Midday On WFNZ: Nick Wilson & Jason Goff Discuss Cam Newton & Panthers

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Wednesday, June 13th
Nick Wilson & Jason Goff kick off the show discussing the Panthers offense, and whether or not Norv Turner is "just a name."

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Yes he's telling you win big NC. Powered by ortho Carolina. W have been seen in days nick Wilson and Jason golf. Powered by ortho Carolina we've got billion Ryan here in the studio. Panthers OTA is going on that I mean this is we've got a day for you that that that doesn't selling the most promising tees they could give you but I tell I promise you we have a day for you but just down the line that the man with a plan that Jason golf Jason while the show man. I don't nick I'm excited are right I. I know of your work from from the windy city OK I I have a a few friends from Chicago who vouch for you but again I don't wanna be your lead down man I'm a little a little afraid of this of being here here again you're rebound and. Annan you know people who rose threw me usually give the job lifetime so. This should be the should be good day or a couple of days review and then we move on from there I. I like to consider myself a star maker and that and that in that realm but no I should be fun man I. I enjoy my time. For the week that I was down there I am a good time and enjoy the city for one night and and you know got a vial with Ryan and Billy and everybody over there and Tony so get a chance to do that which you looking forward to. I'm I'm I'm really afford to as well and if your star maker I guess that means then I'll be doing the next console a movie in a couple weeks like overtime a dream jobs. I think what you'll listen to the show. See that movie so you know mania and I I saw the movie I just ended up looking at and saying I love the movie I'd love to do more futures pulled out the character of Han Solo. CIR. That was little who's were I was very enthused about it in the I never really checked in I should have too by the way desire. Everybody who's who's cousin did the this the cinematographer Kennedys so he. They also did a rival as well so I should've. I should just probably. No I missed 510 bucks whatever it is sure movies these days. But I did not because I do not want to go see you tell us here's the line in this and the Niger Jason was that I refuse to pay the full freight I went to a man today that's like our greatest insult us though about memories of the best for me. Do you solo. Or was always I was solo I attended the wife was not going to see solo and it makes and a solo there really wasn't I don't know how to get those out the way earlier I don't know seriously though. And matinee movies are for people who are tired of people. And I think that at at a certain point realize you're lying. If you don't say that you just tell people after awhile you wanna go somewhere where you'll have to worry about the baby screaming in there you'll have to worry about you know having to do anything that has to do with word gore your whole life just wanna relax enjoy yourself and I think Matt is the perverts off that. Movies for me though are our place a great place to connect any I it's a cool dark place where no one's going to Bob you. I've slept through avatar I slept through since the greatest action movies of all time that's why juicy things to a good times because. We'll come like a bird in that sense just put the cover over the cage who falsely. Well you know it I don't realize is we're talking here that. On the terms of social acceptance I don't tell people that I go to mid day movies because it's like when I was 21 in used to go to the club in the mid day when because you're in a dark place with no lights and and you're doing things that other people are gonna judge you for for multiple hours you walk outside of and then you don't know what time it is. What we'll be sued club during the mid days. There's only certain clubs are open you know exactly the Lamas and mocks you know from Africa I think we became a team does not affect I. At pigs within the word the my Dick I think he gave it to you just now see this is this is why. This is why looking at javits I knew the juror con men that I can mess you up to the fact that isn't going to be great businesses are brought so I got to Philly guy so for a minute did I know you're in real side. Tony good job beyond that. I will see we'll see if he believes a man about it. The next four hours so I know Jason that. I don't know where you are on the north turner side of things yelling to me nor does the most fascinating part. On the Cam Newton so I got to this point. Now for me. I I look at what happened in Minnesota and how pat cherry came on as tight ends coach knows so impassioned becomes the guy is calling plays and then got a charmer is the guy who's who's lifting case keep them to have to go places that he had never seen or thought of being before and also got a taste even paid. I worry sometimes when it comes to. Offensive coordinators who have been in the game for awhile is is that there's a young man's game and every since close of the term. Whether it be for running backs were there before wide