there you talk though that we simply the same thing. Some nights it's just not sure not that I'm jumps in and the constantly rounds that I wondered it. That's not open it gives I would if I was in a third box over to click birds they are you watching this game last year assembly rosier has. May be with DJ doubts wide open down the same it's there. And he throws a straight up in the air it was a missed opportunity after another missed opportunity there's a fumble on the ground could be anybody's ball. Clinton jumps thought it was just one of those games got away from that do you say it. You weren't going to be that Clinton team that night so until I see somebody Britain thrown. They closed little bigger house off the prize every now and again. Well let's talk about. Coaching hot seats we just saw coach Fedora go into the main ballroom here. A couple of other guys. You know. Dino papers of course Syracuse. You know I'd I don't know if that job is ever going to be a job anybody let's take anymore how did this time yeah yeah. I don't know if you know that those cars and even had he gets it right OK but you know how about to get a coach Johnson down and it'll laying up. You'll what does he have to do I mean is there any chatter about him down in Atlanta this bill. War song. He signed two year extensions so he's basically on this year in two more. You just can't go in recruiting we're one year remaining on the contract makes no sense coast Johnson is there an unprecedented territory for him. This will be its eleventh season and he's now missed bowl contention to the last three years that ever happened before however. In the ACC among active coaches he's got the fourth prize winning percentage over that span of time. Coach Johnson and coach are absolutely not he brings over may have worded defense coordinator formerly of app state. I've made that switch and we weren't from George wells hall of fame coach to Al groh going from before three based features to our foreign going to a 34 how will be key it's just so. Don't know we got to find out well offensively and Georgia Tech is my sleeper so no I don't think we'll Johnson is on the hot seat nor shouldn't be. George's check of my sleeper in the coastal. When we see coach Johnson went a veteran quarterback in a bitter back feel that you look at those does not strike they've got a left guard it's going to be early round draft choice they go all stopped class marathon folks for a Georgia Tech can win the coastal the least compete political they're good they're better than most people think they went off this. They've regressed a little bit armed and our duty to me from. They got a completely rebuild it defense which is close not whose export trade that's what he does. We noted wanna run the football they've been able to do that in spurts I do like the quarterback. I'm just I think there a couple of years away clearly. Did not do DC does not he's got trapped I don't think for Dorsey decide. In my naive guys you tell me. I've been I don't know I mean I I think build build proof they Wii or 39 last year. I mean if they are they a seven win football team. I take a quick glance at this schedule. One win two wins. Three wins such massive thrill four wins I mean cure a lot of we're at the fight to 500. Is that a bowl years Europe Osce bowl eligibility so he keeps his job with a bowl if any gets a Mulligan for last year yet have you guys ever seen that though the money Israel that that in one season at what point from the coaching Qaeda were talking about it on their onetime. Last year on ACC blitz. I've never seen twenty plus scholarship players injured. It just doesn't happen one time. I've never seen Eva Eva at a football school in the traditional football and our. Don't get a motive for that neither stand nor sleet hit the hardest hit some sports knowledge with a country relative measurement always well dressed. I need people Brooke walking around large enough that they've had time you have comical if something goes we have to pass that we got. It was well run down Iran itself behind her is now now we're. Run them through resident self heating and I'll let you know what's coming up I got arguing that. Nine year old Abel let's that the government Clemson Miami part through security at British sailors eager to broad unity jock Howard who hit W Evans the acting ACC ticked off. Westin hotel in uptown Charlotte. Now we are powered by ortho Carolina stay with us. The they're receiving a check I did did you divert my AC/DC hello guys that this relative to this goes back a. Two. She's a wanna say Lille coliseum was still a fun little road. I'm gonna say was maybe 2000. Somewhere around there 2001 or whatever. And you know what sometimes happens in our business over the years I mean we have. They did a piece in our ears or headsets on and let you know forever. And prior to the concert two weeks before. I think there's still live shot or something. And somehow the audio tech blasted. It did it was an accident wasn't intentional. And so I was still would to see any year doctor or whatever I was concerned. About my hearing. So. We had tickets for AC DC we go in but I wind in with cotton in my year S at the end you're putting cotton in your ears it's like. Plugging your ears air or having your ears plugged or whatever it just everything sounds like Charlie Brown softly teacher it's so unfortunately. AC DC comes on anyways just as you can imagine. Loud is can be in so mrs. Howard