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Tuesday, July 17th
Chuck Howard and Will Kennedy talk with Hornets Executive Vice President Pete Guelli about Kemba Walker and the Hornets training camp being in Chapel Hill.

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Weeks he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy at chuck power. RIA our number June. Mid day and Debbie I think he powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard will Kennedy would be glad you witnessed and a big thank you to herald are the third who joined just around 1030 hour really making a name for himself on the PGA tour the former forest view high school standout and Estonian native. Finishing sixth that the John Deere classic this past weekend fits the Greenbrier couple weeks ago 104 in the FedEx Cup standings and on our buildings that are checks on a couple of people commenting about the interview load ten unnamed texture what a class act a young man is makes me proud to be aghast in town near resident. Harold of Barnard's the third. Another text her great work guys for a whomever got HD three. On the show hashed hey man of the people that are you Ryan is yet to us that it would be Ryan yes very good IR IA also call and I am. Yeah it's nice to hear from Harold in that bush could have made the British but it's he's a he's on the cusp of some big things another. Many young man if you will lose on the cusp of big things especially big payday. Is Kemba Walker and of course for the last. Well I don't know three months four months. One of our hot button topics will. Will canvass day will ego. And you know right before the trade deadline some of us you know I guess it kind almost was. Which way the wind was blowing on a given day because none of us wanted to see kemba leaves town none of us want to see him leave town but. It's the hornet's can become a better basketball team if he does leave town I think that's where many people were were going but you know after you read it never hear quotes after this sub meter read it kind of makes me feel guilty that I ever set I wanted him to leave town. Of course. Born in the Bronx went to UConn so there have been numerous musings in the media over the last couple of weeks or so that maybe perhaps after this upcoming season or may be during this season a trade to the New York Knicks may be in the offing because perhaps that's where kemba would want to play because. Other his roots up there. But kemba telling the athletic. The new. Sports magazine website that's what dot com and this sort kemba told them quote as far as seeing the in New York I doubt it. I'm hoard it in I'm planning on being a hornet for a long time so yeah. I'm not sure about that meaning Scherer about. The whole thing in New York so when you hear again kemba. Really has not wavered one bit on this will and you know that's what you love about this guy is. You know there would the other guys would join enormous egos that worry in his position will this team that would have visions of LA one of the LA teams or or the New York Knicks or even the Philadelphia 76ers. But. You know he's you know. I don't even wanna say he's saying the right things I really feel he's sincere he doesn't want to leave town. Now we talk about this couple times young on the on the show in an other shows will discuss it here on Libya conceded. I think it's a situation of if your kimbo. You're used to what are you wanna hear what you wanna hear from the hornets what he won here from the organization the coaching staff mr. object. Was getting to know not just the money is the other money is important. And he may get a Max contract and all that hometown discount don't know about that but what's the plan where we go and because right now window for Kemba Walker and he wants to win two but he does like Charlotte. He likes being here we like having him here he's built the house all I kind of stuff. Of course is he just said both sides are gonna say the right things were firm and I can hear everything. Yeah but you know other guys around the league would be Korea would be posturing for trade in general Clark. But he still in Minnesota it's ridiculous. So the ways these guys operate it was a class class kid yeah I know bush we're talking about getting a glimpse of the what makes David tepper takes it tick this is what do it makes Kemba Walker tick and general walker would not be the first. Pro athlete to come to this town you know sometimes you know that I have in the last I know you love being here is well and you know. It's the world's biggest little this city frame and Allen Iverson has never played here that they want me here yeah. And so now it wouldn't younger guys want to limelight and or understand the shoe deals may be more lucrative and a larger market or whatever and you know I don't know of kemba is in line for a huge shoe deal I don't think he's one you know. And that's that's in them as well that's a good point you know very good point there but it's so that's interesting yeah. Just just her quick check so this this this call mine and noted. Related and I related. Sosa with this sacirbey who just want to welcome so Chris Jenner and all right he leaves one of the biggest sports teams in the world Real Madrid goes you Ventas. In Italy. Tons of money he can't they can't pay a listen there's Italian rules or laws like all this tax involved so they can't pay him his whole salary. But I guess or the team Fiat. The car company. They're gonna give him some money. Now wonder about that like what are the rules are little different here just just the embryo this year thing you know like we've