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Friday, August 17th
Josh Parcell debuts a segment called "Three To See" where he looks at three players from the Panthers and three from the Dolphins to pay attention to in the pre-season game. Plus the second segment of "Two-A-Days" where jJoshlooks at the Super Bowl champs the Eagles.

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At least he's WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh ourselves. Back to admit days until the effigy powered by ortho Carolina normally it's that close and it just buy sell hold a Wilson today. It's just me driving the ship the rest today thanks again to Damian Lewis for joining me from ten to twelve he's got to take obviously get a haircut before he steps on the field tonight. For the alumni reunion at 730 is the kick off Panthers and dolphins. It is the home opener for the Carolina Panthers tonight for the pre season we saw them last week in buffalo now they return to Bank of America Stadium again kick off at 730 we are here. The Coca-Cola doghouse right outside the stadium on men morehead inside the preferred parking studio. We've got your game day parking needs covered at preferred parking dot com. What I think you I think the sponsors rather lake Norman Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram MetroPCS seven jars products Lindh he's Italian ice things again. For your help and support on the show. And now we're gonna get into a segment that nick and I will do every single week going forward throughout football season it is called three. To see 3-D C three players story lines that we are looking for from the Carolina Panthers. Going in too big game this would be a regular edition on Friday as the game. Tonight of course. And the number 01 thing storyline rather that I wanna see from the Carolina Panthers is divine Seymour how does he bounce back. In this game tonight he gave up four receptions Kelvin Benjamin last week including the touchdown struggled to how the evening in buffalo. You saw him get beat multiple times over and over again was one of the worst performances of anybody in the pre season across the leak last week he. Then I had the birth of his child. Just about 48 hours later to a steady emotional rollercoaster of a week for about Seymour he has been replaced in the starting lineup by the rookie Dante Jackson. He's got to step up. Tonight and let's hold it for what happened last week in buffalo. The secondary is a huge question mark for the Carolina Panthers they are in a division with some of the most prolific passing attacks in the NFL. We know Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints have one of the best passing attacks we know what Matt Ryan and Julio Jones can do even endgame is Winston Mike Evans in San debate. They are going to be a very very tough act. To try to defend. If you're the Carolina Panthers still combined Seymour is a guy who got the first crack the starting job a week ago lost that opportunity now it's gonna be up to Dante Jackson. What is Seymour look like. This Miami receiving corps. Not really the most intimidating bunch of characters you've got guys like Kenny stills you've got Delonte Parker Danny Amendola. Those guys are gonna strike fear into the hearts of the panthers' secondary so Seymour as a good opportunity to respond and the question we're asking you guys earlier is what is one thing if European descent if you miss earlier in the show what is one thing has appeared there's been you wanna see tonight want to that'll make you happy is it come on Seymour bouncing back and and keeping whoever lines up across from him quiet throughout the evening. Is it something with Cam Newton is it something really offensive line it could be anything what are what is the one thing you're looking for text 70457096. Ones are the one thing you wanna see from the Panthers tonight so c'mon Seymour house to bounce back tonight. They lost ross' cop role in the pre season camp. The good depth is at the very thin in the secondary. Dante Jackson as greatest he has been so far you've heard Ron Rivera speaking earlier this week about him feeling better about the quarterbacks. Now that he has in the last two or three years that is because the emergence of Jackson. I tend to believe some of those comments from Ron Rivera is a little bit of wordplay trying to. Boost the confidence of a group that has been much maligned throughout the course of the training camp. Up to the last few weeks at least through July and August. So Seymour is going to be someone who you wanted to be an island early and often when he gets onto the field. For the Carolina Panthers. And wearing number 27 number two in our 3-D C today is Greg van and wrote he's gonna get the start at left guard you have injuries to. Obviously a media ciller told Lou. And it Gerald Williams it tackled tiller mode is going to be the starting at right tackle he's been moved over from guard. Right ankle you'll start to sinner but Greg B and road has got to get the shot to start at left guard Brandon man is another guy who's gonna fix it factor in. To that and next. Can we Rhode hold that spot down can't they keep him to include all operative line is gonna be under the microscope tonight because. In the second and third pre season games this is when. You're really not. Hoping that your feeling things out you're really trying to just see what we have. You know we're not tinkering as much as you do in week one and we want you were messing with lineups you were interchange in guys around a line. Now it's like do we how the