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Tuesday, June 19th
Patrick Creighton talks about Shaq's comments on LeBron.

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I know it is on dug a fancy Condo so Carolina that's criminal here in our our final hour. As we get through work today stuff he was talking about. Some of the Tallahassee an album for your from Monday Morning Quarterback just joining us a little bit talking about how do offensively new different and all wanna get in the miss out on this segment here. About Shaquille O'Neal. Check. In oh I love Shaq is Shaq is as entertaining as as anybody. Who covers the NB. He's he's one of the reasons why he TNT is almost a almost watch. All the crazy stuff between him and him and Charles Barkley and Barkley says crazy stuff to the Jackson had some real heat from really crazy stuff. That's. Wanna get into regarding LeBron James now it's tough to have a wild takeoff LeBron chance to check plans to have one. And he compared it to. His end of his career. Here's Shaq talking about. Well what he went through. At the end his career says my problem towards the end of my career was I was trying to shut everybody yup I was greedy. Mean he was trying to get more titles. So after I got story every salmon couldn't get the force before I got for the secondary level and Suze trying to make quick stops to get it Phoenix Cleveland Boston. You know Shaq won three titles the lakers will only with the heat didn't win any in those final three seasons of rule was a nineteen year career. And therefore she doesn't think LeBron James should be trying to chase down titles. At this point in his career in. You know on this summer of LeBron is in full swing. And let me get into some of those comments. In just dissect it and stuff first wanna get to the phones. It's 70457096. Sanctuary sports talk hotline. And Amy is on the phone with sub bandy. And like short. Shot. But they do what you were talking at our gate punitive that I think tradition I begin to get cheap shot out. Shot Adam but I admit I took a cheap shot at him. Well we'll take the job sat. They did you hit record really doubt that bought the bottle got more than a cheap shot just bush league. You are better at Nat the public got is the embodiment of standard. But I'm not do you know I normally don't call that there's really cheap shot. And Giles and I don't disagree with you but that's why I said OK yeah you know I know I know that's that's that's low hanging fruit and I went exactly to that and maybe maybe we shouldn't but I just say we all did it and millions. Right after right did it so we figured I'd and I did say all that stuff. I didn't hear you say deep deep rooted out that you didn't even call him or don't do it. Yeah. I just can't help myself you know I mean look come out obnoxious new Yorker I can't help it. It's it's just my life and in the guys up there I mean he spent. His entire you know USC career is is like him massive embarrassment. It's it's it's unfortunate end ND AUI hole I certainly don't wish him ill I certainly wish him the best he tries to. To fight those demons the demons and hung himself. And like I said I I did administer you know it's it's probably not Nestle the fairest thing to say but I site as I don't think he's regularly. I don't think he's that good a coach and then yeah we take cheap shots I am for. You know truth comes out thinks. I know I know we do that absolutely. But I'm not gonna apologize for everything I mean what it is but I'm not jump out. I am way too egotistical and way too obnoxious to apologize or anything like that. And that is the joy of being in the media. There are certain things I say summons rawness I mean you know a problem. But as far as just you know I mean. Mindlessly trolling someone. Media baby that's what we do. Back to shack and and and and his stuff whistle for a hunt. Here's Shaq talking about LeBron James. And Hughes potential quest. For more rinks. Shacks and somebody told me long ago they said your book is already sect. Meaning before you get towards the end of your career. You can add index pages toward the NB your book is already set so LeBron book is already sick. He done already passed up legend says that LSU education. He done already passed up legends. He'd done already made his mark he has three rings his mentality now was probably I wanna get four before staff does. But if I was him I wouldn't be trying to get 45 or six because it ain't going to matter. It's just something else to talk about. He's a legend talked about who is the best between he and Michael Jordan so he set. That might be the craziest thing should access percent. First of all we have to break this part of it down which is at the end of shacks career. He was. A bench player coming off the bench playing in fifteen minutes. He was out of shape he was beat down his feet were bad. LeBron is still playing light peak LeBron. LeBron led the league in minutes played. LeBron is still easily the best player in the NBA he's not on the tail end of his core freer. It's and I understand what Shaq is saying from the portability if your acting and. If you're no longer the dominant player that you once work if you're an Allen guy coming off the bench playing twelve and fifteen minutes. You know what LeBron career is such that he doesn't need to go chase ranks. That I would agree with but that's not where LeBron it's. LeBron is still the best player in basketball. LeBron is still I mean basically he's got. Got a retired from Carrie in the holding him Cindy Cleveland went on for 