Midday On WFNZ: Trey Jones Gives Insight Into Brooks Koepka

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Monday, June 18th
Will Kennedy and Patrick Creighton talk with Brooks Koepka's college coach Trey Jones about Koepka winning the U.S. Open.

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Weeks he's telling you win games C. Powered by ortho Carolina. These things like that. The last player in my life. Have you Johnson's work out what what was and I know right now looking. He's probably saying what. That's the most out of character I've ever seen delivers. Why he's taught it's good. He just now. That is speed was and everybody gives me. It's an outrage. How can we go on this society. After what Phil Mickelson did at the US open will Kennedy back to Craig Ryan show would you quick. Update for the World Cup powered by ortho Carolina Belgium's three no winner over Panama. All the Beers French Fries and stuff you can drink. Any time. Somewhere I don't know where I'd point you that direction. I'm a big fan of their waffles waffles too yes I had to build a while to medical. His name was streaks. And Martin's that he actually scored a goal to get. Well let's let's talk a little bit of a lot what we saw at silicon kills over though the weekend the extended weekend and and China. Eli did Ian not like it. Do you do you like your regular tour golf for the guys just dial in any kind of do whatever they wanna do or do we like to see these guys these best players in the world struggle. And they did struggle and and maybe maybe they're right on the broadcast a fox didn't get a whole lot right on our golf broadcast it. Based on the comments in the things that bloody golf fans who watch on golfer saying they he didn't like it she wanted to go back to the old way. But he a field still clearly did whether he snapped or whether he just kind of said amen to prove a point here. It was interesting to see these guys. Who'd normally can hit wherever they wanted it they couldn't do that over the weekend when you think that Jimmy is one of those situations do you do you like to see these guys look Cuba. Also know looking human I mean the conditions such an icon to sweep her off look. The wind was playing and they knew they had storms coming up the wins plain habit. The the course was clearly playing way too fast some. You know but to hear the announcers talk about like this is the greatest stuff. Her shows the glories are still strong truly came off calls for America Astoria Nam ha and like stop already I. They they allow. Ask they last about John Dick so what does John Daly. It's not the greatest affront ever but when it's Phil Mickelson who's you know one of their guys rather than daily news kind of Al Sadr funny story looks like it is beloved in new Yorker I mean every time the US open is a New York left to use is probably the most popular guy. Absolutely. You know they had US open at Bethpage black and his wife was going through her medical issues. You know he would talk about it with the fans and fans love Mickelson on long round. The until this is this the brits you know what you know look let's think golf more interest. Okay every time you start around to do was shocked fifth after art and if you bogey the hole you were shot for every stroke that your. Mean you know its interest in the US open it tracks. In my opinion a little bit different crowd than your average PGA tour event we just had the Wells Fargo earlier with the PGA championship here before. And I don't know if it was just the way fox and the tee boxes might or you know the playing groups like the man. There were some guys follow us on these players around your offer just absolutely obnoxious it's a roster around you know that's the things like yo. I see comedians though people say you know. Why does it have to be quiet when these guys who shot why you know when your when I'm standing there trying to hit it you know 97 mile an hour pitch. From from a guy in a stadium it's dark quiet. You know guys are you know people are yellow stuff from the crowd you all kinds of stuff going on is it harder to hit a golf ball than it is to hit the sinker firm. In overall is Chapman. For sure all the focus and concentration it takes too weird golf pants in public without laughing yeah. I don't know whether or not people cheering minister is going to push eyesight has lived there are certain things and sports are just like to see change. Yahoo! yeah I was there by the way he was all over the place every time there is. Let's let's add alcohol to golf. Let's let's take all the de John Daly was adding into golf academic. Body and funny stories helping he would always walk around a styrofoam cup. And what you thought was the last hour from cup was in that styrofoam cup try to make on our society and Emma can have an endorsement deal with solo for the red cup you know that he couldn't just ecology is a cold this hour from Don and I would tell you know loved and blinked in in the NFL I'd like to see them get rid of all these officials. Caloric doctors and lawyer your someone commonly sleigh official. Our multi during the weekend make the former players. All right a dock I could kick out of the doctors think the senior member groan about the same age you know you'd you'd have on TV they have a guy come out the white coat may do some kind of thing and and they all got sued for deceptive