Michael Jordan or sand Nike can give yet but it. It can be addressed in the CME and the rules early in the NBA you go over into the luxury tax they need to do Kimberly big studio come on line. That's. That's a good interesting way to look at its the other. I guess sporting news if you will we're gonna talk to Pete Kelly Haaretz said chief operating officer coming up in a few minutes hornets moving three days' worth of training camp up to Chapel Hill. I suppose it's good to get some of the folks from the LA I guess the practices are gonna be open from what I understand so a good chance for some folks up there to get a look at don't. But look at the hornets as wells the Celtic. Want to yeah you wanna take your teams out of the rose sometimes the Stater within your reach an account. Kind of expose some other fans to it to your your product and really North Carolina small enough where you know you can give people drive and to come to games and I think you know obviously Charlotte this is your main spot where you want people coming in. You your local fans a live in the city becomes spectrum we want to come from out of town too and again to get to see the team and actually want to deems it done this through the years. NASA the hornets still hosts the Celtics at the Smith center on September 2 at 28 2018. At the pre season match up north Carolina's campus will come after the hornets hold training camp. Now for the 2018 season at ten UNC from Tuesday September 25. Through Thursday September. 27. Sold talked to. What's the connection end. But limited the class a Buzz Peterson on during the NBA summer league you know doing an interview with the broadcast the other night and the Saturday human figure wasn't so you start thinking of waste or do the math but who also the front office who's around an organization and it's not just connected to him to the -- but also to a certain university and is the bill club right AMP at least ask don't tell how important how important is it to go to a particular college you know it depending on the business here and what looks like in this case it does certainly help -- don't terminal. On the game will be the first time basketball fans in the triangle area we'll have the opportunity to see the hornets since 2012. Only. A little lie and you know that is again this is this is kind of a tough hole for basketball. In North Carolina because this turnaround really good high school bus walk across a stateless because programs with the triangle is a do you think about it when you think about college basketball I think for a lot of fans not just in the restaurant across the country they think about that triangle over their supporters to get over there and expose. Those fans a little bit what they do and they're there is excitement there is a buzz going on with the team coming off summer league and and hopefully turning a different direction in Kenya making improvements. It will be interesting. Excuse me. Up with news it was Elton John. Loosen up something in the pipes that are ahead. When we speak with a you know we. Initiatives to spread across the state and I'm curious. How much the hornets do in South Carolina because you know that's all part of the Panthers branding and marketing and how much does it come into play. Would the hornets because I I could. You know I don't know how much they do I think it would behoove them I think in years past they've made they've played a pre season game or two down in Columbia so I know it's. It's something they have done in the past but spreading the wealth a little bit as the hornets move on up to Chapel Hill so well without with the summer league now done. What are you gonna do for your hornet's fix. Ask your question I am probably watch old videos Terrell Owens with Bob cannot. Which go back to go back to old school wants classic NB ATV Harvard classics is to be the thing that that we UCL knocks I think you you wanna find out you know you series a cumulative orders horrified about the injury updates and gossip these guys are are coming off you know hopefully nothing major out of the some really with some on the injury front of the team but it was the development of these guys and and I you if you wonder like what these guys get up to move when some really terrible for camp starts I'm sure many of them around they're playing for Hugh grim. Remember couple years ago we had a a former. North John player I think that was involved it was on the artist roster and got dual YMCA gaming got some trouble sucks sometimes leaders overture local wanna play a little basketball. RIT Delhi chief operating officer of the order it's coming up now extend. By the way to try eight. Of the best burgers in Charlotte with the grade eight burger card for twelve. Nine dollars. Now you have over a year to try eight amazing burgers or enjoy them all at once. Teacher card now and get by perks dot com it's a big day on WF and C powered by north though Carolina. Charlotte sports need this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. I rolling along here on midday and WFAZ powered by north of Carol ortho Carolina chuck Howard and will Kennedy win the U talk some hornet's in the previous segment Kemba Walker says I want to stay in Charlotte and we all hope that remains the case now we go to our tech a come gas line and joined by gentlemen. When I say Sunnis for don't you know he's one of the few people who knows where it is pretty good LE chuck Howard will Kennedy with how aria. I do know where it is but I like to go other certain times of the year. Well I know when daddy is but it's I've got a sneaky feeling Brock toward. In true don't you