Midday On WFNZ: Is This Panthers Team A Playoff Team?

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Tuesday, June 19th
Patrick Creighton discuss whether or not the Panthers look like a Playoff team.

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This is WFAN seen. Powered by ortho Carolina. Here's Patrick great. Pearl Jam on a Tuesday I can do Pearl Jam on Tuesday. But straight winning here all the fans. 70457096. And we're going to have some fun today and and by phone and we're gonna talk sports are gonna talk shenanigans. And we're gonna get into other things that may or may not make you comfortable or uncomfortable we're gonna start where this one. The Panthers are not gonna make the playoffs as presently constructed. That's not even my statement. Arnold Russia be proud about that and opera does not even my statement that the Panthers are not going to make the playoffs as presently constructed. Is Las Vegas a statement. And this is the updated odds. To win the NFC. And the updated odds to win the NFC. Have the Carolina Panthers. Not third down force not fifth not six not even ninth or tenth. In the NFC at 21. Tenth. That is behind the Dallas Cowboys who. I mean we're talking yesterday about the Panthers wide receiving corps. And when Dez Bryant be defeated for the Panthers to give them one more guy. You know who can who can move change one more guy who's reliable one more guy who draws double teams I talked to the defensive coordinator in the league last night. And he said to me even at this stage right now Dez Bryant commands a double team. And whether you believe he's still as good as as he won't he once was or is close enough to being as good as he once was. The fact that he demands a double team means everybody else get some comforts. Does he play single high safety and he's getting the double team you want your speed guy I on the other side because there's nobody up high. It's their plan to lie safety you put some big on the same side. And he vertigo one guy wrong now he's got to make a decision to like go deeper rush say tight you know which one in which decision to wind they called guys make a lot of mistakes and we have to make decisions like that. But the cowboys have won eight who married now who was the cowboys' best receiver Jason Witten. I'm pretty sure that that's Stockton north to ship right. The giants are ahead of the Panthers. Last seen Eli Manning was under a pile of other cult other colored jerseys because. The giants' offensive line was sealed. The 49ers I guess Jimmy never lose is going to continue to never lose. Because the 49ers. Are ten to one. And the Panthers are one evil. So do you buy that the Panthers are are out of the play offs. Is is a playoff team to you and if they are playoff team T wire they playoff team team if they're not a playoff team to you what's the move. That you want them tell meek. So that they will be a playoff team. Now yesterday I said Dez Bryant and I stood on this team you give Cam Newton another weapon. You make all the other receivers better because you add a guy who's that good and yes I know Jason Witten retire that. The whole reason why he said that's not gonna work this here. That was that was the point. On the as as we get to love some things here on the building senate tax line. That was the point. Howard stay ahead of the Panthers. And you don't we just are we're telemann ends ago I'm I'm a global New York. Our group brings the giants. If you said to me right now giants vs Panthers on a football game today neutral fields who's gonna win. It's probably not the giants. Now understand it pains me to say that. New don't get much from a sports pain. Then there's sports fan I understand that pat has been comfortable to have one. Oh points roof. Yeah a lot you have a lot of opens first first go around second goal hasn't gone so. We did answer whose fault that insulate Iraq. But most of all the Panthers as presently constructed do you like this team enough to think that. They're actually going. Through the playoffs. Ten dollars us and Eric Green Dez didn't. Two guys I pointed out yesterday here you're on the money Eric Reed best available safety is Brian best available live to see you feel into roles MM dot. Ma'am and I'm not working I'm not worried about you right now if you look at the Panthers salary cap it's a vulnerable is not a whole lot of money you can always make money. You can always make money guys get restructured guys get extended. Stuff gets converted to two bonus monies there's always ways to make money work and this time of the seas. And nobody getting signed at this time of the year is getting big bucks. So world talk and contracts that are. Dollar bingo war slightly above dollar banged up so needed cash fact there isn't necessarily something that you need to worry about you know it's ten million dollars. That's you look at the full. So where do you stand with the Panthers for America's. You know right now if I said to you where do you wish you see the Panthers end just in the context of their own division. Do you are used or you look at them into the third best team in the division and you look at them as they enter better than Atlanta. Are you looking at the Baz as you know on par or better with the saints. Do you consider the saints lost in the playoffs last year to be flew key because of the way they lost from that awful missed tackle. I don't even know what I was trying to hit. Or you're looking down and say well you know once. They got a