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Wednesday, June 13th
Jordan Gross joined the Panthers discussion with Nick Wilson & Jason Goff.

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Weeks he's telling you win games C. Powered by ortho Carolina here's nick Wilson next season gone. The show. I'm coming up in about thirty minutes former cancers cancers tackle excited ask him. About the development of Daryl Williams and what kind of paper money Darrell should be getting by the way just out in some of those questions I put your awesome rundown that I still loves I mean you see that I didn't even and I feel like I'm like Switzerland because I like Brian downs but I don't wanna (%expletive) off Jason. I don't know I think this is is this is this is why there's no this is why there's chocolate there's a variety life. I dole is not that I don't like rundown spikes into the Vanilla called there by the way thank you very much. I'm an elephant. As far as I scan your concern through I'm I'm I'm on the way bigger fan of known. And chocolate almond chocolate guy now makes sense theater it is odds and ends evening's announcement. Gosh if I. I does not have a problem when you what I find in our business Nick Graham. We're gonna down a theory cumbersome and everybody take it may. And I think behind and our bill is far too often we think we know we're going to talk about before we talk about it. And then you can have a little fun and of course she should have you know some kind of outlined to you and I have no history pastoral it is if we're supposed to say here. And they make fart jokes for the first 3540 minutes in a row. And it doesn't lead to the minutes in the meeting that Ryan chill had planned TV and then they and then what do we do here and then the question saw off the questions. Well. What carnival barker are you producing countries you have to give him questions for guests. I wrote husbands and in my outing someone now I what do we do it here we all went to the radio schooled. Well at the settlements pay more attention than on there's none and radio school but not as his Dalai bus and I both new south will be z.'s good people it and huge it's like I feel like your. You're you're more free and more cool which audience if you go national I made fun of the dues you're groove and then have them but she died if you're into court suit if it calls for. I am and now we probably would like all the listeners who just listen if you're if you're in broadcasting school that blasts in the food that's going to be fifty dollars van load Jason what's that handle there saw I don't wanna do that just yet I'm not a lot of religions like crypto currencies the wants and needs a lot. I'm just here for the popcorn and that's all. Clark heard audio regular for you where martyrs sir Martin Paterson budget mayor Dennis Rodman did I did not know world peace would come because Dennis Rodman stepped in the middle of things seem he's also not the obvious got to send we have a guy named world might apiece and somehow Dennis Rodman always had two on the nose you don't want to say Enron and I'm not ask you do as a as a man whose comfort rod. If you think you do not share their stories how one run contest and and him they're making people feel like a lesson men in the locker rooms across America so I don't know of wonders. Love our tax line can is is jumping. And it has still aren't going back and forth with one can our listeners William H and I appreciate his interactions and about the Panthers in talking about a team that he he lung disease finds. Very passionate auto and got you he is a huge huge Panthers fans so. There's a lot of wheeze though there that are being used in the this is will this are you should yourself to a to an audience soared to a host I don't use the term we'd ever when talking about a team. Is and maybe because I you know I grew up in the business or it's never been us all a thing that I. I don't called new coach and don't tell used term we were talking about a team. I'm a stance and tons of fans Stewart but this guy this does this guy's got a whole French lessons. There's there's a lot of mouse is in the pocket. This is a bit there's there's so many Wii is going on. And it's you know now he's telling me about the about to do the best place to give Vanilla ice cream in the city so now since this is that we brought him back we find anyone over William thank god William H and I have become friends drop arguing on the tax line about quarterbacks being hit and if that's a good thing and but apparently I had to live in the city of Charlotte for more than GAAP more than 24 hours to know that your quarterback taking hits is not a good thing. And by the way delivering hits still means you're taking a hit even if you are the person lay the wood down he was still in some ways taking a day like that's how just force works. Steven. You and you don't rotate in at quarterback. And about it if I invited stiff armed like Brooke Brett Favre did today and Morgan broke his leg or if I if something happens to be added