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Tuesday, July 17th
Chuck Howard and Will Kennedy talk to NFL.com's Editor Gregg Rosenthal about his NFL Running Back rankings.

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Please these WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy could chalk power. Number three a mid day and we have busy powered by ortho Carolina Jeff Howard will Kennedy win in heading towards the top of the hour here in the clean city glad your way this ends on the eve of ACC media days here in Charlotte this football is in the air SEC media days. Getting under way down her second day for them down and glance up we'll be joined by Greg McIlroy coming up a little bit. There were no 1 o'clock hour to talk about what's going on SEC media days in. Also give us teed up and set up for the ACC. Here in town of just joining us we were joined by Harold Varner the third. Our local PGA. Budding star he joined us in the first hour we are also joined ninety dwelling in our number two hardest chief operating officer discussing. Indeed hold its training camp moved to Chapel Hill or some other cool things and Kemba Walker obviously saying he wants to stay and round. And will as always we got into a Cam Newton discussion. About his inconsistencies. I think we all know that I think that's going to be one of the number one things the many fans and we media members focus on his cam taking it to the next level now another player in regard to the Carolina Panthers that we all want to see take it to the next level would be won the Christian McCaffrey how would you. We just at first blush. At the end of last season what did you tell your friends from out of town when they said hey what do you think your Christian maccast. I think you know what we all kind of were left with that laugh. Asked impression of them was from their playoff game disappointing loss obviously the saints down a New Orleans but that play that one play the ball down the field in the open field make it a guy miss and take into the house you know for a long touchdown. And we are all you magazine and move we wanted to see that throughout the season we thought we have more of that whether it's kick returns are morons of the outside north or pass. Passes downfield we just didn't get that much of that last season for a variety of different reasons and I. I think that's. That's would you still be so you're still talk democracy McCaffery if you tell anybody's cross country you still you still talk about potential. You still don't know what he could be. Not really what he is yet we've said the city doesn't show jokingly but it's a serious topic in each he's come in look at a little heavier. This year may be you know be may be realizing the NFL muscled a different thing college dealings Stanford he was he's a little faster. And most guys on the field able to do some of those things that the NFL level as to edited it down dues can run they can run as fast as you can't thank you make your life miserable. Yeah and I have to say probably exactly what. You said I mean I hate you especially the second half of the season the last quarter this season you started deceit. A McCaffery get a little bit more word you know. Up the middle I think he was so we use today and running around the end it stands for denied think I mentioned it yesterday alluded to it that. You know both in we've heard it a million times dead. Things really ramp up you know from training camp to free season and then when the bullets are for a failure played against. Some big boys in I think it was an eye opener form. This is ID you try to learn this too was thirty years I've covered you know high school football at the highest levels in Florida Texas a mean some scenes some outstanding. Players some of whom have gone to play in the NFL some of whom. Whom gone all fame later and others who you wonder whatever happened they got and then college level SEC. Oh I've covered some of the best there and in the NFL and what happens with a running backs especially as you get these guys in high school we've we've we've got reverse crowd cheer and Harding high school. Maybe the top player in some list outs for this next season Torre nineteen as a running back. If it's been linebacker guy you know he's able to do in high school jockey of those things where do you run for forty yards of the game diseases bigger faster and stronger and at the high school early to see a lot of guys who their first instinct is to take that take to hand off and go straight to the outside because they know they cannot run guys in the corner and get up the field makes for great highlights are on YouTube in the end Israel's. There are guys college and do the same thing somebody uses name because we all remember. Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush in their make comparisons to Reggie Bush to Christian McCaffrey just Reggie Bush is able to do whatever I wanted to a USC when Heisman Trophy game but he a lot of that was near the goal line especially let me get to the outside I can speed that Colin. The NFL didn't work that Reggie Bush had an okay NFL career but never won a lot of people thought he could be. So Chris McCaffery I think is it a step back after first year in the league it's a longer season sixteen games the guys are bigger faster stronger now trying to figure out what do I need to do to make myself a better player to deal with the physical rigors of the game but also maybe what I do to adjust my game a little bit to the fact that this isn't college anymore. Well christened McCaffrey's numbers so last season were. Pretty ignorant. 