tonight unfortunately had to leave after about four songs just simply because. It probably wasn't. Good for my. Future hearing in health so you know maybe till they come back would do the. Timers Stewart like everybody else is due and I'll go check amount I have one of those almost famous moments heat wave before that back in the eighties AC DC coming around to go to a concert I was in my teens. And we're still yes it was back in the day when standing room you know down the lord just you kind of stood and major way forward. And others distinctive odor this trip out. And I got this really Burt wrote an older couple near me was just apparently decided like hey kid tab at the solar won the past me Stockton and just like. Wow what is going on here yet but that's AC DC for you but they have their final leg is done do whatever they've been doing it for forever. Gotta watch that hearing meant which explains why you yelled are a lot of shots that they're clearly established this or earlier they'll fiddle with Ricky period. It's easy. Kick off base EC media days at the Westin and uptown Charlotte book unity check Arab young W effigy powered by ortho Carolina by the way guys. The radio dot com app is the official. New home of W effigy download that today you can listen to us any time. Anywhere to not just radio car or do you still got the radio at home account I've bedside table alarm clock whatever it is I do with computer when your work. When you do whatever it is you're doing in the home we just got extremist group to group that heavy everything streaming out chuck everything. Now the unity and it's a different world my friend all your stuff out there what you don't what is cool about streaming. Is. I've got. Buddies back and homeland college exact buddies all across the country arc shooting a cent so get it it's it's. It's really cool and ask a question that kind of related to that little bit you know we've seen other conferences whether the SEC. With their own network sees schools like my Texas Longhorns to do the Longhorn Network to the ACC's got their thing go it. And that's part of the thing Dahlia college sports is finding these other avenues it's not just on your network TVs in your ESPN's. Now you can stream games and other places at a college football much like the NFL much like the other major professional sports. Is looking for those new avenues were nowhere do you feel I don't get to power rankings of the of conferences and all that. Aside from that ACC. How do you see them kind of stacking up there are they going the right direction when it comes to. Keeping track you know keeping pace with some of the other coverages with this kind of stuff with the media days and streaming it trying to have its own identity. Yes and I think. You know is a per from a perception standpoint. Thought Clemson has certainly helped it. He helped the ACC. With them being so highly ranked the last couple years winning a national championship playing for national championship the third. ACC is right there top three. You know with the Iranians we all know SEC is there than forty billion a Big Ten after that NN probably ACC. I would say is hierarchy ghosts. Yeah I mean it's one of those things worried though you we kind of know who's at the top most the time in May be considered Big Ten. Chips away at the SEC yes he's been the big dog who's a that's because Al delicate docking with clubs at. But yet ACC certainly improving and as we've talked about FSU of Miami where those programs rise back up you know that the rising tide lifts all boats in the you have more. Competition. It's great to have a dominant team that you play for national championship year in Europe but I think as a comfort you want a little more parity you want other teams that are in that conversation as well. What do you think you can awards ACC stack up for you with the other conferences do you think they're going the right direction let us know buildings that are text like. 70457096. Table to open up some of those were decent event. Also the Carolina pool tables Twitter feed is always open for business. Had to be after the FC Howard's support pat will give you news at middays on W after the Carolina pool tables lost. They other ones you want to reach out to TV to pool table you wanna pool table the house something to keep the kids busy on a weekend night or those dog days of summer when they're glad I. Nothing to do it silent. That goes go shoot some pool kit work on your game so you can keep. Mommy and daddy got supported with later you've done do like Tom Cruise and Paul Newman and the color of money right out of apostle for some cash at unbelievable also around the country I don't know probably a little safer in your home phone home care ought to pool tables plus they'll ditch you covered all the advice. That you need to know how before you buy it. New or used pool tables they're the local experts note tricks. No gimmicks they've just got the knowledge you can find them. 4445. East independence boulevard they also have a location. In Columbia check out Carolina pool tables plus our good friends and they sponsor. Our Twitter feeds of his up on Twitter as well. We're gonna get into a little bit of discussion we had yesterday with one Harold barter the third local PGA golfer a guy who's gaining some. National recognition with play and we we think he's not go to the British Open or the open championship as the thought of there. What do throw the cusp of