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Tuesday, July 17th
Chuck Howard and Will Kennedy talk with former Clemson Wide Receiver Mike Williams about some Clemson Tigers and his football camp this week.

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Please he's WFAN seat. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy at chuck power. Welcome back gay and our number three straight ahead on mid day here on WFANZ. Powered by ortho Carolina I am chuck Howard. He is will Kennedy and hey don't forget. Your pig skins season could be rocking an extra thousand dollars. Next week listen each week day from 7:15 AM. Until the whistle blows it's 6:15 PM. For the national key wording Gideon to win the 8000. Dollars text the national keyword 272881. And you'll be minute to win take off cash it's the WS Lindsay football cash kick off beginning next week right here. I'm WFANZ. In kicking off right here in the queen C tomorrow will be the ACC media days but also. Under way simultaneously. The SEC media days down in an alliance are not in Hoover Alabama this year and of course when it comes tube. The SEC media days it's all about Alabama here's what Greg McElroy has to say. Yeah out of your hair Alabama and the clot in their own. I would have been follow Leo one. Just because it's content outside of having the shot a law that I. I wanna beat them what did you did you doubt you know I think that the air question that but they're certainly right there along I don't I dated well. I bogeyed three programs that are I don't. I added everybody else now is George according to GAAP. Probably. It they're at school all the let's go to like Washington they could potentially. Work there way out of that conversation so although it'd been out any of the big twelve. Feel like this sit on their way back. I did a big twelve well but yeah I did it those three everybody else pretty much regularly it and it got anybody yet as you one year. You know our future here at the time being there might be sports speed a jump to the data quite like George about well I spear but. For the most part I mean it those gray right out annually you can add it to operate. So as Greg McIlroy of course a talking about the Alabama Crimson Tide not a shock today and Clemson will be a big topic of discussion. For us tomorrow will overdo ACC media days are coming up till 130 we'll be discussing the Clemson Tigers more with former tiger great. Mike Williams but with the SEC media days under way down. In Atlanta. It's been weird it was weird I should say seeing Jim Dale's Fischer is this just talking. About Texas a and M and also talking about. His former school so I mean as we know these guys it seems like they're moving around like mega bonds. Why in the money is so huge and the pressure to win is so immense especially at the top tier kind of schools they just don't kid you know. As a coach I guess if you're there and and you know they. The pressure is an expectation is to win the national championship to compete for the national championship and poor's data mean. They've had their moments passed the last twenty years or so again Jamal got them back to the top of the mountain and what you get there though you're your your fans expect that all the time. If you don't feel like he didn't support. From the university administration if you are in the sport from the boosters for whatever the reason your facilities are up to snuff with other programs you're competing list. Then these coaches now why you know wait around and wait for the ax to fall eventually so he jumped. And we can get into you know loyalty all those kind of things because it does trickle down these are talking about players and can they move why should they be able to moved they sat with the score the coach week I think we all kind of know what's truth to that. It has bugs but it is weird and that's they way I mean Jim both Fisher didn't go from some things. You didn't jump into anything easier. You're an SEC west now. Compete with some some some big big big dogs and they're being quite a few coaches who have stepped in to Texas a and M and found out the hard way. It's tough it's tough to compete. Well I think there was a wild there were AN am was gaining nine. The Texas Longhorns this seems like both. Big Texas schools are trying to find their way we slid the wrong way I mean yeah I. Any other thing is in this this is it's a cautionary tale they had a guy you'll remember this guy out years ago RC slocum was the coach Tex is there a big guy won ten or eleven games. Every season I think over the course of his time it takes them he was the most successful Wenzel lost head coaching college football what he didn't do was win a national championship and they were ranked number 1:2 morning in the season's. She you know cranking out guys to the NFL. And yet there's you could say your booster that school you we will climbs and whoever you are you you wanna win championships and if you don't. You wanna get rid of that coach but then you may find out the hard way you can't replace them with somebody you can do what he can do. I think Jim both Fisher's gonna get a little bit of time but I mean he's gonna he'd it's horror they're gonna expect him to pay dividends because he's getting paid it. A ton of money. But ten years 75 million dollar deal it's yesterday's Fisher saying he that he didn't have any intentions. I'm leaving Florida State he said he was very happy and very content there. And he went on to say as you know life takes