Midday On WFNZ: The Observer's Katie Peralta Weighs In On The Business Implications Of New Panthers Ownership

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Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck Howard and Will Kennedy discuss the possible changes for the Panthers and the city of Charlotte under new owner David Tepper. Charlotte Observer's Katie Peralta shared her thoughts. 

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Weeks he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy at chuck power. First again by announcer guy. Beauty before age. Is that what I was here acts. You don't have got a little being left stick it again. Number I did my the tapped and Twitter yesterday when my butt. Out and everybody was saying chuck where easier or chest hair. Like a newborn babies. The definitely David tepper. You mean there's RD SO IEP. In the NBA that's that's why he deer and in my mail is Seles just there couple buttons he just felt like this guy you I said this when we're down. In Atlanta for the NFL are meeting to hear it everywhere we are chasing tepper trying to you know attorney didn't give a sound by you know outside of the press conference and you know people of their weight when he showed up in and leaving and he's just seemed to carry I'd love to have a beer institute you know. Let me just sealing the kind of guy because of the taste talked about his upbringing and where he comes from what is child it was like you just feel like that's the kind of guy and that wouldn't say that about every NFL I'd love to have a beer. With Jerry Jones. I say I haven't but BOJ's Jerry can't party talks but guys are saying look I find. I have been on the cowboys party bus so it's still this is an NFL officials it was down in Daytona will leave that her topic for another day but says somebody who's. Actually a professional unlike dust is we bring in Katie pearl to Charlotte Observer business reporter. Good morning Katie I'd rather have a beer with Kate brought that up. And it gave. They get at the huge compliment. The last time I saw Katie we were down in lancet the Willie hotel and we were all arms legs were getting tired as we were standing in the hotel lobby waiting for owner. After owner to come in first to get a glimpse of how I'm glad you survived all that Katie. Out of that out of the anti development. It was interesting classics but you are mentioned Ryan I said I wanted it to get you on because you know from day one you were charged that the observer to you know let's find out who the new owner is going to be for the Carolina Panthers and it kind of seems to me from reading your stuff in the teal leaves from from turning what's de wind. It kind of appeared this was David tempers team to lose from day one wasn't it. I. A it was kind of murky in early days and I feel like we can't have reported these mean and believe it if your colleague. Early on B I eat and we did a longer story about and Navarro. We had a weekend sorry about. Michael group say I'm like one rent and Sunday and I that we didn't even do what endurance story about tiebreak first Kabila's. It was just like one unit aimed at the hurtful to figure out and so we we did some poking around and be trying to included women in one story I think it was about. Minority owners are rich content caching and afterward are getting a bidding war on Saturday remember what that Torre let. But when it that once you stand on story because that would strip like and one more game. Also there's this sort of farfetched display random billionaire who owns part of the Steelers. Yeah has no Shirley connections. Ito didn't exactly they raise any flags there at first that said he of course. Yeah how is the richest of all that guys to come up putting in did so into it and did that day his. Yeah his his mask that hit that. Is approaching his final day it ended up being what eventually won so I think they're at and there's a lot of drop but I happen and that the intent sore but it I'm not. And have carried out a gauge of bank did Saturday it was that exactly. Wasn't exactly a sure thing trying to get calluses that. Caper alt a business reporter Charlotte Observer joining us on the techno come gas line so we moved to Jim yesterday David tepper is introductory news conference. And we'd kind of beat the statue thing to death already so I want a picture taken and Iowa always your overall take away. From David tempers news conference you know we were on the air here yesterday I said you know hey this is you know a new era folk should be excited did you come away from that feeling as they did I know reporter unlike a sports guys. A did you feel satisfied with tempered statements. But pretty much from a to BA BC. Yeah act that you have much more frank and break you see it quite quite honestly I mean you know. Jerry Richardson had get given a press conference and seven years so even having. One where an airliner came out and talked about you know. Developed and I'd impacted field I'd different events that take America stadium I'll. You know I change the culture I think ballot and there's a lot like DTL then I would have expected so. You know from front purely news and community standpoint it's huge to have that. Transparency and it seemed like eight L they do want to continue that dialogue which is to really get I don't think that means that. I don't think that means to help lead tweeting all the time that are not