Midday On WFNZ: Will Kennedy And Chuck Howard React To The Home Run Derby

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Tuesday, July 17th
Chuck Howard and Will Kennedy give their thoughts on the Home Run Derby. Plus PGA Tour Golfer Harold Varner III stopped by to talk about his career so far.

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Please he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy can chalk power. Brian and show you're amidst this in. It's all eighties all the time would shock tower in oil Kennedy got Tuesday morning one at all. Tuesday the forgotten day of the week where the weekend is now a memory in the next week and seems like a lifetime away below Kennedy and myself. We'll do our best to make sure that we make this Tuesday mid day. Is filled with fun and merry men I am chuck our you can follow me on Twitter and see Howard sports follow will will Kennedy news. And is always the man who runs this show Ryan shell they Ryan shell WFANZ. I must admit Ryan that was very quick on the draw this let folks know behind the scenes was goes on for some reason two minutes before the show I was humming that song. And then I said. Why in God's green acres of my coming village all it will say you really are weirdo and Ryan said we'll let me. Let me just make shocked look stupid again where you watching step Brothers last night no. Now a meter is a dollar. Effort strictly eighties jolts are saying all the only early Billy Joseph any Boomtown rats today. Indeed gone besides they do they have more hits on the we played yesterday I don't think so I think Gerald dead. Anyway here's what we have for you over the course of the next four hours herald Carter the third our local golf. Superstar will call him is gonna check in with a us around 1030 from the top of the mountain to a top of the mountain where he's. He's actually taking some time off for the tour but he sent into the mountains. To golf it's likely that the old saying the you eat the you don't have the Schuman the shoe makers. Sun never sleeps or some like tax. It's a bill until there not enough familiar with that at all. RS I know it's me the Shoemaker is not social work on shoes on his days off for some like that. I think the west who say the boy out of countries candidates are generally so. That's for sure. Sort of talk Carol about British Open and his fantastic season last night's home run derby we'll talk about there surely are did you see what new pair does owner David tepper did we'll tell you and also went up former minority owner of the printers did with his windfall from selling his share in the panthers'. At 1115. Nfl.com. At 1230. To talk about his rankings of the NFL running backs and let's just say Christian McCaffrey. Is not in the top ten and a 130 Mike Williams former Clemson great and current San Diego. I didn't. Did it again her hit an eight senior defense though not Los Ang Lee senior defense chuckle a couple of months ago we had Tre Boston who played for the Los Angeles Arnold. The humidity has said sandy your chargers when when now when he was in studio there oil leases should have stayed in San Diego NBA about the way Germans for something and I. Does that over my head today you're reference a lot. It's an anchorman reference are there you go get by the way on the Millicent I checked these somebody walked in just the right time during the hand office and I literally just got the car turn on the radio heard this. It doesn't stay out your flexible are you male gymnast. At its best and that is how we roll. Says Susan did all right so Mike Williams former Clemson great and current. -- chargers gonna visit with us the number seven former overall pick last year looking to bounce back from an injury he's got to camp near here do I Charlotte is in Europe down south Cadillac tee and so look at Ford talks but tomorrow I can with the ACC. I'm media days looming on the horizon willed a get his thoughts on his tigers billing center text line 7045709610. Carolina pool tables plus. Twitter feed well I guess the first thing on top of Germany's mine this morning in what they're talking about the water cooler for the most part the home run derby. We were talking yesterday about Bryce Harper pouting recently in a slump nationals fans frustrated with him Dave Martinez his manager frustrated with them for not running out ground balls and then he goes out. And it sometimes. Uncanny ironic how you know sometimes you say to yourself. You know not to its fix but it's amazing how the greats. Just when it's their time to show nine. They do sometimes do I just think back to like Brett Favre some of his performance is just came to the top commander Michael Jordan and then yeah you'd you'd have to consider Bryce Harper a great and he's you know in his home ballpark. It just unbelievable. Turned it on I mean it literally right there there was like a minute in the final round where he was he was down. Big time in and he's like ten home runs a catch up and in one minute time he just cranked at out. Was he cheating though that. That's the thing so you see this more or any of the rules it was very interesting 'cause yet this time limit thing. Think and literally guys had a what you had to wait for the ball hit the ground before the pitchers batting practice pitcher just over an excellent it was kill an act a lark from the Burris because he has these moon shot things into the years he's having to wait. The same Ersan Bryce Harper's dad who was bella too by the way whatever shoe policies use and on his beard. Fantastic I need to get some of that but then he may be at the end was not waiting for the ball to get into the seats