1086. CN yards eighty catches seven touchdowns. But he has to prove. He won't go down the first contact and inside Iran's but the Panthers still sound day he's very productive player. Who should only get better. And Gregg Rosenthal who were having coming up at 1215. Says don't dismiss. Christian McCaffery because he's not Elvin Camara now Gregg Rosenthal on nfl.com. Has his list of the top 32 running backs. Have you looked at delist I didn't I didn't look at OK I was gonna say yeah. Yeah. Interesting without those that know alma Kumar just before German Alicea image of a cart I think that's. So valid and again how would you feel about Christian McCaffery. Not hesitate ever salmon as a football fan a fancy guy whatever it is. If there's no Robin Cook Tara you know do you look agrees McCaffrey's rookie season a little bit differently it's always you know comparative and relative outlook Kumar just. Came out of the box and and blew everything up last year with the saints and really was some of them we know he was. A steel. Third round pick but he you know he did everything kind of like we respect for McCaffrey telling McCaffrey does Dubin a little higher level running passing blocking it at all if there's got to Camara. Hardly Miley seekers are McCaffery in the you know maybe he's in the discussion for. Here and I even think it's Camara had played for different team that's part of it is because we saw him three times when the saints can Mears so. Greg Rosenthal has Christian McCaffery listed is the eighteenth best running back. In the NFL eighteenth out of 32. I think after his rookie season in compared to the others I. Don't think that's really out of out of ranger on about. Don't sell another day you can't. I know Kansas fans probably get tired of seeing guys lawyers cam workers are cash courier group of players were ranked middle of the pack. And they're gonna say you overnight in the respect but that's that's based on one year right based on the once he's the rookie season for consumer afterward he would really frankly was more receiving option in those numbers kind of pan out a little more clearly to a number two receiver so we we haven't seen him maybe as the full running back package but catching the balls part of what you do is running back the NFL's best to. Today yeah I think eighteen is fair wish I hi outside with a chance to you know obviously in rankings like that move way up. Would with a dynamic second season. So I heading down the list are heading the list is Siegel elitist number one any argument there overlook beyond bell. Again based on just a sample size and also the fact there's you know. We don't know exactly what to expect in YouTube dot I might you know I'm tempted to become her up near the top of that list in noted that even be in the discussion and I know he is. Close by Dutton senior split hairs and some of these guys at the top. I mean. Seek Eliot the most slump last year course missed a lot of time. Let beyond bell what he does of the steal a little different than than some other guys also great guy gets in the bottom backfield. I don't have no problem with the top on this list but I. Todd Gurley number three I've. You'll sore right clicked on the list I've figured girly would be number one so he's got a girlie number three. Then David Johnson of the cardinals' number or floor. In the an arrest. A divot just is a guy that we don't see that much because the cardinals have not been. Exposed to us is months and easy these guys have injuries is visa data came out of nowhere to a couple seasons ago we need these are all guys at the top of the list. That run the ball catch the ball do everything. In a modern NFL that are running back Cassidy there's no guys in here that are just like take the top suite. Carry the ball thirty times a game because that's not the way we play football it. Moving down the lists the after mentioned Alvin Camara in a number five this year saints fan you just gotta be. You know let's army I'm I'm jealous of alum Christian McCaffrey did this the as you mentioned this dude is already a legend Alan or we talked earlier. This show though that is in the whole thing about where do you value the running back position. In the league and not not just. No this kind of saying draft wise because if you need an album Camara in round three. Why the heck would you take a guy at number two. Or number three or wherever in the top ten and because you you can odds are you can find a running back down and a lower round it's gonna give you the kind of production that a top. Tenor first round pick is getting do you that's just the reality football. Let's John McCoy of the bills in a number six Dovonte Freeman of the falcons' number seven other diseases and all thought all right so I mean going down the list at this point there hasn't been anybody that I could argue with McCaffery being behind him. Now would you concur fair's fair at this point SRI number eight careens hunt and classic rookie year another guy they Canucks with a specimen to a hot start overshadowed Chris McCaffery quite a bit. In a number nine Leonard for Ned also a rookie last year. More than traditional running back did you think others you're like me have your maybe some of my era you know Earl Campbell some of those guys and that do the football and just get out away. Well forever. Throughout their careers. For net in McCaffery you're going to be you know who got into. President coming tomorrow now it's a as well but I think for net yeah more so because he was first round pick. In a number ten I'm Gregg Rosenthal is a list of top 32 running backs Markey team room in a number ten. Yeah you