Midday On WFNZ: Muggsy Bogues Weighs In On The State Of The Hornets

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Wednesday, June 20th
Stan Norfleet and Patrick Creighton talk with Hornets Great  Muggsy Bogues about Kemba Walker and he adresses the state of the Hornets.

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Peace he's WS game scene. Powered by ortho Carolina. Here's Dan nor sleet and Patrick Creighton. New Charlotte. On eBay for everybody it's in the will make history administration via radio dot. On the morning. Obviously as we report you gotta stand Norfleet. And as high school. University of of Virginia. Unaware and obviously ACC coach rich don't think I don't think a much ago when I'm down you try just a little bit I'm always switching you Charlotte and dime extending my hospitality to the gentleman sitting beside me who has been very. Mean queen city over the last three days best Patrick Creighton from your scripts are a pleasure to have you thus far yard trust again. Need to stretch in need of a fresh drafted Ryan still have some are slices. Need ordered electric light CPR or don't why you also nice to me down. This is how we roll. Anybody that comes to solid no matter where you're from a world that's why can't wait for the all star game come in February. People are going to be absolutely taken back by our hospitality. This is what we do our city's very clean we take pride in how we in Iraq where people sit up until Dell also protects lacked a. I'm down here it is you know you your hometown and I guess like any -- doing and what can I get for you you know you also need some new drink hits are pretty well so my hometown unbroken like. What do you. It's worn you'll connect. That you you wonder some ought to. I think a term remedies like the progress on this thing. Speaker goes above a very nice people love the folks over a costly heating and cooling. They have the this experience for you coming up this fourth of July saying the largest fireworks show in that area from the best seats here the the FZ dot com or change to win tickets to see the Charlotte knights verses the door. Schools did you sit on the field force guys showed 28 to each candidate of your Jersey dot com slash contests. Four chance to win. All right so it's funny I watched this experience. I am I'm not sure if far costly heating. The and cooling sponsor there's a bit but maybe. Roman Harper was here to punish or treat season. So for July I think heading into the toward recruiting season or reading it took a torn sixteen season. There were several follow. All the players that we're living over at the if you writer and and so all of a fantastic however it's apartments condos Leo but everything you may have so I was. This is say enjoying myself the baby dolls were out there and the cocktails and free party with frank Kamensky on the on the twelfth floor I was not quick try to turn I. They invited she's big dog story. Alyssa is gonna do. McDougal porn is the tools for addressing job a BB. BNT Baltimore with the fourth of July 4 of July lights the fireworks. Celebration everything in the U. It was perfect like it's literally the perfect site mind to enjoy the special when you download sort of talks. Yeah responsibly of course. There's William Gay person McCarthy heating and cooling would love for you to go do that arm in partnership with divisions we go to web site. To get any. Let's reset the show and we started this thing we have some breaking who's actually the start to show gonna talk about. Your feeling blank about tomorrow night's NBA draft and the words that have. Been thrown out app with the discussed this interest I think this is a critical draft pick. And that was before. Dwight Howard trade about to see how was this Mitch coach checked Janesville Rae gold combination gonna point out. Mike what's there identity. And I think you know expectations. Dries disappointment. So I am cautiously. Optimistic. With what the hornets are gone and you at this whomever spot I don't. I don't need this player to be all the frame it be nice big surprise but I don't necessarily mean that what I need is for wants. Let's have a new lottery for your debt is Bordeaux. Running he brought in James ray go as a as a player development coach actually he's a guy that's going to give the mentoring young player. And in in Orlando he's great the development of electoral depots now obviously a star with the aim it in with the Indiana Pacers. Like she you know you're you're looking for him tube to be the guy that's going to bring in that that number eleven pick or they move offers to move back cool wherever. But the jays Prager is going to be critical in the development of whoever that that first round pick is on Thursday night. I've got some ideas I know a thing we know doing what we'll have that discussion all hold to pick should be. And I've got some reasons why an are thrown out at least two or three hits. Out of first craft orders program. These are you cautiously optimistic cautiously okay does. Please god do not. And a does that count is cautiously optimistic. I would classify cautiously optimistic as. You know what in life sometimes we were all trying to hit. Oz