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Wednesday, June 20th
Stan Norfleet and Patrick Creighton deabate who the best non-QB is in the NFC South.

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Peace peace WS game seed. Powered by ortho Carolina. Here's Dan nor sleet and Patrick Creighton. Iran is our make your. It's almost over. Back to the total props. And hanging out. Q what are you George Dorman we can Euro. B of choice. I wish I could see you took some games are far more missile plan allows fans to be planned work just a few more. Months before we do pitchers to do do you won't be long now. Standoff cleats didn't hear it in the mark spray realistic studios. Which means of course this is amid days old Libya after Lindsay. How about ortho Carolina appreciate the good folks over there that make this possible. May have to come see noticed this meal me and it. And we're working pastor you have your work in a way. Either don't work and slow. I'm gonna do a great job over if that is Patrick Creighton on asylum you've heard him over the last two days now three before he takes. A nice comfortable trip back down. Took a lovely city Houston space city close city by U Syrian. Ouster is hot it is damn hot a member of my first practice. What went down there we were president Texas southern. And our member. He. Came outside from somewhere I think we were we were in a restaurant came outside after practice. And it's like. Joseph who knows August schools generator going to camp. They have only endorsed a plan. Bro I like to win the more than it was steal 102 outside. Obama Jamal morphine that pride is. I don't know in what they got going to Texas I middle miniature before prior to 2003. By ice where they have a different song and in Texas like there's not a thing I've been fraught I noticed. Or go to Texas earlier. Good god bless you touched my first. You're down. Now. Look real when you mile long around you used to being deliberate or mouse from the war he used the humidity but I was not used in 98 degrees and 11 o'clock at night. But I do like the fact that winter essentially the last two weeks and I winter I mean like forty. Is like the cold. You don't read you you don't really need a jacket you need like a sweatshirt what do hoodie. And you just kind of wrap open net for a couple weeks and you're good. National so as we go porno you know pollution days and a Brooklyn what is the reason that you did not play my grandmother was say the Hulk is out. You gonna have to feed us the first three months in a Baltimore. There where we don't do it like that led to come. Pleasure to have you and I want to make sure that I get that out let me also to kid is business as well. I want everybody to know my perks is Brett tried to trade for new brew were the first in flight vehicle are. One flight a beer from the ten of shawl as bad as brewers only mean nine dollars that's ten minute breweries. Only 29 dollars plus you're limited his empire glass pitcher car now in my perks dot com. Cut them take care. Speaker of Texas. Is bigger place to go and start this conversation. Longtime NFL personnel may in turn to NFL analyst. Gil Brandt you heard him you know image station if you. He is the godfather do you have a poster of him on your wall stand so. Cowboys fans and those that are historians about. A football. You'll know Gil Brandt from this personnel work at a certain franchise also when Texas north Texas actually they've got some. Very. Attractive and aesthetically pleasing silver helmets were. It was almost side in and Gil Brandt was part of helping create those championship organism of the temperature organization and giving no roster is where they needed to be to compete at a championship level. Boeing thank you know Brad blitz is thought dom. For those you have aging parents you know our baby boom was mama look just celebrated her 63 birthday. Hello mr. Lan. And maybe if you have older parents. Or build that are responsible for their underpants. I don't want people give a bit older days staunch took a little. You just saw. This thing. A whole lot of fits well wanna be respectful slob don't laugh I make sure to an arm prayer respectful that I. I'm cordial that if need be situation a professional. Time gets distorted. View things that happened forty years ago like I only just happened yesterday. In Seoul mr. Gil Brandt who contributes to nfl.com. New York article out. When did this thing come out where does this this world. Our earlier it is some. Bond plum spots are you're known through reserves in your arsenal. Early and some aren't but basically. Your brain keeps a running lol good. All of the best players of all time at a specific position. And so what I'm looking that. Is the linebackers is Jo brand's greatest NFL my Americans of all time. Now