know I think a great year last year I was seeing I think tomorrow made him back. Better not an anger was badly he had lived up to the expectations. Having that two headed monster New Orleans makes anger matter the fact they get big guys in the top ten. As a division. Originals rival until Friday's. What about Joseph mixing in of the Bengals in a number eleven don't get me started its elements and it's got a lot of talent is. He's got all odds down obviously there's issues with his kids but he Dutch and he was another one where it was like you know AZT doesn't have the off field stuff what you've been a top. Ten. Type talent pick and then UV disable maybe running backs don't value that I. Don't think that is reaching agenda Joseph makes the final act a certain and I think we're starting in that territory course or you know from. 12 or redefine McCaffrey an eighteen you probably can jumble some of these guys around a little bit Melvin Gordon of the chargers in a number twelve. While I mean what do college stunned he says some injury issues for sure and I don't know that that's one where you may you may make it makes arguments. Yeah he had. 11100 yards eighty rushing touchdowns 476. Receiving yards so. A pretty solid year delving Kirkwood the vikings this. Love that kid's potential he had the I had an injury he was another one that I felt like joke the Panthers could've if they didn't draft. And hey if they were to move down a little bit at one point we thought Donald Cooke might be a top ten pick before some stuff happened before the draft but he's he's another one would argue with advances were taken. And as we get closer to McCaffery you've got canyon draped in a number fourteen Jordan Howard fifteen at. Kevin Coleman sixteen Dion Lewis. Seventeen so. You know I could put McCaffery. Probably. I would say. You know maybe up to eleven and twelve and not feel bad about it. I think yeah you can adjust up a little bit of course you know when they make these lesson last Greg about it joked are you are you basing it on last year's production you base more on projections for the next season or is it over a longer period of time. That kind of thing I think you know so McCaffrey some of the names right around there. And again and small sample size of others how order some of these other guys and we're not quite servant you look at the back part of this list. You're seeing he knows more more Derrick Henry. More traditional type running backs the big guys ahead. Hammers and you know this list at least it looks like we're valuing all around guy. Guys guys in casts of football and maybe a little smaller. And you're always called scat back to get back in the day. Joseph Cribbs school career so why do that in for you. You did but then again though Gregg Rosenthal coming up in knowing just a few minutes could tell he's got Christian in a number eighteen so we'll pick his brain and we come back in regard did criteria he used to make his list and also get his thoughts on some of the other things in regard to the Carolina Panthers and what's going on it in the NFC south it's mid day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina will be right back. So he's got to. Charlotte sports need this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Welcome back to midday into the FAC powered by ortho Carolina Jeff cowardice. We'll get anywhere this coming up at the bottom of the hour and Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com talks. There's a strong reaction shocked to that list out there. Float around the militant attacks but once you lay it only 70457 or 9610 by the way so we got Jason Texas is tomorrow. One year slump question marks. Tightly links a slump this year you know thinks things that may become a another Texan cal saying. I love it when they disrespect us so Sosa fans take that is almost like a badge of honor like fire you up for future guys that right for you think just more. Fuel for the fire there it's another Texas saying Zeke being number one is absolutely. I concur. Or ask Rosenthal about that he'll give us as a reason I think well on his. In his article he says. Power. Glory rookie year obviously right and may be is that you know to say Kwon Barkley get drafted at number two. Do this year to one for Z Joliet a couple of years ago because you think back to a delicate Trent Richardson. Am Lewis super high in the draft to the browns and turned out to be an NFL Boston so that that's kind of the dilemma an argument you have with the NFL running backs now as we've had plenty of bus. And then we've had money you know as some some success the last couple years and you try you look at every position. That way. But running back outside the quarterback is one of those areas right I think we we we identify the running backs Barry Sanders Emmitt Smith Walter Payton all these guys through the years of the superstars. Of the league and so people for whatever is that like fans wanted they wanted gravel that running back and have. I begin like I said earlier I I don't think eighteenth is. You know I don't get me your thoughts thoughts right yeah I don't think it's that far out of whack and as I mentioned. You know you've got to be realistic can you go around the league in a lot of these guys ahead of him. Hearst film most of them had a dim and head of him and a lot more yards on the ground. Yeah and that's the thing is we see more of that this year or to CJ Anderson being here cursor McCaffery kind of in the role he played. Last season maybe a little more production by your embassy is steady dose of CJ new at a thousand yards last year for the them. Broncos and frankly