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Thursday, July 19th
Tim Murray take phones calls and discusses how he feels about the Larry Fedora comments made yesterday. 

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Please he's WFANC. Powered by ortho Carolina here's Tim Murray. I'm not sure. All of us. I appreciate what you. As long as. Still slavery. Slave. Some of the thoughts yesterday of Larry Fedora. He's got himself and a little bit hot water their thoughts all right. Up up up up up and yeah so not Smart ones but moves. Photo reads you a line. From our guests this gives rise to the bottom of the hour. No need to dance around this if the Dora actually believes what he said it. She's too dumb to coach college football and should be fired it. Immediately the real question is is he doing like a George to stands a thing where he's just trying to get fired. Get a run around India news suit. Hey did send men. To take what the Orange Bowl trophy and drive it around the parking lot. You know it. They eat you can't we will all get into the comments it and you all know them by now and I'm curious how many of you weighed in on Mac attack earlier waited yesterday he will let's get the lines going right now 704570961. Now 70457. On 961 now. Your thoughts on what Fedora said. And is. There will be a decline of our country there's no doubt. There's no doubt in my mind. I think because the lessons you learn in the game of football relate to everything that's going to happen in the rest of your life. And if we stop learning those lessons. We're going to struggle. And I think in some ways were struggling more now than we ever have. Are we ever going to be a perfect country. No not by any means but I do think became a football has had a major impact on who we are. As a country and quote from Larry Fedora. 7045 civil 1961. Out and walk him gonna join us at the bottom of the hour he wrote a in interest in peaceful leave it at that no Regis and snippets of it here in just a moment you know it is. Like it's. A lot of it is classic college you don't classic football coach you know these coaches don't want any type of controversies. They just wanna focus on the team which I I recognize it's but. You know we couldn't you couldn't snicker and Joseph call you want about you know. Players for. Universities being student athletes night I was a former student athlete I've played college pass what granite and much much much less level it never compare myself. To division one athlete they have to do far more. I put division three basketball but. That all being said you work coach. Should not only PA person that is coaching you on the floor on the field on the diamonds. And making you better as a player. But the thought is they're going to make you a better man make you a better woman. After four years there after you were under their tutelage these are quote Molder of young men Molder of young women. And to have these types of idiotic thoughts. Is embarrassed. It's absolutely embarrassed saying that he is diminishing. Well what we know what we know of now. Football as a sport in what they can cause to damage to your brain we know. Look yeah I mean we see it with the likes of of John MacKey in Canada and the guys at at the this is the battle that that that NFL players are currently going through in that it's probably going to be a big discussion in the next collective bargaining agreement like that the fact that Larry Fedora right now is just looking through like like like colored glasses or whatever is got blinders on like he can't see everything else that's going on around them and that didn't do the most embarrassing thing about yesterday was the fact that. He had so many opportunities. Two to back track off his comments are clarified and he just continues to dig himself deeper and all I mean his own AD came on with core with Kyle and frank yes in Garcia Billy and said he was surprised by the comments. And there is I mean. This isn't a conspiracy. Theory anymore there are fat. Acts there have this is real these is that there are studies done on brains. Many many greens. That have proven that snow look. I'm not gonna sit here and say. Eliminate football and you know we need it you know get away from football I'm not saying that I love football will look football is. Is you know as as American as apple pie if you wanna put it that way I love football but I'm also. Opt for an and and they're doing so and it looked there's never going to be a perfect way but you've got to continue to. Make this game safer as much as we can is always going to be a violent sport there's no way around at football is always going to be a violent sport. And it. Athletes are going to decide whether at a young age are not you know whether or not disappointed but I agree Larry Fedora talked about it yesterday. You know as much as he talked about this garbage he did say something and I agree with that. I don't know if tackle football should be around you know middle school you can teach that the mechanics. But. What's the point. Of. Tackling at such a young age when your bodies are continuing to develop now I was super skinny. I play tackle football in fifth and sixth grade that unfortunately didn't have a concussion or anything like that but you know it give these bodies are still maturing bodies still maturing in high school. But you can continue to mold your craft didn't get better at big game of football and maybe even learn more. About proper technique at a younger age. And then once you get too high school when you are matured physically to an extent. Then you can start tackling I actually agree that something that Larry Fedora did say yesterday that got buried a little bit I agree with that. But it to miss. The correlation. And the relationship between. Brain damage if football is. Is frightening that a football coach at this level