don't we get towards Joseph bray if you catch him at the right moment he Steele barely sharp about his in this film. Which. He's one of the guys the league kind of relies on in terms inviting guys to the NFL draft number I mean he's steel popcorn to take. Now you may know more city mayor. Opponents say when you allowed that'd do premiere drew we can put some good work out. Is my point oh. So I was a conversation recently. Where. People. Because technically was ranked this week the number twelve best player. According to the players industrials annual top one manager Brian. So McConnell surge and how the ball where it would another player a former employer was where does Lou can you clear rank. All time. As well as president day we all would agree Lou key glee is eight top. If you could make an all NFL team. Only have eleven offers a little defense. Key glee at worst is make your second team all defense. I'll say it is probably 10 dude that's even are with him and as Barbara Wagner in Seattle that's all. At the inside linebacker spot but I won't crewmen left okay. You'll break however. Guess who put this in a historic. Local context. Where is Lou can equally. I mean good miss Sam mills is number 47. Zach Thomas 43. What you're talking about as far as I don't know the age thing. If you dig down into the like the top eight James Harrison is third or fourth there's a lot of older. Older guys that you know dig baucus will be remembered Ted Hendricks his and they Ted Hendricks on a plane and sixty gnawing at him. Andrews was a brass. We're broke with the then Los Angeles regarding Belle began his career in 1963. Bill George V in its current 1952. Chalk talent hamstring 1958. Yeah they had Jack ham Jack came as a monster. And Joseph Schmidt began its current 1953. Is a lot of guys that people our age never saw play. Right. Every Nowitzki. And other Packers is that eleven sure. So we have to trust your bread in terms of evaluation of how the game is saying how the raw. Rules have changed the number of games that I mean you got a factory in so many different things today. As opposed to yesterday. For the record. Luke Q equally. Is ranked it 23. So the question I ask. What Kim woo key weekly do what else came. Do to catapult himself. For burger. Technically well Google down what. There's Buddhist to dig down into single digits a potentially. To be the best allowed back on all time. So you think about that Gloria I'm sorry. And it says it for my perspective having covered Ray Lewis her for X amount a year raise raised twelfth on this list. Eyes two time Super Bowl champions. This thirteen pro bowls yeah time defensive player of the year solar looks soaring got one of those. I think that's what she's got to look at terms of the modern day of the NFL or you've got to you've got it comparative to ray and then then you can kind of work your way up that way. I like worry she's. On my list. Another guy I would add to that list. Of course Mike Singletary. We know he may go after illustrate our Fredricka yeah he's further down the list yet she's so he's Mike Singletary is ranked high your. Do cheaply alliger Brooks is fifth on the list like I'd Derrick Brooks was a really really good player trust and I asked I don't think he's number five on this list. So OK let's hold it can go back to hold on accomplished and so let's hold a group of wanna come back to junior say Al absolute. You Lear's own misled us I don't mind do you say okay say Al tour pro bowls first team all pro six times. She does something. And I think this is for me and you guys jumping a beautiful wonderful loved you also little 4570916. At what else can Luke weekly group. To elevate his soon to be at some point hall of fame first round in the gonna give me a while talk about in terms of being considered. Best owe it modern NFL football all right so the main you've heard junior say when. You know Mike Singletary is probably cheater or more own. Yesteryear. I put Mike Singletary. There are from straight mom back a perspective and I'm compare. A move to middle linebackers. There's very little. Lewis a silly about this list but he combines this half hour. I was like oh my god James Harrison is on that there's Kevin green is on that list a little like that's the thing about this list hit list linebackers but no word karma is past Russia yes Derrick Thomas's on this little that one into. LT and Derrick Thomas for LaRoche is pass rush LT changed the entire position about sand. Batted down trees are Thomas was the next guy in that line of succession. Those two guys into the most fears feared. Players guys that you had actually change heard dean play into account for. They're wanting to. He doesn't get those kind of sacks as he doesn't play outside his job isn't it just bull rush. A a left tackle and go grab