advertising in the had a prime real. And our doctor. But I play won't tell on these guys every commercial McCain well I'm not a doctor but I play Juan told on television let me tell you about. Did you use throat drops at speed chase throw drops on their patented formula for coating will soon throat irritation for things like coughing wheezing and talking too much side effects are diarrhea public beaches are available at all fine retailers so please sorry being hit BJ is near you. Remember they are doctor recommended. I want every hour every course ability used to be in the seventies. And so much more fun you can say stuff I. Art center reported near you knock a matter official I dare you say senator Schumer an awesome guy and I mean I think. These do you really do real lists the reality if you will of that US open crowd plus the wake don't problem I seemed for me is it feels like they have to treat their trick in these courses up. I can the US GA for the US open besides work it was all sort of torture test this year they really went above and beyond because last year when topical one the first time last year there were a lot of golfers shoot under par. But anyway I guess they want guys to fit it they they love this tournament because nobody. Everybody was plus you know and but realistically if you're a fan of golf. That wasn't good golf because. There's too much going against. The golfer if you are the best golfers in the world and between the conditions. On the ground and then the wins they have no change its. To play good duck do you really close to the hole unless you're troll are unlike sure troll. Who loves to see people fail. There was nothing great about watching this tournament because it was just a disaster. Everything about this tournament was a disaster and every golf first tell you how. You know they lost of course between the course on the wins it's on playable. What makes it enjoyable. Mean I don't necessarily need to see a mental test you know like can this guy not lose his mind. Over thirty the last 36 holes you know whoever whoever it sucks the least is going to turn it I mean I. I don't necessarily need to see twenty plus under par like some of these regular PGA tour events but. When they play the PGA championship here at Wells Fargo in the red quail hollow. It's a pretty fair test amino couple under par you know that there were tough moments you know there's some holes that if you hit it wrong it could cost you determined I'm fine with that but just yet just to see like. A guy hit a shot in the middle of the green. And that is gone all that happened to Dustin Johnson yesterday. He'd get a shot. Bomb. I wanna say it was on thirteen. He hit a shot that lands on the green like twenty feet from the pin. And it stops. And then you count to three and all of a sudden SARS Roland you know it's gonna roll off into all of their way. And it wound him Roland like another 25 feet the other direction like that's not normal. Now that's that's you know it's not it's not what we see week in and week out and it just feels like. Like when they the British Open they go play the British Open. The weather is the factor. You know whether it's rain and Iranians when it's not it's not a seller they don't come out and turn the corner and the whole bit of during the course into a monster. An inmate maybe that's part of the problem you know that we just don't have that same element here in the can't just rely on what a US GA Cruz it but when the US GA as they did comes out he says. Elite we got around we kind of screwed it up a little bit we lost the course Austin's on the line with us colony and I want to talk US open a little bit Austin how you don't limits. I don't get Ari got good you'll want to. Our Gary pepper we got our boxers prepare so talking about bill Nichols ballad just the joke. Did they did seem league take it a little further than it probably nick is a good choice also in Arlington national crisis. It. What did they go of the golf itself to someone who YST or did you feel like yeah if he knows it was what you want in this speech. Our own reward but returned and are there every year thirty or so coming on the court actually where are out of something different and we get beat week in week out. These diets are courting younger we thought I'm really into it. Though there's that side to these guys to hit the ball so far. He did almost where they want they can count over power almost any course we the masters is had to make all these changes to Augusta the trick to trick jobs because these guys bombers so far. Yeah deductible under each and every year and it's a reference hurt your aperture. He of course reverend a while like it that way you know. I say let you let us play with the technology. Gives you know what I B I want to put these guys back with the clubs Jack Nicklaus platelet. I'd like to see these guys know there are still ahead zip person in good. In some little blades and a little potter where everybody had the same putter I mean these guys are hitless spaceship attacks in of them saying hey. They've opened. A PGA tour offers thanks the komen appreciate your brother. They open the PGA tour superstore and not far from accounts. So I went to your checking out you've just been a whole day and a place and they've got driving range driving simulator is putting range and you everything you stand. They had a driver