and a home run it sixty needed to try. For the Atlanta Braves last Michael Margo got his first ever Grand Slam in his sixty OK that's great. And what's underrated in life. In life if we can just consistently get on base with singles. And it may be you occasionally steal a base. And like just give all embrace. What is this 7% of the time in baseball. Leadoff man getting on base weasels in a run scored. Don't base when I look at the interest of moderate slits Kimba walker unless we in the telecast and base. So that would be how I describe my cautious optimism would obviously let's go to performance and of course we gotta give it to the Dwight Howard straight forego that may be just breaking for large personal let me know when you go. Don't call me because McGee homer by atomic you don't talk like I gotta go somewhere to clear that. Little. Golf was more so in all seriousness several forefront Simoneau 916. What are your thoughts about the White House move Dwight how does no longer strong. On it he is now a Brooklyn nets. We have assault on. The renowned temperature in my golf. I just threw up in my mouth. Got away Mitch solid until Matt oriented all right now imagine. A problem. Rich you right now a Minnesota says that it. Would go up the good to portray as it's currently. Constructed. Why would you bringing on an additional years salaries Ford do. Half the players over the age the dinosaur the white power and I say that respectfully I can't address reports remove. But with so I just don't understand how this helps us new and comes Johnson. Yet it's it was circuit with a mix we ought to try to. This sort of pull out of your would you say giving all your more mistakes. Let's go on here before Alex who give it to mormons come also round. He never thought our entire. Oh. So let's recap this fantastic Newsweek and for the record I doubt it turned out that clipper and then you're on a table for out of Mitchell. It overruled by end it number two turns bowl now you guys mr. I checked being. Romantically reunited with its worst contracts in NBA history which he himself. Want to get out there aren't any time and they can acquire another white front court players. Are here. My arms out with some funeral too long enough to ask these two Charlotte. I. Got back to you like. You'll be surprised. Homer proudly took root cause you don't go to flew to Islamabad. People have say what you do see it what is. Why do so like you guys have a fascination. Well highlighting their trek. Notice he's probably feel like MJ is permanently scarred by the ghost of Kwame Brown. So so now it's good poker debt that could learn a little disappointing I'm. I don't blame him a threat. Show me a GM that would not have taken Kwame Brown at that spot everybody would have some guys just went out there. That I was going to which asserted former. Yeah. So I guess some bright that they do right committed a critical draft of the usual hornets. About doctorate terrible yes. The only very it and kept it that theoretically resign cabin and you give it up by Pratt trick ma bell but tomorrow. Well I'm hoping or dream scenario. Which red gem we tried Campbell and the eleventh pick to move up to your rear or it looked constitute available. Safely kept there has been around a young rookie who's got star potential. Opposed to you know eventually smacking out camper and to cement in the next ten years of mediocrity. Aura. You know I know Jim has been taught to capitalize. And I'm going to update. If if we're trading Campbell walker to move the three are draft pick eject rocks that they wanna give a paper kemba and we get but it does that maybe. Arbitrage scenario but eleven jump up about that the dot just bought it then move on and. Look at ensemble looked dirty to America's disaster trade that I the lives of rumor that I saw was kemba. For the eight I was just looking not ten and eleven just Tamba. For the heat and then you're talking about a team like Sacramento really wants out of the two. Where they take eight and eleven. To go to signaled they won't take the sixers which is what like ten and 25 via like. Eight and eleven. For tomb. Now you know we're talking dirty. So let's do this out of combat a McClintock called the phone while bass who might not settle for 57096. Stand your feeling blowing about tomorrow's. NBA draft for all. All hornets and the new why how which raised also will do. The particulars. Of how Kimball kemba. Obama clearly cavalier and now ultimately long term that will live. We'll shoot the hornets got to step sergeant askew is an alarming just Barbara which you know you listen to me. The difference really proud about ortho Carolina then Norfleet has spread to great. Davis he's coming. Charlotte sports this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Everybody's heard of the team which cheering. What held territory they knew they wanna be stars we would rather bizarre new Brothers sought to have this guy come back tomorrow lawful. For another year and I'm really thinking Charlotte people are thought to behind the scenes like guys were just sick and tired of is that it's old. I hope is the wake up call for why I still think he has some good years left but