the quarterback by the head. He's tackling machine. So for me you guys have just highlighted. Wharton who can do to take himself to the next level. So for example. Mars Taylor. Averaged ten sex. In the NF trail. Obama like fourteen years. He averaged ten sex organs to rear its oats occurred. Launch trailer Super Bowl champion dear Brooke Super Bowl champion Mike Singletary Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis Super Bowl champ. Those guys are multiple times and guys have multiple rain soul for me. I wanna see Lou Q equally and we noted that health has been a concern. What would waive the rules off it should help some of that. I would love to see two Q equally. In the second half his career country on the bag match and I think if he's honest with himself he would agree with that he's Colson did in that he is the the beginning and that's okay it's the match or rolled. It's the natural ebbs and flows of the position that's fine. I would love to see him get after it passes some more of this game and a young linebackers totem. Olds who joined this just a little while ago on the Telecom just not enough I think Marjorie for being involved with the U. Youth pow camp that I was able to participating in back in the early nineties. And I'll be OK I go to different camps and we got some local camps coming up the I'll talk about more and a little bit book. Q is always there as what can I do we're gonna do and I'm like look. If you're an athlete worth your salt. Tackles at some point. If you are out there are enough you're supposed to make tackles. How are you changing the game tackles for loss sex in a sense since force fumbles two pass is. Quite frankly knock your folks out unnoticed and curiously there. All I would hope they get the deal onto in this list like he's in the night I expect the deal no assistant your look is like a student of the game like we know that we know how much he he watches film and looks it looks at the other teens in Iowa plays and things like that. Like there's been multiple times lesser Luke was on the line like he would call out what the player was heard it was there was the NFL films and I'm only one moment last year and none in San Francisco were wary got the the the fumble I believe. It he's just to guide it says that's just he he can be he's one of those guys it just changes that the game. Is that the way that when he came in when he came in the league journal. On a pool tables toward trichet is little means to celebrate more. We win more Super Bowls or gold to a larger market. If he does any one of Dole's employees exactly the same. A household name Vinny will be talked about as a top three middle linebacker of all time. Some men in today's NFL they promote individual players pretty well. And especially with the advent of fantasy football and how much now only intentionally game has brought him how much money that brings him. Everybody knows Lucci. There's nobody who's watched three football games in the life personal conclusions. You know on the issue is or what what typically is is fundamentally sound. And he is he's the anchoring that defense he trails every play it's his job to. The way they run that he was his job is to just make tackles and he makes tackles may be better than any other linebacker in the NFL. But because he's not on the outside. And look as she got older you are you're not get faster get slower and so he's gonna move to the outside going 27 years old. Yeah how is he getting the quarterback they gonna just run ball blitz of the middle little eleven times a game Al LA times is gonna get that opportunity. That's just not the way they're defense. His constructed yeah and here's something to that point. Stamina and the reason why they brought in Don Terry call was to keep guys off fluke after trying to X in the same way lashing that we saw that this team making moves trying to extend cams career. And enter also making news on the defense have signed the ball trying to extend Luke's career. So both you guys make great points pharmacies some to each bomb. To that point. It depends on the defensive coordinator is right. When you went when Sean McDermott was here two seasons ago. As the defense of coordinator at quarter he learned from Jimmie Johnson a lot of blitz take a lot of chances I mean did they get very exotic. So it's free go blue to doom. Morphine like there as well was tackle Luke has always tackle to be. Boston College eagle at the high school has always been a track okay this the Wilkes comes in. A world will vote. A little bit more risk taker. Blitz let's let's do you. Mining low bar based responsibilities. But let's take some chances when they're bear. Now you're in Washington. Comes at a cautiously. Is elevate. Already defense of Marco took her on apprentices Ronald beer has come