Midday On WFNZ: Dre Bly Previews The Panther-Dolphins Pre-Season Game

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Friday, August 17th
Josh Parcell and Damione Lewis talk with Miami Dolphins Coaching Intern Dre Bly to get his thoughts on Donte Jackson and previews the Panthers-Dolphins pre-season game. Plus "Radio Tinder", where Josh and Damione swipe "Right" and "Left" on several sports topics.

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These these WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh Parcells. On that yes indeed just ourself normally if I'm joined with nick Wilson that he is. Back in Cleveland back in the land move in the family down are we cannot miss I know port neck they know where. We're thoughts and prayers with that this weekend as he tries to move his -- wife and three kids down here they're not go to Glen because the winner of the around the court as we riders coming right he he he moved he moved to the right time movies do we got dribble on the line it just a second but real quick order reminds you guys I did my part solo show. The southern women's show three days of the latest trends in fashion jewelry hair make up plus a workshops cooking demos entertainment lots of entertainment. And even celebrity appearances Stephen Lewis might be I don't know celebrity here's celebrity and a deal is right around the corner over 350 exhibits. It is Friday August 24 it's a week from today through Sunday August 26 to get your tickets right now for half price by going to get my perks dot com and with that we welcome and on the technical gas line. Dray Bly former NFL DB and he is right now an intern. Coaching with the Miami Dolphins to the Carolina Panthers take on tonight dribble I how are you. A book. But I want what they're not cute not to. Spoil what lead out there it'll they'll they'll. All menu you're playing daddy daycare right now before the game tonight I appreciate that. Now just an excuse for a while I don't know that or that Garrett if that don't have we are not that way up but if we let it go it. You got it would be but that's the have a look at Blair's best though. What I'm pretty sure I'd give my kids won't let you look what don't know what he'll. Sixty you can see you're you're you're an intern right now with the Miami Dolphins organ on there with a staff. What what is that like I mean it did in the without has actually been doing that with the bills here for the last few weeks. So let's get a little bit lowdown from him during one of the brakes but just kind of walk us through what the listeners through what that experience been like for you. I've especially been amazing day of course if you're the one that did last year and what it. Don't for see there and out of it and understand it better suited different side of decaying you know it's clear they did that certainly know. And it is suddenly cheers dude it's been a coast member and everything and coats just don't want it to him every week since. You know I'm I'm I'm medical practice you know they're winning three knows he knuckled they're McCain. Haven't found it this particular public Mae and out of dude it's just culture and it just prepping myself when I leave to go to keep it vehicle but you'd make initial. I'm pretty learns respect it lower quality great Mara has been out and it's happening you don't weren't beating Mary you know. You know that they could gain anything they had a chance to through spirit it's well that he about he'll live don't really know the older players. Well all of them know our audit we can help with. You know the I think it is is needed opportunity that no. What that it advances that that they pick up what do it. Absolutely page very what do you know home what do what do you see as the biggest difference between philosophies between. What they did in New Orleans and how to do things the dolphins because it buffalo. In Seattle were told that last year. Totally different from last week totally different approach to the day to day grind that prior preserving it was just unbelievable we'll have difference of approach both teams head. Well you know out shopping should operate in there and coach firm departs bills. Sarah are you regular and the parks built everything he does. There's going to be similar the way we're still operating slowly everything you're. If I'm you know it but I didn't it's found this pretty much old fashioned. You know I don't think there's a lot of coaches the property. They go back. That they were sharp he does she look syrupy. Is that they're retired operation you know Adam would be darker coats. I think he's he's adapted so that didn't you that they are of age you Aaron intact the clear our own younger staff in. There's another more energy. Just different may have but I don't depict got different days different stamps. Up they knew all its staff was amazing you look at our elected back in. Can't prevent they happen to be examining it and grind it out beat the effort in it they get an adult copper reached it is. But it did operation as well some article but not propagate bee and how they stand. How he seems to run. Yes vote you know at different operation was still there and Richard get the results. Where talking we Dray Bly former NF LDP here on the tech icon gas line and it re you had a front row seat to see Mika Fitzpatrick up close and personal for the last few weeks we're 00 yeah tell tell tell me about think of Fitzpatrick and everything I've heard this guy's a stud. He's the rent bailout is that this guy remain healthy. You read output I was from the first video recorder broke