group do we have the group that we feel comfortable west that's what Ron Rivera is looking for and Greg and road is gonna be the one under the most pressure. Out to left guard position. Again you'll see Brendan men at times as well I wonder how long the offensive line will stay in the starting unit on the top of the line they don't have a lot of depth. You typically see the line get more playing time in the pre season games in the other units just it's a numbers game. But Cam Newton you wanna try to get Cam Newton constable into a rhythm in this new offense it's going to be very hard for him to do that. If the operative line is putting him under to rest throughout the night so we'll Celanese the us snaps Cam Newton plays on the series he gets. He'll be with us our offensive line Doral. And then once Jim Newton takes a seat for the night. If the tobacco quarterbacks as well and you wanna give them the most opportunity to play well to perform under pressure. And you're gonna need it off and it wanted to protect them and able to do that Taylor I think he took a huge step forward against buffalo last week in the race for the backup quarterback job. Garrett Gilbert struggled at times he did have the touchdown pass late. But I think he seemed to have a leg up after one game now. We see the pre season games and as some fans tend to use that in and narrow their scope then use that as they only frame of reference for Howell can't has evolved but. Remember. These coaches are seen these players day in day out and practice as well so Gilbert I think still has a slight edge in the backup quarterback race. But you wanna see those guys perform under the optimal conditions. And indeed have a healthy options and want to do that's fun watching Greg been wrote specifically their offensive line but really I wanna see that unit as a whole can they hold up not only the pass protection. But also in the running game and open up some holes for Christian McCaffery and that leads me to my number three on my list of three to see tonight CJ Anderson. Investigators it was signed late spring as a guy coming to be the number two running back on this team to really provide the thunder to Christian McCaffrey's lightning and last week really. Not get an opportunity until much later in the game that we expected to every artist paid actually came in as the second guy. On that unit and CJ Anderson I have four carries sixteen yards he did have a touchdown in the second half. For Carolina. CJ isn't gonna have to be a guy who's a factor. For the Panthers this season yesterday on our show if you missed it equals and I discussed. The value that he could add to this team the it looked if you look at what New Orleans did last year with. Mark Ingram in Alvin Camara. McCaffery. Fits the role of good moral on this team is that versatile chest BC could move all around the field. He's not the most. Physical input physically imposing guy in between the tackles it is and can provide that. Or maybe maybe even Cameron artist paint you hope it's CJ Anderson Anderson. Has proven in his career he can beat a Dell cal guy he could be the guy who can get either short yardage. She third and shorts second and short move to change type of player Anderson. You would hope gets a crack earlier in the game that he did last week against buffalo again last week only sixteen yards on four carries. What are you see from CJ Anderson's tonight how does that work with the offensive line. The running game needs to progress because you cannot rely. On Cam Newton to rush for 760. Yards again this season you need another guy who can takes that physical pull away from him and CJ Anderson he's to be. That player as well. Chris McCaffrey's workload is going to increase no doubt. In the running game and pricey similar action passing game yet eighty receptions a year ago you're gonna see much more of the same. But Anderson has to be able to relieve release some of that hole off of him. All the buildings that are tech side somebody wants to see Taylor boat reform and wanna see the young pass dressers step up in the rotation on the defensive side that's a very good point defensive line. Marty saying to someone at mile last week. Policy and he actually hear his name called this week is relatively quiet against buffalo he's a speed rush guy who could provide some much needed depth of on the defensive line. So that's great to see for the Carolina Panthers when we come back from break let's talk about the opposing team we'll talk about the Miami Dolphins three to seat for the dolphins coming up tonight what's gonna take off 730. Carolina did there's Miami Dolphins here Bank of America Stadium ticket right here I'm just far Celtics took until 2 o'clock live for the dog house outside the stadium this is WFNC. They handled well. To middays on WF and Xeon Josh ourselves. Right solo today leading up to kick off tonight 730. Carolina Panthers Miami Dolphins home opener for the pre season for. For the Panthers and we are live all day long including Garcia and really taking over at 2 o'clock building here until six for the Coca-Cola doghouse. From the Coca-Cola doghouse rather inside the preferred parking studio everyone's parking destination find out more at preferred parking dot com. So outdoors sponsor is Miller Light sauce men's JJ is red odds. Jack Daniels we gotta all covered here. From the doghouse and again come check us out here we're going to be here all afternoon like I said Kyle and frank will be here from two to six. And as we get closer to kick off displays is gonna start to get lively. And is our