Eric Washington. She's made his money. In the NF trio. Highlighting the defense of why so when you pay nine million dollars on average Ford Domtar Pau. And you Gilani addressed the margin is pains. And then you make sure that you have a peppers and you give Mario Addison that type of money I anticipate most of the Russian news. Com from. Defense of life I don't anticipate to Europe for Iran I don't anticipate Luke will get the cracks at the plate. To be. Able to do to types of things that some of the other guys did now let me also say this is where. Brooks employ a mouse that. Derrick Brooks was a 43 wheel which in a Tampa two defense that I played in an Al groh who essentially the inside linebacker. Teva to me you're responsible in a coma to cause your response to form a little feel there is no hope corporal defender in those intermediate areas. And that's what may gear broke so special is because he was. I'll feel. In the second period making interceptions knocking guys out he changed the way a coverage linebacker was supposed to go about it Julia say out. He would not necessarily known for standing go on the outside he was what we call them. Movement gap he might laugh about that because a lot of friends stuff but they always kept you guessing the same thing with LT. Ray and we're not a guy that are. You could just an Israeli holes with not a pass rushing linebacker now wish he'd kick in shoals his spots mean he could give the mayor and confused. The office of life and the backs that up and protection and there were several moments there Ray Lewis played in the back truce will so we can't. I've I'm. I wanna see who take it to the next level and I will say this and you gas charming it. Q equally has been helping. And able to practice and prepare remember a couple of seasons ago somebody wrote ought to go to Lou kick when grating coverage. I think you choice strictly in the offseason. I'll focused Omar drops becoming more athletic modern nutrition even better he came out the mix here and he. He was in ruled in his press coverage. I believe if mu mechanically wanted to make it a focal point to get after a pass or more. Primakov drugs in his defense did beat them to do. How much are legalese and getting a sack and a half a a year you'll get five sacks alone have maybe six sacks. He's to me is uniquely you know Ray Lewis. It wasn't that he always had so many in recessions he had big interceptions and being really clutched my. I'm moments but it is particularly what are come down for five picks but they're they're Dane changing takes on their game saving pick and aimlessly Ali. This girl you don't do those of the kind of things that that pushing for plus you know we're we're talking about comparing to weekly. Who's played six years in the league two guys who have had thirteen 1415. Year careers. And have built they Reza may based on the fact of durable play. Twice as long as as legally has been able to blaze so far so we're comparing a guy who's. Is half written. And two guys whose whose books have already been written and being best sellers so he's playing from behind in the respect that. He does he's only got half the season's end but these other guys tax. Who saw money so disrespectful. I can't believe it. Good estimate there are glad we got a stimulus right you now go like this. Exactly did the gas is up from eight to wait exactly stand Ray Lewis that wanted to. The best defense is around Jim I'm paraphrasing. So how much impact do Ray Lewis actually ahead. Listen. I've been appreciate pre season situations while in order to see and I'm notes on the guys that play would you rate. Well as I drove up all the feel stuff Vanilla. I miss that window loans. There isn't a bad. Either all the field in the history of pro football in my lifetime. The Ray Lewis our mobile polling sidelined. They're motivated me I'll buy it don't it's it's really. Oh yeah did you understand any words came out it was malveaux was just the energy you know I noticed you're saying it's it's it's so play your vernacular and I got a little thing right. Ray Lewis and also leadership they're Thomas the template to young that. I pull it up. You Mike Singletary was known as being one of the most cerebral why America's in Hastert is doing which is same thing I've been a problem particularly. I think. There's more video of the key clearly do and I'm excited about it and if you plan to expand I think we should get ready to give them attain because deeply when you sits at the U. What I say the most dangerous thing is a lie and it sees the end. Something like that rhyme like you just puts a bit does he should hero is very Lewis. Don't beside him let's get to a broad more conversation about our tab there's an NFC south best non quarterbacks in the this division is middays on the heavy