as it's a bonus orcas is pissed off their logo. And Ron Rivera his said he wouldn't be surprised if Christian McCaffery gets 200 carries. A lot of folks think that's hyperbole. Yeah I know exactly media course. The running back always wants it you and you never hear running I say not like less care except the height they're reality is is a different thing. No doubt about it well here's another interesting NFL story will. The NFL distributed more then. Eight. Billion dollars. In national revenue mostly from its television deals. Each team pulled in 255. Million dollars according to financials. Revealed on Monday. By the Green Bay Packers a team. There a public company they have to do because they sell shares in the team from time to time to raise money even though those shares. Are technically worthless. Now the book is an increase of four point 9% in national revenues so regardless. If ratings. Are down a NFL owners were not hit in the pocketbook last year and despite all the grousing. Over the end dome. One way or the other. Mean if you're too many are turning off the NFL thinking you're hurting the owners you're wrong. Here's the thing and I felt like just during that time. When that was was the hot topic and then you know kind of murder and up most sports and news airwaves TV and radio was that wind. Nobody was really turning off the NFL I think you're allowed people on social media and other places saying I'm not gonna watch anymore because XYZ. Where you really doing that. I mean was there really a wave of people on Sunday. Not turn their TV on not you know that kind of thing that I think that may have been one of those we see this happen from time to time work. It's a narrative that everybody latches onto didn't really happen or not the other site and then the other part is I mean within ask voters here I mean that there were some bad publicity involved. But sometimes there's that fine line between there's there's this thing as bad publicity they're talking about it's all good. I do think that the boycott if you will. Was a real in I I use for in the people that turned off the NFL. There are some hardcore fans. They claim they did and I think they probably didn't. I'll let you know that I think you know Arlen Specter not I think of people like my 94 year old much. I'm not and I want to bam. You know it's pretty much all moms this dizziness and particularly if she heard that so I think he's your guy restrictions fifth I'm going to see your. Summer but I I do think. People like that you know did did the very very. Casual fan my mom couldn't namely to Buffalo Bills but chill with the game you know. Things like that in and I do think you had big guys or women in. Who. Didn't but my point. Income. Was still incredible the total revenues for the Packers in 2017. 454. Point nine million dollars. And I would have to think that's probably in the wheel house for pretty much every team knows and your larger market teams. And more are gonna garner more local media revenue for showed themselves as callously and handles more. Yeah probably and you know and that got me thinking also. You know NASCAR. Is. You know I think there television rights go for another. Tease Elena safe 45 years. But wind NASCAR re ups and their television deal it's going to be very interesting because. These speed ways. And these team owners are all getting cut of the NASCAR. Pyrite now. What's gonna happen when they. Their next TV contract probably isn't going to be like the current one is with fox and NBC but getting back to the highs and blood not a literal sense yeah I was it's I don't see how we can be you know even though. The NFL numbers claimed their down. There's still going to be a bidding war. The thing too is you know you want her for every. Person who said. I'm not gonna watch it didn't maybe there is a there's so that corner somebody who's not there may be didn't watch NFL but said. Well we see what's going on over here you know they've been out of football fan diehard football fans but somebody said there's you know. So all the controversy saw the shiny object and sent a check the F off for second to see where this is all about so the NFL tried balance themselves out somewhat plus I mean the the whole you know rumors of the demise of the league I mean look it's not just this is not just the anthem stuff in the player stuff it's you know it's the concussions is all these other things there's a lot of things flowed around the NFL. But the reality of it is they are still laid her pal grow. I mean baseball slid this continues to kind of slide in the background as far as. You know he's who pastime he's to be America's game ball clearly is has been for awhile the NBA is now the one it's kind of nip it at the heels a little bit China's trying to figure out and that some of that. That is just audience. Age of audience and handle any holes and other stuff to go whether it. Yeah I mean you know the next and the NFL contract comes up when you go slot and just CBS is coming up to assume the I don't see how much of these divergent so you don't fox just got the Thursday night deal which was a ton of money and then. By the time the next deal comes up you don't know what's FaceBook is gonna do word Netflix or Twitter. There's gonna be even more money in the pie even this numbers are down slightly and I could Bieber got wrong in regard to NASCAR's next television deal but I just think if they're two different animals and you know we're seeing the proof in the putting a little bit more would NASCAR. Our numbers being down in butts in the seats because we're still seeing the butts in the seats at the NFL