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Friday, August 17th
Josh Parcell talks with Palm Beach Post Dolphins reporter Joe Schad to give insight into the Dolphins roster. Plus "The Rudown".

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The world of sports never stops to catch you look with the latest here's the rundown. On WFAN seen. Right guys welcome back just for ourselves take you up until 2 o'clock we get the rundown coming up presented by mark Spain real estate. And we're gonna get started with number one if you miss it earlier ray yeah bowl live former NFL defensive back UNC star as well he joined us at 11 o'clock. To preview tonight's Panthers and dolphins game Dre weighed in on rookie quarterback. Dante Jackson. Whether it's the biggest thing you know beginning. Played golf fans to the speed of the game you have they get to bed that's when it went in the face that you go for it but just to rent. There will be hard enough reform on that and do what they got with DP from you especially now Iran and the what me and Mary cover. This struggle with playing all. How would take the lead keynote when it say about how much product more that. He's an artifact you know he had this almost trained himself to back pedal is that they go through this. He's three clear it all covered. It's so that would probably be his biggest step we have faith in the NFL it they'll learn the all. Learning how to play NF or quarterback of the NFL level rather is a very typical art no matter how athletically gifted you are a matter how talented you may be. And Dante Jackson is no different he's going to have to learn. A different style quarterback and what he was able to do LSU he has been able to rely as talented as he says he has been able to rely on a lot of those natural athletic traits. At that level analysts do. Now that he's in the NFL it's going to take him a little bit it's time to adjust to this obviously the speed of the game but also the technique in the art of the game and Dre' Bly touched on it right there there are certain things you need to know where what how to play off is that a plane bump coverage at all times you saw some clips from training camp just a few weeks ago him line up against DJ Moore. And how he. Bit also double moves but it would recover because of his speed that's not a happen every single time you're going into hall of fame and BP level quarterbacks in this division and across the NFL. You cannot rely just on your athletic god given ability he's gonna be fantastic I didn't need the drug for Dante Jackson all camp long and not. So excited to see all of the field tonight because I think you're gonna see a glimpse of what will eventually be one of the cornerstone pieces of the Carolina Panthers defense he's just gonna. Gonna have some bumps along the way that's okay that's to be expected when your rookie. Dray Bly talked about more so a lot of more for the New Orleans Saints the guy one defensive rookie of the year last year that it wasn't smooth sailing for him either so what happens it can be tough at times. When you are all learning. To play the position at the next level Dante Jackson is gonna get a crack at the starting lineup tonight against Miami and we're gonna see. What he looks like on the field in that living colors of your. Others think it's out of that game because Jackson's going to be an exciting player to watch. You might hear him chirp and even as well because he got is not afraid to run his mouth but number two speaking of players not afraid to run their mouth Jalen Ramsey. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars made waves earlier this week throwing some major shade at NFL quarterbacks including a falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. He had some comments of his own following Jalen. You know way up abruptly prolific hitters and so. You know I've heard my my fair share of trash talking from a lot of different people can't do this Scott Kazmir tonight. I wanted to do well it'll so I don't take too much mind to. I'm about winning games sit and I'm a copy in the absolute best player looks so. That that's kind of my thoughts on. Yeah well said by Matt Ryan are I mean look this is the guy who again has won an NBPs are for 4000 yards in seven consecutive seasons I don't think he's very concerned with eight GQ article. And whatever Gillibrand he has to say. Within that Matt Ryan is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL and yet it was all good fodder from Gillibrand he also by the way thanks again god Dan Patrick show. Is where you heard that audio that interview coming yesterday with DP for Matt Ryan this is not gonna. Give it up at night. What's gonna keep it up at night is it. Julio Jones got a situation is Julio Jones head in the right place. Is Calvin Ridley adapting to the playbook Atlanta. Ana has bigger fish to fry than worrying about whatever the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive backs are saying they don't even worry about facing Jacksonville this year they play the AFC north you're not gonna see Julio going up against children via although they'll be a fantastic. Fantastic match up well I loved would Gillibrand he had to say I love that we see this in the NFL it's all in good fun. Jim Ramsey yet he's calling out quarterbacks all across the league. First of all he was giving an honest assessment of most quarterbacks in the league. And also. This is something that we have been lacking so desperately and NFL is a great trash talker if you think about a guy. I in the NBA who brings something similar to the table it's Joseph well indeed. Jalen Ramsey is trying to become the goal indeed. Are the NFL and and that's what the NFL needs we need less talk about concussions