Midday On WFNZ: Stanley Cup Finals Discussion; Closing NBA Thoughts

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Wednesday, June 13th
Nick Wilson & Jason Goff close down the show with some final NBA thoughts as well as discussing the NHL and its fans.

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Weeks he's telling you win games C. Powered by ortho Carolina here's nick will sit next season gone. Sports never stopped. Years. Q what was the latest. Here's the raw. Take a look at some of these sports happening soon whether it's on the show or otherwise we leave. We're gonna actually start with a short shelf Jason is is your groceries on the us. Just about thirty minutes ago and as much as we talk about done Daryle Williams he gave some adapt to his former offensive line coach John Masco. And really what you put into a life beat John Madden goes deserved defeat the highest paid operative like go to the NFL beat it beat. Take it straight turner turned him into at all broad bow forward they can't go well it hurt if they do all pro beat it beat Darrell Williams heard David do all pro. But you don't see that happen around hopefully they'll be a darker dark bat before freer than the player that watching him. From the distant sounding he's just that such a great job with those players were there will defiant duty at the. I highlight Damascus what's interesting is that the he. The Panthers have really done him no service like today he's constantly had to reinvent this offensive line whether it is young guys are even bring somebody in like mad Khalil who I know he's not been great series had that hip injury but the given similar like that I I I think it's tough to argue that John Masco he's done great things with how many quality offensive line in the gym dish put out there. And this is like three or four guys have been drafted their civilian death who's been found elsewhere players have been found elsewhere as well also. Having the having to work with those kinds of pieces and turning them into something that's why he says you know it's at some. If it's it's the sum of the parts and if your offensive line of the greatest thing about offensive line is new is that they they walk in the eat it just like leave the clock like you'll see the center in the middle of them at the lunch room. There were eight for training camps or when they're walking over to the field that we walking known from tackle to tackle. It's it's it's it's a weird but should do to our very very necessary. In the healthy team for what games are one of the churches is not just the cliche is true self. If we mess wouldn't give these guys so to perform at a high level maybe you have a cleaner and healthier Cam Newton later in the season. On the same guy like about this offensive line it even though there's uncertainty at left guard because there's a battle going on there. Much like the versatility like the fact that if you need if something goes wrong with mentally ill in Durham Gerald to slide over to the left tackle you can try mode not a right tackle you know mode right now in the mix for the last guard spot you've got one -- -- guys there who could switch over rice on the rabbit betray turner like and the only -- -- -- scares me is Ryan -- injury just because I'm not as confident that that she is as a not necessarily a place of bull but that they of the guided to replace him but I love the versatility. Of the guys that they brought in the last couple years. And. And if only the season we'll tell you the truth you know losing a guy like Andrew nor well. Mean guards guards when that when guards are highly paid X because team has they seemed. Real weakness at that position you saw Kevin silent with the Cleveland Browns a couple of years ago. You know this year's entry no well I mean when guard and Zach Martin should thank into an oil for the season that he had last year because that Martan. If he hasn't already been paid no there are discussions he's getting ready to be paid debuted iced tea garden also Bob did Dallas so. You know. The interior of the line as you look that is okay we can figure something Johnson. Guard Sussex a sinner obviously this person touched the ball. As much as the quarterback does so and he's very important. Who slide your protection either way but your guards he looked does as the guys. Who aren't athletic enough to play tackle when their value to win the necessary and when you don't have one you really feel their pain. So from the panthers' big men up front to the big man in the NBA whose future everybody. Is constantly talking about LeBron James getting ready to make I must say a decision parts you don't do that just make a decision. I relation on the sly bit David you sit on the slide they realized you know that's a good there's clearly never seen merely sending out a slice of a problem whatever it is I really really don't want to senator Barack Obama. I listen to you Islamabad. Households and video clubs too slowly to that but David Jacoby on Jalen Jacobi he he came up with maybe the hottest take this far in the future LeBron James. I. Have a team. That LeBron James should play for them. No one is talking about I I really FA marriage for LeBron James oh to cement his legacy in the NBA to get exactly what. He wants to end all of the conversations this split everything. And miss the pistons that team. It's the Charlotte