being a guy that we we think that is winning tournaments but to get these majors and make a little boys will kind of recap and talk a little bit about our conversation with Carol this today. We also are trying to get. Big magical. Yeah we got up from 1 o'clock we're to talk to nick of course wanna college World Series championship. Was top pick for the Chicago White Sox went up near the top of the mentally Jeff. He'll be at least part of the canal was it to bidders now probably how fast track to move his way up pretty quickly kids act of a player. And there's a little bit at the local connection with USA baseball want the coaches here worked with him a little bit. We'll get into that will get a check our review WF Lindsay we are powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome to more than my friend. Go on. Great man great to hear from me and like I just said to you earlier this morning we hate that you not the British Open but I know that you ride on the cusp I mean you you've finished fifth at the green bar McBriar six at the John Deere last week so and now 104. In the set ex cup standings top 125 move on the playoffs even though I know your bungee not to over a crew across the big pond. You gotta be happy with your game. Yeah how important some good golf this. They need just excited being contention that they. A goat play for you know that's that's Wallach foreign. That's a great opportunity you know all of the Michael Kim played unbelievable. So that was just made it tougher. Yeah so Kevin not certain. Guys that I'm super excited. Harold Varner the third with a sonar tech become a gas line. Herald that you you've talked about can't deny and then the last week Tim just win off how frustrating is it or is it one of those things where you look at the leaderboard and say well I'm not gonna win this thing you need just I guess you all are just playing for second -- this gotta say hats off to somebody goes off like that. Yeah I mean I don't I've just got to play better you know he Monday and now I would never these. I get frustrated and Matt but I. Josh can appoint a big off yet that is what fun way to. To beat that person and or lower towards him I'm excited about the challenge. Errol Barnett with a solitary become guess side. It is a situation is for those of us who play call it a much different level you're always trying to work on something what about for you guys and I know you spent a lot of time on the range Lotta time work on the pudding is there anything in particular pitcher focusing on right now. Not parting coming haven't hit it pretty well like earlier and just. If I'm not putting bad cook outs and didn't attention but you know yesterday Archie a few more parts. To you know really do some damage. Not not a great you know thing and it's going in the right direction what she worked for. Great early this year Europe that like what is going our. I'm getting better and I'm excited about. When things are going well Digisette mean that you spent time price a work on the putting a little bit do you do you kinda not think too much about everything else what is going right. Our I don't think about anything whether I'm playing bad or it's. Gonna included I just about. It is going to be your job and just enjoy there is a great. Opportunity every weekend or do you believe that they can go to bigger things. Harold Varner was this on the Internet come guy slides former shores view high school standout east Carolina pirates are you got a lot of I guess I should say that a lot of play on social media following. The Greenbrier. And is the ease soon as you got home on Monday air lease he would do your parents oust top grade on the lawnmower in unlike maybe some of the bigger stars on the tour UN mode and mom and dad's yard talk about there and did you get a new one more from John Deere. Com. I don't go to known ought to do it all thought that I have Monday com home Monday come on Tuesday. If I get an opportunity now motor on. I did yesterday. I don't really think much of its not like it up and I think that's what you're supposed to it is so it's not the area. Shouldn't be so surprised that's what I caught me off guard him John Deere is that there or directly to me out sums super. Super thrilled about baton. Oh I get so be Baltimore's. Well it wouldn't be too bad if you ended up with a nice bright green bagged to carry around what it. So if you got a pretty if you know what I'm tried to say I you could follow Harold garnered the third it HD three underscore golf. I'd Twitter and Terrel talk a little bit about something that I know that you you know you you stayed pretty humble and I know you really appreciate where you're mad Jimmy he's still like you know everybody can tell what type of guy you are right you still thinking about your parents been Andy I know you sealed so thrilled to be where you're at you wanna give back as well talk a little bit about The Herald Varner foundation that you started up. Aren't yet I'm I'm super excited about it aren't good program the most excited about com. Just trying to get back to kids. You know exactly where or when I was com. Florida playing golf when I was growing up you know you could an army courts are harder bought from June 1 until. September Archie played Monday it is Friday. What of that membership fee of utter spots in I think. You know I didn't realize how did outlawed until you know Altidore got on tour and I hear kids that are what they asked if you