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Wednesday, July 11th
Will Kennedy & Chuck Howard discuss the Panthers with Bill Voth from panthers.com

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Please he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy and chalk power. Once again wells may in the form nine that I don't have a giant ego I never fixing that. The fifth I thought instantly it's fun it's too it's 10 welcome back one more hour ago on the Wednesday addition of mid day I'm chuck Howard. He's will Kennedy Elise again announced first that time in the coming up at 115. Our friend bill both from Kantor's dot com we'll talk more about David tepper India also won I think Marcus Smith for joining us earlier to talk about was coming up at the speedway with the rule pulled the role pollution so check out the year. Shall motor speedway dot com might wanna get some tickets ahead of time this could be unique event as they run on the road course for the first time coming up in September navy also Katie Peralta a business reporter for the Charlotte Observer joined us earlier in the 11 o'clock hour. I'm talking everything temper is well we'll talk more tepper coming up we'll build both as well. We're talking briefly about do some NBA stuff for the war itself and Michael Jordan the CPA. By the way bill to the NBA doesn't come up. Again until the 2023. Season but. Apparently there's certain already get things rolling in the Michael Jordan will be did chairman. Of the league's labor relations committee so it'll take a little while Princeton was sign. The Mac attack yesterday morning interesting article CBS sports dot com and it will trend evolve the the shows and he wrote an article that did today entitled bills and Eagles lead the list of five teams that could take a step back and miss the NFL playoffs. And will also had the Carolina Panthers. Now listed as one of those teams that could take a step back and not make the play out so I think work. And I think here with me kinda like this then it. This is this is one of those seasons thanks in part because the falcons and saints are so good and the conference overall is so good with the Eagles and the vikings in the Packers and and even the lions are expected to be. You know as good or improves so do you agree with bill that served with will. Will to do wills mills appreciating that. The Panthers could take a step back that. Did you know there's a cure could. Good you're Kurds one of those oracle would be no wars where you're right I mean the NFC we talked about this is is is loaded. It's a loaded conference is the NBA west if you will the NFC in the NFL. So many good teams and teams on the rise whether it's the rams. You know who knows what waksal due but there's a there's a good teams the vikings are right did they bring in the quarterback Kirk cousins. It would be easy good easy take a step back and it's easy to look at the Panthers and sailors is pattern. Those you know even year odd year winning season. Losing record. Still like you know we've talked about yesterday at the Super Bowl window's open I can you gotta feel like this group especially the veterans. Our our laser focused because you're talking about potentially the last drive for Julius Peppers. Maybe a Thomas Davis you know they talk about all more season that they're gonna keep his team focused he got a new owner. That's what's so interesting about the NFL there's always going to be some surprise story that comes out of nowhere some team that you don't expected to plays above. The level that you thought there going to be yet there's always going to be a team or to the slips backwards. I'd just like the veteran makeup of this team to try to keep that from happening to the Panthers are slipping backwards. But as with almost every NFL team chuck it all comes down to your quarterback to quarterback driven league they've got to. Have Cam Newton stay healthy and he's got to be good. If either one of those two things doesn't happen then absolutely. It's tough division I think the toughest division in football the NFC south the papers to be in trouble. Well according to wills article at CBS sports dot com. Expected wins he's got the Panthers at nine the Vegas win totals pretty much nine and will says the Panthers won't make the playoffs he says part of the problem here is a division and the conference as we alluded to. And he says this could easily be the falcons or the saints in the same position and it might be two of them missed the playoffs mean the falcons saints. In nor the Panthers because he NFC south is so loaded and SC is loaded Panthers don't have a horrible schedule they get the cowboys falcons and bulb angles. Out of the gate. But a week now for bio wills says his brutal it is early in the year you wish you had a tale later in the season. But they closed with gains against the saints and falcons Thomas Davis is gonna miss four games. Frankel Lille and Greg Olsen of course are critical pieces if they stay healthy he likes CJ Anderson signing a lot. A Christian McCaffery doesn't feel. Guy's gonna be able to carry the load like ground repair refer to they may get 200 carries. In down the Alou key weekly you know he's been off and on the secondaries in major concern so. All concerns. That we've all had from time to time let's see would keep says this say. AK should FH rejected and I joins Egon. Yeah pretty good thanks your column brother what's on your mind. Humana hum. Com I thought I think