hitters in of course what problem or procure a lot. Wednesday queen city stay emotionally. We have the controls joy Obama may have Patrick Craig knows not to wide receiver from Dallas director Craig no that's my do. The radio host fresh occurring. Who has. Been on the after the airwaves funeral middays on derby after the power about ortho Carolina. For the last three days we think you know from being in town and it was a pleasure to meet you how we got another segment before we do account of frank junior and and over two sources that you customarily here but before a dude let me remind you about if there's these guys showed 2018. Percent Ambac regulatory. A governor's highway safety program Wednesday July 4 there BB empty ballpark. And of course the Charlotte knights wore holds the Durham bulls the best fireworks show in the south east brought to you by fox 46 Charlotte. Let's see for hours soundtrack will be allowed on the media frenzy. A special free. That's if or eat each regain street festivals Thorne at 2 o'clock free flags from com or shall I X street festival where kids. Democrats who got loud music and food who won't even have. Kitchen in July. Their moles and samples thanks so Hirono premier check out all. The special details at W dash in the dot com slash. Sky show. So we'll talk of some NFC and I just thought will be stronger to include would logically being. Voted the number twelve overall player in the league by the players this week actually all. Monday I thought that tied nicely into the article for Gil Brandt get Ryan made me aware about her I think man. Referenced it either yesterday or today before. Book. This is the first time that I had actually seen the order of kooky head and that. All my Carolina pool tables toward defeat I was so disrespectful. Got a call about Calvin. Calvin Sims four in nine to speak of a linebacker stand I think Urlacher is the most over rated linebacker ever. First ballot is comical. No signature game Ol play. No need to be disrespectful. Yeah. They are lack overrated graduate. Overrated for walks to be on this all time America listen when. He's not overrated as a football player a little overrated amassed one over him as a as an analyst OK maybe he wasn't very good that wears her. I'm on television he was not overrated as a football player. Lack of nineteen so. Was voted April bowls first team all pro four times got 41 have career sacks and over a thousand. She actually higher on Melissa singletary singletary analyst. On and also in a period is number won't. Not that not that much different girl Erica in nineteen Mike Singletary sixteen. How Mike Singletary is their fallen down is astonishing Assam dishonest but we're speaking of players who let. So mom Patricia that comes as we are going early must do so. What is old CEO is contaminating Julio Jones. And you know polio walls more money you deserve homeowner. About a wave but the same time if I was a alama withdrew if you look for your deal I wouldn't pay you more money. What I'll be willing to do some driver have been sent tray first team all pro bigger kitchen to Super Bowl you don't really. You terrorist sales what I animus and a good mayor elect pitchers do what brought a year or so ago yeah I might be amenable to do bet. Which is give you some new worry about repeal of the contract ran Al ma am met I'm not doing that. So that conversation and got me thinking about the endless revisit this guy's. Let's rational for. Best. Player. In the entire NFC south. That's a non quarterback. So let's just throw some names out there live gruesome process of elimination here are. Obviously. She cleaned. We don't let. Julio on that list. Gerald McCoy and Tampa Mike Evans and trample on their list. New Orleans. Alma Kamal are definitely on that list is Michael Thomas on that no bugs on mount. There know what's mob war over a core I don't feel as well when young war Lattimore Lattimore is all medal it's okay. Boy out of Russia Lattimore Cameron Jordan ain't bad either Cameron Jordan is owned at least. Just regular. A young guy did doesn't do a lot of a lot of play many vehicle took a Pro Bowl this year as in all. Believe. DR Jones and alama. Is very good. I don't lag here. I learned very. Those older group play and when this is big Beasley on the list no academic list here one great year noble one great season yeah. It was two years ago but it's it's worth asking the parliament lists. Not now we're getting down on the next here now Dovonte Freeman on that list. Don't know but I'm Jason mightily this week forget about the big ugly face right. Alex Massa it's all medalists. Anybody on the grabs right turn. It and he didn't really I mean America's say he had a bad year last year but he had kind of gave up and down year last year Solis. It's less than admit the ultra