and what went on on Israel let's talk Hulu wanna make progress boo what is needed negative publicity to go away that can cautions that helmet rule that cats rule the protest everything is negative around the NFL this was fine yes it was needed yes it was some pretty intense trash talk but it was also interesting it was fun it was invigorating as a fan. It was something they got me fired up to watch the jaguars was how many times did you say that so thank you Gil and Ramsey and good on that. Matt Ryan for responding the way he did. This is of no concern to the Atlanta Falcons and VP quarterback number three in the rundown today moving gears to the NBA with free agency and pending for Kevin Durant any year. We're already talking about I know it's August it's 48 team but why not let's look ahead to next summer there's ploy is speculation as to where he may play next. ESPN dot com's Royce young was on the jump yesterday with Rachel Nichols he shared his thoughts on a team. Might surprise you that could be a good fit for Kevin Durant. The opportunity to four feet and that that's something that is very difficult to do right largely unprecedented. Eight and to me I don't see governor doing that I didn't get a look I don't believe Kevin Durant we'll finish his career with the Golden State Warriors I believe that very strongly I will go somewhere else. It's just a matter of when. And I think teams on that list would certainly be the next. But I think he would consider the lakers this summer had had LeBron logged on there right and I think the thunder on that list I think that eventually Kevin Durant what he's a stand makes a decision. I think he will look at Oklahoma City even. Our rights they have so having to rant. Could he possibly return to Oklahoma City I agree with Royce young I do not think Kevin Durant wolf remain at with a glitzy awards for the rest of his career this is that a nice little field trip for Kevin Durant up to the bay for a few years. But this is not sustainable long term to be honest they're gonna get bored. I know they Kevin Durant as a different kind of cat. I know they Kevin Durant is in LeBron I know that he's not Michael Jordan he may not be motivated by the same gains as some of the other star players have in the past and it's really really hard there may be not be more complicated player mentally. Then Kevin Durant he's just completely changed his persona and his attitude since the leaving Golden State. Are simply build a city rather two years ago he really doesn't seem to care. If you hate him although the Bernard counts by suggest otherwise I guess he is embraced the villain role to an extent almost to a weird degree. He returned Oklahoma City absolutely when he left the thunder it was not because of the community it was not because of the city they love him he enjoyed his time there. But he did I play O Russell Westbrook. And you can say what you want about how they have interacted since then they've had their heated moments on the floor they had where combed by elbow with an all star weekend. It's tough to say what their relationship is like as it stands today but. I do not see considering going back to Oklahoma City in less Russell Westbrook is gone which may happen eventually Westbrook is still locked in for four more years on a big contract. But I could see a return later in his career Kevin Durant came back I'm sorry got LeBron James came back to Cleveland. There's nothing stopping Kevin Durant from coming back to Oklahoma City go where I would look first for a possible destination for Kevin Durant. In the future. Is New York City and Madison Square Garden he makes all the sense in the world to New York Knicks he could be that guy that brings a championship back to New York he'd be the start of something great. For those New York ticker baucus got one more in the run down though the jury still out on DJ Durkin. Following the tragic death of Jordan and there jordin McNair at the jury being out on Turkey's future as the head coach of Maryland. Big nearest parents spoke out on coach Dirk and expressing their concern. For other student athletes on Good Morning America. It is considered here. Our kitchen table. We whose job. How to coach anyone else's job. Like this. And he's exactly right we've been talking to the story all week long this is one of the most tragic stories. I can remember in college football. And we have the facts we have the information needed. To send DJ Durkin on his way and get him out of College Park look the reality is. Nick in there should have been sent to the hospital an hour before an ambulance was called. There isn't no other information we need other than that to prove that Maryland it was negligent. In this situation that led to Jordan millionaires death yesterday on the show nick and I. Had gave Claussen on from Wake Forest head coach of the demon deacons and we asked him we knew wouldn't comment specifically on Maryland but I asked him I said Dave. What's the relationship like between head coach and a strength coach and coach Claussen said. He is an extension of our staff he is in the meetings every day day in day out the people who say oh well. Literally listen to this story. About DJ Durkin and respondents say well third it wasn't there it should be on the trainer as it should be on the on the strength and conditioning coach who you think is dictating everything that goes on. In those workouts who do you think is talking to that certain it is in coach day in and day out do we honestly think that DJ Durkin just sits around and says hey coach torturing coach I just take them for a few months it is let me know how it goes and August we see him forget absolutely not he is just block stepped in sync with district it is because