82 games plus playoffs. You can't save to a guy who is at the top of the world say well look. You know competing to win and it's not that important for you anymore just. Chill out and enjoy the rest your career do whatever you're gonna dunk we're winning. And striving for greatness is what makes LeBron who we use it's what made Michael Jordan who we. Won't end in ones. As a player. But that insane desire to win to be the best. That is what drives these guys are you don't do that and that's ridiculous. They LeBron Melo should just term. Chill out I mean this. Is that shacks way of trying to tell LeBron don't go to LA and win titles it is you know that's what I did. I went to LA and one time tunnel you do what I did you might to a better than this. To say it's. LeBron is 33 years old. He's fifteen years in the league. Season built like a Greek statue of David. He should do and pretty much anything on the basketball court still better than anyone else. And if he wants just look at that rivalry he has a Golden State and staff scurrying to 88 where it's basically LeBron against. You know to future hall of famers in two moral stars. Then maybe he's tired into an ounce on. And he wants to go somewhere. This is one of the weird things that I found about this whole. LeBron thing and an analyst eternal he could go here and go there and and the cats don't know if they're gonna do. Then there's so many stories out did little contradict each other. LeBron continues to say quiet. Chris Paul. Is reportedly coronation was around ski. Trying to convince LeBron to go to Houston. Meanwhile. Stephen A Smith is saying that. Chris polls already telling people in Houston LeBron wants to go to LA. And the cavaliers are actually they don't know what is gonna do and they don't know what to do with these. So is somebody in the know it met that other people. And you aren't in the know down. Do we have a trust factor issue I mean a do we trust woes more than we trust Stephen ain't. Do we trust it you know do we do we trust Steve and me. And in the senate they don't necessarily contradict each other. But you know if it's on one hand what OSHA sand. Paulus trying to recruit him that he hasn't even paid attention to his own contract yet it's all about recruiting LeBron to come to Houston and their best bodies. And then Christie may say oh yeah but but he's already told you booze don't here's what we tie. Kinda know Stephen is vested with the lakers. So did we look at that and say there's a conflict of interest. You always his source somebody who's a lakers guy who's feeding a man. Present source is not Chris Paul told me himself. Any idea where we're LeBron goes six everything in motion. And just I know I know Ryan was a man I'm just I'm so dumb if LeBron. Ryan doesn't wanna hear LeBron staying basically salute them. And even an impediment because it's like it's opening night and whatever team has on his playing Golden State. Does not want to hear LeBron thing and again until November. I understand that part. But the idea of all LeBron you don't you need to go somewhere to get rinks the NBA is because at this point. Yeah is becoming guys Parker went their bodies and they make super chiefs. This isn't willing to hold a super team era that's what areas. And has been. Since Boston acquired. KG and Ray Allen. It's been a super team error. And now Golden State was full album. Almost lost to Houston to. Damn hamstring McChrystal. A monumental rockets fan I mean to Rihanna as the knicks fan unlike the rocket speeches nine before. And John Starks. But I'm out of their happy with the rockets over gold status and real some Golden State burned. And we just tired or Golden State. Are you loving the warriors you dislike men aren't just just nuke them all straight now. And below San Francisco ran off the map blow Oakland right out into the Pacific. The idea that you don't chase ring to you don't want excellent you don't want to win in the back to me. That's just pure insanity. I below what gonna get back into the hornets. Back into the building center text line seminal force 57096. Candidates you're text. Who was a player you most want bulls hornets to come away when asked. In the draft next. So he's got to. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. I wanna try and an indoor skydiving seeing that sounds really cool. Not a fan of actual skydiving. Somebody had a perfectly good airplanes not a fan. Like indoor skydiving looks cool I really wanna try. I'd be building sent a text line seminal force five seven's there and ice extent. Who wants a player you most want the hornets. To call mock. Away witness and just on the sex on real quick. There's less amusing do you have do you have burn out. With gold stayed he just tired of seeing Golden State. And all the analysts butt kissing a Golden State that goes on. By the national media it's it's kind of embarrassing. There's so really there's so amazing the greatest team ever has just stopped. Off the washing back goes on gold states just sickening. Brad said he isn't a problem with it that you know outside of Katie they pretty much. Build their team to the draft him and his right they didn't and they didn't do with super high picks either. Well let's face it the sequels passed on staff curry twice. But we just to me it's the it's just the incessant who caves that are constantly thrown cold state no matter what just how amazing they are there it is. You know the greatest thing since put whatever. I'm just who is just sickening. All of the owner just looks as though just sweep the rockets. It's