Midday On WFNZ: LeBron James, Charlotte Hornets Discussion; Guest Jim Miller Weighs In On Cam & Norv Turner

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Wednesday, June 13th
Nick Wilson & Jason Goff discuss potential langing points for LeBron James; the direction of the Hornets. Guest Jim Miller shared his thoughts on Cam Newton & Norv Turner. 

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Weeks he's telling you win games C. Powered by ortho Carolina here's nick will sit next season gone. Get to one's got to go. About fifteen minutes it's a new holiday deal. Thought oh god Betsy Miller one of us have my news. Radio survivors some you know let's go to some popcorn iso and hate that I think you know your odds are they movie theater and or club Jim Miller and tell 1130. I'm not judge and other did you did just missed. To this is why it isn't anything to your mission being viewed him not being in the studio we just had Stephen in here. But I call hacksaw Jim Duggan easily logs. And he was just doing a very seductive stretch right in front of Ryan and I think Ryan might be confronting some thoughts here. I'm blind right now he's he's he might sound totally doesn't do that we undercarriage Pablo what a way that the that nobody was I think it was more this seductive mission trying to stretch his quads that William it was all I do there's a lot of emotion and dodges have to say now that we have to use the boarded SP put in braille now yeah all you'll look at what am yeah. Obama talking about the beer or either Steve and Steve is the other senate face man that I met Maria is that okay yes article on the is this good people I respect to the gay man I am really nice cast myself so anytime I get to to show them off I like Def flat or little well side cafe fuel. Every once in awhile Okur did narrow mandate to each his own I've. I won't judge another I won't shame you or or or exalted because I don't know how much how well you take care of yourself for them almost not dull and a dozen of them does not oil but I everything changes still life changed people maybe. Ask your for the girl you start to do a little bit better shape. It helps just go right downhill. I'll just drive this thing you know if you give you a message there's a do insurance so other what do you suggest obscures your words the other side of old dude really adds new graduates like him don't vote on our. I'm being I'm gonna eat pizza until I see Jesus if I have a fourth starter Jason. I got fitted for a suit the other day there was too. It was a little bit more smug that I remember my last OMB and I'm like oh OK NM a guy who she didn't fresh or did things changed. In that area. I don't panic but what can you do run. Web page now to I don't know how old I am thirty GO. All of Jesus are you got you on that duke could not. Hip hop I'm 37 because so Armitage now where I'm glad to have you know where I rarely who I am I'm accepted full of dead body every once volatile hardened. Gorge off well and we can to have to try to see the results put. You know what are you gonna do after someone says you know I'll spend some time with you until you die. That's fine you know we don't you know Jason anymore like the people that have to really worry about some bodies and all those things. Other guys and girls who have no one that loves them and and and if that's the case then give god bless you stay med gem. George you have to do. Mean I'm afraid of dipping sauces there Obama a minute I made it to my little hearts content or doing explodes he'd go with what you love right. And I and and and if you do if you're down in the dumps every once in a while an entire gallon over and they do cream ice cream we'll be right. Once you stop to stop letting these people who you know like injuring tree's sap tells you how to live his right. I've been in town 24 hours Jason an iron bar realize seven pounds but not a party realized a fundamental problem here. Wasn't just that I am Cleveland fact. Which cannot talk I wish he's. Cleveland fast track I'm asking me dead in Charlotte popped and I guess. Know how. How much weight I don't lose to get Charlotte fat and Charlotte sting off freed I don't wanna do this is an out of town there can be a lot of the people with the people who don't want out of towners in this city are all even though losing his cool punts out of admitted so yeah that is different but they'll. It's like the different and the Cleveland value and from the heartland mandated like they leave that gives you an extra fifteen pounds just all the rough. Did his there's more of although a little breast sat on the limb that come from from all areas Johns come adaptive. Bob Beryl and Tommy. With the incredibly. Flat ironing board ass with the with the genes are just falling off just enough season here I mean there's nothing me there's no hip there to keep it up so. And then for some reason these people keep buying it. The B pull bits one size too small so you gotta do the fat guy Tug where you always pull a Nazi shared from underneath and and then when you walk you've got combat hate UC will work you're aware of how Perry Dunlap by the way you could. Look him up on Google got there hayride Dunlap come five boot you know paced the aura or chocolate whatever flavor you want. And it's it's kind of hanging over the belt there's so every. Every city and every