I mean the head with the size of a softball. Now I have no formal golf trainers and mind my golf eat basically my golf participation. Is I go to the driving range we ordered drinks. Bang a few balls off the second here we try to get the currency goes by you know but as far as. Loosely actually playing you don't pulls it off we don't do that. An armed the last on the ball so this thing in my golf swing is more cocky slap shot. Am the last some bubbles that they string team. So while it's a waffle iron on in is your. Shall I can think about as Rodney Dangerfield in caddy shack with a spotter that had little scope to find the opening up that's that's almost where we are all right we're gonna get in a little more golf when we come back we'll talk to trade Jones four to stay Gulf Coast he coaxed the back to back US open win. And Brooks captain Patrick Creighton will Kennedy and Reich always feels a WS as he powered by ortho Carolina. So he's got a. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. And we are back. I to a Kennedy pastor Craig Ryan show with UW FAZ power by ortho Carolina I was really surtax on Jesus of 7045709. To sixteen and one of our techsters. Wally the Tampa Panthers says no tiger did not watch. The US open I think obviously tiger brings the audience there's no doubt about that. He was not spectacular. This this weekend in his Thursday and Friday appears of course did not make the cut to the sticker over the weekend in this ever saying he felt like he was close you know we come together in a lot of people wanted to were were kind of pulling. For tiger to be around in the make that happen. He did not happen and the guy who is a walking away it was a at all is now back to back US open winner Brooks kept got this is the guy. Who got to play with his buddy Dustin Johnson though last day they were not any final pairing they were in the in the next to last and and really. Also the one round against 75. And one of the rounds you know he he was the guy he just kept steer around the course and joining us now as a guy who knows. Bruce kept could very well Trey Jones Florida State Seminoles golf coach shores on the tech to come guess like a tree is also a serious exit PGA tour radio host beyond. The tips which is where I never placed on as the title of the show tray first of all you gotta be happy for you Garrett. I am extremely happy in the Clinton moved on alert as well so I'm not go back there. Yeah I'm always trying to figure out the color coding scheme figure out how close I can get to the front right just move moving up to the beginning of the lot how how good was a guy's game this weekend because you know that course. I mean I always say it's the greatest test of golf it truly was and maybe even more than it should best. Well and entered yesterday you we will there are other feeder on that line then that. It to be any other real turtle so. Or is that it's not golf right. It's everything there's so many other things golf by the bad. Yeah. Bigger gulf swinging and get it up five are helpful for our audience. And that's gonna play an approach or perhaps. This is the guy come and it you know he's the defending US open champ he's had some injury issues. But he even he was saying coming into the tournament that he he felt like he was the guy so certainly confidence is not an issue for verse for Brooks took. Now if you if you drove the bowler broad stroke and can utter or keep Jerry. Profits are going to be there and well when. There's there's a drop that area and just believed in him so I'm. And pay attention to other people so. This company at the is that the back you think you have most and others deduct up apparent well. I can drive or he drives it just takes me two shots to get to all. And so did it to assist the straighten this thing. Now they may make again mini Coopers and suffering just as I was on a golf course I'll drive over there as well when you see a term like this where I mean Brooks wins he's he's won over party wins tournament is is that something where you know you've created. And that's just a mental toughness to not beat. Intimidated by the golf course is a lot of guys who clearly looked like they were just intimidated by the course. Well it it tactically. You get a better job than Barack double look taken outdoor park. You know want to take the word far out you're just played each hole. And over partisan matter or for that matter which order does that matter. So well when you remove that equation. Then they become the big board game and there are is pretty good. Trade trade just Florida State Seminoles golf coaches with a solitary become gas line also serious sex in PGA tour radio host and you know it's one of those things where we we were talking with fans a little bit today and those who watched the award do they want do they like to see this. Kind of set up you know what happens with the US open how difficult the can be for these golfers. You know your thoughts a little bit on on the course and the way the US GA obviously they want it to be like it finished where everybody's. On the plus side if they can get that way it almost feels like torture a little bit your thoughts on the course and and the way they set it up and also note. What you saw from Phil Mickelson which was clearly kind of a protest in some ways to what the US GA dot. Perhaps there are outer group that the year GA it's