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Thursday, July 19th
Tim Murray talks with ESPN college football analyst Tom Luginbill about ACC football and gives his thoughts on Larry Fedora's comments. 

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These these WFANC. Powered by ortho Carolina here's Tim Murray. It's a very hang analogy today here on WFF then see if the midday at thirty FNC powered by ortho Carolina. I laugh at Texas and Texas tech's coming in speak much. And that's great that's what makes Sports Radio as fun. And that's what makes it a great job because when you have these conversations you do get people on the other side it. Of arguments and that that is that's great. Our region this text. They came and you all sound so ridiculously self righteous over Fedora he's not a doctor and neither are you capital why. Oh you. He means that football itself should not be held. Exclusively. Responsible in the eyes of the B for CT concussions caused the disease. He should he could never played down a football but if you continuously bang your bleep and head on the kitchen cabinet. Every morning reaching for the coffee mug your chances are probably the same. I'm gonna have to disagree. Yeah I guess that's true but. I think that the likelihood if you banging your head. On the kitchen cabinet and every single day when you get your coffee mug a little bit different then banging heads with. A full grown man coming full speed. I understand what you're saying and senior premise. But there are facts out there and there's been plenty of studies. On the brain injuries and CT eat on former NFL players and former college football players yes CT can be from. Multiple sports are different activities. But you play football for a long time do likelihood of obtaining that disease is higher. And my point has consistently thin debt. To push that to the side and two. Say that the this scientific evidences is it's not true or. Shouldn't be you know. Held accountable that's where I was getting frustrated the most about. Let's go to the phone line so let's get a Patrick for a quick Patrick what's going on a man. They showed you know. I'd create a web Larry this was 'cause he did it can't be used to play it's saying. Stayed at the game is not under attack but it looks like you're. Are not attacking again about any people might get site so we can't make it safer. And make it's they can't take away at the ports the game better right where continually do that right now well eliminating the boat began about taking place special paint that is right now college football. And this happened and caught the ball well. When you where it was used prewar the most exciting place the ball up to were kicked off our work trudged out. Pretty good lob wedge our work done out I don't wait strategist chip away chip away hey Pete if we know that it. Caucus states you can well they're sure that it does but can't get. I just can't get out of that ask it well I can't wait to opt for being a big collision. We cannot protect. Why injury. Strike that would typically has been this. Appreciate the call. The dots and it's a fair criticism and and look. I have yet to. Say that we need to band football or I don't like football and I even said that I am hypocritical because I love football and I love. Aspects of the game I love to kick off return. But there are ways I think you're wrong in saying there are ways to make it safer that's incorrect there are ways we can make the game safer. And they're trying to do so. With technology in an helmets and all of that stuff and I know it's not a perfect science it's going to be very difficult. To figure out I fully understand I'm just sitting here trying to we're just kind of spit on ideas but. Like you said and you agreed to agreed with Patrick on your call is that it was a macho mentality and that is I shared sentiment. And it you know there are multiple. Facets of this discussion and these points that we're may need. Yesterday. By Larry Fedora and I think we've gotten a little bit off task and you know people of have gravitated towards me being as one techsters sets self righteous over Fedora and that I'm not a doctor. I I have flat out said that there is no perfect way there is no perfect solution to this. I'm going to continue to watch football I love college football I'm a part of eight I get paid by. AEA institution. To be on their football broadcasts. I'm not banning I'm not gonna you know say I'm never gonna watch football again. But I think there is that I these conversations are real these people are I have taken their lives. And then when we study their brains it is it that we see the effects of it. So two to push it to the side and say it's not real. I don't know what we can do well that's the problem we don't know what we can do to to fix this. But I just think it's it's kind of crazy. For a college football coach. To make these statements. I fear that the game will get pushed so far to one extreme you won't recognize became ten years from now. That's what I worry about I do believe it gets to that point that our country goes down to. And that's also something pack rat what are you talking about. If football work to go away I think our country where it's still be still be standing. Every other country in the world still standing. It is a big it is a big part of our every day it's a big part of this business. Football talking about it. But I think it was just crazy to make those to make those points up more phone calls let's get a meant. Remind the phone line 704. 