that he was going and load up the next pitch irrelevant though because in the end Bryce Harper it's that bad flip by the way. Did you see it to hand bat flip in south kids don't try that. But that was good TV it was a good TV event. It was handled pretty well and I love the format because it doesn't unlike former in the past home run derby is he didn't allow you to sit there for too long to move pretty quickly. Well I was very entertaining probably did for me one of the more entertaining ones because they kept it going to pace was going and you throw in you know Bryce Harper in the hometown crowd I mean. He was down eighteen to nine went deep nine times in a span of ten swings to tie it at the end of regulation. And then drove the second pitcher bonus time over the fence to win it so I think after last night they should just cancel or postpone the All Star Games they were good. Sure good it means bars and dame again. It's got no we didn't get like through the stamp. Is and the judges of the world as some of those guys in the contest this year so some people were disappointed covenant I thought overall though. Historic look at you Hassell gets a little guys like out Greg Wesley Astro is and nearby as mean these are guys that are 510 to six feet or not the big sluggers I tell you what deleted from the Phillies Hoskins Reese Hoskins I mean. That kid's got some power but there are some bombs hit. And I mean stadium was full liberty stayed till the end for baseball because we've seen throughout this year it's been struggling some people the ballparks ratings have been a little bit of an issue. I think that was that was the right tone lass I think keep that roll into the back half of the season and it's good for the game. All right so then let's move to tonight will you stay glued fer four and a half hours tonight. That's a tough one I guess for me I always wanna see the beginning of it as a baseball fan you know you wanna see Max Scherzer could you see some of the big names out there. That I hang in all the way through dugout. Other different games cause maybe you know what does it even goes one way or the other pretty quickly obviously have a favorite team and you gotta wanna see your guy play brace as well see Freddie Freeman. I didn't do badly. Last night not really his thing. Kind of Freddie Freeman in the home run contest seemed a little. A little weird but it's good to have a brave in there but you wanna see you know he embraced as you're excited about what's going on with them this year as your fan. Of another scene yankees Dodgers Dorsey your guys Red Sox but yet it's at least they can be good games I just don't know that I hang in all the way on Tuesday night. Yeah it was hard to believe did last night it was the 26. Home run their read we spoke about a briefly you. The handoff yes it was Garcia and Bailey but to there have been some very entertaining ones and as we discussed you know there's nothing in a home run that. Is the you know the epitome policy epitome of sports but it's health it's the touchdown. I'm always dollars or not. That I think last night it was the just the right mix and maybe you know what do. Maybe the best one I've seen just as far as the content the way it moved an exciting finish obviously giving guys next time it's one to you know to kind of walk off so to speak. And I love the Elvis who were talking about during the handoff yesterday it's awesome to see Javier Baez is older brother pitching to him you know. Price Harper's dad in there by the way with the guns. Somebody said impeached if he didn't win the contest is dead it was going to take my backhand and put the will open on a but he almost hit. Bryce Harper once or tries to pitch is simply no way it was entertaining to watch from that standpoint and I got a seventy year old son you know so it's kind of cool we watch it together we lost the end of it together and just to say and would that be awesome. So did you lure enough. Asking you a man who's thrown many of BP this is your son and you're doing it your daughter now did you learn in did you analyze and study Bryce Harper's dad. Yes inside out he was a little bit loose all over the place you know we did though they had the coolest thing Ryan you may have seen this too the Ford. That they were using on some of the swings I actually brought. My daughter and a one point to show work because they were showing a vigorous warmer you know with his swing and just everything was perfect and that's why. I like that Major League Baseball network NFL network guy NBA. From a coaching standpoint from if you got kids that play they're great tool sometimes to watch and learn things about the game Chris Davis price and watch it. They'll last night hitting two inches away from misty today. Are so still free to let us know your thoughts on the home run derby and will you watch the all star game tonight 7045709610. What do we come back to switch gears a little bit to talk about what Panthers owner new Panthers owner David tapper did yesterday which should give us quite a glimpse into the type of man he is it's midday on WF and C powered by ortho Carolina. This hour. Powered by Ford go Carolina. Plus effective and dale WS AZ powered by ortho Carolina I'm chuck Howard. My partner will Kennedy back begin would meet today many of you probably don't know a gentleman in the named John Coleman he's worked for the Carolina Panthers security staff since 1996. For a number of years see is mail on the main desk to the theaters offices. I met him a number years ago when about maybe ten years before our paths crossed again assay a couple of years ago any act it is of no time had passed