all clear he has that type of ability. Are there answering. These kids don't need one of the best they didn't know he played such a proposal that statement system. Aren't you about a business. The first one out the last one and see. He's the first order beer the first one all everything both these Burke. The first what's the ball. No bracket bracket because we have the right is get the ball. To buy everything that. If you ever tell me to play he finished don't look at what they're trapped in that way. Is though if if you get you know without a colts. I haven't of the terrorist threats of the ball without a coach Scott would get no real popular debate he had. I mean he has did did did did that that the little far. Don't parties or with epic is where we're used to doing that we're. RO this kid from the special match and it is spiritual the work with it is still investigating they're Smart but it but it sort of work it. So on the paper side they have a rookie of their own Dante Jackson whose turn some heads in camp is well he's gonna get the chance to start tonight. For the first time in the Panthers uniform. And just talk to me about it drain the adjustment they you have to make going from the college level where Jackson was an elite player at LSU. What are some of the key things you have to change and adjust to being a DB our quarterbacks specifically from college to your first few snaps in the league. Whether it's the biggest thing you know what the game is played so fast that the speed of the game that they just to bet that when it went in the space people rely. But cut to a brand. There won't be hard not wrong on that and what I got a BB com it especially now aren't used to the more humane and Mary harper they struggle with playing all. Probably it's really keynote when it they've got so much on what that. It is hard packed up you know yet almost training stuff to back pedal it's typical Buddhist. He's really split off comforts. It's so that's the problem defeated because just look at bank in an up there ought to learn how to be all you know it's ET. Just dipping your fate depleted Barbara rarely track near Al over the field but. And what democratic senator got the Miami. At Xavier powered units Beverly Hills at its fitness level is we learn how to speak all repeat the quarterback at reaper step. So read routes that so that the if they could just live updates in the elite we just understand it. Inept they'll play off coverage learn how to back up. So it will be an over the Panthers offense or somebody might O'Donnell over the scouting on them here with the dolphins what you see from that they did younger players on the panthers' offense DJ Moore expected to have a big year as a rookie Chris McCaffrey and year to. What does it more than most threatening guys if you're game planning against the Panthers were the guys that bring you the most on the outside. Where are you know are obviously paparazzi are we the only big air you're you're the data sample Barbara animal couple written apparently doing. You know not just me being here so I understand you. What these are produced seeing. You know bring any threat it's it's it's that attitude tomorrow and particular block that kid yes DJ Moore. You know directed to do more harm. Bill at what they did that blacks are spared. Because most of them are guys got the stretch to feel you know since stick it out with a bit of what they were prepared repeat itself. I'm ecstatic that you know first home game. You look at north try to come into this that would. Mike Martz not at a gate they pick up and I think famous book they're not sure if a lot of stuff or not they can pass trick and all been so. You don't respect it would be a whole gang. In me yet you don't get the respect he was told gates to bid it would make it sort of showcase to all fish don't quit to respect you see yourself. If you know from I don't look at what TV today you know to be aware of people they are. Play games nor first round here. Can't have rejected protein DJ hit critical whole crowd to expect. There's also played you know don't. Don't be don't sleep born you know put it into critic leader bill. Well we're excited after the game tonight we'll see you out there on the field as well as are pretty many cancers fans love you go to the trying to wishing you many good thoughts tonight Drake RR. Hey out out tomorrow Draco tomorrow. Go tomorrow are you learn where our program are right during oblige thanks so much for joining us and Tenneco gas line coming up just about a half now we're ready radio tender that's near Wilson's bit but I'll keep it going in his stead that's coming up at 1146 but coming up next we're gonna ship to college football for a little bit. A expert in the NFL draft says that a quarterback in the very same North Carolina is the most NFL ready in all cultural ball will tell you that is coming up next. Right here on the middays on WFNC. And a BS and see how. Usually it's Wilson's ourselves today it's Lewis and ourselves Damione Lewis joining me up until 12 o'clock PM go to Herrick. After that deal got to go got things that I that I don't rep if there are you ready are you to be suited and booted tonight and found no that would the affect on our. A man YouTube put all of jog I don't feel Levy was sleep alone a million Goldman a jog out on the field of that that they the rebels more than two Toronto needed that Lester solicited on the does that fire you up that has its you do Jesus on a little headway great memory it does the notre you don't have a little bit to be domicile you go last week just sit there was