Midday On WFNZ: How Big Of A Controversy Will Jerry's Statue Cause?

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Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck Howard & Will Kennedy open up the show bombshell news that David Tepper is contractually obligated to leave Jerry Richardson's statue intact. 

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Please he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy. Let's talk dollars. All right Wednesday while Nadal chuck Howard will Kennedy would you want another glorious day in the most glorious. The queen city humidity has been down hopefully it'll stay there just says smelled like football always glad to win this and unlike yesterday I didn't have the fireworks city it's waking the dog up keeping me up so I'm not as grubby today is that it was yesterday morning so that means is going to be nothing but fun happiness and joy lay on today's edition will candidate how was your last 24 hours. An avid is enjoy until the peoples are texting and I don't know I don't know are nicely great yeah I've got my mom to tell my clients and down from Texas or you know. Hang in now we went out we let down to wax off. Beautiful lax onto a little brewery placed on their in the afternoon message had Adam had a world's mama honest six weeks late sixties and dives as I can now. Listen I get I'm like the way the reason I bring that up my mom is night before and spoke spend as much time they're well you can't I don't. Passed away like twenty years ago I had no idea where we're you know I NASA thinks she comes and visits and he's got to grandkids hear my kids who get knoller so you kind of and that window where they're able to do stuff for the lead they couldn't import they came along with a safe drinking beer can that be illegal blitz they enjoyed enjoyed little us as a little place called dream chasers damn they're nice kind of nice in this way or just a nice summer that's the beauty of this summer afternoon the tightest thing that I. But I wasn't able to do. In Gary for his life yes and you know. I'm getting going up to see my mom next week. And does so everybody out there give her mama cult as much as possible we don't we don't do it nearly enough Ryan shell. Spoke to you several times last evening and let's just say you had a relaxing evening. Yes I did I'm I was I was taking in the first day of the David tepper era night so CNN viewers he had a sore so CNN or. Whoever's so it's a fit that but if you can't get a hangover if you keep answering exactly Daytona stuff if you don't you king. Drew if you don't drink all day what was I saying earlier say he's if he's. I think if he got stuck he can't drink all day let's start tomorrow and into that. We might as the owners. If you're so inclined Texas a media building center Tex lines are just plain call us at 704570. Back in the old days we just used to call there was no tax line you know like I keep doing this they keep putting my own. Cell phone and my little stupid script ailments only. Just cell phone number of does that suck. That was our personal thanks so well done that on other shows 457096. Day and Carolina told table Twitter feed that the VF Lindsay at midday and VF and Z I had seen Howard sports net will Kennedy news and at Ryan shell here's what we're going to be chewing on today. We're just about 24 hours removed from David tepper stated the tea does address of Bank of America Stadium his comments are still. The talk of the town I spoke about this yesterday will what are people talking about the water cooler today. It's never our I didn't his shirt on but. Eagles that's happened in LA and somewhat mind boggling to many. And many wells beating his second is the statue of Jerry Richardson remaining. Continues to be. Probably the biggest takeaways for a lot of people anyway from yesterday's news conference I'm not sure why but let's find out at 11 o'clock. Katie Carleton Charlotte Observer would join us and dead generous about indicate he's a take on David tepper of course because she was down at the owners' meeting. In Atlanta and is she you know as had been covering the ownership stuff from day one and also Katie had a story. She broken or not but. In the observer on Monday the CI double A tournament would not be returning to Charlotte after 2020. Weathered that I know there are a lot of people that care and you should care cheater or Charlotte TN Ers running area of town business are now it's it's one it's deemed biggest annual event Charlotte has so we'll find out the reason why the CI double A tournament is leaving Charlotte motor speedway president and speedway motor sports CEO Mark Smith joins us coming up in the 12 o'clock hour 1215 ish. We'll talk to Marcus about the speedway gearing up for the inaugural Bank of America 400 on the role bull coming up in September and also a way to get his thoughts and David tepper because as we know the the Smiths were dipping their toe into the ownership thing and also we all know markets. Dipped his toe into the MLS so could possibly. This Smiths and the tempers joined forces won't get to Marcus his thoughts on that if he wants to comment on that I know until least talk about the role hole and then build bolts Pampers dot com 115 due to his thoughts on the David tepper Arabs and his new boss and as time permits or view a lot of us it is yet we got a lot of stuff. I can't end we be remiss if we don't talk about the latest shady McCoy stuff and erroneous allegations made against him and so