hornets they let me tell you why. Imagine the budget towards they're gonna in this jolly who looked are not gonna wind. Next year but Michael Jordan and LeBron James do press houses together they're privately one on one after practice they've got to San. Sorry that's. I thought I had an easier than. Anything else that is for the reasoning like there are no bad digs in radio there's only poorly explained it's the idea that LeBron James in magic Darren Michael Jordan together playing one on one after practice is the revisiting middle cement his legacy. Like no that's a bad Ted because as poorly explained. Now getting to the I said the other day after watching the camps team. Because they have ball handlers who could shoot the ball here kemba. The only month. I Jeremy became the tomb even though I know he's not worth twenty million dollars known. I think if you put LeBron James on this team I think they would have faired better in the finals even they don't win they fare better than that Cleveland team. They have a second score they're the second perimeter scorn you saw a carrier ring was last year for LeBron James you before that is well. You do you need less of a person that can give you at any given moment 2732. Points on that person was supposed to be Isiah Thomas and I just did not happen. Well you talk about these he would Telecom in the Charlotte. I fear. That does is Tom yeah it might be on the radar. And there's no way in hell that you could play those two guys in the backcourt together for any. Any significant point of period of time because of the defensive inadequacies of one Isiah Thomas. I am I mean any any time you have as in Thomas you should just go ahead and commit to test. Fighting for other guys who can cover for him there defensively now I do as they did I would love to see LeBron Charlotte just because it wouldn't be a market that that annoys me like the lakers or the like Boston or something like that. If if you could put all 29 teams Kate there particularly gold stayed too because I dismally Golden State. But if you could take any of the other 2829 franchises and just put on any team just to have the basketball frank Frankenstein food drink. Who the basket and now is this adding him with another star in allegedly robbing him on the team that are that's currently counts as is this mean putting Paul George on the team with them. And I allowed just LeBron shot him in the middle buzzing but forget it says the cap consequences of the moves we just drop the prominent team right now. Thank you mines to some pretty excited. And I Milwaukee. Because LeBron in the honesty gathered does things that I can't talk about to me on radio I can't talk about the levels and levels of excitement that just makes corrales. Yes yes that bleached yeah. We're we're referring to here. I like that we needed multiple we needed synonym for around. Half staff PS test as well. The young does it brought us a LeBron this this guy just name it there you go from six to new knew where he spent well midnight no. And limit time today. This Houston thing is intriguing you don't become a core lives but Portland. I think what will be cool because you have the drug did shooters and scorers in the in in CJ. And and and Damian lewd and it would. It would kind of revive one of those cool franchises back in the day when the people call me Joseph blazes were you want to move. Watched and sense of humor and I just love everything that they were guards is a group but no plans going city to city. Drinking elected taken wouldn't be yes and basketball. The boxer the boxer adjusting and bush. The Philadelphia being seen as. I'd be redundant in terms of pieces sobbed and with him and then yeah. Phones somebody's gotta have to take. A Dwyane Wade stepped back legs doing good for LeBron in 2010. Everybody. You have to do that yeah there's there's no player and then he wouldn't have to take the V vaccine to him including Kevin Durant if you dropped on the team. Now I left I will say this though we're talking about Portland I wish you could just drop as if fewer total brought on Portland. And you just drop from an east Eastern Conference 'cause I'd love to see what the team like tech is unfortunately put it in Portland or anybody in the last they're going to be Golden State before the finals and I'd love to see a team like Portland against three series under them where they learn how to play championship basketball. And then you get to see them against gold. Stay put this stuff I think as another couple years and go right I mean they can't play they can't pay off for those guys what they're worth. And Jerry on his RT 72 drill assay and he took a pay them well he took less so Kevin can come here and what that wasn't that was strategic yourself. That's that's me saying you know I attempted cut. Somebody else these spin that wheel now. And if you think Klay Thompson's gonna take me six million dollar pay cut you might not have known about his early career win here is dead Michael Thompson is mum was run as far as subtle thing Google have been maybe take ninety million less dollars to any dead bodies RD champion. And stuff curry is locked up he's getting ready to make what 3537. Million dollars anyway as the match play yourself the Golden State like the NBA in sports. As a way of humbling the greatest of dynasties especially in these cat in this camp