like I so why did read. But loses we're looking at the period as a mild summer around here I jam. Yeah exactly that's got to be so strange for you it's very but hey guys who broke quick don't forget about the sixth annual Charlotte high school rivalry series kick off tonight now by ortho Carolina that is Saturday August 18 tomorrow at memorial stadium North Carolina meets South Carolina and high school a doubleheader the action begins at 5 PM as Butler takes on Scotland hi followed by a Mallard creek. Vs Dutch fork at 82 games a one price is only ten dollars guys assisted dear you can get there OK get your tickets now at CLT kick off night it dot com once again that web sites guilty kickoff night dot com and you can hear the game presented live right here. On 125610. W Athens the so diluted shift gears talk with a called game for a little bit. We're not gonna talk about your teens and sorry but they are vital and ACC a coastal solid giving that much but I didn't wanna get into. A line that I heard yesterday. From the Todd makes Shea and a front we have that sound I would love to play back on the Jay around we have that audio. We do not okay so we're gonna go right into it though Todd makes Shea on ESPN yesterday talking about Ryan Finley. Who's the quarterback at NC state coming back for his senior season. Last year threw for 3500 touchdowns. Arthur Gonzalez was yellow sea island not. At seventeen doesn't even a buildup that get let me Shays said that Finley is the most pro already quarterback. In college football and I wanted to spend that forty indeed just the expectations for NC state this season they returned six starters on the offensive side. But they play in the same division as the close in tiger's. And for close in. You know that you're gonna have to play your a plus plus plus game you're up with that group they got that you talk about NFL ready when they got a glimpse of joy in our agencies are so big hit Clinton on the road. In Death Valley now I know what you're thinking but yeah. Remember clubs other note thank you put it right. Right out clubs are lost to Pittsburgh. 2 years ago they were three touchdown favorites loss and a game around the same time a year mid October. They also. Should a lost to NC state two years ago in Death Valley guys either missed a field goal. As time expired that would one in the game and ended up Clemson won the game in overtime so. Death Valley there are boys at play but let's not get it twisted and say that Clinton is unbeatable at home because they have had some games where teams have gears and is rob different. It's in ceased they would slow deliberate or two years ago right they're not anymore so you know Clemson has not won't take this team right. And who we ought top mature is talking about NC State's quarterback only ESPN. Who you think is licking their chops and Clinton right now defensively. In how analysts say. They got sick. Thought no one. Defense went in the country right now kind of tossup between them and I'll bet all their terrible abrupt and so close Eli therefore first round. Zebra 41 routers on ally asked the so what you think they doing right now other than ready audio there are OK what about the reports out drive ever ever. How many. What and that's going to be really interesting because Clemson if you look at their schedule they play Texas say NN they did Georgia attacked. And he stayed in in Florida State back to that we've there's not a lot of teams on the schedule that Clinton is going to have to get up for. I mean they're gonna go to sleep on literally got a percent. Audio and that's what gets in trouble what you gotta get off form all be our only mission they wanna get back to a regulatory Alabama to championship Gary. They got to be your dear Lou I agree with you they got through but Clinton has lost James. Each year are the last two seasons when they have had national Jami look as they have mostly this go to right there is a position. Loss and apparently he's got brawl we've got a list we got a marginal is the way we let ourselves they'll but not sort of place hey I think this is. Outside the quarterback position this is the most talented data always had a constant humming they'll load did you are okay they've had to tell a three year quarterback and they're gonna have. We're gonna talk about ten minutes dad vote gave an update on the Clinton quarterback situation to a talk about that in a little bigger our thoughts on questions specifically but going back to NC state. With ride Philly he returns Kelvin Harmon at receiver he was a 1000 yard guy Stephen Lewis is another elite wide receiver. What. The kids they were quick to cues from Bob Mormon America. On the offense on off as a receiver. I cannot remember his last and that and easy amazing and easy keep data and acute decade there is an absolute ball I remember when our coast over more when he left assault war. They're more complete. What what are the breakdown and still scouting report. Just got to put he's big he's fast and he stroll and if he's a hard worker in extremely Smart player. And he meet ER fumble the ball would go out against wake force last year is right if he was almost silent have you received received break their ground silently from about. People laugh at that borne out look at that I Syracuse wants to do what it takes to win determination yet he's determined sought things horrible mess season for mr. And look they're gonna have a lot of options around Ryan Finley and if you've got a guy in Findlay with that the expectations in the bar says hi as guys like nick Shay had set them and he's not the