now necessarily like. You know how to press conference every week but it yeah I'd at some point and that is it that they certainly appreciate it appreciate transparent they. And I'll let it out of the business reporter feel like there's there's a lot unpacked. In terms of what he has pretty and entered its redevelopment he focused a lot on the gambling peace so how that it. How that plays then you had a rough and you finally done malign I think it's going to be really interesting conversation. Kind of political standpoint you know I don't that it actually he's gonna have to. Turn today as city county and state for help the client at building new facilities so I think it's going to be interesting to see how our relationship without a while. April 2 with a so on the Telecom SI DO KDJ. Rich's and obviously lived here in the Charlotte area was he was a fixture for many years we didn't see them much of him. Over the last bid but what can we expect from David tepper this is guy businesses just around the country obviously he is not from here. Do you think you'll see a lot of him press conference or not or will he kind of be in and out. Like Michael Jordan. Tom you know he'd he'd made it clear at eighteen. Plans to establish some sort of residency here I don't battle because fulltime arm he has. Out of all over at the rest of you can imagine but you know he plans to be part of the community. For shirt and he I eat every ready he's. You know planted his flag whether it Pitt Eric. New Jersey Miami. And that it iron spending a lot ion. Yeah different Philanthropic endeavors. You know I think he. After I remember what hurricane just off all by one of them are reaching hurricane. In Miami Heat he'd donated millions that I'd give Puerto Rico and the city of my tainted. Aden that threat and he'd donate a lot says quote the New Jersey. I think it and I Caylee found topic in point Charlie. Probably at that to get a lot from this chelation ship went it was David pepper. Eat out beyond that. You know I AME where he had his act had quarters that it edged by and happily that's. He he had the house I made a few blocks from where keyed by still where he's been attacked. Yeah that's said over callous terms that the billionaire extort east teams they'd be like that I didn't normal guy who happens tape be worth eleven billion dollars. Be on I'm not sure I'll be biking to work for a tent Charlotte by it it sounds like he does and says have a big patent two years now. I'm seeing David tepper on lyme scooter. What is your what is certain button down a little on button a couple bucks a ticket I got depression you were here in Atlanta as well we we joked about this yesterday that. Roger Goodell standing over shall we kind of felt like tepper could've stayed I wouldn't talk longer in Atlanta almost felt that way yesterday people were telling us after the press coverage they could've could've gone another. Half hour David tepper they get they were left wanting more he really seems like he's got no problem answering questions he's you know he's he's got to police foot and a little bad he you know he's honest he is you said he's transparent to me and think this could be fun. Yeah I can. Exactly like we'd fated to be but I think from the cabinet purely news person in point like it's it off and that he's not polished it's great day he is willing text that. I'd you know just just ramble for our debt and I bought and its engine that you might not have expected it ain't. Today everything that he had to end on how hot question I think that predetermined candidate Dave Dave said the hearts stop you know lap I can. But the last question and it being that they like it is it was one that left everybody. Wanting more I bet in their confines of that at FL owners meeting at Blake. In about a theory stress if he can help but other owners like stating I endured the dollar Weber are quite like it was clear that he had formulate. It out of three questions answered something like that so. Yeah I think it can be really fun and it's it's great that he. Yeah deeper lake self deprecating and he arrive for an anti in bent. He now that Carnegie Mellon I'd command center I think he gave. PR people crazy that. At the same time at its core to get that. And it's a pro like so I think it will be fun. You Mormon it's okay Carlton from the Charlotte Observer on our tech a come guests lined Katie switching gears a little bit on Monday you I don't wanna call it a bombshell but it's a big story for Charlotte especially if you've been in Charlotte furlong time you know the value of the CI double A tournament to this town especially economically. As well as historically. And it's it appears now that the CI double layer after 2020. Is going to move. To another city either gonna put out bids if I remember reading you correctly you story correctly and there really there's doesn't have anything to do with the city they simply want to put a different you know just some other cities since other schools involved with the tournament. You know I think that the great question because it's. There could be an argument made for. Or both of those. Questions I think I'm. They they do one you know quote unquote reevaluate their relationship with Charlotte and you know kind of see what else out there. Stayed here for thirteen years now and every year it's Charlotte. Challenge biggest event you know by total economic impact so it's it's a huge pressure LA