receivers skill position players and I think so for offensive in defense of court is now Wade Phillips and Vick for Ngo and guys like Monte Kiffin. Our special we can do it forever Norv Turner I think isn't that. In that realm as well but. Having to go from stylistically so different quarterbacks and also having to tell your offense to those kinds of guys. I wonder I wonder if we are not looking at the name on the back of the Jersey instead of looking at. You know the production after awhile this happens a lot of football fans you know you signed an old running back you sign a guy who used to get. You know 1215 sacks a year in his tenth or eleventh year in your word about the name on the back of the Jersey instead of the production just seeing out there is so I am I am. I'm on the fence which is a tough place to be as a sports talk radio is going to be on offense on on what Norv Turner is going to be. As he often to play caller for this news Carolina travesty. Well hopefully that's necessary enforced because I'm right there with you. And and I think the reason why it's important it to say that it is or why did you get run in Minnesota because I talked I talked a couple buddies from Minnesota and they said the big issue he'd get an offense with Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. And the reason why Mike Zimmer. Basically walked in and said listen we need to figure this out one of us is gonna gul was he couldn't figure out how to run a non archaic offense right and so that's with two guys who by the way. Are you kinda have to run that hey Eddie he knew were offence but you can I guess I can certainly see why you would run it with those two kinds of players like Cam Newton is a Lamborghini. RI you don't you don't put unleaded and a Lamborghini uniforms you don't run that that that engine the same way I think that's my big fear here is is is good of a game is enormous stock and by the way I don't disrespect the guy because he's got a career that I can I can only hope to attain the similar thing and radial. But but you can compare him if you compare. Run CMC. You look at the style of receivers they have and I just hate you. I'm just trying to figure out the picture and right now I can't see clearly show I naturally will kind of navigate did not negative waters but kind of more concerned watershed. This is this is all about Cam Newton and firm for every franchise neufeld's about the quarterback especially when their expectations bar have been set Cam Newton has. As performed at an MVP level. He's led the team to a 151 record he's he's led the team to a Super Bowl. Our appearance. Those are the lofty expectations and of course you have the you know lose the Super Bowl hangover what every one to call it there was a year after the and then last she's itself another eleven win season Norv Turner is already coming to a situation where his bona feeds and and also there's also his his his. Is raw material is is right there for you. If cam knew me he said cam Newton's away and give me I would like Cam Newton run more like Rolls Royce if he's there I'm on my Cam Newton to have have a driver instead of having learned to read my enrollment time. And there are part of that red line is the UV planned run plays maybe jump in or out of town stupid on this one book. Having watched at least three or four Cam Newton quarterback games a year because of the national stage that a number one pick and Heisman Trophy winner will be all coming out of college you. You think you've seen a lot and I've seen him I've seen them play against the bears on seeing him on Monday Night Football there's not the boss on a football because he is one of the faces of the week I think that at some point. Cam Newton. To to unlock. Not just the rest of the potential because I think there's there's tears and levels of potential where you get to a stage you're like okay. That's that was that first HIV is the second act of the career we're getting close in the third after the career where what's next for him is. Being more accurate quarterback in providing the kind of protection which is why do airwaves is such an advantageous position because at some point you're going to I don't care how big and tall and strong you are at some point those hits are going to add up new unit you know. Not fret running but also understand that you self preservation is key a reckless runner is a lot different than runner who understands the game down and a Santa cams a reckless runner but Norv Turner I think is his. The next part. Of of of his career is making sure that the next part of cam Newton's career if not only one being upright. The view quarterback who can also win a little bit more from the pocket in oak. Providing those wide receivers. Know that they were announcement a little bit of money on Torrey Smith they knew about. And and engage CJ Anderson approve a deal. You know Christian McCaffery what did you learn from them last year in terms of things he can do we can do we know he concussion bomb backfield he put on some weight so now all that without limit. The agility in the quickness like these are all questions that you have and of course. You draft approached from our receiver and get a guy Lee Curtis Samuel