there where you want to go back to the Celtics where everybody is being paid. You know in sandwiches and had to play in the city they grew up in or close to so yeah this this is I mean this fun but. I think he's got another couple years and before we start talking about what with the next big thing is. And by that time of Ronald V. In the year was 1718. And only averaging 24 points a game just to the middle point in his career this way horse under complete with a and so. These things have a way of changing the NBA quicker than you think. And that is the run down. That was into that and I you know life I was I decorate I didn't set that up to portly this time. This time giving another day rig lingered since NBA legend Jimmie joining us next Dick Wilson Jason golf under the infancy powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back then close in Jason's gone. Also under the SNC powered by ortho Carolina we would get to a lot of NBA there. There's just something about. Get into it and and kind. Embracing these debate on LeBron James is future when you don't just have to be realistic Jason I really like that conversation. Don't you ever use that term never realistic our conversation. Embrace the debate. And with our man yeah according licensing and they're there what the hell's wrong words you. In breaks the debate come on nick why why why you don't wanna bring I'd say the first hour not not not you know this guy to do it what. Well our members to debate. Because there is no debate visas to Indians having a conversation it's all the six million U points who is hell are you know who didn't pay for this. Wait wait they offer to pay. Her car. Now time to sit around and I'd CI large amount with you right now I'm not mowed down the aluminum the room open then you know women buzz city as the as the as the people like to call colleague and don't be like because that's held up high enough for a film that good about buzz city. Especially in all the time to turn out of the senate term I died this IA on the there are. Say they don't like Charlotte Rafa now a who likes are led a determined by the city as his own. Feels a little risque to make we'll Colin local political Roberta Cohen but I you know these things happen Slobodan corn and I'm used to gluten so I I don't know about that yeah I just found album gluten was the other day I. Had to me it seems like anything that's that's good tasting is absolutely not it's just isn't that the stuff that keeps together and of flour and move. And moved the stuff. That you consume that's under perfect. I have no way affect your view on this no lows certainly it would have been the we've got the Google sweeping that we brought into the if anybody wants descended to the building senate tax line 70457096. To and it would love to hear what gluten is yeah that's not that's Orion to be looking doubly instead asking if you're familiar with mock interview with what Jim Miller can't answer that don't really important things they're gluten a substance present in cereal grains especially weak. But it is responsible for the elastic texture of dolce there does that's also has to say and I is in my time wisely not all right and dammit a mixture of who protein that causes illness in people with Celia disease exactly and so it's the stuff. That keeps the the duo together in some people's bodies can't break it down so that's why gluten free diets. Are good to see and that's IE I always thought like people who said there are allergic to gluten I thought it was like hipster thing and then I met somebody who is not a Hampshire at all and they they really had like a message you up if you are allergic to go whether it Celia disease I think there's one or two other things it would cause an allergy to gluten feared but I mean what an. Do you up people think. That being allergic only mean just like stab yourself within epi Palin earlier in your throat swelling up to the point where you can breathe on our bodies probably can't process a ton of the stuff so there's like slight allergies. And we think that's just us having the bubble guts the happen to go to the bathroom but not you would like we're probably not. Gospels do a lot of things are consume a lot of things we consumed. Well all of the delegates only animal that drinks and other animals milk from narco moved from Mountain State can right. But but it indyk did I get back to the point about. About this idea of easier if it is it worth living eighty years if he can't have a little bit of sound and it's not good for you. I don't trust me I don't wanna live past 71. I like guys you have to bet all you do always proved to yourself and asking for people who turn you away from television are aren't. Aren't our which by the way we're not knocking wages and not a lifestyle where I would like to race yeah. No not at all and then if you're into that let you think flags fly. You gotta be real to Thanksgiving group you were year old a beer around a nod no I don't like people as it is I'm 37 a runner and a beer out of 34 more years so either hang out there always some cousin that I didn't know until you know a couple of decades ago we found out someone died that we and common no. Get cute you know put me in front of the fight. Good cold beer in my day and you know only netted him to have my religion you kiss on the cheek you limit past about it and you know there. I