lot of production from mobile a lot of young guys and let's see majority. Let's see Drew Brees the great again only to his method is a great quarterback but when his father time finally catch. Follows I'm gonna catch everybody right. We'll last year at this time Tom Brady some prominent play five more years. Now last trees finally gotten rid Jimmy ground below and it's just came against Bill Belichick. Well you know the end is coming and I'm not entirely sure win. When we're gonna get that excellent I got my first who has just Yankee text. I can't believe it took two days. I'm really and I'm a little disappointed. That it took two days shouldn't shouldn't the fact and I you know I am delighted. Why do you think I have our whole our New York accent or what where we're on the scale of things do you rate my accent. I haven't picked it up it's not it's not that strong I mean there wasn't time it was very strong. Before I went to Houston five years ago. I had previously. Talked with program director in Houston the year before. And when they hired me five years ago this won't be noticed there was a that you had made a conscious effort to. Soften your accent from the year before the uniforms in Atlanta right so the first three months that I was on the radio and Atlanta. There wasn't you know what I said it was. Is this Yankee on the radio but at. So there was this the process of trying to make it wasn't all awhile back I sounds like he's from New York no it was like. There wasn't even while they got sounds just from Brooklyn know that guy sounds like you some she said they have 123 NF Truex hit manga called it a Yankee the other day. Cult called a Yankee the other day there for a while what happened. I remember the context but just took the Chicago and listen I guess for some reason someone combing Yankee Internet. Now. I don't take a sense of the term Yankee I've come to to just embrace and as that's just a term for anybody from. From from anywhere Norse anywhere north anywhere bolt hole. It's considered the north. In Houston. You guys are so aware what is the line of duplication. For Yankee is it. You know it's like you know when you crossed the Mason Dixon line is it. Anybody north of Texas is that anybody north Dallas. And allied militant buddy north of Huntsville which is about an hour north of Houston so I. I'm like okay that's just what it's gonna date a. That's just what it's going to be it was funny. So I know why I just accept what it's going to be. I'm a yes hi I am in fact the yankees' first time case in Charlotte. I used to work for company that was based at Charlotte in 2003. It'd be chased me down here twice. There was. Jerrold portion the company who was really hot and liked law. And then I never soaring thanks and came back and so now. You know that being said of millionaires as being the offensive line for Carolina's veneman the most of the teams. OK not bad. Almost beat the saints a third string receivers. Okay but that's not necessary for outside the realm of possibility and and that's why again we're talking about. We're we're talking about you know is is Dez Bryant and on this team. Do you trust that doesn't fund just the second half of last year that he is now going to be able to build on that we better than he was a year ago become a true number one or you wanna give more help. Because right now he's not the most help he has is he wrote to. No matter how held the rookie is he. 95%. Of the time the rookie does not TV he's not going to be a totally ball mark you'll want. There's a learning curve for rookie wide receivers again. Even beyond very happens patty learning curve by the way DeAndre Hopkins thirteenth on the NFL top 100. One spot behind looked equally. It isn't done drums while the five best receivers in the NFL and he had to learn anchor. So just think that there isn't going to be one it's not realistic. Would it be would it be nice if he bought status first year like like OB JH shore but it's unlikely. It's extremely unlikely. Thank you big time Timmy Jim appreciate you what I'm Jersey listeners we always appreciate those acts. People from Jersey understand loyalty. Because if they don't understand loyalty they wind up you know all the twentieth Peter. New York I just happens. So get to him. Also for the Panthers. What moves they need to make what moves you think they need to make the coming up next is this what his soon to be the hornet's fake. On fan. Out by ortho Carolina. And so he's got to. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. I assume it is on the defensive stop by the Carolina on Dutch Creighton where there this morning it's still morning. You know yesterday. I had the other early flight they came in excel or delayed for an hour. So. The flight was supposedly define AM the airports an hour and a half from my house. So I got a song playing arm's gonna get up to 2 AM and then I'll get onto the plane so. I as song yes there's a first my daughter was. Having a meltdown my bones just turned eleven had a meltdown that I'm leaving because I just on the constantly cup finals. And similar daddy can't leave again so she was having a meltdown plus her brother's awaited summer camp so. Her everybody's leave. Then my wife decided she was gonna talk my era asked for an hour. Like finally it's a course ultimately you realize that. I need to be a point two hours. Oh sorry would you really June given three hours rank as you gotta go with me. Oh sorry. So I just as I feel like I'm finally getting to