who didn't see a lot of time last year so there there's some there's there's a lot of moving parts to this offense and I think. For pay at this wins the first month or so is gonna be a proving ground but I don't expect everything to click and not only a new often spoke with so many moving parts. Added to what is already a phenomenal player. Well Jason you said it's all about cam and I agree with you but I think indirectly. Note to me that that's why he runs CMC CJ you know whether CJ more odd Torrey Smith fund share issue or Greg Olsen like though it to me maximizing cam. Is maximizing. The assets and I think that into it is much we can talk about and I got to by the way you do said he'd want call on camera a reckless runner I don't think he does it purposefully I think the will to win to show extreme I think sometimes you take shots they shouldn't take but. Feel for me it's about all right you have to you have to try and stabilize KM. But let's see what Sheehan she can give you let's see which you can get it is because it's not just you know the problem in Minnesota wasn't just Teddy Bridgewater who did develop. Are a lot under Norv Turner looked it was trying to get all the of the generic McKinnon of the worlds are trying to get here receivers to develop and I thought that was a that was opened I was a problem for north but it certainly ended up being one of those things and Anna -- so we're gonna continue on with this and in north actually spoke yesterday about Miley has got a lot to to get to a guy Jim Miller former NFL quarterback at 1130 we've got Jordan Gross former Panthers tackle I'm excited to get his take on on Gerald Williams and not just the contract but the additionally speaking there's been some chatter about going from from the right shot to live side circle -- review girl won fifteen. But when he talked about Cam Newton we talked about Norv Turner are you expecting. MVP cam to come up because of side Norv Turner being here we're gonna continue on here don't forget to get on the building senator Tex lines 7045709610. At its nick Wilson and Jason golf under the effigy. How ordered by ortho Carolina. Davis he's coming. Charlotte sports. Our powered by Ford go Carolina. That's a lie. They're not gonna do easier you know I'd that's a negative attitude and I I can't out shallow allow it in his kids instead a team we have passed the first segment. Tell me it's really you know we had a like sports and up from people assume that were not just. You know invalids stewards this. We're behind microphones didn't do that for a couple of minutes while I have a whatever though and they can mean he understands on this cal I thought of as like the last day of summer camp when Eli. You could get in trouble you could kiss the girls who could. You know in the end your goal was to leather bracelet happy the only the only difference is I am a bit of an invalid but I at least I know it like self awareness is key right. Yeah for sure for sure it did all I know is my man Ryan going to be. I'm not in Charlotte from him you heard all the reasons why does a result we did this through it. Well it's like Jared shows though there are doing things that I that I asked him stupid. Not do anything I'd think you'd have you did it just because he knows Amir's Chicago and then there might be you know chance for gun violence. And that he did mention something about getting a running start by the way it's not Wilson and Jason golf under the FING powered by ortho Carolina. That education and I had I don't know if you heard this and we we've we sent over the sound we we've we've been debating this sound Norv Turner. What does that was it was talking yesterday after after campaign. It was kind of talking about. OK so I'm interest didn't see him see. You're you're kind of point it all back to camp but here was his take audiences Christian McCaffrey your that is true on charges because people are yeah register I don't I'm not on us a knot on nicknamed bassist Kristen McCaffery yes yes absolutely I'm. And you know your candidate mr. Eads there's so it's only human to read into our motto is since I was all over in the south and and and just look we are now Croatia and are you Christiane we'll be terrible blow by Goss say yes yes yes I'm all right I've met a lot of Christian McCaffrey's yesterday apparently. But but here was shot Norv Turner yesterday talking on on on what you can expect out of Trish McCaffrey. Are these kind of a wrong god because he's. You know. His Roy. And site run and you know that saw certain policy. No go a lot of attention and I'm game although Georgia Stanford their products. So Amber's never been an outside rank gym and run between the tackles and he carried that load. But I think the ability to hit two go outside and run outside but then their ability to. Tomorrow a bacterial demand measures that lineup saw it didn't get Moshe rendered thanks. And run very deep out routes and these are great hand salute you you have that combination and not bury them lineup amateur back certainly am not. Personnel wise and shipped in all of sudden your match for a look at him space different sort I think the Russian arms and tribute saying sir are Christians. All right show that was a great