used to think that I wanna get old so that I am my my my great grandfather was somebody who would just tell people the way it was like and that that made him so I yelled racist Elijah said that no he would just. How tough he just he just said. We're out of assumes he's he's upset Mozilla. It is under real I don't surprise anybody over eighty user because it looks. It took a month but he'll be the kind of guy who see it beat besides your being an idiot he would you say you're being an idiot but I realized that. I you I used to think I I should wait can we do get old to say that we'll mom 32 and I started to do that like I'm I'm an old young man in that I don't I'm not gonna wait does here's the thing began dating a large Fella. I don't know plummeted 71 eye on how what I have to say now so you don't have any bit admitted preconceived notions or misconceptions about what I think without question best I mean that's the best way to start any kind of relationship is be whoever you are immune to cancer -- Judith Miller we later on on the line you know the only think about that is there's a limit the antithesis of that is what we do when we did somebody. Yeah you represented who shows up yeah yes and in and here's the thing about that idea that was my wife would like the first six months are. This isn't a different do everything is good like let me let's say yeah let's do this let's do that sure let's go hiking and then like six months of the day I was like this is my. Hand and and die and who takes a little bit long was close with so much you love it took it took a couple days Fergie like chaos the nation against. A live I agent. And item B themselves and like any random slide or you're not gonna you know hang out with afterwards smooth because you know I don't care about the conversation who they are as a person. And they probably don't care about your. Did you is bared to invest an alcoholic beverages too soon to be consumed at gunpoint Thomas. When you when you know that you met the one you what you start to do little. So do you try not to be different bogey you want to see the best parts of new. And it's funny about that is built my wife now eleven years we've got three beautiful kids together is wonderful. I would not have my married 21 yeah I know I get a jump at 22 to between two GAAP that is awesome rate you know like. There. Also with artists are in there are not I know I totally funded flight is 21 year old like I wanna find my soul mate and then that happened I don't. But like that this thing is the cool thing that bill. At the beautiful arc of the relationship at this point face it started out with here's my representative. That it win 20 no here's the real mixed now it's the point or Mike all right how can I change to be a better man who was still not fundamentally changing who I am. So far public bloom no doubt but no I don't awareness that when I I gave way for that one a few years ago. Open open doors to. You know say say it. Things like you don't say or really when they're talking you know whose account you do you see no more engaged. You don't call somebody does she works with like I can't believe their Brothers some might go you know and place they say some delight that tea that's the one be on the hire two out of every three times they feel. Like something's not going their way. That that is what I don't sweat the small stuff at all. Ohio I feel like my job my wife is venting on something that I might not get mad about my job is just to listen that is wrong. That is dead ass wrong I found out she passed it I have to like curse that person who who show like my brother in law doesn't support my my sister in law that a 100% correct way he didn't open up the door or or you know didn't get that special bouquet of flowers for further Valentine's Day I have to damn him with all that I'm words do you have to wish inner thigh blisters on the call yesterday she feels like I'm fully engaged and and by the way. Again and learning to try to be the better man here so. All of this and then. You know you be giving you yet you. You splice sports in there a little bit and next thing you know you're you ready for the old folks home its domain. Live his life is simple we just made it complicated. You know let's say anything with people women can be complicated in the once in the needs and you know all the the liberties injustices that you know you think you should have and you keep good mover and if you ever wanna see how lol I love on the way the fact that our text line was blown up about gluten that was sold and about any sportsman we've talked about in the last three hours and 25 minutes or you know why because we empowered them. We empowered them to bring us knowledge on gluten because we were too lazy to seek it out ourselves submitted 63 since the double that. It's Kirk and live from the several for its wheat. From the Soto for a gluten something annoying people say some of their alleged to. So when they're really not just to get a special menu I'm glad that's gluten intolerance or terrorist from some no problem not stand for 57 go forward here for a good time not alone Thomas allowed guns and country music lyric from a mistaken if you feel on this from the Soto for us he's someone came out of that Chris Rock school and I don't know if that means I'm a fan of over his comedy or on be guard Goran become ridiculously