on six games. Streamed the rocket they were down 32. Crystals and get hurt the rockets champs this year. And I thought civil war is on a great team they RE three team. I might. Massively. Resent Kevin ring. And this possibility that extra. Are you or are you a fan of Katie after he made the move Brian. Do you. It bother you at all that that he didn't just hitting just go to Golden State he went to the team. Then beat him in the Western Conference finals he went to the team that he had a 31 lead on in the Western Conference finals. Foresee choked up came fives and choked up gained six and decided not to shoot the ball for the first 24 minutes of game seven. Do you have an issue with Katie because he went to Golden State. So here's issue whenever I want and whenever I'm faced these situations I ask myself what would you do that situation I think anyone of us would've done the same exact thing you wanna win a title. He had given literally everything that he had to dared to it's Oklahoma City. The other was obviously there's a rift there between him and him Ross and Russell Westbrook. You know you eat you know. You wanna you wanna win a title and Golden State gave the best chance to do that. I have an issue with it because if you if you are one of the top two players in the NBA. You can't join the 73. Winning team that the exact same team already won a title without you. And things I liked your titles now are going to be legs. This is not to me I just I don't consider him the driver of that car I consider stuff curry the driver. And wall he might be the the scoring machine I just don't consider him to be the true drive. It's always going to be Stastny was imitate. Who make me is every bit of fun which is ridiculous ploy is that ridiculous he was the best player in the forum is the most. Kevin Durant is legitimately probably the most on cardinal player of this generation. He he's also the guy who completely disappeared. The final five minutes of dean for in game five of the Western Conference finals. If Chris pulls him blow his hamstring. She is the reason they lose this series. And our to have an often are offset two games now where you if you're the number two player in the world are not allowed to have. All schemes. In the Western Conference finals. No LeBron I want to have more games go in the you're not allowed to have all games and you're back. And possible or steam as much as. I mean you're a member of final five minutes hades not even trying to shoot. Staff Curry's missing everything. And instead of Katie have in the bowl they're deferring to Fremont green at mid court. Which I mean that's that's never had putts it was amazing how he disappeared. But he is just on that team. He he kind of is a perfect fit because he's just. He's an unaffordable scorer and he can score will from outside from inside on the break in the post. He's a free player. But for that guiding goal of the warriors. Instead of trying to beat them. Yeah just I have a problem that would where's your pride. Why don't know where is your competition. Where's your I wanna take them down flick is basically. They were there were three kids in school who bullied him. And instead of getting his own team in order to punch the bully in the face he became bullied or bully somebody gets. And look. There I mean there are other teams are in the Western Conference this knowledge is because he went to golden stated suddenly it was just Gary got a automatic you're golden ticket to the semifinals and Demi championship bullying comedy once every three games they want how he before that was pretty much a golden ticket. And if they had lost to San Antonio. He doesn't get the same blow back is because they had them on the ropes 31. And he spit the bit personal. Tolled thirty wanting game fives. Ten of 31 in game six and losing to seven in the first traffic he would even shoot it passing up open shots in the first half a game seven like he was angry. I'm just not gonna shoot. And then he went to the ticket to gold state I think it's it's it's a combination all of those things. That they did the they did the I era when it comes to Kevin Correia. We have someone on moma on the tax on music I hate KD I have no respect for that guy. I I don't believe you why I am the same exact question. He went from the humble superstar. You know cry and I know the MVP what does mom do you know in the middle of the jump talker who can't wait to curse out. Every single person on the court including his opponents including thorax. And I we had a couple calls on the board were gonna get to your calls were right up against the Braves so we will guarantee your calls. On the other side middays on WS and seize power by North Carolina. May Day is on the frenzy about my own dog Carolina. You know I have a series what are you wanna see the glorious come away with us on the sex line so I said they had their ticket give Michael Porter. If you falls listen visuals and great Brian. An oblong with Jim is chief holes that is that is the no brainer absolute must hit the stopped. Button peck. All right so let's get to the phones and AJ you are on May Day is what's going on money. Gone to a time on the month. There are about it and roll it up right. I've got a spot but. You somehow you knew it but they're in Europe. Former you know that he'd eat well. All. The date about this so well by our mobile he. A little. Bit and it. Where you're purple. Armed with what we're we're we're hopeful when it broke. It quite not quite the weight there. The goal he warned that there are all there. Well