rundown of everything that Christian can do. Now the question is scouting report Gary Gigot the question is is he going to unlock the best out of a front CMC. Are false Syria you know. When you show people that you just above the backfield now you know you you when you when you're sub did and sub packages are probably follow you and threw what 65% 60% of defense is now a days are the nickel defense of the third corner out there as soon you gonna have to coverage linebackers you have three corners and to safety so that the match ups as soon as he's in there he's going to have to prove that I won't now gash that smaller line of defense we that you have on the other side of the field. On the other side of the ball I should say so. If they're going to run six the thing that I don't want nick. I don't want them trying to make him something yes and then him being worse addicts and you know this this happen mail Reggie Bush. You know Reggie Bush in New Orleans first couple years caught all the ball low Darfur and then all is on the radar we get the most out of this asset let's run between the tackles and I think Christian cadavers in different runner and a I've a dog a doctor's recovered Ashley are robbed from other Eisner you know and in his junior year can opt opt I think he's strong guys are good athletes but. Forcing him to be something he. It's okay for him to be an album Kumar type of player where you get those boom plays because a lead a load back has been wearing them down that's what's so Janice is holes we younger Jonathan Stewart. And I know Jon Stewart has special place and every rise Harden Carolina but that this. You have to force that then you know you have to force it to be all right there's going to be our low back it is going to be a guy who has to be able to run through the tiger is if you Camden Fine but if you find out that's not what he does well the job the coach wants to get the most out of players and also put them in the positions to be the most successful. No wonder if they have this. This speaks like knowing when to stop an experiment I think is is is the better part of valor some more times than not well. And and like people referred to Christian is like a third down back is if that's pejorative it's not like that good when I hear third down. Actually it's not like Kevin fall a fifteen years ago the position Hayes is evolved Michael I know and I Putin on the same thing there timeout running inside the tackles. Even if they can do it like and I and I'm I'm I'm for utilizing him in the best possible way but considering he is in a 250 pound back. I don't wanna between the tackles every other day you can I usually in the same way you could use Jonathan Stewart shall I think the thing is. You know I get it you may be does 200 touches this year but I think you have to select those touches carefully because he is in the traditional back into use him as such would be a crime against his talents. And guard to guard you different I mean let's go to spice and enjoy Andrew Rosen Jacksonville right now. Grind Khalilzad guy who's missed a lot of games the last couple years and this is there was it was supposed to be his final year trade turner is a very good guard but guard to guard your different than you are Alessio so like. I keep going back to it. As as good as you hope this offense is going to be on paper you have to understand and I think a lot of Kansas fans to understand. This team is going to be different. The team's gonna be different as so many different visas. They get every player comes in differently whether he's in better shape whether he's in worse shape whether he was nursing an injury or they use health in the offseason. And that's if you're returning near an entire eleven which and very few teams teams do. Now you're thrown in two or three new wide receivers you've thrown in a situation where you left guard is going to be different you're right tackle might have to switch to the other side of the football if they extend him. We've only the only consonants right now there are cam Nordegren also. It and another than I mean still Krishna cabins boy you hope you got better. You know his body changed in an interview that you put on 1012 pounds of muscle so you hope it doesn't take away from his agility in his quick quick mrs. Imus in the last segment but. This this is going to be an and you have a new opens and play caller and he's going to be there's going to be a lot different to think I didn't give back to last segment thing I do. Think about and this is from previous experiences. Guys do these jobs because of their reputation the reputation is built on what they did successfully what they did successfully something they might not stray away from as a reason why Mike Martz is no longer calling plays in the NFL he had the greatest show on turf brood just what. When you realize all right you know you mobile quarterbacks in five and seven step drops are going to get it because of how ridiculously awesome these stands are nowadays. And and and and how. You know defense recorded as dollar pressure from every single angle and you have a target date isn't moving ever because he never really employed the moving pocket. Yeah those offices become you