changes and decisions are made everyone there was wonderful to me and I have nothing but respect and admiration for what they do and wish them nothing but the best in the future it's a tremendous place are really is Fisher resigned the day before Florida State's regular season finale to taste that ten year seven point five million dollar per year deal. With the Aggies so it's going to be interesting you know. Biggest problem once and it forces he wasn't Bobby about thousands Greg is probably like his. In the way he did things and kind of though some boosters and people you know keep their program and and that's just the thing so each you don't wanna be a guy who follows the legends sometimes I mean look at the time between bear market. And even gene stallings and Nick Saban and Alabama I mean look at what downloads do and I closing you know he's had some time. I'm from the day before Eric I mean it's it's stiff breeze so hardy toward the longhorns went a long hours and just we turn their coaches has Mack Brown is just it's a tough landscape out there as a coach I don't blame them for making what they can make a move not who was always a happy as when a guy it's a fact Patrick I Jumbo Fisher. There agent. Nick Saban I'll take that it is but nick said because he's got his agent who's a genius by the way is done that deal or Nick Saban ask to be the highest paid coach in college football by a dollar. And so every time somebody gets the contract Nick Saban gets paid. The most disappointing thing about SEC media days is Spurrier is not there are anymore I'm glad he's now. Are my two favorites but it was always you know spur was gonna do something but you know Will Muschamp it is you know. Is we've talked about and he doesn't. I think they're gay he's speaks on Thursday for some reason. In I think Saban speaks tomorrow but I think. Must champion South Carolina lake we've discussed with several guests in the other shows are speaking about it I think for gamecocks fans. I think it's tremendous and any time climb cynic in south Carolina at the same time can be discussed. You know I don't close is of the discussion for national champion shaped ship released the gamecocks. When they face Clemson this year you've got to think it's gonna be compared. And it will most since a great example it is easy to get some time South Carolina built something he didn't get that time at Florida it's at one point as a coach in waiting for the Texas Longhorns people thought he had a shot and Robert is a year. I get to the right spot so a chance to build something there and I and I. And I like you know I think he's a stronger this year in the SEC and I South Carolina can make some noise especially because the schedule. Falls there way a little bit. Yeah I don't think. The timing was perfect for must champ and I mentioned it the other day that. We in the gamecocks first hired him I wasn't so sure because of his offensive skills are perceived offensive struggles at Florida but obviously he's proven his South Carolina he can recruit. Offensive guys in Jake belly and he goes Samuel and they've got and arguably one of the top five wide receiving cores. As a whole in the entire NFC we'll see what transpires within as far as running the football but LA you know. It's gonna be interesting to see if Jay Bentley can take that next step would see no other teams in the SEC that. You don't think that they've got a shot Auburn should be there in the end is always. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the LSU Mississippi State might be in the mix over there. But to do you know Tennessee is expected to have a little love you know still trying to find themselves also earnings. You know so is you know again like you in the Florida Gators of the world those kind of programs are doing well it's good for college football but the landscape was changed and like mush him for example just you know bigger picture college football for second you know Florida Florida State every year Miami racing back to those days they were dominant their sole many incredible high school football players in the state of Florida if you can keep them in state you do great but then. And over the years. Central Florida. South Florida star player for police are siphoning off some of that talent Georgia's coming across the border steel and Samir guest or allow all the sudden guys are popping up plan for Alabama that are from the state of Florida and any video clip isn't. They they go grab guys from the pain. And handle sort and other places also it is harder to compete as a coach in so you know again we talked we heard Greg McIlroy. Rural Thai whatever. Say you know look that we get it is it's Alabama it's Clinton's Ohio State the top and in the other recent surprises some movement under that so you know with the big dogs arm but now teams because they can recruit other parts of the country to jump into this discussion pretty quickly. You know a lot of new faces in the SEC this week will mark the SEC media days dead debut of five coaches. I Chad Morris and Arkansas Mississippi State's Joseph Moore head all mrs. Matt Luke Tennessee's Jeremy Pruitt and the after mentioned Texas say ends Jim though fissures so you've got to figure cover demo one. Dan Mullen let's get a you you know again I've got another. Portrayed. And Holland you know it is blown up. They won't. What a bottom but he's an addition to see any change because you change eggs goal what about these damn well he's got a new face. Always have