could say such a thing 70457. Now. 96107045709610. Dan walking gonna join us in twenty minutes to discuss. His article. Via the USA today. Gentleman has been waiting a long time let's get to Larry Larry appreciate the patience sir how are you. No I'm glad to do it thank you were allowed me to be out I just spoke. Pointing those who somebody Bubba Cunningham well. They returned my call. But I've been here here's my point not hope you'll bear with payment most of fortune not deploy. Seven Ayers and Canadian late one year. Part time with Green Bay Packers in two years note that this bill and college so I think I have a point of reference. What Larry adored it yesterday and I approach to game and that's loyal to re not well walked away from. What Larry but dorsett yesterday as careless. Reckless and absolutely and I am trying to get him to return my phone call I'll be glad that the because I'm speaking of people beyond the grave that have taken their own lives teammates of mine. And appealed take that have to talk to Brenda my joke the lot cooler. They split and now South Carolina and we have Joe's gone downhill Joseph openly what. Corporal Larry that door. To make a comment. At it and maybe he needs to do a little re search data rates came out around 1967. And I have plate or are correct app like the Bart Starr outplay repaid poorly outplayed both bishop of bury all. Great coaches. Huge fan of the golf course and tried this was. It and and all of the man gave us more than one cup or walker for him to eat them why in that. Well we do so much thwarted Dave we give them more than one couple water it has nothing to do one cup of water and for him to be in charge of 1819. Or twenty year old kid. It's totally dangerous and coach Fedora let me take this issue it's not a paper game. Because today. Did pay the players are faster. Stronger. And you know bigger than when op play. And went out played a great band and they've laid out all that Obama and played and played at eye level all pros seven years in Canada but. Weighed 265. Pounds. And poor you don't even have field that the deepest say that well it would change in the rules fair catcher picked off my goodness. That is a good rule change. And you'd take. Forty. I mean. Forty yard the way you line that can't you Baptist players' Bible like it's the door everybody on your kickoff came out try to force exporting. So and you ask them the clot what the defense back edge in the ball. You want that to be your father ran an article make it better man that's gonna make our country better. You and I am trying to give the order term mock called but he walked 'cause we got for 'cause he doesn't have any. He doesn't have any. Platform to standout for people that have suffered the consequences. How are up playing the game and the game within bandit coach Fedora with the weather held. And there was no hit contact they'll helmet contacts resolve show. And today you're requirement to be in the bit took the white remember that you're required and used before. You requirement to eat so much a waste so much so you can line your pockets coach that the war. With millions of dollars. At expanse of the young player. So that people on Bubba Cunningham the office. Dude do not agree with his statement and you can. Put me on record span that that's just about the on what. And I'm trying to it to rally former players and coaches and by the way any parent Serb Lipman if you have the sun and you love them. And you care born. If there's any way at all I must speak as a born into Barrett he's got to. Play football directs him about the path. And talked to some former NFL player period in college players that have been depression. That happens well people not that bad the mood swings and it's all at expanse so Larry but door and line his pockets. Beat that not care and the country Blair is not gonna go on the decline. Larry. Really appreciate the call that was tremendous and you know if he can speak to it Morin and Ryan. I believe just just figured out who will Larry is Larry Larry Butler yeah former four have great Larry Butler there you go Larry Butler appreciate you calling in Hamilton tiger cats Winnipeg blue bombers what's at state as you mentioned so what. What a great call. Really great insight there at from a former football player look. There's going to be a lot of hot takes. On Larry Fedora. And these comments from people like me from. Radio hosts some athletic someone athletic some didn't play game in their life to hear it from. A former. Professional football player to say look. This is this is dangerous for him what he said it was dangerous. Was gut lifts those are quotes from a former professional football player I can say and spout all what I think. And it might be white I know it's. But that was more powerful than anything. You'll hear from a hosts. Today tomorrow the next day about Larry Fedora. You can read Dan Wilkens article we'll talk to him and I think he is a lot of valid points but to hear a former professional football player come on it say when he just did. That was tremendous Larry appreciate the call. I he waited actually for a very long time we had a couple guess not first hour so we appreciate that he waited. I wanna hear from you guys running her more on this because I think it's just absolutely ridiculous to think look. I can't mention I play basketball. I do think teen sports or Arab are vital from very important and not just teen sports activities. You know if you're in the drama club that you're in anything. Being part of a club learning teamwork that is important for the sustainability. Of our country I agree with that concept but to say that a football goes away if we continue to go down this road our country will be in at. That's just ridiculous. That is absolutely. Insanity. To say if football continues down this road we will be in a decline. Absolutely. Ridiculous statements from Larry Fedora much more on this Dan walking gonna join us at the bottom of the admiral get into his article that he wrote on USA today. The phone number 704570961. Now that's also our text line the building senator text line 70457. Out. 9610. Larry Fedora said if we continue down this road more on that. The country will be in a decline and take some of your comments on the other side it's the mid day and that you FNC powered by ortho Carolina. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. I believe that. I believe that. I am one yesterday you know what does it mean going back. Not if the game changes to work self flag football I think the game won't have gone now. Some of the possible Larry Fedora yesterday. Had ACC media day Dan walking gonna join us in just a handful of Mets he had. A scathing piece on USA today we'll get his thoughts coming up in just a moment. You can chime in on the text line 704. 570961. Elvis the bowl building sent her text line. Get a text coming in. So just have middle schoolers plates like football. I tend to agree with that. You can still play football. You can learn the game of football. Without the contact and if you have the burning desire as our previous. Astute guests. Mr. Larry Butler the apps they create joined us he said look if you had a burning. Desire. There are ways to learn the game of football at a young age and then when your body is more matured. Then you can go play. Tackle football they'll they'll continue to do research. But I think Larry had great point this is something I was gonna bring up yes we are and as Larry Fedora pointed out. Yeah we're getting. We have more technology now we are trying to make the game safer but we are also. Breeding athletes that are stronger and faster than ever before I mean. You have these units on the offensive line you've got. The defensive ends were 275. Pounds ran for sevens and it's incredible the athletic schism that we have. In the game of football and they train and they work their butts off to get to that point but. It's not. Your grandfather's football all what they play with leather helmets as Larry pointed out yet we put other helmets if we didn't try to hit people and ahead. So. I know there are a lot of people. Out there Ryan that. Dad are not saying I can't use the word here but the game is becoming. Wouldn't hear it to use it one way you know that we're getting away from the big hits and you know where. But don't we as deal I mean is it that the science is out there that these that people who play this game continues to get. To continued to have these brain injury. So here's the thing though you know they Dave in all these studies they talked about it's not the big big hits that are causing these issues it's the illnesses is the consistency it's the numerous numerous like they say that if you get in the car exe you BO cable if you get in little little bumper your little. You are just little bumpers or whatever. You're fender benders or whatever for a hundred times over throughout your entire life you're going to be in trouble that's where these things. That's of these these issues are happening. You know players you're right that the key your kid should not be playing tackle football the Peewee level or the middle school level. You know you know as you get into high school college football in the NFL that's where. You know three should be true sort of renting these things up and you know I think we're gonna be I think we're in a really good time period now because audio over the last couple weeks we've seen we've seen on NFL network and then the American flight football league and he conceded did that you're the partnership damp with and it's on network are trying to promote that aspect of the game I think you could definitely use flight possible. Flight football. It's kind of a developmental league for Axl tackle football. And yet still be able to to save lives and and sort of curve off the effects of a CT in these brain injuries. Now I do agree and you know a former colleague of mine made his career on special teams and you know there are there is. Seems to be said about you know the the more we get rid of kickoffs and and punt returns and all of this that you ER you're taking jobs away from people that can be making a life changing money and I understand that and you know former colleague of mine Brian Mitchell. Who played for the Redskins in the giants and Eagles. One degrees determine of all time you know he'd he gets frustrated the kickoff is basically becoming nullified but. It is that I mean that the punt returner in the kick kick off the mean. That those guys are just flying down there. And EC countless amount of injuries on this list it is that dangerous dangerous play at all. And I'll be honest. I am I'm a pretty picture hypocrite because I love football I love. I mean I work for I'd on Saturdays in the fall I'm on a football network I love football. But and granted you know Imus skinny as they come on my son likely will be skinny tube but. My sons are playing football he's not and it's he's gonna play. I mean who knows if he's athletic but Nina I'm Michael and I someplace football. It's even more concerning like I know we had an interview lash with Ed Dickson in your read being a former raven in you know I've I covered him in the coming down here to Carolina. If he's got a young kid and we asked him last series of what what sport is your son and a plane he said he said tech I think he's a golf I think like aren't that surprising from a guy who made his living and who is essentially putting food on the table for that for that used. Playing football and then needs you know to say that he he went he doesn't want his own son to play football that's concerning that's that's a big red flag. And once again I mean it there will be people who play football and you know