regions got a different level of big. You know worked in Atlanta for a little bit doesn't big people in that it's awesome sauce some solace and some some some very very. Very large people but it's also like the running capital of the southeast if I'm not mistaken as well so while I Chris Kroger Kroger is always 277 days of running. I thought. And I here's here's I gotta say is I and I gotta give Charlotte a lot of credit when there is a a fascinating amount of talent and and it would every the with the next beautiful girl I see the more sad that I feel when I see them sodomized on bad enough credits to Charlotte see the beautiful women down here. Know about this. Also out to make yet another bill absolutely gorgeous woman went down there I mean. Did that there were ladies at the airport there were very very accommodating very happy I stole one of their movers and I I upstream one of the ladies hit I got news she's she's like your Carolyn why don't whatever you want me going to be easy for you to take me to South Park wherever I'm supposed to go to hang out project Nolan the beautiful and let. Seven southern women. Are. Some of the most delicate. Understanding powerful accommodating. You strong flowers in this world. But I promise you I drive there there's nothing like the treatment from a lady in the south so yeah this is about the ladies this is about. Are you big fat fat he's out there have been listening to us right now thinking you shoot down 2 more pushups this morning. I should it and three will always waited this long we have waited this long I guess we'll do it. What's that. Turn. I'm drama. Continues Jason. I love it are you ready for the latest bit of LeBron news are you ready to Aguirre to put this audio file though I'm Melissa and you brother I mean you're a Cleveland guy. While I was. I died regrettably I am but no I. So I I read this story yesterday and I I just thought. It's gets the LeBron lifestyle the LeBron drama. I'm Marla Ridnour of the Akron Beacon Journal up there in Cleveland was on ESPN LA in this your exact quote Jason so I'm gonna need to know your take gonna. She said I heard this from his own lips when we were in Houston this season he does not like Houston as a city so that would require him moving to a place he's not crazy about who are you counting Houston out should we say bleed Houston and and maybe that raises the hopes of people here in Charlotte. Well in a well. I don't care or Charlotte put. This is the thing. LeBron does this calculated and as close of the vessel on these things the last two times as anybody we've we've seen do this right. Makes you think that either his child's. Enrolling or not enrolling into a school or someone and getting ward of mount how you feel good about Houston is going to lead you the right way. Additional way too early in the we've seen this movie two times now. Pour into early in the process for him never ruled out anything and this isn't the hangover we we have these movies on the sequels are different but like his reasoning behind. It is dear friend and now I'll be honest used to would be being the best. Fit in money wise I think Phil Philadelphia has a clear shot blown LA. And if you think about what he wants really to be coached by a great coach Kennedy San Antonio but I don't think lifestyle wise. Which do Dwyane Wade alluded to I don't think San Antonio's life stone he wants to live Q. So. How did you store will be the best bet and I think you'd also be another. You know the the next part of his legacy is actually knocking off Golden State before you have to get to the finals and then playing whoever comes on the east and beating them well. Here's the thing I'm white what does he not like about Houston play a big Shuster in my view there are a lot of people. It's hotter than a lot of people meg I don't like I'm I'm good I love. And just passed the senate deliver and so island on the contrary to sell like that to me that was my first point but the Chicago inched ever cover herself well welcome to Houston where there are a lot of us for the good tonight so I ask myself mr. Omer piled steel and everybody else neither do whatever Darden then good money though no I was like I don't. I've only been to Houston airport an anomaly alimony check didn't. Are connected on flights to believe a couple of times I've never spent any actual time in the city of Houston. To larger market he writes topped what six or seven market annualized. Good steak or home. No boys and scarface. How we are seeing it sounds yeah it arms I don't know what kind of music you're into but I'm sure you can run loss in Houston acts for me Travis Scott and the Houston. Historian nor can tonight by a great restaurants seem like the culturally down their traditions and a cool city I'd I guess that's a thing like LeBron seems like a guy who would embrace the culture of a city Houston got awesome culture I don't understand like maybe he's just not a Travis Scott fan I don't know there's Texas still income tax free. I have I what I'm not kept up decode. Isn't it isn't a Florida and Texas heavily topic in this state tax where yes you can you can save all those paying Uncle Sam a lot of dough and if you're not gonna do hometown. I think you do glamour and woods especially if your guy who can numb. Who can lead the team no matter how they're constituted to a NBA championship