were probably very comparable an amount of that alcohol consumed by its students. Yeah you gotta keep warm summer out you know no doubt about it and what they. These days the U and I gonna get out and signed a Jenny cream Allentown I think about skis has some I'd love to do rupture a lot of talk about. No doubt about a great to have you with us this afternoon. Pete Morelli hornet's chief operating officer witness and you know I did before we get talking about some of the training camp stuff and other initiatives with the hornets when you read this story. Like we also on the athletic Wear Campbell walker very adamant about staying in really gives you a good insight into the type of guy he is doesn't it. Oh yeah I think we all know him as the guy used to have a court everyday is that guy you see off the court as well I mean he's just equality equality individual it's amazing how. Totally stories just teams take on the life of its own when not in a week certainly haven't talked about him going anywhere you talked about him going anywhere but somehow it becomes you know the topic of the day it seemed like every single day of the off season. He got that. How does that ripple sister just out of there as a ripple through organization which you know even during last year during this season those kind of stories are propping up but it it does become the discussion. You know it maybe it does with other organizations and other players but you know kemba is just such an incredible human being he's just such a great guy so committed to Charlotte and the organization. Is that even a discussion point really internally and he's here Carol timely score is our Peter our team and I think. We we know we just wanna see that continue. Well when this chief operating officer for the Charlotte hornets are taking some time on on our tactic on guests lined big announcement yesterday need to buy you folks hornets go to Chapel Hill for training camp and I can't imagine the hi how there were any connections up their Chapel Hill to make it happen there's nobody in that say that over the spectrum senator any ties over Eric. No I mean we even though would call with the exception. But not yet been an exciting offseason for us clearly got a lot going you guys are being talked about Mitch come and enter Jimmy do and a great job GP. There head coaching you know we're getting ready to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary got all star game coming up so we're just what is said it's so mixed I think everybody here just felt like. It will be a great place. To get away you know respect it's the cradle basketball I think it's important and when you think is important for the teams to go out on the they've got a few new faces and get some young guys. I don't think did a better place to prepare our team and Erin you did notice special it all the connection detected organization. They did this is they are not a knock moderates or Steve converter or anybody else but today you mentioned bonding and we talked to James Gregory JB last week a little bit about. Team on he talked about going to dinner with the each of the players got to get a feel for them. What's what's the transition been like to make yielded different style within the organization had lived on the basketball side on the business side as well miss coach I commend as the GM. Yes sometimes you just need a change of pace and it's been fun watch it Mitch. Go to work and has got you know ten championship rings and and and a ton of experience and connections all over the MBA and it's say one thing and our offense to be excited this year is it because he's committed he's a tireless worker. He's just attacked the jab every game and I think you've seen some of the movies may do already improved the team and put isn't a better position in the future and then GB did amazing he's just you do as you noted crate with the players he's in a big cap culture guy he comes from an organization that's been incredibly successful. The real idea for what he want to do with this team and he's already put his imprint on I think we saw some of that summer league. I'm but yeah it's it's it's a whole new world over here it's exciting for us and it should be exciting for our fans as well. Well you mentioned the two magic words summer league PD you know I've been here for hundreds years and I don't remember a summer. When this summer league got as much attention as it did this year I guys I think maybe a lot of it has to do with the we can actually see the games on some now on the networks now but also I think there's a lot of excitement because. A number of those young men that we saw on the summer league you're gonna play interval parts on this year's roster. You know we we made the decision to go to Vegas this year and I think it was a good one I mean every team in the league is not there now it's just it's great exposure. To stand in just incredible contents for our team to go to create an input into the marketplace but yet when we we brought went out there was some great young players I think. Players that are can't get excited about and seeing what about they get out there and miles and billion and obviously you know we had high expectations for. For taken and now mr. Mott and he couldn't get off to a better start than he got off to a showed us exactly what we thought he was gonna do. When he got in there which of course they get cut short with a great CO five of those guys play together or that the more consistently. But I don't know you can't be pleased coming out seeing what we go to some early in Vegas. Few more minutes of Digg well Li chief operating officer