every step of the way and because of that the buck stops with him and DJ Durkin. All totally I believe should lose his job over the death adored me there not to mention. Everything else that went on in Maryland that ESPN's shed light on what their report last week and the continued reporting this week so hated on that sort of the subject but we're gonna come back after words that was the rug out again presented by mark Spain logo 45 minutes left the show let's talk some Panthers and dolphins we're gonna finish up the show. Getting into tonight's game and set expectations for the Pitt is going forward what are USC had a Cam Newton tonight. What all the offense look like this season I've got some new stats haven't talked about yet that I think it's it's an interesting light on that type of team you're gonna see. On the field this season and Bank of America to keep it right here just Marcel billion of the mid day by Doug on W intensity up until 2 o'clock. Powered by ortho Carolina. I ourselves. Hold the Wilson today don't have wills and he is in Cleveland movie is Stanley down to be back on Monday don't you worry is very bummed he's going to be missing tonight's game. The home opener. The Tony eighteenth season in the pre season at least for the Carolina Panthers taking on the Miami Dolphins we are here all afternoon long concert itself coming out as you get off court. The W Evans he Coca-Cola doghouse inside the preferred parking studio apartment everyone's favorite parking destination a preferred parking dot com shout to our sponsors bmg Bart management group. MetroPCS. As well seven jars products thank you guys again for your support and right now we welcome on the Pentagon guests on nobody in line Joseph chatty covers the Miami Dolphins for the Palm Beach post is gonna give us the ins and outs. Of Miami as they walked in tonight to make America at 730. Joseph how are you the man. I amen thank trap me Norwalk. Of course been good to hear from you so. All the cheap they're really open ended right here we're gonna talk about the dolphins in more depth but. What is maybe the biggest storyline that dolphins fans are looking for tonight's game we asked fans earlier. What I think of course they wanted to use real feel player order or so and and book shore. You know it the obviously been a long times and yet go recruit fighters one drive in the first preceding game. And sort of the entire gulf and Pete and hinges on Bryant and Allen in the quarterback is always of course most important position but. But often their banking sort of all their hopes on tentacles recovery and she says the idea that he can play as well if not better and he did it get to 2016 treat. So for fans who might not have seen ten hill last week he was four of six and I game but I mean how did he look mobility wise and it didn't look comfortable in his first game back. I still looked OK and on the first play of the game they had a designed roll out the write what you know that is best six teen use. You know it's keeping the pocket intentionally. Designed bootleg so it giving him an opportunity to create more time and throw the ball on the field which did attractively. It let a couple of throws were off target I think periods of what a Sheikh. Army looked about like sort of write and NATO training camp. Mostly protected the football and I think will be fine I just think you know monitoring how much playing kinda get the cheap in the interest and be curious. We see. Guys get hurt would get the patriots was in there you know projected starting option to tackle she and and it really just. And I mean it just collegiate and we think that you shouldn't Wear your irons really at all about how about an article coach I would like guys that are all. Yeah I mean that's the danger at the risk reward sometimes can be a very low and there in the return aspect of that so. The running game real quick opinion on tricked the guy who lit the world on fire at the end of last season he had in a little mix up it sounds like earlier this week with gay right in practice. Where is his tenure on Drake stand with coach Adam gays right now we know what you do on the field the cut it sounds like there's some stuff going on I am practice that might be holding him back. Doctor going to be Kenyans thirteenth and and you really need to prop a lot of progress last year that took over JH IA after Jai dumps too bad attitude. All showed tremendous six celebration. Opera steps being moved inability to break more tackles inside than he ever did Alabama. Bob you know I think for court really more a complimentary goal line back ethnic in the entry gets most of the carries and is the primary target back field and sometimes the slot. All treat a hard time adjusting to a professional game is a rookie but he's not work in. And so has that in gates expressed this week in here really need to make sure that canyon. Cost controls visible actions and you know that they moved on from our point three it was an emotional player they dumped JH I was a player. I just think that in case want guys to kind of just personality which energetic. How football tight daylight comes up but he also want guys who follow structure. And don't you pointed out to tree that if you get dejected as he did not seem much cure or help. After Poland ball jars playing during the bill. That that can really hurt the team and I'm fall on the side of light king and warning of optional do some IP I think you don't out that really in a volatile morning. So what are the biggest question mark still for the Panthers is their offensive line they've dealt with so many injuries in fall camp losing two starters already they'll they'll be out tonight. And they're gonna be just kind of putting together a makeshift