first experience I have actually not been at the doghouse for it Panthers game yet I've been in Charlotte for now about four or five years. And I'll love the atmosphere that that you can I've been here three. I guess with the ACC championship game back in December when it was Miami and close and a love the atmosphere for that I can only imagine. What it will be like with the Panthers in town for their first game of the season first chance first taste. Of what the Panthers will look like it's it live in living color. For those fans have come check us out again right here on in morehead across the street from the stadium and now it's time to go to the other side talk about the enemy the Miami Dolphins. Three to see we just talked to receive for the Carolina Panthers that was give on Seymour Greg been roads and CJ Anderson. The three is the front of the dolphins tonight number 11 and foremost I cannot wait. To get a glimpse of Nikko Fitzpatrick. The number eleven pick. In the 2018 NFL draft. Out of Alabama we have Dre' Bly on earlier he is actually spent time coaching with the dolphins during training camp and before I even get the question out. Drake told us. Is this kid is the real. Deal he brought up envious of Williams as a comparison though some of some new young bucks may not remember any as Williams. He is a hall of fame defensive backs and a long time to the Arizona Cardinals and was an absolute ball hawk. In the secondary for a long time and make a Fitzpatrick has those same type of skill sets he is versatile he actually started training camp at safety and because of some personnel issues and so witnesses the defense of staff decided they're gonna move him down and play him as a slot quarterback right now. He is an absolute chest piece chest piece. Rather for that dolphins defense he was an amazing player in Alabama he was the anger of one of the best defense is in the country. And if you look at the tradition of what Alabama has been able to do they always turn out NFL ready guys we know they've been dominant. At the college level. But when they get to the NFL most Alabama defensive players transitions so quickly so easily into the National Football League and I think it's Patrick is gonna be one guy who could be a difference maker for this dolphins team. In 2018. And it's going to be interesting to see a line up across from Cam Newton. And Christian McCaffrey has some of those first string guys DJ Moore may be a guy who lines up in the slot tonight for the Panthers and he's critical right up against make a Fitzpatrick in that slot and those are two of the best rookies. On the outside in the NFL this year that is a fantastic match up if you're in that sort of thing today to keep an eye on. That's Patrick's gonna be a star I think and I and I said his last year as as someone who covers college football very in depth. Fitz Patrick reminded me of what Troy Polamalu did. At the college level USC about fifteen years ago he can play at all three levels of the defense you do not find guys who can do that very easily and Fitzpatrick does that one thing that Dray Bly told us is that he is so Smart and he's so hardworking you hear guys talk about that all the time all this guy's a hard worker this guy he's you know he's a grinder his first one in last one out. Dray Bly is there he's free he has. Is seen firsthand the work ethic of the mentality of (%expletive) fits Patrick and I think bill that comes from his background with the Crimson Tide. They breed guys to be prepared for the NFL it's if there is no stepped up on the you're stepping up and they and only the sense that. Yet the guys around your bigger faster and stronger but your work ethic your data day the way you operate. There's no difference between being an Alabama and being with the Miami Dolphins amid a Fitzpatrick is going to be a star for the dolphins going forward and I'm just very excited as a football fan. To be able to see Fitzpatrick up close tonight number two in the three to see for the Miami Dolphins. Ryan can't help. This is a guy who's coming off of two straight years of injuries it's been almost 700 days since he took us up with a regular season. Last week he completed his first four passes ran out of the gate through two and completions of the drive stalled and that was the all the action that he saw against Tampa Bay. But this is a guy who. As potential and he's really really I think got frustrated a lot of people because athletically he has all the tools. He just hasn't been able to put it quite together yet two years ago when the dolphins hired Adam gays to run this offense they thought he was gonna be the guy who could on salvaged. Ryan ten hill's career. Don't forget to hit the hell was 85 as a starter before going down with the injury and Tony sixteen. Under Adam gays so the dolphins have seen Tim hills succeed they have won games. With ten hill under center. Does he take a step forward in his second game he'll play probably two to three series minimum tonight against Carolina he's going up against one of the best defense is in the NFL. Ten elegant he's 37 and forty overall in his career but was he and I would Adam gays gays came to Miami with a reputation as a quarterback whisper as an offensive wizard. He did it in den very dated and I would Jay Cutler he has done it all over the place the NFL he's a highly respected offensive mind and with a healthy Ryan can help. There's a chance that Miami could challenge triggered the second. A second spot they're not gonna sound the patriots but could be the second best team in the AFC east it's up