only one who rose is very excited about what's in the can bring to the table as this is a big bodied strong long quarterback it's he's they can do -- the question for the wolfpack is gonna be on the defense his side they only return three starters as the team that was twelve in the ACC in passing defense a year ago. They were ninth in total defense that gave up 25 points a game. And these days get their old and a big twelve team this year because they're gonna go throw all over the yard that I could build a stop anybody and they're going to be waiting game is 42 to. Leon wouldn't go to that fall because I know Kevin Patrick did a great job coaching the defense of our and there are question videos what does he have the back of the guy that he live up. I know they got some garden store provide an earlier rally no doubt that you know you're not what. You got to three guys that can replace Bradley took at the other day you need guys being people meet. Brad Tilden won the Vista do any NC state he's not going to be replaced but if I got that can be guys. Only it's we got suffered a we gotta get sex we got your personal orbit. So they were are replacing all four starters on the defense of war that ended rallied job counts for four by himself basically felt a those are big losses in those yeah. President and I think when you talk NC state you can't go much further than asking how did they replace Bradley job and you just touch on it there if they can have a competent defense and I just need a middle of the road defense in the ACC don't even need to be dominant and they probably won't be but they got a good domino floor to be good and ACC this is the defense of her. It started to a defense of our quarterback conference. I would agree with you however there are not a lot of quarterbacks in the ACC this year this strike a lot of guarantee there's a lot of editorial out there. And they're not win in the team that wanted to know what dump it off far and their dominant quarterback position evil would Miami we can say that we wanna say about the quarterback what he warned. If he found. Always win gave him as he hit our defense won with you guys into the ACC championship defense kept the big game Bob the defense of our. So you can't rush the passer yet you cable Obama offense the quarterback position you don't have a team that can compete. If if you look at the schedule for NC state. Jamie you Georgia State out of the gate they're gonna start out too well. West Virginia in week three. At Carter Finley stadium in rally that game is he'll be the first team to fifty is rumored file worked all my good every. That's that is one of those. What will win during the summer you hear that you read these articles it's like what are the most six what games are going to be the best noncombatants you don't see that one all I'll list but that game right there my friend whatever you. Have your day is going to be an outstanding game you got don't maybe the two best quarterbacks in college football pocket passer quarterbacks we've run a filly will prayer. Okay we'll Greer local guy from Charlotte he's gonna back down in the state of North Carolina for that game. The mountaineers have all sorts of talent on the offensive side they have questions on defense and that that team's going to be outstanding once you did ACC play they give Boston college at home they get Florida stayed home. Closer to the rose to tough it all I think is gonna come down to can they get too close and if they did to West Virginia they're probably gonna start out six and now. That's a showdown in October on October 20 in Death Valley and like you said they're not gonna sneak up on the tigers. Note or not and and our goals they go home flawlessly even your flawlessly the team who's fighting for redemption you can never kept the symbols out of any thing preaches all are looking at those guys they gotten this gonna go when they get bases he told this is gonna get over so it's governor appreciative. While Florida say we're gonna continue talking ACC Atlantic after the break bull also get a close and there's an update on the quarterback battle which is by far the biggest question mark for the Clemson Tigers to keep it right here he's baby Louis I'm Josh Marcel is this is middays under the heavens he powered by ortho Carolina. But Vernon park studio apartment everyone's favorite parking destination a preferred parking dot com and guys also get my first dot com is your stop to the best -- delegate experienced head there to get an exclusive tailgate spot at the dog house right here we're here until 2 o'clock Garcia Bailey will be here until six there's parking but they try to cash bar private restrooms. Enjoy the Panthers in VIP style get in my purse. Dot com. So just Marcel bacteria Damien Lewis and before the break we were talking about the ACC Atlantic specifically NC state and the likelihood that Ryan Billy can lead the wolf pack to a special season they're gonna have to go through close in Damian as there are. And Clinton got a quarterback battle of their own going on right now Kelly Bryant was the starter last year. Led into the college football playoff but was exposed in my mind against Alabama he was a limited player who did extremely well for. Thirteen games last year ended a number fourteen the Crimson Tide showed that there are some flaws. In Kelly Bryant's game now they bring in a true freshman Trevor Lawrence he's the number one rated player in the country coming out of at a high school. Common conception was. He or perception was could heat on C Kelly Bryant. As a true freshman it sounds