since our previous meeting super. Nice guy just a wonderful gentleman. Well he had the same effect on new painters owner David tepper as mr. Coleman was one of the first employees the new owner met during a site visit. During the bidding process. Are telling can't there's dot Calabar Coleman he's a very people oriented and so my eyes he meets just where you're act. It was like he had known me forever according to this story and his way out of the building on that first visit temper made he asked Coleman's first business card will Coleman said he didn't have any. So yesterday. David tapper hand delivered Coleman. His very first business car. Nice you can see the video Panthers dot com and the joy on Coleman's face and I say mr. Coleman is. You know maybe you know mid sixties and I apologize mr. Coleman firm just guessing that this won't let you know that he's been with the pain it is for very long time and as I like to say. And it's an Austin a phrase I use a lot well it's the little things in life and I think. We got a really good glimpse into David tepper yesterday. Yeah absolutely I think you know you you wanna see that personal touch we've we've heard him is he's spoken he's talked about where he comes from his childhood you know how we got to where he is and it's it's pretty compelling story. This is just another minor thing chuck did that David tapper yes he's got billions of dollars yet he's a businessman at the highest levels. You still do it right you know the the boy he was in the press conference last week. Can this have been familiarity of the way he speaks to everybody. Not surprised to see him do that. And I kind of like the fact that we're seeing day we we kind of speculated. I still rarely does David tepper gonna spend his time down Miami. 'cause you know Miami's nice it's not a bad place to be announced just sell we sell stuff going on there. How much of all and is he gonna have day today in aids is the beginning but I'd like to see one of mean do you wanna see your owner around us was that first season and doing stuff like this. It's also turn some things over. Yeah with the team as well so it's a good balance right it's a guy comes at a clean house and people are gonna say why is this is cutthroat business. And all that so this is that softer side then human touch and I think people who know. No organization known people like this they're glad to see it. Well I think it represents and maybe a lot of listeners don't realize there there have been several members of the Panthers I guess you call it media department television department. Entertainment department that have been let go I mean a long time employees. And there are probably others that I'm not aware of so I think I'm. I guess the David tapper probably. Has remained in town may be well he can fly back as much as he wants to do every one stimulus Dion Mariah. And so you know he's he's getting down to business but what it tells me also will is either age. Targeted somebody within the organization very early on to give him a lay of the land and and who knows maybe Jerry did prior saying hey these are maybe some areas that I would maybe get rid of Purdue away when there's something like that but he. He's not wasting time and I'm messing in his right wrong or different because some of our friends. Have lost their positions and so you never wanna see that but I'm just saying it's it's obviously a sign of a different Tara. And Bank of America Stadium where you know some things that had gone on for a number of years are gonna go on it in regard to mr. Coleman. I'm not saying that mr. Richards Jerry Richardson didn't. Tree mr. Coleman would respect dirty thing like that I've done quite confident. That they had a very good relationship but maybe wasn't as personal as that may be David tepper is going to be would mr. Coleman. Yet I think it's one of those situations where we and we are just speculating here but if you're David tapper your business guy like touching you come in maybe you meet with a lot of people or maybe it's just a handful of people and it's informal this is kinda. Hey you know what you think workable where can be touched you know some things and improve some things in would you like to see changed but that's just the way business operates. Or perhaps. To David tepper called anymore send. Somebody like that who was with the organization it's a recently. And moved on does other things you know into the college level again Allen and ask him some questions about what. What would you change when he's got so he does know that a guy like David tapper with his business background he's been involved in. Nuke new companies and taking over companies those kind of things there's probably strategy the SE probably applies that to football to the NFL. And it may be as simple as this wind. You know the bidders said hey we would like to put a bid in for the team. Then they had to sign a nondisclosure agreement and then the Panthers gave them their financials to look over so may have been as simple as a spreadsheet balance sheet does showed various areas where may be there was more money being spent the world. Simply economics. Inning India again so and also can't there's related. And this is basically thanks to David tempers purchase of the Panthers the Charlotte nonprofit foundation for the Carolinas. Is thirty million dollars to the good today. The charity yesterday saying that Derek Springsteen close. Donated some of his proceeds from the recent sale of the team close was one of the minority owners. In a statement close said he and his family were very pleased to make against. Adding the success of both the team and the