group. I look immediately to the dolphins defensive line and can you kind of give us a scouting report they added Robert Quinn what does that dolphins Stevens of Lima do you imagine that they're going to put pressure on Cam Newton because that's what matters are they gonna be ought to put pressure on Jim new an early in this game. They shot him in a dolphin defense of lions really should apply pressure throughout camp and not leads to questions of course about the golf and thought that the wind you never know exactly what you mean. Are but even though they lost and comic and news in salary cap decision. Are these people that they're gonna bill would generate more Castro rush from their defense events in wages that Hirsch called camp. It does not look washed a look at our most guys his age would do look at our patrol terrorist has need improvement that checking your defense event that a Surrey. Our William Hayes. Is is there were released how would force the Pentagon and the bench. One of the highest paid players not very ancient in relegate it to virtually shelf. Are tremendous amount of depth on the dolphins' defense the wind particularly at the sentiment tradition that. That could be Europe I dropped a one stroke going because there is the dolphins defense or the Chinese and I. Are on the order to trigger. I feel like you can't read any article about the Miami Dolphins in the pre season without reading about think of Fitzpatrick mean this guy was picked eleventh it sounds like he's lit the world on fire in camp had a good pre season outing as well we had Dray Bly on earlier Joseph. And drain has been spending some time with the coaching staff down there I mean just sang the praises of Fitzpatrick over and over again what have you been hearing about Fitzpatrick and the expectations for him in when he eighteen. We don't throughout the spring and the early portray any can't make that Patrick was dumplings safety. And it's ninety Kahne he's in all likelihood can spark for the first time as a dolphin. Our active slot position dolphins are moving their highly Pete. Bomb pretty darn good slot corner Bobby McCain to be outside due to a desperate need to end does it often think that Patrick can handle it like. He did admit to me this week that. You know I haven't do so many different holes. Is order that it what is when he did that at Alabama yet be kind counted Alabama. Before they start winning tomorrow on the three or four positions so. I mean look what Patrick is a ever we needed diligent worker army the next on athlete he's got a nose for the ball. Dolphins didn't create any turnovers last year and they think that one of the ways to. More turner this year is with the addition to Patrick did so that often thought actually at three. Bush shot Jones who's their best player. Pro bowler vote multiple content and PG McDonnell to sort of built more like a linebacker shot. But flexibility and versatility really it gives them submit action bandages. Hey this is looking for tonight's game Joshi data from the Palm Beach post he covers the dolphins inside analogy Joseph thank you so much for joining us there we look forward to talking with you hopefully again sometime enough desolate covering the team this season. I can't get. All right that was shows out again covering the dolphins that we've got just a half hour left on the show. I'm just Marcel taken over the show solo today it will be back on Monday Garcia added Bailey will be here in only a half. Half hour so we're gonna take you up until 2 o'clock don't create kick off tonight at 730 when we come back this that I found yesterday that might be very telling. In letting you know what kind of offense to expect from the Carolina Panthers and when he eighteen to go right here I'm just Marcel on middays on the the FNC. Ourselves. Stadium until 2 o'clock guys and a half hour left here but don't forget guys for four hours ago they'll listen to the sultry sounds of Kyle daily and frank Garcia hit. And it seven in the state are now I saw Kyle is out. And here he was he was just getting back from LA. The boy is gassed but he's gonna do it he said he had no sleep he's like a rocket a home element to go talk to their defense he's going to be. High energy but I think around 530 or five years it seems a little bit dead. How long it always afraid delta now so I ask you never know you never know to get out of Franklin arguing small ball I know are still fired up no doubt about it hey guys don't forget by the way the southern women's show three days of the latest trends in fashion jewelry hair. Make up plus workshops cooking demos entertainment lots of entertainment celebrity appearances. Over 350 exhibits is it this. Our next Friday August when he fourth through Sunday August when he six guys you can get your take us rapper ice just go to my get my perks you get my purse. Dot com so hit man I. I found a site yesterday now is trying to figure out. Gil what are we gonna see in this offense not only tonight the goal floated for the Carolina Panthers and I'd look back at norv Turner's history. With his offense is at both in Minnesota going back to one here in Cleveland and then especially the years in San Diego I think the years in San Diego or the most trends relatable. So what he has personnel wise here now Kim is not Philip Rivers but you have an elite quarterback you have a great tight end you have weapons like what he had in San Diego. Christian McCaffrey a practice this week said one of their goals is to play faster this year they wanna play faster that is going to be quicker. Last season the Carolina Panthers were 32 in the NFL and pace of play. Yeah they were dead last in the league in number of plays per second walls 32 seconds between snaps. I was thinking