run been more in the NBA finals at least. Thumb in hell when we know we think about it though. Big markets really don't matter very much in the NBA not anymore because so shoes from Cleveland Oklahoma City and gore or Oakland and auto San Cisco business is huge market so we believe they lump that in with the Oakland though the Bay Area but. It if you if you need to live a certain kind of way if your if your family these live a certain kind of way. You know listening assuming you've you've got someone that you have to sue Augusto. As soon my cellar is very very important you know to tell someone we're going to move the little boy who live in the city that isn't home. It better be accommodated. Why am I just think we don't knowing LeBron you talked about the reasoning first decision if it hasn't been the same from one time to another and the I'll say I think Houston has the best basketball reasons but I don't know that has the same poll. We talk about may be what I did in 2010 when he left Cleveland for that reason I don't has the same pulled it it does now we're gonna get you know this. And and I'm curious to get what you guys think about is when you here Tuesday and doesn't like LeBron are. Are are you willing to just say well cross it off the list I don't Iran doesn't like -- or LeBron doesn't like to leave Houston dragged it are you willing did to say that that should be should be the end of this conversation or are like me and Jason you realize there's four weeks left of as LeBron turns and it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun at. We're gonna continue on without all short and they'd be one he's got to go giving couple oh idealistic got tossed one keep the rest are all looking forward it's like OK you can absolutely we're we're go we're gonna go home team on the show right here nick Wilson adjacent golf under the SNC powered by ortho Carolina. Should JC NN way ms. Wilson Jason bell powered on. W a NG powered by for the Carolina I just that one question before you do one's got to go have fun if there's so I am Cleveland sat I I. I'm I'm not gonna give you the number but I'll say I'd look 315. All right OK I just ask whoever is like oh you don't looks bad fat I don't know what that's that is but I don't number one to get that fat development Ohno now you are that fat okay but I just one note is 315 is looks fat in Cleveland cool. Lol what is that what is the numbers that I would have to go to reach to look like to get down here. I think to 75 right yeah yeah a lot of us. Only 265 somewhere around there of the grade you get aways you know marrying their love Greg he's probably think you should cut out for beginners. Now every issue you know. It's not like how your package still you know if you got if you got this well I don't know big dude and with confidence and then the people people are drawn to that they feel protected by the good feel loved by that. But if you just some giant sloth running around never smiles and is scared his own shadow. Some action now on on Muslim was gonna give themselves are no one of those old no college your pro. And and and day care you when his days as you gotta you gotta make sure that you. He got enough confidence enough so why did she walk into a role as I at all. There's a presence in here and not just the physical war while outside you I I've been in Charlotte 24 hours I've already tried to be the mayor of Charlotte I've tried to get to know everybody a bus. Itself just didn't know people man I'm just out there but went well did you walk around it don't you that would today to vote no no kill elderly do walker Allen Tony. You don't you don't need a deluxe digital cell stage you would trying to meet people you like I'm just trying to meet people in my own that's the thing you have be the peanut butter. Down you know Tony's the gel. Don't even sweet you know sticky you know the guided balances it out and and and people get mad there's not enough when you're on the sandwich that's your lungs and that's gee guys you always gotta you gotta find your role in in and income thrives in it. And I think that's. Know too tacky tacky way to bring it back to sports right now. Excellent stuff. I have nowhere to go from that. It is energy schedules that I'm now monger in some ways are important there aren't you. Still we do for four hours a day when we talk sports and people are expected to be like this is free flowing Mittal. Legends days in or it's not all this tool fat people having a conversation about other fat people. And then we we you're we problem a couple of guests to make it sound legitimate hand and then we all go home and then we get an email from Ryan about what we should do tomorrow and you know Billy boy from bullet point cup and that would try to kill ourselves but other than not everything's good yeah exactly the questions that you get that on do I sorted out if you ever had and I going to the you moved I was sand paper down your mid and hind parts. If you ever do that again usually have to pay extra for that. Do. I thought thank you John Cleveland player that I haven't gotten a different good candidate did suit I've flew insinuate that really should you head into Arafat's Fatah. Well hmmm now I don't wanna move. He's in Chicago ever thought the girls those guys off the president did little brother radioed we don't you just didn't you