gonna. Well again interpret them ultra burning other of that and and that he cheater on that line. Mending outdoor sport there I think admitted on Saturday that. They called collateral. That they get they get back all the golf course like some very in boulder I can't. We're talking about it right now we watched it. Entertainment value is dead. You know I think thing about the PGA tour of the PGA tour brought so the players on the tour there are BitTorrent. Course never gonna make their members look bad. Since this series it it is Jed has not done a tour about triple. Don't go get a fulfilled action picture they had nine belt and people all literature. But with the bill saying it is that you know it was made out almost to be a national outrage on the broadcaster with fox I mean how how big a deal. Is it or is it just yet more fodder for us to talk about. Well yeah yeah and it evolve and only golf course or when it got about oh yes and and he just. Don't think clearly he might do some very you can don't around on mammal or do. So. I apologize so that in battle taking a different feel I don't think anybody else to go to different though it didn't break a rule. But the other two should frustration and and regret certain. I can live on. Treasures are subscribed me after every round I've ever played. But it was I do I ask myself that ourselves I just saw US every round that I explained precisely zero around. He coached in you you know works pretty well Lou what is it from when you first met him to now. That she's improved most about scanned. All of that and it again and took about a six and it kept Japan how much square or when it when he came to Florida State and I give and the credit irk her recognizing here. Making changes. We have oil player in America you know and have the same bank two years ago when you help part of that Jerry Imus speed and strength. It is in you get closer to the dream. Yeah got a fair I don't doubt that the and put leverages and and just whatever. They. Both of them have and recognizing matter working hard. Well let's play in and it's two great putter is perhaps it. And not give remote you know social credit for recognize commitment. And then then remedy to come to campus and imported what are we never shot out but under our. This is the guy who either way he's had a wrist injuries had a couple inches long way if he stays healthy though is he is he poison your opinion. Mahan Dustin Johnson in the world number one those two bodies they obviously keep themselves in incredible shape and and the way they work out is is Brooks poised to yearn to be there at the top of his game for the next couple years. Well every level pretty content to particular to a new year to wanna try out golf not immune response in DC based if you freshman here and used to damage to play here. What you want they want three times. What you want on the European zone story wanna couple more times we've got murdered anyone on the European. Pure and how well you know anyone on the computer editorial it came at a major went another major. It its ally or a letter to then you know pummeled much and go back the other way. He got slower it's gonna be tough challenge it'll be. To do that I think Brooks is going to be got it's you're gonna see play well on our road or golf course and if you have the temperament to probable always. Focus so little too much on animators of that appeal we're all going to be at old deal. Out in the sport or greater speculators and there are almost up the British Open would be the wonderland well. I think that'll be next. Could choose the next guy in your stable. Car right now that we should be cheap and ion ex guy and you're stable maybe that. Has a shot to become a premier player. Take what we go to don't know what the calmer now and these nineteenth on the money oil so he's not just appears college. McGuire know well dot com. On the coast respect and I'm here so I'm not have a college where. An area Ella to or came this year. On the British amateur and it peace action played in the masters and near stoke on this week has never turn his turn pro next week trial. Had just three of those guys and I don't know. Particular community have been others but there are those of the war put that into their portrait. Spoken like a true coach Wright their trade show us Florida State golf coach in serious sex in PGA tour radio is joining us let's I think I guess like coach thank you very much I think he should take our credit. As much credit as physically possible for back to back US open wins Roberta Brooks kept going good luck to you and the seminoles wrest the way thanks for joining us coach. Well thank you proud and they had to throw that in there and actually go right now well well Mike mark yeah. Or North Carolina. Sports hall of fame inducted this year so. Absolutely touted tell coach hello forced myths of that's fantastic he's great there are I don't ski coach back to around it straight. Hello that he takes a little break it just the goggle golf with a zero candidate that's a great dry yourself talking USO moon we come back we'll give can wrap it up a little bit on the golf side of that and then you two ready do Garcia Bailey not too far away here on Monday you listen WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Follow Kennedy Patrick Craig Ryan show with John WF and he carbo ortho Carolina Patrick asked me earlier