every year so caught that's not the public know Auburn player. And our. Door but it never grain bread gets hurt at all. And they don't let Fletcher won all pickle that I. What is what they're mad at about all I'll show that these natural wrap of all at all. They'll let out a win here we can't do there and we can bet. And we have to go to video and saying we did talk at Beale air. He's an asset. She's two don't go yet before you go I got to ask you why do you why do you think dead is because I agree with you I feel like national media types and some of the experts are some of the big net that letter networks. They they don't give the Panthers the same. Built in respect they give is you touched on the Seahawks or the Packers are some of the other team is why why do you think that is. I I don't know carpet bit in the league longer. But I mean she better get in at the premiere army to be real. I don't know at a being paid we have squat this show not play at all and it it was out of critics let people some idea about. I don't demanded that it really respect of the great. Shape. Don't baker got to treat this in our people out there picture up like children every. He thanks for the call I think sometimes you can you can take that chip on your shoulder chucked in use that. You know I know I know players that we talked to some times. I'm it'll say honors dozens and his you know they note the lockers and a billboard a lot of locker room more stuff and no no I don't play. Tip my children died and motivate me it does they're gonna say that kind of stuff but if you feel like you've been disrespect as a player you know she's like you know you can see you know for your bills circle almost like Minnesota speak but you -- you can break a lot. Locker together when he when they feel like hey listen we're coming off eleven wins last year we got a bunch of good you know guys in the lockers of potential hall of fame guys down the road and this is the kind of stuff for CN. I would our argument the Seahawks a team that's sliding backwards in a hurry that they got some major problems. Have you really been impressed with the Packers the last couple years mirror Rodgers is fantastic that rosters kind of garbage. A little audio wills articles dog yeah players who may not make the playoffs slash Jersey. There is a no win it when it comes to talk about the NSA so I say two keys and some others. Don't worry about the Seahawks and the Packers. We got to be more worried about the Eagles there's any super you know they always play against it and we'll does list vehicles is possibly not me exactly. And and the rams who were up and coming in you can look around in one of the niners gonna be this year because of me frankly it will Jimmy grapple ever lose a football game I mean the guy is gorgeous. But it wasn't just the opposite editorial. AMD is a handsome man they are I think I'll. They are everybody's darling but some curious well says the Eagles may not make the playoffs been one of the biggest reasons involves the teams. Biggest strength of course the quarterback position position Carson winds coming back from his ACL. Oh win in north winds were failed to recover. You know wouldn't fools be able to have a magical run like he had so again. Just like we do sometimes will just doing some stuff out there. For discussion but he also said it when talking about the Panthers the same things he said about the Panthers. Could also be said about the saints in the falcons because. A the NFC south and it. Being. Arguably the best division in Tokyo and. I just said I mean you know about Cam Newton you can all you can make the same similar point four format writers Matt Ryan is not pretty darn good for the falcons. Then where they go is Drew Brees gets hurt for the saints in other yet and I like tomorrow and I like Ingram but if they don't have. Drew Brees they're not the same football team and they're they're going to be other gonna struggle. And that's just the case for a lot of their policies has us in that division I quarterback driven division even with just this once and crazy James down the road there. You know. The teams go as the quarterback goes in a lot of cases who's got the most balanced roster is what I'd be looking at not just run pat. Asked but offense defense tonight he kind of like a meaning yet we get questions the secondary Majid over the last couple years of life. The ballots starting amounts downloaded more offense and defense depends where you see more defensively oriented. I think when you go down the rosters of the falcons. And the saints in the panthers'. You could make an argument that there are pretty Dag gone equals. And we've talked about it before and we'll talk about it again moving forward. It's all gonna come down to schedule so you know bald each team. And coming off eleven wins they don't see any favors right you know when you have a winning season you make the playoffs you get hit on the backside so when you start witness a division that's tough. And you know you're gonna. Have those games against those three of policies got those six games that are there's no easy wins there. In the and that grouping and then they put Jim against some of the other stuff it's easier for team Ryan cover your ears it's easier for you like the Steelers. Who are weaker division. You SuSE and over in the NC imminent and the plows but they're gonna have some games against some teams that maybe your struggled. And you know so that see you gave and I also