go to move somewhere that's you know doesn't know how they'll greet you guys sandpaper hour it's time it's time for once gotta go. It's kind of separate the wheat from the shaft. So it makes you a list of three or more similar items and and they show will decide which one to drop. Honorary chair of it's time for one's. On WFAN season. All that was essential again. A voice my god I didn't I want the whole week with Kroger can get my knee removed from the dance production and all of a sudden. This this this is big business really the first and we won the first hour without having your name in the open and lots fine that's fine if you promise them so let you know I don't hear it and had something to do with sand paper but I can't talk about it on fire up. Have you familiar with the media meant one's got to go you can either give us a list of three or more things it will pick which is got to go one to drop. I got to start off though Jason I am. I am show into the soreness thing in their offseason I've heard some of your takes on when you're always groves but act Kemba Walker the eleventh pick. Jeremy lamb one's got to go lead drop and are we serious yeah. Odd moved. Jerry Lewis Jimmy let him we're talking about know what we're talking about is it to improve the team would have moved the tees forward you've got to drop one. So Jeremy lamb was one of those options right here ability to get for Jeremy lamb. I've just been he's got to go to make the situation you're better off a I thought Super Bowl I don't but don't you really you're just exile and then you lands of the castle an hour. And everything that I. Capitalized your cousin who. What am I thought it was awesome I'm sorry I didn't I didn't play the right word but no one's whole Poland's got to go. So obviously you would pull the did kill all the there. Plus I would say the eleventh pick. Because I don't like I I don't understand employment trading a superstar. And becoming the next team could be rebuilding team how many teams are tanking right now yeah kemba as a superstar. He had said that movie can access can I say top ten point guard in the India and the ghost that's a stretch like that aren't as we live in the era of the point guard where where that without superstar. But that's come after knowing that full movement is there is there in between a star a superstar. As their likenesses star flat and hard goes I think I'll go. But little star for Campbell really run. I just feel like we there's there's there there has to be something in between because star and our guys who like start and are good but they're not great like. I'd take him in Cleveland any day. When you are getting ready to have been hit it. Or like Arctic winner in tournament in basketball IU. Yeah he knew nothing to do about them a nuclear power situation going on is not alleged don't take anything in Cleveland hit the this bill that was the pick they got the number nine pick you can keep on number nine pick will be with. Is it ate it up. I'd put up a pick that person whoever he is winter without legs will be the third best player on the team negative. I Collins sex and whoever is going to be. Didn't see now through this is what happens with the with the with the with the radio bits and you maybe think of something completely different than what you intended don't have me. And I hate that because and scatter brained and I was given talk coupons to implement teacher itself. Star star kemba. Tom. If I was. Doing things the way that I wanted to thank you for this franchise. Who I think is. He stuck on the treadmill mediocrity right now and I think I'd try to start over. And have a cut and clear in Perth and and very. Evident then and well. Executed. And transferred the energy to the fan base the planet because that's being viewed until a team that you startled we've got to tone fan base that. You can't really say it but you can say it in so many words I think you have to be kemba I survived I think you can find something. In the mid rounds and overdraft and then that's the best no shape to kemba has no knock on Campbell and new members of the terrific player and entertaining player. But you've seen. You've seen Campbell be Campbell then it's it's gotten you only so far there's some talk sometimes guided the reboot so we're gonna put it up. On not Ryan we're gonna have Brian tweeted out one's got to go. To make the it's to fix the situation and Charlotte's kemba the eleventh pick Jeremy lamb wolf we'll throw one other off there off rare disorder I knew what we don't have time to do it on air but peanut butter cups kit Kat or Snickers Jason fools you see your answer on that when we come back we'll also talk with former NFL quarterback Jim Miller will be talking about the other transition here for cam and for nor did sniff Wilson and Jason Duff and AB FING powered by ortho Carolina. Powered by ortho Carolina. One's got to go up on that at WFANC. Cam month Jeremy lamb the eleventh pick right now and again the question is one's got to go to get the hornets back on track. Five kemba can be a lot more votes than I thought early on Jeremy lamb's got the thirteen a percentage point lead. But Jason Campbell 40% of the votes thus far stairwell. To get the hornets back on track got Alyssa gonna fleeced. Some GM I don't know well how much Jamie Lynn is gonna get to back it she's gonna huge Dan