OK do wilders can Norv Turner fix that. Norv Turner's offenses. In San Diego never ranked higher than 24 in the league in pace of play. And his offenses in Minnesota never ranked higher than seventeenth nor has never been a guy who plays at a faster. Tampa or or or a coordinator calls plays cricket Dickey strategic it what he does but a lot of falls on the quarterback put too little bit right I mean. Not update campus of you don't takes is time to get through to the the center everything but I I think a lot of able to throw them dictate on. How much hurry everything didn't you write I think you'll UC monologue. I think he I think it's their kids they do a lot of hurry up offense worry you if in the first half your first if you push a scripted so why not come out of the gate. You know any in the no huddle offense right. Hurry up offense so. I'll bet that's intriguing because I I've. Like you watched norm all these years and I've I'd ever notice that how to get attention enough that's crazy 32 last year to 44. And seventeen a hard and seventeen that's crazy but I feel I have falsity is more it's quarterback outlets according to on the it's all all north. It is good it is just they mean wit when you see a track record over eight years plus anymore it's it was console always in the bottom third of the league and again never in the top never in the top half. Either Minnesota or in does San Diego as fast pace affect McAfee butter up means it cannot see. Either practicing that way or they talked about pace of play increase. To get more stamps and a football game. So there what do you want it now let's hope they can do that we will see tonight. Which started my 21 quarter let's look at what look at for what does that pace look like even I forget those nor ever Rivera who said if we get a chance to get into a two minute drill situation we're gonna take advantage of that if you if it means leaving the starters and a little bit longer because you do wanna see that and we had a somebody Texan of the buildings and attacks line asking. Which team was the fastest pace of play last year was different Cisco really that's when he five point five seconds per. Purse that and that's that was. If you look at Carolina was up almost thirty so five seconds last percent that's up over time and it makes sense so you'll Shanahan offense kind of play fast and a write up a lot in right and got grapple I'm sure. You know heat policy Tony's quarterback so I'm sure they got an a nice rhythm as the Latin lasting change in season right I don't surprise me right New England was in the top five as well so. Directly Elizabeth correlated here I mean it actually look at. So every Cisco the giants the bills and the brown of the top -- notice him for the playoff or don't want bills the bills well they they didn't want to sort of fairly healthy and apparently wanting a one of the Ford that you want none of those offices were it's not like the best offenses in the league the teams that play the fastest so it doesn't necessarily mean you need to be the fastest in order to be the best. Having said that. Did Carolina has the personnel that would lend itself to a faster guys it's like you've got guys who were difficult to defend you've got guys you can get is based DJ Moore Chris McCaffrey a dual threat quarterback in Ken knew not to isn't it apples apples comparison but in the at the college football leveled the team's go to the hardest to defend our the teens who do play faster and have a variety of weapons. At their disposal to about what Jim Newton could do in an offense that utilizes his ability to run like they have in the past but also has run pass options with Christian McCaffery that has DJ Moore catching short passes those guys that can get the ball and operate a move and quickly get to this the odd gets a line of scrimmage and move to get I think Carolina would be a better off. Playing at a faster pace. I just wonder he is Norv Turner of the guys. Do it and Kent and I'm certain can't get executed that way. I I was so I've served I didn't Oliver they're already had no problem we got north north. Not north just to me has always been a strategic play caller like you know he's he's. He's just the you pick I don't look at his office to lead the Dallas days and always office according announced on under Reagan got all that was fast offence but to put points in this Cornet. Odyssey three politics. Right maybe four cylinder and tremendous offensive line. Took a lot of factors play into that but it's a good point because you wanna see him play faster to skip steps on the on the field you know just. Did the defense dictate a lot of what did you officer offensively in most is what this defense can be a vote of three not defense all most the time of the game so. But that that's a really good to look when things get. Yeah and it did you bring up the defense because that they're going to be. They're really mean is going to be one of the five to ten best defense is may be even better. In all the National Football League you've got maybe the best linebacker in the league and Luke equally you have a solid front for secondary saw some question marks but if you can continue to keep teams off the field. Playing at that faster pace is gonna be okay because the defense isn't gonna get too tired sometimes you worry as an offense about. Are you leaving the defense on the field for too many staff because you're playing so fast that's more possessions of the defense our supply but I think the defense is going to be strong enough. Where they're not going to be on the field all that much they're gonna go to forced three and outs early shorter drives. I think that again it all goes back to them being able I I think have the personnel that would