know they may become out of style they become archaic no cover two defense experience that would Lovie Smith here where now you got to cover two meters now it's covered three and cloud coverage and all and some things so. Norv Turner is gonna have to show me then he came. You can move would deter and you can move with the times and and sometimes that's that's is it's a tough as an adjustment as anything so. Like I said these the the first no not just training camp but not just from pre season but the first four games this season. How did you it is going to be an adjustment period as compared this man should should settle in for. And and know that it's if things don't look right this is why. And I think the tough thing Barry is just your your percent right there's going to be an adjustment period of the promise you're not gonna nose that was an adjustment period or whether they're not gonna just until after those kids should know about that it's okay baked until nine win at that point your season is going to be what it's going to be. There and and this is a they can c'mon gang bust Friday may come out three and one for dolby a top five dolphins and all of this be for not. But as a fan and I've always tried to figure out. What my worries were so I didn't have to be surprised you know you he can't understand which are showing sorry everyone celebrates you straighten your ship. As as as a fair objective individual but at the same time we should also understand aren't so. If I see pressure up the middle from camp is Brian Cooley will still injured. Is is Jeremiah Cyril is not the guy you know what what's going on there or if I see drop balls from a rookie or guys incurred so who didn't play last year or Torrey Smith who is is a burner but. Know what's the first thing we gold fast guy stay relaxed no these are the things that if arm of Carolina Pakistan right now I'm trying to. Trying to negotiate in my head on and on top of it you can complain in the best division in football arguably. So hope there's not gonna be very pretty easy games for you the schedule is daunting. That the Panthers aren't aren't one of those. Weird. Areas in the NFL right now and especially if in the NFC which is the better conference by far even if it's this could be. A twelve enforce them. Or this could be a 79 team because of all the adjustments because of all the new things. Mean on the I read the thing about looped weekly one on one hit everybody because of the shoulder surgery hadn't had a contact so this. This questions every single year when you bring 53 men together to try to win a championship I think this team has many questions for a good team as there is immunity. And I think in the in the NFC south right now this is a volatile conference you look at healing in Tampa Bay in New Orleans I know normally just had a lot of success fool I know they've bounced back but he you don't know he'll win is the Drew Brees bus gonna bust like I think that is a fair question asked and so the big question for you guys deal with was it as a relation Norv Turner. Who is the bigger question mark on who he can do is going to get the most out of Cam Newton or are run CMC Christine McCaffrey can finish up on the building tax line. Building senator slice 7045709610. If that. And bush and every offense has achieve the question is will norm no hootie usual trying to answer that nick Wilson Jason golf under the FING powered by ortho Carolina. Yes. Nick Wilson Jason golf under the captaincy powered by ortho Carolina they show also promises you better flow I can promise you that help right now no doubt about it there are no flow problems when it comes to the show not nice you and I not yet yet you know what don't say like a regular guy but yeah I'm I'm quite regular route despite being a will woods comes to fluff that's true it's all about the flow. There's an energy sometimes it's about the hustle but mostly it's about the flow. Own. Do. Louis and a half hour. I have welcomed you WW. Steak chicken. I lost radio but rather wow did you really does make a bad joke I'm all in all please Jason I have dead jokes for days I'm sure you do you have three little girls three girls man god bless I cry a lot okay Hansbrough you do win zero discussions or arguments and now solace in light of the fight against furlong W Osama Graham a living must meet for a few years there at the end and show I five women. In my house. Ed you're at all times and you're like saint nick why did you pick up golf thing in my country like I feel like this is you got to give just pick this one up right. You're an Angel there enemy and I had done and that's a beautiful thing though you must have been an awful awful person only on the life so all I am paying Furl for some sort of charismatic sins it's not. Yes it's not right I've done something I don't just not a big idol gives god gives certain men with women you know me and certain Lynnwood girls will be girls he must have been you know all. Mickelson back in the days that this what was going to go to I would Bowling Green oh ho ho called BG UP SU and Antonio Daniels cut in a swap derivative through the rec center gone yet. Are there are right right through the student union to know. Right through