wealthy and then try to tee normally do with Rosario Dawson about the last thought it was I thought that was for me I thought he was saying I was from the construct schools now stranded at first and by the way it gets in there on the building senate tax line it looks like for whatever you can get a hold of our review -- so let's find clearly there's an LA guy you know Biden's flake he's probably out there with a hat. With us. And not candidacy or Jordan and other. No I'd probably you know could DF Kenny I promise you know people did not trigger would Jordan though I don't up for a fact what. Now a look good while we're doing exploration near. Yeah on their. And I and by the way shout outs of lewd text or. Who said that French Montana stole that from the union twins are probably stolen but the union twins did that came first before anybody that percent to three years I should give it our strategy through periods where investors to look for and you were in grade school young arms they've got a crazy night you know salty about it they stole my bed. In my essence so what what. What would you be sitting alone in that kind of situation he got. I used to be a tough man look at me drinking whiskey. When it was not a minute non Nauman cocktail guided his 77 giving a Moscow mule and let me like that torch. I'm a whole thing yet you can go roll the Moscow mule in the summer date. You know you can actually you make you a little bit more fruity by do it yourself flavored vodka and then going with the whole wind you'll maybe a little pineapple in there. And in CI yeah I'm almost got a guy from just chill and or rare wine guy you know nice cabernet nice small bag but did you know I stayed. I see a down in the dumps you know a burqa Q I'm mad dog toy it's William Hurt anybody. Well it didn't. I did but you're still here to talk about it and as so I mean though that these these celebration. Like. What's the biggest celebration you've ever had. I Devin wedding right not a you know actually the cast championship. I was here for the parade and and IE I didn't ask did to talk on there that night and I may have JR may have by giving bribes. Yes Jeremy if only out. JR Purdue got you guys. I was awkward seeing lots don't know we cannot say that Jeff I was on the parade route and tariffs on ABC I think he kind of remembered me from being around practice and can accomplish something and I'll be honest I didn't think twice. Well now wasn't straight always there aren't till I have no idea what it was and it tasted horrible late. Little kid got me sideways that's all I can tell you gave you an incredible hole or someone that they do that that is the that is to me who I would expect them. Unless you see little nuts nothing less from now maybe you will close local I'm just a little mad that there wasn't any day of an herbal variety and it's. Well I mean I'm sure in that tournament the score infrastructure or how little bit not Pug gala. Maybe it may be you know that bella very about the trial period doesn't history as a as it did today drink and then you could find out. You know if you can and he doesn't look like you're coming got a smokes backyard movie that you saw a guy who's the finest and yes the C minus the complete and well rounded by a missile toss up toss that question out five of the hit stairs hit that miracle parade is clearly wanted to incorporate what -- -- doing to -- you wanna drink with and what you sipping on their wealth and a person turns solid history to come out all of the Anthony Mason and then it would start a fight to get all the guys got an odd I'm not doing nicely with Anthony Mason is I end up in jail what will take it anymore because he isn't living. Why you know like but again we're talking hypothetically Nicklaus and JC golf under the SNC powered by northern Carolina. Twenty years of you've experienced in Charlotte. Am late on any new or used pool tables before you buy local expert no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions for 4445. Eastern to Venice boulevard faith comforted by the location in Columbia. The question is which celebration or parade was better yesterday. 80%. Saying he Washington Capitals once a huge nation. To your stupid. Crap out there ridiculous actually that the capitals had more fun. Mean in the Golden State Warren knobs or not. It's about come apart you need do you need a blackout drunk ridiculous. You know and I lost my pants party or you can legitimize. But as Bose on muscle Abreu with the fan but a vested slept with the Stanley company kicked Izzo dog out of his bed and well look this is done that before he won a cup yet any ground. Sleep should your dog come on ask them anger the dog people but that does what dog people they're not people. I have they I'm a 115 pound bull Mastiff their easy enough room on the bed for both of us are right I barely under him saying it's a lot of meat you gotta gotta be careful do good to meet to bed ratio. An incident on the court. Well and you know you'll you'll know that she's having a baby girl and and have an ladies home there's not enough room in the bed from PS it is. Like my wife is the middle of the bad sleeper than an above my shoulder if she doesn't do it one of the kids climbs in the bed in the middle nineties not feeling well I'm sorry I can't take the I can't take what fifth stage today and the dog is well I have I'm a