for grabs after new England and it's in a hill can get on the same page with his head coach can stay healthy the dolphins have a great chance to beat out second best team. I'm curious to see how does he look what is mobility like tonight how does he handle pressure because sometimes coming back from those lower body injuries you tend to be tentative. In the pocket wind and on the heat starts to come Carolina's gonna be able to bring the heat tonight. How to stand hill respond the number three on my three deceived the Miami Dolphins is the running back battle. Between ten in Drake. In detail symbolized no may not be so much of a battle if you just look at what Kenyan Drake was able to do production was at the end of last season. You can make your case continue on Drake was the best running back in football in December last season several 100 yard games down the stretch he finished the year 644 yards three touchdowns but they're really doesn't tell the whole story backed up JH I the early in the air a Chinese struggled. In Miami before being shipped off to Philadelphia. Drake on the field. Really does not have any question marks the question marks for Drake come off the field he was adjusted for the game against buffalo last year in week seventeen he also got into a skirmish earlier this week with gay rights in practice gave rate of veteran defensive line and no right was cut. The dolphins got rid the game right it sounds like based on the report. There was a skirmish with a physical intense practice. I don't know exactly what he Andre did in the entire situation but keep right given apparently blind sided. Continue on Drake in some form or fashion leading to an escalated issue in practice. So Drake has had some issues just behavior early you're trying to keep him under control you know how talented he is. If you're out of days. But you also have this young running backs into on the lodge who is a physical freak. Fourth round pick 63230. Pounds the guy's an absolute monster reminds you Derrick Henry when he came out Alabama couple years ago just an absolute physical specimen and dot Matthew Berry who is out the fantasy expert ESPN. Digs that terrible lies could be a sleeper of this season. If you're that sort of thing and that that you expect to see some production from him he's gonna get a lot of touches tonight. He's gonna see the football. Early and often I think for Miami and last week against Tampa Bay. The dolphins lost that game to 4624. But Caleb a lot had ten carries 37 yards. Did a break off a fourteen yard runs you saw a little bit of a flash of some of that explosiveness at that 239 pound frame he is going to be someone you'll see quite a bit of tonight as Miami tries to figure out what that running back rotation is gonna look like so there you have it my three to see me go Fitz Patrick. Brian Skinner held and then the running back position for maybe both Kenya on Drake and detail on the lots coming up next full recap what took place last night. In the NFL San Donald struggled with the New York jets' nick foale's goes dealt with the injury what does that mean for the Philadelphia Eagles. How to Tom Brady look any significant injury. For the defending AFC champions oh billion on all that coming up after the break I'm just ourselves keep it right here on WS NC. C. I'm just ourselves running solo today Nicklaus and he's up in Cleveland or they'll be back on Monday he is. Politically the last night he's blue in the family back down this weekend so I wish him well as he drives seven hours in the car with four win in so. He's in my thoughts and prayers as we can also in the good note afterwards if you guys wanted to we at a magnate Wilson at WS NC that would be very helpful to get rid of me throughout the show. As just Marcel. I'm here at. At the Coca-Cola doghouse right across the street from the Panthers stadium don't forget they kick off tonight 730 against the Miami Dolphins. I'm inside the preferred parking studio tailgate with preferred at preferred parking dot com you can use the code radio twenty off. To get twenty dollars off a season parking pass at our new event site right here. So don't forget preferred parking dot com thanks again to our sponsors here for the day Miller Lite for the season Miller Lite lake Norman at Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Ended bmg Bart management group so we just wrapped up three to see for both that he Carolina Panthers and the Miami Dolphins. And now it's time to turn the page and look at the rest of the NFL. Last that we had three games kick off we. Do Redskins and the jets we also had the Steelers in the packers'. With the Eagles in the patriots and the number one story line I took away from last night's action in the NFL was the quarterback battle. In New York with the New York football jets. Last week CN Donald lit the world on fire against the twos and threes and everybody was ready to anoint sand auto as the second coming of Joseph Montana. He's the next Joan name it he's going to be Broadway Sam it's going to be all about the jets going forward JETS. Jets jets jets Sam daughter the savior. And then last night he comes out any struggles throws a tech guy struggles to his game against the starting defense for the Washington Redskins but a different story was eight at eleven. But ditto that interception he will also sacked two times. And now we can come back down to earth which is probably where we belong with Sam Donald let's temper the expectations for what this guy's gonna do. He was an outstanding prospect out of college at USC. Win he is on when