short lime minutes away from. Everybody else so all through the black holes the best offer Islamic in the NFC south. Aleks Maric trade turn our. Jay Mathews on that list jig Matt is not trying friendship. Bridge a category year but no. Is Alex Mack the best office alarm portrait permit in this division you could make you are maybe Andrew nor well so answer nor do. As last year no doubt about it. My arms and there is this year as currently constructed from now. Have to be to me it has to be Alex Mack or church and I'd probably a Mac. Paramount also I think Mack is a little bit better he's. All he does the ball replied well I think Mac is view. Universally as an elite senator and making calls is making line call I agree I don't know it trade turn yet he's you know. Personally I regard it. As any league right guard he's damn good Natalie prior. Our senate is more important positioning our solar marina comes as an over the hillside there. Is why I receive is literally I think it. Amateur remains what I think it's three I think it's a two horse race between blu chemically and Julio Jones. Do you think his Julio Luke and alma Comerica. I have to marry in there because like I said even though there. In years ago. He isn't to say the running back position is due value but I do what we're seeing is. Not only is it not devalues it the American trying to put as many guys amused to see more running backs go early show. How do you forget Olson I'll see you start to seem more running Masco early and your stock in those those hybrid backs. The guys like tomorrow could roam between the tackles outside the tackles wide tax passes those dynamic guys were can be on the field all three downs. Those guys are incredibly valuable tool and you're talking about a guy who in his rookie season. Put up more yards. Then Julio Jones did and only more touchdowns. Poker so here's how I typically come and you know what you. So right I'm being taken to task. Richard people all over. Conclusion drawn Greg also on the list old Luke and I'm sorry builders and George Lyon is not personal I. GO. Greg Olsen is definitely on that list. What is a thing of the great and no one's debating a great also as the best tight end in the NFC south. He's just not like it's it's a tight end like it's not like it. Mean there there are the game chaining guys at the Robert cal sees the world the Greg being Greg Olsen is one of the better tight ends the league but he's not the best player in the NFC south. At this point I'm gonna. People hit me up about peppers at this point today. Taylor's head awarded New Orleans is they better. Roll defense and being in Lear the draft to meet Jordan Syria Iraq. We're assay re talking hey we don't cancel up to my Kim Jordan so I'll say what do I think about the lynch jam Hayward is on ham Jordan. I'm at right now is they better overall player prisoners that. Relational pass rushers what you want at this point Joost I mean he's worried at first version is Asian and console it really well over and for sixth all time great player. But how old kid who 38. If you're gonna go ahead of them surge last year are somebody's. JK sure. Here's my issue. I love Jerry Kelly. I don't think JK and never trained here about a way easier Greg Olsen. We share Luke uniquely resale dumb. JK sure. All three. Don't hear the national attention they probably deserve. And is someone that Marcus. Maybe. Still is some of his if they don't do a ton of theatrics like an old cap cam have as the U. Don't we would have been an all of that but that's really mean. The traditional Carolina Hamptons way. Carolina travels to this well. So there is some of the B six KK is not. He's never included in that group Fletcher Cox Ndamukong Suh Aron Donald he's never in that group he's always in that. Mixed year. And it's it's it's unfortunate the earliest OK so let's try Genesis so. Position thing. Best at doing or job of everybody would you say it. Is good news. Greg Olsen the best tied him. In the division at his job and fossils are usually goes all the best receiver in the visit at his job. Closer but yes he's particularly the best slap America in the division at his job. A group that liberals okay so all we're gonna tour Al Camara is she clearly did as running wrecked in the visit at his job yeah I think so the I think though that do lol I think that duo in Atlanta can do everything to do Owen in New Orleans though. Ten yes but may have Jews not last June and didn't. They've got a good boxer Frey drew years ago Freeman and Coleman were were monsters. Last year not not so much. And tomorrow the big play is. You don't run the ball catching the ball. Marge has seen color every big play when they needed it album tomorrow any it. AD into the playing time in source X games in the season. Now now you're gonna see