initial investment is a result of this community and we're committed to investing in the local nonprofits serving those in need throughout the Carolinas. Thirty million dollars nothing to sneeze at for one of our local. Nonprofits that help sell the need. Note David's Ebbers said that he wants his players to be involved in the community that he wants to be involved in the community whether he's here all the time. We're just his organization. And I think you know. He's he's just such as the guy get jockeys the kind of guy that is gonna put. His money comes nearly two hours bounces you know the words he says they're gonna be backed up and actions and financial as well so yes it is all teams and any city are just a huge driver of charity. Whether it's players foundations whether the team and I know. Yeah because I'm on the other side of the coin where you know you're more of that team as part of a charity organization a local organization and ask for things. And even if you want you wanna partner like that you what you want that team and orders to great job as well as as do many other teams across the country. Wealth tapper certainly will do his share but I thought it was interesting you know close got the news did a thirty million dollars much of his windfall that's a lot of from this sale. And that and that's kind of nice shoes. That's yeah that that's saying as a as a guy was you know people were involved in mind even at its minority ownership how much they value. That communities that they live event and that. I know sometimes out of town people come and and you know by teams don't we freaked out west are worried about losing the team. But the you know that's that was the great thing about the Panthers under Jerry Richardson one of the great things as you had these. Names we know minority owners at and they were very involved a militant you know Levine Daley's done as far as but the hospitals and children's things and it's just yes used to see that. Good deal love more cancer talk coming up throughout the show when we come back we're gonna check in with a Harold Varner the third out of gas stony his followers view high school making a big time name for himself on the PGA tour looks like he's gonna make the FedEx cup playoffs. We'll get a Harold the set the stage for a little British Open talk and also still to come NFL talked legal line let me on bell gets tagged by the Steelers. Does that mean he is the free agent market come next spring we'll chew into that just a little bit as well it's mid day on WA SNC powered by ortho Carolina. Once sports I get the support your right here everybody. Steve don't UFC's. Jamming away on a Tuesday. Since this man's life king. Midday and Debbie FNC powered by ortho Carolina. Chuck Keller will Kennedy would of course the British Open gets rolling bright and early on Thursday morning. This next gentlemen we're bringing on on our ticket come guess lying just barely missing a trip to Carnoustie that. While he wishes he was there he's on his way up to the mountains and take a relaxing few days and still play some golf herald part of the third Harold welcome good morning my friend. Our great man great to hear from me and like I is said to you earlier this morning we hate that you not the British Open but I know that you're right on the cusp I mean you you've finished fifth at the green buyer McBriar six at the John Deere last week so it now 104. In the FedEx Cup standings top 125 move on to the playoffs. Even though I know your bum here not to over a crew across the big pond. You gotta be happy with your game. Yeah how important the doll. Just. I didn't just decide to be in contention that they. A public plea for. That's Wallach boy in. A great opportunity you know all the Michael Kim played unbelievable. So that was just made its softer. You know so Kevin not. I'm super excited. Harold Varner the third with a sonar tech become a gas line. Harold do you you've talked about. Can't deny and then the last week Tim just win off how frustrating is it or is it one of those things where you look at the leaderboard and say well I'm not gonna win this thing you need just I guess you all are just playing for second and he's just got to say hats off to somebody goes off like that. Yeah I mean I don't I've just got to play better you know he Monday AM. You know how would never these that I get frustrated him that but. Just can't appoint a big off you know Davenport on the way to. To beat that person and had from one or towards him I'm excited about the chow. Errol Barnett will facilitate become guess side. It is a situation is for those of us who play calls it a much different level you're always trying to work on something what about for you guys and I know you spent a lot of time on the range Lotta time work on the pudding is there anything in particular pitcher focusing on right now. Mom parting I mean I've been hit it pretty well liked it and there's. If I'm not putting bad concept in contention but you know use chemical arch its usual plot. To you know really beaten damage. Not not a great you know thing going in the right direction what she worked for. Great early this year Europe like what is going our. I'm getting better and I'm excited about. When things are going well Digisette mean that you spend a dime bags or come upon a little bit do you do you kinda not think too much about everything else what is going right. Our I don't think about anything whether I'm playing bad or it's. Got it's wooded areas I've just about. It is going to be your job and just enjoy the great. Opportunity every week in what you believe there I think you're gonna be a good thing. Harold