he brings his eight game there was not a better quarterback. In the last year's draft. But the consistency. For Sam Donald. Is still up and down it's still high and low. I had not trusted on the jets and if on Todd Bowles and I know that I'm coaching most likely for my job and when he eighteen I cannot rely on Sam Donald. To be the guy who saves my job don't forget that lap after last her as after two years ago he set the war on fire in the Rose Bowl. He threw for four touchdowns threw for a million yards against Penn State. And everybody said he's a Heisman Trophy front runner he's the number one pick in next year's draft should he sit out the year so that he can do is go pro he's one of the best prospects of the last decade. First gave out last year threw two picks against western Michigan next week after that threw two picks against Stanford week after that threw two picks against Texas. Next we do interception against cal next week they lost to Washington State this guy has had great moments and he's had. OK moments and he's had bad moment that's okay we're human and we don't expect our quarterbacks to be perfect even somebody like sand Arnold. Do Shawn Watson reporting of interceptions that close and as well. It's not to say that same don't know what I'd eventually turn into BA quality NFL starter but can we relax. On watching one pre season game in the third quarter against third string guys you're gonna play in the CFL next year. And use that is our barometer that is our measuring stick to say that Sam Arnold is going to be the best quarterback. In this draft class. I don't see a single quarterback in this draft class who's gonna make an impact in year one. Lamar Jackson could be a guy who uses a utility player in Baltimore he's not gonna start for the ravens. Okay baker may feel it has all hype in Cleveland Tyrod Taylor is the guy who's gonna win now okay. There are no quarterbacks in this class Josh Allen in buffalo give me a break that guy cannot hit the broadside of a point he hit it hard he can break the broads out of aboard if only get hit it. Okay there's not a quarterback in this class is going to immediately step in and have an impact and I'll tell you who will have an impact. Is Teddy beat Bridgewater. Teddy Bridgewater last night. Lights up the Redskins ten to 151 touchdown he did talk it. I'll give I have to give credit where credit is due to the Redskins defense for giving up that interception but there was no question. Who looked more comfortable in the pocket last night it was the veteran Teddy Bridgewater. He was ten to 15147. Yards okay he is the guy right now that gives you the best chance to win. If you're the jets and like I mentioned before Todd Bowles is under some pressure this year to bring the New York Jets. Al of the seller. In the AFC east Teddy Bridgewater is the got to do it you've got just the count on the roster he's a great veteran presence you know the you can move on from Teddy B if you need to he's a great trade asset and I can't you wanna try to maybe get something for Teddy Bridgewater if you're the jets they can navy immediate its future draft pick. Maybe it's a a veteran player who can help you this season. But to me if you're the jets and you wanna try to contend that drew wild card spot. Take Bridgewater may be gives you that chance OK last year the New York Jets. They struggled allowing a league worst. Two and a half touchdowns per field goal meaning that they gave up a lot of touchdowns on defense do the red zone they've got to improve that side of the football there's no question that it goes beyond. The quarterback position. Okay the book for what all you're the jets hills littered Williams is the dominant player on the defense. Defensive line Jamar Adams is great in the back and I think that deepens will be improved this season they have Morse Claiborne. In the secondary as well back for year to pay out. Added Terrelle Pryor as a receiver he could be a difference maker if he has his head on straight for the jets Teddy Bridgewater is the guy. Teddy Bridgewater is the guy for the jets San Donald let him sit back and develop. You're in no rush to get sand dollar the starting job you can wait until he's ready he still has room to improve he still needs to develop. You you to Russ rookie quarterbacks in when you have no other choice that jets have another choice it's right in front of you it's Teddy Bridgewater. It lets you think you can get eight number one draft pick for Teddy B and maybe you can. You can hold onto this guy. There's not another team in the league right now that is so desperate for a quarterback to their calling up offering a first round pick. This is not what took place a few years ago ironically with Teddy Bridgewater himself with a vikings lose their starting quarterback two weeks before the season and the Eagles have Sam Bradford just sitting there waiting to be traded for twenties for our guests for a dollar every on the petty. If you wanna put it that way because they were able to get a hole for Sam Bradford. And now Teddy Bridgewater could be that trade asset for the jets. I would hold on to him though. That to me is the best move I think that gives the jets a chance to at least maybe fight their way to 8897. And hopefully that's enough to get them in. To the AFC playoffs. Elsewhere around the league another big story nick polls goes down with a strained shoulder he was victim of a strip sack last night Adrian Claiborne the new defensive end for the patriots got hold of pulls in the second quarter of Eagles game last night. And now he is dated