it's. On Damon is there headquarters here in 2014. I believe. And at that time Charlotte also increased its annual amount that it. Gave back to the turn that. You don't AD. Maybe at this time they're they're looking the bullet that other bit see if they can get more from another market. Over that time. Also it's important that this he would happily had. Ground I mean they are mostly in the Carolinas but I think state headaches and that Philly Pennsylvania and Maryland and stuff out there I just beat that they want that. They extend their geographic reach. Yeah now they can iron it to be into it yeah that Allah and the rim here is that. Today attendance and ticket number has been. It's a softer and restate years' I would propaganda and soft there. You know maybe eight maybe dated for a fresh start to count that yeah upon them did you energy into their conference then. See how they can view and other and other Arquette and actually sure how long and you contacted via the start and I'd try any funny Barrett I think it's great when he lined. By Intel eighties but that shirt short maybe they're just today you know to attack tracks that that could be. A possibility abet and Charlotte could still bid for at the turn meant they just haven't made up their mind yet about. Whether or not they well so I think we won't know. Around early September or whether or not that's something that the city thanks to their. Katie really appreciate your time as always we enjoy your updated business. Writings if you well that's a number you got better hair this camera person to put the. I'm glad that's the biggest compliment I ever get. But as tempest Evernote is they act as we we we noticed that he likes him. Expect it dinky because he lacks that he is certainly noted that other people. Thank you. Did you could follow Katie on Twitter at Katie for all the thank you caper also Charlotte Observer talking about David tepper as well as the CIA double lake if you'd like to follow up on any of Casey's comments 70457096. Standard. Our building senator text line and also don't forget to Carolina pool table Twitter feed as well when we come back we'll talk more about temper and it will maybe we'll chew on the CI AW a terminal little bit I've covered but just tournaments uptown it's meant and what it means to the city yeah exactly it's a mid day and WFNC powered by ortho Carolina. So he's telling. This hour powered by ortho Carolina. This nice of them to be told by my press people are simply saying it is something we have watched myself become a citizen of the push of course I didn't. Plus vitamins hello spineless veteran. It was great. No power comes great responsibility. So I think I have that I think our players have that tool I think a lot of appreciate that so. That session so we call writhing in the business historic Griffith if it was good. Any time a guy says we says this just into the guy says but people are you mad at me for saying this first of all he knows somewhere I'll stay Samie Parker. Like oh god here goes again he's off he's off the reservation we RTC's did just. Stephen Drummond say in the sugar sort of David's over. Pork riots Ryan Anderson. And Brian was shaken in his boots and temper locked in gag senator Ryan. It's still only about 21 on one interviews at the but authority and kick out all I keep Gallic we have cancer. This afternoon yeah gimme Cam Newton won on. Tapper error just coward will Kennedy would be here is we real lives. The oldies but goodies from David tempers. A news conference that was temper talking about. The stellar locker room that he believes he has and how guys are involved in the community and citing Spider-Man. Well great power comes great responsibility. So let's hear from you more on David tepper 70457096. Stand this is being part of the show where we transition and a from the statue. To the actual other good stuff that David tepper spoke about we did talk about it yesterday we're not gonna hammered home today but a lot of folks didn't get a chance to hear the news conference yesterday at folks still wanna talk about it this is big this is one of the biggest stories. In Charlotte sports history and I've been here for 23 years and will you be near for awhile. Just the second. Or this franchise I mean he was still talking at this point yesterday we knew we were just getting into the back part of that used. Near the end of that press covers it hasn't been that long and you do there's all there was a lot to unpack after that. And outside of the controversial thing which you know with like your sandal talks as Judy Maureen game. We kind of wrote that down but there are so many other things to look at here and it really is a pure Panthers fan and you look at the bigger picture what does what does David tepper going to mean to this franchise. Not that the Panthers I mean the rivers are competitive obviously went to a Super Bowl a couple of years ago when the playoffs last year but it feels like David Deborah chuck he wants to take this franchise. Maybe into the future or are substances. Catch them up to the rest of the lead. Because other franchises have moved on to. And I talk and speak about this facilities and things bigger and better things and the Panthers need to catch up I heard the other Mac attacks wanna say and and I agree it's an embarrassment. It's you've got to go inside the convention senator. When it rains or snows to go to a run through that's