games and at all and so the bottom line of team revenues so an SL not hurting. No doubt about it. When we come back from this next break we'll be joined by Gregg Rosenthal. Nfl.com. Just recently released is list of the top 32 running backs Alaska why Christian McCaffery McCaffrey is in higher YZ. Elliott is number one and also some other Carolina panther questions it's a mid day on the WS frenzy powered by ortho Carolina. Welcome back to mid day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina shut coward will Kennedy win view as we mentioned previously in the show. Greg grosans saw nfl.com. Out with the is a list of the top 32 running backs. In the NFL and as we go to detect the come gas line we've got to inform graying that there are. I rape cancer stands outside the studio with pitchforks. And flames looking for this Rosenthal died because Christian McCaffrey's only ranked eighteenth how dare you do that Greg detailed defense. I act at ballad route simply not better but they're there for it in the Catholic I'm not. Repeat either which you've got but I don't think. Any can't it can't let fate Nady Hewitt that there. Game changer that they were hoping partly that that rep. Greg Greg we agreement limits eyes of the fans think that he is dreaming that at an event that is that part of your list and that's what they wanna. No I cannot take streaming if there's error any of that. That Al Arabia and. Today in all seriousness no I think Jeff sans. Or actually TI think pretty much everybody feels intend will and I do that I mean that's right about where you would put Christian and as you mentioned you know there's a ton of offside with Christian McCaffrey and so you basically said don't count him out a butts how do you think CJ Anderson works in now this upcoming season in their giving more numbers. On the ground for Christian because we all know what he can do catching the football. You know perfect world beating Anderson gonna be bad news regret it McCaffrey and that the older I really expect and added that they're really. Underrated. Strong soccer are great one B. Not even in the aching from the early sound like the first you know now and again letting everyone expects Christian to be on the field more. If you can't could that be interesting art during a market that factors in Denver at the perfect one you aren't in Iraq McCaffery. Number eight you know we get the starter is pretty grainy and as a rookie and in even if that Ali ever be in that not a bad or rap rap on. Is not like a home run but at the ballot single or double I'd be thinking get better. Thank you think in a perfect world but it can't it get you get a hundred if he honored that our area that can't expect and it looked like you it back in Denver couple paper and a well. For the most part like yeah are not on that at Papa might let you need you running back there and I don't think it McCaffery it's got to be one of those guys that that that the Barry well. We did have a texture on are Carolina building center it's at Texas line. Asking are building surtax lined sayings of Ezekiel Elliott number one no way why Jim Zeke number one. Well that the list. And you know I don't plate readers are going to go to break for the rank in that great but it Likud who I want prepared you know what I'm necessarily. Like I. In order a bit lactic neglecting to eat at bat you know on Iraq if you're. I think Pete Elliott in playing at about 80% of its potential and are ready the background currently get people that does appear. Girls rock are our people are probably. And they all agree with you I'm Matt I think you got. More power than really any of that popped by up but he now has been great for beating up there aren't great in being in south. Think it a little more motivate you I don't happen. They've gotten away with eighty you know a lot of heat early in the evening he had everything I know currently lack it and I really don't think you've gotten and any already been great. And an apple acting it out side in an even if he doesn't get that much better even right there went way beyond balance it out there and not our guy. Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com with a sign the check become guest slide. What are you see Norv Turner doing with this running game we've all heard the new you know back in his early days CN norm would sit there nor would set up the pass with a run do you anticipate the same old north here. Yeah I think it'll be some variant rep. See how are you agree in general McCaffrey is that a little input is this outbreak or app is that even. Ever an outbreak that a different take a running back and McCaffery. LaDainian Tomlinson certainly it better but put their diet that I ink. You know work off but the acting game a lot more than people realize that that was the heart that they are all and I think that's where and how it. You know if a cap recurrent and they're gonna climb up the bringing. I think it more on hand that would make you more people are all open field. Be a little more special and in that area and I think that's why he suffered a little bit app to come out and perhaps. In a big similar type of player now McNamara an avid a political heir. Not start but we note to end he didn't make those sort of played the canary that are that are. Greg rose is always on the site to come gas line that target NFL running backs Greg in the position. The way teams value the running back is as we've seen how wild fluctuations over the last several years we're went from one end where you know don't take a running back in the first round you needed valued. Later on. After an hour seeing you know sick