date there's some questions about the severity of that shoulder injury where the real concern comes in for Philadelphia. Is if this injury is prolong because now Philadelphia is still waiting on Carson went to be cleared for action he is not yet been cleared for contact. And I know the Eagles just kept going down the rabbit hole last your quarterbacks and they found it falls who led them to the Super Bowl but of foals. Is not able to recover from this quickly now you run the risk of this. Overflowing into the season. And you having issues in week one of the Eagles open the season with a huge game on Thursday night. At home against Atlanta that you play Tampa Bay and Indianapolis the next two weeks as a winnable games but you gotta have a quarterback on the roster I think it sounds like in the polls will be okay. And we don't know yet about Carson wins but it's scary. When your team that already is down a quarterback to be rolling out a guy like polls for multiple quarters and opening him up. Two possible injuries. If full is fine he even said after the game he expects to back in practice on Sunday but a lot of times players can't be more optimistic than the training staff. That is not something to keep an eye on. If you're an Eagles fan is if polls is going to be healthy now the other big take away from last night New England took the field against the Philadelphia Eagles. And Tom Brady was in mid season form for the patriots and that's a very welcome sign because he's been dealing with a couple injuries. During fall camp. We know the drama that took place in New England as well over the entire offseason to. There was even some questions about whether Tom Brady was gonna walk away I mean all sorts of drama you have Rob Gronkowski retire and retirement rumors. To be able to see the patriots come out on offense and that click as easily as they did but they jumped up 27 to seven. On Philadelphia at halftime last night Brady was nineteen of 262 touchdowns no picks he missed. All of the opry season opener so he was on the field for the first time this year running game looks strong they ran for a 140 yards on thirty carries. James White had six catches out of the backfield 61 yards the play of the night though on the options aside from New England was quarter L Patterson. Coral Paris it was a guy who had a great start his grim Minnesota haven't heard a lot out of Paterson. Over the last couple years he's now a New England he could be that Danny Amendola type guy that slot receiver is going to be a really valuable chest piece four new England's offense. Especially given the fact that joint adamant will miss the first four games due to a PD suspensions of coral Paterson had the play of the night caught a screen past. Broke the ankles the dvi out on the DBs David Carney but actually show. The quarterback it was able to find his way to the end zone for a touchdown that's encouraging. If your New England fan to see Tom Brady back in an accurate as accurate as ever. He's gonna be fine the patriots will be fine again if you miss earlier we get two days today was the patriots day in the AFC. The division so bad the patriots have very little to worry about anyway. But not for Brady to be playing at that level already. Is a welcome sign in New England so that's your recap around the league other story really quickly on the patriots front Isiah wind. Goes down with a ruptured Achilles he went don't ankle injury last night. A report coming out about him an hour ago that Isiah windy first round pick on the offensive line which is by far the biggest weakness special on offense for New England. Isaiah when was expected to come in immediately and be a force on that blind people miss the entire season. With a ruptured Achilles you know how important you've seen in the past Al imported as for New England to have Tom Brady upright and well protected it's gonna be a concern for New England going forward. That is your recap around the league the NFL coming back after this we will go to the Philadelphia Eagles for our. Finishing out of two days in the NFC east as well as at 1 o'clock we'll have the run down and that it once fifteen Joshi dad will come in to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. From the Miami Dolphins tonight that kick off of the 730. I'm here just parcel out the dog house. In till 2 o'clock taking up until Garcia and Bailey did it right here on WS NC. Wilson and Josh cars down aren't about to let up getting you ready for the start of football season. It's time for two days on WFANC. All right guys got two days coming up here just for our self back with you from the doghouse and real quick don't miss the sixth annual Charlotte high school rivalry series kick off night powered by ortho Carolina. Lot of Saturday August 18 that's tomorrow guys at memorial stadium North Carolina meets South Carolina and high school a double header of the action begins at 5 PM as Butler takes on Scott and I anyone not wanna miss. The second part of that double header Mallard creek first Dutch fork at 82 games one price just ten bucks get your tickets now at CLT kick off night dot com. And you could hear the game right here live on 125610. At WFANC it is time. For two today's. Philadelphia Eagles style we're wrapping up the NFC east. With a recap of these Super Bowl champion. Eagles and last year Philadelphia finishes the season thirteen and three. The over under for this year's team Santa Ana. Asked wins that is the second highest total in all of football. And look we look at this team. There's not a lot. Of change. This is pretty