Hayes hall all about that all about today's call action. I. I do Zorro mask gone oh fitting costume I you know that's the finding is that didn't sit well then I try and put it on now and they're just gobs of humanity coming out. The worst possible way is a really got a lot Columbus so under the age you know what a little extra for somebody special that's ourselves and how small man are you I'm not about six foot four and on a shade over 225 it's an awning or. It alone and I'm lying dude this Jason. Tony five vishay is another human being a huge market bet that you. The man and a lot of my friends I don't travel small people I had a bad that's just the start with. You know usually short people have a complex did shall never get over at some point you go out to him on top of the head so. I a man his size and amend my size I they would be I think would be fine well anywhere anywhere we go all the expectations we it would be tempered. You know the Wii and radio for reason we know we're new we're not the best looking men in the world would someone loves us and someone is willing to pay us to entertain maybe six or seven people would. And listen they're chubby chasers out there. Right there's somebody that good looking at me like I'm a prime piece or written by and unfortunately it's my wife I mean I'm. I'm a beluga whale and she's still just gives me that come hither look every once in while. And that's all you need that's all you musical people and worse to agree one. We do I'm I won every it's. A kind of go back and forth because you know sometime early lies she sometimes she doesn't pick one person that's all you need in life is. And and and I'm sure you found that person that I've RSS all I know is the Twitter avatar is a beautiful photo view. I feel like he brings out how I it's everything that your personality probably isn't used to be. I'm like you might be a more refined mend the new avatar let's on the become mayor if they're common men com that you try to get it curls which I'm down with as well. You know only everybody's gonna be a monorail salesman at some point muzzle Vietnam some good would it. Excellent stuff about by the way on the buildings that are tax us or we you and I were talking about. You know coming to unlocking Cam Newton and and I was I was I was curious about what is the key to unlocking him and his I think it's. I think it's CM CI discretion McCaffery but on the the dog sugar tax line here. The guy kind of brings out nor in time on north harping on and improving the wide receivers if they get better candidates better and and it's it's not that I disagreed you know I don't know what Torrey Smith or DJ Moore can do but I just think that because because Chris McCaffery. Impacts so much. I think his ability to impact the run game the pass game and be utilized is that human Swiss army knife I think that's how you get the most out of a unicorn like camp. Yeah you know. Kim is. Kim is a a very. Very confounding player and that there is as much armed talent. And as much physical talent in him then we've seen any very very long time at the quarterback position. By the fact that he is the dual threat that he is bill I go back and forth and Aslan a little bit on on. On the on the mobile quarterback because four and I talked to talk Kroger about this when I host a dish Charlotte where a couple weeks ago and I think for years the mobile quarterback who's the worst coach position in sports. Because for years especially in high school ranks he was we gotta win games so to one read out to system and then take off because we gotta win games fifth and then that quarterback descended to the collegiate ranks where include coaching was similar and then that by the time the talent filter itself out. All of a sudden you've got guys who are winning the game behind it that the line of scrimmage and behind the boom you know there have been offensive line and it's the only sport where. The most important person is allow a wall of protection for refusing. So the fact that cam is bigger than anything we've seen with that mobility usually the fast guys the guys who are a little bit smaller but even more frail hand we saw what happened Robert Griffin the third you know Mike Vick after awhile took took some shots -- Ron Amadon was a guy who was mobile but you know rule was the last thing we remember and he is winds coming off a corner and yell at him asleep before that we saw the Minnesota run where you know he's he's gone toward an innings all over the place they're great they're great for highlights and they're also for allies but. After awhile there's a reason why you don't want your quarterback hit because it effects accuracy it affects judgment is fixed decision making. And if Cam Newton can take that next step to where he doesn't have to run as much even. You know it's it's kind of like your game evolving while you still have again maybe MBA if the guys who attacked the rim ice thing Vince Carter. Went to his jump shot too early in his career but we look at his career 1718 years later and that's why he was doing it because you want to be that player while he could still attack the rim I would like for Cam Newton to it to become a more refined Dresser while his athletic