another car. Linebacker if another quarterback to play it any. An important time this season for the Carolina Panthers it's a bad thing. Unless there's a blow up a legacy gear up boys five and you got towel you know stuff firmly in the pads and okay. He got the cooler it got the baseball cap ball but no. In your court I'm getting hit that's not a good thing it's not a good thing apparent in my ravens are are doing that without Lamar Jackson Joseph Flacco. Oh my god don't we just got knocked out foolishness but by the way you know you're where they're trying to figure out how to use Lamar Jackson I don't know give on the football let him throw it. Pretty much played much this. Might end everybody doesn't have to be Antwaan Randle well for you. Kind of got drafted a quarterback. I did I hate it daylight if you don't wanna do deployed cornerback. The tellem I don't want to play quarterback. But Almonte are wide receiver. He didn't draft him at 31 or where we drafted him so you can figure out noted though you do you drafted a quarterback at 31 he's dead set on playing that up. But I thought for years Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow would play number oh. I beautifully gonna touch and hug and a badly to be a target and knew that the guys who are willing to do that in front row prior to Oprah and that's who had a pop arm. Like that don't I don't know how much Michigan Wolverines. He's there it is smiling and I don't know how there's only two teams that I do there we visited Basque one as your police are now the next are we talking with three team or he just he's coaches don't go out. And I'd let me tell you some right now consistency is one thing but I'm not Africa I am trash and every into the war yeah. I know I don't pretend to be some some Dahlia valiant radio guys and and this is me and all my glory and dishonor. Good dude I'm not gonna sit there and and then watch Terrelle Pryor on the cut collegiate level of think who have had my do you terrific quarterback Lamar Jackson actually play cornerback. And play well and developed message quarter. I showed you that he can develop and learn the position NF over three years he was he is a spread quarterback he won it but the thirty year. The guy I was reading defenses but I was doing things that you would want a quarterback to do that guys that did quite honest. White quarterbacks who are drop back quarterbacks can't do. On how hawk down and it our Mickey Wilson is jumping into territory and how are tough tough tough. Perfect sense that hit the team we play how sort of a negative review she yeah I can't servants. I thought I had a lot of friends who don't. Listen I I know that everyone likes indoor it is is taking your college glasses off and when you pro glasses on you know I think we don't do that enough we would basketball football whereas I go I saw this guy do who's here if he should be able to do with that would just what they'll. What's like Lamar Jackson run around on the collegiate level loses one thing I knew him doing on the on the professional level as sliders he is going to be a problem. It's going to be a problem do you Q you've gotta you gotta understand. I think it's an end in some ways it's selfish to be that. That reckless which your body especially at that position and there's no if your rotation quarterbacks you don't have a quarterback it's as simple as that. Wobbly you know it's also shellfish of the ravens to say we gotta get him on the field gonna try and figure out how to use him well you just spent a first round pick and a quarterback still asking him to take any hint that using and him being a quarterback in learning to drop back and and play the position in the NFL that is that is selfish on their part trying to it's it's almost like they're trying to legitimize picking Lamar Jackson right instead of development development as a quarterback. Developed developed developed developed take your lumps. Throw as many interceptions as you need to drop means that the Joseph Flacco shine has worn off from that terrific playoff from a historic playoff role as a thirteen touchdowns and one in the session or Lenin wanna something crazy like that and Joseph Flacco got paid. And now the ravens offense is still. Well I mean there's still are they still they're paying people to play the positions they start that's right they found themselves and terrific no blue running back debated almost carry me to a fantasy football championship last year but other than that there they're there they're decent offer and sometimes it pop but other times it's Joseph Flacco can look all four dollars and I was a Joseph Flacco got some of I'm a big arm like if you look like a quarterback and back in the days Umar dot. Right Jim Everett was my due back in the days Boomer Esiason is my favorite quarterback to ever play. Because he's the first guy that I saw used the play action pass it says that. To that level where he actually hit the ball flight that was back and they were it was it was just you know you crouch over the ball on the tee and Steve to