a reason to place went to Matt look at the job though. Can't you ask questions Nolan as the answer to when they hit it does this suggest. Who is Lou Holtz coaches. I don't know what time is his press conference and I always enjoy a summary of those every day paralegals higher columns off Hahn a hundred years old today at the big twelve media he made me. I mean we're not quite sure media and is the bills I I've had ever outsider for a long long time he's looked the same for thirty years I think he I think. And I think it'll 2039. A sudden he's got a little ways what did you bill goes to that point there's no question. As I mentioned tomorrow ACC media days every show will be alive from. Were weighed the highest. Yes spirits are high you know our Weston's her west in same difference hotel uptown. Just give me their point me there when we come back well and I will talk about the top headlines will be discussing and everybody they'll be discussing as media days get rolling here tomorrow it's mid day and Debbie FNC powered by ortho Carolina. Charlotte sports need this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Day and WS fancied chuck coward. Kennedy would do as we roll along dedicate your life to the top of the hour when Freddy Garcia and Carter Kyle Bailey take over the reins. For a neat. Garcia and daily show don't forget the. Building senator text line is always open 70457096. Stand and a previous segment we were talking about. Some of the SEC head lines down in Atlanta is there media days get off and rolling your name. Jim though Fisher hot topic yesterday new head football coach Texas AM text your tax since his gym though Fisher will fail miserably. I can't wait to watch not at all minus taxes then that's just it there you go another texture I'm a die hard Gator. And still love will must champ. No other text her coach Paul Lee by Irish try to suck Ohio and Florida of all the recruits. An estimated. Not for years bossi was my guy Lou Holtz was there yet it was a mastered its its deal and I'll celebrity has some good top talent I like -- chance to by the way and a guy he's got a aura around and it's got a little more old time college football but did this is a guy who's making his way around the self you know army played it played at Georgia he's been to Florida and Texas and Auburn South Carolina -- he's got the strong roots down there well. I've got to know straight hair and pretty well over the years the head football coach self point two rock kill which just desserts football factories you know in oil and gas pumps out. And I asked. Illustrate. Point blank about the difference between coach Spurrier Inco is much champ and I hope coach Sharon doesn't mind these. You know talking out of turn here but I think it became very obvious towards the end coach Spurrier was. Well as they say you're all thinking about retirement a working retirement. I tell me and you know and I also think coach got into the your frame of mind that just you know his name hey coach Spurrier essential letter you gonna go there. Times have changed and you know coach Spurrier did a great job to get South Carolina today at upper Echelon but boy they sell off quick and he wasn't going out. To. These high schools and meeting with coaches and high school coaches so I Schenscher bigger programs they've got egos too. And they want their butts kissed just like the kids do and that's what Will Muschamp and you know his coaching staff still. Yeah yeah having good good recruiters understaffed and one of the best voices in college football from a coaching standpoint and knows drama that guy is what everybody wanted him he's become a head coach but he every one of them is a recruiter and you are certain guys it's not always the head coach who seals the deal goes on gets the players but I. But I head coach shown up to you placed your high school or near your house can certainly change the dynamic of a recruiting situation as sometimes is the tipping point everybody sends their their recruiting guy covers that area but it's a head coach of Roma ship comes to your house in the he is more likely than that deal's gonna get done and so yes as Spurrier got older he was less likely do that. Or now that the programs that are at the time not Nick Saban and go to a whole lot of houses but if it's the right kids is certainly a show of same Adamo and. Other coach is well. Are well so tomorrow ACC media days get off enrolling will be over at the Weston all the shows we broadcasting live from there some headlines C I think Clemson of course will dominate. Both days of coverage over there. By John died just local media national media and of course the biggest question is anybody can anybody beat Clemson. Yeah I you know we are there the clear favorite in the conference but then these are look at the different divisions and trying to figure out who now cyclones and who's on your side who you'll contend for that we always obviously morneau. What to expect from North Carolina from duke and from NC state count of the local support in addition to clothes and but also closest gas a couple things with that tigers. Island chuck is that you get these guys the coaches come we know what to expect for the coaches don't bring players to these things as well some guys are seasoned some guys just naturally can handle that situation the refusal to better for some guys is the most nerve wracking thing you can see it on their faces and that I used to coat and tie situation have an answer questions and feel