yesterday. After the David -- news conference I said the statue will a Jerry Richardson remaining at the stadium. Should not. Being the take away from yesterday's news conference but as I per rose the local and national media for the most part didn't even on the Mac attack this morning it was a hot topic. Why is the statue. Seemingly. The focus of the David tapper this guy. I think the interesting thing is here's a question for everyone for you chuck as well that. Because of where it came in the press conference almost like a Mike drop at the end you know and after all the other questions and then the way David tepper. Dress did answer the questions saying. Basically just simply I'm contractually obligated to keep the statue period. Get kind of left it. Right in everybody's mind right that was the take away because it was right there at the end it was that it was the power moments in the press conference almost like your on course you're rock band he come back down played it right I mean also the fact that what what started this whole thing what what started the wheels moving to getting us to David -- now owning the Panthers was the controversy and yes you dressed. Investigation the NFL that would Mary Jo White now he wants to run the business and what steps to take to make sure it doesn't happen again but that's statue of we will were saying this win win all the allegations broke whispers started talking about this this. How does that work you. As a fan as a female fan as an employee of the organization whatever it is it's everytime you walk into that stadium and the Bank of America whether it's four gamer to come to work you've got to pass the statue of a guy. Who's it Ito did the things he did I mean that's that's that was the issue so maybe that's part of it maybe that they you know that's part of why people are kind of fixated. On that statute. What I found interesting was that he was he Rappaport who group reports on the NFL free soon after everything he came out and tweeted chuck did. This is written into the contract there was a lot of speculation as to why we're speculate yesterday we were alien has information it was that the city is this city dang are they gonna have to make the decision. But it sounds like from all the reporting rcn couple different places that. This was written into an it would no matter who is David tapper or tomorrow whoever bought the team this is gonna be written into the sale contract. Yes 7045709610. Are you still up in arms about the statue or are you kind of like me. Statue or no statue my life goes on a 70457096. To manage text or coach Polly he says the statue was a big but it is still a big issue because the statue is a big eyesore now another texture throw a cover all her so 70457096. Standard David tempers news conference there was more than just the statue thing that we want to drill laid on to this a little bit more chairman and it will sought after the break the like I said my life goes sign this statue or no stature would say is you you're listening to mid day I'm WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina we're just give Roland. A so he's coming. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. It's. Charlotte Observer. There's a thirteen foot statue of Jerry Richardson outside the north K do you plan to be investing news world. Contractually obligated keep that statue has it is. David Jennifer from yesterday's introductory news conference. At Bank of America Stadium. As you've probably heard by now. The Jerry Richardson statue remains. Welcome back to mid day and a the F Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. I'm chuck Howard he's will Kennedy and the building center text line guys are all and all fired up you want to rattle some awful. I said. Texas Texas says that I think the fact that it was actually written into the contract with the statue Estee renew the sale contradict David tepper. It's like a giant thirteen foot middle finger so to speak to anybody who objected to his behavior. And I've heard that I've heard that take a couple times already numbers of people cares because it would've been a gut questions here each he got out of this Scot free never apologize or even August. That's that's a valid point he did not in his farewell letter that he put out the other day made oh it like to make over a billion dollars did you get a cut of that did you get a million yeah 40% I guess he's right around a billion dollars. And must find. Well over two million dollar so the people's Helio. This I think chuckle. Lot he wanted to see and maybe maybe people wouldn't even feel this hotly about the statutes. If Jerry Rich's and at any point. To a statement released statement or or press conference had apologized. But could come out look we're a nation. Think about this what whether steroids and athletes whether it's you know I hear politicians. If you come out and apologize. Public forgives you. I mean I'm Marion Barry get reelected mayor. Of DC after getting caught smoking crack on camera Amaro. Million UI well. Is valid this is this story gets and I think you'd come on apologized yet there might still with some people who say take the statue down but I think after it and some taxes are saying this and this is the boy chuck I think. Fifty years from now. It's it's it's it's us that he's still there are people may not even remember may not feel the same way they may just say that's the guy who brought the team here and that that I think that chaps a lot of people today. But