Midday On WFNZ: Jarius Wright Interview

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Tuesday, July 3rd
Panthers Wide Reciever Jarius Wright joined Midday on WFNZ Tuesday afternoon with Will Kennedy & Chuck Howard. Wright weighed in on his time playing under Norv Turner in Minnesota as well as his initial impressions of Cam Newton. Wright shared an optimistic opinion of the season to come and a strong sense of confidence for this year's recieving corps. 

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Jerious right at his wide receivers joining us now on the take become guess signed here on WS NC Bursa vomit thanks to make in the time hopi hopefully you ready for a happy fourth Darius. Well I appreciate you having me and I'm pumped up there at all. Fireworks part of your your plans celebration plans you know little barbecue and a little flower shop Geico is gonna have low power come what. Well let's let's go to barbecues Jerious right when we do let's. State states this year. Some groups always gonna have wrote a reckon well there are so yo gonna have a rip it apart UC LU and Arkansas all right see you know really you know some good groups. With a different group. Jerry is what club what part of Arkansas and grew up. I grew up in urban part Arkansas are angry at moral reason I asked million lives. Retired to a place called Concord Arkansas which was near Bates also leased to get down their little dance so. Okay Jerebko upcoming episode that same. It felt process not the same period but it would let them but it took so if I can. Good deal. Yeah deserted Jerious right up as wide receiver will facilitate the coming up guess I hear a WS and sees a Jersey guys you have to do on the OT AZ oh this is a little break you guys have the summertime break if you will before camp gets ready to roll here a couple weeks what what's the energy like. Not just with this team but with this offense and especially amongst these receivers got a good group there. You know we we have. Great great group who spoke about a different kind of bring a lot of different entertainment. That's kind of a make or even court you know you don't need to let the cat do a lot of things they'd go. My country who don't let it let it could cut the part remotely critical became just the not an album alone we know what kind of group we can be so. You know we try to get started. Jerious right played at Minnesota six seasons with the vikings so worked with Norv Turner the new Panthers offensive coordinator I had the chance shares to cover that the cowboys when nor was the coordinator there back in the ninety's and they were winning Super Bowls. And so like a lot of people they've seen the body is north Turner's work through the years. What will he bring to this panthers' offense this may be build different than what will we see your last couple seasons. I you know a lot of diversity. You know more political you know because. Huge playbook over thirty years. You know they bring an experience not only then he also. You know what things are Google and others. Is it doesn't different competent well. You know. A lot of blood got to the don't put this thing that they even though you know you might be labeled fiction by the they would repeat by political ilk but you know he he did. Different out of their place. Jerry is right Panthers so wide receiver joining us on the tech become guess lying technical and guess line that is. Gerris any misconceptions. Czar. It preconceived notions you may have had of Cam Newton prior to arriving here and has he changed your mind or opinion nine nanny seeing now that you've had a chance to work with a for several months. Well you know it well. A lot of it depends on. Close when you do your include you don't lose Brooklyn Pope. What phone I'm on the it's not quite well what they thought that. Notebook I've had a muted its decision but it could well. Eric from judging people guarded guarded go to him more of oil or other but there can be no note it is then that guy. Either he's a great gal on the field and I'll fill them come on each and every daily entity it didn't make she really he just makes you wanna. Do better each and every bit. Well one of the the thing scam Newton does better than there as well as anybody in the league his throws the deep ball you have a tendency to get deep. And we asked this of every wide receiver we bring nine you the fastest guy on the team. He's terrific good question to me a person you won't be out of my I have to go a mile to go demeanor period you know he's the cherry got. You know from South Carolina so you know might have to go to beer on the various all of both countries Samuel says that. We just got the the defense to protect them from mental issues so you know got a Coca ticker run folk. We've VP 807. A year of medical they don't. Some tells a serious right would you set the race up in the standby kind of could watch it out. I mean plus he's got to grow. Appropriate depth wrist again this year. Jerry is right it is wide receiver here with a bulletin become guests honored to be if Lindsay so as a guy eat southern Arkansas played his college ball Arkansas you go to Minnesota for six seasons including. Now you just come back to the south communities North Carolina and she still on the south. Just orchestra for those football fans out there who don't