bed my dog decides is gonna have a sneezing attack and sneezed like fifteen cents. The good old sneeze for fifteen minutes. How was it even possible putting the dog's face to go give us more bull. But at that point it's its twelfth courtesy you know what I give up I'm not gonna get nicely so I just base and stayed up the whole night. Down on the plane solidify probably don't six. Lane Italy 940 awesome adorn your 1015 yesterday. And last night. I guess I finally felt the after effects of that because I was trying to watch I was trying to wash draw last night. And I wanna say no like 830. I must've been faced down a pillow somewhere because I don't remember anything that happened last night. At all I must adjust completely crashed. I feel a shelter my age last night. Which as of yesterday is now. My daughter want to know what I dismember tasks and I slipped and. That's that's please ask you rock hard that's how you party hard for 4540 you're obviously producer. All right now there is a report out right now. From Ben standing at the sports catalog com. Goes like this. The wizards are open to trading down from fifteen overall and Thursday's draft. If another team takes on one of there expiring contracts. They've got five players have expiring contracts including arcing or talk who you may remember. On Dwight Howard was doing the imitation of standing and bending dose. And marquis Morris gore Todd is thirteen and a half million dollars. So the wizards are basically willing to sell the fifteen pick. To move down on the draft to somebody will take thirteen and a half million dollars awful their hands. And the first since he came to mind was while is that going to be is that going to be the hornets. Are they gonna find themselves in a situation. Whether it's this year whether it's next year. Are they gonna have to sell first round pick. A loser Contra. Because for an air salary cap to be where it is and that seemed to be what they are the most things don't tell us the last along. A Lebanese and electricity disappears when this team loose have a positive. Point differential. To have a positive point differential in the ten games under 500. It's kind of like missing 27 straight threes and a finals game in in the Western Conference finals if it's practically impossible to miss that many. It's practically impossible be ten under. And heavy positive point differential. So we know there are going to be changes that are there have to be changes. But how do you how do you go about. How is that can't gonna come about. The idea of trading Kemba Walker. If it's if you wall are. Zero wanna stand that there's no way can't hurt. Because he's the guy you draft that's actually panned out. He's the guy who has been as advertised. Frank Kaminsky has been well. Okay. Her role player he looks like Steve Novak he hits threesome just nothing else. They know they're gonna need to get more randomly month. The only young players they have on the team now Cody Zeller and KG. You're not excited about and and its. Fur fur is. But because the money you own you obits from because on the money. Yo Dwight Howard because the money you oh Mark Williams because some money okay Cody Zeller. Usually you're gonna have to sell first round pick to lose money. Because none of those guys had any kind of be value. That you could utilize. Two to escape. Escape death that. Onerous. Commitment financially. To build a better team. Power still wants to play post up basketball he duke is not a very good post a player. He's terrific on the pick general but it doesn't want to accept that as a role that was from the news and anyone except as a brawl. Marvin Williams seemed to stump for good. They assume you're going to have a couple years ago went to his before his last year in Portland he looked like she was a guy. Who was gonna become an impact wing. Three indeed type guy. Shooting well from three gives you points gives you boards to assist plays terrific defense. Now we can't shoot. In today's NB AE champion till Wendy winning. Zeller is I had news oral. Role players aren't supposed to make thirteen and a half million dollars. He's got these onerous deals. And is is it a situation where you know it's gonna be a couple of years before you can escape. All these things so let's stockpile draft picks now. Let's take the eleven. Let's trade tampering with the aid if we get the eight. You feel like that's equitable is that is that equitable. To you do you deadly getting fair value. If you trade kemba city eight picked do you think that that is a fair value. Do you think Michigan more young let's take somebody. Chemists they controlled nine dollars and take somebody back in that range in that range. Your options are. Torre Clarkson. Would you trade kemba for the eight and Jordan Clarkston. Wouldn't trade kemba for these eight and JR Smith. Yes JR Smith who doesn't know what's the score is and doesn't know what how much time is left but. The advantage of Smith's over Jordan Clarkson and and is that you really kinda only only one year. JRX 147. This year. And is now a four million dollar buyout. For the following. Clark some sawing two more years point six million dollars. So JR you could be rid off. After this season may be some other team out there would take JR for a hands on it and maybe you can convert that into law. A late first means second round pick whatever it is that you read a is that is that a deal that works for you. And the reason I say sucks and again you chemist the one guy. He