here's a look himself in the mirror and says why do all my team it's not like what can I am your. It can't it can't all I can always be to pick not it can't always be. Is fearful. When you've been to three reported falafel is the same story every time. 1450 different guys every year. Phoenix and. BA radio courage CEO of Sirius XM and of course we're trying to do the same plane right here this out of remarks from Beirut mostly studio's. New. You have to sleep now. Or procure momma will appreciate our relationship and partnership with the good folks over there to spend more recent and chip for the remainder. This afternoon before we can chew over to Garcia M Bailey at 2 o'clock bet would be Patrick Creighton beside me out of Houston have enjoyed him. It is I hornets head these show that was going to be by design anyway. A million attorneys got the drama as you have actual lottery tomorrow night the draft tomorrow night in the end of course the breaking news. We took the airwaves to why how what is now in Brooklyn that he is no longer Charlotte hornets. And the whole. It's due to offer Mozgov. From the Brooklyn mid year. Miles gone from is wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals where you earn some money that Mozgov contract that I have been reference thing. I'm forgo telephone lines. To march oh you're my mixed to up. Several full trust that wants to be 704570916. And is a phone number to give him it's the same number you. You wanna get into the building sent a text line as well. Where there Mozgov contract. Oh here it is. Jennifer mas gov signed a four you 64 million dollar contract. Knicks coach chick lay at Los Angeles Lakers so usually a surprise that cooks it calls for is more. What she sees the mas golf I don't know air. Looks better when you play when LeBron James let me see can you play well. On James which is why don't go to space in your mag talk about it too tragic I agree with you if you break up their go to things are and they had to go. Own both guys will look a little bit different I discovered all right let's go to perform my she doesn't rule. Osgood got a right help me navigate these Obama talks up Jamar right now Jamar you middays on the New Jersey was going Norman. Let me tell you how wide go all wrong invited street works and why dispute. Ten Demont abouts in contract paid him beyond his roster is in top court so he's not going to play or not you can dispute won't. Cody Delaware even Ballmer as they are art to spares for the time being and talking and you know not knowing what political blow to spoke with Bruce. So we're not quote just so dark. Boy material for a sometimes. Teams get better but the traction and everybody looks at the White House numbers based state. They have how would you trade here to appear about operative. Part doppler not gunplay. Don't why don't I just want you give me once again just as this Jamar your point may be valid about Moscow's lack of minutes right there that may be true. But why in the hell would Mitch cook chicken game money to all of rarely salary cap situation which gives you. Leaf form this year what's your adding another year or whatever his fifteen million dollars 7070. Million that makes no sense to me tomorrow for guys knocked. Maceda course before. Or repertory they are we so what we know auditory. And I say that I don't know how much of a program you've heard we appreciate you know. No doubt and I say this is a domino. He needs to you know bird domino. And OK but I've got to talk about it based on what it is all its assertions and analyze how big a domino can the 45 pick really be clear. I'm ready ready McCormack or an opt out and equip and don't vote. Jim there's there's coupons would be afraid that makes no trip but here's the point I'm really want to do their interest in and have more children do we do people really don't care to contribute to wipe our. Don't be afraid it may have come from somebody who want to deported every single night. Why Howard is Russell Westbrook sinners like you'll see numbers are European press. That little spell it helps you win bet popping. Like guard particular role not taken note eighteen foot jumper with twenty seconds left on the shot clock. They were sick detect and understand how they focus on the are really very I'm not sad about Tebow not. Democracy to comment. Pastor. I had I had white into a year for two years in Houston you had a career in Atlanta. I think it's invoked. For people to bash on Dwight Howard like it is it a fun thing to do you really don't. Easy easy easy easy to hang on Dwight Howard this idea that led to light is this locker room cancer and everybody hates them sorry I spent two years with summit and Houston. That is the dead opposite. Of what happened manner dead opposite he got voted best teammate in Atlanta what he got traded at. It's like it's unbelievable if RG I'm not despair June Brendan Haywood has an MBA bit is an NBA champ Mike Haywood knows his stuff. Hayworth sources I talk to bring an all time you do you want sources are telling him that why has. Album but I think that's any of us right. I'm sure you could have some are former employers that actually duke. I think so it's clearly were