when he's first kind of came in during the break about Van Halen. Was I Rother pay yard even during Gary surround. Com. Hagar for me at hello hello Ross to there's only one AC DC for me love Brian Johnson is the bonds got a sore at all. Seek my first introduction ACC was Brian Johnson. Back in black was the first my first introduction of power in meets true but once I once I heard bonds got her you know the original. Our team bus got it was like wow I got. Are you find a replacement 2000 back close and then gonna have a success is is truly one of the incredible things in rog roll music you know. It's I don't know if I can tell you I like one more than the other. Tim I think it's it's weird because I know they have the two different singers. It's Timmy it's all AC DC. And I always I live troubled personal advantage not so with the very different because they did you notice. Big hill and took a different turn as he Bane. It's a style of music that they do all you're doing most dramatically to meet the style of music releasing these was exactly the same or slightly changed. Eagle there ammo lynchings a style of music they wrote it just held a different voice and has played variations on the same reference. Forty years and made it greater or somehow you're right so same kind of music Detroit here since at 10 o'clock. Patrick made it introduced Italy and we started as well for all those guys Syrian safely he'll be with he would die tomorrow tomorrow. Didn't Tuesday Wednesday as well thank you for. You're conscious. Look we don't do that we can't do this without junior contributions on the building center text line 70457. Or 96 tents have been outstanding today you guys have hit up. All the topics that we midwest and that's been fantastic and Neil Monday's. I enjoy Mondays here and I've been like you have to have a couple Monday's hero and why don't like Mondays so much you may ask is because without skis neighbor girl. That's today the food comes from about skis on Monday. The wings there award winning they are phenomenal we have some pennies in here. Pastor was saying it is just whetted the appetite he's ready to roll out to Charlotte fire and find some food finding good stuff but the mouse keys they got you covered in the kitchen Monday to Thursday 11 in the morning to midnight Friday and Saturday they go eleven until 2 AM so they got you covered late and Sunday 11 in the morning till 10 PM. Great place to go watch a game get some food enjoy yourself the wings it's a little bit or work. And as a Billy senate sex line text or said earlier. The Patrick if there boneless or not you it's so you just got to roll like that whatever they think whatever they all taste good anyway there doesn't cause a tsunami didn't. And I and I brought up the ranch in blue cheese debate and Texas were saying it's ranch only what are even talk about. I'm RS guy myself but. Know how you eat range and blue tees can happen you pick it up can throw it in the garbage I. Now let's get the power on work with the sole what do you Portland the sauce is as someone who you know has been in both NH town here. You know when we know plague we you were you and I both know what would you go to Houston you know you're looking for he'd. Coming to Charlotte what might look and see what is what is Charlotte known for what is what is their best what is their best type of food here. People people you know that's the course the Carolina barbecues vastly different from the Texas barbecue I don't even know that I would say they're in the same food group. And it's an appreciation think when I'm when they're strong coleslaw on your barbecue in the sauce is a little bit different. But it's good. You just gotta do you just have to wrap your mind around this is not going to be. Franklin's barbecue or you know whatever it is from Texas that you enjoy it you know it's just a different style of food. What do they know for parties the southern food you know that that you know whether it's fines and some of these local restaurants. A fried chicken and yourself like that. The gourmet food scene as Charlotte has changed obviously is uptown Charlotte. As the boomed in diversity judged by more restaurants and interest in places down everything it's definitely southern for course. No fast food did boje angles is being here which is more your chicken and Fries and I kind of I. I had in Los angles once I was cover. During. NCAA he oh lead eight it will loose the us. You know believes it's a cultural her softball Lilja. And we were in Virginia and I was the first time I never head coach angles. It's a little different but while it was good elected. Little different. But I mean there's so many neat look kind of quirky place is good and out. You know you retirement system in the Mexican food here is different as is you know from California Texas Texas Carolinas is will be different is and that regional thank. But I noticed what a good shooter I practice placing a lot of really good breakfast places and voila. Ball flies a solid term crude. Now a member amendment and I chemist from Brooklyn a global Long Island. I've spent the last five years in Houston what qualifies as southern through the type thing that I wanted to check out. There's a place on moment. Our central calls Seoul central which is kind of you know it's not really soul food is more kind of southern food so it's it is. Whether