leg. The Panthers. Is gonna use he'd better already have a blown up the picture of Sean Payton with the broom out that's I I would have then done a try I. I still have that the newspaper and we were leaving New Orleans that morning I have a copy of the newspaper think in my bag at home about they know who's the real owner of the Panthers is New Orleans the times to Q what mess. That was an all time editors can be viewed as you should put that up in the locker maybe I'll sneak in there and throw that thing up before the season starts. That's good we're gonna continue our pain at the discussion next. When will be joined by bill both Panthers dot com it's mid day and WFANC. Powered by ortho Carolina. My turns up some of a big believer in social justice. And I'm actually a big believer in you know the country and patriotic and you guys you guys know the pledge allegiance to the flag for the United States of America. Minutes from their colors which is seen as one nation under god indivisible Brussels last week was that last part. With liberty and justice for all but the real justice for that's what this is about. The British justice for all okay this is the most patriotic thing. Going so that's August 7. I don't know who the reporters were who finished up dead David tempers question their but it reminded me of like sits traders feel they want it now. Do you finish check. And justice are all listed separately in May staff. That's the exhibit and I have been built both one of them. His new boss. Bill both panders dot com joins us on the techno come guests lined build chuck Howard will Kennedy with the U have you met your new boss yet. What I need. Finished. That clarity to become a globally for a best. Let's just say OK I was wondering if there was there bunch of people lined up what Apple's yesterday heading in case you missed a timber. Our experience or senator Lugar the allotted a solar. Hope that the that it be. Apple left foot and a lovely. Little good and and just. Yes. Where are backing the eight Greek or ER by the bar so that hotel there and win at least. Yeah I am so we talked for a few minutes there. We will have total Cleveland and Pittsburg type stuff. And then these. Talked a couple times this week but. Not so that too many long conversation coupled either an article are doing more important things and chatted it up these steps. Did you say anything do you put what's your thoughts on digital media for us. We actually got Munich re pretty much stuck in an elevator. Its first day everyday and have a harder to an ogre in order. So. You know that that was kind of those those of a funny way to start is his first state and that duck. Yeah we talk to restart the open about the digital and social and gee you know important that so that's good yes. But it's you get to it a lot like. Like Ron Rivera used to do you look to kids tell them are what Coronado. On the social media sort of you know open up to go to eat can go a lot about it. But he also knows that which toxic to actually be on. Well is on his C do. Eluded to the fact that he loves Panthers dot com we're just happy for you but I think they'll pay. On credit he did Jesus you know exists. Yeah. So you know an exit and he knows it. No but it turned out that form for his players and in just gonna go into that quote did you guys. You two talked about post just different. And stuff like that the he wants us he really want are you letting players use. Those platforms he Morse well. Then they have over the last. There's about what what they you'll off the field and you know that that racket or get great court threw great and it's not going to be a spotted our ranking and all others. You know players if if they think there's but the important. Then you get a support. But they're goat used up in about it and that they don't do something about it then we need this year. Bill both Panthers Docomo on our tech become guess line in all seriousness bill of course Bowie who did that we hammered the statue issued. And nausea this morning I want you take away in general I said yesterday you two will until listeners that. It was a very historic day yesterday you know I've been here from day one you've been in town for many years. In I'm not a 100% sure people realize what really what what went out yesterday is David tepper ushered in the new error and there it did he mean he said a lot of really cool things should have fans excited. The avid tennis. Really since Atlanta when I worry when I really put to a two together because acute care about eleven. But what a billion a book Ortiz supposedly worked according forums and in ends. I don't know I can't really get might. Get a grasp on that kind of money you know our. What you start breaking it down and start looking at their bit towards lifting when he walked into that room and Atlanta. She was the second richest owner and actually technically because Paul Allen organ of the rumor but for those meeting. You're just sort of reluctant lover boy accused Stewart. I think more than double what Jerry jones' work into. In that brings a certain amount of power and I think for their speed that always kind there. But beyond that that a bit of an interior already complex and political order talks but a nor respect the I think having an order with the potential. To have a good amount of power you don't what are those 32 votes but what that sort of potential. I think should be exciting. It's so when I go to her radio thing last night in the left if