Varner was this on the attack to come gas line of former forest view high school standout east Carolina pirates. Are you got a lot of I guess I should say that a lot of play on social media following. The Greenbrier. And is the ease soon as you got home on Monday air lease he would do your parents oust top grade on the lawnmower in unlike maybe some of the bigger stars on the tour UN mode and mom and dad's yard talk about there and did you get a new one more from John Deere. Com. Certainly don't want to do it all it is have Monday com home Monday am on Tuesday. I get an opportunity out motor lawn. There yesterday. I don't really think much of it and let up and I think that's what you're supposed it is such not area. Shouldn't be so surprised that's what are caught me off guard in John Deere is that there were there a greater. Me out sub skipper. Super thrilled about patent. I get Obi Baltimore's. Well it wouldn't be too bad if you ended up with a nice bright green bag to carry around what it. If you had a pretty if you know what I'm tried to say I you could follow Harold garnered the third it ATV three underscore golf. Odd Twitter and herald talked a little bit about something that I know that you know you you've stayed pretty humble and I know you really appreciate where you're at Jimmy he's still like you know everybody can tell what type of guy you are right you know still thinking about your parents been Andy I know you've sealed so thrilled to be where you're at you wanna give back as well talk a little bit about The Herald Varner foundation that you started up. Aren't yet on I'm super excited about it aren't good program the most excited about com just trying to get back to kids. You know back to where it was when I was dom. Brought up for it all when I was growing up you know you could. An army courts are a robot from view and fired until. September urge you to play Monday through Friday. What that number could be of utter spots in I think. You know I didn't realize how did that what until he also talked out on tour and I hear kids that are what they didn't apply at a much off the quiet. And you know that's not my goal of the foundation it's well first start daughter that spot. In our what do what do what do they all wanted to sit in the gulf you know all Walt why is bill played all go to the golf course in Iraq. A lot of the first fee and everything about it but I. I think they're kids should be reduced go to the golf course and learn. You know you're gonna learn from some hard life but you know. All the way to really figure out of the pot is that such an outlaw it. It's an important I don't. His game four like Tennessee isn't you know gain eLearning unemployed Trevor. Yeah exactly so there are things you know like. Our wind game gets started it on one basketball court which is kind of weird in the closed down wants CA in downtown Estonia is such as. You know that they're not as much opportunity and it came at. You know I don't have on the compare like oh man he made its PGA tour this dominated in VA like that's not what I'm trying to do here on this try to make it to where think it's an opportunity and that's. I had so much opportunity and I want to give our kids the opportunity and this is what I see fit doctors like art when you don't like on the facilities or have a facility but. I think we're gonna make it work on some trying to do it I think if things happen. Big Dig have you noticed something for tears in his press in the summertime and out of school keep them busy and keep a focus or barter the third is with the military to come guess I'll WFAZ. Is it opportunity. Let's start a little bit about the the Jordan brand and this is the owner of the hornets an icon in sports and in business as well uncles and be aware that stuff and add to that lets you design. Our. So. Obviously a lot of people like it I'll like it just. Not yet not a great opportunity. I don't think there's not much but like it did choose the color which is enough for a minute. It's kinda cool man I enjoy it I. Didn't really know much about that Jordan's shoot like actual door and that's what you'd like mostly award the actual door and shoot. And then my doubts they want or got in the brandy you know Avery did you watch shoot there's certain ways then. That and you know that appeal and a lot I wanted to be where this wanted to design it that way what was the thought here. It's critical on the equipment that the apart. I look forward to you know wired or hopefully throughout my career that a critical. Few more minutes away and our very own Harold bar in the third a PGA tour budding star witness on the tech become gas line do will and I yesterday Harold kinda touched on this we're gonna talk about it a little bit more today with the British Open getting you know rolling on Thursday. So this is the time your sports fans golf fans we like to kind of throw out there what is the most. This a cult. Major. Championship that I wanna from a player's perspective now you haven't played in a masters yet you've played in the US open you played in the open championship PGA championship as well and you played in the really well. At the players championship now when you're in the locker room from a player standpoint what is the toughest major. In your mind is it the steals the of players number of club players from the world or is that the golf course or is it a combination or does it didn't do you not care you're just in a major let me go play. Com. Nick did there Europe opened our dvd. Recorders granted go. Out there but aren't we wrote another god put me it. Are made their poise. Yeah I think the golf course you don't