it's fried chicken or catfish and and and greens in a collar greens and ingredients is obviously southern food or some. And then you get some of these southern shafts that are doing some really interesting things we know Roland different pace together so yes southern food is is more of is that can. Country table kind of stuff this is more your traditional southern route so Brett pre always goes back to tragic. This is so you can never always on us out now what is done well it is incredible it's it's heavenly what's the place and getting. Chicken coop. You know Orion what was the places over there the names escape me is very very good it's right over off nota. Prices seeking price is seeking to visit as new combat units and getting all older every day but I that not a placing a famous place for people come to town and celebrities Jay Leno was here. Whenever prices to ticking to two guys and they did that that fried chicken and done with their secret recipe that kind of thing so close and Billy -- train she stood there for a treat you so my discs are there. Limited is so you guys every eight you got a good studio lots of good places to go grab a drink and everything in and really what centers in writing you'll find interest in the Charlotte is. You know. NFL team for 21 means. 2223 years now you're an NBA team that was here last comeback forgot the name back. Very passionate sports fan bases you see a little bit out today but still kind of developing and in my opinion still developing some traditions and trying to kind of find what. What's the niche here you know are you New York other places where and bases have been around much much longer Charlotte stork and on that a little bit but it's it's good to see because I think you know. The Panthers is they in that window we're talking about a potentially competing for a Super Bowl the other fans are excited to say super exciting time. For that franchise right now who's the most beloved horn. Right now or all time whichever crystal most beloved one it's feels like Dell curry. Does he still involved with the franchise and course staff. You know what to Davis in here and they lived here are some logs he is buzzing over how I see mug -- that the YMCA Donna Matthews and played horse with a once or twice if not LJ Wasilla that I'll say is not around I would say I would say it's Dallas because he's here in the mug Z kind of in that same window you know Campbell is building his. Now Steve Kimmel sticks around he if he stays as as we talked about earlier he signs a contract extension you know kemba Walker's got the potential to be in all he's already passing. A lot of these marks in franchise history but I mean you you know passages so interesting me because it really is like this. Fairy tale that went. Awry went wrong you know Rick pinellas. How good that team in the early nineties could've been if they can be kept the pieces together injuries and some other things that kind of robbed them multinational one. Oh should want or need a coup could contend for a title with a right you know with the right breaks. And then here to lose a franchise like they did. You grieve we started scene today fans are still. Awfully bitter and rightly so about the other that the team that last and became the pelicans getting into the Davis went. Charlotte felt like it should have been Nam and the bobcats that whole era as kind of a weird. Asterisk in the in the history here. So do you feel like some sense of of justification. That. Pelicans might be the worst teen mania. I mean it's pretty darn bad although pelicans are fair bend down on the Gulf Coast those pelicans are actually frightening. The real ones in real life they're actually ridiculously sized birds very aggressive but he had not exactly the best thing I would take in New Orleans fourteenth. First of all. Let's just the hornets got their name back like. Jazz named back indoors makes no sense in Utah stop stop it. That could be like to use hot tea total is something in the mountains assault lyrics whatever your column I don't even know I was in Park City right after the 2002 Olympics. And if you go to a bar in Utah. You are not allowed to order a mixed drink. You can only order a drink with with one ounce of outlaw now and they give you a drink and then they give you a shot and you have to Orix him that a guess or is it it's against the law wow the only way to getting mixed drink. If you have to belong to a social club. Gathered this place is that Texas like that dry counties and you'd have to do you know from. Go around these were grossed always used to wonder how NBA gap in how they attract she can do is in TJ is saying have a hard time that's why you know he's the interests really look at Charlotte you think Charlotte should be able to attract. Free agent MBA players has got an highlighted sky you know it's a growing city and you look at plays like you don't think that's a place that should never. Get a marquee free agents because of the things you just talked about. And they have to build from within Charlotte's in this weird window words like. You know win it when they get a get a break through free agent to come here's an F sprinkle a little town on the on the rise. I'd like to go there bills on that everyone who plays in Utah has to go to BYU. And that's just but. I grew up. I went to BYU then you can stay new sound he rubio basketball