you like a Mark Cuban Ascot and I don't think he'll be. That are out there. But I think they'll be a much different Annabel older than that boasts that she doesn't want to be bought duck it's. In earlier we saw yesterday he takes cried and he doesn't want to always say and do the right thing and in its own one myself but that the like go. That's. I am excited by that now with that that I think could respect debate I think there's going to be some growing pains once that starts to happen when he doesn't. Always saying do the right thing even in down here in the south you're so. It's a lot like they've don't edit or lack quality not doing and I think in order BP should be done. And and I don't think they are covered and I don't think there's so. He doesn't follow that book the way things should be done. And an aren't excited about that but I I think of some so some cases. Over the next few years what a honeymoon period is done there's going to be critical news this cheeky coming here doing this tech stuff that that can happen there. Not quite didn't feel enough as they say in the south Bill Caldwell facilitator I guess I talked about the weather but nothing that was that was well played sir. That. Looking forward to you know some of the things that he and there were discussed yesterday especially with facilities. Practice facilities and some other things applicability think dead. He's gonna move their tempers gonna move on some of the stuff this week we kind of feel like he's probably already ides of this has some some plans in mind. Do you think well I pretty easy and it very pre capital he had a two in my whole hey guys that are in it yet a guy who were that a lot of money who couldn't oracle big bet. We made so many big bat. They're just gonna come in and be like that critics by you know everything it got good bulk what you prep is gonna. You've got to find haven't done he he he gonna wanna be some big thing he could have big Asians now how soon. Considering where we are in the calendar can those things be put into effect for 2018 I don't think so. But I think certainly between nineteen it is what he had the it guy. Are you. It is sort summons some of these changes with the development of the practice field would stop that Sprint Cup. Flat out that the practice Spielberg aperture sit main priority your number one priority care Robert Black people. How he turned it. But by Hugo wanna make some some pretty good changes. Within the next calendar year. Bill both on our ticket come guess slide from painters dot com had a ringside seat for David tempers. Announcement inaugural news conference yesterday Bank of America Stadium. Very high praise for Ron Rivera. Mentioned Norv Turner some folks in Texas Tech sigfosin earlier bill that. He didn't mention Marty hernia I said well. In that situation he was on the topic of coaches I personally said don't read anything into that would you concur. Yeah quote that that for a get into that though let me mention what so I don't think we're talking about about. Is the president he's gonna hire sort target growth development and restore our separate urgent call that. To me in and especially in my job the ball more so important. More more port to separate the great regard for the Atlantic City a street down to probably two people. The previous president here credit style under you know Jerry Richards vision and it was it was more that conservative. Genteel. Type type thing a bit thinking and I think it. This type of thinking is going to teach you know big picture tight thinking it's at the type of person he's gonna wanna bring in and that connect set the tone for a lot of a lot of what. Carolina Panthers organization and a look like or or anywhere it's sort of football by yeah I don't. Can you get to match are you by anti I think perhaps that some wishful thinking of people look and picked out there that oh that's me. Five. You know what it wouldn't think that struck me why it's. Went Tiffany Blackmon from our apple network after a political Super Bowl Steelers that you patient. That's that go well good. I just am curious if if you would ask Jimmy had or that before minority of the partner out of the security yours ago if you would as a patient to an in depth guy has about a patient but by doing that they are. Hugo a slow. Pepper wants that patients like the seal habitat. But he also. He's psyched up and can be gases can be very aggressive and got a lot of we gonna wanna you know just ten. I think it's going to be very interesting if and when things don't go well on the football side which. You raining you're out you never know what things are gonna go well we'll see how much patiently and nobody you're over the next few years but obviously for this upcoming season he's. Very happy with what they have quite happy with Marty in in he's ready to see this thing through and he's really excited. About about what they have lined up now. If if and when things don't go well how we act I think that's an impossible question to answer now naughty and we shall we. Beginning in July what's right around the corner of bill both as with a summit at a time guess on how much can we expect do you think to see David tepper around training camp down Spartanburg William B you have pretty visibly think. Are a couple days a week. I stated that it the other job I think it's it's. Gonna. Do you think that really gets them go. Connecting me if you get a lot of due to the market to do and everybody is going to be