on marketing this year's seek a few years ago and in the frankly McCaffrey and Ford dead at the top of the draft last year it's. Is it just gonna be dependent upon the team because begin alma Camara. That's no third round of how would you spend the high picked. I have a right about that thing you know I knew you had to bet I bet they would that they audience another brick. Well that's your first round pick. Lisa do re just article nobody does the. Exactly it if they catch but it I think. It is a great player. You've taken in the first round and first of all it's great to get him on the rookie. But you ought to you that the U you know they're cheap repeat year they even though I'd pick relatively. That are in the production though packet in an event in Iraq are there. Beat it out in India I I really think. Other value will change in terms of dollars but it are ready in terms of how keen are being the guy because. A guy like the key and very early and David down then. And in a way beyond doubt they change cannot and I don't care what money they make. They are yet been valuable seen as a Julio adept like make it doesn't lack that aren't. Maybe it opera our heritage but I hear it but they should help the B op then we help but feel. And we pocket coordinator current is going up against that being. The first thing they do it strata that pot earlier beta dark and they're not worried about the capital in and that really chain are tightly called by. Few more minutes of Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com with a sudden. Of course can't go a day here in Charlotte without discussing number one the one if you're. Cohorts and nfl.com had had recently some regard to the most inconsistent quarterbacks in 2017. And Cam Newton of course was number one minute they in the metric was based on. You know week to week. Quarterback passer rating I would have to think it pretty much you'll agree we all agree did. Norv Turner is number one mission is to work on their consistency with Cam Newton. Absolutely and you know candidate pat loud who Watson I don't think the numbers and you get it probably agree always completely reflected in the value to the op and that that he he doesn't need it be more and sit there and I've always wanted to see what he would be like with a different coordinator no. But that they're not the likes to look but it did it up and down eight cheer and the kind of back and forth but how they were gonna run the opposite. It happened fairly consistent throughout him career packets. I want it to be someone out that maybe had a little area that he cannot elaborate a bit different boy that he what they look like that it can really seemed a player career and I'm hopeful that someone that good luck block it. Why at that Norv Turner will bring. A spokesman and reliability. To wheat and Iraq and collect actor beat him can throw the ball very well down the middle of guilt really. That didn't intermediate to be art became Manning nor will help but bring that out of the market is so. Gregg Rosenthal NFL expert will facilitate become guess I did you tell us on camera a little bit then and started down the field Norv Turner is one of the things stands you're always kinda. Opine about Greg is as you know we need weapons around cam cam does this doesn't really have the tools ami AM Greg also has been fantastic maybe one that you arguably the best tight in the game but they brought us some great pieces. Whether veteran or through the draft and DJ Moore forty what do you think of the the options cam has around in this office. It is better you know Corey Smith as the guy who it. A role player at this stage of his career you know it has had an impact with eagle navy not quite the impact of the eagle with a hope for. So I don't think you got it yet and you put a lot of indeed anymore they expect in the change everything I'm I'm hopeful he didn't. You can be a sterling Shepperd I petitioned for the team put the red out of the gate and kind of a similar player to me in in that we help the diet pop and that aunt and uncle want. At current speaker. I he's got the spread or the Boller Ernie and I need Devin on its commitment to era and both are are. Annan on network and not an art studio that believed yesterday. You know you got any step by step up and get a little more upgrade you'll have a market that. Greg though you know one of the topics of course we've been on here in the it lead up to training camp if you will pay at their schedules. NFC south. And the NFC in general I mean in some cases looks like the varsity compared the JV. Over on the gave seaside and also may see fans all like to hear that but. You know I've I've said Willis said you know the Panthers very well could have a ten win season. And be on the outside looking in the when it comes January I mean do you that's realistic possibility don'ts of thank. Until I hit it not a dramatic end you know the NBA where it. You know you have all your start on but I look in any given game and they're gonna be funny and they inspected the depth that just better. And I certainly believe the end of the doubt is about the instrument book all you you're gonna have to be in Clayton at the bit in. Probably have for any can't make the play out there and get three team than it is just unreal that they your app you're scheduled but they're always going to be. The prided you know the reason I really tried that in ST stop is gonna base solid it has got the quarterback when you have four quarterback. There's no other division that even close that it in terms of the pop guy at the position and that's why it is going to be up there that they're