allow them to play faster. I mysteries take earlier on Dante Jackson what's what are his thoughts on the rookies I think he's gonna have me. I think he's in that mode now all pro your began troll boy you're the right as a rookie what al-Qaeda Eiffel I I believe I'm on there and I'll Dante Jackson as well I think Dante Jackson. It's going to be a learning curve for him all the talent is there a death lettuce is and is there but he's got to learn how to play a different styles of coverage and what Theresa we talked about in the run down as well. Including how to play off play five yards off can eat in your back pedals there's also to technique things that I mean as great as LSU is developing deep media. You cannot compare it to when you get to the NFL you've got to play multiple different styles of playing different types of receivers one week you might be defending Mike Evans and actually it's a Leo Jones and actually could DJ Moore obviously he's not going into orbit did you more good players we just got big strong receiver is small slot receivers. It's going to be tricky actually talked to Eugene Robinson whose color our show several times as well and you gene even said. Outlook he's gonna have to learn. From time to time how it would just the NFL game. He's got the speed he's got the F pluses and he's got the ability. Naturally to play the position now what can he do between the ears. That's gonna be the decision are not the decision to the toughest obstacle facing Dante Jackson's. Coming for the season. And tonight is going to be an opportunity he's gonna get the start he's one of the guys that you're gonna have your eyes on. Don't forget as well c'mon Seymour he had a miserable night. Last Thursday and we came on the radio and we drove him into. Into the ground deservedly so he played. Awful against the bills but he has a chance and I mean his corner I I'm looking to see did he bounce back tonight and shore up that secondary because as as great and hit they had this to take a step away for a minute because he's the boss and that's what he has to do this to be on the phone all the time but it but to his point Dante Jackson has a high ceiling. I don't know that he's going to be an all pro player this year. But that's outrageous to expect that from a rookie I think he's gonna be a very solid in debt up back end on the secondary they have a great front seven there's no question about that. Now where is the depth is gonna come from if Jackson is as good as Rivera has made it out to be. If if he didn't provide that side of the field. And if Jay is Brad very can bounce back and take away the other side of the field now you have the makings of a Super Bowl caliber defense like what they had and when he fifteenth. That's if you're looking at. If you are Carolina. Matt Texan says while waiting until the end of the half to run the two minute offense here's a novel idea start to game in the area. Op I'm not against that idea I think it look if you're the pre season these are still glorified scrimmage is your your testing out certain things at times. I think as you get further into the pre season is sort of treated more like a real game yes you're subbing out players after a few possessions but I think you wanna descriptive as if it was. The first quarter of video game. I do think the cancer should speed up the times you can also come out on certain possessions if you feel comfortable and speeded up. I guess in the defense has been expecting it you don't have to play fast every series but maybe you come out you have your back when I was in high school would go to NASCAR package come out one series you go to a lot of he speeded up. Keep the defense on their toes you've got the personnel to do it. That's what I think. And we have another tax or tax in north may have been to 44 and pace of play. But Mike Shula was sold slow can't really get the play call until fortify seconds left. Not allowing him to read the defense make adjustments now alone cartels along rushers to times that as a very good up play very good analysis. I don't know that Norv Turner is going to be that much of an upgrade a minute you talk about my actual may be having a super slow pace but. Again Norv Turner his track record here is the status in this at the beginning of the segment. In San Diego he never ranked higher than 44 in the league in pace of play. In Minnesota he never ranked better than seventeenth he had won here in Cleveland where they were actually near the top. But that was a team that really struggled personnel wise so if you look at the teams that have had talent comparable to what Carolina has on this roster today. That is. Does not bode well if you're looking for Carolina to speed things up I wonder if norv can provide that in this offense and that's when you start to get into that topic about. What impact on the war nor have. In Carolina at pace of play is one where he can do that he can be a guy who who dictates that a little bit. And translates that into. Or I guess indicate new in the mindset going forward. So we'll come back in just a few minutes we'll wrap this thing up. Garcia Bailey will be here for the garage door guru handoff again we are here live from the Coca-Cola doghouse taking you up until six the pregame show after that is well. This is. WFNC. How are by ortho Carolina. WS and beyond just ourselves get ready for the garage door guru handoff in just a few moments Kyle Bailey in frank Garcia will be taking you guys up until 6 o'clock kick off tonight 730 Panthers and dolphins and before we get out here guys deserve. Are my two guys get ready for the football kickoff casual pigskin season could be rocking with an extra thousand. Dollars listen each week day from 7:15 AM until the whistle blows