570961. Net zero the techno common gas line let's go do. Good Damon Damon you're up first what's up Damon. Yeah. I don't know much. Home. Let Pedroia and not a lot of the marriage. Made it hasn't because they're irrelevant. To football college football. And his comment com I don't know I don't. I don't know how. The universe they go on with him being the spokesman. Put up football program. When he says something yesterday. And with all the research you have all been going on with the NFL and then he ZD make a comment. And media day today that makes it look. Yes that's the only thing we took but media day yesterday was gonna make in the damp. The fact of the matter is. You know being in a blind or have your head in a pillow stick in there. All good questions are not our football and not being contact about the TV it is damn near home there are spots wherever their coach. And if you were to go to recruit from Rome which you kick you right now because nobody in our top tier recruit in North Carolina and it didn't look yeah. Chapel Hill. But what parents and he's saying that and you got it GOP it. And you want him to be. Well my uncle for the next four years Ukraine. Absolutely cried. And he got a bit. Appreciate the call Dana let's get him one more. It's gonna Brooks Brooks how are you. Don't want guys very good. I just wondered did touch screens on an idea I've tuned in about ten minutes or did I hear a motor sports comet that. I'm streamed from my college a political aspects. Happily we gave back before concussions were worked part or like there's barrel and then also I think there's one thing that they're that little sister torch. Warned its equipment and improving the safety equipment that I will get mitigate the you know the course adequately equipped with. To I think they're actually respecting news or use could this triggered at the exact picnic that tackle well. Walked it X rhetoric and I think that that there is. Go to the ice local and parents being cocked. You know college athletic director graft that forcing anyone to get approach to Opel. Plenty of community that is awful participated speech. As someone stops when a country that the walker books that. All so discredited. A person as we open that there are person this fortunately apple all you spoke what are your feet. They need to have been the purple trick in the end of the lower the purple state of the group of people probable and a purple. Adult children seem to make a decision there's an annuity that would export to eternity in just don't try to. Illegally as well I think a lot of people so they need and support they Wear to what they. Although all the ballot bowl there was that they're taking are starting at Baptist or a Saturday. Appreciate the call and ratio of Tex coming in I said it before I'll say it again this is that texts. From the 630 players choose to play day are exclusively. At fault. I would disagree with that and I think that there are ways is that previous caller just pointed out look it is concerned with coaching we can coach better we could teach better we can. As Larry Fedora pointed out correctly. We could start hitting at a later H. But. You know Ryan it's it's funny I'm on the new guy hi how orient simmering just on the today apparently. Apparently Ryan I am an intern. The intern is boring I appreciate you I am not an intern just Dillon in today another guy who is. Saying that's. Some that about me being at home so I'm yet tuna tuna from home studio. So nice to meet Joseph you met her and coffee I can't get my coffee so that's that's a good thing about the in my own an intern here from. The DC area so I think we've gotten enough. On the Fedora situation lots people this is all we're gonna talk about today hot grill late okay so what we're gonna we're gonna take sidestep here. Appreciate all the comments appreciate all the calls great calls loved to gone back and forth on this topic. That's makes good Sports Radio as much you may not like it that's what makes a good is when people get fired up. On the other side of of your take. But so we will get into Simmons let's check and see if cam has other science degree in the usually half absent as I eat gold fissures here at the board. How we do this hour to talk to Tom Luken bill on where. Will probably will ask a question about Larry Fedora just just a heads up their lives will preview the college football serious diplomacy with one of the best in the biz I love Tom Logan Billy does such a great job and he is. Here in Charlotte I believe Ryan right at east SE. At at the media days so we will we will talk to Obama Gambill in just a little bit on the other side I promised it let's get back to it. Mike Adams joined the show. Basically right off the top we had a great