that the hot bright lights of the media so it's it's good experience for these kids for sure. Well of course Miami. Some folks think perhaps cried the day back in you know I I just wonder if there's not enough discussion about. North Carolina State I think Brian finally. Needs to be in that discussion. You know we hear about the Clemson. Quarterbacks who Kelly Brian the young kid coming up. But fatally. I mean I can talent or he NFL. How babysitting high you know highs means little bit too extreme building NC State's gonna have enough victories. But. NC state has come so close to knocking off Clinton the only problem NC state that I concede. At first blush is they lost so many big names on their defense. So that could be the bugaboo it. Lost a little bit in this town office as well as some guys that that web pro and as some but certainly I saw play last year against wake forced him personally he's a Beason -- the big strong guy a little bit of mobility got a good arm to get the ball don't feel that I lost that game it was one though the bug a boos for that team last year at NC state as they they can play big against a big big opponent and maybe stumbled in games that they're supposed to win and maybe this year's not as much expectation because of some of those guys that you just reference they lost and so maybe it opens it up a filly comes into play loose and play free and they win some games and as opposed to there's a talent ACC and I you know we'll talk about that tomorrow as well other ACC has showed really well in the NFL draft which is kind of how you can judge a league sometimes and on the you know. It's kind of like the Al cyclones and the there's a lot of potential jockeying for position within the conference. In another. Hi guys did folks wanna talk to was Willie Taggart of Florida State we mentioned Jim Hill has this year gone and and so can Florida State's turnaround can they surprise and. And he brings you know Willie tiger from organ. And some of the you know Chip Kelly style from the office of open open office does he may bring a little bit different wrinkle to the conference or maybe something. The conference needs a little bit you know something just a different perspective there's a way of coaching and speaking to recruiting you know I got friends down in Florida. Tallahassee as well I hear like a really big things about expects expects use things from that program Willie Taggart moving for the he taps and this. You know he did what's happened these. These kids and the Stanley is in a little bit different way and he's memories of dynamic players the Florida State and you probably get them back to where they have been sucks for the ACC right where and when you've got multiple programs that you can put into the conversation eventually and the national championship year and you know we don't we have these debates all the time about who's the best conference in who's among them you know the strongest conference and they see seed. To me feels like maybe trending. Morton a jump in that discussion with Big Ten and with the SEC. Virginia Tech will be in the discussion should be even though us from what I read defensively. May be a rebuilding year but offensively they should be else fairly talented. Yes and that's 808. Virginia Tech there's a couple schools we Georgia tacky when they they've been really good for for Paul Johnson years and they've got an experienced quarterback and of course there are still running that you know you've got used to be dealt the only office we saw the first on time in college football is that kind of wishbone. As Needham option but now. It's something unique and so George taxable seek a boss of people here in year out with a different style of play and so there are some teams video. Staying healthy. Getting your breaking your schedule you know catching a team one of the bigger names you know and the favorites win they had an off week is an important thing like in Pittsburgh and Miami last year Miami you know. You see some of these teams get off to a hot start they kind of stayed there is a little bit near the end can you maintain what you're doing year round and and there are there's going to be shocked the other those. Unknowns the people we read where I even talking about player wise because college football so is gonna step up or couple somebody's just up up for a program like U Virginia's act or Georgia Tech. And who knows they may be a team that comes out of nowhere and wins ten games and competes for you know a division championship. And of course the Clemson quarterback competition and speaking of that when we come back. Well Alaska guy name Mike Williams who caught a lot of passes from. Could have Clemson quarterbacks especially dish on Watson. Michael join us talking about his upcoming football camp and what it's like out there. Well I was gonna say San Diego but it's now the LA chargers it's a mid day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to mid day and the media frenzy powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard. We'll Kennedy which you and slim since stands alone. A bad bragged I'm. Then they need they've been here and and a lot lately. Because there's been a lot of touchdowns scored by. The orange over the last number of years in this a gentleman on our technique come gas line. Is heard that song many times Michael Williams do you hear that song in your sleep sometimes. Are. When I mean it is so when there actually go through that the court in open market. Yeah