what you do when you're on the road you're staying in hotel and you need to do something the night before as an NFL team in a run over your offense your defense the scheme or whatever it is. Should indoor practice facility that's just standard now. Oh without a doubt and I was thinking about that so little bit yesterday or may be this morning. Jerry. You know I don't know you know sometimes in business. Didn't how long is Jerry known he was gonna sell the team so let's just say for argument sake. You know Jerry knew he was gonna sell the team at some point so does he want to take 200. Million of his money to build a new practice facility. Knowing that he's gonna sell the team now had he done that then he could have obviously ask for more money at the time of the sale but I guess the feeling that. Things were passing Gerri by Ian is you know some of us know Jerry better than others. It was difficult for many in that building to truly get routed Gerri some things that may be needed to be done when we go back to anymore rescind. I wonder again. This is just pure speculation. Which is why is that one of the reasons that Danny Morrissey and left was Dini trying to take this team to in another direction or at least. Some upgrades was he frustrated because. It was a big surprise when he left because. There had been a long a fairly long wrecked her relationship of these two because of Danny's. Time spend it wash her and he's a Carolina guy he's now teaching sports management I believe down at the University of South Carolina others had speculated that Danny had gotten wind of the NBA's instead I don't want any part of that so I think it could be all of the above so this timing couldn't be better for all of this because. Had seen. They are saying this from a football fan's standpoint had these stuff not come out of a Gerri we don't know how long he would remain the owners so there are a lot of things that this franchise needs to do and do them in a hurry and I think that's what's exciting to get I think David tapper knows that I think we're gonna be surprised how quickly. There's a land acquisition. And ground is broken I would be very surprised if it's not within the year. Actually David temper had some time in this interim before he officially took over this week and I think you heard yesterday a little bit the press coverage. My impression is he's our maps Somalis out. He became immediately be wasn't taken the phone calls from the governor's but that doesn't mean he couldn't have his people and himself scouting out. Potential areas to do some of these things we're talking about these talking about you're looking at the area around the stadium even looking at the stadium and figuring out what's the next steps are from Bank of America or that. The next steps for the for the team facilities to the practice field there what we do with do we want. Wanna go down to careless boulevard is there somewhere else around the area. David tepper. Nothing is by accident with this guy that you don't know we don't get where he is in your business life and and owning an NFL franchise and all the things he's done without you know. Hedging your dad's been ahead of the game all like kind of stuff whatever cliche you wanna use we check I think it's going to happen we know it's gonna happen because he says can happen but I think it's gonna happen. Very quickly if we're not doing this next offseason I'd be shocked. He even mentioned I site by the new Amtrak. Facility going up on fourth street so he's done his homework already and then. Is we gotta love these guys because my brain doesn't think like this he said all right so we've build a new practice facility then look at that property how valuable it becomes there was the old practice facilities are now granted the train rolls right through there but you could build shocks because that whole fourth ward is. Boy it's just didn't change drastically over the last fifteen years it used to be parking areas were in the media are cedar street and things like that so you know this guy while Jerry Richardson certainly put his imprint on this down I think David tepper is gonna do. Be more to this city than just the owner of the football team I think he sees so much development potential here it's amazing. He's a he's a developing any reason it business kind of dumbed down developers opera awake is what he's done Xena asset management those kind of things but I I you know he's looking at how I take my money. And make it grow make it bigger and I'm sure he's you know if he does take on. Partners minority part is at some point it's gonna be with an eye on business developments and other things not just the football cited we've touched on that the strain but MLS team you know and that may be something we talked about Dallas is of his other places being multi sport. Facilities really bring things together that's exactly the case in Frisco Texas there's MLS team there's the basketball team the hockey team all doing something together in the cowboys' facility. Why not right he may have he may have a design and a plan for soccer in uptown to go with the Panthers and then who knows what else. We'll continue to talk about it here on midday on WS Lindsay powered by North Carolina coming up at 1215. Will be joined by Marcus Smith CEO Speedway Motorsports and a and a Speedway Motorsports Inc. and president of Charlotte motor speedway gives his thoughts. Of course on the