conversation he was actually sitting. In a barber chair getting a haircut. Is doing our interview which was which is great. And I had some interesting comments. About Cam Newton and where he stacks up against the best. In the league will hear from Mike Adams the Panthers safety on the other side intern Tim Murray Phil and it today on midday at WFNC power at North Carolina. It's he's coming. Charlotte sports this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Game plan the way they do when they face and you know they know of needed these. The critical if they were they want and I think that's but for our offense but as they admitted they it's players will be game plan going players. My team's game plan against them. Think he did they just stole. Say OK don't let them sort it worked or let him do this but little or no. There's if you let him do this he's gonna purchase and so definite top tier quarterback again whoever that is I think that I I've been about our I have to. Disagree with them period. So the thoughts of Mike Adams earlier on this show us Panthers safety. Mike Adams on Cam Newton. His quarterback. My guests entering your number sixteen. In the league one interesting thing that he said. About the longevity of his career 37 years old playing at the level that he is playing ahead. That a big reason for that was that he almost panic eased himself and Italy is an undrafted guy. Ended up making the 49ers practice squad and the active roster later that year and kind of slowly eased his way in before becoming. A Pro Bowl safety in a leak and now he's answer a year number two in Carolina. And bit. His thoughts there on on Cam Newton ethic it's really interesting to hear that and and I know you could you could play devil's advocate and say it will. What. What does it teammate going to say about their quarterback negatively and I understand that take. Because teammates. Know team it's gonna say yes you know no one in Oakland and yet dare harm and Malia picked it up this year well what was acts. No in Jacksonville even though he may believe it Blake portals he cannot lead us to a championship I mean. We did all we could defensively but have you seen that guy throw a football. He's terrible. But when I was able to take away. From that and look my Canon Smart student I think he knows status answer the right questions. But he didn't hesitate he he just went right in and said look he is. And I thought an interesting point about it that people brought up and and it's one that. She knows about being on the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. Is that teams when they play the Carolina Panthers specifically. Scheme. Cam Newton. How are you gonna beat the Carolina Panthers you have to scheme to beat Cam Newton you have to figure that out. And it I think that's something that and that is a bit overlooked and and look I know there's. Frustrations. In and you can hear those sort of like that's great but is he going to. Get back to what he was in 2000 at fifteen. I understand that. But hearing that was it was refreshing to mean mainly believe OK in no mean this team clearly believes in their quarterback and and maybe they're gonna enjoy eight. Trying to prove people wrong. And one thing. That is. Evan this man this is. There there's not that many easy teams anymore. In the NFC. Just funny we talk about winning and not switch towards especially the NFC south are yet NS south's ridiculous I mean. Tampa Bay's been a disappointment and certainly we're last year they've got talent. On that roster I mean I know they'll be without James Wentz in the first three weeks of the season but. In a date they have a lot of talent they were the darling. That our course for many people the past couple seasons. You've got New Orleans who is one miracle play away from being in the NFC championship you've got Atlanta two years removed from the Super Bowl. So the NFC south we know is no joke and most people are expecting all the prognostications. Out there and I know we fall into this trap and has the Tex lines says she'd biggest fall into the trap of making too much out of what a football coach says that a media day. But we fall into the trap of bit catnip that is out there of oh. Boot this publications said the Panthers are gonna go X but this publication said why this one says they're overrated but this lets us there underrated we do we do that we fall into that trap all the time allows reading. You know USA today's. Projections yesterday talking about well they get a new ownership new offensive coordinator. Nine and seven missing the playoffs this year. I look. I think a very positive thing about the NFL. Is that nobody knows aside from. It was gonna win the AFC east is. A crapshoot every single year. That's a great thing in my opinion about the leak. And and I think that's what people can knock about the NBA's well we know it's gonna be the championship we know it's gonna be Golden State Cleveland's at least you know past four years that was. They guests and there's something to be said about the familiarity with with star teams but I think. The fact that any team can basically come out of nowhere and have