apply at a much Acosta quiet. And you know that's my goal of the foundation it's well first start daughter not spot. There are what do what do what they are all what he did in the gulf you know all Walt why do bill played all go to the golf course beyond. A lot of the first C and everything about it but I hate. I think they kitchen give reduced go to the golf course and learn. You know you're gonna learn from some hard running by you know. All the way to really got some pot is it's such an outlaw it. It's a game for a lifetime and I'm. His game four like Tennessee isn't you know gain he learned young and play Trevor. Yeah exactly so then what are they you know like. Our wind game gets started it on one basketball court which is kind of weird and they closed down they'll want CAA in downtown guest artists such as. You know they're not as much opportunity and he came at. You know I don't whatever on the compare like all made he made it PGA tour has dominated this in VA like that's not what I try to do here I'm just trying to make it to where it hit them the opportunity event that's. I had so much opportunity and I want to give our kids that opportunity and it. This is what actually fit sponsors like art when you don't like on the facilities have a facility but it. I think we're gonna make it work on it I'm trying to do it I think if things are. Big Dig to have used some of frontiers to disperse in the summertime and at a school would keep them busy and keep a focus herald barter the third is with the military to come guess I'll WS Lindsay is bigger opportunity. Let's talk a little bit about the Jordan brand and this is that the deal owner of the hornets an icon in sports and in business as well uncles and be aware of that stuff and add to that lets you design. Our it's also. Obviously a lot of people IQ I like it just. Not yet not a great opportunity. I don't need to do not much but I get to did choose the color which is not permitted. It's kinda cool and I I enjoy it I. Didn't really know much about that Jordan shoot like actual Jordan bath tortured like our most rewards are casual to orange juice. And then my routes they want I got in the brandy you know able to read and see why shoot there's certain ways and that and you that you know they are a lot I wanted to Wear this why did they designed it this way what was thought here. It's critical of this equipment that they apart of it I. I'm looking forward to you know edit Opel it rep Smart grid at a critical. Few more minutes away and our very own Harold bar in the third a PGA tour budding star witness on the ticket come gas line I do will and I yesterday Harold kinda touched on this we're gonna talk about it a little bit more today with the British Open getting you know rolling on Thursday. Yelled this is the time your sports fans golf fans we like to kind of throw out there what is the most. This a cult. Major. Championship that I wanna from me. Player's perspective now you haven't played in a masters yet you've played in the US open you played in the open championship PGA championship as well and you played in the really well. At the players championship now when you're in the locker room from a player standpoint what is the toughest major. In your mind is it the steal the of players number of club players from the world or is that the golf course or is it a combination or doesn't do you not care you're just in a major let me go play. Com. Nick did very good open look all our. I made that poised quote. Well. Yeah I think the golf course you don't really think about the players you know are there actual task is. But of course it was they edited beat it beat me down or not. Good deal all came in their congratulations. On your success so far India to keep their role and we want to you know make the FedEx cup playoffs the next there the cut off for the first round of the a FedEx cup playoffs the Northern Trust open August 23 you're a 104200. And forth as I said currently in the standings keeper Roland man keep in touch and enjoy your time off this week. I will they think perhaps they didn't. Our Macy's. Kick off party media day is what every one of college but this is the place to be. If you wanna talk college football the ACC if you wanna pick up by your immediate guide your old school media guides. The Bible college football if you will for your particular school. Tucker so much information you get like the ACC because it's over it's its formation overload you get the conference one you like it and honestly I'm somebody can hear my son. Obviously nice to seventy he loves that kind of stuff he loves like we go to a night's game. Or Major League game or hornets game repaired this did he wants all the stats he wants to read through that the game got to act and it's one of those exhibit kind of marvel I think back. Was not that we want them like yeah yeah a lot like kind of one of all the information like you did did you real card collector. I don't know what I was in my younger but my next youngest brother. Had a fabulous car collection which actually somewhere in my house like I have now he's the biceps elect the whole years. Sets but I mean I've worked the sports offices with the guys in TV. Who keep these things for years and years that you did you like all they go back to the idea of the 1995. Auburn media guide or whatever it was I was like. I quite know that I ever got to that level. But but they are they're amazing they're they're slick in there well