upcoming Bank of America 400 as well as David it tempers comments yesterday pay your pig skins season can be rocking an extra thousand dollars. Next week listen each weekday from 7:15. AM on. Until the whistle blows at 6:15 PM. For the national key word and give in on eight a chance to win a thousand dollars tax the national keyword 272881. And you'll be in it. To wind kicked off cash is the WS and C football cash kick off beginning next week. Right here on WS NC it's a good day I WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. One way or another we have to make the can't feed the less than competitive with other NFL teams. And at this point. Practice and one other people have in the league we'll stronger now. Volleyball kind is an understatement. Because the panthers' practice facility is not bigger. Many of the area. College and I'm pitching good on the Columbia Clemson there of practicing there's. Aren't teams that are working exclusively out of their stadium that that's a throwback to a bygone era and just for media staff put it. Colin Dixon whatever you want like again it that people out there but we. I've never basically is work like there's a press conferences and Demi Moore wants property you as well you know. Rui working evenings in TV they come and it's 2 o'clock. Door till eleven or midnight or whatever the case may be well have a total press conference eleven or ten or whenever the time is in the morning. We are coming are so I just come from the house you come from the house you take your own car key apart. I can't part because there's not enough parking for all the people that are working in the stadium right outside of their doing some construction they want you go across the street around this core I. It was dog house and then all those parking places are gone and you can't park over here there are so literally gotta go find a spot on the street know that now look. You know can happen he had knee and sometimes you just have to make that happen but you know sometime and I thought I. I feel so bad for the guy who rocked around the park democracy you know nothing he can do about it but I am just EE boy beaten to say let you know. I'm excited to cover this press covers other on the ninth save. No we're a part of the decade long assured it is that's just. Bad for business. It's not which you know we they're sometimes there can be confrontational thing between your media news sports team that. Happens from time to time. Does not not a out of stuff like that and so. Facilities are big things it makes it you know it makes it easier for the players it makes it easier for the organization I know a lot of people that work in the organization would like something. Bigger better shine here or expertise that I've worked in the cubicle for a long time one down like to have an office just walks right you know that I kind of feel like for a lot of people. I understand. It's midday and the VF and he powered by North Carolina chuck Howard and will Kennedy coming up at 1215. Marcus Smith CEO Speedway Motorsports will join us to talk her out talk about a myriad of things coming up especially the role oval on the Bank of America 400. And then build both painters dot com and 115 had a ringside seat over there yesterday Bank of America Stadium as a ringside seat there every day so it'll be security interesting to get. A bill volts. Comments so we'll get an excuse me Katy for also done. Seven before last. Will and she talked about David tapper but of course the others the topic we spoke to her about was the CI double A tournament believing town. Potentially probably. After the 2020 season now this is an event that is you know. It's a tradition. Of course for all the alumni from CI double A schools. It annually brings in close to fifty million dollars to worst city for hotels and restaurants and partying and you name it and so when this goes away. You know it's even if you're not involved with the CIA double A school. You know it's an important deal. By the way Billy surtax Sinai very gotten. Asked if I would like some some Y as some cheese with my line of there's no doubt you know again I actually Craig cams and virtual problems right to think that the critics keep things. If I'm around for joining this turnabout bargains but. I frankly whether it is go home and listen to a press conference sometimes where somebody say in the same thing over every year you know give me the cliche football stuff but I. You know what we got we wanted to give it to you people that's our job right so it's just a matter of if. It's called quid pro quo in the busy exactly how you're going to give you free air time on my television station or my radio station. All I ask did you access to allow me to park. Yeah and that's part of the accessed right in part due to your your players out there and and again you know the team these players do great things in the community and it's overshadow some times and they they go on either things that we can cover those and so we can talk to them to look an awful ball or in the case may be it's the team is part of the community I think that's the bigger picture for one David tepper wants to do. Whether it's new facilities where there's reviewing the stadium just his philosophy from what I heard yesterday. The team is part of the community Carolina Panthers are huge and vital part of the city Charlotte and the surrounding area to safe area to be honest. And