Breyer started hiding the ball behind the back of my best kind of funky but. Cam knew and physically. Is that god he looks like a quarterback. He's six foot 56 foot four every case may be to report. In Israel and parts are. There's a god. This dude I on a Tuesday night I was in a club in Atlanta there was one of the first times I went out when I got down there would mock my lady and it was the door is opened. And I and we were inside the spot but would like oh like a little side door opened and and you remember the the B Charlie Murphy story about Africa about Craig James Wright VMware is like besides our own like a car. Orange glow effect I saw like a steel and silver and black earth from ballroom just. It just approach. Before a man even stepped through it. And then I saw some red loafers with some some some cancer were a little bit above the ankle. And I did not down and ought to go a long time because there was cam note and I don't sit there like just good giant of a man. First thing. Let me give Molly the other dissection apparently in no way I'm compete with any of that I don't wanna have to fight anybody got a nod to rise I'm sure there will meet you don't want to lose in multiple ways in one night exactly you know you never wanted to be don't prefer a mile and then you're gonna get taken exactly and his second lead. You know this giant male. In put at some point at some point. They can rotate in safeties. They can they can broke to it and linebackers. The last thing that you want is for Cam Newton take unnecessary show. And by the way that that goes for for Lamar Jackson to it if your Marty morning leg it is a slap in your face. Tenet served first for you would say or for anybody else to say well we're gonna rotate in Lamar Jordan they were gonna treat him as you see he's a wide receiver that that to me is where when I hear that out of the offensive coordinator that's the fear of what Norv Turner could be. I'll be in an older guy who's got a great resume who clearly can't figured out I think I think north Kansas figured out with. With so I was cam but I think it's telling of what's coming out of a Baltimore we're we've got a lot to get Jews there were multiple championships celebrated. Home yesterday in the streets of their city's. Either way in the was low on Hannity there were so much more we're gonna get to the championship faster. And and I'm talking about the celebration from the time championships were won the two yes today hockey and basketball on center stage in being hockey. And being basketball in so many ways slogan that look at that nick Wilson Jason golf under the FING powered by ortho Carolina. Mick Wilson chasing golf fund BS and C powered by ortho Carolina. I'm looking at the Carolina pool tables Twitter feed but I twenty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge and know how they're feeling your family on a new or use full table before you buy. Local expert no tricks no gimmicks just. Honest answers to all your questions 4445. East independence boulevard and don't forget they have a location in Colombia as well the ones got to go question and it's good to get the warriors back on track. I generally is still to generally I'm still taking the cake here like is it that people. Don't like Jeremy lamb like what is the deal as people don't understand that can just like I didn't review say we'll got to go in his Jimmy Flynt Kemba Walker the eleven pick. Jim you am's family is gold Motorola Jeremy lamb. Now if you say by the way you try to phrase a question what you're going to give back like what what would the most you'll get back from one of those three options don't. The horse Jaime ram is the least. That you were the ones got a goal thing you gotta do three of whom and it feels like you through Jamie Lynn admitted toss and then and threw a monkey wrench into your entire radio are you are you denouncing my bets. No I love you this execution it's a soft and cuddly and warm and Fuzzy that's a shockingly accurate yeah and it never seen a person half a continent and not a judge is when you sit until I was like oh okay well I'll drive Jeremy took airport. But then we talk about what you wanna give back and returned. I don't know I don't know if you're gonna go and I know just celebrated birthdays Susan O'Shea to Jim you ambush at the eleventh pick and Kemba Walker away more valuable. Iowa a lot I will firm up my bits with a nice time that we we get together here to go back to the left bread to you know looking at that and so checked kind of moving that forward and am looking into what we saw. Because I wanted to do oh one's got to go about championships parade there early to it's tough to it's tough to have a one's got to go with with parades. Mean you could do. You have the ruling was that was the last day we we had reads it like five months as the baseball yet you really had. Usually had none yet allowing me I'm I don't know what we have to go is that there I'd stay in a not that I'm I'm a White Sox noon so I presided. Over the is that the that the right word peddlers on paper