like. Kelly Bryant might have taken a lead. In this battle article in the post and courier down there in South Carolina. Quoted Davos what he's saying he had a great day talking about Kelly Bryant multiple touchdown throws in a scrimmage really good day. So Trevor missed a few things pretty solid overall. But it sounds like Bryant has improved in some of the areas they were looking for specifically his ability to throw the deep thoughts telegraph reminds me a lot to Damian. All of the Jilin hurts at Alabama. Because Dylan heard led Alabama to the national title game two years ago and look. Against 99% the teams that you can have a Jalen hurts when your Alabama you can have it you know both Scarborough in the backfield and Damian Harris in the backfield and Calvin rhythm and you can win a lot of football games because you're gonna Alcatel and everybody but when you meet those two or three teams they came that you pound for pound on the line of scrimmage. On the outside now it comes down to the quarterback. Clinton ran into that same situation there. Last season against Alabama nose on the flip side where Kelly Bryant was limited as a passer I'll be able to able load up forced Kelly bride to be to his arm and he couldn't do it. Do you think that Kelly drive should be that guy going in this year it sounds like he's taken some steps forward but Trevor Lawrence is the more naturally gifted player. If you were Davos when he what route would you take with the quarterback situation and. If from Davos Williams about an editor because I know I have a guy. That is an answer I don't have to play him this year I'm not don't play him this year. I want to give the job Achille burn because he's proven he's a team leader list get a goal. But if I find myself in that situation in the playoff won a championship Garrett I am going to look back. All what they did it Alabama what they've made this way it's. Then I'm definitely don't hold up in my pocket I'm just WR I book with you have a guy that is efficient enough to win it. Chart which you have a quarterback this when we throw footballs and practice every single day. He's only good rest with the tools he's going to scout team reps he is going to get work in you know what they've really got a younger argued work. He you don't and he didn't go out. So knicks Europe is Lamar real quarterback battle is going to be. So if I'm if I'm doubles Williams not a bitter because I know I have an answer if it hits the Fayette. But right now our got a got an I know you get beat 1213 wins this already start while rock the boat right now because it's only because once you do what you can't go back. Understand what you would you rate as low. There's no more back look at what's forward Alabama right now. There is no going back when you make every season number one but I mean literally and I would say constantly you know got uncertainty you've got to split locker room you got older guy when overt. You got the orgasms with tool. Toy box thought about a quarterback is not even close right but. When it comes to managing games. In winning games and give the guys running it it gets no better motivator teacher told leader sold if you don't have that. Despite everything the locker room right now why do you don't have to do there's nothing calling for doubles waited to make a switch right now at this moment nothing. Clemson is so talented and so dominant at virtually every position NF. The quarterback position Kelly will start for the night in our teams in college football right now. It restart for Clinton why would you say that I. I don't know the last group that I think Kelly good to have an average quarterback getting an outsource what other NC state. It over a bit Graham Johnson doubled Johnson got Josh Jackson averaging attack. It give it up Dioner France off Florida State while nobody else Daniel Jones at duke I think is a better quarterback John Bryant may tell. I televise your world and this is a are we knew that you cannot you cannot tell me that he is not surrounded by. The lesser the idea and it's a lot of. Out to you anybody can hit don't do that that's not true. PM the yes phenomenal talent red if he's that talented quarterbacks with but I have quarterback in New York who young. And better. But I have trump took green instead importer it's a mainly guys you just don't wanna throw first up though with all the old salt causes go to the you if he's fault because he's a freshman. You just can't throw him out you're you've got to get a chance to develop a break but won't teach and all for it. Moved to north the Shia floor can go in if I don't have to throw about the fire when we got at today's game where we got to do is we give a week out. I won't take regular quarterback in great moment before putting that part of what you put into that probably it there's hopeful America. So I'll go back to a few years ago then same exact team Davos when he Clemson Tigers they had an a veteran quarterback who was limited but was talent sitting calls out there. They had a young true freshman by the name additional Watson well in the wings. And they decided they wanted to try to give him. They fed him a little bit he played a little bit against Georgia early in the season and Eric and then two games later came against Florida State midway through the first quarter and it was too little too late lost that game ended up costing them a chance to make a playoff run. Do shots are the rest of the season and took took took the season by fire there's no going back which human honestly I understand the idea Lou but if they had started to Shaw and