very soon they mean to what they're. But they'll be I was putting it will be splitting his time. Between between areas so two or three times a week maybe or sit around and oh. But hey that. They can't or that or that'll be good did it is that this see an owner at all like that. I think one of the things that we we might need to start moving more focused toward the truth is the president going to be. Because that person is going to be I think much more ball. With that data today and how things really start to shake out. Keep that the president going to be charged up taking tempered grand vision and actually executing it. And so it in Serbia to the president to come up with those those those early look detail what really matters. And and took that person who'll be around for the day to day which. I would expect Caribbean plates we. Within the next few weeks. That could be really interest in an and that's the between the first and Google I don't know the time that's really going to be setting the tone for this organization. Bill would you anticipate the new president. You know it the way the feeling I got from Jeffrey yesterday was. You know hey I am I'm a business guy I'm not really a football guy I'm happy with things over there do you think the president he brings in May be a little bit more active in the dated a football stuff than say David tepper will be. The football but I'm not quite sure because that. Campaign arsenal wouldn't call or a couple I really whatsoever so I took a question I'm not I'm not sure if he'll give the president. Any power over there I would I would think that I'll buy it but again I'm I'm not quite sure but he keeps you mentioned yesterday how he wanted he. We do it it's gonna be somebody that's that's been involved in the sports world. That is they and a belt perhaps. What do these two people are both of them have had Annabel experience but I don't think its it security. So. So there's there's there's data but he also wants so that had like. Experience with what development so I I haven't given up speaking to I really should do more to be like respect and so. Toward these two names. So I don't know who he's talking about. But. And I am not sure we'll give them that power to really no cure all that much of football but that could crush. Hey before we let you run and this kind of curious. A lot of folks at their building. Very. It's been a very emotional time for them a lot of long time employees who had. Long relationships. Would Jerry Richardson and in don't know demand like you know a lot of casual fans of course what's the mood over there is it is it's. Melancholy. For some yet at the same time it's exciting knowing that it says it's a new beginning for the team. And the franchise and for the employees. I'm sure there's a melancholy note all its parts of the building I can only speak quite so yeah. The digital apartment that I mean. I've been pretty proud of Powell. There hasn't been like whispers in Moline on how much will this mean it is gonna do is do your job to look good job and hopefully you'll continue to have a job. It's so that's just that's just kind of what our mentality is an anchor the arms and I'm completely fired up about. Just. I think change change but could it to beat we beat the good thing I think changes and immediate. Around here I think. It's it's there's been a lot of react if you're an illusionist and it react if the conservatives were for a while. When it comes to say. There at least the digital part side I think and I think there's going to be an emphasis. I don't really rampant that stop not so La I couldn't be more. Good deal bill appreciate your time I get some rest here the next couple weeks gazette things get real busy. Without pants. Down in Spartanburg called training camp thanks your time. Else. All right bill both Panthers doc common we come back we'll talk a little bit about what's bill. But I had to say in regard to David tepper and what's going on with the Panthers and also wanna remind you the radio dot com map is the official new home of WS Lindsay download it today and listen to us any time. Anywhere radio. Dot com it's mid day and Debbie FNC powered by ortho Carolina. It's my my guide Steven. How times. Homestretch show Wednesday edition of mid day. And Libya since he powered by ortho Carolina. Building senator text line WS NC. Quote homer of new apps in hold fill in hosts. He didn't. They went there chuck challenge chuck Howard for team president. I like that elected Panthers team president chuck Howard and amid she get a nameplate on the door the price and often it's hard could I don't if you Google could I park in lot. No are great he came park in new stadium there's no room SARS or others in our room there's an event here and there's a crushing contest. Yes some folks. Fired up about the will Brentson article in regard to painters taken a step that will Brentson. Now we'll Kennedy so let's not give us your wills. And again remember. He will said it could happen. Said the same thing could happen to the saints or falcons but. Texture on the buildings that are tech science as I couldn't disagree more. I think the Panthers will actually take a step forward. Based on the acquisitions in the problems at the other two teams. May be having you know suspensions in contract issues so. That's the beauty of at all Indo another texture. Tired of you bashing the home team I mean I. I don't know one want to listen to sigh he's a young well they're gonna suck I