ration your your lawyers on his former coworker is he's a problem child predator arm artery moment you have someone diploma. We got here is this show so you want to welcome the white man who has. They have little or no not just auto there we don't know Judge Judy Muslim men. I. Well out there. Yeah there are. There's Dwight saying I'm not gonna bet on what. Kerr is on the way out anyway in my. Pretty much you know new view coming goat cart removed but. Are saying about. You can log off yeah I agree are there other color I was on the curry Kurt another trade. He will be back to back straight maybe a couple more but I a one give caution to our boy Ian Jerry. Don't get rid of Campbell. Don't ever give Rick Campbell. It's. It. And draw other players need each bit of you know give group our main jet Pete. Chuck I'm hearing Romo. Honda seems that this team is too low were a certain point guard in this coming draft. And I'm also looking at some things. In theory. I'm looking at CBS sports on this in theory. Kimbo could be traded to the cavaliers. You know hope we're trying to keep LeBron the cavaliers would you care more. Tone and Marvin. Don't hornets would receive. Kevin Love Giorgio. And the number eight pick if debt deal. I made a trade in my sleep. That's that's the. I'll pull that trigger before Dan Gilbert's Summers off her. This deal and what tools do you all of my books and I'm not always go hurts seeing Campbell leave but they'll kill look at all. 500 seasons since she's been. In seven years the man go play with somebody at the medical team what we're we're king James like I'm not gonna Q and that kimbo. Got that in the nobody's coming to Charlotte just two Torrey which Campbell he's not above that level that's not such a safety not. He's an all star. He's not a piece that I think you can build a championship team all right now Kemba Walker needs to be your second best player on a championship team. We'll continue as two point guards would be joined by a formal mourners who as it is the most. Goal drive by middays on the a difference beef courtesy of it to become just mama return. Holes that are making their way more around the city distraught. I have heard the breaking news. That's why you come those and infantry so that we can provide that for you. So Carolina stay in the awfully fast they have sports mental muscles of your best director Craig he's at peace Creighton. You can take kid whose business is been a pleasure to have him in the queen city workshop and opponents. Worry king. Bruce why or how would no longer a strong and hornet Dwight Howard has been traded Mitch Kupchak has been the trigger. His first move as general manager of his soul. Hornets and it was to get. Our future hall of fame all feels roster. And took so he was willing to I had an additional reviews salary. And that gentleman would beat him a free miles Goff. Loss as to concentrate and I always the go for the players when it comes a contractual stuff was blessed enough to receive four years and 64 million dollars from just true. As theater of personnel for the Los Angeles Lakers. It's got a gave him a treat Moscow saying motivator Moscow are made deal. Can you sir do you temperature Moscow of his last year in Cleveland. Started 48 of 76 games played. Seventeen. Minutes on before he averaged six points. Less than a block therefore Boortz. And met netted him because LeBron James. For use. 64. Million. OK which now this all hornets own a hook for in excess of thirty million of that. It makes no sense to me. What Mitch coach at your door now. I will say it is possible. That this is a part of a bigger trade. I just don't see Patrick anybody take you. Tim three miles off and 32 million dollars why would anybody take that on to their books for the next two years at most. Team who did that. They were the nets. So who makes all the deals where the main square and it. Baghdad dealers and nobody can take on that deal even Joseph Johnson's Atlanta contract. Went to the net. Hats whenever somebody needs to lose the untreatable deal they called again. It's through and pay you. From Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett that's how the Celtics were real question of the Celtics trying to give it to be built only didn't. Big guy maximum. You for the assets they had at the time they got to nest takes billion they had the nets draft basically the next five years. It's the tumble. There are several for trust them no 916 and the phone number it's the same as the building cemetery ex wife I'm gonna read somebody's building senate takes mount Ogden also hit a supplement Carolina pool tables toward her feet out mic in my way Ryan is helping me as we navigate those borders and whale waiting to be. Hornet's great speaking to a point guards there everybody more foreign mugs evokes. Any. Position newly appointed. Ambassador. In what will be the thirtieth season oh. Our Charlotte hornets special. And so. Patrick. This has an opportunity for things to be. It could be quite pleasant this year right off our games come in February and you know thirty years the franchise. As and you know everything is time. And could really be some national. It's got to go to do this. I