over the tremendous sound good and the idea move the cubs celebration here. One happened in diagram partner was the be big sea of humanity that I have seen also got a chance to be. And a few of the Blackhawks celebrations into the Smart Car celebration and you know it's it's that's that's the all sort of do this right as finance tips to see our team's win one day to see. A championship celebration to see as many drug people. And streets as possible so especially after the athletes we love Rafa exit and and that's and and we bring it to these parades because. The juxtaposition. Of basketball and hockey. Celebrating their champions. Citywide. On the same day is amazing Sunni and some of the footage that came out of those two things just while. Well the first thing is win win the warriors actually Elaine did you know climbed movie there was there were like five people waiting for them on the airstrip I was very disappointed show actually seeing people showing up on the streets of Oakland yesterday I felt like that the city of Oakland redeemed itself. Well I'm gonna serve Cisco. And Oakland that grabbed a long long time ago so I don't know the dynamic of the breakdown. Put it it looked like a fun time in this look cargo hold a ball and had. Most DC has been waiting for that and Alex over Redskins to weigh in throughout his entire career. I'm probably cements and is being the viewed these cities almost was that the the best athlete maybe in DCMR. Yeah yeah let's and so we some of these other guys he's got to be up there there's no discussion as far as accomplishment mean yeah he's he's. Historically. But the top of his sport more so than any of those other guys and finally capped it off but pun intended with a with a championship but just seeing. The fact that he went. He 85 I think it was a number 85 hours straight that he partied column leading go to sleep for three days and and then. Juxtapose that to. Mr. black. Man walking and I did on this video about except Cisco and and oh and Oakland I want to assure you know did you did we did you kid you can obviously that is well whose books and Jordan Jordan bill with an empty Henderson bottled. And then swapping it out for. Half empty and what he robbed you try. He had. Yeah it was a tough book for you may have I don't know as a rookie you won't have you got slapped. Well because I live in it is okay. And and bill though those big rule following you for all did dazed but seeing a half naked. Six foot eight black men walk around with the daily an empty Bolivar Tennessee. In the middle of the parade twenty years from now Clemens can earn a Ph.D. in here. Now introducing doctor Jordan now. I don't know it's worse I believe me had some effect or film admitting that he doesn't know Champaign it states that. Actually did good last weekend there's a confidence and the high. There and and just lose it to America discussion we're gonna have here that's that is a that is the French Montana subliminally or your family friends runs and a tie I Annan but I will be now Barbara Jordan bell got his best French Montana or while celebrating. And being. It's this. Is there a hierarchy to how drunk you should be in terms of seniority. On your championship parade. Well yeah if you're the youngest guy on the team should QB the drug just what you he says he hasn't been there before. Yeah but should it be for the guy I shouldn't you comport yourself as. As. As rookie light as possible so well but but does that is say I. I feel like David last is like the kind of guy who's gonna sit back and he has Tennessee it'll be a class shall be maybe smoking a cigar. There's now it's OK okay. He'll be here nobody else do we were whisked full he'll be you know hillbilly kind of retrospective about it I feel like that's the benefit of being seventeen or whatever and NBA Betty is. Like Jordan Jordan about like we can't tell him to act like he's been there before because he'd literally hasn't. And now the hockey angle to this thing. You've seen the footage and Alex Ovechkin this yes. Partying in the fountain and being being blind at the nationals game and seeing outside with a can you imagine. Imagine if someone of Alex Ovechkin stature. In the NBA who won a championship took Arafat and then carried out on the way but what they're not list. Spain. Here yeah. I sit and let me say it's it just all sing it will not do. And you'll. Debut room. Can you imagine nick can you imagine number engines instead of courage though don't you remember like the on it and a fountain who Bryant was sober he's held when he won his championship but she Kirsch twice in his he was on the podium again if you were like people lost their minds about it. That's why because. Basketball has been. The sky so far has been legislated out of basketball and build hockey stick is still. Every sport you can still fight. You know and and basketball it's a legislated out because you don't want these young refereeing and millionaires thugs going added on to court he has scaled people you would do include button 3000 dollars seats right