much it seemed that they said you know what we want it all want our running back. Okay they win the Super Bowl last year they catch fire at the end you saw them win at six out there last seven going into the regular season. Are going to the policies and I should say and then obviously taking home the Super Bowl over to England in what was one of the most impressive performances by a team. I have seen in the Super Bowl ever. Dominant offensive performance they ran the ball all over and threw the ball all over the New England Patriots and really big bottle. And it was the first time you ever seen. Bill Belichick lineup on one side of the table. It's just bats against somebody else and lose. I mean Doug Peterson outmaneuvered out steam to patriots every step of the way and that is why they took home the Lombardi trophy. This year's team. If you're looking very key addition. You could probably look to the defensive line they added whole loading not a he's gonna add some insurance on the interior they also added Michael Bennett a defensive end. But neither of those guys here to be impact players Tim Jernigan coming back from injury or deepened to tackle or not it will probably fill that gap until Jernigan is ready. Now Michael Bennet is just an insurance and added depth behind their Barnett branding gram dose of Chris Long is a veteran on the defensive line. So I have Ryan shell producer Roger he's gonna chime in on some of those as well Ryan what do you say I mean I took me I don't see much difference between. Last year's Eagles team in this year's Eagles team is having that's got to be a good thing I think in your mind right. Yeah I mean this whole thing about you know if it was as they broke don't fix enemy near they went out there and they kind of just sold at a couple holes in terms of depth pieces they brought back Corey Graham a guy that had been a part of the couple Super Bowl teams you just mentioned floating not a Michael Bennett Chris Long guys that you have don't either been on this team you through their playoff runs are guys that have been through this process. If you look at that seventeen years for the defense of line that's a unit did a couple of years ago much was was losing a starting unit out there. Armament if you look at there and if you look at their ostensible the other their book the office on the other side of the ball and want to mark this week from the Chicago Bears a guy they can fit in and there's there's three wide receiver sets. Did they drafted arguably probably the top tight end in the draft in Dallas Goddard they already had Zach hurts. Used who's arguably maybe north and the -- top pass catching tight ends in the league so me I mean this was a team that you just want to kind of bring back that the team that won them the Lombardi trophy year ago anything you're improving a couple other places and in its bid the interesting thing I think they've done that they're gonna have to. It may be kind of worry about is frank Reich on I think frank Reich in terms of him as a play caller along with your Doug Peterson was this something that you maybe miss a little bit but I like this team on paper going into the season. The new offensive coordinator in Philly is miked grow boy Virginia Tech council member of that name he used to be a part of the staff of that you PA. And John F pitchers out there right look there there are very content running back to same velocity they had a year ago and I think a question mark for them is going to be quarterback depth at what do you do with with wins in poles. Just before the break talked about nick pulled going down an injury doesn't delegates all that serious. But when is that not yet been cleared for contact so you're looking at probably going into the season with full loser got even have wins I think is healthy. The without their limited or with the limited action he's had in the pre season any camp. To me it makes sense and maybe start with polls and then once you feel comfortable with Wednesday ease him back in but. It's a good problem to have been in a lot of ways that again that can be the sort of thing that maybe divides you going forward how Doug Peterson manages that is going to be I think what dictates whether or not the Eagles are Super Bowl team or just a team the contends the NFC east. Yelling any team out there you know you're only getting goes as far as your quarterback's face in of course who wants and it's holes is not out there and you're having to trot out the sun solar or Kristen had to -- they delude picked up Bo took off the garbage he classic from the jets right and I mean if they're strong those guys out there this this'll teams is an assault parts from the from the top bottom. Yes of the biggest question mark no doubt with the Philadelphia Eagles is that quarterback position how they manage that do they stay healthy all those things and just you know be honest fight complacency. This is a team that had never been to the top before they won their first ever Super Bowl a year ago. It's easy to sit back and rest on your laurels a little bit once he won a title and we see it all the time. How many times have we seen Ryan the last fifteen years a team win the Super Bowl and miss the playoffs altogether that he's and after it happened. And in the other thing is on this defense they're kind of go on defense kind of built the same way that this Carolina Panthers defense has dole where's all that fronts that front four and they've got some guys are a little bit older I mean operating grams did not they're -- longer you know polluting not. Yes Fletcher