a big year. Is this exciting. And coming off an eleven win season I feel like people are our accountant Carolina out quite a bit and that's. You know I would prefer to be in that spot then the overwhelming favorite and you know anything but a NFC championship appearance for an NFC south crash NFC south crown would be a disappointment. Having low expectations some signs is this is it is the way to go real quick before we get to Tom Bougainville talks in college football. Mike Adams did have a story. About Cam Newton because remember this just sheer number two for my guest dancer in the league for for many many years and I was curious to get. His thoughts on that Cam Newton. Prior to his arrival in Carolina. I believe that do I believe that. Yes sir you know what does it mean going to. Not if the game changes to work so flag football I think the game went on now. More thoughts from Larry Fedora. Certainly got into. A media storm a little bit Tom look at bill from ESPN joins us now and. We're not gonna spend all our time. Talking about that but Tom Lugar bill. Back at it again your team of Dave passion Greg McIlroy to call some games this year love that team Tom so I'm excited to see you back on ESP in this upcoming fall. Well I appreciate you know that the field analysts polled cannot I think you'd. Trying to nurture our thing and bring it along in and really trying to get the mint site. You know from my vantage point that you don't generally get on the field level so we're proud of the product and can look to make it broke further. It is funny you mentioned field analysts because Monday Night Football now is incorporating that role Booker McFarland gonna be on the field it's so is that something that I mean you mentioned it being your baby so. Is this role kind of expanding any young Todd makes Jay's been doing it for awhile two on the sidelines so is this something that you know this he would get on that on the biggest stage is out there it has been pretty neat for you to see. Yeah really as you know about seven years ago I would approach our people your PM about you know kind of tinkering with that he had to work in you know just get real uncalled currently chaos. He's opened the Auburn are talking walking you don't joins us crew and do or Vanderbilt or whatever market then. Just to turn play within it a little bit it would work in and about two years later I was I was approached about doing it on on a permanent crew and and that I interspersed it with my self boring Kris she didn't date passionately want three year Greg McElroy. Replaced by angry you know we've been together going and all they are dirtier and you know we just do it and don't think you know pop up and put on the Gilbert do it got people. And acutely in the SEC network. They're doing it it's well it's sort of product ought bought. We're talking at some Bougainville from ESPN at Tom Logan bill on Twitter and I don't wanna. I don't spend too much time on that Tom 'cause I get yelled at by my listeners but I am curious. To get your thoughts on what Larry Fedora said it yesterday about the the state of full all the the relationship of CTE and football and you know where we're going in the world of football. His his comments have certainly. Made the rounds and I'm curious to get your opinion on what he said yesterday. Well thought it's a very delicate and sensitive topic as well it should be because safety at the forefront not just the football I think an excuse my reports. A couple days at the but not just stop what football what with ball four and having to go back he wishes. You probably would choke it or are a little bit you know in all quietly. The way I look at all this start and I think we have to be called this and it probably not acknowledged and now. Today no matter what we do to make this game face Kirk. It is an inherently dangerous sports it's collision sport not a contact sport. And two of varying degrees per everybody that participate. We all have to assume that risk. And while technology. Acquit minutes. Our rules changed his technique and how we coach players. Has all come a long long way. The 118. Feet outpaced. Its human evolution. The players are getting bigger faster stronger more physical better trained. Than they've ever been before and quit stack comes a danger in wheat we all do not rip it used to take part in it. And I think again not putting worker in America nor Mao or the other coat that matter are. I think really what. He feels like is there's only so much Jeanne network going to be able to change and then you're gonna get to a point where. Okay are we calling it the different sport or what is this sport and it'll probably be the most of church or tradition what that something that they fear they don't want you know after the game. When we look at the product on the field this year for North Carolina we know this season they're coming off Tom three in nine regular season no one in seven. ACC record. Tons of injuries that they had to deal with. That this is a program not that far removed from an ACC championship appearance and you know going down to the wire with Clemson and what was a thrilling ACC