back that this game but I. It'll get them ready for the well I think laughter yeah had a couple in the it all broke a little differently adding a stop there that they could have easily been and that it well we'll go to maybe maybe got a one alma camp and are quite ready for that lap speed and that but at the division but it didn't. You could follow Mac-Gray. Rosenthal with two geez that's GRE GG Rosenthal. On Twitter what's your what your training camp schedule when you had no more you're going to be. I'm doing a lot of the LA you know we'll see a lot of via we have local well how we got a rant there are a couple of good training camps but I stick but the common kind of do it or a crayon. And maybe get up you have the the raiders look great on that a cholera are at a banquet in the can. Would you would you would you like to come to a Spartanburg, South Carolina where will be 95 in 100% humidity in the about it links. I would let you sit there and never been there before or not I love that are about three I look out it'll even let other practice that shot one I'm one. Then splits are served well what did you just wait till David tepper builds his new. Panther palace for the year yeah training camp on the South Carolina North Carolina border and then make yourself so. The big key Celso coming eased a little bit Gregg Rosenthal I don't sell dot com Burt appreciate your time my friend look toward to talk India throughout the season. Yeah you gotta Gregg Rosenthal talking about his list. Of top 32 running back so. I think you know very you know right on spot I'm in regard to Christian McCaffery not re you know who's to say hey that's what it is in I think we're very. We have people all that led to all attacks by us and for next trash not better McCaffery but that's personal preference right as I was trying to sell Gregg Rosenthal. They like their guy like CMC I mean you know. He's he's the he's the dude right. He's our guy and he is dreamy it's jock Howard he's will Kennedy. It's a mid day on WF since he powered by ortho Carolina when we come back we'll start slowly shifting gears is start thinking about college football because cal the only way I shift gears you have no doubt about it. College football going to be taking over the queen city the next few days with the ACC media days. Ace SEC media days under way down into Atlanta it's a big day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Davis he's coming. Charlotte sports this hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Hey George it's 1 o'clock on this Tuesday in the cooling seats May Day and we have Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard and will Kennedy will Diaw and some. Late breaking. Baseball news trying to show would you like to update our listeners. I'm now a story that is heartbreaking TU. In one. Respect as well it looks like according to Bob nightingale of USA today it looks like editorials orioles' third baseman sly shortstop many missed shot is being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The trade has been finalized Vegas has been agreed upon in principle in the in this day and age about news breaking news and all kind of stuff it's essentially. Essentially done the interesting thing will be if they do things tonight where. May just wears a blank Jersey in and you know like had a whenever and doesn't participate in the game so. So that will be will we looks more is. The blank New Jersey. Actually he's. Wasn't a couple years there was. There was the pitcher from the Oakland a's a believer was I was I just some Marcia. Just Marjorie I think a trade I think from the cubs to the two the athletics. On on the day or are couple days before the all star game and he had to Wear like. The generic happened didn't participate in the game so he switched leagues to sell that kind of brings an older than they say our engine doing the same situation here dream shot in the Dodgers so. I mean it it emitted tight race out there that one point that that's the Phillies I think for the front learning enemy any MacPhail. The Phillies GM is a guided drafted him in Baltimore and it was boring if he was gonna go up the road a little bit. The brewers were involved in and the Dodgers and with the payroll as they have on the prospects they have I think that was generally if you're euros or one of the most of return forum. After the Dodgers I think given their given their payrolls are could be an opportunity where they sign something long term as I say. Here or an Astros that I have been you have no idea how good it feels to say good on the side of the infield so I don't think we don't need any words apple Korea Cray is hurt though it may I know maybe it's all right still exists and it took this shot up as an Orioles fan if this goes down to what here emotions right now I'm actually I would actually be more upset if they didn't trade him just because you. As for what here and this has helped the way he's been running that the franchise of last. 25 years. It's been a disaster like they've they've made terrible decisions they've. Let Nelson Cruz go couple years ago when he was he was an MVP race they decided to sign Chris Davis instead. Odds of that mall that like 181 million dollar deal with deferred money told Tony 35. And he's hitting like a buck forty with like 200 strikeouts. But this organization has been has been maligned from the start. In terms of from the from the top. And and I'm glad that at least you're you're getting something in return for Manny it's it's I mean we have the same discussion every day when in terms in terms of Kemba Walker. I guess as the hornets fan I would be