course of it'll tell you this if they started to Shaw from day one or even from the beginning of that Florida State game and they win that game close and is. That their season turns out must have a look at they go whatever I don't ever chorus like. Your pupils of proof we know we draw I guess your deal Luke but I'm telling you if you're close and you look at the schedule and they. Texas say that is not beating them would no matter record racquet or you guys travel so quite several. Because he his seal well I heard don't don't bet this and he did you know it's forty point six. In Alabama after it happened gay bar broke that what happened here album of the he made that move into you necessarily have to look larger no party you have to go by. I don't know if I cannot beat Alabama he tribute dinner done about. Yeah it'd be killed herself in assuming you don't normally is don't be too so what you know is who allowed a got to grow well you elaborate pummel. Alone you have to do what they are a lot to what. I thought I buy that theory seek this the problem got. I do not understand the importance of rule being young players what you storm out. I don't feel you gotta workable falls at all why not what the flaws of practice wanna teach an offer to get a moment it right. Exit before you doormat in the field for all falls well we don't. Why is a former lights don't. Number they don't don't pre season game they got it. They don't do that Italy. And dole idea he's gonna play they're gonna play you have no idea how he's going to react when the lights won't. Berman is not worthy of talking about a clippers as a pre season game as always thanks Derrick though. But I don't think that's so hopefully you get Kelly Barnett that you went to school for did you break your quarterback at the given quality reps so yes from the Joe's awful you've got a front. Our waves again snapped right. But you need to bring you the longest of the dormant approximating the broadest you don't know what you get on the job we're so welcome moment of car. What they do what with ought to still want to look out there voting rules and they don't have. How many of option by the storm out there will cause you know this guy got right now OK get the door. So now audio player out there. After all grown they've played him in some games are played and in some day there. Pat him on the stand off at the way I see right before I turnabout they're trying to lose I think I think a towards what you you you're Smart guy. You you're very right on this in a lot of ways but Clint since. Cannot afford you've got to be very ship broke if this very beautiful personally chairmanship has looked at as the here for Clinton. Eight veterans on their defense inside that are all that there will lose all forty visible on the NFL next year next is gonna be a rebuilding year for Clinton this will be good they are. The stock and people at the moment is right on you know without the same though at this deal at all. Got the league right now and that we talked about this is the best meet with the work lives as this. The job already looked at the squat one check local ones and their own good that's who you're hungry eat every year you reach. Out every year we got a pick up a little Ole miss some of the Mississippi River outside Alabama has. I personally got reportedly caught every year they get the pick of the litter. Alabama case I'm all clips and sound and I. On YouTube then I thought I'd get every put there in front of us and that there will be very talented next year did go there will be it's not a teenager so they're running. That's being have a shipment has got if you put enough to feel that you couldn't Lynette what would you take it if you've got to play it alone gain may head. Okay yes I bought on time Clinton had a chance when the national title this year market. Not for the G Alabama you won't players. The car does not mixer for hill right now. Aren't as opera Kelly bar Kelly this still change gated don't want it to you so you get when you show you you can't I got a young bulls sit right you're up. Who don't take it up there what he did you link it to bet far better make aren't strike while it's not our eyes Joseph you're doing your thing. You scored when you screwed up is Iraq are due up by your killer Brian Jerry you weren't really can't make out. I would I would go whichever Lawrence I get it we gotta get a break that was a great debate we had a couple cause you couldn't get fuel but coming up on the other side this we're gonna play radio tender one of our favorite games every Friday. Hubble flight left or right to go ahead of sorts with sitting in your your thoughts your statements. A which we were either agree with or disagree with tender style southern laughter sliding right 70457096010. It out fifteen more minutes that this guy so keeping your Damian Lewis we just Marcel on WFNC. It's been a long week in Charlotte and that means it's time go blow off some steam but running out crowd I. We export term pop culture and give nick and Josh just statements by name and ideal for a topic and they'll decide whether guess wipe bright. Or swipe glad it's radio ten year. All mail order to have a great segment guys daily fired up at the last segment talking about Clinton and ought to and they Carolina pulled tables plus Twitter feed Carolina pool tables plus dot com Tony years of experience in Charlotte knowledge and know how to educate you and your family on a new or used to pull table before you buy. We had also Richards won it on Twitter say that touch Parcells about to get pancaked by Damione Lewis. How