is the one guy you can hang your hat off. Do you really want trader you're in you're own you're all star before you get to do. But now might be good if if you get the eight Ryan do you like these eight and either Jordan Clarkson or JR Smith. For Kemba Walker said that an equitable trade free. No because. I think it with the draft is such a crapshoot they're taking a risk anyway. I think we JR Smith I think we learn in the playoffs that he's he's liability. Is he guided it hurts people around him and he's not really an SS 20 you're not making history cannot make it this trade because they are major team Obama yeah but yeah. But I'd rather have cat I'd love in that situation I'd rather live and die by kemba. Live and I just your your delegates. You're gonna hold that. I'm at some better play and the fourth quarter yeah I'm. Do we make a difference of those ten games or score occur for a left obvious to talk for months about now just that they've been benched the bench depth of this team was just nonexistent my Michael Hart Williams gave you nothing last year you know Campbell was skit was gassed by the fourth quarter. You know the the bench was was was all minuses in terms of production like I feel like if this play as if this team can go out and with the eleventh pick coming your own moving up three spots and I'm. May be getting a higher higher caliber player from moving up from two to eight for Malone not not. Moving up cutting bolts are having both having both see you trading kemba straight up for the eighth and then either and JR Smith again because. You can get rid of him because this contract essentially is one year. Or Jordan Clarkson the Jordan Clarkson is two years. 26 million that's. Maybe that changes things all good but again if you're doing that your your essentially saying that you're you're going to American assay tank bigger not to be good refer at least 23 years I think you know the what happened last redon the missiles is a pipe dream it doesn't happen every year. Now that's it I mean. Maybe your putting all your troops are putting all your chips which is re your developing these players but I don't but I don't see it as a respite for success I feel like you've and that and that the weren't made the snow last year they're only gonna drinkable walker lest they got something. In something of that caliber player in return. Well now becomes where are you where do you put that caliber. Of return. Because this is is adding whoever you might add at at eight. Is that going to be what you considered good enough. On return the plane that you think you could land. Eight. Is that going to be good enough on return when did that and how you know what this is like just some morals LeBron. And I am trying so hard not to let that ruin my summer. And failing and trying. It's next. That's straight this May Day is on. Lindsay about my ortho Carolina as we were missing a strange phenomenon. Which is. People calling the radio station to the idea of opinion or give feedback her or ask questions but they're afraid to come on here. And they'll they'll ask Ryan. He. What about this what about that but then is it okay you'll on the. A new Iran. Me and got a free of. And don't clear me now don't. Don't consider myself that big bully that you can't come on the radio. Record by. Well I mean none do now. A man it's okay if you do a mean and moved perfectly except that in today's society but. Personally known doctor Biden did. Several more 57096. Dan. If he gets sentimental shot eight. You never go see you don't you miss 100% of their shots you don't take so come on. Boring it don't don't call O'Brien and say hey can I ask you question but like don't put me on the Erica summit giant chicken no call and get on. It dude. Carolina pool tables Twitter feed Carolina pulled tables plus dot com they got one year's experience here in Charlotte they had the knowledge the know how to educate you and your family on indoor use tools available for your buying their local experts don't tricks no gimmicks just on the honest answers to all your questions 4440 bodies independence boulevard also have a location in Columbia Carolina pool tables plus. Dot com on the need to underline. I love that we we got from sales in. Which is he says as long as he got Cam Newton. And jiggling their playoff contender if the Panthers signed. Eric Reed worried 28 team playoff lock. Thus the falcons saints and Bucs can suck it. And the difference class. Love that that glory. And you know her career as a guy boy that and I don't know how. Bad guy isn't sign. Balls on the whole point of the new. Handsome rules input by the NFL. To take that whole thing off the sauce and nothing can complain about nobody is going to be kneeling on the Sime. They really don't stand there and stay the hell in the locker. Now tell me who the obvious issue with that is. So instead of the cameras panning the sideline to see who's milling they're gonna pan on the sideline to see who's not care. Whatever you don't have to see it isn't that like 90% of the issues yes see I don't see. But Eric Green said he was so I'll stop the demonstrations. Won't do any of that type of stuff. Just give me a job these one of the best safeties in the league yes no you want to or not. He's probably sign and really shape. Now everybody is. No one. Then there is not one team in the NFL that is not better if they signers agree. I want. And that's. You know we did not bother Mike Tyson buttons are bit it's. That is. That is from the