Jesus rigidity Patrick Creighton Ryan sell the handoff but Garcia had Billy right around the corner you're listening to WS and he powered by ortho Carolina. So he's got to. Charlotte sports need this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. You can always tell listeners to keep you straight. We'll Kennedy Patrick Creighton and Brian show off Garcia Billy coming into the studio we were talking about food and trying to find you know some southern food for faster cheers and from Houston in turn filed by Steve Jones to your straight and do all caps sometimes reminding me that the chicken coop is not. In all caps. In north Davidson it's indoors axis of real citizens south and south and that's why thoughts is so there are Tim. Well we may bill would give us their Barbeque in the fried chicken but where we're gonna have to back TC gets a prophesy doesn't it licensing demo congress and is the 5% as I was telling some of them before they let you gotta go find this place because it's it is something else c.s have you know they go right. Little little Max we are Mexicans threw two and they may meet taxman. Six I. I was saying you get California taxes you get wherever you are there's some different variation on it so I came from New York slalom from New York to Houston you know everything I knew about Mexicans have to stop about Africa. If I had a business owner or Stucco structure in just there's only so they what is this taco cabana. They deserted Mexican pizza and a half. After vigilant and so right franks and the golf he watches the aisle you sit there yesterday candidates are washed all Jewish or did you enjoy the torture then yes absolutely alone which I love guys getting tested every now and there was it every week. You know as these guys got their new things that we can't do you know I wanna see them out but you know the ones so once a year. I like to see their. Intestinal fortitude to challenged in their guts you know and and see what they have inside a woman watch these guys cry and whine and complain and and moan and bitch Juli has soccer for that. You know that's it's nice to have these golfers that can breathe on me all. My ASEAN Powell. Yet the great story for me was you know Tommy Fleetwood goes out there SuSE is amazing round 63 and it was fun because when he missed that putt on eighteen it was early in the Dallas like. How did and come back and haunt you know. He drains and he had no business make it from off the green some thirty footers and that was it that was a Blair remarkable putt and he even said he wanted to want I wanted to shoot 62 is set the record pretty even got a new. It's amazing what pressure does to you isn't it when you know that you have to do it in order to get it done vs when you're not thinking at all and and that's where these guys usually come back you know to the field a little bit you know if you play golf now well you've played but you know even if you haven't played but you get your best round going. And you have like three holes left. You're like damn I just part of these three holes or even a Tug bogey just these three poles set my personal life. And what happens I go double bogey double bogey brightened. And just you fall apart right because your expectations in the way you think that's what's great about golf and you know even for these guys are best in the world value when they go out there 90000 selves and know that. You have to do this for that. For this moment in time that a little bit more pressure on them and in May be lets them hang on just little bit longer just a log which trades just forcing golf coach or coach Brooks kept any interest in point that he made was is the PGA players. They run the PGA so weakened and week out they're gonna make sure the course is set up to not embarrass them USDA does not give a crap. About that and they're gonna set it up to make them you know to test them but to look. No may be look bath. Just somebody said their second ago that it's a good point but he reserves are gonna go PGA tour players from the PGA. That there are simply want Phil Mickelson wasn't he sued over the weekend and it is at the easiest way to put a French again until involves us for Friday. He knows more about the PGA itself and anybody remembers employee audit so I just. Now I don't think that anything to do it that you do don't they they may set up they have they're gonna have Sana where they're not point two. You know talk about disqualified if you listen to a lot of the players talk you know Kyle a lot of them. You know including guys like Justin Leonard. So there did you cure him I think he should indeed cute on Sunday. You know he has additional responsibility is the caretaker the had a golf you know kind of you know he's the these senior statesman is just. Lemmings here right now he's the guy that everybody looks up to even the young players he's the guy if you're following golf you've heard of Phil Mickelson he's the guy that's done it right he's the guy is based in complain when. You know that that the greens are set up properly the pens not the best place there. Are you know whatever might be the course is in detail his liking he's going to be the first is that so he has a different responsibility everybody else and you know that responsibility doesn't just dissuade him from you know following the rules and and doing things right we're. They should all