does a farce it's solid there. Have a good I'm number exports let me just say I'm glad I got this table between you me they do get fired up talking about. Our army Kelly glad you never know what does make it my point red is vague about what a budget that doubled off statement made a four minute on the wall I know better than that dealer come on now. So we're gonna go radioed standard here the next ten minutes so what that means is we're gonna put out a statement we want you to city viewers Davis as well throughout a large break it can be about the Panthers could be about anything sports related how will tell you whether we agree or disagree with your statements of give your hot. Hottest take your boldest prediction for the season throughout palpable NFL whatever. And we're gonna get. We get started right here with one on the building consider the tax line. 704 says gender question. Do the hornets needed to thank to John son Williamson. The deal did you seize on there that they don't vacation bizarrely and lit up riders in college from a from a candidate the other day and everybody loses their minds over this man gets 49 point three or four from three had a tip plant that was outrageous gaga you know about an entirely of Saddam Spartanburg you're the disagreeing sensation he's a freak athlete he might be the greatest that basketball player of all time FF I am. And and duke is gonna love having him on their team this year but let's not forget what avail glad when this is thought our European head coach coach k's that is scored his way right now Dell Dell on the last. Lasted as run at cops like that left on and it should the hornets tank to browse on bliss and I was like been right and so the hornet's tank. But it was eleven left on zeile do not forget. Okay about RJ Barrett who. Is honest he made. And I do given the number one player in the country coming out of high school Vermont bird and out of Canada he is the real deal he has got to go to GR EA told anybody who you like burning Kerry Joseph you've got yourself more burgers a special place usually beats. Special special talent not see him on the on the if you appeals circuit. So another one on the text bubble gets up right here it's under question Notre Dame. Won't make that college football playoffs swipe left to slide lab not happening when he in the now it is not happen and look up hope that that their fifth hole OK now go to now the Miami's coming through I. I hear you deal Lou celebrated when bush is not a dynamic game changer the quarterback position. They out some sort over on the offensive side I think it's very good team but they're not a playoff caliber. Team they were not eight lash out there when they went up against elite level talent they struggled so I'll slight left on that and that was the same. Why not Cam Newton will improve his completion percentage is 63%. This season. Only one more that would be only one more completion per game Ivey averaged thirty pass attempt I'm going to swipe. Left. How. Tell her hey hey and earn my duty. That's why I've been right because losing record much better housewife from right. Of them got hits and football at the end of the day and he wasn't done Dinara has been brought think we got a bit receiving cold. So we're gonna talk a little bit later about Norv Turner is impact on the offensive with the pace of play is gonna look like with the Carolina Panthers. I slightly left but I do think it hit evil is that a career high. Also there's also hills and a career high for completion percentage this year he's got more weapons around him he's had in the past I think the office ever structured ever a 100%. The office will be structured to his. Just to be able to get the ball out of his hands more quickly a couple others that I had off myself here. Our Mundo boycott the five stars that are are committed to North Carolina. Will the Tar Heels winning another national title in the next 5 years basketball I am going to his wife left him. Well they've won two national curve international title games here in the last a few years won it obviously just a few years ago would Jo Berry I'm going right on that when I got you. Five years ago your captain positive over there coming out and advanced knowledge and the audio and broke so here's the thing about Carolina Carolina had so much success in the last two years when veterans. And an air aware of what they've done rules the day college basketball but what what does that does not rule today is in March. Marches when you win with experienced talented guys that's UNC is starting to have more success now that the NCAA. Scandal is behind them for the most part. They're starting to recruit better not your little one of the top five players in the country is a good to be a freshman this year he'll be gone next year but now you're just seeing it. Opt Carolina are to be moral force again in terms of getting top level talent right because what those guys don't went in March. Saudi don't what does that affected until the end they would get all the chop liver telephone calls of the scam they have going oh great players don't follow scandals. Most of the time and all of which you now feel like with this behind and they have a chance to be able to have a young roster that they can take to a championship you can not over. Turn your back on their coaches after they haven't George and I don't I don't. Our public I'm with you on that I just think that they'll still be more talented probably a bit recently but I don't know that they'll win a title I think it takes experience to win a championship. Another what is the