of the Charlotte hornets and joining us on the tech a come guests lined people imagine that you guys are all going up to Chapel Hill. And his job Lisa you know did everything yelled a do we everything we all do is marketing in one way or the other trying to reach out to those folks downstate. Public civil showcase. This is South Carolina for the hornets I know there have been gains in Colombia before in with the painters we know it's a concerted effort. You know obviously you're South Carolina fan base it is is very important you guys as well. Yeah I mean you have to have a regional footprint especially in into matter day's sports. I hear you has now we have to come from the bill there was a big mama it did agenda item for us and try to read a lot of the French president there was such a small market. Number it's the same thing here is you've got to be able to get in this summer's other areas and are in reaching out to Chapel Hill one opportunity and you know we've we've played games. We've been on the west we've gone down South Carolina that's something we'll that we continue to do we would love this extension and Chapel Hill I think I think a few years ago we went to China. You're great opportunity for the team to kind of bond and we take great seat coming up but that trip. They were hoping it's going to be the same thing but you know that taking another step but this really recapitalization effort. Playing in Chapel Hill with an ending the camp with a game. You know bringing the Celtics to town implying there on September 20 is going to be amazing force we have been down and we became American quite some time. And bringing you know franchise like that it's on the up China's well a couple of guys who played down the triangle we think it's perfectly to bring a team that only get better but also to realize the grant. You guys are doing a lot of great Brady Pete especially social media and strong presence hornet's twitters is fantastic the NBA in general I think you know between the league in the players. They're kind of like cutting edge to move import one thing I notice I like to do is they like to talk about your golf game how is that I. You know what it going in the other direction. Too much and that their conversations. About economic golf course more but yet we know we like to have fun and social media to great way I've personally loved it. Interact with candidates or they have to say and we're we're not hiding you know we know we've done the last couple years we know we need to get better. That's why we did changes we've made over here so any input is just an important might that you know in my opinion. Just fondue negative interaction but yeah I wish I could tell you in my golf game was it at its peak but it's trending the other way I'm trying to find a way to turn around. Another stimulus. There. Big well anyway this and our tech to come gas line team yesterday we had a discussion and I actually brought up my Kiko Alonso Jersey that the sky high school buddies gave me like a couple years ago it didn't last long do you do you want it. Now you don't epic hold off on that I'm open I'm gonna wanna purchase suggestion Alastair is the point time. Others are we going what I do in my Moscow's Jersey. Yeah I don't think you were able to get what's with the actually thought I'm gonna question if you can forgive me some physical evidence telling stories. Eagles have a disasters that now I'm happy to try to. They'd be good a good catching up within islets lord didn't up with the engine that Ginny cremate a very soon yet they tram in act at a street. You gotta be Grilli chief operating officer of the year Charlotte hornets in debt. You know he's been elevated since he's been over there he comes she always spent a lot of time with the Buffalo Bills and one of those and I think you could sets in his voice. We talked about folks within the organization yesterday that. Maybe don't wanna come right out he saved you've got to think Pete feels great about. The direction of this French. Yeah especially the enroll like the one he plays when you wanna see that stability is one thing but also tough for thinking a little bit different Gloria this the NBA changed drastically over the last decade for those of us who cover it on railways is the waiting game is played them. The marketing all those kind of things I think the hornets have done a real good job. On some fronts business side of the mission the social media in other areas now let's get to court fixed right now skip the product on accorded to a certain level. Our I would we come back we're gonna is headed back over to hustle ball land and dead. Like to hear from some you folks on the building center Tex liner give us a call with this question. Let me unveiled more than likely become a free agent next season don't Marcus Lawrence potentially. Zeke and stuff. LaMarcus Joyner all those guys got the franchise tags placed on them now and Jon Jarvis slandering and not Jarvis Landry takeaway we're. Repeat your mistakes young man no I don't I feel it is the only chargers spirits showed up due to will fess up folk pay out of those four guys I mentioned. If they become free agents next here who would you like to see the Panthers per perhaps pursue also organ to revisit. Dan Norwalk skis. Sound bite if you will from a Cam Newton and plus civil gets you set up floor. The interview with the Rosenthal from nfl.com shows those first name Gregg Gregg Rosenthal to tease I actually suggest identity and a good new members for yes. Or. Denim. So a Rosenthal has AG's that is a list of the top 32 running backs in the NFL so it's football talk next it's