just don't understand some unaware of is that on a good citrix. Look I might I might make you dale little worse here. Yeah it is a concern in the church in the shirt you weren't. You know how like sometimes NFL teams will asked draft he spent just really awkward and questions means I will love Jake Fisher of SI. Ascetic Kevin Knox from programs looking for a small force says a team interviewed him to come by impressed him as he had a child. Now knocks. Said no of course child. The team asked again and said that there Intel learned he had a child. So Knox asked for the kid's name and the teams admitted that he was a hoax. While on what is the purpose of that. The best that's just such a hole I could do a little lack adored entire segment. An entire hour orbit show one just bet. I can't right now I do think Kevin Knox is a potential draftees tomorrow night. And I still haven't gotten a chance to give it to. I think the horn should take because I don't try to try to guess the hornets do. This is courtesy of the booms and takes life but mormons do clear about eight million he kept my own this year. But not really capital boys soccer to over Kevin anyway. You are just getting all the luxury tax you're still over the cap. And the point today these debts money. In theory you could give to kimbo to steal other bad deals on the on this franchise. That don't help you. And if you try to reboot is paying what you call a tank. Field reboot I heard it all the bottom line is if you're not good enough right now you're trying to do better why would you add even though. Year oh god as you likely not gonna play for you or play sparingly at best at seventeen million dollars makes no sense unless. It is so far. Who have somehow missed card check is able to work his magic and he. The 45 pick and that 121. Trick. And this year is fifty strip and he's able to OPEC is that. And back in the first round this year in conjunction with all loading the Mormon Williams or Jeremy lamb and okay I'll take that. That's why I loved that trade that you were toss her out. I'm sorry women directors shall give. It may not occurred at a newcomer to the phone lines so the actual class 70 mass extent of the phone number saying number as the buildings and protects life being your market close call when Akamai does. Straight on the commit CBS sports right now and this was essentially tribe trades. Bet are realistic and this is called them abroad please stay slop how are. Details to it's is. The cavaliers in. Nichols the tone Marvin Williams. The hornets received. Kevin Lowe. Giorgio. And the 48 Cecil tomorrow night's cavaliers number eight. On its number eight and number eleven which is play any ammunition to more. Caribou both tradable as a traditional mode as you alluded to Patrick George Yeo an aspiring contract as you move. Alluded to turn church a look at LeBron James Brown you. LeBron James values veterans that have been through the fire that she can depend all in play off time. I'm in critical moments he also likes play makers and shooters. Got our veterans Kemba Walker it's a step down from carrier ring. Okay just step up from anything else. Yeah it's just a book Giorgio I don't know having him in the finals we Georgia during complaint. Goes Raton. Even with bet money and there. What does that cost them annually to paying the luxury tax program. Did you hear yours is big is right and best one Dole's best just an expenditure that every year he knows that it's almost like Texas going to be a but reduced. The degree of traders dealing. IQ are you girl you're married I'm not I don't whatever reason the ladies love our days you can amass so look Thomas stuff. You know the definition of a bachelor is right with her man that remains the same mistake wants you can't you can't forget the played a bird trade deal. Blair Jerusalem's British. That's good you'll controlled grow or maybe just were but got a legitimate emergency. To address data critical and so when I look. Jim Walker Mickelson puts all we know we can really shoot Dan Gilbert is because on the play in the told. And you get a veteran stretch for more from Williams. If they want to take that deal. On the last bit. You have to move triggered and I think that idea actually benefits both plaudits and run that deal about a Charlotte hornet legend. I can't day. I got caught. All of our Charlotte hornets for you as news or use our grew up and how watching this man go to work joint in a bid to become just life. Joy as middays on WF usually marbles going O'Meara. Woods I'm good at it now. I can't complain stand north we hear pastor Craig beside me so little before we do and was going on which you what's new organization. You can hear it. Just like I have. Are you OK. In theory. Which Kemba Walker being treated. I am very well you know and raji got the news. What's that's what you look at age and then. And it's gotta be hard to keep Tampa area and it but I hope mr. prod away and noted that security that not to go to the saying. Well and well respected in the community that thank the fans who took great if you know a lot and shut art you'd spot. But that that span the you know you know this got attached. Look at net bill O and they