championship games so. But where do you see this North Carolina team in 2018. You know I had them last year and I was really surprised that out estimated they work how wide Weathers through injury whether your departures through graduation. Whether it's just a lack of having a full complement. To their scholars scholarship Foster in the Seattle back you've got into that would be. And use their inexperience at quarterback. I think they will be improved I don't know how much better they're gonna be in comparison to their counterparts. Within the conference I don't know they have many key components act. A key spot deep bench before people. Often the wind. Back in court some of those guys that. If you look at the content you look at the border state of Miami and you know even anti state don't wait force last couple Beers is really an upgraded some of those areas. And I'm very curious to see how different this lost two walks. From what it looked like a year ago now what I do think that they walk out. And I think they're gonna have better leadership and I think it had an offbeat and of what was then a very very that statement about not just the locker room. But it an entire program I hope that motivation for this team to play and be more productive at the end of the very. They've got to create more turnovers on defense. And it got to want to turnover on all those two things happen and they're gonna be a better football you know not walk straight but every year. You know it's on the ACC coastal year after year always seems to be rather unpredictable. And this year I mean you mentioned a handful of teams had a lot of them. Are in the Atlantic you talk about Wake Forest and a talent they have you need to mention NC state with maybe that won the best quarterbacks in the league goes wrong on the Atlantic so we talk about the division that north Carolinas and I'm not saying that they have a chance to win I'm just curious you know when you look at this division. Is it now to the point it is Miami's still lose or is there is. And unpredictability. Yet feeling going in the 2018. I think if you look at personnel take a look at the roster popped up but they are guy. And yet it's probably fair to say that Miami has distinct advantages with the team but guild each and every I don't think for your jackets are off. I also. Hit and torque attack out of the coastal are going to probably bounce back. It have stronger than expected years and that's important you're you're you look at what duke is coming back Daniel Jones an exciting guy. You know that's how he meets Europe being that I've I've driven how in the last couple years with discomfort. I think it's just congress. It elevated in profile the perception. That top to bottom competitive balance because of the job coach had been done and they're recruited quarterback position. When you look at the bit bill one after another hit. That sport state Clinton attacked. Mr. Witt did it in North Carolina. Don't offered it. Wait force but certainly what we've talked about within states aren't nearly top to bottom as you just been really really good at quarterback we've worked pretty stable at that position. All the stuff that people are around you. And get better so when I look at it's coastal. I think tipped around quarterback it's any trick or what could Dequan Marshall going to be much better in the passing game. For George attack we've mentioned duke and Virginia Tech in Miami all have their quarterback back the top to bottom roster Obama player. Clearly get Miami advantages of the coast. Yeah I am curious your thoughts Tom on Virginia Tech because they they will have Josh Jackson back here were some questions that he. You know his status is up in the air but he he is expected to return. But they've had really at tumultuous offseason. Moved Reynolds are starting linebacker was dismissed from the team. Not that long ago Adonis Alexander was academically ineligible and he wound up being in selected in the supplemental drafts. So they have lost quite a bit and and just in fourth day. Has done a really good job the first two years is this a step back season for you Virginia Tech. So I think it's going to be because I think they're going to be an even better football team offense I think it's gonna be the best offensive football teams that you have. Since arriving in Blacksburg and I awful look at their football team on the eastern side and I looked at the truck seven. Go to the Sox or particularly if you told me I had to go into a season. Where I had returning starters experience in response for. Or had to replace the entire secondary. I would choose to replace entire secondary because I wanna have a court nuclear before people. They can help you buy some time on the back here because of pressure and experience the ability to stop LeBron. Create negative plays ball euphoria may be an inexperienced secondary along so. You know you look at their opener vs Florida State court order they efficient they're efficient in opera or. Aired so I'm looking at Virginia Tech they take on the I don't know where they have prepared for the government detergent that's a pretty good like