done in the anything he ever wanted nobody any player about the program all that kind of stuff there the place to find. Yeah absolutely and for. You discover thinking about collecting cards and things like that RIA. I think. Most of us if you're sports nut you probably did up to to a certain age and I want to say I probably stopped collecting cards maybe. You know in in my early teens but there was a game we had growing up called. Pearl football draft. And you remember that this is free. Fantasy oath yet Ed but noisier and you would you would do future football cards and then you would. Compete with your buddies in regard do who had itself I digress I often late I often do you. Guys have been on the building surtax I hit it's doubled at 70457096. Tim we were talking earlier about you know you like the ACC as far as for the conference's. With some of the stuff they're doing not just the media days because you have. Have to do that. Keep to keep pace with the joneses keep up with the joneses if you will whether it's the SEC the Big Ten the big twelve pack you pac twelve what are coming teams in the pac hundred now. The second attracted just keep batting out there on the West Coast which gave you you gotta you gotta maintain if you wanna track immediately what the media attention you gotta put on an event like this. And one of the other things as we're seeing college football like so many other sports. Shifting focus a little bit I mean they're still huge on CBS and ABC fox and all the networks ESPN's Soledad the Ochoa. All that kind of stuff BBC just about every game right and there's all these you know not niche but that the smaller sport CBS sports big and all these kind of things. But now the networks like the ACC they're put there to put it out there are other platforms whether it's a grant or Twitter. Or FaceBook and at W or you know to accidents and that you know that AC student wrote ACC is doing a real good job on. It's the Grammy Twitter not so much up FaceBook and asking why we streaming it here rather than there so that's personal preference what platform you like. But this is where it's going and you and I having worked in local television. We've seen this he see this coming for awhile. That it's not it's not your father's sports landscape anymore and I know you and by the way. Hop hop on the buildings that are text line with death it's the old guys in the mid day and I yanking yank it. And we we're a little bit older it was season where veterans shots. Better that's such as stupid comment if if if approved you know we get off chuck thought well now it's it's it's stupid. Anyway. You're old station. Mild TV station. The days of college football games being and local TV. Our goal but I would I would I say local teams being on local stations are gone because. Have state. But only thing out of school we would not visited web state when I was at fox 46 sat down hate. We loved it may be carry some of your football games you got to grab the top right you got to grab may be a deal with whatever conference that schools will it will that's where it's. They're used to be a time we could negotiate with the school where they might have clearly got a couple about a conference games we can have. You know on your hair which you know ESPN three or ESPN whatever you wanna call ESPN plus. That's where all your they're not all your games ago on the you can catch a game. Anywhere now they didn't. To your point. And I think you know you're gonna this is not the horses out of the bar. It's not gonna go back to the other direction and you're still gonna seed. You know the prime SEC match up on CBS on Saturday afternoon right you're gonna see Tennessee and Florida. Alabama Tennessee over the game is those network deals but the come up for renewal something like that I think for a while we're gonna see that at least. But if you you know you can follow whatever team like the Sunday ticket. If you wanna follow your particular NFL team now you can do that would possibly can stream the games he can get that you your school's. It's not just football be your other sports do you can stream this stuff. As of this conference they see see if you wanna compete with the big boys if you wanna continue for that revenue you have and a change your game a little bit mix it up and so you know people lobby. Fans basked veto a lot you know what's the deal with that you know the kick off for the media days whatever it is you know. What wire people even interested in that. But this one not know where we articles where we're in the media area but the FCC which it did for years we've. Fans would show up it was like a rock you know rock concert to try to get autographs and nick save as a head and I think the SEC got a little crazy because. They had added Hoover Alabama where I was still Alabama centric you know I think that's. Where you had people. Camping out you know in the lobby I mean I've have been downstairs yet I don't know if there's any fans waiting for anybody's autograph but. You know you and I mean that's and that's the thing I. Uptown Charlotte little different right that Hoover who put them there in a lot of ways trust me folks come when you know the fact there's other stuff going on but. You know people are interested in their team and they wanna kind of know. What are get a prediction they wanna get a coach doc they wanted the players talking this is a great opportunity. And here's the point chuck bit the fact that they