understand. How cold it gets in Minnesota during the season. You know it is so college like fate is being from south that. Going to play football in north this this is different world out there. You you've never really know how code you can do it till it actually estate co so basically they're in each utility kitchen. It's. You know I had no idea. Very dedicated and feel like they're put it makes you that he wanted to go out doors or put some of the firm's total shock for two weeks then he noticed too cute kind of depression. Sosa you'll be mature be cool with Spartanburg, South Carolina here in late July and and the temperatures are you ready for that too. You know from and heated. Repeatedly he markets say that. And his company had in the developing heart of course but like a full market talk back do these people would have liked to do look at what coal. Terry is right that is why we're sure there are tegra quick question you've seen. Oven Minnesota last couple seasons some really good defensive players some good defensive backs especially the vikings defense very tough. And your impressions of and you you see him from the other sidelined. The Panthers defense I mean you've been now you're part of that team with Saluki threes in the Julius Peppers and Thomas Davis is in those guys if you're kind of impression or this bad there's differences. Well you know we we have a very decent a lot of lot of Greek and woke. And you know and some young got this or that dreaded double play also broke. Are you know that they had a dip to the defense that we are the bit that's pretty good put you go to get the chance to go to peace that there they cracked. It makes me it makes me that much prep cook. That they're so good they recognized who plays or combat operations. And talking and different things like that and that only hope you know be better player. When you were up in Minnesota as well mentioned you guys had a pretty good offense going there and got a pretty good rhythm going now that you're here with the pieces that would have been assembled and you mentioned Curtis sammon you've got Torrey Smith you've got great goals and you've got sick Christian McCaffery you've got CJ Anderson it's a pretty damn good unit isn't it. You know we we have Lou we have a million play very good. What you noticed that the thing you can have a committee. You know everybody do. You know you only get prepared also or go convict lay. Radical different so doubled different. You know we ship in the mood while looking downfield. You know we offer up you know Betancourt to go out there if you could. Nude. Indicate if we could of that a guy like that. You know fully mentioned earlier at the very very also go like that truck you know we have a lot of different got the bill a lot of different things and not think that if we got a benefit a huge car. Was that a big reason one of the reasons why you decided to sign your knowing had the potential of this football team. You know because. Been they've they've been good every year. You know stepped up in an NFL affect our own. Also Norv Turner come and it just north development and you know him I don't know what I comparative offense. You know bin meet knowing him also could persuade me to come. They have as wide receiver. Jerry is right you can follow him on Twitter and Matt. Terry is right to me obviously you've seen cam and the answer Graham following he has and the Panthers social media is out there they're very active it. It's interesting to me that chuck and I've been around this game a long time of the have been around covered sports to see that shift. Now we're players so involved in this kind of stuff now about you your thoughts on. No interacting with fans just going to be out there on social media especially on the team has some guys like camp. You don't think he can be a good thing they can pick their way they'll be you know out our crystal ball to let try and come and so pure cover pro troop out. Tropic can be used good deftly and in a competently but not offer hasn't it's negative but you know everything in life has out of spent as they do so you know assistant appropriately use that platform put it right. For the right away. Jerry is before we let you get out of here can't be a new to pay at their land and you do panther fans relatively so all what a guy are you also feel what do you like to do you on your off days there this time a year when their UT got a little time your selves what do you do to look kind online. Oh. A lot of talent family I have pretty though is. It takes so reasonable level a day you know well. Like take them out revenue. There aren't. Conditioning from people it you know just play nuclear. Program. In bed at like that I don't like fish. And I like play video game could have been pretty much through though a lot. A southern good luck chuck chuck hunt brought them. Dogs hunting fishing Assam the barbecued ribs. Playing video games Dan you gotta going on there's nothing wrong with a there are archaic archaic or are. I don't listen the the family that works out together went about the dogs usually the fact that he gets a bit on the work out that that works for reach our look at fourth seeded bears are good luck to this season while to talk to begin suits training camp run around the corner that is Panthers wide receiver Jerry is right.