Cox is are we try to remain the best defensive tackle football but I mean there's not a lot of big names in that secondary -- -- Ronald -- -- running -- and now Malcolm Jenkins but you know if if there's any point this season where they have an injury or are you some of these older guys just you know it's sort sort of slowed a little bit that can be concerns this eagles' defense. So I was looking at fed trying to find a breakout player on this team and it's hard to do that when you're just bring him back basically the same exact core the had a year ago but. You mentioned Jalen mills mills of the guy who came out pretty highly touted. When he came out of college was a high draft pick somebody I think Eagles had a high expectations for. And I mean let's be honest LSU has a reputation as drafting guys whiff. With a great pedigree and you come from LSU you're expected to big chance to actually drafted seventh round I was I was the signal they drafted but still a guy has been the starting lineup now for entire year and it last season in the playoffs a court approval all focused. He held Julio Jones is one receptions twelve yards and a divisional round game. So you saw some signs of him late in the season where he really had an impact in that secondary. That's just an opportunity to get I don't see somebody really emerging even mills and becoming a superstar. Among the names that we don't already know for the Eagles. But you're looking for somebody who might take a step forward he's a guy that I am I on. I'm Thomas stick with the secondary mistake with Sidney Jones music eyelashes that was dressed in the second round us from the Eagles was it was a very high ticket think 43. Ewing in the torn Achilles itty -- suffer on his pro day and he missed base of the entire season I think he was activated I think in the last week of of December I think he was inactive for most of the playoffs including the Super Bowl these guys made some plays so foreign pre season end and he's got it may be if it's mills are Darby a struggle dead or he makes some plays you lower and lower in the on the depth chart. I think he's got a could rise old leaves a playmaker Washington. And values guy that was warranted of a first round pick clash yours if you make some plays who has eagles' defense I think he brings a lot of stability. To the back in the event the defense. Well at Philadelphia could use a shutdown type corner last year they allowed ten point one targets. To the opposing team's number one wide receiver that was the most in the NFL also a bit of what I was getting open on the other side of the field. Four Philadelphia so it if they can have somebody you can kind of take half the field away. I don't know it's going to be one of those guys or not but they do need if you're looking at similar to improve. That's probably the area where the Eagles have the biggest weakness. Another set to keep in mind as I go to my prediction. Turnover differential is something that has a huge impact on wins and losses in the NFL Philadelphia was thirteen in three years ago they were plus eleven. In the turn over department that was first in the NFC if that regress is back to the mean. That could impact the win loss column several games. If Philadelphia now all of a sudden goes from a thirteen and three team to eleven of five grievance and it sixteenth the NFC is showed deep and so talented. If you don't win twelve games. You're almost certainly not posting a playoff game this is divisional round. That matters in Philadelphia having home field advantage in that NFC title game last year against Minnesota I think made all the difference in the world they rode that momentum all the way through that game it is Super Bowl Minnesota didn't look like a belonged on the field. After playing better be so hot going into that game. So you wanna have a home game in the NFC it's going to be so tough. I think to win on the road this year in those playoffs Philly needs to continue to build off what they did last year that turnover differential to key staff forming the L. Weapons too I mean they're gonna have Darren Sproles back this year guy that if he broke his arm and is very broke his arm and his towards DC on the same play last year and that came in terms of that and that running that doesn't mean there's been used it Dave JA GI Darren Sproles Wendell smaller Corey climate did not come three other one got Josh Adams in the in the draft whenever bonds are weapons there and in the you know in the in the backfield along with the wide outs I think there's a lot of weapons through weather or whatever quarterback they trot out there. You know to use as longs as two quarterbacks with a score some months and axles are healthy. Lot of talent on that team no doubt about it I'm gonna go with eleven and five I think they fall back two games they go to eleven and five I think that earns them. The division title but does not earn them a first round bye which is gonna mean I think they fall short. Reaching the Super Bowl for the second straight year but it'll be good here in Philly Eagles fans have a lot to party about. The party on broad street no doubt about it all year long celebrating a lot of wind so. That is two days for the Eagles will come back next week and continue with our look around the NFL coming up next though is the one down. It is a rundown sponsored by mark's name. 1 o'clock we'll take you through all the biggest stories and I think you might have missed earlier in the shell. And everything else around the world a sports keep it right here I'm just Marcel this is WFNC.