scheduled these six perfectly down. Right after the Major League all star game right before training camp to start and you see all these conferences do their things in this little window this little July window win. They can grab the spotlight. They can get the attention they get the guys for the networks ESPN and everywhere else that to cover this work but there to retrieve any note. Stuff is going to come out of this. He somebody's gonna step on the wrong things that the unthinkable prediction. You'll slip of the tongue whatever it is and and you're gonna get some media fodder on these. I haven't heard anything you know like that yet but today would get another day and a half. And we're gonna prove you were not sitting at some of the rooms of these guys are passing around. No no so you know it did. Larry Fedora met earlier on now with coach Johnson swung by hear from Georgia Tech you're not with us but he was out here. I speaking with some media members and of course we have coach cut cliff on very early this morning reds due to start our show so. It's often rolling in there as I said at the top of the show football. Is certainly. In the air. The ACC big history of BAC Silva you've been here you've covered this as this conference has grown and it's developed. I mean many moves were made throughout the years you go back to FSU of Miami joining the conference and he'll bring in and Syracuse is so. It out looking out of an outside team is pretty clear certain moves are made. Hey this is a great move to strengthen us on the basketball side if you bring in Syracuse you know what might be good for Syracuse football wise. Yeah this is a great move to strengthen us on the football side to bring in a Florida State or Miami but it it that may be good for those schools basketball programs to be in the ACC. You're opinion jock as somebody's been around Washington he'll look those kind of marriages bring it and some of these other programs that work traditional ACC schools. Has that worked. For both conference and I think can hands in you know I was say at first blush like everybody else. Are you can't put Syracuse in here you can't put Boston college and here it just didn't seem right a big time schools are well. You know big east big big you know I always kind of felt like the ACC was a southern. There lives to redo the southern base. Conference and then you know who is don't want those guys at down here but. I think as time goes on is safe thing with it coming in as well. I think the marriage has worked. It's probably worked better for the conference overall that it has maybe four pit. Or CN it was Syracuse is you know basketball wise they're gonna be okay it has kind of been hanging holding their own. Boston College a bold sports has been. And let you know we can't always just think about football and basketball we got to think about. You know I'm really like Yale law or there yet no all the women's sports is always a dryers they see he's very strong in his wealth. And Abby and I and I think the footprint. Did exactly what I saw offered no in the guys wanted to do because you're going clear from Massachusetts. All the way down to the tip of Florida so what is impressive and you know I think it was definitely the right move. To make you had yet they had to. And I know we're talking at the board out because this is the ACC football kick off the media days and in the conference plays football championship here at Charlotte you know the Bank of America Stadium. I know there's a lot of backlash from a lot of people about moving the basketball term and up to vast square garden but as you mentioned it's the back. You know it's it's that you get that New York exposure. Houses they get as you were talking like do we miss Merrill. You know the those kind of things that conference has changed quite a bit the last couple years. It and so and it's probably going to there's you know it's not like it used to be team is coming go they get better deals they make decisions based on. You know whatever it is that particular school and your feet. This is the ACC today the ACC ten years now available to different. Yet I'm not a 100% sure if Maryland is better off by making the move we all know why they did it. Has the ACC miss Maryland. I think there's still pop. There had been some traditional rivalries I think basketball especially if you miss it rarely dose of a draw for ugly as the poignant. Yeah it did but at the same time you know Maryland heads and decent football. No team nobody loses all of January it has so what's your point it's gonna happen but at the end of the day at the ACC probably. He's never been stronger. As a conference then they are today. Positioning themselves to continue to be so it you know it if if as we've touched on here Florida State Miami some of the schools jump up and join clubs that at that top level which is entirely probable possible. From the future looks incredibly black bright for the ACC a the other in the discussion already. If they could be that conference here in the ice it at the conference there they're there they may be the toughest they've got good top to bottom strength that's what they're trying to build the doing a nice job of it. Our next hour we will hoarding go. Hear from the west it ACC ticked off we'll Kennedy chuck Carroll Leo that we have the power about the Carolina at 150 were talking big bad your golf. Sean that can Apple's intimidate gators yes we'll get into that coming up.