upset if they traded if they didn't traded. Our camera next year and they let him walk and he went to the next or whoever you didn't get something back form this is just the nature of the business has this. Orioles organization been maligned like Tuesdays are. A a little bit. A little bit all right coming up in a few minutes we're gonna do a talk a little bit about the ACC in the SEC. Couple other NFL nuggets to pass along who will we spoke earlier in the week I believed. About. TERRELL OWENS not going to can Ohio for the hall of fame induction ceremony there's been a lot of brute who about that well apparently. TO. Has instructed his agent. To tell the Edmonton eskimos he's ready followers to play in the CFL the eskimos own it. He is Ceci a sell rights to they don't years is. Well. The not one of the Rough Riders. One of the many refs try to franchise its north of the border on my rights that I think dad's a perfect team for you to play for in the CFL. Would be the auto. I always play for Toronto the ritual in an hour. On the same city ever again so I always there was 44 activated a procedural window that requires the Edmonton eskimos on his rights. To offer him a contract all releasing him. From the negotiation list within ten days is source confirmed ESPN. TOI hasn't played since 2010. And the how long moment I take it back he played 2012 for the Allen Texas wranglers of the indoor football league. Any winter training camp for the Seahawks that some of the since its release him eight years says he was last really in the NFL. These reduce the driveways are guessing that. Does that yeah no doubt about that so. ACC media days coming up to to tomorrow we're going to be there are for our sure anybody at the other shows over there as well. Even Mac. While sir let's early call I didn't dig down vitamin. Tebow and McIlroy yeah. I signed the place I wouldn't if our the hotel now so that's going to be exciting I look forward to Nancy. SEC's anyway yeah SEC's like these are interesting now all these these media days because he's no longer ER or to Alabama and it was in Birmingham. The county SEC media as it was it was a much smaller production that any kind of grew and grew. Gruesome they eventually have jumped at two Atlanta. And a a big twelve media days ago on solid earlier today they got some of that stuff going on and so they're finding more metro larger metro areas to move these things two they've become. Am almost like conventions. There was a time. I'm in the end this gets into the whole radio and TV thing when you're doing this for a living what you don't want is all the fans from your standpoint they do like the league's one all the fans come I need to progress there are trying to chase. Nick Saban or whoever is around here or try to get him to do an interview so it's it's it's a condi as a clash if you will host a different. Perspectives and different goals but they have become big business these cities cities are are vying to have. These media days for these college football conference's you know it's big business. And here's a nugget so that's music to my years and it should lead paint their fans' ears as well. Because I have sports say for the Seattle Seahawks. Yeah I think there's a lot of people and better rivalry the peppers had a rivalry to attend with Seattle for several say is that won't back boys. Well former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Saying. The Seahawks have a loss of their way they've just lost their way and I paraphrase. Too many mistakes over a long period of time. And you kind of dig yourself a hole and then when you go back eat backtracked you've got to make a bunch of brash. Decisions in the end it. Just a few hours after Sherman made those comments a couple of days ago current Seahawks safety Earl Thomas stated he wants out of Seattle. Posting on this the grandma always been the underdog ain't nothing new. Extend. If you don't want me let's make it trade have been. I understand it's a big is so one of the Panthers opponents for the upcoming season may be in for an interesting season hybrid goes some pre season. You know predictions as we all have some. Prognosticators had the Seahawks in the playoff mix and I don't see it happening. Now this is a team that built around defense the legion of boom. Whom we know what wins the Super Bowl goes to a super ball. Russell Wilson comes out of nowhere to become the other quarterback. Back and they invest the money in Wilson and is he Buchanan can't keep your defense of pieces presses they start today so in serious transition in turn over there and they start to wonder our guy like Pete Carroll after awhile everywhere he's ever bend. It's almost like there's a shelf life for Pete Carroll wis. Either organization in the university or some of the players in college those players turned over. You know every couple years doesn't happen that quickly in the NFL. And other some guys that feeling. You know that this isn't it it's it's you know it's good it's a good lesson on salary cap management trying to keep the championship window open it may have slammed on their hands. Let's hope it does hurt and has its path. All right get ready for the 2018. International champions cup presented by Heineken. Liverpool FC vs Borussia Dortmund July 22 of 4 PM and Bank of America Stadium listen all this week at 7:30 AM. 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM to win tickets so keep their right here you know exchange to win tickets to this weekend soccer match. Not coming up. At 330 on Garcia Bailey but still another hour ago here. I'm midday powered by ortho Carolina it's Howard and Kennedy.