Gilbert is on line one by the hour. Well it's hurt our. And then as an impulsive man and so. Weird things have happened that as the nicest way anybody is ever put anything about it Gilbert on the radio and usually to a Cleveland on that one now I know yet to see him cement -- talk there and once got to go lead back to and I know we've got to talk about the championship parades that happens. I can't say Brad. Not a hammy and I just bigamy just c'mon don't you pay when that happens especially when and unknown champs as celebrating my first championship bring in the NBA that's just I mean if you work if he wasn't a rookie or second year player. Probe brings more happy you never run out of hammy. Yeah our our our thoughts about. Tennessee consumers. You know I'm I'm I'm. I've dabbled in the bill Hennessy in my time in touch with Tennessee waters while I'm insensitive to community birth run computer but if you. I've got some thoughts that we can delve into about. But the consumption of Tennessee and how popular it is these days what you should look out for especially if the fairer sex phases consuming Tennessee. We will give couldn't get back into that. I later in the show but right now. On the technical on gas sign welcoming and Jim Miller former NFL quarterback now he works for serious and jam NFL radio how we talk in the gym and anti would you Jim Hall Jim you interviewed Norv Turner yesterday on on the show. First Dublin on the show the second off what what was your big take away from your interview with north. Yeah I think all one nor obviously been along time needle basically thirty years that the culture but backstop will only be. He's got some what's you know when you look at Troy a bit and obviously yours what what they'll revert to be coached a lot of guys that. You know I I it took me by surprise will be that we you know what is you don't owe a great quarterback that you coach. You know what does that take away out of camp at a at a park that I think for at least that each one of the best quarterback or receive it terps just how she's seen appeal. You know whether it's a priest nap read or post peppery. How we greet the defenders. And how to play and and so I I think you know when you compare that guys like Troy but a poll workers that that they what it certainly get that one at this despite that on a court back. Norv Turner's coached as well. Joseph always good to hear your voice and talked to you listen you with pat. On on serious all the time and as you being a former quarterback and understand the quarterback position the way you do. When you see Cam Newton get older and the game become more refined slowed down form what are some of the things she's still look for in the growth and the maturation process of Cam Newton to have that the second or third act of his career there were getting into. What they've really been inept and say this for quite some time you know no matter how big and athletic champions. You know we've seen quarterbacks that are that are bigger they get hurt they then obviously he had a lot of injuries early in his career Todd Haley was really really creature native to get applauded the bad. I think it Andrew Luck currently at the big quarterback you don't GQ have new numbers were. But identical at the end of bell cop Biden got doubt due to injury and of course camp camp at some nicks and bruises because he's not a freight. Beat the physical guy Padilla going to close you know to 45 to wondered if people even know you're that big when you take that many shots. It is it's gonna happen expect that so I think you know what rob repair his preached over the past couple years it would start playing a little bit smarter let's get the ball out of this and well a little bit faster that's why they drafted guys like Kurdistan into what it's a cap REIT was awesome. Last year and let some guys get the run after the catch after the book well so I think at least for lower. In north Joey but it beat play action guy yeah or they are are the job I'm an up you know work that he or let the short game set up the heat game. And I had to bet the game plans are for Carolina at BP had to hold it there at the north. And I didn't think about this heat that they're kind of back at that occur right now in terms of their install. Because rob should just be who who serves down there in Carolina what's on your door. Out there at bay BA go what he was then head coach so we sit gem all interpreted the thing he goes or edit the game now just about that technicality. Up how we want this off I tried really branch out. Jim and it is a former NFL quarterback can you talk a little bit there are about. Cam and and he's got his willingness to put his body on the line if if you're coach trying to get him not to change but tools balls in the hits that he takes. You know how. How do real ball what what is that evolution infer guy doesn't and not necessarily learn how to protect his body but but no win it's okay to take those risks and and may be when the risks have done too much which I think some people in Carolina felt the last couple years. You know I think you straight to perk or where it's risk vs report you know it during a game and you do learn in that bleach can co quarterbacks that do that. What the situation could naturally your job you're trying to manage every situation and keep at the quarterback