huge. Basketball players that are fringe dudes can't quite fast. My source of curry wants it poured Tennessee all. Whereas there are few and and dive and sued two poles filled with a vodka while why he should curry is is it. Is is you'll make making some delicious addition for our home. You know our whole home garden TV show or her cooking show show whatever the case may be Alex oh benched him. Where it. Hey home cooked three piece. So that she was walking into the yet GM worked the trophy sitting we have added significance isn't it went so local bar. And and I'm not dumb and I did my part I do Ryan Dario you this are you doing business fifteen years. Can you imagine. Can you put. Michael Jordan got in trouble for gambling. In Atlantic City to afford the morning endure during a playoff run for allegedly alleged and are wondering. Half a half after 36 holes of golf and all those pigs and then guys get up on the podium of the divot drug cursed like. My gosh Orszag you know does the so impressed Tim has been obliterated and finished 33 sure needs and then the question was raised as well. Why is that we can stand people being this drunk. This publicly but the moment that I bales of marijuana tennis is like oh Mike. Goodness and we can have him around our children that I'd like these these these. Good things that did that make me think but the fact that both these spores celebrated their championship parades on the same day I thought it was just I thought it was the best of both worlds is. Just finding out just Selig Nick Young walking around. Without a shirt on. Jumping into the crowd give away from the security during my agrees still being petty you know there's our. Shares after my guy enjoy the hell out of both those celebrations and a hockey and a. Alaska was just remember slash PP and JR Smith both have brings in Patrick Ewing does not is an NBA player now than anybody's salty air Jordan Gross former Panthers tackle. Oil will ultimately ask him about Henne but more will talk about. The leave the Deron Williams situation here in in and Carolina also get his thoughts on the evolution of Cam Newton he's coming up next Dick Wilson Jason dolls under the SNC powered by ortho Carolina. As we look at the Carolina polls table Twitter feed. We've we've got the question of the day off the last segment by the way twenty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge you know how to educate. You and your family on a new or used full table before you buy local experts note tricks no gimmicks just honest answers. To all your questions 4445. East independence boulevard don't forget about the location in Columbia. The question that was just goes there which celebration in parade was better yesterday Golden State or for the Washington Capitals. I would just lean towards to George Golden State but the but again that's just because it was a it was a more coal Harry and fun party to me. More coherent more fun for Amanda meniscus italics of Redskins English as a second language do that try and help. Google lowers the same thing too well I I. I think. Put more comfort standpoint maybe the music they'll probably rocking some of the other things I would probably more towards the NBA. Celebration but. The move the market dues me and it's a sport that isn't covered the way the other sports covered. Like you know cocaine just became illegal like a couple years ago the CBS I know especially our donors for here's cocaine withhold. I got you to stay off steroids with a bullish or you can always do if you wanna build don't do and and accessed. I think they're down force that depends on what you consider fund I got old I don't feel like being drawn on. And and then haven't vegetables placed areas zoo zoo is fun in my in my life it where I'm Matt currently and some say you haven't matured come. You're a graduate little bit in terms of funds so maybe I would have to vote for the NBA celebration. If you like to answer that add WS NC or the Twitter in the in the meantime nothing about voter sugar or there are well placed on character and we. In the best of both in the habit that's what I just desert home. I assume if I squash president because I'm so what do these guys it doesn't matter if you've got to the got a good I apologize our ability dragged down willingly as class a couple good but after all of that finally go into the technicolor gas line welcoming in former Panthers offensive Tamarine can tweet them at. I don't laugh and Booker they're. Oh yeah it all figured that a locker room I'll I think antebellum. Career I've ever hurt but it sure. Amman Jordan if if I'm passage talks there if I'm able to I have my voice here heard a little bit more yeah I got it I autonomy for him grunt I got a guy got so little bit. It's good for you to join us thank you so much referred to open always knew we appreciate you. Are glad that thought he gets on its very good a good job. Thank anybody so I I would ask you look at retirement championship parades here. If if there was a Panthers championship parade we got Jordan Belle talking about the half. The