so is just trying to make that relationship stronger and and you build it mountain and all the exciting things we're talking about potentially doing. I'd just like David tepper as the guy and I think is gonna push this thing sport there's really some uncomfortable days there's going to be some several times and other Reza anxious times for people that are working for the team already about what is the future hold whether it's football cider business side and but it also is exciting at the same time because of the receipt these kind of changes were talking about this forward progress this pushed to the future. Yes so the CIA double A tournaments you know is. Part of the I would I must say I say it's the fabric of our our city and you're to a certain degree it's kind of you know. I've always look forward dude when the CN double A tournament begins. You know it's like are right that means the other larger tournaments are right around the corner so just curious if anybody has any thoughts on that in regard to see it double A tournament leaving after 2002 when he is that too far away or do you not care I mean. Attendance has been down a little bit that could just be a sign of the times or you know maybe it does need to go to another city. What's up one of the things that I noticed DO in people there missed it on buildings that are Tex I got to chime in on this about you know certain out elements of the tournament but. Over the last couple years especially attendance for the games has certainly been down a Katie touched on April to test on hotel rooms and some other things. It's still strong as an economic driver and bringing people and let the people are really coming for the parties the day parties and and the music events and some of the other stuff so maybe from the conference standpoint. It's change of venue would make sense for them because they're trying to get it on the point is a basketball term they're trying to give people in the seats to watch the games it's been tough to do beyond. We thank but I mean you know other conferences take it to other cities and maybe would that's what they're looking and I mean it's like he's. Easy eagle on the new York city chiefs chair right well you mean you throw for CN double A you know you've got Virginia Beach Richmond comes to mind you've got schools up in Pennsylvania so. You know Philly here Harrisburg or something like that off the top of my head so I'm just says thrown it out there but at the same time it appears that the I'm Republican national convention's going to be here in 2020 assuming. You know that this council votes short I think they wouldn't be that silly regardless of Iran's religious big business too it's a lot of money I'd I'd I'd have got to think the Democratic Convention. Had to set a record. For all of financial windfall. I sincerely me expose journalist ethics and this is one of the things we talk about like you know whether it's it. NFL games or or NBA games or if you can get the ACC championship. You know we talk Super Bowls with the NBA also game's going to be here. You know 2019 so that there was going to be some time in there there will be some timing things CIA double and that its exposure for your city jockey on the fact that every time there's a bit of blood shot of the city of Charlotte that's advertising he can he really put a dollar amount. Mount on when it's on NFL broadcast or the NBA that India also we can gonna be like for the chamber of commerce and some of these other groups in Charlotte. That why is it's seen as a gold lives and you you can't buy that kind of exposure in advertising. No it's and exciting I keep forgetting that the all star game's going to be here's an hour. We know it than what we went through Christopher Bentley did hear me and yeah the CI double it. No it is part of the fabric anything especially certain people certain groups it's like the big family reunion you know people come. You know fraternity and sorority. Sisters and Brothers Fareed all over the country they come here to kind of do these reunions to get together again Charlotte's become a hub for that in itself so as you hate to see that. Go somewhere else this is really has become a vital part and I talked to you do in the news to about talked businesspeople downtown. It's big for them I mean they make you know in some cases they make a couple months worth the money. During a CI double A week you take that out of pocket that's a big hit. And of course on the building center text line we've got our obligatory. The shootings. Will go down but I mean at let's be honest they should just a dozen. It is going down all the time. Charlotte is the reason I'm glad I. Do the news everything but a good deal he's will Kennedy I'm chuck Howard you're listening to midday on WF frenzy when we come back we'll continue to talk about David tepper we still got this shady McCoy thing we've got some Michael Jordan used to get to tore out of here today and you know will bring Sindh will. Was on now I believe on the Mac attack yesterday and he's got five teams that may take a step back. In the NFL this year in the Panthers were one of them so we'll get to that eventually and don't forget Marcus Smith coming up what this at 1215 we'll be right back. Here amid. It's real world. You know again it's going to be present will be involved your most with the business aspect of of your position bumpers it's always good to have a guy Kevin Kerr released. Appreciate that approach to firewood anymore so we need you feel very good aren't perfect people person dealing with people. Then again bring in a new president I think we'll all certainly crucial situations where you know I will have a relationship with him the oil. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera commenting on David tempers comments that one of these priorities zone right away is to zero win. On a president even said he zeroing in on a couple of candidates are right now and has two teams two names in mind. To fill the current office vacancies. Left vacant by Tina Packer. As well as the Danny Morrissey and as Chris McLean. What was he doing. That that's what we call shenanigans. That. And six in the village yet we got a big windows like a fish all right for people have never seen a picture here the studio where people can walk while all they can stop and watch us word. Radio magic chuck right here an idea man. Act just tell us. He was a reenactment a civil. It. It's like the wind. So very unprofessional I know that's what that that's why there in the mornings and word mid day X this is where adults come and play radio right. Very civilized he's well Kennedy I'm chuck Howard talking about David tepper kinda wrapping things up with him but. Will was commenting about the business development did you know maybe won't just be football related Dick can come from this and one thing I think there has been he's full laid. Win without a team president and it has made people scratching their head why when Danny Morrissey and left a why did you leave it may be why wasn't he replaced. In the NC. Wind all the jury allegations went down then in walks Tina Becker so. I'm an enigma meeting him in their for a long time we did we never really got to hear much from earned it Danny I didn't piece it Danny when they were doing some of the renovations you know the escalators in the school board Stephanie kind of took us on the tour but before pre season game and really liked him he he would be a guy. Also record have a beer cup of coffee just love to hear. You know what's what's the Genesis was what why he did what he did what will probably never find out he's moved onto other things but it probably sign and indicating echinacea. Insist that the fact did that that is a position that's important of the franchise because it's not just on the football side it's not just about Marty or Ernie or whoever the GM is a Ron Rivera whoever the coach maybe down the road he has doubts insisting coaches we get all into that right as as fans that we talk all the time. How about schemes and what happens on the field the business side of it for NFL owners don't forget these are businessmen. Multi billionaires in many cases and then this is the yen NFL these are corporations it's it's one big blanket but each team is it is a corporation employs a ton of people in need a makes a lot of money. And that is that they're not. Have a president. Dole is one thing was that I have the day to day operations president this morning that staying that that really is chuck that's ahead scratch. I'm gonna guess the Dini probably became frustrated because. You know he did you know you would seem in the community is so what was detainees I don't wanna say just his one big thing but it was the stadium renovation and there's nothing to sneeze at because they redid the suites in the scoreboard and stuff like that he oversaw that so maybe Gainey was trying to upgrade the facilities and things like that but you know would sharing is the owner. You know as we kind of talked about yesterday everything. Runs through him ran through him even major football decisions and as we've eluded to before I don't get the feeling that's going to be the case here. No and I think you whoever David Deborah brings end to be the EU president the demon and whatever other roles are there one thing that this interesting the Mac attack crystal things as walking on a and Hollywood TR a minute ago they talk about this at this morning in its temperature Estonia in the press conference. That's stadium outside of football and some soccer games. Not use all that much I eat eat each trying to go back soon and think about any concerts that have been there and granted big outdoor stadium conscious or not. What they used to be at one point but it just hasn't been used for much of that I think there was a Kenny Chesney concert in and going back further. And there was a Rolling Stones concert way back in the in the mid to late ninety's Billy Graham crusade that the Democratic National Convention in 2012 did something in the stadium the last night. It's a handful literally like on one hand the number of events that have been held of that magnitude of that stadium sounds really David tapper from. A business standpoint would like to see a lot more traffic through there everything from state Jimmy's high school football games to more concerts and or other kinds of event. Instant. You know if you the president of the team you're probably gonna have some hand and. Yeah the only thing about having. High school state championship games and more college games there is the field they already. Have you are seems like they replace that's in between the hash is. Two or three times a season as it is obviously. Money is not gonna be an issue for him so I think everybody's in agreement. You know they have the South Carolina State championship