position and I column got it happens all. You know when your team's got at a bit but final drive in it it's curtains I've been intent takes up with that you know brought in the well we saw back there yet that the got to have a moment where you've got to. You know you gotta get the first now you know you're gonna. You know expose your body goes global but it paid a little bit punished but to get it for your book ball think but say it dispersed intent. Nobody dole but he can't sit run by eager to go three yards or yards maybe and learn to do it now learned to run out about just played smarter they're really preserve. Is body and that I think. Without what they're short passing game in a tenth place plain smarter and situation clay where he can avoid those shot. I guarantee it there's going to be a Monday morning where he wakes up after a sudden they. That meant my body it's still pretty ghetto you know I'd like but wait this is work for the Carolina peppers in and then how this is preserving my body and if you do. Can't tell what difference in games like that ideally you want a B 21 at twenty or pro football and that have a grab Spain that your jurors or you perhaps. You know went and hopefully it gets to that state to a camp probably never will can't be it's so great. What an all but he definitely took place smarter and he can be coached there at the play that way that we spoke what ball. Jim Miller joining us here on the mid day show you can hear more serious accident NFL radio and where are you still hear him here locally Chicago on the bears show with Tom there it goes a great job in his coverage of the NFL gym for. Ricky why receivers or in this case a guy like Curtis Samuel as well as DJ Moore who haven't seen a lot of NFL. Looks is it press man release is its own option routes or is it. Sitting down in those and those little intricacies are new wants spots where you take some time to to figure out what's the toughest. Odd thing to to acclimate to for any rookie wide receiver in the unifil. Yet I think EE Canon built it's kind of all of it in a Dutch shell just becoming better route runners as we know. A lot of these guys come at a Pallet keeping courtesy of a lot of or I'll beat beta albeit higher growth tree. So there you know not that they don't know I don't Rodham they just got to know the techniques so well what they've come out of temporary can help meshes with the tiny with a quarterback depending down the copper. That they're seeing so you know so you mentioned press bad. You know sit. You know say it's up to thirteen and tense situation. In that receiver vs depressed man knows that eight I need to get to a let you know what they yet. A twelve yard out route it is called it sometimes battles expect coverages are quite a line of scrimmage the route to end up being a lot Biggio shorter than what they shut. Because they feel a tiny unit saw her actual release techniques that you mention getting the proper depth. Yeah like this stepmother route so important that how they come out of that. Public come out of the route at the end at the top of this data. It's critical look at the coverage about that bases so there European taught a lot of new techniques are being exposed to a lot of different covered just gonna. Well let's be out of college teams that they've run maybe is dirty game one or two coverages the only NFL you could see any date for your goal line. Doubt that their goal line so he got to be ready to it to know you know how your route converts what it converts to. Vs the coverage you see what a bit split its that a hot read where you get stepped off the route. And now becomes hot routes so there is a process the that it's it's a learning process and it takes time. But normally you know these guys have been approached with a lot each receivers are coming and it made an impact in according to north toward what it yesterday. He is early approach where it would beechy more that's net or receiver but he still going to be a good one on the road. Jim Miller on the tech may come gas line here on middays nick Wilson chasing golf on the BS and see if so or we keep an eye on the offense they're just Trish McCaffrey should guy who last year utilized a lot is maybe a third down back toward a traditional third down back this year there's some talk about what's the best way to utilize him how do you unlock that full potential of a guy who may be easing just a straight ahead if you know knocked down a beast mode back. You know I mean everybody questioned whether he can run between the tackle he did it better that out there it's there are pretty geek and he had a lot of Cary. Don't Robert Barrett comment about this that hey you go look at his war workload. Out there at this dike yet at all so they do think he can be a recount back critical expel them. In certain situations may be one artist paint and down at the goal line or short guarded we're really much what all. In those type of situations. But I think McCaffrey can do what all I think they're gonna. Split about quite a bit at the receipt or whether it's in the slot to do and peace that he can line up outside the numbers you can motion in my out of the back deal. But you know the draw screened is screened game how we run the inside outside don't we spent bet that they can get. The receptions a year ago I think you just gotta look for that to