them the same unit coworker her own merit on the they'll always sought out in my case so that's the phone beep beep. Think probably should because it signifies a lot of success and you've had a lot of great success with the Clemson Tigers and now a member of the LA chargers in before we go any further. I wanna make sure that folks know about your football camp my cup coming up. Down insane T talk a little bit about it in how did this all come about why you like doing this. Oh there's some always wanted to do. I mean growing no one ever today one group can meet and you know I know we there you go through it. We do well it will make it out although they've sold more because but it. And Arnold actually we went to a one sort of can't let it should give it to another bullet in the bank but I wanted to use. So I am I morally sophisticated technical fumbling. At the cook who didn't and do that it takes its. And a total wanted to put this thing if it it will you know it is so all of. Clemson wide receiver and now charger in the NFL Mike Williams is withers and bite it is not bad right being out there you've gone from San Diego now dropping down to LA it. Lifestyle the weather and everything but talk about that move a little bit that's a pretty big shift for the for the franchise. Are you help me outlook oh always barely opening. I looked and barely a mile below it. When millions. All. Very good move most of big markets or miss a flight to workout moves forwards are below book you know not spend it and then lay in order makes. But I gotta ask your quick sock covered. You quarterback got their Philip Rivers are covered him in high school in Athens Alabama long long time ago and he went Nancy's day you know your clubs a guy we always seem Philip Rivers around quite a bit through the years. He's a competitor. And he likes to talk some trash is as bad as it looks on TV you're down there was that. Oh yeah yeah I mean that is well what we're all well and although although well when we leave there are those pretty game maiden. And not a whole lot of credit and wanted to be since I mean people into being in your mouth. Mike Williams former Clemson standout and current LA were and I charger whether it's on the detective come guests lined. Talk about your first year in the league Mike you have back injury how's that coming along in what has talked about the learning process and how excited are you to do to go and 100% in the training camp. They're paying their own good look although great up Tebow work out how to look forward to go see. Became my petticoat and its NATO parent now I want to be sent home to import tool makes these. Is weird because there training camp emotional approach is very very. Oh little people don't have our mr. McCain spent. Mike Green surprise at all. But what you saw from YouTube teammate former team ready clothes into Shawn Watson knows what he was able to do before his own injury or. Or was that just what you expected from him all along. Are you well so I expect and hope tomorrow won't you don't expect you're just when children are open in the pool and cool. The agreement our audio in so long you know despite and then. But you won't what was the biggest adjustment for you from obviously playing a Clemson one of the higher profile programs you play in front of huge crowds each and every week. You know we always hear about the adjustment from better is some veterans. When they talk about rookies in their rookie adjustment is that adjustment is big is it was a bigger than you anticipated. We had to debt before medium admitted. When all looked at this target you know on this track cannot miss that spurs are being sort of figured this new and unique tool. Yeah and played about or not they wanted to. And the most pro big business including not being able to complete it as wearing them the purity they ought to implement periodically. Saw a couple of the big adjustment it is. And that is the most Baltimore they certainly won't be able to sit. The veterans. You know with the chargers did that you count you listen to when you look up to that that are helping you along the west. Well rebel soul or a fool to believe sooner all well wolf it's all eighteen national chain. Maybe the only. And on the back into another. When you. When the metro art I hate it. Me yeah interrogators that a Babylon to learn from his six. Dog the room independently flight would be commuted Soviet dispute. Tended to get our attention is listen to him you know it. Mike Williams whether it's on the tech become a gas line. Of course and ACC media days get rolling here judge tomorrow in Charlotte Mike and the Clemson tigers of course so overwhelming. Our favorites to again repeat. To give Alabama. All they can handle perhaps for national championship. When you first decided on claims in could ju cents. What did coach still would it Samuel was or what you diva who zipper it was building down there in climbs. All you official army coach Martin Indyk very Coke you know he crude bureau is so it is. Commoners corruption look be prepared this season that we're ready and I am. Also let you live that he didn't what make somewhat ball pretty good clip you don't want a we appreciate what they do it well but why I think political stripe or could there be any. Mode. Well obviously was a great decision and again we want those they'll let folks know about your football camp coming up it's a free football clamped to a camp how many times can you go learn in detox CIA former all American