games a Williams Brice stadium. I think it makes total sense that the North Carolina games. You know. Say it is sort of wanna say they should be here because I think it's good to you know go let Chapel Hill in on it in the Wake Forest and things like Darr right now the way it is but at least. Have some gained just. Play to the classification they they they play in a different places you know Wake Forest firfer couple classes and so or else and you move. Move around a little bit other states do as well depending on you know where you wanna play stuff but just more traffic in the stadium use it more. And that's good for everybody because all the people or concessions and parking and all those kind of things on the side that's more dates for them that's more dates for the businesses in and around the stadium to make some money. You know as people blocked Eaton gone after an event and and Joey drinks downtown so really that's the thing you know having a stadium. An arena which you know spectrums. Right there within a mean and deviancy ballpark the more things like that you have the more events that they're having is just better for your downtown. Uptown here area and it just makes it more vibrant and it really pumps the city. Yeah David tepper even said yesterday that the location of Bank of America Stadium he feels is the right location. And uptrend juries will when you one of the big things that was news back in 1996 when the painters move to then Ericsson stadium. People were concerned about the parking own though where we gonna park now be coming down from. At the time rich stadium style Ralph Wilson save our new air stadium up and buffalo it's out the middle of the boon docks in Orchard Park. Wouldn't just one last feels forever wonder what are the of one giant parking lot. And you coming from could you cover in the cowboys same thing there with the old Texas Stadium where you will also. Texas Stadium was jam between freeways it was worth three different freeways came together support yet it has some parking outside Medina getting there was a pain. In the rear and now they built this thing out. You know between Dallas and Fort Worth much Six Flags in the baseball stadium and all that and that really is the thing if you can keep your football stadium you're your basketball your baseball whatever else you got it MLS of that pops up altogether that's a huge bonus but yet doing it in downtown can be difficult. The observer building that was right across the street that that seemed like an opportunity. You know what would David tepper of dynasty was owner of the team at that point estimates accident earlier in the buildings at Texas and celta for the dog had upset at us talking. One of the guys are sales and Ollie yesterday there's like a little lose the doghouse when you know maybe you could get David tepper on board with doing something there. Keeping them the dog house element but daddy they're there are some places it it's difficult to. You look at and figure it all out but I think there are some places that some parking could be out of some other things can be done you know nowadays they don't parking you know lower level put retail business. But yes I know as a fan you know you get frustrated you develop riding in the rail you try to find us. Hasta till conversely I'd always kind of felt that. I think the parking ended up not being the issue. When the stadium first open the people thought it was going to be because. You have a multitude of satellite parking places and you've got people coming in from. Myriad it different directions you know from 74 from south should try downhill you name it where they're coming in from so it. Really deterred some other cities gained a traffic's not bad. No and about it all I think you know we we we are an immediate society. You know the games are we going get out of there and get home you know you gotta understand you to sit in traffic coming in and then you know as your fan even going for years or whatever you start figured out. When that sweet spot window is. To get two years you know where you wanna be if you're gonna go tailgate show thriller early if you like to cruising closer to game time that's not that hard either now he's got to find your window but they got out I imagine what David tapper wants to do is he wants to up to experience. For the San whether that's in the stadium outside the stadium surrounding the stadium. With parking and other things he's he's gonna look for every not every opportunity to do that. Anything can make money off of it. Why not somebody odalis and attacks I said. It may be tipper buys up the two major players in the parking business is ten uptown and does what he wants to do with that I and hold my breath because that the folks that almost marketing companies. They make some cash. Gathered at several on that they're not selling many times like in the prime properties in monopoly for a he's well candidate I'm jock Howard coming up on the other side at 1215. Will be joined by Marcus Smith. CEO of speedway motor sports incorporated president Charlotte motor speedway to talk about. The upcoming Bank of America. 400 at the role wolf. Plus bill both at 115 from Panthers dot com. We'll continue this talk in the moving to some other discussions as well as we roll along on mid day and WS NC powered by horse though. Carolina. These these WM dancing. 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