continue look at it. It's about the short in the short passing game early and how what's gonna look or expanded branch out into it deeper throws at the deed goes up. And I think the cap real beat good. At the run after the catch up that. He was tremendous figure what though Brady receptions. The parent does not only having new offensive player called to be have a new summer I knew due principally Cohen Eric Washington not I think Donte' pose going to be a terrific addition I think you saw the difference is he made last year in Atlanta so I think bit there's there's an upgrade there. Shaq Thompson I think can be a little bit more consistent you seem flashy plays out of the loop cheaply as one of the best in the game if not the best Milan back in the game. And then it gets that second period. How do you cover up a secondary that you don't know on the play making ability or you haven't seen it yet because there's a lot of lot of questions in that led them back into their defense. Yet it spread very continue to grow into well. I think they're gonna expect that Ajax and the perform early from a nickel slot position got a lot of sides. You know based beat that is just different battles go solely due to run three wide receivers that sometimes you're Nichols that ends up being your page. He's still had that troops there like rob Scott Rolen inkjet the moderate line and will be out of state to position. Comes together I think Janet is a good player into north Serb seat comes over becomes a lot of that they experience so. I'm not worried about that being that they're still they're so stout up front in their front seven. In linebackers that can run and even went back got wind markets but at the plate about it out of eight gold group is the issue. You know at a guides were there like AJ Klein got it and play well and I would expect from that standpoint whether it's David mail. But those other guys that are called into duty I don't think dome it's too much because the front. Leave the front or is it legitimate that you mentioned and as for dot Erik Cole. I thought Atlanta would go to reside in because we knew meekly with Dan Quinn in Europe are here don't like and it kept that weight doubt spent but apple. Paparazzi clearly Carolina plane and it quite yet. And brighter -- that it you to put on the tape even vs Carolina he was dominant yet in those being absorbed what yet the extent we upgraded you're. So wide and keep that three big deep that the apple rotation and played with Bernard Butler Pincay watch short to team up with that very well. Jim excellent stuff sigh we really do appreciate your time in nine hey what ought to have you back gone is that as we get in and finally get to visualize this Newton this Cam Newton north turn our offense. All right sounds great debt the threat out there absolutely take these. Take it easy I that was a weird thing. Nick wells and Jason software or would you I there's there was something that he talked valujet is just a great question there on DJ Moore and in kind of leads the adjusting to the NFL we're gonna go and talk about that because I think the DJ he's somebody that for me he's that he's that big unknown factor in the in the office Dick Wilson Jason golf on Libya since he powered by ortho Carolina. We'll see JC golf under the FNC powered by ortho Carolina we just had Jim Miller Ron on that last segment just. I know you're gonna you're going to be very ecstatic he's he used to play Chicago there he's here all the time back in Chicago radio he's he's the goods when he observed. Very few people who keep up with no we don't charge for the goings on of all 32 in a pro football teams like Jim Miller does does drink your grade some of our kirwan LaMont in a film series sex and under your. Serious extent that if already almost gave them C radio. That's where I used to work that that be weird if he was on NBA ready Obama. No I wouldn't discount it either I'm Gerri good Paula awfully did good you could do is commit US a great question though about the transition into the NFL for GG anymore and they I think wide receiver and quarterback with. With what they give viewed those are shots im not impossible but surged differ called. Transition points for for a wide receivers. I'm fascinated with the DJ Moore because of his versatility. Because of the way you can use him I always wonder you know easy it is it versatility as a personal guy used. Who almost. Didn't put a tougher position because it's not just like okay now you're the wide receiver learn your route and all that it is you have to learn to literally everything out there including multiple techniques. See this in the thing. What do we see older wide receivers being moved to the slot so than you have been to a go or when I get off or not be jam to Osama iron and I mean look it's it's. It's put years on the career of Larry FitzGerald and Arizona so when you've got guys who can come in and played anyone of the three positions of course. Did you you wanna you wanna exploit that as much as possible isn't a play called but I found edition would Jim was talked about about the route treat. You know it. It's not the guys cant run hit shore or or a slip and go or double moved it's that. When you put someone across from them that is a grown man who's been in the professional weight program and and has nutritionist for the last 67 years