I kind of feel there are still people out there what. What else do you want from Jerry Richardson do you want him. You know what do you want a scalp so to speak he's been signed he's been basically directed to sell his team he's been. You know. He's been embarrassed. I ache I concur. Any. Person if his stature. Should've written it not a may have culpa. But at least acknowledge that you let people down but I I still feel like people are like paying dome. And what's weird chuck is this is Derek is a look he's a big guy played the NFL he has the big cat he has that tough big man persona people know pretty well so he's an emotional guy. You know IE a dead heat he's not afraid to shed some tears and he talks about his his upbringing and his background elect I think that's what kind of gets me that you know. And look some of them may be aides that he dad's. And health things he's been through I you just for me and a and I was for you like it in the business that he ordered TV station the time when it was all going down you add people is a good tour raise arguably came running game that hole well that's that's just air that he's from and this is. You know I. Kind of thing and whatever but he started getting more details of and so look I think about the environment or in. As a country right now you know around the world frankly you know that the meat to move it all these kind of things W out of there is part of but that's part of what's going on right now that's why I think he got a lot of people say and that's that he needs to come down. On you know I mean. Well we don't want the papers don't look as they seen this before those of the car in Charlotte you don't want to. Game one you know kick off your first home game that there are some kind of protest out there be an adult and watch that TV networks don't want that you know people marching around Jerry Richards says she was signs. I do you think my next career in the radio thing doesn't work out I would become a professional protestor because what do those people need time off the pits to go to the Falklands LeBron from what I saw hey rob good morning how are you. Yes good morning. I don't show thank you use. Our first saw. Santorum that the way it works. People all effort in the peppers and Charlotte beat approach cut throughout. I want to write Ron Ron Allen upon legwork now. Well we're back in 95. Or shared a sell off or I'll. To the third trial about what this second issue. I debate or knots. Or so in this country whether they're asking it until proven guilty. Well not that situation registered guilty until proven that. These people never called the police the couple supports. And double file lawsuit not being. Locked out of pocket cash. But now you know all the support person I ever use children perhaps about stuff he's never been proven guilty. Not our country in my opinion. Thank you rod appreciate tell your opinion appreciate you listening up next is Joseph good morning Joseph are you. Amen. Well a quick got statement about statue. Do a lot of work down. At intersection of queen in Providence Rhode. I dead air search as adults that's been open at least they're out there and not direct traffic that maybe they can there are they is that they're like you're Syria in her urged emit more air. People who go out there are rumbling of what to do there are statute. That's her sounds like the plan Joseph you can you can head up that's operation. So just is it Howard crisis after out of my mind but I I'm still lights when you when you become a protest simple protests are all Margaret let's just except the anti -- that's my middle name so David tepper says he's contractually obligated to keep the statue of Jerry Richardson up a Bank of America Stadium so if you don't care that the statue stays up does that. Mickey you somebody who condone Jerry's behavior or can you be ambivalent on this topic. I don't feel somebody's morals should be judged. Or your morals should be judged by my feelings about it and it in there. In any animate object. That statue. Would I drive by it act you know this that what I see. Is others Jerry Richardson. Now I understand the it is stated that did Jerry disappointed many people and that's an understandable I'm trying to figure out. Again will lie in inanimate object is causing such consternation I realize that if you are or had been a victim of sexual harassment it may remind you of a bad experience I realized that the people Jerry may have victimized may see it is. Rector of representing something uncomfortable but I guess my question is this. Why is this for many. The biggest take away from the David tepper news conference. A while there is such a plethora of good stuff to take away. I. I must oppose this Sewell media media member mobile like me did the media come away. Disappointed yesterday from that news conference as I say the media as a whole you've been part of that that group. There is a group that covers this team and they're all friends associates beer drinking my friends of mine clubs and so I'm not criticizing anybody. But there. It going intuit that news conference there were preconceived stories already written. I think a lot of them came away with the stories they didn't get. It I we touched on yesterday chuck and in. To let the people know inside you know behind the curtain a little bit so to speak was there cross referenced there that yes people go in with the story. Written already. And in a lot of senses I don't know that sounds kind of ridiculous to people