a mid day and WS frenzied powered by ortho Carolina. It can't watch it. Or here it's like we've seen. He's willing to be Clark and more often than not the promotional will be easier to clean it. He thought I try to free that like this it's meant that a positive way it feels great quarterbacks is being a Feller or. They play boring football weekend we'll speak out I don't think he early he taught her free. Overheard. Jennifer Garner I don't think we are seeing are things oak cliff so our ports so what often enough. Camping we take that fixed that's not what you need good people who grow more. So fittingly the first Clarke central little bit more I think oracle oh well. Jacob did. Koskie from the NFL network commenting yesterday. In an interview would will myself in regard to Cam Newton nor Los skis comments. That's some folks were up. And sweater. Prior to do them really here and all the entire. Being out but I can I knew that would happen and I I mean I think it was pretty simple as I think they you know Dan says you know basically saying. Cam just you know do what you do and don't worry about some of the other stuff. We tended of their own we hit we didn't hear something that either we knew we latch on to really like or something that we don't like and then we kind of tune out some of the customs of the conversation sometimes but I had damaged making a boy and then went on to explain what he was saying so again. Read all saying listen the holdings sometimes before you jump on the Twitter and like the guy up. But he also stated another thing we got some folks revved up and anytime you mentioned cams name we realize it's gonna get people revved up. Saying that can't do it or lost he says he doesn't need to look at the I'm box scores from your top cornerbacks Brees and Brady and maybe you know Matt Ryan or some other ones. Because he knows it's gonna basically be the same thing each week in regard to cam he said. I'm not so sure about that. Yeah I mean you it we kind of see that right was jam over the kind of wild variances between one week to the next sometimes that's one of the things that fans and coaches are trying to like to see a little more consistency with KM. To do what the defense is giving you an. NYT he needs season to take advantage every two weeks there's gonna be as weeks where he runs a little bit more where maybe he doesn't mean it can't doesn't always have to throw the ball thirty plus times again because the Panthers who have played. Traditionally last he sees little bit differently sometimes and they rely on defense run the Baltimore met might this be the season though the those box score start to look a little more like that. Well you know we heard should you you know Norv Turner saying we got I had you know improve on the peaks and valleys wealth as we all know the nfl.com likes their lists. Coming up at 1215 Gregg Rosenthal from nfl.com. With his list of the top 32 running backs in the NFL well. Earlier this weekly nfl.com win another list. And it. This wine. Is. Listening the most consistent quarterbacks. Of 2017. And drum roll please. Take one hour or not. Thank you writer Seth. Who do you think on their list was number one for most inconsistent quarterback of 2007. Team. Well and it was just around spirit grind it. The number one. Well it can't. Andrea Estes. Hard to believe. One camera new enlisted by nfl.com is their most inconsistent quarterback do you does have a team now here's what they based of that criteria and we need criteria. They based list on. Every week to week quarterback rating. And by using this metric. I'm not sure. You know what they mean is he had the most inconsistent. Peaks and valleys almost. I guess in getting to ignore herbs. Comments the other day and the assault on network on radio and Campbell the least. Consisted quarterback last season when they 41 point one average. Week to week change in passer rating. Yeah I knew him best thing you would like deceit that. Those margins shrink a little bit right not not such a big week to week change if you mean but that's frustrating for fans it's frustrating for the team sometimes the coaching staff. Fantasy guys out there. If you roll and I have our role with cam knew or not I don't new director Harold I don't do fancy football and I had to stop a couple of years ago I guess you I found that I I couldn't really enjoy the game as much. And watching it was taking over my library for supper some of what helps them enjoy the game watched the game differently from me I just sit down and not more wasn't helping to know I just straight up again. Trust but but for fancy people can't give me those kind of numbers you're talking about to be very frustrating. I would imagine some big match ups but sometimes that's not that doesn't help is not the match up it's just that particular day and isn't the protection and is it other things is what the defense gives those the questions that you know. You've got to dig a little deeper your coaching staff and your near north turner you're trying to figure out how I helped this kid out on. I help this guy who has this enormous upside enormous potential and not just because he's a great athlete he's a big guy cam can play the visas or quarterback. Another semi semi doctor go now. And he can't. He say those words if we get worked up he's got all the tools. NASA came maniacs just remember what they're basing this on. It is week to week differential and passer rating so it's just one metric it doesn't mean. Anything more than what the numbers say now others listed ask your cam is most inconsistent. Came David Carr. Dak press Scott lake bore holes Alex Smith