little a little son and he is on. We're having B sleep issues right now as a unit had. Don't do not miss it it's it's. It's amazing. How ridiculous. And how tiny the terrorist a year and a half year old child can be listen I don't negotiate with side terrorists I don't negotiate with toddlers either I think I I feel for you my friend and he is like he understands. Believe the amount of blocking the be doing golf and in it's it's us it's sickening thump. You know and I want I wanna yell right now to a sort of sometimes by pray I pray for your idol commercial. Is this. Yeah you know at some point in all of you know back there how rediscover Marley but nowhere about for now yes this I look forward to that that they're going to blog until. I'm prudently greatest everybody we did it. How did they do my side of things. I actually think the only thing I like about the capital celebration better at least it seemed like it worries. Like for whatever reason they're just say it is never stopped like what what what was the number amount the the amount our that I get 85 straight hours and let I can't do that does more. Have to stop when your hockey player you know I guess because. The third or fourth best hockey player in the world can walk into the studio right now and you'd you'd give him your sandwich or yeah I did this is the reason why they can do this and that it's covered the sport is covered by fans stuff. Are more sold them that it is in the NBA NFL whereas. Do you cover stuff and others and and don't get me wrong there are a lot of terrific hockey be reporters out there and it. And national are just besmirching all of them with CNN white rice MS good if you do if they make a sound and no one's around him isn't really sound good you don't. Bit that the sport is covered like in the export these so you can walk into the Ngo was Stanley Cup. Does it over your head and it be I wouldn't have a it's over let's give. LeBron James came go to the store be up. Billion download championship so it's that it is fit it's the differences in the sports is the it's the B. It's also the fan base is relayed ability exact lifelike NHL fan base is not as his wife's first is. There's many NBA should have the level of criticism isn't going to be the same deal and it's not as if NHL fans get to there there are there are. What a good score prerogative or priorities are that are gets violated by the way. There may be NBA fans where you have such a wide disparity in who wants. The sport there it's it's the last sport but could still party within its fans the way dust up. And I that's sad I seen it firsthand here in the in the city of Chicago who sometimes to the detriment of certain places like perfect you know did it's the last for the could still. You know go out and have a beer you know there's some relievers in baseball still do it or can do it but. If you're one of the best players on the team never modified them the best players in the league. You used is only so much you can do in terms of of they're being relayed a boon in the social atmosphere. And you did you just have a great question about of anybody in the history of Charlotte I don't know if this means princess Charlotte herself but if anybody in the history Charlotte. You should be Panthers or hornets get back to the mountaintop there and actually take the mountaintop take the Kagan won a championship who would you want simply drink wins and they Panthers festival or a IE a hornet's parade of arms are reminding these miners is obvious is it can be if I gotta get turned with anybody although Mike killer now IT there with a -- All eternity. Courts. Seeing as for what I did I did. Sometimes it's blowout a land mine and he stepped directly on it it happens. But now Ric Flair Ric Flair for me easily is that guy. Beat you again they might kill. One final time up Tony four point five for drug has wanted to know us solid a solid play for dirty you know you know I'm bad I'm lived through some of his career. I don't know a lot of sports entertainment golf but what would come on that's I don't know what you said I don't even read Charlie Charlotte pressure on open not open. Bill. I mean metro and sports legends and then just sort of Allred flare up so that's it's a worldwide icon right there. I still think and now it is but I still I'm I'm stuck on your Anthony Mason. Oh on base I actually jump doesn't have been a couple of clubs and Chicago. A couple of different sounds meant to be nice and always very quiet in the back you know. All. 1 time my I am discussion or conversation with them that he could have been nicer about it you know Mae said that look where. My guys stay away. Who's he's a very big man and he doesn't look happier right now are now it is just a bigger is as the rest of faced off. You know there's Brooklyn Decker count by the way I know she's associate or Charlotte you're semi. A the united in its ascent that's on you she was discovered in Charlotte shopping mall as a teenager says his Wikipedia. Terrorists who could casesa. Let her go Charlie Sifford I'm definitely very conservative five PGA senior championed by the way I don't go there by the way not like you're shopping mall discovery that doesn't habit of fat guys. And that does not have been dead guys generally don't have the good guys yet to put a I listen I have fives I've sat at the precipice. Of a canny Anne's pretzel