out there is different ways of doing it right so there you go and clean slate whenever I hear amoled that human go that direction Keller took the river take you where will all the good command I'm gonna rightist and I guarantee this happen I'm I don't know any names but it I guarantee people in their say in my story's going to be about those guys you're running down the statue of the harassment claims the NFL investigation. Here's audible chuck who don't feel there's closure yet even though the team is sold David tepper taken over. They're lacking some kind of closure and for whatever reason but also. Mean what sells. What sells out there for years and years the tabloid deal that the things it supermarket check out the tabloid magazines. The other the shows the DMZ's the Hollywood entertainment shows my wife watches and you know I mean paying attention and Jim too I do. I give an ounce on about Dexter and Helio if these people and what it most of all what sells scandal sacks all those kind of things and so I think you know there there's the annulment and in this and then you get in a press conference like that chuck and I know this really well you get sports people in that room and and you get news people slash you know politics. Culture reporters in that room two very different take something I think if you were sports guy you walked away satisfied with that Prescott's. Today that's where my brain is why I saw. Where are I would say is this it just it chronicles on that that it's you know it's the actions that people. Are upset about not the object with the statue and a lot of people still. Art and I think it's a whole policy that I really goes back to that I think the fact that they haven't heard the man apologize for the actions or even acknowledge them really in any way is still sitting Jim Burr under the saddle. I'm not saying anybody's in the wrong if you want the statue to come down. If it comes down Sunday I am that's fine if it doesn't my life goes on tearing down statues to me I come from this school. It doesn't change history regardless of what the topic. Or the subject is. Mark you hang on we're gonna come back to you hold on the phones there we're gonna come back to you after the break. And got a little low 24 hours of forty registration is up and ready to roll July 27 two the 26 or should say the 26 through the 27 is that right and Myers park this saves. Fun family event supports those impacted by cancer and goes towards. Resources for fighters survivors and their families 24 hours of booty include cycling and walking events for all ages and skill levels get more details at WFAZ. Dot com. The statue should it stay or should it go or do you he didn't give a darn it's will caddie I'm chuck Howard it's WS fan see mid day powered by ortho Carolina. It's. It's. In general are. Like a distant I'd like to have an open environment 61 big family environment. Com where everybody feels safe like the only. That issue come up and talk to people. And there's going to be you know just openness on all sides in this organization both football side. The business side. Me go back. I see what you did there Ryan. And you know instead of juice I give god jackal lucrative. Assets stuff. Sales. Of Jerry statue should it stay in its. Us tour president. Share he's worked with music hi so what we're talking about a minute deal that they're rested as you know. Welcome back to mid day had a BF NC powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard will candidate and for a lot of people these statue Jerry Richardson remaining is not. 88 lasting battery and you know like I said I totally get. Where. The anti said you crowd this coming from to a certain degree I'm just say the way my brain works. In. Believe me I wish some pace it will hurt the better than others in works entirely differently. I just I've never been bothered. By in animate objects. Or I guess you take it to a whole another level you know a lot of people are really. Affected by word zoo and things like that I. I ain't you know things that affect my life is what I wanna spend time on oil and the statue. I got a text from a friend a woman does name it's is if the statute does remain. If you let it bother you it will. If you look at it as a statue of a man who built the team. Gold watch your day go enjoy the game and have a beer don't don't let it I just feel like some people like. And it's gotten I don't twist. And again you know that's all about. I'm in my shoes ever hear somebody else's and there's over the they feel very deeply because whatever their personal experiences. I was that you check during a break like what is you know what what can we compare this to know what out there are sports related may be do we have. Have as it is example there's a precedent. And the thing that popped in my mind I was Joseph Paterno. And statue there and they took that statue down and there was a lot of the same kind of thing there was outcry from one side now circumstances little bit different you know Paterno was. You're accused of helping cover up or not paying attention or you know undo what should done as a head coach and the protector of that program so that different than what Jerry Richardson. You know the investigation. Showed us but that the statue say is very similar in the fact the us some people said no you can't share down because of all the great things he's done for us others were ambivalent about it and kind of sandwich sucks just say and his friend was saying there they you know make