so will. Name me the five listed as most consistent based on an average week to week. Quarterback rating. I zero B a names that that we all know are we had talked about how well done AP Hillary usually is a Rogers OK you guys. One of them correct kind of Drew Brees is the most consider out of nine and that does not surprise me Alger Drew Brees is is a machine. Number sure who. Might surprise you a little bit might just slow. Oh same and does Mara yeah Matt Ryan Ryan exist yet very consistent. Ben Roethlisberger Roethlisberger. Is me a little bit not powerful are. You can win a ton of Beers Sosa and mark Jacoby were set. Up. Yes sometimes you forget the I mean I play I like to order to Kobe personally who did this list. Some do it in nfl.com. OB percent. This man but it was consistent. And then number five was Carson points. Now. Which one of these kids is doing his own things and I thought I'm about yourself. And also the TM maniacs are gonna like this John DeLong from cat scratch reader. A win this horrible on the name would this rebuttal to this inconsistency lists in he says along says. It stands to reason but the more frequently a quarterback throws the ball deep. The lord his accuracy rate will be and thus affect. He is. Overall QB are. Cam struggled a bit put his accuracy throwing the ball within five yards a line of scrimmage but. He was terrific in every other range she was the second most accurate quarterback in the league. In the eleven to twenty yard range and eighth most accurate I'm pas is to travel more. Then twenty yards in the air so it's going to be interesting is we continue to wonder aloud. What Norv Turner is gonna do this offense if cams gonna continue to chalk it up there we believe. That's one reason they brought the speed in there and so. I think a lot of these numbers for cam are gonna I think to consistencies. Going to be there. And would I say it's gonna be better a good to be improved in so a lot of these things. That were complaining and griping and others have lists on that are negative in regard to camp I truly think 365 days from now. A lot of these national guys necessarily are gonna have. These things to Petit came about were gonna be saying he was improved here improve there I'd be very stunned if it if we're not having that discussion here sucks. Artists who keep them binder of all these articles so we can call these people and we should recall about that we do in the next offseason diocese riders I don't know much. I just looked a little bit I don't know that we are kidding on that but the thing is I think you guys as as a fan. Consistency. Is what you want you know and and kids being consistently good not consistently bad I know browns fans the price and allied consistency six. I think it's no different the patriots are the Steelers facility and a note you've seen it end and you like. Wanna know what you're getting from quarterback as a team as a fan. And like you'd like to think that that's what I get week in and week out obviously there's going to be out liar in the office the off week. The bad game so to speak but as though sometimes we feel like it's older rollercoaster ride. Was jam. 2015 and people don't don't go to military attacks until we stop talk much when shooting because I'm never do. It's not gonna happen and the fact that because that's what we see we know what it can be. And we know that cam can be consistently. Pretty darn good not great. And I think came realizes that as well and and we will and I both realized there are dropped passes that come into play here. Wide receiving corps that we all. Leonard hammy buildings are tech's last topic because hot so yeah. On the building senator Tex lined texture hate mail liner was the most consistent averaging five yard 80% completion. Either that or golfers and we also had more pictures and hot tubs with the women than any other quarterback in the league desist yeah that's that's for sure so yeah. Again just just telling you the folks at an avoca dot com. Throw out there and so well we'll continue to discuss this says this to you guys so many. This is right and we have another list to discuss when we come back gates in regard to the NFL running backs and also want to pass along registered today. For the seventeenth annual 24 hours of duty July 27. Stars are right and take Ryan on this script it says July 27 dash 26 shouldn't be July 26. Dashed when he seven. Probably. 26 27. Myers park is safe fun family event offers those impacted by cancer in goes towards resource is for fighters survivors and their families 24 hours of booty include cycling and walking events. For all ages and skill levels given deet tails a WS Lindsay dot com under events it's a big day and WFAZ. Powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard will Kennedy will dread back. This hour. Powered by Ford go Carolina. On here. Towards the lunch hour on this Tuesday edition of mid day on WFANZ. Flag. Your way this joke our it will Kennedy would you. Just finished our daily Cam Newton to. Yeah they admit they always turns that discussion about he hears a unnamed texts are coming in port technique least inconsistent passing performance eight years in the league and still throwing off his back foot. We all watch it we don't we all can bring down the tape we get that that that is what Tim does and sometimes. Steps into a throw and you're like wow can we do that every time. And other times are so much is so there's there's part of that consistency in the Texas thank you can't have. Has the ability to carry a team that honestly is the team even gave him a little. Little to him he'd be incredible help I'm