with my tabs out and it is not lowered in any Nestle says that. Got into my car that was Garber is dead Dwight Clark who just passed away. I should delight you got to cut it right but he knew how to cut it say. Well Walter Davis. Right Bobby Jones. Which Bobby Jones there's like seven of them. I love me some research is Bobby OK I was thinking about the pitching volatility in our own it and trust and if you're falters never smoked and some allies have been. The fall season football basketball and comes in it by now that I'm open it up though to what's entertainment. You own the Catholic. Yeah 8:52 Olympics now I -- so obviously just have a top fifty greatest sports figures in Charlotte OK it was either that I went to the people from Charlotte. On and on Wikipedia because I did have to check that out to those like I so wanna find out who the founder of Charlotte was in nobody can give me the answer is that I wanna party with those people the founder of Charlotte yes. Kiss those because those people like can you imagine you just drop the people who founded this year and he. Into a championship parade and and give them give them a Moscow mule and a Tumblr. All I don't know if I'll be allowed the parade. But yeah death I did. But it can be found where the enemy. Allred I would argue about the rules when they found that the city over a couple of poor live with wooden door right now maybe there would be like a 48 hour or like. Hey this is what you've messed. I will and now we're. And he'd chickens to Portland similar race here good let me go to pay bills and dream that I didn't we didn't value of Fatah is the difference. Since then like a nightmare. There are a jury and you miss while you were asleep there and now it's kind of a reality symbolize. Why does I don't admit grows reducing dumb kid can make race relations to execute in the mid day confidence up OK if you view by the way if you are not welcome they would not be very happy to see the Panthers or the mourners walked on the streets of their city that probably because you have African Americans on there as well although one of the most of it's in sports a black quarterback he had princess Charlotte bringing. Back a debt owed it's viewing like half of people who watch sports need to get with the century. Coming up inside a hand up we'll talk I can tell ms. Wilson and Jason I'm never again though I W a frenzy powered by ortho Carolina. Bridges and ourselves very. And education. The city Charlotte this and so for his name queen city Charlotte and its residents county are named in honor of Charlotte Mecklenburg. I want a merciless drought let's starlets the queen consort of British king George I mean everybody knows that the and it. It's for for the starts queen Charlotte was involved in fun city queen Charlotte it was African by origin and sooner it is a mean shout out to Rumsfeld teams out there helping himself. I just like anywhere reading these jobs rebuilding should our tax lining conventions 7045709. 610 minutes I felt like we have that and that we had Charlotte was founded by Scots Irish Presbyterians. And the name is typically associated as the founder who is Thomas poll. So so I feel like we're now Thomas Davis not Thomas Davis although other cheated from the city if you wanna. I'm sure it could Bahrain Thomas Davis is one of the more. But inspirational stories in NFL history I could be done they've got a player who would there was three Jason Nelson. How do you do that or. Like I'm not I'm not ACL injury like that that takes courage and commitment and hard beyond what I know is a guy who likes incinerated Aniston from a Mike and talk Mike our Borough Garza play without cartilage threw the damn near the entire career I mean. Ballplayers are different sort and I'm sure frank Garcia is right there if -- -- unit and can attest to that before ballplayers a different kind of crazy this is why I IR. Grand opening grand closing because Damien Lewis and frank Garcia were kind enough to join us for game one hand of the NBA finals wind no I thought there was still be some sort of series there can hand and a what I have to remind myself to never ever do again is watch any NBA game with a football player because no injury is severe enough for football players like ours is our guy yet done inside that ought to get out of him and didn't like seventy war stories have been and it makes you feel life lesson remand for even watching or thinking that these guys were tough in the anyways should perform. It takes credit account now in the studio you have to I don't know I referenced that exact quote on yeah show. It. Everyone also Liz lay low and god Motorola Droid 2 are almost put miles Toyota power play a blowout actually I. Actually borrowed another person's eye for the residents there and thus an airline Mahan on my ankle kind of hurts right now. All the momentum is particularly good little ball club frank was again helped this society has gotten so soft. Listen there's always try. So I. The blood. It's a little boys Nam there we're here we're here are just they're so far that's the exact same thing frank doesn't. Jason golf told was given a you don't watch basketball football players and is absolutely right you get those doors I was on the richter does normal provision doesn't. You know what time I'll blue one testicle and good afternoon. I'm suds is what's inside and from the exercise the right move for the guy could pretty much I was suppose I know doing now we're doing good man but. This. Toughen up a little bit on. That guy was coming back and again if you don't lose Obama right click. Thompson in this how he. Going back the back story JR Smith throws a ball Klay Thompson and Craig Thompson has been he's been heralded for his his rejuvenated towers where you can. He didn't come back from injuries that are the people who would probably have a couple games out for now there were pictures of his ankle flo rounds are realized and guys Hebrew ZEZ pass and an enemy it was purple and blue and when he rolled up on him like oh that's pretty bad atom cores Franken David Beckham and his grave and immediately your digit lead triggered to hold its breath. And at worst injuries ledge you know in a practice Islam one guy out a nod to build argue that at all because he's a two year old football football wasn't crazy person's sport might move the Pedro shall I cannot even imagine but. It's okay anyway admit that somebody else went to some paid too much thought it was going to be doubtful little bit though. Die I die here's just a military little bit now here's here's the thing now. They know hot what I hate is that like when I hear it like trying to show he is in his pinky finger there and it's not pointing in the right direction not at all like I might get initial instinct is to try and top anything because I'm like I am not. Half his mentally is that blatant effort. Oh don't get this one time the good brand eye toward the ligaments in my foot I still try to play a and I identical. Our earlier or is best known. Football players at all there you've you've got it when the tough crown no doubt funny you midget. You made it through pop Warner high school college and then play on the level where people have kids and problems and money issues and trying to kill you not. You you are the toughest men on this earth I admit they are the modern day gladiators which is while always side with. And these holdouts are contract disputes because. I find it funny in this day and Asian fans. It for some reason that I that is unbeknownst to me. Can more relate to an owner's gripe in terms of cutting a player when he hit it we need. You know when he isn't living up to expectations as opposed to a guy would exceeding a contract value one more money I would never ever understand it. Especially announced here here's my thing I love win football players do it though when as a guy sitting on a shelf who is biggest thing is I just I just busted my mail opening a thing of Pringles I feel like I feel like a frank. If frank says these players are washing is all he has to do is issue his pinky oh yeah. But I feel like if you give your gonna save your question a player's toughness. I've really got to show picky you gotta show some guys show me you make a uniter has been removed the you've got to show you're eager to hear cred if you're gonna call somebody else suffered injury or. Religious worker frank ever doing Russert I'm sitting with frank ever look the other days look where I'm telling a story about being a Saint Louis and as it's carjackings out there does this whole sort don't know if you look civilians. We I don't know why anybody would try to do you do not that not that intimidating Michael due to. Here's an idea that's a lot of there's still fire breeders and on yeah it's an average man I'm a little bit intimidated maybe that's a year. And Kyle earlier from some holding town. Think that. Because some dude had road rage used and hides out in Somalia and to actually did it Georgia Jason so's it's it's hard demonstrates yeah welcome more American guy carjacked. Meant to guide to eyes I've I don't know how I've stayed away your. Kind of gotten around so much of the same issues did you hear about like. Crime can happen to anybody in Ogden. I've been lucky enough in my life to not have too many of those issues or a bunch of those but it's up I hear some delight that north. Or you watch news you see things like that I know on my goodness this is and this is still really happy and I'm here. There's always a good save a lot you blew your doors to a net fuel care about it until. In a more and other you know like where you trillion could occur if a bullet is going to get through a lot going. I'll just be honest my my whole thing is I can look intimidating if you ever hear me speak. Geeks if you want my car that bad you're just gonna get it like LA they just play our guys. Got one objection which is that I am a large human being after that objection if you get my car and it. Get the baby's car seat and usually I don't you call live below fuse there if you have a good 2003 billion. Congratulations. To Carson goggles alas maybe you like the Snickers and still in the mood in the council sent unless it's mounted and it is but we'll just buy a new one Jim Miller Jordan Gross. Big thanks to go get those guys for joining us also Billy Jones Ryan Shalit all the harassed. Jason it is then too much fun they're never gonna others stood again never again has you're upset with the latest divided doing good Lamar or not it's been nice knowing. There's been a lot of fun buddy thank you so much frank and Kyle are up next Charlotte I'll actually be back tomorrow. And we'll see what's your liking it and what did you Jason are not seeing guys.