really think about the players you know are there actual task and but of course. They edited beat it beat it down or not. Good deal all came in their congratulations. On your success so far India to keep their role and we want to you know make it a FedEx cup playoffs the next they're the cut off for the first round of the a FedEx cup playoffs the Northern Trust open August 23 here. They were ordered I am yeah. You got a precision man thank you Harold very cool guy very you know root for every time I am and in these really didn't comment on will and so. I yell like I said we've got we've got some guys on the PGA like Webb Simpson lives in town and we're and we are proud of all the damn these guys but he's really truly are homegrown guy. Go to guy you know comes up that way through the ranks of look some guys burst on the scene we've seen it was Rory and tiger knew the names gone. On hot college golfers like us of other guys it takes a lot of work their way into it and get comfortable on the tour with these other names mean this is the guy Harold part of of the thirty you see what he's doing when he see the improvement that green jackets big trophies like kind of stuff like could be around the corner forms. No doubt about it will continue little golf talk when we come back and also will discuss. Let me on bell and some of these other franchise players around the league it's a mid day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. It's he's got a. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. You don't. Money. You may. So there would be who leave John Bell urged Libya only. We took some artistic license and our friend Elton John is British you just can pronounce Libya when Leyland likes is my. Game. Welcome back to mid day on the WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina Josh Howard will Kennedy William Monday's deadline for signing franchise tag players. To an extension passed without. Any movement in the biggest name to not sign a deal was Steelers running back. Levy on bell. He'll play under the franchise tag in 2018 he. And his agent saying 2018 and I'll likely be his last season as a steeler. Do you think that's bull Oscar will Kennedy or is this is last year in the black and gold. The Steelers have played a game here it's a business thing right in the NFL I mean running back. Back that position you know what value do you put on it and he's making a lot of money I think like fifteen million dollars he's talking point for him if I get a franchise been around that for the last couple years so basically they've given him. A pretty big contract over the last three seasons or foresees including this one. He didn't get the early in either guaranteed money or India you know Trotter and that some of that kind of stuff but he. He's got to do all right but this is kind of with running backs especially we've seen this here we saw a train go totally. Wonder you know don't draft a running back. You can you basically bring in different guys and and get what you need out of that position. We got a serious when bullets are back the other way Weathers is a joy Elliott sick on Barkley this year you know running backs back in the top five and an account of how. Hotter commodity Chris McCaffery go and embrace the Panthers. Catch becomes money you know what he what do you wanna pay a running back. Because we know what you value that position in relation to other positions Levy on Bell's been fantastic for the Steelers a huge part of making. That's really good offense ago but she see when they're down which is we're not giving you a long term contract. Will play this game will play this franchise tag game. Well what the Steelers reportedly offered to pay bell was seventy million over the next five seasons. Thirty million over the next two seasons. In five years or five seasons bell has amassed 5336. Yards 35 touchdowns while landing. 2600 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. So. In oh era buildings I didn't do the math to break it out but opt. Front loaded on a contract hit a bit more than did the Steelers wanna pay the position isn't as opposed to playing the players. And that's the thing you can't get into that right that the Panthers fans you know all about the especially the running back position you saw that was one of the failed falls Marty turning the first time around was you give running backs these contracts and many injuries to Ken lay a later career productivity tails off. It is almost and possible fine examples of me there are few allies but it is so rare for an NFL running back later in his career and and you know depends on what age they start targeting those carries out the guys just don't. Have production after thirty. I was after 328 in that neighborhood is he can't pay guys and that's that's one of the issues with sports is but it probably eleven on those 120 set exactly but so your mature look at this as a where's the cut off if we give him a contract for the next two years this front loaded it is that argumentative that it's you know. Us that there you know especially is that a lot of carries in those 5000 nearest sports context are notoriously they pay for past production. Not for future projected production production and that's just the way it works. And nine times out of ten. Win. These teams over pay for free agent NEA is it never really. Pays off I mean the you know we I guess that all deceit comes down to the owner what do you want to do do you all right thanks for the great job you've done I'm probably not gonna get their return but it's it's kind of betrayed Oscar. And so you know it's it's a catch 22 but the Steelers have never