more power to you if that's your passion if that's what do you love I. It's hard just Satan you shouldn't do it I mean we can only just try to strive and get better and be smarter. My brother my Brothers. Father in law. Was a fullback a West Virginia and I mean he's eighty years old now and you know he could tell he's he's had multiple young knee operations or whatnot he didn't allow his son of his some was extremely athletic played baseball the Naval Academy. Didn't let him play football said no you're not have football and he wanted to his son wants he said no you're not playing so. I mean there are former players that that know the Wear and terror in the does does fills. Long. Sustaining injuries in that lasting effects that the football calls sustainable and wrote it a very. Intriguing article and hammer to Larry Fedora we're gonna talk to the USA today columnist up next. Simmering hang out with you today it's the mid day on WFNC power by ortho Carolina. You guys I was doing I was pitching I was reading some of the comments today and you know quite frankly some often surprised me a little bit. And obviously you know we don't know the cause of stuff CT but it's certainly south and it is not top of mind for many many people. And day when I'm really proud of he is the amount of effort Larry has put into it on campus. And working mother exercise and sports science group for working with Kevin Gus would probably the foremost leader in research. I'm concussions we also have retired players here on campus so. You know it is much is is were concerned about the future of the game we're also concerned about the health and safety of kids we have played the game today. They're doing what we can't for the former players so. It was an interesting conversation let you know that that's worst fashion and that's that Julius. I was above those Bubba Cunningham yesterday. On WS fans the really contradicting what his head coach had said that about CTE. And you have you've heard now Biden now many times they comments that Larry Fedora has said that. The ACC kicked off yesterday when the quotes quote I'm not sure that anything is proven that football itself causes. CTE. Fare. War can wrote in a column yesterday for days. I USA today and he joins us right now and Dan there's so many things to get into about your columns. How which was headlined fire north Carolina's Larry Fedora if you can acknowledged dangers of CTE. What has been that the general response to your column. Rather than one consistent response I think both people. Who what are that they agree wit. Suspect it'll work with the world where cattle aren't. With what he's sick yesterday and not just kind of what people water a little bit on. CTV but it. Connecting get cute taking into account the country. And everything at which it was just complete heritage. There's people who you know we're supportive of what he says. Scott over the course you get there is it is something that the lot of people come recruitment. Which are gonna Dan Walton. From the USA today and day Ian Howell. It is it's just sick kind of crazy to think that you know with all the research and science that has been done. That that they're still this kind of mindset out there. I guess overall day and and in you kind of laid out near column but the most frightening thing about this you know has to be. I guess the the outright just. Kicking to this curb but. The facts from the science world and and also the fact that you pointed out look this is a you know you can snicker at all you want but. She is 88 Molder of young men she's in charge of 85. Eighteen to 22 year old and to have this thought is this kind of thing it's dangerous. What's happening it is that important participant. What are going to come up a little bit as people are irate. Speaker of course beat you were about to meet you so aura that. It's so I had to stop where early on the considered. Little or go it actually. You know figure out exactly what caused the that it Internet equity probable quickly effects of credit in and what could the sort of expect all this. What we seem so for a double what ready it would combine that just conference center where people are actually. Each other urged. Republican into each other very beauty. It could quite figure out what some call the response. It Dan hold on one sec we're gonna try to reestablish a connection receiver didn't. Get a little bit of a tough connection there we're talking a damn war connecting and Walken on Twitter columnist for USA today. And only get further into his column. If you haven't read it we treated it out at WFM Xeon. Account there. Conte Claussen. Said this about the link to CT and football and it's. The correct response said this earlier today head coach Wake Forest said quote. There's certainly enough people out there enough science out there that you can't ignore it. That was direct quote from Dave caustic head coach of Wake Forest and and he went on to further say that he feels. A responsibility. To make the game Seifert continually. Reassessed. As new data. Comes in I think that's a fair assessment I think that is. Did that is what you can hope to hear from. College football coach is now. Whether you believe him or not that that's a different story for for another day but that is a correct way to go about that and we do we do have. So we do have Dan back in and Dan. It I think you re tweeted it and you know Larry Fedora fortunately he is comments aren't so. And fought his comments aren't. Unanimous across the board there are certainly coaches to respect the findings that are out there and Dave Claussen is one of them sofa. You can hope that there are more coaches out there like Dave Claussen that believe look. This is this is a real issue we've we understand that this is our livelihood we love the game of football bowl week instill strive to make this CAC for