are seeing this in what is best put this feature go to vote they'll. I thought a minute. You've played his position and you. In some some some sticky situations right. Being an undersized player if you are a bit more. But like many people considered Jumbo. What have you relationships have all wrapped about you know the position in the whole size and dynamic in his new MBA verses the NBA and it's your world. Auto any conversation there. Why are fortunate we have and that that out with and and then I cannot stand about debt because I'm not but this year with the patient. You have about that I'm pretty enjoy extending well you know without you know they. Checking you out. What about where are we did there increased his percentage each year. I eat it too limited and over each year note that being pitched try to keep explain at all at the thought about it and keep gonna get or acquire. And it report certainly has apparently included. So many that they. And it's opted out of it it at that that I know how to eat that stuff does that we are clout. Are we caught between the Internet become a vote but he went. Corners led to mugs and bowls full point guard over our Charlotte hornets when I was little. Event though. There were down in the spectrum meant there were tried to Sri we're sure the most Gaza to an excellent job trying to keep that environment. I want to today just a second most what you got going on. But I would like real quick just your overall observation coming out of a of this 207018. NBA season if I just stated hornets. Who would you. Look at this club I know you go to games in the Al Iowa where you at. Where would they it would it. Ain't got. You know I think. You know coach cryptic trot. Work puts her woody and I think I wish you could play Champa. And now the leaked. More together I think it would account and credit and a steady chip and it can definitely a compliment one another that you shoot and are there. This like you know debate it's Ochoa. Well what they. With Jim you were gut may hurt bestow all but now he got to look back in the OK now what we need cheap. Dominic cork got and you keep the other. Interpret what we need to you gonna vote because they ask some talent and community do that tout but the gentry just wasn't working that the and I think. And believe being a rookie not in the much opt Juno and applaud China at a back a little bit hoax beat in counter. Strip that think that in the family income that would regrets in my heart that they don't really deep yeah. Both join us live via its and come get slime middays on the BR Susie stay emotionally tragically hit our most let's get why you. Newsman I started seeing this come out here a little while ago and are. Are taken on a new role as it relates to our hometown hornets over a distraction senate tell us about. Yeah become in the amateur event that bat spoke what it's been. The way they're quick that entails. Eric you know this is their plot though and they you know whatever capacity debating me. To be there on their two menu it is need to be in bad luck need to beat spot chip partner. Whatever it may be a net put Blair. Purple would abdicate may be out just a couple for ought to know Yorker. You know pop felt about Charlotte on that near a big part of our. It's great to indicate that the bag can now that. You know we have been adopted and we do it again you know I'll wanna denied being out punishment and united and night out critical shuttle on its not the potent and. Most you played ten seasons. Here in Charlotte tenure fourteen years. Which of those teams that you played on here and in shock which almost the past. Well you don't have yet in 92 nights creep you know we cannot that stage in terms that put Nat go. One of the match and then name through you know have a purse that the the playoff but the net 9390. Court seeing. And new route occur in Ukraine and those guys whenever. Like in Michael that we had. Know the total package in gospel with the China makes inordinately. But he did and so injury cabinet Iran. And it Canada without us to being in the assessment of well. I was always correct that you wool. Will be alongside dale curry who has been in that capacity and even though he's got some media obligations. Diaw also has a pseudo ambassador role also. Absolutely it's got about eighty. There aren't those to have backed Carlisle I think with an actor out. So we're prepared to be out there you know China or contain. Showcase what opponents organization about. You know how I'm thankful for bread in his tennis saying you know to bring me don't put I Bangkok in. He'll be a good addition to go to and hopefully. In mr. Mom wrote well technical. Well I have the utmost confidence broad based on and we go back aways are speak today here in just a little bit like. But I'll tell you what restored before we wrap up a little about this thirty years. Ago. As you guys were part of putting the foundation. In his team I think we when we reflect back on the -- years as hornets fans when the high. Diamond Tom volt was rock and amid uniforms and the consecutive streak of sellouts and all of that. I know it obviously Hurst at the franchise is it at that low. Evelyn and more what