you let it if you let it be a big deals going to be big guilty and their people there. Very adamant about it has to come down we don't know what happened with that statutes there are still move it up there with Penn State deported back up so the problem that comes I think it's. Where are buzz today it is gonna hang around for a little while hopefully training camp starts that you things get the rearview mirror a little bit what what you don't want is a franchise I'm sure David tempered doesn't want to I know the NFL does someone does the players and everybody fans probably don't want this they don't want this to be a recurrent thing. Where we're talking about the statue six months from now during the season we talked about it again next offseason. And you even if they take it down that is something that keeps popping up. How do you deal how you move on from this of the bass as panther nation. That's what we're trying to figure out in how we get around this is is their weight even do that. It moved in what are people gonna be happy in regard to. Jerry Richardson's. Punishment I mean like I said before he's been publicly flog he's been finder record NFL 2.5 million should the NFL. Now what are people gonna say should the NFL vacate. The NFC championship. From 2015. Like they do with the other schools when transgressions are made and and you know the next the next thing it's gonna come up is. Shame on David tapper for agreeing to buy the team would this in the contract. Yeah and I think dumb are you heard that once or twice counting boy you know he's a billionaire he could have done you know he can have to go he's great negotiator you do we know work that out of three my guess is the David tapper probably did. Look it's sad say. Are you kidding me like you know I'm sure that was a there was a discussion about bad news price made clear that hey if you are angry too at all move on to to have Durbin tomorrow and move to the next guy. I begin I'd. And that is that probably sounds as some like I'm coming to Jerry's defense I knocked. But it's. Eat you you'll folks are saying. This was extremely egotistical of Jerry enough and smacked of egotism and one last ask you to the city and below locked you've got to remember. I don't I'm not in Jerry said obviously. And I'm just playing devil's advocate or bringing this point up. This closing guest to Gerri. From the minority owners. And he didn't know anything about that statue being built didn't know anything about it being corrected. They did this on their own ads. A thank you to Jerry as Speedo a legacy type of thing so I think it's unfair. To say to Jerry dated as as as such as such my gas. In this is a good assist dug this out there a possibility. Is this mix. A great deal to Jerry that the minority owners would. Paid homage to him in such a fashion he did not want that to be taken down knowing the political environment going on in regard to these allegations. Into the next step chuck and let's just say hypothetically. That. As part of the agreement. From those minority owners to sell their shares in the team to make it completes sale and not just Jerry Richardson selling his 48%. What is the minority owners were the ones who said. We want this to be part of the contract. We wanna make sure this statute Jerry ridges into brought football. To the Carolinas. Is up outside a stadium indefinitely or for the next X years. Or you know I I guess were Rappaport is saying is some others are saying this was in the initial. Offer sheet here that it would ever from Jerry I surmised. From Holbrooke could come from the my -- minority owner SCSI minorities owners came second in their purchaser of their buyouts could database in some of their clauses I am. That's again why did eight out. This kind of thing we're talking about potential hypothetical at this point but you're trying to look for how this may have shaken down and know and how sales of teams in business work. You know this is another reason why David Pepper's promise that magazine and I'm Colby in the only owner of the Panthers in our enemies so the decisions fall on me. In the you know maybe he doesn't take a mighty EE says that as of right now said he has no plans take on minority ownership but the other bottom line is that. Different people take different things and run and run with them you know I mean some ugly surtax on this and the senate should say people who were upset you know about our call the statute inanimate object and you shouldn't care about it. They may have a different. View the National Anthem controversy and some of those other things you know I mean it's just. Different depending on where you're coming from that's on sale and if you know your personal experience is gonna color your view. Of this whole statue situation and what you think you know we larger picture of Jerry I don't think anybody. I don't really hear anybody out there defending Jerry Richardson and his actions I think people are stepping back Dolan saying in the grand scheme of things how big a deal justice. No techsters there's here's to the building center text sign that's crap chuck that was not a gift. That's how I looked on paper he knew they were donating getting had a hand in designing it that's totally false WFAZ has to stop talking about it for this to go away. Another extra if you really think Jerry knew nothing about that statue that's a laugh out loud funny my point is originally. This was. Not Jerry's idea deed and so I apparently apparently techsters were