at 6:15 PM the national keyword to get into and thousand dollars tax the national keywords seven to 81 so what and you'll be in it. To win the kick off gas also don't forget to be a part of opening weekend of the 28 team college football season with a belt college kick off as the West Virginia mount. Take on the Tennessee -- Saturday September 1 tickets are available now by simply logging on to Belk college kickoff dot com as accountable jumpy I cannot wait for that game but we got more important matters to get into Kansas and dolphins and as we welcome them Kyle Bailey and Freddie Garcia to the ground shook her hand off first off guys. I gotta get your thoughts on this. This morning before the show. I'm getting ready and the girlfriend says. Pay you are you excited for the third game tonight but what game that's what I said. She said the third game this week we talked about sit took the third the Panthers. How hard Robert at all. And I said a city excuse. That's the only guy have a talk she's sick old people to say that's a thing she said people call the Panthers that there is a sudden now that I've not mile I said that she tried. I had to do is delicately because I didn't like do you know what I do for a living life a happier time. I don't like tell like I wouldn't go she's an interior designer I would go it'd be like oh that's that's a section also what's up I don't know I would tell her what kind of pressure what she's gonna tell me what they call the Panthers are like Avery let's. Let's be careful they'd like I don't know this is that the white you wanna try to dial. Out here you're gonna Dallas are all born toys games. On the yes so. 90%. Saying that 10% is now. It's a problem Salvador promotion of its footer so it can't be our curable tables plus Twitter feed guys forty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge and know how to educate you and your family on a new or used pool table before you buy local expert visit them on independent civil boulevard and don't forget they have that location in Colombia sent out we settled that debate gives a little. Is a point and I was listening to you you know coming in and you talked about pace of play and you know look that passed up front runners. So those are always interesting new topic of conversation you'll get a coach myself. You wonder you know what's the best way to do it right and you're talking and you know you don't Artie goes and are you trying to you know up tempo things in you know why is he though the that the Panthers slowing down and why has Norv Turner. A guy that is 24 and pace of play and why were the plant has taken all the timeouts and haven't tons of the way games last year and you know if you question was at the coordinator was that the coach was that just the system. You know that there try to run because not everybody's gonna run torpedoes. Right and if you're eighteen it's gonna ground and around. You can you clock you're gonna possessed clocked. You to go out there and speed the game up you wanna slow down you're muddied up if you have a good defense that's the type of game you wanna play because that's what you're gonna lean on. You are gonna go out there you know three and out three and out through now which defense at risk and it. You know you're taken time you can you clock it's almost like you're reform an offense you know the entire game. And controlling the clock dominating the time of possession to keep the ball away from. Drew Brees to keep the ball away from Matt Ryan to keep the ball away from Tom Brady. And eat that clock up so yeah there's a lot of different ways to skin a cat and I don't want people get caught up in that pace of play thing. You know and once you feel like tam operates better and that's the way enormous can operate and that's what this offense is gonna operate aren't they I think that's a really interesting thing right. To see how they evolve going forward because I do feel like him. Operates better no huddle I do feel like him he won a national title to my college or and you know the 2015 season that was a lot of up tempo type of play. You know getting into the getting down the road game pace of play give it up to the line of scrimmage. So. It'll be interesting to see how these guys evolve. Moving full what's funny you say that's it because I went back and I watched you know some of the day from last year you go back two weeks at a cluster the Panthers demolished. Miami you're did Carolina beach put up 45 points on a blush here. And there was a lot of up tempo there's a lot of it's a lot of scrimmage let's go. Take advantage of the Miami defense certainly had those guys on their heels and so. To that point while it wasn't you know the consistently that way all the time brick that was one of those games that was going back from watching the highlights earlier you do it's a quite a bit that Tim had a hell gate four touchdowns and 350 yards past. Yes and the other thing that you know just he pointed to is that. You know being able to control the outcome in dictate you know what you wanna do and you know I think camp operates better that way because. If he has a better understanding of where he wants to go with the ball then. You know obviously he's going to be a little bit more efficient but you can change the play you can audible you can do a lot of different things. Or if you're slowing the game down intentionally. You can just wait till all that that you know five seconds set hut and they can go out like so I'm interested to see not fit you. How much of that kind of carries over into this year I think we. Skillet or clarity on the Panthers tonight that we did last week and in person receiving it you working out the kinks will to a certain degree. One a little bit