app I think that the strength. Took it attacked the way it'll be interesting to see. What type of drop off it in the they have I think the one thing of all agreed upon. Is that having the philosophical approach the consistency amongst the coaching staff with bud Foster and his crew. The kids being so we agreed in what's expected of them in the performance portable. That one guy is either taken out of a lineup removed or two parts dude graduation or an NFL draft pick. The next guy comes up and you know what he's pretty good player and they've recruited and played him in developed in coach Jim really really well so. We've clearly seen here where there's been a drop off its second I don't know what we would you not. Tom before we let you run if you talk to Tom Logan bill from ESPN. Switching to the Atlantic the favorite not only in that division but it in one of the favorites in the country of course is Clemson how do you see this quarterback situation playing out Kelly Bryant certainly had flashes last year but you bring in. You know all world freshman and Trevor Lawrence so if your top though what do you do. All I had an opportunity of our captors pregame spent about a we got married and let's and I cable way it has to be 400 jobs and headed to that stretch to northwestern and I and I anticipated that he would be the first got a transfer. But like game with a sprinkle all about the best quarterback ever seen. Apollo one that is one roster after. Andy about it. A good problem to have but it doesn't make it any less complicated it doesn't make it anywhere. Intriguing because you're not just making the decision if you're battle Sweeney in Farah. Based on who's the most productive or physically talented guy. There are other component that play here you have the chemistry and well there're entire unit hole. How to each player impacts and an aspect of player around them out of those players respond. To a true freshman of the post to a guy just took it into the cult football well if so how well I think what ends up happening. Yeah they can get them early even after Trevor or any show she can handle the key management I don't think. And are gonna have to make the switch because he can do things. Kelly Bryant is not capable doing typically Chile Bryant hit before winning a lot of games crew think it is so. He is nowhere near where Trevor or is the bat in my right. What question in all of this is all but one area that concerns me at their growth gave attacks saying now. Don't know if that's the litmus test you wanna give Trevor lower than so it'll be interesting yeah how they manage that particular game you guys remember. They had a similar broad concept at Georgia with calls out to Shawn Watson when he was true freshman. And they did by the players are what they're backed out content that they applicable game it would be torture tactics. But they decided not to as to what they it would travel Lauren and that sectarian and gave if you haven't already been named the starter to me it's going to be very interesting. But I do not think we will be sitting here nor was either the embassy there. And in not app turtle or starting quarterback because. Tom great insight as always congratulations. On now being back with mr. passion missed a McIlroy looking forward to those games in the fall and go looking for to talk and do you down the road. You bet I appreciate Eric. Various Tom Logan bill ESPN great analysis. From him in and I think an interesting take there I mean look I'll take his work over my word all I do is that I set my butt on a couch on Saturday's night. Watch a lot of college football he's he's he's fair on ground zero and was there. During the spring game I I think from a far. That it would be gusted to go with a guy like Trevor Lawrence over Kelly Brian you know rookie he was he was pretty. Pretty good last year but. For someone who is there saying you know by the end of the year hit it should be Trevor Lawrence he is the better guy and and it it's this it's pretty. Inch interest thing when you think about. We think about the quarterback situations. For three. Of the four actually could say all four teams that were in the college full playoff last year. Georgia which Jake from coming back as the starter he took that job over from an incumbent. But they've got Justin fields there now. Who is thought of us that the number one quarterback recruit you've got Clemson. With Kelly Bryant returning and then Trevor Lawrence sniping on his heels we know what's going on at Alabama. Quarterback situation Jalen hurts and to a Tug of our Lola with two having the second half that he didn't national championship game. And Jalen hurt all he did before that was a 26 and two. And was named it SEC offensive rookie of the year his his freshman season. Oklahoma. The team that lost the Heisman Trophy winner test that you could argue has the most stable. Situation at quarterback of the four teams are on the college football playoff last year with Tyler Murray. And I thought there's no way that Tyler Murray after getting what five million dollars from the Oakland days. Like there's no way that Oakland we'll let him play