sport. What the capital it is. That it because of the market action and the corporate it reaching here even if he's talking points to go out while I. Balkanization. Like there and it has its deputy. Let's go to vote just it was simply forget which occur occur. When people are I think with a more realistic what is the approach but it. But to them that it's. What it. But it can. All relate strictly. It's now if it's good to open quickly there's a thing. It's in this so if that's what to expect that people need that it had been out of the it into two I got figure out yet we're at but it could happen but didn't say. What theory it was quite you know connect. Attempt to make its paperwork to do. Yet the decline it was election for the decline of to order. I'm Eric Burke. Which is just completely efforts offered is a console this you know particular achieved little ethnic. They're just that it do you eat. You know that's steadily. So appropriate so but he won't accept. What are. People in that flow into the football. Did appreciate the insight great article and we will certainly pick your brain as we go further down a closer college football season. There is Dan woken from a USA today. Not the greatest connection though we appreciate his time anyways at Dan Walken on Twitter. If you wanna read that column. And just one account highlight a couple points. From that column because yeah I agree I mean I know it's kind of difficult to make out there but yet there is this. There's this mob show old you know that's just a bunch of baloney type of mentality out there and I'm not saying it's shared by every one. But you know these are these are facts these are hard facts and it's and it's you know once again. As one texture pointed out. You know it doesn't have to just. It's flat out beat concussion stat that causes concussions are scary in and of itself. But it's it's that constant as Ryan pointed out that constant. You know hitting of their head. It you know the force to the head that that leads to these that the police in these brain trauma months you can chime in once again the Carolina pool tables. Twitter feed are building senate text line at 704570961. Now. That's the thing this is so just so it's your frustrating your time insuring about this is that is that you know there were links between title Polanski the Washington State quarterback who. Committed suicide a couple months ago. There or were just on the cusp of that happening in and then Larry Fedora just a month later is talking about how there's no connection in football on CT lake. In in terms of just showing respect or just just just common sense. The timing of this is just could not be more off. And that and you referenced in the interview we just had with Dan that you gave cost these comments here Dave says two today at ACC kick off CEOs are certainly enough people out there enough science out there and that you can't ignore it. There he says he feels like the there's spots him to make became safer I thought you know you mention it to him. If I'm if I'm a parent or a trauma if from a high school football player looking. In the state in North Carolina in play football and I had the option between going to Dave Klausner David Doran. When a winning program last year reverses reverse is going to Larry Fedora who. Who struggle last year yes he can blame it on and injuries and things like that but just common sense and and just that the simplicity of this thing I'm going elsewhere I'm not going to North Carolina. Yeah essentially can't point you bring up too is you know coming off the year that UNC had going three and nine and you know it's shortly removed from my very good season. EU you don't wanna make headlines if you Larry Fedora especially these types of headlines and it just it makes people that don't need. You know the boosters it makes your administration we heard from Bubba Cunningham yesterday on the issue and stations saying in why don't really agree with that and then eat ya right he backtrack and backtrack he said look. In a coach Fedora is a lot with the research and all that. But you don't want to give your administration. More time to think more reasons to think about you know maybe. Maybe a future without Larry Fedora would be something that that makes us now I will say that's. If USC goes nine and three this year tenants do we're not talking about this because it really does come down still two wins and losses we we all know that. Mom but this if there is at a sub 500 years six and 67 a five year now you're thinking man. In many think a little bit back and I don't I don't know I don't know Ryan and the recruiting it takes so long NASA says it all long process I have no idea if this is going to be. A negative effect on recruiting it very well might be but I think the overarching theme this is. It's just it's it's scary that people that coaches out there actually believe this because he said it you know he believes that there might be coaches who believe this. That are Smart enough not to say this. But there might be coaches behind closed doors snickering that you know the CTE. And all this you know research that's done because. They just wanna play football and it. It's frightening. That he was willing to say what he did and then sit to add in the decline of our country is just absolutely ridiculous like. You can play other sports you can play you can have other team activities that have to be in sports and you could learn. Teamwork like I said before teamwork is absolutely vital when you get into the professional ranks. At any job winning and losing I think is very important learning how to loose and you know striving to win striving to be great. You have to play football took to learn that football is an though the country was it just built on football that's that's crazy. There have been a lot of great men that have come from football