now an NFL wide receiver takes place Saturday July 21 a lake Marion high school down insane teach specially if you're in upstate South Carolina be about an hour ten minute drive this year in the Charlotte area just drive real fast mean there. In there in a couple of hours hey Mike we really appreciate your time man investor lost in week we know what you can do and we're looking forward to your sophomore year here in the NFL keep the Dutch. I appreciate it picked up. You guys like Mike Williams former Clemson, South Carolina. Standout and I had a little Freudian slip there when I said Tebow Sam Neill or kin. You just say oh combines you know because we've been dog a lot about these these South Carolina Gamecocks are overdue. Get di Leo Mike Williams a guy like that. You know when he had an injury like that you kind of disappear you rookie year you don't have the new year expected how much of a monster. He was at the college level that year they won the national Chevy similarly big receiver all the physical tools to work you know comparing him to a Calvin Johnson and Larry FitzGerald Julio Jones just from the physical size and the athletic abilities and so. You know he's got some learning curve to catch up after missing a lot but it becomes an healthy they also and that that chargers team which as they always seemed delegates on a streak at some point during the season and they come back and then he even mentioning mentioned in Dallas and other guys Melvin Gordon. Philip Rivers they got some good guys on defense and also some other guys that's a team they can be dangerous out there in the AFC. A lot of folks think they're definitely a playoff team and I think they should be because their defense is. Somewhat underrated done doesn't get talked about a lot but they they can rush the passer for sure with the waiting room in. And boasts a out there are so did you hear from Mike Williams glad he's doing well a good comments on just Shawn Watson but I always says think about. You know when you're young man like that would you know when your being. Recruited by. A person like do you know. Coach Sweeney and you know is it just gonna be a bunch of bowl or not and then it turns out to end up being exactly. What he said it would be done granted little luck involved. Everybody every coach says he's become really close we're gonna win the title I I guarantee you know putting groups together it'll be special and and it is certainly is. And was and continues to be used clubs and so we get the ACC media days coming up start tomorrow I mean. Think about where we've come in the last you know X years because clones and he is really become that national power. Our they are they are the class of the conference at this point and as it looked to be for the foreseeable future it's guys like Michael Williams and Shawn Watson another. And others that have kind of pave the way under Davis demos we need to get where we are today and they like their chances this year coming in you know one school we've not discussed it hails from Chapel Hill. Yeah north Carroll at I mean. It's been a frustrating ride an effort for tar heel fans football wise over the last couple seasons and meet expectations have been really high you've got a new guy when number one. In the draft a quarterback keep it coming through and if they that's a talent certainly come through and end. At some point out here meant to this is a fan of my team. You know you got to take that talent translated that translated w.'s. And commerce championships and things like that on the field and it's not at what point does the patients right now. It'll be interesting it's always fun and don't forget the radio dot com map is the official. New home of WS Lindsay did you know that oil. I did I had to read at things many many times about Nero you're running out of time do announce. A. Downloaded today and listen do us any time. Anywhere the radio dot com mapped when we come back. Good to talk a little bit about. Tonight's main order of day is this the all star game world Major League all star game what you're looking for guys. Bryce Harper wouldn't it be sub then if she ended up doing something match. Vehicle and they did last night they always say discussed after the news hit homers and home run to reload home runs and batting practice from under is totally different things that maybe this'll spur Bryce Harper to have a a better second half braves fans don't wanna hear that junk but if he's he's struggled he struggled. Mightily first half of the season so does that help him a little bit and they remind me let's get into a promotion. By the Washington Nationals euros in the all star game an all star week that. Well off kilter. Were guarding the home run their relaxed I and they they're going to be not some ticket prices there for a lot of greens some money. No doubt it's a it's your right where it hurts in the wallet. Good deal. All right it's mid day and WS Lindsay you one more segment to go as we take it on up to Garcia and Bailey it's just cowards will Kennedy it's mid day on Libya since he powered by ortho Carolina. It's he's telling. Our powered by Ford go to Carolina. Saxophone and enjoy the moment I mean that's what it's all about you know enjoying it no longer the scorn us and they're in those are my life and so you know I was gonna enjoy it you know win lose or draw it's all I care no sawgrass tourists. Whose career is proud to show up they did you know having the support of my you know my family like I said