mean give them a shot. Or or given a shy. Didn't said that wasn't unless we were paraphrasing. Article. And we give and its allies and we get that that's what happens now because here's the thing. Nobody's playing any tips where they've unitary champions right listen this is this is bush fills the void just wait till next week after SP day oh my god that's the worst is hosting this here. While Danica Patrick. I was like yeah I get I was having Peyton Manning staying flashback. If they don't bring norm McDonald back to host I think I'm never watching because that was the greatest mysteries of Evers Williams suffered Baylor Google will you guys to watch in your crappy. Will you we will you watch the espy's I have a Washington several years I mean I figure ESPN's Ryan get a redo the show the next day on sports center for eight I'm. Then I mean is there anything else on TV that night but I sings Ehrlich you must have lake we'll solely on the BR. I order you to go get drunk that night and now I don't think ESP ordered with. All take your choice mother may I think I'll go with the U. Certainly not watch it what is a Wednesday or Thursday. It's I guess it's Wednesday of good because this problem there probably be some sir like drinking game he can do while you're watching that that's the way to combine the best of both worlds. I'm going to see mom there's spoke. Will get a look at. I. Coming up in a few minutes Garcia and daily show I'm sure the boys are going to. A recap the David tepper. News conference from yesterday and wanna thank Katy proud to Charlotte Observer for joining us says today Marcus Smith speedway motor sports incorporated and then the bill both slowed joined in. And talk a little bit temper interesting deal bill like I said did get a Pampers dot com now two or three years. And you know I think David tepper Smart Nelson said the enough and young enough to realize. This is it changing media landscape so I'm sure there's the digital will be a big part of what's in Tuesday's. Pepper social media day they definitely stepped their game of BO some some very witty funny stuff that they each nearly. Tweet out in post on different formats and different platforms and and there are mass so what the NFL I think chuck is trying to do they're trying to catch up. Frankly with some of the what the NBA does as far as you know I granted. NFL players are these are quite the same level so the NBA guys but as teens are concerned Alex on the back and forth you know you'll see that the panther social media and the falcons social media game we can't get into a back and forth a little bit. Fans certainly enjoy it. They certainly didn't kind of big to get on some of that during the week as were count down towards a kick off. During the season so there should be interested to see you know and David tepper is a guy that not just business wise we talked facilities of things but is he the guy from a business standpoint that is looking for any and every way. To increase the revenue for every street but also the experience for. Employees players fans and M we'll also talk about how important. And his position is going to be in that's gonna be somebody's gonna have a a say in that along with David tempers from the business side our things run. Yeah there's been no avoid over there like I said I was over there for three years zone now Danny Morrissey and was still there but I got some friends who. Still work in the building and you know all you who. I think they saw the writing on the wall Jerry was becoming a little bit more aloof and a lot of folks were looking for guidance and so I'd I would have to think that that. You know we want structure and every every organization and I'm not sure. That was exactly there would Tina backer. In so. From it Panthers employee standpoint I think they've got to be elated. It's a cassette. This is just come out of those aren't I signed the SP during the it would be every time they mention LeBron James or else that we were necessary groups we all probably have to Mickey mantle's liver. Transplant I. For the night was done it's a major reason why won't want to admit that's a good a debts leash. I'll say right now 42 times LeBron Joseph and you know we're under easily in the end it today just about the present because I really feel like you know. Your turning a page you really are turning a page here and we're kind of stuck and on a couple things that came out of a press conference you know one million people have been pretty adamant today about let's not talk about extension more let's talk more about it but a I think there's there's more you know on the eats it's not just what's on the football field and I know that's what we focus on especially when we're talking sports and as fans. Fans are much less likely to really think about the business side ever but you know sometimes without even consciously taken when you're in the stadium. And here. Having had experience in the know is are good Wi-Fi and the stadium like this Jumbotron you all those kind of things will conclude choices are there those are all the minutia. That that president of that organization is going to be dealing with along with the other employs along with his staff and his organization and David tepper as well and there is no. I emergency more than Penn has done is great and they does a great renovations over the years. Is there room for improvement can things be better yeah I think that's that's what the new president needs to be tasked