where Eric Ingram is going to be California now we. And it's gonna have the ball in her twenties when he finds. Ernie arm our warriors everybody complained go to state. This fall thought. You you take from Gary. I celebrate your group will look at a situation where usually out of Kumar could be the next 1000000. Receipt of running back. Where else do it he's not. And living unveiled by the bill is running regularly yes follow buddy David Johnson my clearly then they just canceled those stupid yeah okay. Are you a fan of Sam. Friend and game of football and hockey and a team has a big star does a lawsuit you're really long time right now and our focus right math welcome. We got to get it's okay record so what's the most important position on quarterback is receiver. Today's NF trio as much as obese is who alias I've got to extract him I think it's a running back coup Izzy receiver. There's something may or so for me it's Camara. Luke Q equally. Greg Olsen all goals three who's the best player. It's got to be mechanically men. Who. Looks equally good playoff yeah we probably could I would say absolutely. Broke. Guys dark aura winning those games or how we got more. I won more games last year for New Orleans then loops weekly one from the for the Panthers and that's just the crappy truth defense of guys don't impact. The game the same way the offensive Geiger and today's ball we made it. Three hours and fifteen minutes ranchers and some crazy day hey oh did you just say well I guess everybody is greatest JJ watt news. The Texans still woods to win fourteen and he was defensive player of the year there all his Sachs analyst tackles for loss and all the and how. How big that he caused the result inning and zero extra wins Ratzinger had their fans Patrick will be the airport two hours ago. She clicked and what he does for the way this team is constructed. Moved quickly along what Thomas Davis what move quickly is absolutely. Paramount. He was Paramount at a Super Bowl run in fifteen and he's been absolutely. Paramount to have. Being playoff appearances in full of the last five years. If you take blew all of this roster. Let's just say he should act on such Thomas Davis and a guy who just left AJ Klein AJ climb down into won't. I believe there's a significant. Drop off corner defects. All right so let me put it this way when he fifteen Super Bowl year and he had a 118. Tackles. One sack. Four picks. Ten pass defense. Wanna 16100. Tackles two sacks. A pick six pass defense team last season 125 tackles a sack and a half three takes six pass defense. Mean they're pretty similar numbers each year Erica. Yet one year your fifteen and 11 you're not in the playoffs than last year are in the playoffs aren't so that. Carolina Panthers play offices is tied much more to Cam Newton. Then to Luke tinkling. So we'll do this will give the break Bernama news broke that rule quickly go look at the highest rated all senses of all time. They don't win Super Bowls go look at the best defense of all time they went through holes I don't have a really high offense did. Go to break wanted to go to look at Jerusalem we also talk about the playoffs before we head over to the guys on the way over don't regret it stands awfully we're all. He's here at FB ING powered by ortho Carolina. Yes he's got a. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. I don't thirty minute. Portal Carolina has always stay in Norfleet from the on tour. As they are sportsmen. That stretch Crittenton right thome hit a great Houston at the conclusion of his program. He's he Craig one. You know and we are in the midst adorn remarks brain real estate handoff as frank and Kyle have joined the programmable. All before we I heard into the. And most yeah. Just because somebody just overstayed you have to pay a soft if you haven't told us. At the hornets to take tomorrow night and feels everything's fans Pratt and lives audio bridge solution Guillen. I think you're Kemba Walker is on his roster you needed backup point guard that complements kemba. And I think Shea guilders Alexander is the guy for me. A seven foot wing spans sixty excuse at nineteen years old are too little. One assist to turnover ratio contrast Iraq he excels on the pick and roll he's got good hands thinks he's been coached by a former. BA coach he's played in high pressure mall. Almost one expectations. Everybody unanimously. This is the hardest working dude on the roster and what did you guys were Rego tell us when he accepted the job his first press. I wanna do well temple style. Right on the floor so camera can do. His thing what the third piece of that is I wanna defended the three point line. When you have long arms U 66 or seven foot wingspan. And your number. Once deal. Is the defending the perimeter I think Shea Joseph is Alexander