and no my DC family as well and figure Martinez out there virgin fired up as all get out I mean I don't want the best managing all baseball I'm very happy to have them there on our home. And he's got Rutherford can brick wall for and you know trying to just on the night. Maybe should run to first base forum. We're not kids for heist harper commenting on is a manager who scolded him. I think earlier in the week after not running out a couple of ground balls but of course everything changes when you win the home run derby and tonight the also our game itself takes place. Ed says Nationals Park and well. If you organ a wager on tonight's Major League all star game the way would you indeed who would you if you were to I would. Not because he. Pitching wise can pitcher not I know Jon Lester just pissed on Sundays and I heard Simon and yes they say he's out so he won't be too so you try to figure who's got the stronger potential arms to roll out there and you know obviously you know you can be very careful with some of these guys but I hope for the high scoring game. -- you wanna see a couple home runs its nordic indices and big strikeouts and then at the end you'll disclose and maybe there's something dramatic happens and in a great catch or whatever the case may be but I was interests that wants us like was the home under the way it was done we said earlier on the broadcast here today it was done very well played well on television it was kind of a dynamic DO dramatic event they went out obviously helps to have a final where it's very competitive and yet guy the home run an extra time. Under the dim the other that in the I'm a locker rooms where they had a little batting cage he warmup what's weird is they have like a little work together and you just full length mirror chuck. And right before he went out there was fixed and his little red white and blue headband it was almost like professional wrestling you know eight dollars and he's backstage or where the backstage and now here he comes almost Hoke Hogan asked. It's almost like Travis Pastrana is he looking evil Shia and by the way if you're wagering the American League has held the edge and nearly play needs the last fourteen seasons they've won at the last five all star game set rules until last week when he. Excluding 2002 sty in according to mlb.com. If you look at each hitting wins above replacement leader boards the Allen AL has the top seven names on the pitching side it's the top two in six of the top ten so. They don't I'm not saying what to do it your hard earned cash but. AL action probably when it and no one last phone call if you want to wager get out of here hey Johnny what's on your mind are you. Were caught all but about what do what are covered our own their own aren't there are part. What kind I don't know maybe a ballpark Parker and are are a bit of beer up buyer but whatever it well. Could you Clark are. All aren't they're in our beat it's no wonder nobody come Cole guerrilla art. I. He's got his was the longest that a couple of guys were in the neighborhood enemy swore critical bomb. No one no article you up and look at me now are are broke no. And I know it'll do what you define close to those guys it four hundred sixties. Then feeds on. Or they're not go home and now while you feel ready to go to court you are all. Below are you don't like or further doing what it woke our well. And John Doolittle got Baez is not one of the big old news like some of these other guys and he's an amazing to watch it. And our mark they Goran who little weird bow. All are being Mary and talk bomb America league Eric bought the bottle there are big they're embittered. Mary and all oh start recombinant Omar. There's no rest of that a lot of especially with a plans sure isn't there I feel you John. It would hurt. There are are are to be critical we weren't going to be all right. You dig it out to Leo Ryan knows that there's still listening appreciate you checking in so John's revved up ready for the all star game out you know end. I guess we always kind. You know when the all star game gets here were all like okay we'll check it out which you know the beauty of it is because once the all star game is done. We know what's on the other side in that means. The Dresser and it. Especially as the stretch run for baseball as the first half of the season sometimes your hardcore baseball guy you like it a lot of casual fans that there cannot wait to see the stretch run loose give beaten dig in the playoffs for a while cars that we get into the post season and postseason baseball is fantastic I mentioned so that the Washington Nationals did this thing they put out there on Twitter and you know once it's out there on Twitter it's out there for the world to see. He earlier and earlier that bro remember. Over the kids. And they said for every home run that Bryce Harper the local boy. Ever when he hits in the home run derby you get a dollar off the ticket price. He has 45 last night. Over the course of the three rounds that he was in and winning home run vary to its 45 home runs and then add. As this is having their back onto the nationals as people start to call them out on on their bold prediction or their bold offer and we are realizing that basically there's going to be some free tickets now what they said today as they did your free tickets I guess that that does there's something about it. The junior tickets for dollar but then they're limited usually to cash flow. Are limited to five games profit I