buildings and attacks on it didn't bother Mike Tyson abided dude that's true but I'm not Mike nobody is kicking my ass right now or I'm so scared that I have to buy the do you. So I showed up. Ryan is far enough away from that is not trying to hit you with anything I'm not trying to hit him with with anything there's a board members tax on between CC's my enforcer to the gas so you know and I'm not gigabyte to two by four to the stats that's just a losing proposition all the way around. But you know it's just not even a week ago I had to go to that just didn't get like one of those teeth cleaning so for the next two days in your mouth hurts. So definitely not trying to bite would that be bad and these are bad. Gonna pass on. I'm trying really hard not to let LeBron james' remarks on. All I didn't you eventually just to burn out from talking about the same thing over and over again. And I think about what we do mean so much of what's portrayed there was transportation. So much of what you guys listen to. Is just different voice is giving you another take another spin on a variation. On one is essentially the same topic. And every now and then we'll get a little bit more news on it then you could put a different span and already it creates. A new angles he had a different take off for the most part we talk about the same things is just different guys demand different. Different. Fuels on. We can talk about LeBron James all day you mean Ryan Taxol will all have different opinions. And we just about all day. Just as it is there's that many of but if we're gonna do that every day from now until you know whenever he finally makes a decision in July. And I'm gonna won and covered a story seen big. Because what my brains in the oozing out and here's. He wants about the same thing all day long is the saga that never rants. And there are so many reports of oh you don't LeBron LeBron showing up here. Oh the bronze kit go this is registered for a school in California according to Gary Payton. LeBron those allegedly in Houston looking at the religion in school which is probably an even half. I'm Gloria James shopping with her clothes in this small in any town USA. So he's clearly going to leave Rochester Americans admit they're there so many BS stories out there. Or stories just don't mean anything. And you have to Parse all out because social media just gives everything a platform. To the Internet. Everything has a platform it all gets thrown in there and a mash mosh and you've got to weed out what makes sense and what doesn't. And if LeBron is not coming to your team do you care where he goats. But as a hornets fan are you going to be ticked off if LeBron goes civilly courts. Would you be ticked off he went to the six X. Would you be ticked off before to trade to Houston if he goes to the Celtics but when we're what do. Does the line of demarcation troll hornets fan only where LeBron James goes and you just did you don't give a flying rat's tail one way or the other just. Shut the hell up about a what we are you act with guts. Why we're where you at. Wish LeBron James have you have you already reached the Max Q with wanting to see your. About the projects yes and the fact gonna have to deal with it for about another month or so. And have. Basically all of NBA free agency kind of be held up Florida it's it's kind of annoying as sports and well although from a content perspective I'm a little happy about it because then we can milk it for as long as. And it got to speak to the whole thing to be said about repetition but yeah I wanted to be ever want to be the band aid. Want to be a realist you know old George my kit I can't imagine what people enclave like we had Nicholson what your last week he does nights in Cleveland like I can't imagine. What you know what's going up on up there especially when they have other sports talk about. Like we'll be here we just have the hornets in the and the answer is ready to talk about you know you liason. Let's not only age about how bad the Indians their plan correct. 102 wins last year remember and barely 500 this year. You know luckily when Paul George and it's pulled George not a huge player in the NBA and we are not talking about him at all right. We talked about coli Leonard the day eight. That he made his trade request and so a little bit yesterday while others Horry on the back burner. Because on hasn't even been mentioned it's like he doesn't exist. Because of LeBron. And yeah I did even the LeBron stuff you know Cole Bronson is going to be the Golden State. Really. We just wants to what is it Holcomb about. Is gonna go rap song that has something to do what you know him and stadiums the world and what does it do. Am going around the Bay Area have been invested a couple IT companies and I put this pat what are they think they're gonna do there's no possible way they could sign him. And the poor baby giving the opener trailing the cavs really our goal seek Kevin Loney and Patrick McCall. And not a Tony 191. Well Dan that's a big yuck I'm. It's it's hardly be justice there's so many. There're so many stories that come out and you have to Parse out which ones are nonsense. You know held out you know when Simpson go well you know he's he's gonna talk to Gregg Popovich all how this Burris. Signing LeBron James and what do they do. What does the spurs offer. You can take Patty Mills and you know I do what they were offering to get LeBron James. There's only capsaicin. Trade in it becomes difficult to to take some of these things seriously. And when your when when you're going through these it's like Arnold is if you wanna stand. This is it like just don't go to the lakers because that's like and an affront to every one. But how many players to the lakers get to usurp from the rest of the league just because well there's a lakers. I mean I don't need to seal lakers win another title pretty much effort. I'm I'm good but the lakers. Uncle when the lakers on the go to the bulls those two teams never have to win again it's. Aren't so. How would you want you fourteen. To handle an awkward situation. Like this one next. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Smith is on the gas and save rabbi ortho Carolina attach great wins here this afternoon. And 7045709610. I wanna know. How would you wish if you were team owner how would you handle the situation. If you were player on the team. How would you handle situation. You know if it as a fan of a local team if this happens. To your team. How would you want them to handle it. So we we've seen like them don't some weird stuff go down. Via social media or at the whole thing with which Bryan Colangelo on the Barnard counts and you know he's basically talking smack about Brett brown is talking smack about jewel indeed he's talking smack about Ben Simmons and you know than they were stuff that went back to his days in Toronto went. If you're like me and you do not buy for 12. That oh yeah I I never told my wife or anything but. She is really the one who ran all these burner counts and and I had nothing to do with it if you believe that I've got a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you cheap. She's taken the faltering. This is you know ran on the Roger Clemens playbook of old bulls aren't Mott I thought my age GA stats that's my wife says daddy's. She played. You know she played the the good wife son and took hit for his legacy. In on between the high ankle Angelos wife and Bryan Clay Angelos dad Jerry who's one of the most. Powerful agents in the game. Threatening Philadelphia hey you you go after my kid anymore and am. And over whenever relationship your hat. They allowed him to resign with the east these shenanigans and yes a slight. So do the Twitter stuff from me don't we had this is Katie a couple of years ago with the burner twitters I actually got him to tweet at me with one of his Bernard Twitter at choir sultan. Got a tweet at me with one of his Bernard Twitter accounts. So. Here's here's the situation now from the NHL. Where the Ottawa Senators. Had. A left where Mike Coffman. Crews girlfriend. Was at the center. Of and a Twitter issue his girlfriend famous moniker Carrick. And wolf multiple. Layers and their wives. Believe that. She is. Underwrote a doom and assuming him on Twitter. Harassing them online. So mom Melinda Carlson. And you know for for her she is. Eric Carlson's wife are Carlson's of the best player on the team. Believes that. Mitt miss Carrick was basically tweeting out things that. She want her dead. She wanted to hurt you know unborn child day and she wanted somebody to take out her husband's legs and in this career. And other players and players' lives on the team believe that it's it's Monica Tarek gets its Kaufman's girlfriend. So today these senators traded. Mike Cox. They traded him basically. For her blade fifty cents on the dollar. And it trimmed San Jose Ferrer sort Michael bunker. On defense and Julius birdman and sixth round draft. They gave away or a productive player. Again I'm out of the locker room. Because his girlfriend. Is a problem. How would you want your team to handle. Would you want your team did just trade him we don't even care what he danced just just get rid of personally I'm more fan of the you've seen full metal jacket Iran. SF timed the bad but he gets a soccer bar soap and he'll be to crack. But I recipes early term off dude I am so sad to sarge. Is no longer with us. So dear sir. What's your name scum bags. That that movie isn't really has to pass is the beginning and end the boot camp and then Vietnam. Can't really if that was the movie and it ended with a shotgun Paul. It's still firestorm of just boom right there over. And an item in perfect with that because the rest the movies just outside of me love you long time really goes to torment. Isn't the boot the boot camp's office just is just incredible allow that stuff but how would you want your team the ten handle that. One really get a code red. Or just get rid of from. The notion they'll get to take on the led to the hockey net mentally fire pucks Adam. Stand him in front of the pitching machine inhabit launch at nine him on how baseball's Adam. You know what does that. Happy Gilmore style stand in front of the machine. It's sort of sorted court. Is that. How would you want to handle it. Hanson Brothers is put on the soil and I what would I wouldn't go through that girl should. It's crazy the things we don't want because of social media. Anti we thought it was bad you know with sun. Was with Miami when the offensive line was taken on more on the other offensive lineman. Down it made me they call them names they don't cry about it. This is like just totally next level social media stuff. Always say you know colleges and just just take just they take the phone six Twitter take at least it'll. Proteins to do stuff like that. All right how would you feel if Thursday's NBA draft bill was down lied. This it's the next middays on the fan powered by ortho Carolina.