you know that it. The people in the there are well were. Ormat all you know you're in the heat there. I don't like under there. You know how how is how that is if you know he he he he brought out I don't think old bat the ball. What about all the. Lonnie Jones on mama gonna push off nominal only dogs but just let's just put us from this perspective. If you Lar. One of the top two basketball players in the world. And you just got beat. By you know one of the best teams in the in the leak. And that team set an NBA record with 73 wins. And they were the defending NBA champions. And you are the second best player in the entire world. And you have the choice of I can stay where I am and trying to beat them I can go to another team and trying to beat them. All right Kim you know tuck my tail inning go join them. One of them is the easy way my friend and there's no two ways about that it was easy way. They want 73 games and then he joined them if they he basically. Instead of punishing the bully in the mouth Blake joined the bullies gang. Mikey he wrote medical help that yep yep and if I don't pay it we let. They're really into orbit feedback we've done it and it yet I'm geek. It's not like. I I hit my point though it might well I mean like you know he'd he'd he'd say don't hit it there you know. All we're trying to say that like I said Katie is an incredible player and he fits into what they do extremely well. But are you telling me that the warriors didn't win the title this year Katie wasn't on that team of course that. But I'd. If you don't award given the worst you can I mean look what wha. If Chris Paul Hanley doesn't blow they wouldn't Cyrix. In order that the pop though well. Point is that it that it is so maybe at fort bulky. The built better is about opt. Yet he kept I don't know what went out here you know what people don't buy what. Snake wouldn't come. I know you laugh and I know we alas I'm here I know you a lesson. AJ appreciate the call meth. You know it and you you know listen that part of what we do is entertainment base so yes sometimes. Anonymously insult my dad's no laugh about it. But it'll take take it so easy why is no two ways about letting took the easy way. He could've gone to any other team to try to take down the team Medina he could put together his own super team but he joined one that already existed and extent. And it's not like he joined the team that was one install are always true stars he joined the team that had three superstars on Ari. And 117 very dams come on you can't say he didn't take it easy road. Now maybe he felt Big Easy road was you know they fit me the best well cheap foreign media player. That doesn't look at the warriors have to win in 73 games global basically best. Steve of course it's been a mess. I wanna win a title cautiously best chance. At Abe said it. Tony share about it a kid he's a great player. And they are what when they are clicking they took practically unstoppable. We will look that's that's bigger there's no two ways about it the wars are one of the greatest teams. You know all the last fifty years of basketball. Incredible to eat. But you know as a competitor. Don't you wanna beat the guy that beat you. Don't you want to overcome seduction that's what that's the difference between Katie and LeBron LeBron wants to take the warriors down. Here's wanna go Ron ensure wind. He's not he is not switching allegiances. To get on the the winning side. He wants to lead the band of rebels. And blow up the deaths the. And that's the thing that I respect about LeBron. He wants to blow up the death star he's not our I'm just gonna become you know. Or three years of practice. Asia if you don't get the Star Wars references I probably can't help you. And you'll probably get a bad person. Because if you don't know the Star Wars references from bad person. You should literally go stand in the corner or face the wall in reevaluate life. We hit up the the tax line. Golden State without Katie was one superstar and two additional all stars playing green are not superstars all girl starts. Stance probably a future hall of Famer. Clay is arguably one of Tibetan arguably the best three point shooter in the league. And what can bring Ahman Green not do. And that's what we're we're Braylon green second round pick and you know it it's not like she's a great shoot horrible ball but he gets points. He's a terrific passer key out rebounds guys were five inches taller than he is he just out hustles after. And if you're in the way he might punch in the junk. Matt stance true. June she bills fan says Star Wars or strollers and. No no it is not do she deals and you listen let me do she bills fan do you or the loser. Or the one who water you don't want linkers. And and that's a Jay and silent Bob reference. Where we're at the end of the movie they fight mark Hammel who would like seabirds. There's a giant fist amid Colin. Knock her. To take K here's the first one but knocked her relationship. Star Wars is your life. And that's how or coach you're gonna get over it sushi bills fan before you go Sierra twelve this year. Somebody else Star Wars was grateful for 1980 us. Look we return the jet I would always 1983. So it a year earlier taking out or transient you're bad person. And the empire strikes back was 1980. And that's arguably the best one. So. You're bad person. Some wheels and they say why don't we criticize other sports are players. For doing the same thing as Katie didn't LeBron play from Miami he did but we'll Miami wasn't the defending champions. And Miami also. Didn't