but. To his credit to the Oakland a's credit to his eat agents credit whatever whoever what I thank for this he's gonna get to be the starting quarterback it seems like. Oklahoma. The team that is replacing a Heisman Trophy winner is the only one of the four that has a stable situation. Entering the fall. The other three. That are coming back from the college football player after all have talented guys it's not like they're unproven commodities but they'll have these. Young guns that are nipping on the heels of people saying you know we're gonna take that job away and hear from Tom to state. Trevor Lawrence should be the start. That's that's something that's of confidence right there and it. Man. These dead devil and his staff just continues there. When your Roland you're rolling and bringing in top notch players so. That'll be uninteresting development as the year goes on I would imagine Kelly Bryant got to start the opener. But he got to give several artsy shot and you know Dick this isn't going to apply to Trevor Lawrence. Because I I anticipate him to I mean he could take over the starting job at some point. Order you know he'll he'll play. But I think for these young quarterbacks the east peace high a profile recruits. This new richer rule is going to be extremely beneficial for them. Because they're not gonna get game action. And not have to burn a year of eligibility you're going to see a little bit more. All you know hole from a lot of these guys when they end up taking over the reins is well they look good practice for the good seven on seven they look good. Against the second team or scout team. Now they're going to get an opportunity. In May be meaningful spots. To. To play significant minutes. But those are mean those are really intriguing situations we've got entering the fault you've got Clemson quarterback situation. George seems to be I would say of the three a little bit more. Leaning towards we're going to stick with Jake from and then who the heck knows what's gonna happen Alabama. So some certain. Quarterback controversy there. This upcoming fall top of the hour. I want to get into a conversation that me and Ryan had just or sit on ideas about. The show and we got into one that we felt like it had a lot of legs. Major League Baseball coming off what was a very exciting all star game A thrilling home run derby. But on Wednesday to headlines were owned by the NBA it. Why is that it. Has the NBA. Taken over as number two we'll get into that top of the hour but up next I pulled that I throughout there on Twitter wanna bring to the airwaves to get your guys Stotts. As well Tim Murray sitting in today it's the mid day on WFANZ. Presented by ortho Carolina. Charlotte sports this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Simmering hang out with you here on WFNC. Is the midday on WFNC powered by ortho Carolina thanks again that Tom. Getting billed for joining us a little CCC preview there. Saying that he believes. It's just a matter time before Trevor Lawrence takes over for Kelly Brian as a starting quarterback. At Clemson Pete Campbell wrote an article. On Yahoo! Sports talking about the ACC and now. They have no big name quarterbacks he says that the headline as the ACC is a quarterback problem and no solution. Insights. NC State's Ryan Finley is the least must establish signal caller as he's first team pre season all ACC. By Athlon. Palm. I wouldn't necessarily say that the ACC has a a quarterback issue I think there's this this year I mean last year was kind of a who's who. In quarterbacks around the country at baker mayfield Josh Rosen sand to Arnold. I mean you knew these guys they become household names in. And this year if you look at. The big name quarterbacks around the country. Will Greer from West Virginia who I think is very good and could have a big year for West Virginia. You know true locked Jarrett stadium. I don't know about you I've just I'm not sold on July and know that everyone's talking about you know the big army could be a first round talent I'd just. I'm not sold on it and I think Clemson. They don't have the household names but their quarterback situation I guess it's a bit jumbled because of they've got to move on but you've got a quarterback who yes had plenty of talent around him and you still have lots of talent around him in the best. Defense that line and a country. But I don't know fights at CA CC. You know I'm not going all Apollo thirteen on here and send you know BCC has a problem Josh Jackson. Certainly showed flashes as a freshman played better than most people anticipated. You know Florida State's gonna be interesting will attackers you know DNJ France Juan James black in France while coming off that torn patella tendon. In his left knee he got Malik Rose here who I think that for me the jury's still out Adam Malik Rose year Donna Miami but. I guess I wouldn't go list as too far to say the ACC has this. Gaping hole at quarterback because Ryan Finley is the only notable name Ryan Finley is probably going to be a first or second round pick. So that's not that they get an issue. So I don't know. And are available I agree with that