involved with the minority owners and Jerry so they have this on greater authority I don't know that you don't know that so all I'm saying is that that statue meant something great to Gerri it's always put it into the contracts and so the prospective owners in the Busch David tepper said all right I'm cold that that's something in the cheery you're asking me to keep. I'm good honor that so does that make David tepper a bad guy now is David tepper condone and Jerry's actions because he agreed today. So always we said there's a one point Sergei bush as we were talking pre show little bit. The Genesis saying look when the sale agreement was put together. Everybody knew at that point when this was put in at the statue was gonna be an issue. You know discussion was already being had on the on the regular waves here in local publications on TV stations about what's gonna happen to the statute is that statue gonna have to come down based on the allegations based on the things that terrorists is accused of and the way things were looking at that point he's gonna sell the team is that not an admission of guilt you out with just thinking back months ago as of this. And I think there was an element of somebody whoever made this decision knowing that that statue of some level is going to be. A sticky point. And as of theirs that is as part of the bigger picture this and maybe whoever you know the weather is Jerry Rich's and minority owners or whoever saying. I think you'll go away at some point I want the statue to stay up it was against whatever the reasoning is but I think you know this will blow. That's gonna be this year. Will it blow. You know will will will everybody be able to. Move on from this or will this be as I was saying earlier one of those things we just kind of this this pops back up again like whack a mole that every once in awhile you know. Yeah I did and who knows maybe at some point David tempers attorneys have to go to Jerry Richardson's attorneys and say maybe we need an addendum on this sir or something like Dan I. I've I don't know bush. Back to the in building center text line. Other people are fired up. That's BS job surely you're not dead DM nigh eve well maybe I am. So. You know. There you have it so. Keep it up keep them coming another on the building center text line that I wish wouldn't go down all the time visits not snuggling down but here here it is. To find these tax time. They don't know the normal order. On the text or c'mon guys let's talk smarts if you wanna talk about social issues and strategies we can listen every other station in town we listen do you guys talk sports are you holding call and 70457196. Stand tell me what say these the talk of town today in the sports world you wanna talk about the Braves. Or maybe the Edmonton Oilers are gonna draft in the 2019. A draft rookie camp yet retail it's will Kennedy chuck Howard Donna hang on all this yes you hang on Don amid DKW who have since he's powered by ortho Carolina it's statue talk all day. In his radio. But the. Whatever was plus this is now okay this going to be open place. So there's not going to be. Oh you know nondisclosure agreements. In this new place. And that sort of thing okay that was then this is now. That was then this is now. As we go some place where people don't have the right people talk to come up with problems. Come by the way that problem was something you know provide do something incredibly stupid they should be talking about. Ask some initiatives and you don't need to modeling it behind David Kemper. Talking about something other than this question. That's that's that's a coward we'll Kennedy would view it's a mid day under the infancy powered by ortho Carolina let's get to the phones right away because Donna has been holding on patiently done a good morning thank you for your patience and thank you for calling in. Do waistline what's on your mind. I. And are. Expected drop out but it's right debate they taught at. Our. It can't opt out there are out there but. I. All I'm hitting it well at the top. But there are. Valid points thank you Donna thank you for all not so interesting to get a female perspective we also on the even an arrow where are not not just yelled at me to move. That a reference earlier bigamy stats he's the kind of in this thing for 234 years now. You know very political depending on your different kinds of statues names of buildings all this kind of stuff it's almost like as a whole country were reevaluating some of the stuff so. This is this is sports related. But Jerry Rich's is more than just a sports figure he's a businessman even a lot of the city is Charlotte demeaning. If we hadn't touched on and they must tell us on a press covers you know a little video names on other things. Ma'am we've talked about that mothers don't lost murdered UNC Charlotte there's a lot has to be sorted out we're really that's the lawyers in some cases the statue just I think right now prepay at this fans represents. It. The last vestige so to speak of of the Richardson era it's gonna sit there and remind some people of that. Yeah editing and for the EI stick to sports crowd. Let's so let's remember who Jerry Richardson is. And what. Mean he's proud he's he's the biggest sports. Figure in the history of the show our editor of this city. And I don't think it it's close. So that's why this is newsworthy. Because you're talking about the man. Again and it'd that there. He's the father of Charlotte sports amino really have thrown under the