Susan is still wouldn't. Well so rather Cunningham M and that would Minnesota. Isn't that though isn't that is that north though. Is that is an add on north 'cause I think firms from north Chambliss I think that that CMC offensively is how you. You know unlock the camps potential on the field but we talk about north trying to unlock. Tim's potential just by himself I think he's got he's got to find a way to instill. He got to find a way to get him to trust his offensive line. An end to really understand the difference between if now's a time where I point have to run does its best for the team and now's the time did run because it's gonna give us a chance to you know it's going to be it's gonna get a C yardage and I'm not going to kill. And then not see. Every snap from played last year I don't know how much of that he did or didn't do I don't know a lot of those runs were designed runs and you know funky things with the scheme but. In this the other things to a tight end reliant offense that we've seen that work where is Rob Gronkowski. Ends and the New England Patriots we've seen it work a little bit but I think dual quarterback deficiencies intensity up and Alex Smith is just good enough to give should be a big day. We Travis Kelsey and Travis Kelsey and and and in Robert how skill guys we talk about quite off to a Greg Olson is and self hall of fame career and how long and and I think Greg Olsen is not many guys can Ritter retire any time soon but how long can you be a tight and reliant offense without having the greatest quarterback of all time and and then not attacked as much as you should. All the printed them punches. I think is the panthers' number one in much. Is he a number one in the realm of Dioner Hopkins you Julio Jones Antonio Brown he's not those guys and there's also the question of do you need that guy. It was the last time that the leader the league leader in receiving yards led led a team to a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl. So there's a lot of ways to skin a cat I just I think the overall health. And and well being of Cam Newton is Paramount and also a big guys that coincides with not only how. How Albright how healthy Jim but Jim winning the game from the pocket a little bit more one. Is a key to getting Cam Newton back to his MB MVP former gets in on that and legend. I I I love the idea the problem is it makes absolutely no sense of isn't going to happen but I love the idea or are explored this specific idea and that Wilson Jason golf on Libya says he powered by ortho Carolina. Wilson Jason go off on WFNC powered by ortho Carolina. Jason are you excited at the prospect of Cam Newton Norv Turner Christian McCaffery life. Because you and I have both been realistic about this little. But if we had to put odds on that what what odds are you giving that that knoller is in just the name of the magazine jerseys you put it earlier Michelle. Who. It's not good we've got its few. I don't not a gambler I I just decided to expression as far as. As far as his success rate gap or success level yelling he's successful dissolved Valencia but like what what opinions are giving her. Top ten and give us all a top ten offense yeah like she in the NFL is that the benchmark like when odds would you give that benchmark. I'd give that no 65% chance tactic 60% chance happening okay I greater than 5050 yemenite I guess I got orders slightly above that if they have the they have the physical skill it's just about. All these pieces meshing in time where you know of course injuries are a factor as well you know if you're unhealthy none of this matters. If you if you if you get two guys go down on the job in the why would she know this this team has seen before noon and do we're talking about a totally different. On dynamic here but they can Norv Turner still coach football yes and then he coached these pieces we will see. I think that. I outlook alongside of I don't know by doesn't have his or is around the me too far too many people are scared to to be because you have to have some weird how. Take it all times and we we know I'm right here JC we've just for half an hour we didn't reduce imports to discusses life a people your business of over where grow perhaps his love win out and Thomas come and tell us about came contractually Washington listen. That's an odd. I'm coming from and a place of impartiality and cover of bosom of objectivity and so I don't I'm not trying to bash anything you root for I'm just telling you how I feel. From blog us or from my. From our vantage point and also understanding that I would covering Norv Turner in this in this division that are covered for the last few years. You know in Chicago I understand what happened in Minnesota as well. Well and I and I think you know knowing what has happened with the north is such a key to this whole thing. So I I I agree with like I oncoming candidacy cam fans somebody who appreciates. That did you know we don't just have to compare him up against the other quarterbacks and try and fit a square peg into a round hole food I would probably put it about 60% so probably right in the same area that you did flew. Ed just because. You know you. You can't teach an old dog new tricks they can