assuming the Texas a and M that's what we're saying they're bringing in those pieces now that into the draft some pieces DJ Moore Chris McCaffery. Secret Samuel what he kemba Colin in neighboring and some of these other pieces to try to supplement this offense around camp. And so I think we're at where we can't say that they're not doing anything off itself came anymore they are. And I think win Norv Turner. Now here in his mentioned. Throughout the week. That width cam is I think going to have the feeling. That he's not going to need to do is much and I think sometimes in years past and maybe even sometimes last season. You know cam gets into a situation where maybe you know we got to get to where eight. You know a punt is is not a bad thing. I just you know grind it out a little bit but you don't don't foresee it and I think cam is getting better in regard to that and I think it'll be even better this year. Doesn't wanna celebrated just I can't really likes to celebrate it does that's part of we as the personality the joy exuberant you know he wants to give the football the kid and in the crowd he wants to lose in new thing on the sideline to the dance everything so. Yeah I think and every quarterback or his salt is like that they he EC and we we've seen Tom Brady Drew Brees all the they air Rogers go over and argue. Was there head coach offensive coordinator about you know let me go for this. You know but but yet there is discretion is valor kind of thing chuck where sometimes is the right thing you do is to punt the right thing to do is to throw the ball away. And live to fight another day and not try to force a pass in there and throw an interception or you're scramble and you have to turn over but I am I believe. Because of who he is physically. And the gifts that god has given and he feels like he can make every play. I'll take that in my quarterback. I'll take that my quarterback over overly cautious sometimes and maybe doesn't have the tools game manager all like kind of things you can win a championship. With the with the trend over we've seen happen. But the weekend we got here and year out he's got to have a guy that can go out there make some plays out and make things happen Cam Newton can certainly do that. Yeah I think I've come around to this fact that. Earlier in his career I was trying to make KM. In two. A Drew Brees and Tom Brady Jim Kelly Dan Marino and he's just never going to be that. And who knows maybe his consistency. For his passer rating does go up and down but I do think it's going to improve because Norv Turner is gonna make. You know I think Norv Turner has made the case that. You know he is doing things. Debt easily can be changed to improve those numbers and is the passer rating the be all end all. I don't nobody seems to be a fairly. Accurate number. Two Corley. Success. In a lot of the same things were said about you missed about a quarter right names they're gay union members try to make camp pocket passing these changes he needs to change that extend his career to be better. A lot of the same things that we see that are being said I can or send us DVR. You know when he when he got his league when he came relief from the USFL you know back to Joseph Montana got his chance he doesn't stay in the pocket long enough he scrambles too much he relies on his legs all the same kind of things. Ron Amadon is a great runner. I mean top there was Tim bigger guy than you think and yeah and he's settled into his career Ron Amadon still use those tools his legs and some other things and be able to throw on the run to make things happen anyone Super Bowl. That way and had a great career so you know will KM. Develops and other. Tricks in his arsenal a few other things probably saw over the next couple years but I think we all kind of wait for it and where it's almost like waiting for it all happened at one time. It's a gradual process. Texture to say this by the way I wish I get off my back to elect a subtle equitable in my arm up. Yeah I mean I think you know I don't think we'll see as much as that of video throwing off the back foot as we've seen. Because I think camel have better pocket presence. Under the tutelage of Norv Turner and we all assume offensive line play. May be slightly improved so yeah it's all coming together and again. For the Cham many maniacs out there we were simply you know going over a US debt. It'll really reveals her show is. You know the peaks and valleys and Norv Turner was talking about earlier in the week. A little bit of that country largely free of charge Texas says cantor of his back foot and all 2015 took us to a Super Bowl you can't teach him bow legged person to walk straight. Helen pointed terrorist camps those like camp the Texas says. Good deal we're gonna continue this Panthers discussion coming up at the top of the hour Gregg Rosenthal. Now has his a list of the top 32 running backs. In the NFL so will discuss that and get you up set up for Greg who'll join us at 1215 that's coming up in the next segment and still to come on today's show we're gonna be joined by Mike. Williams former. Former at Clemson tiger. And Mike Williams now with the Los Angeles chargers. Drafted day in the first round last year Mike has a football camp coming up here we also are gonna talk Greg McIlroy to. Get set for some SEC media day topic in discussion. And the ACC media days are coming up here in Charlotte tomorrow so we're heading to the top of the hour. Stick around with a soapy have a good lunch hour planned and hoping he'll spend it would thus. It's chuck Howard will Kennedy. Two hours of this fun and merriment to come statements.