premise because I went over you know the four teams in the in the cultural playoffs last year and all have questions a quarterback. None of them have. A baker mayfield Sam Arnold Josh Rosen solidified starter coming back. We saw flashes from to a Tug of dialogue but he could. Not be great I mean I am anticipating be very good but. Mean they got Jalen hurts to do was 26 and two they've got. It you know Oklahoma's got questions at quarterback. Keller Tyler Murray is was a big time prospect but is he going to beat you know great Lincoln Riley's offense. We don't know so I don't think the ACC should be the only one that is deemed with a a quarterback. Situation at quarterback problem moving forward. Real quickly before we we hit the top of the hour break I threw this out there because I was listen to podcasts. Zach Lowe did its act low. His wife is from Croatia is at least talking about it this summer league how he you know went and went to a a Croatia. Watch party when they were in the semifinals the World Cup against England. And it got me thinking because I think I'm very different you know when it comes to your peak the biggest team that you had. When there's North Carolina who scorer Panthers. Or whatever immunity. The biggest game that they have how do you like to consume that and I threw this out on Twitter and you can chime in at one Tim Harris poll question out there. How do you like to consume the biggest of the big game for your team whether it you know as a Super Bowl a couple of years ago for the Panthers or. Other national title for for UNC a couple of years ago how did you take that it. Is it going to a borrow watch party. Do you go hang out the group of friends via a group the trusted friends that. Stupid questions are going to be aster you just like to sit back and cuts that thing by yourself. I eat. Like to sit and watch games. If it's that big important one. I want to be watching net in solidarity. I'll watch that by myself but myself. I can. Mumble things under my breast. There is nothing worse than a couple of years ago I was watching a Notre Dame game and I'm a huge Notre Dame fan from Notre Dame family no I didn't go there. And house watching a Notre Dame game and I was close and I was watching with my wife's family great people not big sports fans and they were trying to be a pain in the butt. But they were curious asking questions and there is nothing worse when you're just kind of ripping your hair out watching your team. And they get dumb questions. From the peanut gallery. And then my wife. Had a game in the nuts like you took the question why aren't you and I would just flat out ignore just not even answer. Chance so it suits him if your team was in the Super Bowl so for example a couple of years ago there obviously the ravens were in the super ball and I had the opportunity working in Baltimore recovered team we we went I was able to work that week for four radio row. But all my access was only from Monday through Friday and I said my team is in the Super Bowl. I'm going to go to any links to two for cost. Two to go and watch this game on Sunday win or lose and luckily. One of our interns. His and his dad was a PS older. And he had four kids and only got two tickets from from the f.s in the PSL lottery and he won a neglect one Beers and two of his kids and Tom that they couldn't go so he he sold his ticket so I bought this two tickets. At face value. 22 literally and I and I pay my own expense for my it to him extend my flight my hotel and all that stuff I was able to go watch my team. Play the Super Bowl also if it's your team was in the Super Bowl you'd rather sitting at home in Washington opposed to as opposed actually physically watching your team. Now most games I'm gonna sit at home but to your point. So the options that throughout there and I know we're up against the break its page. By any cost to be there like Ryan did go to a bar. Group of friends like that's an experience I admire so that's an experience that we'll never forget for my entire life like I was able to see the confetti I was able. I unfortunately was not their during the blackout when that happened I was actually hiding behind an icebox charging my phone because I forgot to charge my phone. You know before taking all the photos and all kind of stuff but it's an experience I'll never forget. Now. Most games regular season games whatever I'm watching and solidarity myself plot. In 2012. When Notre Dame got the national title I did go. Right I found and it was. Horrible investment because they got obliterated right from the jump and it was just miserable time but I did go so. It's it's the biggest game if it's a national title Super Bowl etc. I am paying any cost to be there and that's just me and you know. I know there are people who flew over to Russia that it sit to see Croatia play in the World Cup final. I probably would up you know you figure out when Notre Dame. Clinch their way to the national title I booked my plane ticket that night and we were we were there so. Chime in if you want to do I get the Twitter poll up one Tim Murray on Twitter is the mid day and WFANC power by ortho Carolina.