it means to happen or did not just in arena environment of the game for animals doesn't work there more and into a nice job in trying to give. And the fans and reasons to be excited and in terms of promotions and things like that we're just overall including a person male what's the next domino and begin with that obviously the White House portrait is that the first domino to me. Have tricks to get that type of fanfare in that type of camaraderie inside of a stretch and soon. Well you know where to go without the death destroyed that's just burst into almost went our way out. Going to stand back yet but it yet you just delivered their bread and beat them on a yacht great net culture greatness and the pitch on it. But that they understand how important it is. And now expression that they what they mean now but come in and being a product or in addition because you know backed plan would place earlier on an 88. We had torn. And the fans you know belief in the show on nodded and all were. The team was going to be made. And so would threaten an end in the Michael McDonald back spot that they China courts put. The best product out there and that's what generate it went about that but more quality they charge rate is spam culture. And China due date but up and become the spirits were dispatched to put won't go out in that arena. And it come until product you know that's what we wanted to do make you feel a lot of that there. On a solid and saying not your local agreed to a lot so hopefully we can create yet. Patton street and then where people and families wanna come to bring out in the count and spent some dope. Mostly what Colleen dose slayer or I will kind of traits do you think you know of the team should be looking to draft will all kind of of our skill saleable kind of player do you think they should be looking for. What you now on that corner go to merit pay in the bats well I doubt that the it didn't go or go. I don't wanna step on their stowed and what they look and were so open trial at all without. You know I can't speak channel. We can't look you know there are so hopefully it they're mental work. Who that level though that letter and maybe you can make like you just Bluetooth based trade group what I'll take trips to space and and bring it to two under. We note found declared. So we should not lose that. Well I got jumbled walk. Putt and and without that yeah and you got to know regroup and understand okay. Do we want Hillary bill vote nuclear blunders not too content and you don't have to wait you can do that you know create a field trip. Most some of the real quick who was the most held a guy you played with. Demands operating income to pursue got a great with a moat alone are not meeting. And there are young men caught a tree security. How are you put me on the spot. They're able well. No doubt most don't DejaView on this one man and listen congratulations I have not say there when your new role how sweet is day. The thirtieth anniversary. And it's inception in 1988. To twenty and eighteen it's crazy. That thirty years has grown. I've seen your new capacity. As ambassador joining DO Currie in their role of making yourself available to kimbo two or. Positioned to take you know. There are no corporate partners and suite holders and all of that I know you'll do a fantastic job and not just there and I want people to know this. My first experience. Wish you you were killed Al more ball rolled into the school I think. You killed a youth basketball camp he must have been like 1990. Me allow me. I guess we were doing drills and out you know our souls and I was so what do men you could say OK guys go look at. Really I mean you are about the same height more drama you zobel. A life. Allow me to play you wanna own one don't want in front of the entire camp. And you. Allow me to be Q Obama tell you as a grown man I'm almost moved to rooms microphone. Because today gave me that companies that even though I was from hidden valley and even though comes from you mark call bit. Gonna do is you gave me the company's tobacco go do we anything athletically if it was there if you encourage your brother so I know you don't. I wanted to and you can do more bed now so I thank you go. Bush admin and we wish you the best. Thank you for that sure appreciate I'm glad that their car is dealt with that that. They have to go that go well let you. Not a direct about it and you Latin it's that you've built that. Most we got to step aside and try to do. We appreciate your mash feel free to do this out any time stop by anytime on the portable over a trillion sooner. Our point is Glenn. Both commented on his new role over there at the spectrum senate probably got me all emotional. A moon is looking at how much you wanna move. Okay is this hole and I have to say it's dusty good. Notre we're way behind it man I'm sorry I went over our got emotional when I ended up I'd cut some onions and hair. Bill before while as well we'll keep the hornets commentary coming we will give back into some in Israel you'll break and dot com with so disrespectful. To remove chemical he must be addressed all we don't middays on derby you have choosy how about or procurement it's.