Hennessy. What would you be sip and on. If but it. Out of where are out in oh there are what your docket. Alia you TJ bring abolish cabernet success is they aren't. Are there. Wow I've been there are ball. Why cannot I would that bother you think about though are off the direct it at but ballot that Butler brought by the market Eddie out. How they're expecting but the other candidate should. Guys again. He's he's he's he's discrete gentlemen but Jordan crosses exactly. Art there. So Daryle Williams. Oh talks of an extension. As you guys might be poised for huge gray day. As they right tackle now if he has to move to left is still to be seen. But pro football focus rates and is one of the highest rated tackles in the game last year. When you watched Darrell Williams play what stands out to you technique wise or or strength wise what are some of the strengths in his game. There'll just done an outstanding job of improved and ever hear a pop up big body. Moot guy's demeanor. Kerry over the football field he just doesn't mean he would do work there up one way or the other just that a great job market potential that the point. Are young you help the it's really well all month but the pampered you I don't know that it buddy or the IR AM. When he came and it may be he's already group would be good ball player at bell. And and really regular about a lot I think John Matt go there that the Ohio state opera or go to the NFL beat it beat. Take it straight turner turned him into an all pro pro bowlers they Orwell or cure all pro he'd state it Beryl Williams heard it and do all pro. And you don't see that happen are out Utley so being the underdog netbook breeders of the player to watch him. From a bit and now he's just that such a great job with those players will defiant that you were yet but. Jordan Gross joining us on the ticket come gas line Jordan there's been some talk that they'd give in Jerrells development given that he's coming up and you're gonna give the man some serious paper here that if it might be worse may be seen if he could slide across the line long term given though the cap situation and given his growth do you think that would be something that he could pull off. Bomb you know. I've played both. In my career I am left and not incredibly harder could be that both playwright at all upbeat they're great pat structure we will act. Our Miller AJ although or are both sides so there's incredible challenges you are way. I think it'd. Quote night that have a young player. You know not even in the prime of their career yet but he you have option down the road. And I'm moderately or copilot all cited the look back oil computers sure I don't our error quote I am a bit. You haven't been happy to it out plate. The last few years than that injury hip injury to have surgery to the other couple the good or not of occurred just made up out there. To give each count BM so if you think about if that everybody play their cards right well that's got to. Apple that he give Cam Newton our growth book all the scary thing to think about it the year other team what am able to do you keep you what you get I'm Brooke all. Return trust in your offense money came up in the conversation in the first hour of the show and discussing Cam Newton when you hear that. What do you think what what's what's the first thing that pops in a year where they become stations you've had with the unique code sure with your quarterback and trusting an offensive line. Well you know if record a record at all. In this humid but it Cuban major golf and you're gonna start looking at. Aware that sex offender comic out there or are you go to get their feel pressured through that they write off of our field. And looking at or around you're what you got an opportunity protocol. Certain spot it would aren't. Structural replied that they're got to pick up that record or that they're both the Specter out. That's when you can be rooting your opt out quarterbacks or spoke about what they dispute that they played them so all real but. You know I don't the question is whether or not an accurate or aren't barrel. And I just I think we say and what the pampered that if you are of valuable player so you're gonna spin. Years trying to replace that player there's Bloomberg. In into the that that we can look at. The cops have a good player or other architectural. Beryl you know what they're trying to play and what about their beard off or you're gonna sit back and amount of money so. It's kind of in April don't expect that trade order. You know William on the right side of the opera aren't years users become a rematch they're great bank data any. Former Panthers tackle. Jordan Gross joining us and detect a come gas line Jordan. You know you can somebody who's seen cam up in close. There there's a lot of talk about Norv Turner and getting the most out of Cam Newton when we talk about getting the most out of Cam Newton. Really mean what is the difference between an MVP season cam and may be you know the generation we saw last year. Well helping out there I think