have to play the ball on the fly make him guess this'll make them golden gonna. Am all for you get there always is if they think bogey on Jewish she were shot nearly every shot you're Ohio and then mayor and ultimately miss what I thought. But I got another. I did a story on every golf once for TV it's it's absolutely incredible very nervous yet. How they can do that run a course and the time plus scores involved I found it interesting though that he definitely made it seem like a national crisis. On the Fox Broadcast that still had done this and an idea how to play the current say frank told me was it was a gimmick. Up to Medimmune Daryn you listen we've all wanted to do that don't get me wrong but. You know your play your body for money and you're keeping score and told him up at the end. Like hey wait a second you just cheated you know I am best which are gonna tell you but right. Well and that's what the other players on tour probably there to watch him do that way as I can hear you just cheer you can't do that it's not a man John Daly did doing that as we've seen him do before our solar power. Her reaction it's a totally different reaction. What's funny about that there was a sill says he just did something that he's in wanted to do for a long studies and numerous opportunities to do this and he was just pissed off and he says well just took the opportunity to slow who's more what he said that's what he said after the fact but as he's coming off the grainy also says a word I just do their dogs sure you know I've no doubt about them but who's more Millicent. Golf purist or baseball purist guitar. It's not that that may be that don't so yeah. They're basically the curious and look what do you all like you. A yeah I think about while I was had to do was caddie shack in the good every city can Shaq was the whole judge males. Gambling is illegal bush would mean that that's the whole deal the broadest it's really just right behind your head Frey didn't just talk about pressure this is why didn't get into did Jennifer anybody saw this yesterday pitcher for the brewers Adrian Hauser. This kid makes his Major League debut comes and pitch eight inning of a ballgame yesterday those as warm up tosses walks behind the mound that throws up literally you know loses his contract manager comes out. And make sure he school everything in the grounds Greta come on clean it up he gives up a double and then gets an out. And then throw something you. And then didn't hear mission Ned yeah. All sorts and they they they did not charges for mound visits to that portrait but he ended up getting the outs and get out of but the pressure one pound guy. Wouldn't believe you know even you know in the locker rooms over your Bank of America you Saint Louis Arizona wherever I've played. You know and I hope you guys tell stories all the time of you know some of these routines. That they go through before. You before they get out there and and a lot of it is due to pressures the Buckeyes it's the bats it's. Throwing up in the toilets you know it's that's what some guys do what I mean remember in wrestling back in high school there was a guy he's Presley and to be a pretty good wrestler obviously but also play the NFL's name is rob Waldrop and you know we sit there and have a little room that thoughts aside do we go and then we kind of warmup and he did you sweat going before you get on the mat he don't get hurt in every time. Time that we get ready to go wrestle Terry who was he could wrestle in the worst guy in the world some fish. And he would go and throw the trash can't. And I'm like what's wrong with you Manning up like you blame your son if you're headed right here. I am not you know he's like no man I just it's just I can't help assuming command syndrome as pre plus or to do it. On the field behind the mound he blockers are I was injured I got to dig. After years ago there was a guy that's play with the video and yeah. Concept of of the pregame fear crap just telling you there are some guys that have to go to the bathroom edited these cannot go out there hasn't rituals entertains and what that does to your gut who knows and that says so he got back to go to the pressure on those guys yesterday two million plus dollars to win the US open in an end that you need to see you could see the cracks that course got to listen to those guys you know what your. That's not the pressure anymore these guys the pressure isn't the money. It's it's it's the legacy is definitely a major as a major it's it's getting embarrassed. Right I mean you jump out of the lake. Realize you don't get I mean if you play when he's member guests and you've you've told your buddies and what not to go in the U put the crowd around just. And you go out there you have to hit that first shot. I mean the narrative stars. It's unlike is because you don't wanna be embarrassed because of our ego or pride mostly we're gonna line people up here in the hallway to watching guys do show here Garcia Brandon and I look for other. I would love to pressure. And easy Nazi symbolism of the time. So like let's say errant shell game. This all these different out. Here in the studio batic crazy thank you he'll be back to borrow to Tuesday Wednesday here tended to rise shell has always make it happen back there I'm a Kennedy you've been listening to W a busy powered by ortho Carolina Garcia Bailey up next.