with saying how we take a stand experience. And ramped up because you look down the road the stadium's one thing you know plan. Think about what Arthur Blank has done down there and they're just you know the food and all those kind of things do cheaper options for food some of those kind of things he's done for his fans and so was David tepper wanna do for printers nation. Well it's really interesting if you think about it an album spoiled we've become a as sports fans as media members I remember when the stadium was built. Why there wasn't a live fire in the stadium. Now you get up in arms at your thinking and the biggest complaints and it pretty much any stadium or basketball arena president Joseph the NC in stadium. Why Fy stinks. You know I'd sweet. How can night to lead how can I do or disagree. But that's words coming in you know you think about a NASCAR race pretty much every fan has a scanner and now they've got to where you can. Have a scanner and a little TV. If front of you why you're watching the race at the race and the you know at every single stadium the Jumbotron and know the cowboys stadium of course chief among them. The giant scoreboard Charlotte motor speedway. You've got the world's largest outdoor television so it's kinda it's kind of weird if you think about it because you're at the stadium. Watching TV at the same time your watching alive but the technology's there are so multitasking dad no doubt amassed. All right one more major task for us to get through that's the handoff with Garcia and door daily that's coming up next one more segment on today's edition of midday on WFAN easy powered by ortho Carolina. I like this. This is good Goodell ought to hear music business bulletin may. We're having on your boss guy at least he's no bus gets today. He went out. I. Isn't their guy down all pathetic answer to Tony bumper music. The F two Tawny. LB to stay aligned Poland India frugal making doable. Because I don't go it alone that I and his disagreement I have the day off tomorrow. You do a beer and a I'll be here it's un drilled sorry if you're friends and our left is gorgeous freedom pairs of dale Tony said. You've got to you've got to fill in for Kyle Friday. With frank. Please bats I think you need an entire day off. Before being reunited with your little buddy so. Yes on the you do emotionally prepared is he basically was kind of bullying your golf thing. Well you know I had I saw a lot of given. Put something out on Twitter and many give him 24 hours beginning tomorrow. Institutional window if he's gonna answer it 5 o'clock Friday whether. He's going to accept my invitation which I'm a little bit disappointed to. Even extended it because he wasn't very appreciative when somebody asks you. To play in a member guest you're saying hey friend let's spend 23 days together. Have some fellowship. In some drink. In play golf he thinks I'm asking joy each other no he thinks I'm asking him because he's you know Joey golf and for Haiti captain thinks I'm just trying to get over on the field now. I would like to have people I like to have fun with so hopefully frank changes his tune on that a little bit because I was a little bit thought it was a. Rude Joey golf is Jared DOS. Little brother. No or distant cousin of the Tucson minera which is a two out I'll be back to our Caroline Brock from CNC is going to be in here with me so we'll get her take on time or interesting very candid answers what's going on there all the tests and I feel almost to be talking about practice tomorrow. Well and every day. We should I didn't need you know here's LT one up for you. On the ESP NS released another list of lists in the Carolina Panthers are listed as having only the seventeenth. Best. Arsenal. Offensive. Yet that set I don't know what's funny is we there was a similar article from somebody else that was like Judd offensive talent wherever there's roster articles ranking them. This is that the season the ranking season right. Yeah teams that are ridiculous teams that are ahead of the Panthers according to see as being an article would arsenals that are better the Bengals. The Buccaneers. The point how tight Hingis. The browns some were cool the text sense. The saints of course that shouldn't be surprising with the saints are listed as eleventh the chargers with the tenth best arsenal. The bearers. Are listed as having a better arsenal. Then this is the calls. Getting people trigger. And the business read this this this is the kids it was say. You can be triggered of this and then says it's legal under the excuse me the patriots in an eight Eagles seven rams six. I'm vikings' five Steelers for. Atlanta. Wins the YRS dot. Arsenal he put Atlanta three and ranked the Panthers seventeen T know what you're doing Carol Oates you know down about a string of via YouTube to China a lot of mile fire they've got the chief solicit as the best. Arsenal in the NF. Well what is the what is arsenal even me I guess quite letters. So he's Sears say USA a quarterback he's played like all right ten downs in the NFL and and say that are that's the best arsenal again this season also be fantastic now wait a salty that's teed up free and you rarely given. Allegations that things are happening in the studio is currently Israel's that is India. Kyle do you realize I was told to take a day off tomorrow because. You're taking a day off Friday I was told that I'll need an entire day to. The rest up. We know my hair trigger I know you're working with