it'll be all be off topic is if our. He got a number off where you would cover injuries or Packard and other. After that in me you don't. You were a little bit banged up for you and it just you know any fighter I thought about oil fire on a street that they've ever had. You're out there there perhaps a little. Oh damn self if you will well well at all. Are you made during note yeah I think what. A lot. Or walk are or aren't able did not meet nor. They've been and are then there. The you know you're eager are worried at all. Talking about Darryl Williams contract and in the division you've got. The holdout. Or noon expected holdout of Julio Jones who has three years I believe two years left on his deal how does that reverberate through locker room once a guy is being negotiated with when his contract isn't over as opposed to extending a guy for hard work. Can't anchor to their point here people are good aren't great. Who they're who argue topic like to have everybody ever got to do work that are out there are about there are. We herbal operable. Not that July. Yeah so. Are you know. I don't think it is look set about it at quarterback that. Credibly there at that they got it for the pretty much any other player you fire about. I think it'd fit the player. On the you know group out there are. And deploy it about well there are very well what are I expect and it bit that the Viet ballot yet it. Regular you're gonna they're trying to think yep that's what I think he made they're gonna be a little speech that would go by situations because they're dark Specter ability to get ready for the regular beat. This doesn't allow guys who are not close to the end of they'd deals also say hey wait a minute. You you start negotiated within two years before his deal was up a feel like come the next guys that why teams don't wanna do. What the Atlanta doesn't wanna do with the letter. Yeah out all of it all out the oil we really appeal for there. Expire at all your. Point about themselves first that's the great week you know that all of ordered to New York each year. What you get. What are ya. I think there that we're all options are huge but yeah it XR two unit here what player or agent. Yup fraught audit. You know not have to talk about or tell the truth. And it's stick with that. But don't go local law. Build a relationship is either negotiate feeling you are out you'll play out. All I know you work or go. It looked like eight. And that you know I think Marty are incredibly good at bat and so what like eight. You know the situation out there don't know what well what corporate goal earlier are able to get what you guys. I think everybody you know they're good and well Marty. You know. He's done an excellent job of that so the GM might need you to roll out what else are. You are to start off that spot. Look at where this team is when it was cam I know his contract and what we have 2020s. Is kinda where. What were your religious are looking at that long term so that whatever the second contract beaver and you got guys like Darrell and fun just in right get paid what do you think for for Marty going on his second term here in Carolina what do you think relief. The goal should be how do you how do you move missing forward and try to build knowing that you do have some expensive pieces here. Or you can well up into the we gotta keep it quiet and out he said we are beat Federer. It very popular but is gonna be a big player well. Our our our what. Are. Not. Linda well off. Thought oh here we got its own go to page CLU. More about the topic is if you gotta keep that worked well look the editor and indeed they network and got a political fault. Contract before their proper proper apparel. Well after that these and you can they do so well politics is. You know for example are all our all of a deal I deal and we are trying to negotiate contracts after it. I think the probable or how are out. You know greatly in the fact that you're there well here there are a lot of our market you'll are early. You can vote Erica Al problem is what we do. Jordan excellent stuff and not when that day finally comes for the Carolina Panthers championship parade if I do expect something in that Tumblr worth talking about a sad that. I don't follow you ask harmonious and no it wasn't paying millions. I don't think I don't think Jordan gruesome in Jordan bill be this and I cannot say I guess I'll tells you're exactly easy bye thanks so much. Jordan Gross there on the B Dick become gas line a lot of really good stuff from him I wanna focus should we come back if he says something about about Gerald Williams and in about the way that organizations. Operate our. I think. I think that's the key for Marty attorney we're gonna move on without its nick Wilson and Jason Gabon Libya says he powered by ortho Carolina. Mick Wilson Jason golf under the SNC powered by ortho Carolina we just had Jordan Gross John JC NN he had it. To me. What is going to be the theme maker breaks things for Marty Ernie and his legacy for the second term in Carolina. He put it all out