guess he got the bottom line at a pace something I guess that. Right no but there's another limiting it to five games coming up in the month of August the ones and one at the end of July but it backfired it. Where they think of their own guy was gonna go out and one round and maybe hit ten or eleven instead the guys forty shot. There is also used in last night using a picture of what they thought was Bryce Harper said it was his brother Brian who is done AAA Eartha double A level of the Harrisburg senators and is not very good one easiest CNN evident even have a picture of Bryce Harper brothers' plane double act. Because there's some sort of head shot somewhere and probably some. Over underpaid overworked intern who would who doesn't work in sports probably just went on the USA today images k.s looked up harper. And out and found Brian harper summit subtly was the first person upon that ever happened the people just they go look at something adults what happens when you get rid of sports can. There true. Prowess frank just tickled me as some stuff. It is happening here at the Anke tank that was that was good to see you too wrapped up but but but it. Doesn't have barely making their way yes our boys so we knew we were it will last spoke to you guys in the Kyle you were say in the home run the is the enemy a baseball. And boy last night we saw on it was a sure I mean Hank we we joke can kinda laugh about the camaraderie but that could've gotten any more dang exciting. How cool is that there's former put on a show and I thought that was gonna got to be the highlighted in the harper comes in and and nobody said it was dead seated it's stupid I mean it's a brilliant argue about that the home run down the merits of home runs out. Awesome back crowd got its money's worth last night and -- it what five and nineteen seconds sort of ridiculous number was the crowd was on his feet to me that that place was rock and that was awesome man Freddie. Check out how many how many sets on the bench in curls you think Bryce Harper's dad did before. Do I guess it was you joked yeah I know he's always meaning he's got a good genes apparently but I mean there must be goes up right. So those funny to watch it we were talking designator and and office and talk about throwing BP if so when your kids especially what what a great you know a motion that must be and how nearby as his brother was going to attempt it kicked you could tell. Rice harvest that was a little tired or a little under pressure because first of all he buzz the power couple times about his hip Bryson one point and they want this is in sound hands the other's way away that's what you want BP. We realize how much pressure are. Are all those pictures. Yes. BP before game you don't you do if you. That's not your side and not just say no we're not playing golf in front of thousands and never having played golf and thousands this rider to listen to your two year old auto in my nose is one of the two best players in baseball though in front of his home crowd is got a chance to win this thing in our brother and I were talking about that this morning my brother pitched a news organization he was told some guys that you don't realize how difficult that is. When you've got to put those balls for Bryce needs him to go in crunch time you don't one after the other to make sure is got a shot to win his. BP is that there's an art it's really is because there are a lot of coaches are great coaches high school college and the pros can't do it managers of the teams who will tell you I can't throw BP that's why did yeah that's what I guy does it does yeah if I can't defend the group there that's like just restricted to. Are there on that little weird ramp I saw a couple guys almost all that rant trying to throw BP that's no joke that left little doubt. Six a dangerous. But no it does not what he does for a living has resulted and that's what we'll kudos to him and he's out there he's put that ball where he needs it you don't in the waning seconds kudos in order to much after. And they got a right I mean the format changed in your it was fun it was it was entertaining and hopefully tonight we'll. I'll be the same what Joseph guy coming up on the Garcia and daily extravaganza. Well speaking of we're hoping that's not a tutorials works go stop by visa by play eighteen years in the major leagues with the Red Sox in docked at the time all stories and sound visiting the nights and so lowered that we're gonna just also think they'll last night and India also our game tonight and maybe if he has any thoughts on this match auto deal which looks like it's done those are the Dodgers are gonna remain in which ought to for a couple months worth does Charlotte native coarsely ground so we'll talk to him we got build underlie from the SEC media days the bells and yet. What's that there. Gold also that lady unveils more on and Dow Ron Sanchez had basketball coach for the other forty dollars a pop in the 4 o'clock hour we'll talk to a new methods of America. Good deal I look forward to listening to you guys on my way home and when I get home working on my chores. And your putting stroke. That I don't need to go ahead by record round let's tackle taken off. What I will do that it feels they have responsibilities all company don't fret not the the last 24 hours all right frank Garcia Kyle Bailey coming up next will talk you know. We'll be ACC ACC media days were talking college football tomorrow Garcia unveiling next thank you Ryan shell.