have three superstars aren't they had put him way. So lean on me they created a super team won it already exist that he joined and they weren't the defending champs. It does it makes a difference. So I don't know all. How you. How you look at those the same way I mean. They're not they're not legal. You know I mean it would be it would dim light. Late Larry Bird saying you know what we just lost the lakers in the finals so. He's out blossom homegrown west. Would you ever respected Larry Bird if he just you know pieced out on the Celtics wouldn't. Joined forces with magic and worthy Kareem. That would be on the worst thing in the world. How can you just turn on his own team like that. How did that happen to horrible. Well educated. Now he could go on a San Antonio and then people would not of said boat. Because he went to the team that beat and choked against. And 173 games. Our wool wrap it up next. Year reign to hand things off to Garcia and Bailey. There on many days on WS NC power bot or so Carolina. Our powered by Ford go Carolina. And her little line here Omaha. Bob. This is the part where we call Iran claiming handed off to Garcia and mailing. Clearly marked Spain real estate studios. Play a problem. We don't have the right personnel on the field. Many call time out there. It's CEO. On grass seed CO. NGOs left. They coach Riley and NGOs left. Were fresh out of CEOs darling we're out of time outs are ISI don't want guard went through two minute warning I I definitely do not want to Chris Webber in this so. You know we're just stay with Puerto alarm about where are no longer the no huddle or its editorial carried out. All right so. Here's a guy you want to hornets to come away with most. In the draft the eyes of these columns sex is a guy has been locked up the hornets. SGA is a gas that mocked the hornets. Miles bridges Michael bridges guys were expected to be there. Always a girl pretty much an agreement Michael Porter junior somehow. Some way makes it to eleven they absolutely have to hit the stop button. If Trey young somehow makes it to eleven stop button. Would you would you get the stop button on that Bryant is Trey young is available eleven. Is that they must call. I haven't seen enough I mean I've I've seen tree I latest on how well his game kind of translates the MBA. You know I think there's some I think there's some issues there I think you're I think for for what we talked up from all the analysis that we've heard. The other at the given the the dozens of people that we've talked to in terms of draft draft analysis whenever I think got to find a better players he's got to find someone assist just a ray NBA ready player someone that's. And you know I trailing just doesn't it's just doesn't sit well with me. Offense. May be not so most defense. But lost it's it's. That's a tough battle because I mean scenario for all the time that Theo I've only been down here year in and out BI got to produce that a coach or show that the current Greece it was with coach Clifford he kept talking you get talking preaching. He kept preaching defense and all I kind of stuff the atoms in the or its low scoring. You know 8996. Points whenever we get free pizza they scored 100 points and and all I can stuff trio as much is. You as much as as as as cliffs near pristine defense I do think this team does need to score I think continue to do you do need office of weapons but he saw all I sure what happened Wembley mounds on the floor he just in play any defense. And it is he hurt his teammates because asides and I think if you're bringing trade young you're essentially repeating what she did last year. In terms of bully mount Kenya the definition the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different. Results I think that's not that's not what is it the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results let's decide. Yes I was repeating some sand aka. For the answer. I see what he did he see you imagine there. Not quite a dead Oakland third. Did you or did you did you brawl but that's just to do with bad jokes as akin. On no my my dad and my dad embarrass new war through us through kind of his actions not his show spread my dad really isn't that funny. But. But he had he had as his own web compares a guy. Is it out and adding to it and jokes and I called him back cans but I think he chips. Must show results. Are. Loses a little lit in the horrible question of the day. Did you ever catch your parents. Now never. Really been. Are you the luckiest guys in the world. They always. Want again I'd I'd never news that was happening it. Iris but my parents were pretty equal private people so he's like I was kind of kept myself I called my parents which many times. And it wasn't like I tried to do it was just. A series of unfortunate events. It could lead now as a parent to me like one of the most important things is to never get caught by your kids. And you know my son is fourteen boys and 42 X my daughter's eleven. Now it's like to know is if you see if you catch your parents you like four or you'll never remember that if you're like fourteen or eleven. That's gonna scar you for the rest of your life. So it's literally is like a parent thing where you're trying to figure out OK well how can we get rid of the kids. And then like take advantage of power along that time frame it's. You know win when your life. Looking ahead of the week of like okay this a thirty minute window here and and as a forty minute window there that. Really you know that's what you really know you're full blown panic. And