there. He was talking about good Gerald Williams and a contract extension. Go to organizations know who to extend. And did they extend them but they did they don't worry about well this might get this year for if you make it work but if if they feel as passionate about Darryl Williams is Jordan Gross does the then as you know I was on the fence yesterday because he's only serve for one year but if they feel that confident about them. And I'm sorry penalize them up. Guys a playlist trending upwards as well and I am. I'm. There a believer in the pro football focus guys not can be do a terrific job of studying every planet right on the play calling need to do any other scouts for a record and he's still are able to escape out of players here's a fourth rated tackle and all football according pro football focus last year. I mean his average snaps for pressure is out there he doesn't allow and he's he's he's damn fun run blockers well the issue that. You could have. If you want to cut bait on this thing is I have this from smile sides you know Dave Dave gentlemen and then do the weird situation that occurred there and his departure. That was some knows somebody else's players I don't have to buy into the low one and I I got fresh signs on the situation but it there's there's something to understanding a valuable player. And you're protecting cam Newton's perimeter is is key you can't lose. By Andrew Noel men you know we expect free Darrel Wayne suited to knock. Extra to get paid for that and and and like she said like Jordan said that the office blunt who's done a terrific such returner is is is a Pro Bowl cal player. Not dale Williams and an all pro slash pro wall caliber player in the last year that Nicole Lil Brothers have been. Are sidelined by injury after injury but you don't know which you have which you can get out them because they haven't been available as much so you gotta shore up as many positions as possible. I don't believe in paying guys for what they've done a bleeping guys what they will do and heroines is obviously young enough that she thinks it's his best football is in the future. Well the thing you said it's something that I've seen you know in Cleveland I think we've had four or five GM since 2009. And and I think four or five head coaches as well I've lost count that's why math but that it did penalty you pay for turn over. There is dead you watch good players good sending players and that is key would there was you've said you watched them signed with the other teams because he's not my guy you know. I think that's gonna have to be a really if that's got to be a really important governor for. Four for Marty to have because I watched seven punches and they say well okay you see is any like DeVon George is is a guy who I understand the importance of the position and it's. I do think the next year you have to decide he's either guy that is is truly a sending Ortiz he add weary as. Bill wins on the there's a question I think that this is at least where he can be if not better. And and this prisoner thing not all of David Gilman specs were Betemit in the last three or four years Sony K want short is a Pro Bowl. All pro type of player. He goes to these beer and and look star looks Lilly didn't didn't work out the way you thought it would Kelvin Benjamin didn't work out we've thought it would coney he really didn't work out that we thought will but trade Turner's you just mentioned. A guy was a Pro Bowl in 20152016. So. There's been some hits and there's some misses and some goggles suit. You know has that many NFC championship appearances and MM a suitable parents under his belt he's doing something well he just. Free agency is the is the worst place to go and football up. Because you've got 45 years away intent somebody else's medical that you have to trust all the players and guys don't get healthier the yelled from the old to be get. You know the prime if football is a different crime than in basketball baseball and hockey so. Free agency is usually. You either adding something they'd shoot there is a luxury item or you're trying to cover up from some serious drafting mistakes why change it if you don't have to cover up for drafting mistake especially on the perimeter line. At right tackle then you shouldn't you you don't have to cover up for you wanna pray you all players and they don't promote stuff inside the locker room as well as an okay. For work my ass off maybe I can get the kind of money that their way into got. Why and and bad teams and fans are bad teams go gaga over free agency when the real money is spent on good teams though those deals Haggan handed out in June and July and August before the season goes and as to your own guys. Like that's the way a team should be built and I think and great getting back to what I do think for Marty it is it is fighting that industry standard of while she's not my guy he had met Wilson Jason got here we're going to introduce. Much is sorely I know you love my debts. I heard that Mick Wilson just enough living RNC powered by ortho Carolina.