great what actually what do you hunter's bill wants to ask will the jets start Teddy Bridgewater. Over exam I don't know what to write. I'm sort. What is right as well. Has been outstanding. So far the free season where it was great last. I got terminal where does the bossy one of the bout we were tipped for the New York Jets upload up here for a second but what do views but. Teddy Bridgewater so sorry start up until about week. I'll save big on historic symbols and issued a sweater out. So the jets. They start out the season they take on Detroit Miami Cleveland the first few weeks that is a pretty manageable schedule right out of the gate that Bobby is the late. This season it is in a week 11 am so loaded up and we'll see it happens or. You can win total take over there so it basically tell but not at Teddy Bridgewater gets enough to like six divorce art. No you didn't have to take real Peter John Albert doesn't go okay so never recovered at that everybody into last week when Donna went thirteen of eighteen with a touchdown 96 yards people said ten daughter does the man. And if that don't Eric. If you're an old guy out don't feel or fight for three roster on a percentage rate loan now with you all the fuel hundreds embers Obama remember I said Donald don't forget Sam Arnold was the guy USC who with a walk off fire at the Rose Bowl and it came out. It is next game a year later and threw two picks is western Michigan and nearly lost the game there he is a tremendous talent. When he is playing at a level he is the best quarterback in that draft class but he doesn't always play a level and maybe eventually you'll get to that point where he can be consistently good. Every other middle class and we absolutely getting yesterday we asked the question we say what rookie quarterback do you feel the best about all fort massive none of them I don't think any of them are going to be an impact in year one no doubt a lot I think I think I think there could be several but I don't think any of them are set up to be terrific players like to shall Watson was larger than that additional lots and in this class there Sam auto onslaught of left. Are outside of looks like a right that got Teddy Bridgewater will start over him and girls club left on daughter I think that they're jury is still Al all week he will be ready rules do. NFL level daughter one more look it's on the don't consider tax on 7045709610. The Carolina trip Panthers will break the NFL single season at the scoring mark. I love the optimism that a slightly left of our group that. Wouldn't look at the leader doctor. Years ago they had one of the best highs going offices in that it believed. But in Norv Turner has it does not rather reputation as a guy who leads the league in scoring never they do have more weapons but they have. It and deal Lou I'm not just not a hater. They have the third most prolific offense in the NFC South Carolina took. The Julio Jones Dovonte Freeman Mohamed to new governor has a better group a skill guys in Atlanta this that a New Orleans has album Camara they have Mark Ingram wants you back. They have my other on. Have the number one beats you picked. Yeah I had it for sure but but he wanted to let collectively with the way orderly Orange City. Is built is real close is that I. They want they want to be book of I feel like Carolina's offense is better more prolific they're what eleven. Even though they have that Julio Jones and almost got I don't really think may have runs that do my dad so there's this. I mean that's just me that's I don't know by how much we go immediately obviously the barter at your door is that a third of what you just don't do for me. Just one. But Carl has something in the body the I'm did he is unknown boy he's a folder he jokes. He always folds of the court situation there I just did. This that I do are leery of three times as many game winning drives in his career you can view real formal call me the real. I can't help. I well. The hypothetical I'm I'm Antonio don't the hypothetical I'll give Panthers fans will be fascinating to see Cam Newton surrounded by guys like Julio others met Ron. I have an old he's under pressure when he's got a good pass rush and defense he does not win those football. He gets he folds miles long and everybody involved you get play callers he's voted to tee it. When they are second if he falls to that you get Drew Brees Drew Brees get back gets you here cam don't you run through yet met are you going to football yet. Every. All right we'll they have it made dealer. Last half hour you brought the fire in these last thirty minutes mummy a look we all love to have you back some talk don't forget I. Tonight I got that completely wrong Tuesdays and Fridays from eight to nine on the Mac attack during football season let the study away wanted to get you on the mid day show are doing great public Dawson college football would give someone makes a loved doing it so they're easier for joining us hit man because they govern here at some point will try to. As portable as long as we can't I don't know how all the help us it'll work out but thanks again for joining us don't forget that 115 we'll have Joseph shatter the Palm Beach post. He'll come and give us the lowdown on the Miami Dolphins but coming up next. Three deceit. We're gonna do up fifteen minutes on the Panthers and three to see on the dolphins we're gonna give you the three most important players or story lines from each side of the field tonight what to get 730 printers dolphins kicker right here from the doghouse. David Lewis just ourselves this is W a frenzy.