try and learn some. But this idea that gorgeous we should just automatically assume after what happened in Minnesota they do he's a changed man. It is my experience that old football guys. Decide when and if they wanna change and I think this is unfortunately you have no way of knowing it's going to happen. Again and as we talked about earlier into game 91011. And dryer at which point in your season will be decided in less something early how wacky happens in the division and and all those other teams just fall by the wayside which I don't think anybody's expecting. Which you which you hoping for is to give the clunkers out of the system. We know 'cause we've seen can go on 678 game runs in the UC did two games were is like well what what happened there I mean we gained him some well last year where there are of course resistant UAE sort of sense but you can't have the fourteen for thirty force. You know although the one touchdown three in session gains in the newseum play against Green Bay in mid December and and look like the best player not just on the field but in football. So you know those. Through the consistency that pitcher hoping for out of Cam Newton going for the Mets. And he's forced mission one I mean this isn't just about rooting for laundry this is about one in championship level play. And Cam Newton has shown that he can get you to that point once you raise those expectations they're supposed to stay there. As a fan David they don't drop back down just because you you feel like being nice to be feel like being fast loser talk what. And I think that's so key like yes you should expect a top ten offense it's it's normally been turner then and you hired him for the name. So it's not as if you hired you know Billy Joseph bit Billy Joseph Bob's cousin here who's the first time offensive coordinator. You've hired a product now that that product better deliver. Early returns because you've given Norv Turner as many or if not more assets then you really ever gave Mike Shula. So the the whole thing well we'll see when you know he'll let let's see how fairs there or you know but if it's a top sixteen office will be happy no you you should shoot for the moon because if you shoot for the moment with this offense with the guys that you have here within the whole thing about Choo doubled talker or deep playoff run a war that that should come with a top ten offense. And. And this is also anywhere I've I think. We're. Kind of ignoring what's happened on the defense is sound football to have been gone Teri polo is going to be a terrific upgrade for this team a bit defensive tackle position and style looks Lilly was up. Still a guy who who held to the point of attack but Don Terry pose actually guy who can give a little bit of pressure on the quarterback for you is a terrific athlete. For the size of men Hillary is so have you taken a football away. Auto or by yards per game given up you know it would. I take away the football. Hold teams to seventeen or fewer if you can. And if you do got more times than not you have yourself a top ten top seven defense if that if it's Cam Newton can get the ball advantageous positions where he's on the other side of the fifty. You know as as many times anybody else's then did you talk to Ross scored points in and it's it's it's all. It is all relates to coming back to come back to Cam Newton. Scoring is much as you can and being as healthy as he can later on in the season because bill we've seen a how it's not how we could see cam knew there's the walk around with a apparent concussion in a playoff game companies so that. Those kinds of things at some point give a damn how big you are they take their told you you do you wanna make sure that your quarterback is doing. As as little punishment as possible. We're talking about Cam Newton what are the keys to getting Cam Newton back to the MVP level where we're very interest in the Norv Turner side of things got map online to welcome to show about a. And I. Know. We all week. It won't get. I expect there. How well you know. All white or I or. We're. Really they're. It could no. More. Now all there is that we. Well and I think why it's important is you know Kim to me it points when I've watched him again I don't want human Hamels wants him every game he seems to have not found a trust with the offensive line consistently not that he doesn't like the guys not that he has no lumps but did because of injuries because of turn over. I don't think we've ever seen him fully body into an offensive line is that that is his mentality is a football player but I do think I mean deeply if the offensive line it whether you can't settle left guard whether you try and flip around the tackles whatever I think getting that that relationship in sync an NFC football player Cam Newton. Embracing the offensive line fully and protecting himself I think that probably would be more important and as we talked about. Nick Wilson Jason off we are here with you for the next few hours we're going to do it. All right there was a report is out there of we're going to address it and I will try not to turn it in the conversation in Germany yesterday again that Wilson Jason golf under the F and G powered by ortho Carolina.