and has kids and wife and all these kinds of issues that's the difference you know will we watch college football. The things that bit of if count on neutralize. Some of it that the talent base is in this country is spread offense where I'll put my third wide receiver who aren't. Our recruiting highly against maybe a corner that. You didn't recruit is highly or as a freshman I'm gonna win that match or more times and that's why you see these 45 took 240 scores have been in in conferences that are heralded for defense for you like this he seeks. When Missouri Texas and then jumped in their soap. The wide receiver position I think is is the the biggest boom or bust position when you when you talk about the NFL draft because can can that style of play. Can it translate to the NFL what can you get off to Jim are you are you strong enough or are you nuanced enough in your route tree. But you can run all the routes that are necessary for an offense not to be limited in that it to your son feel. You mention that word immediate or the term our route tree which to me he's become pejorative because I've never heard it in a positive sense. You know like I remember kids coming out of Baylor. And their route tree is like five routes not I think that's going to be the interesting thing would DG eight. Is it is is kind of I catching up to the NFL game coming from Maryland coming from the style of off president played and I think that to me. I just have a general rule and in that I know I'm not seeing this from Panthers fans I have a general rule that I don't count on rookie receivers. I or at least the seven don't come comments here nor there would you say you just can't you can't say all right DJ Moore lets fans lament for a thousand yards good would you get exactly exactly the guys and I'm counting on our DeVon punches and Greg Greg Olsen and and may be Torrey Smith although he hasn't been the same players since you love Baltimore. You know anything you get out of DJ Moore should just be above and beyond he turns enemies Steve Smith grade and we just turns out to be a guy who can maybe go out there did forty catches in a season and if that's. Like I don't think there should be a baseline here. Yeah but then you talk about the value picked him. If you're drafting a guy the first wives I mean people park held a really good guy and in the first why receives an off the board and it was a wide receiver rich draft but. It is a first your first round picks there are I think your first three picks. And you draft should be the foundation team first round pick should be a starter contributor and you know burgeoning on especially known for years doll line. If you if you hit a Pro Bowl consideration coming guy second round pick should be your starters your contributors and their round pick should be. You know guys it if you find something and they did give you something extra at the cool in the NAFTA that. You know you've got two special team regime that you deft and of course they give you some connection in your that you know we GM. I feel like your first round picks have to hit. Different if you cannot drafted well the first couple rounds of the draft but what you're doing is spending money on mistakes or covering up mistakes and so if just you should if you're. A fan of his team. Have high expectations for a first round pick it just happens to be that it's going to be a wide receiver who the spotlight is going to be on it and Curtis senate didn't do him any favors last year Piaf. So now you've got a guy command were purely demand my guys and I heard the stories last year about Curtis says he'll be dropped off at a training camp by his mama some of the team or as some of the media looking out of kind of sideways like okay you ready to be. They've committed crazy men can't tell export Ian dropped off by DOJ has come. It goes there's some the Michigan got a nod to there's no there's no favors that have been done for DJ Moore. By Kurdish senate noise and if it is it fair probably not but this is this the wave it's going to be viewed especially with a new offense coordinate especially with. Know that they're almost at the clock. Taking on cam but he's not getting any younger I mean there's there's so there's only so much time to have in the window of of sustain success or trying to get to the Super Bowl and cam is is knee deep in the middle of that window right now trying to give back so yes he he's got to hit. He's got a body that is going to be Antonio Brown Julio Jones or king analogy under how can you would you hope so but you're not expecting that kind of production. Which you're expecting is still somewhere around 65 catches a hundred yards somewhere around that that that be nice feel for five touchdowns. Being that you know that there were shard Matthews and Jermaine curse Carlo Rome for your first year and then you build on that. What are you expecting from DJ Moore and I'll put it this way given punches and always a second round pick but it took him really kind of three years to fully get to to where we're Sharma CM utilized his potential here if that ends up being DJ more dramatic college and that hasn't been a growth fur for DJ Moore is that an awful could you know that we've also got Jordan Gross and so much more coming up in the 12 o'clock hour nick Wilson Jason golf under the FING powered by ortho Carolina.