authority of the hornets were there yeah but McNabb NFL football. Is the gorilla you know it's 300 pound gorilla sports I mean having an NFL team is what every city wants that and you know. I think back say DO chuck that that era when it happened right when the team came here. Charlotte was not supposed to get a team I can tell you this message from being around to other places San Antonio Texas had built a don't. The Alamo dome they had built an NFL stadium because somebody had told them. They were NFL franchise Jerry Richardson's connections. To NFL owners weather's the other giants and the marsh failing it you know that the fact that. That's what swayed that I mean there there are some pissed off people. In San Antonio Texas back that winning you may not know busier here in Charlotte or somewhere else Jerry rich and made that happened he made he made it happen here brought the team here. And now it's David stamper and David Jeffers team and we hear his some by talking about. How he's gonna move forward in regard to how he's gonna handle things zone within the building in within the office is and if you feel uncomfortable or something is somebody's doing something dumb you know dead David tepper laying out there on the line right Camilo another bite. One run though the Ron Rivera bite. Do you like this and we do appropriation or show a little light on the air and. You know I don't think Turkey in the can talk about certain things that the talk about the family out here which you know I'm I'm I'm I'm big on that I really do polluters. And that's how you built a team and I agree with everything you said about that are plea deal here. You mentioned about you know Norman and then the coaches so that's always good and then obviously talking about the players some time but I did feel strongly about the guard. You know if something happened and then some guys come through force I think we feel pretty good football league so often I feel pretty confident about that. Yeah I would do if I was Ron Rivera when the indeed did your new boss singles you out there and it says you're doing a heck of a job. That's a good thing right guess which one is Ron Rivera and I think Ron is that I saw you showed the Panthers while they each he's interest hear more about the philosophy in David tepper cannot queries come from I think David ever kind of some looked as Fawcett pretty well which is went. When first was second and third right. Yeah and as we mentioned yesterday I know not everybody had a chance to. Here the entire news conference yesterday so this is for those folks but David tepper but I I think. You don't going many things yesterday but. I think he's gonna leave the football up to the football people I mean. I don't think you right away anyway he's gonna be the Jerry Jones I think he's gonna focus on the business side is he got but she he's. If Jerry's done it his way for so long. There's probably some antiquated. I say antiquated business practices you know I'm talking about economics in the you know look how green and things like that they're way above our. There are pretty yeah are you concerned all that he didn't mention Marty attorney's name at all. It did cross my mind the fact that he you know he mentioned Ron Rivera he mentioned Norv Turner you mentioned people kind of lower down on the on the scale and then the other thing is you know about a month ago we saw Don Gregory let go who was the longtime player personnel director for this team that was one of Marty's guys. Everyone's kind of wondering who made that move in. It was kind of you know maybe put pieces together and wondering if that was maybe. That was maybe tepper and getting things started a little bit. Well you know a lot I don't know someone lean that way just yet it could have been one of those things where maybe Marty or he's my name wasn't just topple mind he was talking about coaches. It around repair than you think he went to Norv Turner. But I didn't you know we didn't mention Marty did cross my mind digging. Then they didn't mention Marty back I don't wanna read too much into it yet I don't think there's a reason to do so I think a lot of folks are gonna say well he's. You know good long time and Jerry guy will Ron Rivera is as well. I think I maybe wrong I'm sure so let me know. I would totally surtax on if I am but I believe tepper did reference Marty in a statement. They put out a one point so maybe he didn't say the name in the press conference but I think and again you know we know that group. Rivera Marty are both under contractor Tony Tony so get there having to prove something is nice that David tepper saying. Polite words and and glowing words about Ron Rivera Norv Turner and anybody else would get away and he's got to win football games if you wanted to keep to new boss happy. And Marty Murray is done nothing to expect in this second go round. To warrant on getting rid of a missed the Panthers don't make the playoffs and then there or Elise you know stayed. You know they win nine games and know when the play also don't think that's. A fireball Marty offense but says time will tell we're heading to the top of the hour here is where I getting rolling with the first hour here on mid day and WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina when we come back we're gonna be joined by Katie Carleton Charlotte Observer give her thoughts on the temper. Announcements yesterday tempered news conference plus we'll talk about the CIA double A not returning to town. After 2012.