have gone to do big things I don't disagree with that. But to say that our country if football continues down this road our country will go into decline. Is just absolutely a laughable state. Now the issue here is the doors contract and I think he might have gotten had a contract extension not but not a longer makes like a year ago probably after the ninth and that eleven win season. But I mean look you know the buy out for him he's under contract to 20/20 three in the buyout is fourteen million dollars I mean that's the issue for prefer program that's that's had sued. It's had its issues and it was when the past with other coaches and an academic issues and and and stunned you know and for their sanctions and things like that in north Carolina's kind of backed into a corner year. You know I think in this situation is if I if you North Carolina and and and editorials go 39 again next year. And yeah like there was some some kind of rumors that Larry Fedora might have been interested in in the Ole miss job last year is that if they go three and nine next year. You know under the glare store's going to be you don't of these real lot of schools that are to be out there are calling Larry Fedora but if he's interested voters out of the can say all right Larry we'll go ahead and interview for the job and I wore bullet to walk. You keep Chiming in if you want your thoughts are always welcome 7045709610. Our our building senator text line there 704. 5709610. Top of the hour all to revisit a couple things I'm Mike Adams can't their safety had to say about Cam Newton but when we come back on the other side here on W on. The mid day on WS and see. One against who a question that I that I heard her topic discussed our podcasts. Regarding the World Cup and don't worry it's not soccer talk I'm just curious. To get your thoughts on how old you consume. Your team's biggest game continue the attacks on Larry Fedora 704. 570961. Oh it's the mid day and WFNC presented by ortho Carolina. It's he's coming. This hour powered by ortho Carolina. The mid day here on WFNC power. Power by ortho Carolina. Simmering hanging out with the you can treat your thoughts that once it Marie me your thoughts in DR buildings that are text line at 704. 57096104. Or Carolina pool tables. Plus Twitter feed at WFNC. Twenty years of experience in Charlotte. Knowledge and know how to educate you and your family on a new or use polls today book. Or you buy local expert no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions. 4445. East independence boulevard it. We got a couple Tex coming in and I appreciate it in on the the other side of the story hey look you had no argument as good a fit it is one side to. And and I said it when we talk to. Larry Butler who called it which is once again great debt to have a former. You don't division one player professional player. Discuss how he feels about the game and how she feels about these comments. From Larry Fedora but you are gonna get the other side like this. And I appreciate meats if I get the right one Kerio. You should be ashamed for blasting this man for saying what those of us who played football. And share stake game think it's an American sport it was a metaphor Howell. Candy ass this country and the millennial generation has become Lovett. I loved one millennial get blamed for everything that's the way that's the American nine now. And I just blend in doubt blame the millennial so. And then there was another text. About and it Darius NFL players aren't too concerned about CTE when they're signing their contract worth twenty million dollars a year. I eat. I agree I I agree but here's the thing though that's why they're fighting for fully guarantee contracts have been so the down the road you know NFL pension is not is not. You know is not is not going to help these issues when they're when they're 65 years old. And this summer I mean look that's a risk that they take NN and and no point in my argument have I ever said you need to abolish the sport of football it needs to go way. I said he need to continue to research and try to beat this game safer. And it can we avoid hits to the head as much as possible they is that that crazy to ask you know once again. When you talk about proper technique at football you're not leading with the head you're not kidding. In their head does constant consistent hits to the head. So that's all this research and an I think that the thing that that frustrated me the most was that. Larry Fedora is pushing to decide throwing away. Research that is factual. And that's something that is that is bothersome to me I'm not saying get rid of football and never said that. And look right. You know a guy that I work with in the DC area Chris Cooley said if he had to do it again. He would absolutely put football and I'm sure there are plenty of people putting people that are grateful for the game of football. The frustrating thing is that a head coach who makes millions of dollars who is supposed to be. A Molder of young men a person that they look up to that they learn from he is pushing to the side. Scientific. Evidence that CTE. Is related to football in the constant hits to the head that's what I'm frustrated about. Not the way all of America is going down the troops because the millennial eroding at. If that's the way you think fine. Continue to think that all you want. You're chair for the millennial when their plan for your football team archived. There's still some good ones out there. We'll take a break from. Larry Fedora and millennial talk talk some. On field Kallis took on a 12 o'clock hour Tom Logan bill gonna join us. But what are revisit what Mike Adams Panthers safety said earlier. About Cam Newton. And his belief that he. This is one of the top quarterbacks in this league simmering hanging out with view as the mid day at WFANC power by ortho Carolina.