more of an idea of what the identity is team will be tonight not a full picture but a better picture the question I. I asked earlier in the show I'll ask you do you guys right now. What is one thing. That has to happen for the Panthers tonight if you're the coach in seven figure of Dan what's one thing that has happened for this team tonight to make you feel good Gulfport. Stay healthy. Real though there's a value to its and is it easy obvious answer but stay healthy and honestly do you. Yeah reverend you're playing the Miami Don that's exactly right stay healthy because and you've got far greater challenges ahead you can learn some things about your team practice speak to this but. You're not gonna win anything of significance that I did the work can stay healthy make good decisions that we threw for. I'm with Karl on that you know and in particular since the fact we're playing AFC opponent that we're not gonna see you know ever again you know this season bright they're not making the playoffs you know hopefully the Panthers are and the only other time we would see them would be in the Super Bowl but. Yeah that's not happened happy in my opinion so. From you know when you look at what you're trying to accomplish tonight you know from a coaching perspective. I mean from a team perspective you're popular look into the depths you know I was he will be TJ more hours these reps with him with cam. Carmona sikh Christian continue to run the football efficiently. From behind senator I want to see what you're talking about Jos Romo or maybe a little bit more up tempo. From but most importantly you know stay away from you know the injuries in putting these guys are at risk in our our thought the offensive line drew played pretty well. From there I wanna see some of these backups you know who's gonna step up. That's one of things I'm looking forward to tonight who's going to be that backup quarterbacks I think honestly they're pretty even last week yeah that buffet place. You know maybe switch that around you know put give ideally where it was the second you know group and and may be. You know Gilbert a little you know little bit more that third unit group to see those guys you know come. I was Cameron ours pain and that logic hood and yet who's gonna be that second slash third back then kind of emerges to back up CJ Anderson. Yes oh earlier in the show we did our three to see what we're gonna do every week during the season and I had to fly Seymour and it is a huge bounce back opportunity for him he needs to bounce back in this game the offensive line. You have been what kind of unity you have there I mean Greg been road's gonna get the start at left guard what does he what does he bring to the table deposition can they move the ball on the ground with this makeshift offensive line your eye on there's I don't need to see Ryan Khalilzad and you see you know him. Variety doesn't play the rest of pre season I'm OK with that yet you know they'll also have a choice is that there are many other bodies they haven't and actually about it you starting up their tank at an advocate doubt that that they wanna went. You don't but listen I mean no he you're right I mean are you guys talking about yesterday the day before talking about it kind of gives the judge Julius Peppers treatment. It'll he's one of the most important pieces to this puzzle on the offensive side inaugural. You know we don't see those things a lot of times. You know because centers and office Wyman typically don't have impact you do as a defensive tackle our offices are in defense of and we you can get sacks in going to be able to measure those. But for what he does for cam alleviates the pressure. You know the protections those type things are kind of just gives him that security blanket so that. He knows where the bush has come and from there on the same page that running game is going to be if you're running check with mes if you're gonna go to the right verses go to left. Where the safeties Roland vs what you see it in the near the protection the same type of thing so what are you guys are coming. Up mayor we're we're excited Joseph rose up for the dolphins broadcast group tied for the dolphins obviously backed mideast that would. We love Joseph he's gonna outlawed he's obviously gonna get a stadium tonight calling the game but so ID he's. He's the morning got done in my VW QA have a Joe's got such good perspective on disorganization on the on this roster and I'm curious to ask him about so about rights and health you know because that's a guy who you know that you wish you well know. I think anybody knows what as kids we always talented we'd always athletic we know we these got a lot of potential but. It doesn't seem like he's ever released so bad so you know Philadelphia church last season what are the expectations were trying to see cousy sitting on right now what. They lost some pieces obviously Jarvis Landry so. That they feel like our guys that are adopted city feel like it's gotten better at certain spots as we talked to Joseph. And does it over to talk later in the show to the likes of course gets high school football coming your way today as well we're excited about this. And I think for rest but talk about spoofable battle luck goes up. So looking forward to it exciting day in Charlotte the pitchers are back in bank of America tonight. Keep it two Beers on college frank for two to six today at the doghouse this in the Damian Lewis for joining me earlier is illustrate block. Many that's it for five minutes and they had to take important phone calls so keep parade of guys that calibrate we'll see you get on Monday recaps everything from the weekend the Panthers. I'm just ourselves under the infancy powered by ortho Carolina.