a yeah I is that like Tony said that shocked and we're afraid you've done of a formal little leery of will doing that tomorrow. I did there was frank wants a long time coming out here as a tax and never happens now it is that's why you lost so much weight because you're stress. She give us just go to this or she said Duff. It's hysteria like it first of all I'm not I don't Medved doesn't fit me at all not a most of Gimenez to weigh 235 pounds but no front Frankel and it'll cause a loser here in the senate. No doubt about it a lot enough guy I was before I forget gimme a call tomorrow evening after the show will start. Preparing. Because I know we won't see this happening right before your eyes we will give you hope trumpeting African. All right Dick child of course topic number one new for us today and of course on the Mac attack the that the statue saying it as we discussed yesterday I discussed I was hoping it wouldn't become the main. Order of business out of the David tepper news conference and I suppose some folks who Sarah Ochoa Juli resume is a doctor does because you brought it up I don't know you Google. David tepper and statue was half of. The articles that come up no that is a focal point and it's. On the one hand it's understandable right on the other hand it's a little disappointed. And we talked about this in the studio earlier and I heard Jordan robbery Kamal economists say the same thing with Bakken bony. She come had a little opening monologue where she said ducks in a bit it's what's being overshadowed is a great today yesterday was for Panthers fans and for Charlotte sports fans. It was a great day. And he said so many thanks. I have to lose a 25 minute 322. Press conference the first 44 minutes and thirty seconds well we're just illuminating an entertaining and I just I couldn't get enough to like it doesn't come in and another 45 seconds or 45 minutes with a final. Forty seconds of that is what less people with the jaws on the floor. You know that what you mean you're you're one of the most powerful men in the country. You were fifteen billion dollars. And and you had were forced to be contractually obligated to keep something there that we all know you don't want to this is amenable to revenge mansion fill in the Hamptons because somebody fired him once we didn't promote him once a Goldman Sachs. And he bought their house destroyed it and don't won twice as big on top of it with a Tina shaped pool. I mean it's the revenge mansion so he doesn't want the statue there. And he's a Smart guy you know I said yesterday did an easy solution for thirteen for such as a fourteen foot threats it's isn't it time. That says that wanted to put it this is a Smart guy there's a creative solution to the statue that we're just not thinking out yet. And I don't be surprised if some some enthusiastic charlatans take a stab at that on the wrote this. At some point John you were there are so I would act and react masses do this out earlier is that question has come at the beginning. If we did come in the first five minutes of the press conference with a take away have been slightly different instead of that question that answer coming right. Right because it really felt almost like a might drop you know boom we're out I think it was perfect the way the neighbor. They asked a question of first. It's belabor urged people must fifteen followup questions we'll get tired of it on and I think quite frankly I don't I didn't wanna talk about the statute are far more interesting things to media had to say yesterday and a lot of recent rumor wondering when and where that question was gonna come from. And you know Scott Fowler took the bullet for all of us and yes there are questions. You know your straws. Just draws before and sometimes literally sometimes there is pal while before press coverage or somebody says we get asked this question who's going to be today and you you know. Scott took the bold man it was amazing I was on last night at so about 2:40 this morning if anybody was right around and Cheryl this morning I was on about 240 with Amy Lawrence this morning. On CBS which radio CS forget to and that's that's what everyone nationally is talking about. That's what's captured their attention is the statue. It's not the MLS it's not you know the facilities to stop the state it's the statute and I'd. It is what it is meant what we're if we got a good shoe on to the next four hours we we gotta go with it Mick Mick sinister to join us there we'll talk to the horse of the Panthers Michael shoulder or my favorites is gonna cost and we'll talk some college football money in states our college football today with state and North Carolina wake and duke can. Steve Weiss is gonna join us at 430 we'll talk some sort of fellow German. If anybody missed James beret unit that was the interest and think James parade or join me yesterday because the David separate news. It kind of just felt like I got swallowed up an endgame for regular had a lot of good things to say yesterday's if you missed it over to play to 5 o'clock today. I stayed in my truck in the Lowe's parking lot before it went in to buy some texting and listen to and it was good thanks that's awesome but it's an idea. All right I guess your solo today for bids for the first hour. All right hey frank Meehan joining Kyle momentarily along with lies that's gonna do for today's edition of mid day for will Kennedy I'm chuck Howard zero tomorrow. Our car and I'll talk TL on Friday.