really. In my mind necessarily over paid it seems like the everybody has felt that they didn't fare. And they beat the Steelers have burned there is running backs before Levy on bell they've gone through quite a few of them they have clear blocked and there are you know not that long ago and you think back to Dan Morse and other guys through the years. You know it Eveready chases this franchise in the NFL that's at the top of the mound so to speak so it was a bit over the past decade plus has been the patriots. Namely the patriots running back you know we deprived pull out a few days because we're sports guys but they have not had. They do to running back a war course if you will look like Olivia. Bell and it's worked for them. They've built their office around having a stable of guys she kinda know little bit about they're good they're good in their scheme to catch them on the backfield. Leon here. The goal line blocks the guys that serve that role for the couple times. And they don't value deposition to pay that position they're gonna spend their money elsewhere. And it seems with the exception of maybe the quarterback position. Whenever a player. Gets that big. Contract. They never reached the numbers they did prior to that contract to do ours is worth a look. Here's number a number of factors age come in and tell you always wonder you know psychologically when that player gets that huge pay day today. Consciously shut it down maybe not intentionally. Just seems to work out. Yeah I just kind and that's what I'm saying it's usually based on what you have done not necessarily what you will do and that's part of the whole money ball philosophy and analytics in sports that is you know frankly it's creeping into every sport whether it's football baseball basketball etc. that you know now these these young guys these these Ivy League educated in some cases are coming in their crunching the numbers and they're starting to look to say you know. This is this is where you project this is what we think this is what you'll do over the next. X years in your career and teams are being a little. A more. In a savvy with that kind of stuff on OK this is a loss for you based on those numbers where they're easy I used to be you had a great three years and give you big fat contract and then teams are digging holes for themselves. But they can't get out of and we have been there we've done that. It is so either that bad to me over the last Ossetia isn't really an interesting thing position in the NFL is where do you value running backyard teams do it. Drastically differently since some diesel say look at them the Broncos the rock as a great example they never draft a running back cut. At Terrell Davis. Al for more a sixth round guys sometimes undrafted guy CJ Anderson they have great success but they're not names were taken anywhere address. Other players tag yesterday with a franchise tag in Dallas the Marcus Lawrence defensive end Detroit. Zeke and soc. Now with a rant earned him with the rams safety. LaMarcus Joyner and with the dolphins Jarvis Landry so well all I ask you this out of those floor if they become free agents next season. Who do you want to fantasy gets. It's rebel in there. Even though. You know. Is this a leader give Lewis his stimulus can discern the Marcus Lawrence defensive end does Zeke inside defensive end LaMarcus Joyner safety. And then Jarvis Landry wide receiver probably daughter's safety just because that's a translator Elaine Breeden lender agreed to a deal. Betty well PS five years 75. Wood and are you saying that my research is not surprised. I ideally yeah you're implying and maybe he's made me an ons very subtle way TO entry he agreed to a deal back in April. Well hole. Well lobbied doubts as a take it turns slandered always franchise and good thing where if obviously really doesn't happen on these a Major League libel cross him off the list that I just went. My SS three I trust them. I must say Satan is a position you know defensive end right now our argument yeah that might be it does it looked at a few repair this and go for because there is on the defensive ends which you don't wanna reduce your NFL's saint. And there we times. We have intimate experience with this here is screw up the whole franchise thing and then end up having him bites you. Josh Norman who by the way play in the slippery softball game. And usually also our weekend. A week just last night Josh remission it's reduce our. Well it'll be interesting to see will Lawrence does this season the same thing with Lance. Lauren said fourteen and a half sacks last season. Only played nine games in 2016. So his numbers were found in eight sacks in 2015. And size two years older but he said 44 sacks over five seasons so perhaps two guys to keep an eye on because Julius Peppers. This is most well we'd bring you never know but. They're gonna have to get somebody in their so just food for thought as a free agency is here and it has seemed. Bizarre ever since the Josh Norman. Franchise tags being and I'll friends as I don't know yeah we don't even like to discuss it and didn't really wasn't that much of a discussion with the exception of bell. Would this offseason. Are when we come back we're going to just switch gears and we're gonna talk a little bit. About the Charlotte hornets the athletic the new upcoming website magazine when an interesting article regarding Kemba Walker or kemba gave them a nice good old juicy quote that's wonderful for talk radio kemba sane. I'm not gone back come to New York. We'll chew on that to next and also. 1115. Hits in mid day on WF Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina.