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Friday, June 22nd
Craig Hoffman and Josh Parcell debate whether or not the Hornets should of drafted Michael Porter Jr.

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They use these WFAN seen. Powered by ortho Carolina. Here's Greg Hoffman and Josh par Seattle. I'm glad he's Josh. On WFANZ. This is the mid deck palace palace. Climactic remixes there like that drives right back there agency would you know we had turned tables wasn't here is are you hide those things man. Count had been more tricks and we we thought dictate what. Why even hold those out the entire show it's Friday man like let's let's go until I'm living job at a noon. Or your over your career just your bubble as we gambrel. Thanks. Up by looking at the dog got Ryan have you ever set foot in bubble. No I didn't entail obviously I have one million to align it and that's it a couple but why not start now. It's a first time for everything the how did her life's great questions that will not be answered. And probably probably likely 205 segment today or put that doubt us now. We're gonna get back sits in the first trying to restock the second rounder Dovonte Graham he was great you can. Had a VF and Z dot com a very very shortly and be able to get the podcasts and that of course is that you missed on the Mac tech this morning you missed. Miles bridges first round you missed odds GM Mitch Kupchak knows podcasts are up right now. At WS and Z dot com. Let's let's three Iraq here's Joshua we thought we says a top to show what we thought. A miles bridges to people again on the lunch breaks I who what are you guys think of miles bridges what do you guys think them not drafting Michael Porter junior. In short we think are you think. Oh win. When the pick it up at eleven I thought Porter junior should have been the guy that doesn't mean to say I think that they missed by about passing on him and taking most bridges I understand the rationale in passing on a guy importer you are sure about. Did nuggets who ended up with Porter our team that has other young building blocks. That they can feel comfortable with may be missing on a guy border. Where zipper Charlotte I get the line of thinking is let's take a guy who we believe in who we like who has upside now with bridges the fit with a wanted to keep this brief the fit with the hornets is interest and he's not a dynamic playmaker and in the sense that. You're not gonna go to give him the ball up eight seconds left on the shot clock probably not going to be a shot creator. Is a guy who 90% of his three pointers last season came off of an assist OK so he's a guy who needs somebody to feed him the basketball to score now. At the college level he was one of the most elite players in the country escorted off the ball ball cut moving without the basketball so he has that ability and let's face it most of the time. You're playing without the basketball and Lester the point guard you have to be ought to move and be effective without the boss like that about bridges and asked him point will fit in fairly well. What do we haven't talked about a we can get into a shortly is. You know how many minutes is he going to do really seek. Just Kidd Gilchrist who lose some of his. Time in the rotation for bridges that's going to be interest in but I do I think bridges has a brighter future I just think we need to be realistic with what the expectations are out. Out of a guy you're taking the back and. A lot no doubt about it this guy is a good player when he's not is a potential superstar and that's where the question becomes. Should they have taken Michael Porter junior a guy who is a potential superstar but the medical on him was a real bat. There are teams all around a week. That pass on him because of the medical this is a guy that less than twelve months ago this time Marsha republic number one pick in this draft the upside is there but. There's a reason everybody pass and and I would think that the hornet's amongst other teams. Commissar reporter David Aldridge last night of TNT that the wizards had he fallen one more spot it's a fifteen a team that also is looking to desperately out another star to their two in wall and deal would have passed obviously the clippers rallied past once passed twice. Are on Michael Porter junior. On the cat two of the day could he be the piece that intrigues LeBron to stay or group one of the pieces that intrigues LeBron to stay. They passed so it's it's hard because clearly think they the consensus seemed to be that Michael Porter junior 'cause of the medical was not worth it. But in terms of upside I think you die without having seen his medical nor knowing what to do with it if we sought could we are not doctors. Uh huh what would have taken that's why. Look Greg Oden the other side of this though is I I really I can't believe that Charlotte did pass up. On the next yeah honest Katie entries in Grady I mean that's just a fact that that's a lot to got a lot to pass up on those guys who wants in life. OK so let let's break that down if he didn't know Michael Porter forties before the draft when asked who is CC and himself he said well I think on the blend of Kevin Durant. And Tracy McGrady and John SOK. Okay so you are Superman has what you're saying I I think it's something to be said. Outside of the back. About the culture that the hornets are trying to build I. The Rego comes from the San Antonio mold right come Jack comes in the lakers but I don't think he is like dead. You know glamorous type of guy that you would associate with the showtime lakers number I think they're trying to build a a really. Culture of high character guys. Good team it's something similar to what Golden State in San Antonio had a little I care what matters in this week moderate but that's it didn't in droves 100% so Michael Porter is a guy who's four days before the draft is saying I think that I am the blend of three of the most the incredible players have ever seen. Meanwhile you've played two minutes in college. The regular season I think that that's. That I could take it easy and fairness stand up was more minutes in college and Tracy McGrady league Al de L he has more on paper I guess that the tape the tape bears that out. I mean I think there's something to be said for that I think so I think that out of that alone scared child away but it. I think it listening to things like that can be very telling about don't type of fit that a guy's gonna have a locker room this this Charlotte franchise that just the day before the draft. Traded away Dwight for a trade that. From a dollars and cents perspective might not have made the most sense but from a locker room culture perspective. Might have been the move they had to make and I believe it was Scott Fowler and I may be getting the right around somebody in the observer a couple days ago. Had that. Article basically talking about the delight trade in saying this was not about dollars and cents this was about getting rid of a personality into light who was roughed in that locker room and has a history of corrupt in locker rooms. And you as originally helped erode its. But now who wrote me and you end of the phrasing users exactly that and he's exactly right like the Atlanta. Trade him away instantly we know in the town cut checks experience for the men LA not too good for a guy and as it is eight. Ruined a great thing in Orlando they were awesome Mike. Peaked too white I people forget how good that due to us. And he's still last year was finally controversy on this in the middle to him yet and he should keep this up his production. He's also in the hall of Famer being a giant pain in the ass. That's so that's that's what he has and that's you know. When it comes supporter would come support this the guy the are you sure if you're trying to build a really a great high character quality culture. Is Michael Porter the best guy whereas miles bridges on the other hand there's a great story you and I both read in the athletic written by Brian Brian Hill. Before the season that talked about just the type the guy he is the very selfless thoughtful caring got a guy. I don't think those are the qualities that you need to be drafting off of necessarily okay yes he'd. Gave water bottle to a homeless person let's not draft the guy at twelve big just bomb that reason alone. Bet it yeah. Back to the rich guy told the owner of the browns a draft diamonds now though so as far as homeless stories go. Loud enough for oh man this is so drilled but but. I think there is they think there is an element in the hornet's vision that should include the fit in the personality is that something that. Media people don't factor in the fans don't factor in our draft. Analysts and experts say it is look at stats on a sheet in numbers in this tale this guy did this in college and had these. Points for forty minutes in his effective field Ober says the matter is Dwight Howard averaged a double double last year and was a cancers that locker room. Okay and they just got rid of him for pennies on the dollar. I and that means something to that and the the only people who have a full understanding. Of just how detrimental Dwight Howard was that team are the guys doing their logged in the guys who played for the hornets. And the front office in the coaching staff and those guys decided it was enough to hear it right that's enough for me. A doom on the which are looking about the most the most golf during a boy great player for all it's a game gear all bunk will run. That's enough coming up next your calls we will get you so Lamotte William Young hang out we will get to you nexus 704570. 9610. Also a couple of pull questions going. On the Carolina pool tables Twitter feed act WA AF Lindsay twenty years of experience in Charlotte. Now did you know how to educate you and your family on a new or useful to you before you buy their local experts no tricks no gimmicks dishonest answers to all your quest John's 4445. East independence boulevard in Charlotte. Order Carolina pool tables plus. Dot cost. You're call snacks since the mid day on WS Kenzie powered by North Carolina. Crazy how about just Carolina drag off fringe. Josh ourselves. We thought we spent the entire two and a half hours so far on the draft we talked to Dovonte Graham we spent a lot of time I'm miles bridges Michael Porter junior. Coming up in about twelve minutes cooled dip to the NFL real quickly Jane as Winston stories obviously significant what does it mean for the Panthers will get to that. Coming up in a few minutes also later in the show maybe you'll do this draft form. QB have a draft as U2 was knew we arrive into. On verbs that quotes used to not officially tipped Dick's last night on Twitter. That would be excellent I think guys are that you don't need to do that I so that's going to be there 115130. Sky so ride get that Dow start doing your research you have. Between 45 minutes an hour to prepare yourself. Just say you know you're going to be involved in the strapped on a so there's there's probably about 20/20. Options I think will go Ichiro like our top three to four. That's older this celebrate this or I love doing radio is we spend all night last night texting emailing this morning going over ideas and then coming back from braver like. So last hour sure are and that's going to be the best part of our show yeah a 100% we are more. Hopefully we'll suck between now and that's our goal went to three don't suck our us back to the provinces 70457096. Why no LaMont let's talk about miles bridges LaMont appreciate your holdings are keep you on the on hold for so long but guess what you're on the air congratulations you made it. I'd have to look episode per that they had threatened. When soon. Alec you stayed shut out from the man elected to supplement my big brown well what legal. They know what it's been real quick here and the and I got that and the news conference. Are we let you track I think if we would adapt it got to admit you would we started to became critical that to happen again it would drafting him. He probably wouldn't be in order bit is wrapping of the smoke it but could be a big Pratt that you what you have been oblivious because of equipment we don't know is old school cold. Now Britain not to meet the Japanese unit moved OK now I've been watching all the draft and have been blood have been my own so. And I don't walk back. Ditto. It would take what people waited my main Britain. The depth where everybody it was going to take. When marked draft and I don't have to be took a badly people can't go on me at quarter we detected you know how it was high. I wouldn't cited what is that Dick written came to support it and are they don't man. I think I made good didn't it won't be what we need cook all we got speak about empty you'd. Man all all it. This property poor people that won't be eaten that he might lead to bad it might be to deal into the race. But it wouldn't I don't war ally emptied he couldn't be good Newton typically he's right book written each step it wouldn't be any. Get everybody out there crew that we did it the boy complete and would be. If they haven't W unmarried Catholic now they know what made that edit like we need. Oh my Aaron Gordon deity two don't people bring it might auto quote. I put up local people to catch to show it to move it. Oh we going on out likely. Wanna win now you've got the right everything you need you right there that we can all that money. It would be meeting we are mediocre team that crack may be what we. Might have to go you know well what we're commissar. We had a big market. What it calls loud Betancourt draft effective it that would grant you that you get young athletic Gatwick it's cool now. There's more good draft. But the year before in my main owner of the regular patient on main statement that you made early you may be content to be like be right back. May have a nickname is true how can what about these troops. Last. With the erratic path Japanese baton and we couldn't get. Great gap until we don't know that you get the glue app ready to play now like quitting you're my man that's my man I'll call and I liked it. It dictate points. It is three meg we need them. We may they could put a bullet didn't see anything that they eat eat eat eat that they can now what we want to beat. You don't get. Like he got sick there have been ever late for 101520. Years. He did it then he can't he's not going well so I'm glad you don't almost. Walker became an Oklahoma City and and he had to do with Kevin beware what to whip well Gaines brought you do that in Charlotte. I'm getting I'm I'm I'm ready go my. It Lamotte. Thank you okay Iran and Iraq. Tony on the phone and Tommy found as the mid day household. God loves loves these odalis under had a lot of help take this medicine tell you everything that they are from possibly think about. Hey man the passion. Every man is is we have. Not among their goodies of a man. Miles bridges how is that. Am I shall I order give us an editorial department rich Cho from Portland. It was where he was throw war for Israel was involved and in some good draft picks if there are also some ones that went a little bit sideways. LaMont gave us a lot of material look here's the thing with they have also editorial department real quick. Going back to last year's draft. And she again that the margins here are so small. They were ready to draft Donovan Mitchell. And you don't know who was banging on San unstable and that war room. It was Steve Gregg referred to it wasn't Clifford an old school coach getting in the way that was in a planned Clifford loved. Donovan Mitchell and MJ came in last seconds like. And his gash over here and then they take Malik monk who is. But he was great and he dropped 47 on UNC and that's. Probably a large reason why you believe monk is the Charlotte hornet doesn't mean milling amongst going to be a bad player but like he's not going to be Donovan Mitchell. And you miss that chance and that's the thing that that. Set your franchise back didn't. You know I was joking and Josh is reluctant and catch emblems of things are for the show right at sojo tell the story later in and the show how small these margins are. When you make that last split second decision you want to missing on the guy. The Dallas Mavericks last night wind up trading for. The pick in the rights to ya decided to -- those younger brother. Which made me laugh hysterically I used to work in Dallas he's cover the mavericks pretty heavily and I I was on the air the night it's when he thirteen draft is chuck overseen their play by play voice and I practice under the commodity combo oddity combined for the draft he thought it was a really good chance the mavericks who drafts and and ironically enough they do not draft him. Because they wanted to save a couple hundred extra thousand dollars against the cap. To try to signed Dwight Howard. They miss under why they don't listen to their scouts they wind of drafting Shimon Kim Larkin lines of being a piece in the Roger on Rondo tray of which were the worst moves in mavericks' franchise history and they were just listening to their scouts away. From drafting honest auditor combed bow to pair with they still prime Dirk Nowitzki at the time. Last year you have the hornets right there they're ready draft Donovan Mitchell and they don't listen to their personnel guys they don't listen to their coach the owner comes in at the last second even if he is the greatest basketball player ever. And they miss on nominee in Mitchell these kinds of things happen all time stepped curry was fourteen seconds away from being a Phoenix signed. And then all of a sudden the suns and warriors traded they thought they'd agreed to to appoint to the sun celebrated so loud their season ticket holder event. Was the going what's going on up there they heard them through the ceiling slash the floor of the room above sent. They thought they had that trade and instead it last second. It doesn't go through these kinds of things happen all the time in the NBA and it's going out going to be about the ones that you almost got its gonna be about the once you get right. And you wonder that that's why I think hornets fans are today wondering. Yeah I know about the back but what if what Michael Porter junior. And we'll see even in my even if if miles bridges winds up being good there's always going to be that what it. Yeah you're right it's it's really tough to sit here to look with the matter is we considered is that today and say we know. What the true judgment of this draft pick can be because. It's in forty years Michael Porter is out of the lead group or is that mean just completely is always injured is in and out of the lineup. In order to say all right we're you know it's always been a good move but of Michael Porter sits out a year and comes back two years from now on turns into a you know all NBA type player which is his ceiling that obviously it's gonna be another just yet another example of a guy going at one or two picks after the hornets draft. Who ends up being a great player -- some of the guys. In the last few years who have gone right after Charlotte Pitt are Bradley be Ole. Those one pick after Michael Kidd Gilchrist kill okay. I believe did the Cody Zeller you're wanna say it was only deep below that might go on Nolan goes or what you know the second there was somebody or somebody right after Cody Zeller and I'm forgetting who was that was that was the Yana strapped. One lead on his draft that was like there's so many ways. Yeah so they were intent in that draft and I can remember who was so whoever we intent was a great pick and I hear. But the guys have gone right after Charlotte then you talk about the league monk in the Donovan mentors seems like with markets are always write your column and look how. Only ten gas so as. Big entity Bennett when he noted that. The bad draft out of borders Zeller a way and that no well Maclin more Caldwell Pope park my column that was a bad drive we know very little about these guys instilled several years down the line at a couple points and they want to did you wanna make sure. You have a coach any GM and quite honestly ownership who all have Sherri similar vision right. The hornet's last year at the dire financial situation is a perfect example a franchise that was disjointed that that had a rich Cho. Beating the drama Michael Jordan beating the drum formally monkey and you had Steve Crawford beating the drum for Donovan Mitchell not asleep at the top I think most people were very cool when Molly munger and I think it's still. To this day a defensible picked in the moment it was seemed like this deal. To heavily market value find out that Clifford really wanna Mitchell and then when everything turns out the way it does it just creates even bigger discord. So yeah you never know what these guys man night. You just mentioned the guy shoot in the NBA draft you know as I didn't get medical Moore right who went in that Sandra does Cody Zeller I read an article yesterday I would Donnie rabbit hole of cold takes in the NBA draft. There was an anonymous gal leading up to that year's draft that we fourteen I don't know Arsene thirteenth. Compared bet that more to a better version of Ray Allen. I saw the NBA scout I super his opinion I saw him tackled more in person dropped 31 on twelve shots. I was one of the most amazing college performances I've ever seen. I at Kansas that dude who was sick as a college player I thought he's going to be great in the NBA and and he's there's so many variables and it's fit within your team at its. Understanding your coach's system it's about handling fame and money there's so many things they can bet that affect these guys futures other than just what they did on the basketball court in college. Per share but that you're better chance to succeed high character guy and that's at the end of the day I think the saving grace for the ordeal. Miles bridges a guy who certainly seems like you to succeed in a lot of situations is just the level which she succeeds it is going to be the question rotation players starter all star. And that's probably going to be the absolute ceiling for him on a topic that's Josh Marcel here on the mid day. And W have been easy powered. By ortho Carolina coming up next let's dip away from the NBA draft for just a quick second and getting into what the Janus Winston suspension means. For the Carolina Panthers it's just three games not against Carolina so what does it mean we'll tell you it. Next on the fat. Updating the the holes. At WS benzene is on drug often that's Josh Marcel you can tweet us personally act Greg Hoffman at Josh ourself. At the polls at the bureau frenzy. Which would you rather have next season Josh. Kemba Walker the all star game or win. Contends. 26%. Say kemba in the all star game. 46%. Twice as they present you with the correct dance had no business running an NBA franchise. Which would you rather have next year is a hornet's fan BS seven or eight seater have a top five pick 85%. Have a top five pick every gal I'm going that poll was taken more series on the smarter take. At the Smart it's a bit but I think it's just a lot. I've I'm genuinely surprised that it's been that heavy in the favor of the top five pick because a lot of times under the radar now as drug for over a year and most. The time when you are talking about the court it's future fans wanna win. End and not necessarily at a super high level just be relatively competitive and it whenever you are talking about trading Camelot her. Choosing the keywords tanking fans get real nervous and scared away but I think under the I think brands are starting to come around on the idea that it's going to get worse. Before it gets better in Charlotte. Yet and there's evidence of that all over the week. As some of these younger teams start to ascend and we see a new I mean look out every like Boston the exception no one else gets to be bossy because it did they were on the right side of the worst treated in the history. And so unless you can go find a team that Billy King is running. To absolutely take all of their goods. They and then this is not going to be how this works the show remodel or something resembling and is is much more likely to have been a quick step away from the NBA draft who get back to it. Max around the world get to our woes saying these draft if you were following on last night bush Ager was Rask ESP n.'s NBA insider was not allowed to tip pixie dust very creative. And for not doing that on Twitter we will. Does have a draft amongst ourselves of our favorite ways in which she did that coming up in the 1 o'clock hour but the story out of the NFL yesterday fairly big line. Out of the NFC south Janus questions going to be suspended three games. By the league for Avaya a violation of the year conduct policy for incident involving and over driver in which he allegedly groped. A Hoover Hoover driver in Arizona a couple of years ago this near conclusion after this came to light now complete again suspend him three games. I think we don't need to go into the Janus Winston angle of this is a person team is twisting continues to prove that he is not a quality human and a lot of ways. I had the incident at Florida State well documented this just another example. Of that. However from a football perspective in an instant concern on about four minutes to do this for make Carolina Panthers perspective when you saw this story come across the room where your phone Josh or your television if you were watching I have found that I. Though do you what attracts. But athlete that's watching TV when you got dealer and now millennia and Greg Ellis TV now ansari come out wait when you look at your phone and saw that alert would you think. OK. But this the first three games of the Buccaneers season and try to pull their schedule right now but it's three games I really don't use the inner I think they've had. I think they played Pittsburgh a wanna say maybe even Philly they obviously they have three very lose the ball games the various season. So I don't I think there's probably New Orleans may go to our they hosts Philly yes and then they host. Pittsburgh yet so they are staring Owen three in the face regardless of whether Janus is in the lineup or not. Their quarterbacks coach himself said he doesn't see there that big of a gap. But between Jamison and the backup Brian dispatcher never good for Janus no it's not good for Davis under the Patrick it's fine is a back up but good gosh I hope. Our when he was number one overall I know that there is that was kind of exactly there's two sides echoing you can take that won it two ways but I love run as tragic as proven to be a capable player a quarterback in this league coming had a good run a couple of years ago. And then and now last year as a backup in Tampa bay of Saudi couple games when he's still right discuss that but okay able there's a lot worse options about a quarterback and that pastor. But not a starter. And he's got to start for three games she in New Orleans against one of the best teams in football. Against the Steelers won the best teams of football and against the Super Bowl champions I think it's a miracle as Tampa Bay comes out with a win those 3 am I think that for the Panthers any extraordinarily. Tough division right the faster Tampa Bay punts on their season out the better. And this is a team that doesn't seem to have a whole bunch of high character they imploded last year and if they start ON three I have zero faith and then to not implode again so here's my argument fired coach you could be looking Matt and shelving Jamie CB gets banged up and you could be seen DeSean Jackson off the reservation but there's a lot of things. Oh raw and it ON three star is a great path to that and that's less traffic to the Panthers have to worry about and they defeated team they could be on their schedule later in the season. All right so. They're there and this is interesting because you're right. Pay a team that starts oh in three contempt did not make in the playoffs and have a situation as a team that we've been waiting for that breakthrough for years they could implode you're a 100% right. By all accounts tip is probably the fourth best team at division now it's extremely. Extremely tough division tip of the good team in most divisions tip would probably be a contender. What do you rather have tempo. Not fall apart. And may be knocked off take a game or two away from Atlanta our New Orleans because if you're Carolina. Duke Carolina you're looking at that. Had eleven wins probably this season is your hope your hope in this that Tenet takes Lebanon five team Donovan Jones and Sports Illustrated two weeks ago wrote an article predicting every team's record he had Carolina. At eleven and five. And had been out of the playoffs while. So if you're the Panthers and you're looking at Atlanta and New Orleans has two teams ahead of you in the division. That could go twelve informed and you went up eleven bot and missed the playoffs because the Packers. The vikings. Two teams that could very well content you also have you come. Higher and siege Tennessee's is obviously Jerry West is still loaded outside of Arizona you could be very good and miss the playoffs in the NFC chair. Tampa Bay is the team that they're there probably any era in nine win team if they fall apart what I it is giving five wins. To a combined to level at Atlanta and New Orleans probably by the end. This season what New Orleans is one of the games that it is whether seeing one right is is amazed the season opener it's in New Orleans. And I think it goes back to they were probably going to lose that game anyway. The rise is impossible to play in the superdome is house of horrors for everyone that's not wearing a saints uniform. And it's the season over that place is going to be on fire. And there you know it's also your best chance for them to have all their weapons healthy so you probably losing that game anyway is Camara and Ingram go bananas in and Brees finds whatever target east decides to fine on that given day like that place is impossible to win they were losing that game anyway. And I'm more concerned about when the Panthers played in head to head later in the season here and they've already punted because they're mentally weak. This is there I mean they're I guess there's the flip side of that is Carolina could get a team that is mailed it and but I do love the idea candidate playing spoiler to the teams that are ahead of Carolinas and as in Carolina as the third best team in the NFC south they are they have the third. They have the third best set of offensive weapons. Behind Atlanta and New Orleans is no question the those two earlier embed decline in Carolina's offensive weapons have been upgraded. You're gonna get me in trouble again Greg. Yeah I mean you really tell me that DJ Moore and punches. Verses. Better than I'm Mara. And would know might not taught a lesson not upgraded from last year not compared to no I know it's not like you do all they are better director better better. They're better than they were you know letters and they are better than they were lawyers has not been at this hour as well didn't put a foot of some other Cortes India worst. I mean look. Carolina. Lot of it's uniting his dribble making the play us pretty good did you think when 1011 maybe twelve games of things fall their way but the reality is they're gonna need help they're gonna need Atlanta or New Orleans to probably lose a couple games that they shouldn't. To have a chance of that division not to mention the fact that there are gonna be very strong wild card contenders in the NFC north and in the NFC east. So it's going to be Barry cut or does he really good teams that missed the playoffs and if Carolina was in the AFC I feel great about their chances to make the playoffs but this is that it is a conference has really top heavy this year. And I think there's Jimmy teams that could win ten or eleven games that are on the outside looking in Tampa Bay as a team that is good not great. And I would love Tampa Bay to be in a position that. They could play spoiler. Later in the year but but to go back to hold Damon situation I think that it doesn't really change a lot on the bottom line of Tampa Bay's outlook because he's missing three games. Probably going to be underdogs in anyway. Yes no a 100% you got. Again the banks of north champions. The Steelers who were still really really good is Ben Roethlisberger is decided he does want to play football. Offended by the fact that anybody with that oh yeah course and then the saints and home to open this season. You can get thoughts on that in on Twitter Akron Othman Al. Josh car cell. Closeout the hour with a little bit more on this a little a little bit of draft talk to an accident we give back in deep into the draft talked at the top of the next hour. Are well bridge work around draft read we don't working title for that. I think that's our working title would be an actual title for that drive Ryan Euronet. That's coming up in the 1 o'clock hour as well. I'm Greg he's Josh this is the mid day. On WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Our final hour felt Carolina. Well Greg Dobbs and that's Josh ourselves. Getting back to the hornets draft at the top of the hour. Here now though again we like to call hitter mess. Just take a look at some of the other kicks around the league went he will tell you. Whether or not we think there hits or misses we will try to be quaking get there is many years as possible just yet so you wanna start with yes. All the right deal let's settle for about a guy wrecked on the road from Charlotte here Marvin badly do guy. Goes numbered suited to Sacramento Kings. I will I will put in any of my thoughts other thoughts it's sealed the go ahead a second McCain hitter mess. Miss because look at dodge which is the best player in this draft which is. Possible preview of a later later hitter messed. In the miss because of that but I I don't hate depict I think badly that does the public key guys that could wind up being the best player in the stressed. Because when was the last time as a singer Chris Vernon on the until simmons' podcast love and I love the way phrase just what was the last time you watch more or Bagley Clady was the best player on four. And the answer never because you he averaged 2111 in the ACC and that's really hard to do you yes there's defensive questions but from the motor standpoint he's great for athletic standpoint he's great. From. A character and IQ standpoint he's great IQ basketball wise offensively he's Craig defensively there's a lot to be desired I don't hate the pick. It's just that you were number two overall in the best player on this draft was available and you'd take. Get annual makes me nervous about the kings too is the king so well Jeff content. That that right there ended discussion but either of some of the guys they've drafted in recent years they drafted scallop BCA. They drafted. Oh gosh Terry Giles. The last two years both high risk guys you put like young multiple power forwards they're trying to drive the grisly punting on both of those guys at this point I mean that is gonna be their power afforded the future chair. Which is fine I mean if you believe in badly that's cool I thought at the beginning of this season I loved that we got to other man this guy is one of the most. There's certain players that the first time you watch him you just know you're right. That you belongs on the MBA in the idea guys that. He's different than everybody else there's a handful of guys in my life that I've watched the for the very first time the men like yet. Derrick Rose is one of those guys did Simmons was one of those guys to me. Andre it was one of those guys very few guys I've seen their first game of college men like yeah okay I got that got to be a star so for NASA employees shore but I have to kings could've really used Don sits. They have deer and fox is a point guard but not a great shooter dodge which would have provided that. And been able to play off the ball a little bit also giving them more size as a ball handlers here and you're not running into the Charlotte situation we got two guys are 62 in the backcourt. Are valid interest in so yeah I mean we we can move on from now but I think it it was a miss. Because they had a better option but do I think Marvin badly could be a very good NBA player absolutely yes let's go right to it look at duchess for Dallas and five Pollyanna as a massive hit I think everybody knows that I mean this the guy who'll. Kevin Pelton who doesn't statistical. Model every year of projecting NBA draft picks as the look at Dodgers was the highest rated player ever in the history of his model. Which does not include LeBron because LeBron can at a high school but outside of that that includes guys like during an Anthony Davis all those guys. He loved Dodgers. Doctors is a guy that fits exactly where the NBA is going on guy he is a guy that has size but has court vision. Unparalleled. OK you talk about the short list of guys who have division of Dodgers coming into the NBA it's LeBron James it's been Simmons. It's Chris Paul those types of guys that's the level of court vision you're talking about with a guy like Luka Don just. He has some limitations athletically. Nothing that I think is so alarming that would push me away from drafting him quite honestly number one overall he's a guy that's going to fit perfectly. Decided athletic. Bouncy Dennis Smith junior as an exciting back core I mean if your Dallas you have to be thrilled. That you're able to get. Eight possible generational talent and Dodgers who not only and no people wanna get afraid of him being an international guy the guy won the won the MVP. Of the second most competitive most talented league in the war holding go. And that to me is a sign that he is ready to play in the India. As he said last night I've already played with NBA players there's a whole line of NBA guys that either. When they'd just get out illegal or before they go back guys like Shane Larkin go over Europe improve their game comeback these leagues especially. That league the Spanish league. Those are better than college basketball a Spanish Professional League team especially one that got a split on what it. Rack high level college she absolutely absolutely and this guy in nineteen years old. One in BP that Lee playing free on the trade this is a massive home run for the Dallas Mavericks who have done a lot of wrong stuff since winning the title in 2011 this was absolute. We write so Dodgers helped lead Slovenia's for the championship of the Euro basket tournament last year went up against Chris that's breezing guess throughout that tournament. Dropped 27 with a nine rebounds including four threes against a guy present to ask you not playing in guys anywhere close to Chris separate thing missing college and Fran for shell on his effort to the program and a good buddy of mine from ESPN. Has the best analogy I've ever heard when it comes to evaluating these guys. The NBA you is obviously the highest level because of you wanna compare it to baseball okay. The Euro league and European Spanish league is AAA. Right high level college basketball is double a OK there are so right now the G league is double lay the geely is double a and then how little column vessel a single day. Now these are comparing at the gap between playing against Boston college and Georgia attack. Or playing against Chris Capps praising guess. And PG Goran Dragic and all these other guys who play in the Euro basket and then obviously into when you get into the the regular on specially that he displayed and he's playing against guys who are older more. Developed better players. Then. What you're seeing at the college level the docket is going to be a terrific concert is going to be a terrific player. And Dallas and boy Dennis Smith a look at dodges that is is an excellent job building block bulletin among pregnant. Got another seconds apiece on on one more guy each so you you got the next next one a product or if you're not ready and I gallon for. If you have one go ahead grace and Allen for Utah on okay grace and on for you it's also the third guy you know he can look he's a great athlete. He is a guy who can play above the rim he's going to fit a good role in net you tall where he's not gonna be asked to dominate the ball down the Mitchell's gonna be that creator I think Al's gonna go off the bench. His best year was as a sophomore when he was asked to do more. And I think that that is a good sign he took a backseat the last two years to some really valuable players and Tatum and badly it was okay doing that and he's gonna be a great role player and you talk. I totally agree I absolutely love the fit with Donovan Mitchell grace and Allen has size he has athleticism he's got shooting ability he got handily to make good decisions. But I would not want to overload him he can do all of those things within scale. And the scale is going to be asked to do it and you tot is pretty small and so he can really excel. Whether it's running a second team offense off the bench or as a complimentary starter if you can defend. NBA to lose like this is a guy it's got size athleticism length all of those things. I love this big and not to mention. You know he's got to fly under the radar a little bit out there in Utah which is probably not the worst thing for him. And clearly he saw the the bro hug last night Mitchell's excited about it which is always a good thing when there's can assure your star player. Is glad to see that they put the whole fight in the past have you saw that video surfaced last night of him slapping Allen in the face yes so the weather gotten over that CN your time to. Romania all right last one Jerome Robinson is the controversial peck went thirteen to Boston guard says the clippers from Boston College. I flew up the draft charts. As the president process unfolded as the guy who wasn't if you had told mean. A year ago or even a month ago that he was gonna go ahead of Michael Porter junior out of that you all the money in the world that wouldn't happen but sure enough he landed at thirteen to the clippers. That guy can fill it and so you know share the clippers and you are trying to figure out who your next star is. And you'll much like Charlotte although there in LA and their LA's second team. It's going to be harder for them to recruit they're probably watching Dodd. And she's not a star player you know and that. Terms of shot creating mode anyway you need takes its ranks and they're taking us and Sandra Robinson I'll say it's a you're gonna hit or miss also this is a hit. Because I like the idea now the pick can wind up being amiss he could wind up being a bust there is a risk factor here. You know I got shot up the I was loving guy should draft boards after they played their last game that scare and a little bit but. They need to take a risk and the clippers did especially you got two picks to do it. Yeah and I think the reports that I read leading up to the draft it was no secret that the clippers really light Jerome Robinson and I'll say this much. If Jerry West likes you it's probably a good sign yet Jerry West knows a thing or two about. The game of basketball about drafting guys about signing guys west is a guy who helps I shape many franchises in the past. And this could be a good pick for them. I don't see Jerome Robinson getting out visiting that crystal two years ago and now might be turning over the reins is or Robinson I don't know how excited I'd be. If I was a clippers fan but we'll find out hit. Or miss our miles bridges we answer that question next for the lord it's. I'm Greg off and that's just Marcelo this is the mid day and that you have been the tower by North Carolina.