you have to you. Really try to hammer down every single possible opportunity. So you don't get caught fire to its. Just is that source. All right we finally got the right personnel on the field. Acted out called Ron playing. And deliver the handoff now novel right handed quarterback so we're doing the handoff to the left side. Mountain and kings and the backwards thanks for them and most of the words the left side. Garcia and Bailey. Coming up next. At this stuff together let's go to about how much did your. Yeah recent Ryan never closed parents. Never called despair no point never cautious parents and never caught air Hewlett walking on to parents 00 or hole. Never played in these little. Look just at the world never go to parents. Why don't thing I've ever come out and I'm still want to buy another soon is trying to hook and I are the only two I guess I'll look in his does that affect your. Every kid caught their parents at some point. Well I don't know I mean I have seven Brothers and sisters so artisan and I just. If somebody had zeroed in her that it. How how far are how far and download the liner to your number two so maybe this is because there wasn't home very much. Like a lot of option I don't like those babies is constant back. And you could did you really you know I don't hate the store is coming money get out of there. The lead let me get on the fireplace or dad's the baby oil we're. Spanish so the flamingos would bring our babies not to all of us coldly dance sing and everything the ones that they were kept in the front yard. So love Obama things about it is. Or who would you most want to see. At 11 AM Thursday night for the hornets. You know our mom honestly. I don't really think it matters. If one of the guys fall. You know I think that would probably be best case you know scenario. But I think whoever you take eleven probably not can be a difference maker so. I'm guess and you know the guy we talked about his name is named escaping me what's the guy that had all the potential has the you know Michael's or junior Michael tortured there. If Michael Porter junior drops he would be the guy from me the hornets. Has the most potential with the upside and you know hopefully people are seen him as an injury in but I think that's the risk that you have to take digital artist take a guy like that. So Mitch Kupchak did say today that they've kind of gone through and kind of died there rising across a tease in terms of his. This injury stuff some who knows I mean if he's there and looks at them though the hornets have done their homework and are ready to either take that challenged or are passed on a supporters eleven stops. Stopped. Is Trey young is on 110 yeah you take to stop. You need to take him out there as well I mean if those guys at their. You know we need a backup point guard there's no doubt about it unitary young would be a guy that score. I'm not sure that you know he can get a shot off he takes a lot of album but it'll be interesting to see how you know that. How much rope he's given early on his career but Oklahoma it was launch them up from half court likes their current. Noise exciting we rumored to talk about nor letter about this movie you saw the quotes he said you know it is report shooting competition that he would be both staff and and play. Howard four point shooting come outside you know we got the fire and ice cube that's true criticism we will learn those sorts of things about a military action does not lack for confidence and I get to question a moment but there'll be a lot of scouts are that the industry young is the best pound for pound player in the stressed. We don't it's also and those are certainly the other the best guard in this draft so. It would take something monumental and probably not something good for Trey younger slipped to eleven we noticed that happens in running grabbing an entirely different conversation but you don't Michael Porter junior is there at eleven that's the kind of kid to I understand you know with the ceiling into the physical ability to potential there why you wanna take a flyer on Richard like down eleven especially. It's tough right now because we don't know what this team is going to do with Tim walker and with no if we don't know what they're drafting for sits. Or drastic for best player available because they're blowing the whole damn thing up and just gonna start building from scratch and. Here's the one thing I don't want to see them do is I don't want him to see give them give up Kemba Walker to move up to a note on which -- an idol to imitate and I I've said that Kelly gender doesn't that's never proven commodity to try to move up to get so on unproven guys that we don't know if he might be and KG. He he might be a guy that template didn't cowboy western. You know we don't know anything about these guys other games in a transition and we know we've gotten kemba as a pretty good player so. On it if we're just moving up three spots you to number eight in trade with Cleveland. I'm not I'm not about that but if we're gonna go give all star Gallic. You know a court quite letter Rourke I held a two player of that Kelberg until whoever you want in there and the entire roster to go with that if you needed it but. You know just move up a couple spots I'm not for that. I wanna say thanks Jeff Goodman CL IS media how amber or Monday Morning Quarterback for joining us and Iraq shown on me. At the Helm we'll say that's the easy way to do or Garcia and barely there next. This news senior day is on Doug Evans sees job by ortho Carolina.