and number of them. As well I don't know a lot of discredited nuclear issue and are. You know I mean I am JJ yeah. Girls are just described and energy this guy and everybody tootsie. He out works everybody he's defender. You know he's long he's athletic and all the things that you just to set everything you said was everybody gives you the Brit. Over natural score. I think say listen saves the project it still Harlem shoot. She is buried in KGB. And a half Euro zone and series and. Good good. That's regardless Alexander though he's drawn comparisons to Shaun Livingston knowledge on Libya is right. Odds are I wanna dress ozone. It was like in the former all I know he wants his there's an if if he saw Livingston now I would like Shaun Livingston on this team and I don't want to eleven this year I don't. Ohno the I think some quickly go back to that first go to sleep title. How low impact when Livingston was expressway sure picking and switching everything will extend the long walk athlete was they would give LeBron fits the. Are you well know the loans they didn't have to dress Shaun Livingston middle evidence they. They pulled me in terms of the direction that you know we think this this team might be don't know I don't I don't want that Levin a life again in a frank Ireland disagree a little bit about this yesterday but. The dive and I think describes what you know that description meets a guy was an NBA closer and NBA ready player right now my children just Donovan gets too low calcium. But I guess if you're gonna trade that's the best three indeed die right out there out there right now. Since they impact at eleven I could also be crazy rock communicate today I do I can be okay what Kevin Knox we're the name drop and I think should happen and that I think. Knox could be an excellent but he and James ray go San Antonio don't go low may the skill I don't know I'll. To be a whole frame all star week this is not domicile of the total I disagree. This is a guide it over time Camby com contributor I like both liberals do. You must likens it to dust noises you Kevin Knox is motivation level and today it goes up and down to the though that's a that's a concern right do you your immediate GMs talk about this all the time right they don't want the hardest jobs in professional sports because it's not about identified talent sure everybody's going to be taken top fifteen Marta it has a lot of talent there's a question about that. Do you have to drive yet the consistency to your motivation to transport and Kevin Knox that's the biggest knock about that to no pun intended is that you don't know which kids are gonna get. Let me say this if you really go back and look at an orgasm but when we go back and look at Kentucky players on the tell apart but that's the re occurring machine. And I'll tell you why don't investments we make every day was his call for a potential because flawlessly Britain's army. Do what I'm saying the rest though does. When your and that Kentucky's system nobody plays with all your mortality pieces so a lot of times does mean say given Alexander he didn't really come true moment of SEC. You know conferences having their first after the season if he was not the player he wasn't thinking if so it was just something to consider. We have got. He's gained thirty now can he show you. Obviously there was no doubt about a meek unintelligible reprisals will give portrait Franco and recommends an excellent place tornado in our prices were born and but the Dockery don't know. Say it's across there were guys we got a lot of this obviously coming over and talk a lot about the rates on sorties and operates you know I also vital. Off we don't wanna tell shall fall this week obviously to close he's gonna pop in they'll talk a little way trust they've got. Transfer deadly had a rough couple weeks here they they suspend their quarterback in the tied into the first three games so I learned that Willie McGinest gonna stop by. Willie on the NFL network did today says the threat to should be a top five also so I heard what he thinks and why he said that and then double talk we to a Tony about Iran is from off from. Boston for a little bit we'll get an idea what he thinks not just about they're the NFL the NBA but to Jayson stark was only two days ago saying that he controlled his issue it did to get in the movie franchise. I think I'm taking grace now on the eleventh. Different. I'll tell you dress them. You don't holes are mid days trial by ortho Carolina with more pastor Greg say for you troubles. Probably give back to you until their run them that I say hello Michael pop little next time we see you can put. They're real rush of great workout you per usual talkative mayor wherever you are Stephen. That was Stephen things stand over his son on W short.